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Jun 21 09:46

Reparations Is A Great Idea. Here's How We Can Make Sure That Everyone Pays For The Sins Of Their Ancestors.

Now, a few questions must be addressed: Namely, how do we know who is descended from slaves and who is descended from slaveholders? Surely, a black person whose family arrived on these shores in 1970 can't claim any historical entitlement to slavery reparations. And a white person whose family came here after abolition — perhaps as Irish indentured servants — cannot be said to carry any guilt for North American slavery in his blood. It seems odd to think that anyone could carry the guilt for slavery in their blood, but that is the premise we must accept in order to get this ball rolling.

How can we sort this all out? Well, it seems that we would need mandatory DNA testing. Perhaps Ancestry.com can be contracted by the government to help in the effort. We simply need to force 327 million people to send in samples of their DNA so that we can trace their bloodlines and figure out who owes and who receives. This would probably be unconstitutional, but never mind that.

Jun 21 09:26

We are 'probably the only great military power' to reduce its defense spending, Putin says

Russia manages to remain a great military power despite decreasing its defense budget, while other countries keep pumping money into their armies, Vladimir Putin said, during his annual Direct Line Q&A session.

“We are probably the only great military power that is reducing its defense spending,” the President pointed out.

At around $48 billion, “Russia is just seventh in the world in absolute value” when it comes to the size of the military budget, he reminded his audience.

“We are surpassed –sizably– by the US, which spends $720 billion dollars” and by other countries, including Saudi Arabia, UK, France and Japan, he said.

Jun 21 09:24

9th Circuit judges OK Trump rule blocking funds to abortion providers ... for now

Judges on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals said Thursday that a pro-life Trump administration rule blocking abortion providers from getting federal Title X dollars can go into effect for now.

Jun 21 09:24

Preparing for dollar doomsday? Russia adds 6 more tons of gold to its coffers in May

The Central Bank of Russia (CBR) has purchased 200,000 troy ounces (6 tons) of gold in May, boosting bullion reserves to 2,190 tons.

Russia increased its gold reserves by 0.3 percent in one month from May 1 to June 1, the central bank reported on Thursday. In May, the regulator held some 2,183 tons of the precious metal.

Moscow has been actively beefing up bullion reserves in order to reduce reliance on the US dollar and to diversify its foreign exchange reserves. Russia’s international reserves are highly liquid foreign assets comprising stocks of monetary gold, foreign currencies and Special Drawing Right (SDR) assets, which are at the disposal of the Central Bank of Russia and the government.

Jun 21 09:23

France's Sarkozy to face trial for corruption and influence peddling: lawyer

Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy lost his final bid to avoid going to trial on charges of corruption and influence peddling, said his lawyer on Wednesday. This is the first time in the history of modern France that a former leader will face explicit corruption charges in court.

Sarkozy stands accused of offering to help a judge win a promotion in Monaco in return for leaked information.

The Court of Cassation, which rules on questions of law, said that a trial was justified for Sakorzy, his lawyer Thierry Herzog as well as former judge Gilbert Azibert.

The trial is set to begin in the next months in Paris but doesn't have a set date yet.

Jun 21 09:22

ADL Slams SCOTUS Decision to Allow WWI Memorial Cross to Stay on Public Land

The Anti-Defamation League announced Thursday they found it "deeply disappointing" that the Supreme Court decided not to tear down a nearly 100-year-old memorial cross in Bladensburg, Maryland honoring soldiers who died in World War I.

Jun 21 09:22

Infographic shows the flight path of the US spy drone before #IRGC shoots down the unmanned aircraft.

Jun 21 09:22

Dominican Republic officials claim all recent US tourist deaths were due to natural causes, say contrary reports are manufactured 'hysteria'

Officials representing the Dominican Republic claim all the American tourists who have died in the country over the past year passed away from natural causes, and say reports to the contrary are nothing more than manufactured "hysteria."

