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"The last thing I ever wanted was to be alive when the three most powerful people on the whole planet would be named Bush, Dick and Colon." -- Kurt Vonnegut



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Nov 14 06:15


A US military program dubbed ‘Insect Allies’ could be used as a biological weapon, a group of European scientists warns. The Pentagon’s research arm claims they are intended to defend crops, but doesn’t deny ‘dual-use’ potential.
Researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology and the University of Freiburg in Germany, as well as the University of Montpellier, France, have published a critique of the program, dubbed “Insect Allies,” in the October 5 edition of Science.

They argue that “the knowledge to be gained from this program appears very limited in its capacity to enhance US agriculture or respond to national emergencies” and therefore the program “may be widely perceived as an effort to develop biological agents for hostile purposes and their means of delivery,” which would mean a breach of the Biological Weapons Convention.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Dr. Bextine, a word, please; that phrase "nothing could possibly go wrong" has been used innumerable times, when life-threatening scenarios hit, and did their worst, despite the best of precautions being taken.

What is the three independent kill switches go "mammary glands vertical", at the same precise moment?

Do you, or your colleagues have a contingency plan for THAT?!?

I would believe, sir, that the short, and duly embarrassed answer for that would be, "UH...no!"

Nov 14 06:07


This week, the U.S. national debt reached the 23 trillion dollar mark for the first time ever. There was no fanfare, there were no politicians giving speeches about fiscal responsibility, and there has been very little national outrage. We have simply come to accept that it is “normal” for our national debt to grow at an exponential rate, but the truth is that we are literally committing national suicide. Given enough time, there is no doubt that this colossal mountain of debt will kill our Republic, and yet fiscal responsibility is not even a major national issue any longer. Everyone seems to be okay with the fact that we are stealing more than 100 million dollars every single hour of every single day from future generations of Americans and destroying the bright future that they were supposed to have. What we are doing to our children and our grandchildren is beyond criminal, and yet very few of us seem to care.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Unfortunately, puting the nation's budget "on a sustainable path", may only happen when pigs discover that they are aerodynamic.

Nov 14 06:05

World Debt Downgrade Warning – Moody’s

Nov 14 05:55

IEA: Peak Oil Demand Is Less Than A Decade Away

Nov 14 05:30

Chicago mayor accuses Uber of offering $64 million to black pastors to defeat her plans

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot accused Uber of attempting to pay off black pastors to oppose her plan to regulate rideshare companies, including Uber.

Nov 14 05:29

Drag queen makes noticeable debut at impeachment proceedings

A drag queen graced the halls of Congress to attend the first public impeachment hearings against President Donald Trump on Wednesday, causing quite a stir that poured over onto social media.

Nov 14 03:53

BREAKING: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Misses Court Due to Illness After Two Cancer Scares in One Year

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 86, was too ill to show up to court on Wednesday.
RBG was not on the bench and missed oral arguments and according to a court spox, she was home with a stomach virus.

Nov 13 21:10

BREAKING: Epstein Island sold to wealthy Middle Eastern businessman Haadid Nahkil Muhssef

A wealthy Middle Eastern businessman Haadid Nahkil Muhssef has purchased Jeffrey Epstein‘s pedophile island for $56 million. The purchase comes months after the controversial financier committed suicide while on suicide watch in a New York jail.

Not much is known about Muhssef except that he has many ties to the same people that Jeffrey Epstein did.

Nov 13 20:11


Nov 13 20:00

Nothing to see here: Rivers along Korean border run red with blood after massive pig cull (PHOTOS)

Heavy rainfall has been blamed for the spread of vast amounts of pig’s blood into rivers along the Korean border this week, following a cull of some 47,000 hogs amid an outbreak of African swine fever (ASF).

A local NGO claims that blood from a nearby burial site, where some 47,000 pig carcasses had been disposed of, had seeped into the Imjin River due to heavy rainfall.

Nov 13 19:52

‘Epstein didn’t kill himself’ & ‘Area 51’: GOP congressman spells out messages in cryptic tweets

Congressman Paul Gosar (R-Arizona) took his Twitter game to the next level during the impeachment hearings, with a series of posts that spelled out a popular meme about the accused pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Though each made sense on its own, there was little to tie together 23 tweets he posted starting at 3:09 pm on Wednesday - except for the fact caught by some eagle-eyed twitterati that they spelled out “E-P-S-T-E-I-N D-I-D-N-T K-I-L-L H-I-M-S-E-L-F” with their starting letters.

