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August 3, 2020

Aug 03 06:34

College Expels Student For "Racist" Social Media Post, Then Discovers What Actually Happened

A student at Georgia’s Wesleyan College was reinstated after initially being expelled for social media posts that the school says it now realizes she did not make.

After an investigation and appeal from the student at the all-female campus, the school found that “new information” revealed that the expelled student was not involved in the posts in question.

Aug 03 06:34

Morgan Stanley: Brace For A Spike In Inflation As Congress Is Now In The Money Supply Driver’s Seat

Just days after the famous (former) deflationista (turned reflationist) Russell Napier explained why he believes that central banks have "become irrelevant" in a world in which governments have taken control of the money supply, none other than Morgan Stanley's Michael Wilson (whose bullish market outlook on risk assets is predicated on the foundational view that the coming reflationary tsunami will lift all boats) has published a note agreeing with Napier and pointing out that not only is M2 exploding at a pace never seen before, but also writing that "Congress is now a critical player in driving money supply growth, given that the Fed has already committed to expanding its balance sheet as much as needed to support the recovery."

Aug 03 06:32

Democrats Urging Biden Not To Debate Trump

Democrats around the country have begun to pressure the Biden campaign to call off all debates with Donald Trump due to the coronavirus pandemic, they say.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It isn't coronavirus that is the problem, it's Biden's case of "hoof in mouth" that is worrying people.

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Finco Bayano
Aug 03 06:31

As Rent Moratorium Expires, Landlord-Tenant Battles Begin 

Readers may recall the eviction moratorium expired a little more than a week ago nearly four months after the US economy effectively shut down due to the covid pandemic. 33% of renters have yet to make their full payment in July, a recent survey showed. This means that 12 million renters could be on the cusp of eviction in a matter of months.

Landlords are set to lose billions of dollars this year over the inability of tenants to pay rent thanks to the virus-induced recession. With much of chaos and disagreement on Capitol Hill about the next round of stimulus, nevertheless, no deal on a rent moratorium extension, landlords are now demanding back rent and August payment.

While the exact cause of the landlord-tenant dispute turned violent in Georgia Sunday morning has yet to have an underline cause, one can only assume it might have been due to payment.

Aug 03 06:30

The Fed Is Planning To Send Money Directly To Americans In The Next Crisis

Over the past decade, the one common theme despite the political upheaval and growing social and geopolitical instability, was that the market would keep marching higher and the Fed would continue injecting liquidity into the system. The second common theme is that despite sparking unprecedented asset price inflation, price as measured across the broader economy (at least using the flawed CPI metric) would remain subdued (as a reminder, the Fed is desperate to ignite broad inflation as that is the only way the countless trillions of excess debt can be eliminated and yet it has so far failed to do so).

Aug 03 06:30

Poland Says US to Deploy Troops on Eastern Border

The US announcement of 12,000 troops leaving Germany now sees another scramble to secure US presences. Poland is reportedly keen to have a “permanent” US presence, complete with a command. They say at least 1,000 US troops will be involved.

Polish officials say the troops will be on the eastern border, and the command will manage all NATO troops on the Russian frontier. Poland has been courting a US presence for years, suggesting at times they’d joined NATO specifically for the opportunity to host US troops.

The opportunity to bring thousands of US troops back home, disappointingly, seems to have been short-lived hope. Worse still, the shaky suggestions from pullout critics that leaving Germany was a favor to Russia may well have played a role in a hasty scheme to dump some of the troops even closer to Russia, worsening the tensions in Eastern Europe.

Aug 03 06:28

‘Do as they say’: Minneapolis police warn people to obey criminals for their own safety as violent crime surges amid BLM protests

Embattled Minneapolis police are advising residents on survival skills amid a wave of violent crime, offering such tips as “be prepared to give up your cell phone and purse/wallet” to robbers and “do not walk alone.”

“Do not argue or fight with the criminal,” police said in a July 28 letter to Third Precinct residents. “Do what they say. Your safety is most important.”

The Third Precinct, southeast of downtown, was one of the areas hardest hit by the protests-turned-riots that broke out following the May 25 killing of black man George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody. Ensuing demonstrations and riots in the adjoining cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul marked the second-most destructive incident of civil unrest in US history. Police were forced to abandon their Third Precinct headquarters for their own safety on May 28 as rioters pulled down a fence and set the building on fire.