Jun 21 09:17

The Startling Consequences of Monetary Policy

Jun 21 09:10

The “incubation period” lie about Ebola, and why America is vulnerable to an Ebola outbreak from infected migrants

It’s a huge, dangerous lie. City officials in San Antonio, Texas, are claiming that no migrants from the Ebola-infected Republic of Congo could possibly be carrying Ebola into the United States because “Ebola has a 21-day incubation period,” they say. And the migrants have been walking for more than 21 days. Therefore, they cannot possibly have Ebola.

The “officials” saying this are either grossly incompetent or deliberately lying. (By the way, it also begs the question of how migrants from Africa “walked” to the U.S. / Mexico border. Can they walk on water?)

For starters, Ebola’s incubation period only averages 21 days. It can be 40+ days in some people, and that’s according to the World Health Organization. As previously reported by Natural News:

Jun 21 09:09

FBI, warned early and often that Manafort file might be fake, used it anyway

The second document, known as the “black cash ledger,” remarkably has escaped the same scrutiny, even though its emergence in Ukraine in the summer of 2016 forced Paul Manafort to resign as Trump's campaign chairman and eventually face U.S. indictment.

In search warrant affidavits, the FBI portrayed the ledger as one reason it resurrected a criminal case against Manafort that was dropped in 2014 and needed search warrants in 2017 for bank records to prove he worked for the Russian-backed Party of Regions in Ukraine.

There’s just one problem: The FBI’s public reliance on the ledger came months after the feds were warned repeatedly that the document couldn’t be trusted and likely was a fake, according to documents and more than a dozen interviews with knowledgeable sources.

Jun 21 09:08

Have You Heard of the CIA’s Iran Mission Center?

These are men who are reckless with violence, willing to do anything if it means provoking a war against Iran

Jun 21 09:07

Israel's Netanyahu urges support for U.S. against Iran's 'aggression'

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday called on the international community to support the United States against Iran as tensions between the two countries escalated after the downing of a U.S. drone by Iran.

“In the last 24 hours Iran has intensified its aggression against the United States and against all of us. And I repeat my call for all peace-loving countries to stand by the United States in its effort to stop Iranian aggression,” Netanyahu said in a statement. “Israel stands by the United States on this.”

Jun 21 09:07

Jerry Nadler kept calling Hope Hicks 'Ms. Lewandowski' during her congressional testimony: 'I'm preoccupied'

House Judiciary Committee chairman Jerry Nadler seemed on multiple occasions to forget who he was talking to while questioning former White House communications director Hope Hicks on Wednesday.

Jun 21 09:07

Hundreds of Israeli settlers storm Palestinian village, prevent prayers

Hundreds of Israeli settlers stormed the occupied West Bank village of Kifl Haris, preventing Palestinian Muslims from conducting evening prayers at their local Mosque and vandalising property for hours.

The mayor of Kifl Haris, located in northeast of the occupied Salfit, Essam Abu Yaqoub, told The New Arab’s Arabic-language service that Israeli settlers, backed up by heavily armed forces stormed the village just before night prayers were due, preventing Muslims attending their local mosque.

Abu Yaqub said that the settlers stormed the village to pray at tomb of Joshua and Caleb, located inside the village. He added that settlers ransacked the village, and damaged properties and vehicles of the Palestinian residents.

Jun 21 09:06

Gillibrand's bill would block Ben Carson from kicking illegal aliens out of gov't subsidized housing

Presidential candidate Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) announcedlegislation Thursday that would block a plan by the Trump administration to kick illegal aliens out of government-subsidized housing.

Jun 21 09:06

Hamas chief: Israel ignoring cease-fire terms for Gaza

Hamas' chief Ismail Haniyeh on Thursday accused Israel of dragging its feet in carrying out its obligations under an indirect cease-fire for the Gaza Strip, saying the fragile deal was in danger of collapsing.

Speaking to international journalists, Haniyeh said the 2 million residents of Gaza "have not felt" any improvement in their living condition, despite what he said were Israeli pledges to ease a crippling blockade on the territory. The unofficial truce was brokered by Egypt, Qatar and the U.N. after a round of heavy fighting in May.

Jun 21 09:01

Trump advisor Bolton to hold 'regional security' talks in Israel

US National Security Advisor John Bolton will travel to Israel at the weekend for "regional security talks" with top Russian and Israeli officials, the White House said Thursday amid spiking tensions with Iran.