This was very subtle — @RepGosar published an "Epstein Didn't Kill Himself" tweet acrostic today. pic.twitter.com/GHXAMk7sXU
— Brett MacDonald (@TweetBrettMac) November 13, 2019

Nov 13 19:39

NASA finds that Californians’ TRASH emits far more methane into the atmosphere than cattle ranches… should we ban trash services to solve the global warming problem?

Scientists from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) recently conducted a fly-over across the state of California to determine the biggest sources of methane emissions. And as it turns out, trash is responsible for generating a full one-third of the type of atmospheric pollution that leftists claim is causing global warming.

Nov 13 19:35

Dramatic cold spell sweeping across half the USA is already causing catastrophic food crop failures

In all, more than 300 low temperature records were expected to fall throughout this week, according to the weather service.

Worse, the cold temps dipped deep into the South, where crops were still set to be harvested. And up north, the temps are even more severe, meaning the crop damage is worse

Nov 13 19:32

Fracking triggers “potentially damaging” earthquakes, even in areas AWAY from injection sites

The Tufts University study put together data from field experiments and ground fault models. It showed that subsurface fluid injection might trigger considerable and extensive seismic activity far from the diffusion zone.

Deep fluid injections have been shown to trigger more earthquakes. However, many believed that seismic activity only increased near the injected areas.

The Tufts researchers showed that fluid injections caused slippages in fault fractures that reached far beyond the diffusion zone. As a result, the technique might trigger potentially destructive earthquakes in distant areas.

Their findings might explain why some areas of the U.S. experienced more human-caused earthquakes than traditional hot spots for natural quakes.

Nov 13 19:31

Bombshell: After finding of hundreds of cancer genes in MMR vaccines, FDA researcher admits viral cells in vaccines may “activate” genes and spread more disease

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has published the results of an eye-opening investigation which found that the cellular matter used in the manufacture of many childhood vaccines is often contaminated with serious disease-causing viruses.

Conducted by Arifa S. Khan, PhD, the study looked at viral-based vaccines like seasonal flu shots that are made from living cells, or replicable cell substrates. As it turns out, these continual growth cells are oftentimes contaminated with hidden viral fragments that are tumorigenic in nature, meaning they have the potential to cause cancer.

These viruses tend to be latent, meaning they live “quietly” inside cells before eventually making their presence known later on down the road in the form of chronic disease. Thus, a person injected with a vaccine containing these cancer-causing viruses may not suffer the health consequences until long after he or she was jabbed – we’re talking many, many years, in some cases.

Nov 13 19:27

‘People Are Going to Die’: Violent US-Backed Coup Could Split Bolivia in Two

Nov 13 17:58

Democrats keep promising big infrastructure improvements and shovel-ready jobs, but they don’t usually deliver much more than traffic jams and bike lanes for the affluent.

Nov 13 17:58

Lance Cpl. Thomas Parker: Inmate No. 3023132, Bib No. 4109

RONAN — In a town of a little over 2,000 people, there’s no such thing as rush hour. At 4 in the afternoon, the only real traffic in Ronan remains on U.S. Highway 93, rolling to and from Polson, Missoula and Kalispell.

The residential streets don’t see much maintenance. In contrast to the cracks and holes pockmarking the grid of asphalt around Ronan’s homes, roads to the surrounding farms stay smooth.

Tomy Parker rolled down one of them, his arms pumping like pistons, gripping the wheels of his chair and hurling himself forward........

Nov 13 17:06

Sanford pins flat profit on climate change, warmer waters

*We can't blame overfishing can we?*

A difficult year marked by a crew tragedy and a 5 per cent dip in catch volumes has seen New Zealand's biggest fishing company Sanford report a flat net profit after tax but achieve higher revenue on lower sales.

Net profit for the financial year to September 30 was $41.7 million, compared to $42.3m the previous year.

Earnings before interest and tax were $64.8m, compared to $64.7m, while sales revenue lifted 8 per cent to $558m.

"Climate change is the number one risk we face as a business. We see the consequences of warmer waters and adverse weather conditions playing out in the oceans and on our bottom line," said Kuntzsch, a finalist in this year's Deloitte Top 200 chief executive of the year.

Nov 13 15:24

Google wants to be your bank: It will soon offer checking accounts

Google (GOOGL) plans to offer checking accounts to customers starting next year, a source familiar with Google's plans told CNN Business. Google is partnering with Citigroup (C) and a credit union at Stanford University for the initiative. The Wall Street Journal first reported Google's entry into checking accounts.