Aug 03 06:28

Boston Marathon Bombing Death Sentence Vacated by Federal Court of Appeals

Today the Federal Court of Appeals for the First Circuit vacated the death sentence concocted for one of the alleged bombers of the alleged Boston Marathon bombing of April, 2013, seven years ago. Some years ago John Remington Graham and I demonstrated conclusively that the FBI’s own evidence proved conclusively that, even if there really was a bombing for which there is much exposed false evidence, the Tsarnaev brothers were not involved. You can find our analysis in my articles archive on my website.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Aug 03 06:27

Cover-Up Continues: Revisiting The Incident At Benghazi 

Chris Stevens was an ambitious US State Department employee who volunteered to participate in the overthrow of the Libyan government in 2011.

He covertly arrived in Libya in early 2011 aboard a Greek cargo ship with CIA personnel and set up operations in Benghazi to coordinate illegal shipments of weaponry into Libya and organized attacks on the Libyan army.

Aug 03 06:26

Here’s All the Military Pork Baked Into the Proposed COVID-19 Bill

Yesterday, Senate Republicans unveiled a proposed bill that would authorize a $1 trillion spending package ostensibly to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic and the impacts it has had, especially economically, across the country this year. The draft law immediately drew criticism for including a raft of line items that seem at best tangentially related to those efforts, while many are not at all, including around $30 billion in defense spending, which would be on top of the more than $705 billion in the proposed defense budget for the 2021 Fiscal Year.

Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Richard Shelby, a Republican from Alabama, formally introduced the proposed bill on July 27, 2020. It would need the full Senate to pass it and for the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives to pass their own version before it could even head to President Donald Trump’s desk, where he could then sign it into law.

Aug 03 06:24

China eyes suspension of extradition agreement with New Zealand - report

In an escalation of the conflict relating to the situation in Hong Kong, China is reportedly looking at suspending its extradition agreement with New Zealand.

Reuters reports that Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin announced the decision at a daily briefing.

The decision is said to have been made as an act of retaliation, after New Zealand suspended its existing extradition treaty with Hong Kong.

The two countries do not have a specific extradition treaty in place, which means there is no obligation to extradite. However, there is a discretionary process for ad hoc requests.

Aug 03 06:23

“You Don’t Have a Choice – Normalcy Only Returns When We Largely Vaccinate the Entire Population” – Bill Gates Gets Creepier (VIDEO)

Aug 03 05:57

Marines call off search for 8 missing troops; service members presumed dead from training 'mishap'

Eight troops who went missing after a "training mishap" are all presumed dead, the U.S. Marine Corps announced on Sunday.

Aug 03 05:56

Black motorist erupts at BLM protesters blocking highway, forces them to move: 'Get the f*** out my way!'

A black motorist is going viral after erupting on Black Lives Matter protesters for blocking a highway in Austin, Texas.

Aug 03 05:56

UNREAL: Obama Roommate and Former Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett Would Not Answer Whether President Obama Knew of Trump Spying

Obama Senior Advisor would not answer whether former President Obama directed any of the spying and investigations into candidate and President Trump when on with Maria Bartiromo earlier this week.

Aug 03 05:55

Minneapolis Police Department Tells Residents to Cooperate with Criminals, ‘Do as They Say – Give Up Your Wallet, Purse and Cell Phone’

This is what life is like under Democrat rule.
The Minneapolis Police Department circulated a series of tips for residents in response to a spike in carjackings and robberies.

Aug 03 05:55

Mike Maloney: Is this the beginning of $8,000 gold? … Gregor Gregersen: Silver is mispriced by orders of magnitude … Schiff vs Rickards: Is $15,000 gold realistic? Absolutely …

Aug 03 05:55

Panicked CNN Analyst Suggests Joe Biden Should Refuse To Debate President Trump (VIDEO)

Joe Biden’s mind is not what it used to be and everyone knows it.

Aug 03 05:55

Dr. Fauci Warned that Trump Campaign Rally Was Dangerous — Then Refuses to Condemn Leftist Street Protests and Riots (VIDEO)

Back in mid-June Dr. Fauci warned the Trump White House that holding a campaign rally was dangerous.