Bolton will meet Sunday with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, followed by talks with his Israeli and Russian counterparts, Meir Ben-Shabbat and Nikolai Patrushev, NSC spokesman Garrett Marquis said.

Bolton also will meet with the director general of the Israel Atomic Energy Commission Zeev Snir.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"What do you mean Trump called off the attack?!?" -- Nodding Yahoo

Jun 21 08:59

Massive Fireball Rises Into the Sky as Blaze and Explosion Rock Philadelphia Refinery

The facility is the largest oil refining complex on the Eastern seaboard and the 10th largest refinery in the United States. More than 1,000 people are employed at the complex which refines 335,000 barrels of crude oil per day.

A huge conflagration followed by a blast ravaged a 150-year-old Philadelphia Energy Solutions refining complex in the early hours of Friday, according to the Philadelphia Fire Department.

Jun 21 08:59

US Army Accidentally Invades Romanian… Wheat Field

The "invasion" took place as part of the ongoing joint drills between the Romanian Land Forces and the US Army across the Southeast European country.

Romania's Defence Ministry has confirmed that an incident took place in Ialomita County, southeastern Romania on Thursday in which several US armoured vehicles accidentally drove onto private farmland containing wheat and corn crops, causing an as yet unspecified amount of damage.

A Romanian Facebook user uploaded video footage of the incident, showing vehicles including a tank, an infantry fighting vehicle, and a Humvee support vehicle driving over the crops, leaving large tracks in the fields in their wake.

Jun 21 08:57

US Urges India Not to Buy Russian S-400 Systems Ahead of Pompeo's Visit

The US is already engaged in a row over the purchase of Russian S-400 air defence systems with a key NATO ally - Turkey.

The US has warned India against buying Russian S-400 systems, proposing the Asian nation to consider another armament of that type, a senior US Department of State official said during a conference call on Friday.

"With respect to the S-400, we're urging all of our allies and partners, India included, to forgo transactions with Russia that risk triggering the CAATSA [Countering America's Adversaries Through Sanctions Act] sanctions... This is a time we will be encouraging India to look at alternatives," the official said ahead of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s upcoming visit to India.

Jun 21 08:56

A lost drone is no justification for war with Iran, even for Trump’s squawking hawks

Helen of Troy was apparently pretty hot, so while I’m not condoning it, you can at least sympathize with King Menelaus for launching a war on Troy when he lost her. But launching a war over a drone?

I know these war drones are expensive, and who knows, perhaps it is easy to get attached to one, but I really question whether there is any need to set the Middle East alight just because you’ve lost one.

It’s been reported that Donald Trump actually ordered military strikes in retaliation for Iran shooting one of its drones out of the sky, but then apparently changed his mind despite warplanes and ships having already been moved into position to strike.

Jun 21 08:55

Rake’s Progress: The unstoppable rise of Boris Johnson

The first time I ever spoke to Boris Johnson, almost certainly Britain's next prime minister, was when my phone rang in London's Soho back in 2002 and a now familiar voice boomed “I want to interview Saddam Hussein.”

At the time I was the only British politician still traveling to sanctions-stricken Iraq and the only one who met regularly with the Iraqi leadership in the run-up to the war. As a sweetener, Boris, for it was he, threw in that he didn't “believe all that stuff” about weapons of mass destruction. Not that such disbelief was ever enunciated publicly of course. I passed on his request but the Iraqis, never having heard of him, turned down the request.

His call and its follow-up pressure taught me several things about the future foreign secretary and soon-to-be prime minister.

Jun 21 08:54

Facebook moderator dies after viewing horrific videos, others share disturbing incidents: report

The night of March 9, 2018, Utley slumped over at this desk. His colleagues reportedly performed CPR, but by the time the ambulance arrived at the office complex, which is set back from the main road, the 42-year-old had already begun to turn blue. According to the tech news site, he died shortly thereafter at the hospital, leaving behind a wife and two daughters.