Nov 13 15:10

Facebook bug shows camera activated in background during app use

When you're scrolling through Facebook's app, the social network could be using your camera, concerned users have found. Multiple people have found and reported that their iPhone cameras were turned on in the background while they were looking at their feed.

The issue came to light through several posts on Twitter. Users noted that their cameras were activated behind Facebook's app as they were watching videos or looking at photos on the social network.

After people clicked on the video to full screen, returning it back to normal would create a bug in which Facebook's mobile layout was slightly shifted to the right. With the open space on the left, you could now see the phone's camera activated in the background.

Nov 13 14:02

Tapestry for Hyperinflationary Food Prices

Nov 13 13:50

Mysterious process changing oxygen levels on Mars but NASA can’t explain it… yet

During the warmer spring and summer months, the oxygen levels recorded by Curiosity rose by some 30 percent, receding back to normal levels each Autumn, though by different amounts each year, indicating that some unknown phenomenon is adding and subtracting oxygen from the atmosphere.

At present, there is no known process that might explain these readings.

'No known process that might explain these readings'?! How about the presence of life (Photosynthesis)?!

Nov 13 13:45

Rand Paul Drops The 'C'-Word: Names Whistleblower, Demands Testimony

A week ago, Senator Rand Paul said that he might release the whistleblower's name.

Over the weekend, Senator Paul said the whistleblower's name should be released.

And today, Senator Paul has named the whistleblower publicly...Eric Ciamerella.

During a Wednesday interview on Washington, D.C.-based WMAL, Paul named Ciaramella himself and said he should be brought in testify to clarify whether he is indeed the whistleblower.

“I think Eric Ciaramella needs to be pulled in for testimony, and then I think it will be ultimately determined at that point,” said Paul.

“But I think he is a person of interest in the sense that he was at the Ukraine desk when Joe Biden was there when Hunter Biden was working for the Ukrainian oligarch. So simply for that alone, I think he’s a material witness who needs to be brought in.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This just keeps getting better and better.

Nov 13 13:42

Officers carry out Orofino eviction at Nickerson ranch

A family that had for years resisted eviction from their property near Orofino were removed from the home Tuesday without violence.

Donna and Charles “Nick” Nickerson and an extended group of children and other family members stood alongside Crow’s Bench Road, about 4 miles northeast of Orofino on Tuesday afternoon, watching in the rain as a moving van, escorted by about six Idaho State Police troopers and Clearwater County Sheriff’s deputies, drove off with the last of their belongings.

“They kicked in my windows and they’re stealing all my stuff in the rain,” Donna Nickerson said angrily. “I did nothing. The sheriff called me down and I went down as a citizen. I was very gracious. … While I was there he informed me … that they had already taken possession of our property.”

Nov 13 12:48

20 risks to markets in 2020

Nov 13 12:25

Trump Impeachment And The Civil War Scenario

Nov 13 12:16

Rep Devin Nunes Opening Statement

Nov 13 11:56

"Europe Is Dying" - 50,000 Polish 'Patriots' March To Save Country From "Disastrous European Union"

More than 50,000 Polish nationalists paraded on the streets of Warsaw for this year's Independence March on Monday.

Tens of thousands of people, waving Polish flags, were young and old, of all walks of life, with whole families took to the streets.

Poland shifted towards nationalism when Law and Justice (PiS) party came to power in 2015.

PiS has asked citizens to abandon Western liberalism for patriotism and Roman Catholic values.

Attendees lit flares and marched through the streets chanting more slogans: "Not Islamic or secular, but Catholic Poland," "No to abortion," and "Great Poland is our goal."

A thirty-eight million nation in the heart of Europe (i.e., with a population approximately the size of Spain's) has been revolting against the EU establishment and its view of European unity based on cultural and religious indifference and anti-nationalism.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Why is it that people who believe in values of country, and at least some degree of national pride, are always tarred with the brush of being in league with the "...far right"?!?!?

Folks, here's the deal for me; I am an American first; if there are certain values I hold as being important, such as immigration integration, and EVERYONE being able to practice their religion (or lack thereof) as they chose, does that make me NEO-anything?!?

When, please, did this become bad and wrong, both for Europe, and the US?!?

If there are financial arrangements with other countries, and other groups of countries which benefit me, and my brother and sister Americans, I am generally for it; but please do not ask me to support unfettered immigration, where the immigrants want to push their lifestyles on me.