Aug 03 05:53

Trump gives TikTok 45 days to negotiate sale of its US arm to Microsoft after his total ban threat and tells Seattle tech giant's CEO he will only 'allow' purchase if app totally splits from China

The president had threatened to ban TikTok in the US as early as Saturday
In a statement Sunday Microsoft said it 'is prepared to continue discussions to explore a purchase of TikTok in the United States'

Aug 03 05:51

'Inseparable' elderly lions Hubert and Kalisa are put down together at LA Zoo so that neither has to live alone after age-related illnesses saw the 21-year-old companions suffer 'rapid decline in heath'

African lions Hubert and Kalisa, 21-year-old companions who were 'inseparable', were put down together at their home in the Los Angeles Zoo, officials said

Aug 03 05:48

Facebook whistleblower Ryan Hartwig returns to SGT Report to discuss big tech CEO's testimony before the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Antitrust on Wednesday July 29, 2020.

Aug 03 05:43

“Look at Your Boyfriend’s Face!” -Unhinged Woman Throws Coffee on Two Men for Not Wearing Masks – Boyfriend Gets His Ass Beat Bloody (VIDEO)

An unhinged lunatic approached two men, sitting outside in Manhattan Beach, California. The woman then lectured the men for not wearing masks. She didn’t like their responses so she threw hot coffee on them.

Aug 03 05:40

Diver, 29, is crushed by two HUMPBACK WHALES in freak reef accident leaving her with fractured ribs and internal bleeding

The woman, 29, was on a diving tour on Western Australia’s Ningaloo Reef
She was sandwiched between the massive creatures at the weekend

Aug 03 05:39

Joblessness remains at historic levels and there is no evidence UI is disincentivizing work: Congress must extend the extra $600 in UI benefits

Last week 2.3 million workers applied for unemployment insurance (UI) benefits. This is the 18th week in a row that unemployment claims have been more than twice the worst week of the Great Recession. Many headlines this morning are saying there were 1.4 million UI claims last week, but that’s not the right number to use.

Aug 03 05:14

It's time to start handing out fines to people who refuse to wear masks

On July 10, Michigan's Governor Whitmer announced an Executive Order that would enforce a requirement to wear a face mask while in public. Businesses must require staff and patrons to wear masks or risk having their license suspended, and individuals, with limited exceptions, must wear masks in public or risk a $500 fine.

Aug 03 05:14

Man charged in alleged shootout with at least 7 cops was ‘just not handling the pandemic well,’ his lawyer says

In the time leading up to his shootout with police, Adam Zaborowski lost his job, lost a custody battle for his child and was “just not handling the pandemic well,” his lawyer said Sunday.

Aug 03 04:57

Donald Trump launches Twitter spree touting his accomplishments and lashing out against Joe Biden as new poll shows nearly two-thirds of Americans do no approve of how the president is handling national crises

President Donald Trump went on a 30-post Twitter spree Sunday morning boasting of his accomplishments and railing against presumed Democratic nominee Joe Biden as the president's poll numbers continue to slide.

Aug 03 04:57

Tragic Charlie Gard's mother is ready to give birth to a baby boy 'any day now' as she says she's 'nervous but excited' three years after losing her first son amid fight that gripped the nation

Cradling her impressive bump, Connie Yates is ‘nervous but excited’ about becoming a parent for a second time with her partner Chris Gard.

Aug 03 04:38

Terrorist Boston Marathon Bomber Has Sentence Reduced Due to Jury Bias But Judge Amy Berman Jackson Ignored Same Jury Bias in Roger Stone Case

The Boston Marathon Bomber had his sentence reduced last week due to jury bias. He is no longer on death row. Roger Stone’s jury was biased even worse, but corrupt Judge Amy Berman Jackson did nothing. In today’s justice system terrorists have more rights than friends of President Trump.

Aug 03 04:36

A Philly man, who warned not to share protest photos online, was charged with trashing cop cars based on his Instagram pics

As he posted a collection of images he shot during the protests that gripped Philadelphia after the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Sammy Rivera beseeched his Instagram followers to be careful about what they shared online.