“The stress they put on him — it’s unworldly,” one of Utley’s managers told The Verge. “I did a lot of coaching. I spent some time talking with him about things he was having issues seeing. And he was always worried about getting fired.”

Utley's death is one of several horror stories current and former moderators shared with The Verge; at least three broke their non-disclosure agreements in order to do so.

Jun 21 08:53

‘We had nobody in the drone’: Trump’s explanation of UAV mechanics baffles observers

Donald Trump backtracked a bit on his hostile rhetoric toward Iran: when he said they "made a big mistake” he more meant they shot down the drone “by mistake.” He then baffled the press saying at least no one was “in the drone.”
While Trump might have simply been emphasizing that no one was actually killed in the Thursday downing of an American surveillance drone near Iran, his word choice left more than a few people in between puzzled expressions and face-palms.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Great that the US is backing off attacking Iran (for the moment) but Trump just handed more grist for the mill grinding out that his mental state has deteriorated.

Jun 21 08:50

Stockman: America Last - The Real Meaning Of Trump's Deplorable Aggression Against Iran

In the present era of 24/7 “breaking news”, the journalistic information intermediated by the internet and the cable networks has largely been reduced to noise, devoid of signal. Or at least any historical context beyond the here and now.

The currently threatened escalation of Washington’s economic war on Iran into an actual shooting war is a fraught case in point. Based on the news coverage since the two oil tankers were damaged yesterday you’d think that a crew of bloody-minded aggressors in Tehran had up and decided out of the blue to attack the whole world via disrupting its 18 million barrel per day oil lifeline through the Straits of Hormuz.

The truth of the matter, however, is just the opposite. The blatant aggressor is Washington and the dangerous confrontation now unfolding is utterly unnecessary.

Jun 21 08:47

Putin Warns Attack On Iran Would Be "Catastrophic" As US Navy Deploys To Drone Crash Site

Following China's warning this week that the United States is poised to open "Pandora's Box" in the Middle East should it escalate military action against Iran, Russia's President Vladimir Putin has weighed in, on Thursday saying any American military strike would have "catastrophic" consequences.

Putin warned further that US attack "would trigger a surge in violence and a possible refugee exodus," according to Reuters. During an annual televised question and answer session hosted by the Russian leader, he reiterated Moscow's position that Tehran is in full compliance with its nuclear commitments under the 2015 JCPOA. He also slammed the US-imposed sanctions now choking the Iranian economy as "groundless".

"I want to say at once that this would be a catastrophe for the region" — Putin said.

Jun 21 08:47

Cyberwarfare escalation just took a new and dangerous turn

The rhetoric surrounding cyberwarfare has ratcheted up again, potentially creating an unwelcome development in an area where misunderstanding and confusion could easily lead to escalation.

The New York Times has reported that the US has escalated its plans to place malware in Russia power networks, in response to similar and ongoing online incursions by Russia-backed hackers.

This is the latest development in online hostilities involving power grids; energy companies have long been the targets of cyber-espionage, but in recent years the intent has switched from spying to creating outages.

Jun 21 08:45

FITTON: BIGGER: LA County Begins Process to Remove Up to 1,592,066 Inactive Names from Voting List!

Heavy lifting by Judicial Watch gets huge results — again.

A giant mailing by LA County and other actions required by the settlement should result in the immediate and ongoing clean up of the rolls in California.

We initially thought the process would include up to 1.56 millions names — it is now 1.59 million names!

Jun 21 08:44

So God Made a Banker

Jun 21 08:24

Laid-off reporters launch ad campaign to 'save journalism' from big tech

A group founded by laid-off reporters has launched an initiative to "save journalism" from giant tech firms like Google, Apple, and Facebook, who they say have destroyed newsrooms with their "monopolistic control" of digital revenue streams. The first ad will run on Twitter.

Jun 21 08:23

Whoopi Goldberg suggests Mitch McConnell pay reparations to Obama during heated segment on ‘The View’

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg blasted Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) during Thursday's episode of "The View," suggesting that he pay reparations to former President Barack Obama.