Anyone who ever talked to me, for all of a minute, would understand that I am the polar opposite of racist, or right-wing; but if financial agreements among nations, and unfettered immigration are not helping me, the people I care about, and the country as a whole, how can I, in my right mind, support them?!?

The problem is, the people who create these situations, never have to live with the consequences of having done so.

Nov 13 11:41

America : Freedom to Fascism

Nov 13 11:37

Latest Intel CPUs Affected by New TSX Speculative Attack

A new speculative vulnerability called ZombieLoad 2, or TSX Asynchronous Abort, has been disclosed today that targets the Transactional Synchronization Extensions (TSX) feature in Intel processors.

Using this vulnerability, local attackers or malware can steal sensitive data from the operating system kernel or other processes.

Nov 13 11:20

Is Facebook WATCHING you? Users discover their cell phone cameras mysteriously switch on without permission when they open the iOS app and Facebook is investigating the issue

Facebook has yet again come under fire for invading its member's privacy.

The app is activating iPhone cameras without the user's knowledge while they are scrolling through the platform.

The issue seems to only plague smartphones that are operating on iOS 13.2.2 and occur when a user swipes 'rapidly' through the app.

Nov 13 11:18

'Insect apocalypse' poses risk to all life on Earth: Half of all bugs have been lost since 1970 and 400,000 species face extinction due to heavy use of pesticides, report warns

Leading ecologists at the University of Sussex, who carried out the report for the Wildlife Trusts, revealed that 40 per cent of the one million known insect species are now nearing extinction.

The use of pesticides, which has doubled over the last 25 years, has seen 23 species of bees and wasps go extinct.

Without insects, a multitude of birds, bats, reptiles, amphibians, small mammals and fish would disappear, for they would have nothing to eat.

Nov 13 11:17

Google enlists help of THREE cyber security firms to scan all new Android apps for viruses in a desperate bid to stop malware-riddled software infiltrating the Play Store

Google has recruited three cyber security companies to help it scan new Android apps that are submitted to the Play Store for viruses and other malware.

The newly formed 'App Defense Alliance' - which includes security companies Zimperium, ESET and Lookout - will use scanning and threat detection tools to evaluate all new apps submitted to Google Play before they go live.

This is designed to cut down on the amount of malware-riddled software infiltrating the Play Store, after Google admitted that the number of apps being uploaded was too large for it to handle alone.

Nov 13 11:15

Martian mystery! NASA scientists are baffled by 'mind-boggling’ data from Curiosity rover showing sudden fluctuations in the oxygen levels on the Red Planet

NASA scientists have been left 'baffled' after a new first-of-its-kind experiment detected inexplicable fluctuations in oxygen levels on the surface of Mars.

A portable chemistry lab on the Curiosity Rover has been sampling the air above the Gale Crater on the Red Planet for three Martian years (or about six Earth years).

Scientists have used this data to measure the way the gases that fill the air above the surface of the crater change with the seasons.

They discovered that the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere goes up by 30 per cent in the spring then drops back to normal by the autumn in a way that cannot be explained by any known chemical process.

Nov 13 11:09

This U.S. President Regularly Bought Slaves With His Own Money So He Can Set Them Free

James Buchanan was the 15th President of the United States, serving from 1857 to 1861. His presidency was considered by many historians a failure since his efforts to maintain peace between the North and the South were fruitless. He is best-remembered as the only president from Pennsylvania and the only one who remained single during his entire term as president.

Nov 13 09:58

MRI Study Associates Screen Time Exposure In Children To Lower Brain Development

By John Vibes

The research team found that white matter in the brain was less developed in children who spent more time in front of screens. White matter is important to thought processing, speech and literacy...

Nov 13 09:44

'Mental instablity': Psychiatrists who called Trump dangerous want to testify on impeachment

If this continues much longer the country will be in a full blown civil war with all the chaos that will ensue.

A group of medical experts who claim that President Trump's mental health makes him dangerous and unfit for office is seeking to testify during House impeachment proceedings.

The group, comprising four psychiatrists, a clinical neuropsychologist, a neurologist, and an internist, are planning to announce their availability next week to members of Congress and the media. They'll also be available to consult privately with members of Congress, with 2020 Democratic presidential candidates, or with members of Trump's cabinet.

Dr. Bandy Lee, a Yale School of Medicine psychiatrist, announced the group's plans to the Washington Examiner on Friday.