Jun 21 08:04

Low-Carb Diet May Reduce Diabetes Risk Independent of Weight Loss

A low-carb diet may have benefits for people at risk of developing type 2 diabetes even if they don’t lose any weight, a new study suggests.

Researchers at The Ohio State University wanted to know what happens to obese people with metabolic syndrome, a precursor to diabetes, when they eat a diet plan low in carbohydrates but don’t shed any pounds. They found that more than half of study participants no longer met the criteria for metabolic syndrome immediately following a four-week low-carb diet...

Jun 21 07:48

Ice Cream Shop Becomes Scotland’s First To Sell CBD-infused Ice Cream

By John Vibes

“ICE shops,” the Falkirk-based ice cream store, recently announced that they will become the first shop in Scotland to sell CBD-infused ice cream.

The pioneering product is the result of a partnership between ICE Shops owner Kyle Gentleman and Elaine Grant, the director of a local family-owned natural wellness company called Natures Medics...

Jun 21 07:31

Condoleezza Rice Fires Back After NBC Host Tries To Pin Race Divisions on Trump

Condoleezza Rice’s life has changed quite a bit since her days in the White House, but one thing that hasn’t changed is her blunt approach to speaking her mind.

Jun 20 18:48

Google admits bug could let people spy on Nest cameras

The issue was first raised by a user on Facebook who recently sold his Nest Cam Indoor yet was still able to access its feed. The problem involves Wink, an app that lets people manage multiple smart devices regardless of their developer. The Facebook user noted that despite carrying out a factory reset on his Nest camera before selling it, his Wink account remained connected to the device, allowing him to view snapshots of the buyer’s live feed.

Wirecutter tested the vulnerability on its own Nest Cam by linking it to a Wink account and then performing a factory reset. The publication also found it was receiving “a series of still images snapped every several seconds” via its Wink account.

“In simpler terms: If you buy and set up a used Nest indoor camera that has been paired with a Wink hub, the previous owner may have unfettered access to images from that camera,” Wirecutter says. “And we currently don’t know of any cure for this problem.”

Jun 20 18:45

The Drone Iran Shot Down Was a $220M Surveillance Monster

Global Hawks are massive surveillance platforms, in operation since 2001, with a wingspan of more than 130 feet and a maximum takeoff weight of more than 16 tons, equivalent to roughly seven shipping containers of cocaine. They have a range of more than 12,000 nautical miles, can fly at strikingly high altitudes of 60,000 feet, and can stay aloft for 34 hours straight. They have no offensive capabilities; their value lies in their ability to combine range, vantage point, and persistence with powerful surveillance sensors to monitor ground or maritime activity in great detail.

I wonder how much US infrastructure could be repaired with $220 million.

Jun 20 18:41

Fintech CEO claims Facebook ‘ripped off’ his bank start-up’s logo for cryptocurrency project

Facebook used the same San Francisco-based design firm for its crypto project unveiled this week as online bank Current, according to CEO Stuart Sopp.

The results are two extremely similar logos for the two brands.

“This is a funny way to try and create trust in a new global financial system – by ripping off another fintech firm,” Sopp told CNBC.

Jun 20 18:40

Facebook usage falling after privacy scandals, data suggests

Since April 2018, the first full month after news of the Cambridge Analytica scandal broke in the Observer, actions on Facebook such as likes, shares and posts have dropped by almost 20%, according to the business analytics firm Mixpanel.

Jun 20 18:28

Central Banks Contribute to Inequality

Jun 20 16:20

Is the Fed the Only Means of Creating Money?

Jun 20 15:56

Sensitive data of more than 250 MILLION people to be handed over to Amazon as the US upgrades security on a system used to identify suspected terrorists, immigrants and criminals

Amazon will be looking after biometric data on more than 250 million people as the US Department of Homeland security seeks to upgrade its identification systems.

It is part of a plan to replace the department's existing biometric/biographic database setup with a more secure system which may add new identification tools.

Amazon's database will contain biographic information alongside fingerprint, iris and face scans and may eventually incorporate images of identifying scars and tattoos.

The news will raise alarm bells for some due to fears over how tech companies are gathering personal information and just what they are - and should - be doing with it.