Aug 03 04:35

From 9/11 to Portland, it was inevitable ‘Homeland Security’ would be turned on the American people | Will Bunch

Even in the hazy, flag-waving days surrounding the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attack on the United States, there was something about America’s rush to create a massive state apparatus called the Department of Homeland Security that made some people’s skin crawl — and not just the usual patchouli-scented, granola-sated leftist suspects.

Aug 03 04:33

TikTok 'will open a London HQ after move is approved by ministers' risking major row with Donald Trump over Chinese app

Investment set to be unveiled next week by ByteDance, who own the company
The move risks opening up a rift between the UK and US over the popular app
President Trump said on Friday he would soon ban TikTok in the United States

Aug 03 04:32

Former Pope Benedict, 93, is 'seriously ill with shingles and his voice is barely audible' after returning to the Vatican from a visit to see his dying brother in Germany

Emeritus Pope Benedict is serious ill after returning to the Vatican following a visit to Germany to see his dying brother.

Aug 03 04:16

British woman is told she will NOT face the death penalty as she is found guilty of manslaughter for stabbing her 'abusive' husband to death in Malaysia

Samantha Jones, 54, went on trial for murder at Malaysia's High Court Monday
She was facing death by hanging for fatally stabbing husband John, 63, in 2018
But charge was downgraded to manslaughter, which carries 10 years in jail

Aug 03 04:12

Media now BANNED from the drastically scaled-down Republican Convention after Donald Trump was forced to cancel plans to relocate to Florida – but main events will still be live-streamed

Media are no longer allowed to attend the Republican National Convention in North Carolina later this month, reports revealed this weekend.

Aug 03 04:10

Administration wants $377M for West Wing remodel in virus relief bill

The Trump administration wants $377 million in the next coronavirus relief bill for a long-delayed modernization of the West Wing, but the timetable for construction is yet to be determined.

Aug 03 03:49

Melbourne turns into a ghost town on the first night of curfew after desperate Dan Andrews announced Stage 4 lockdown that will cost $9BILLION and 'hundreds of thousands' of jobs - as NSW is warned the next three weeks are 'make or break'

The streets of Melbourne went eerily quiet on Sunday night as the state plunged into stage four lockdown in an unprecedented move that is tipped to cost the country $9billion and wipe out hundreds of thousands of jobs.

Aug 03 03:49

Kanye West tries to get on presidential ballot in Ohio with 5,000 signatures needed by Wednesday to qualify – as his petitions face fraud objections in Illinois and New Jersey

Kanye West has continued his road to presidency and has now made efforts to get on the ballot in Ohio - a key swing state that could decided who sits in the Oval Office after November.

Aug 03 03:49

'Trump wants the election to be on November 3rd': President's campaign adviser denies Donald wants to delay the vote - despite suggesting it on Twitter days earlier

Donald Trump's senior campaign adviser insisted Sunday morning that the president wants to hold the elections on the typical date of November 3, even though he suggested last week that they be postponed.

Aug 03 03:47

Egypt invites Elon Musk to see the pyramids for himself after he tweeted they were 'built by aliens obviously'

Elon Musk has been invited to visit the pyramids by a top Egyptian official after the billionaire shared an old conspiracy theory that they were built by extraterrestrials.

Aug 03 03:46

Minneapolis, plagued by violent crime, wants victims to cooperate with criminals, surrender property

As violent crime surges in Minneapolis, the city is now telling residents they are essentially on their own.

Aug 03 03:45

Microsoft Says It Spoke With Trump After TikTok Threat, Deal May Still Happen

Microsoft said that it plans to continue discussions with Bytedance, the parent company of Chinese video-sharing app TikTok, after speaking with President Donald Trump, who expressed interest in banning the social media app from the United States on Friday amidst cyber-security concerns.

Aug 03 03:27

Apple Fire in California destroys 32 square miles of dry brush leaving wildlife scampering to safety and smoke visible 300 miles away in Phoenix as firefighters battle blaze in 106F heat

Thousands of people were under evacuation orders on Sunday after a wildfire in mountains about 75 miles east of Los Angeles exploded in size, and crews totaling 1,300 firefighters battled flames in triple-digit heat.

Aug 03 03:22

More than 150 rounds are fired during a shooting outside a Portland apartment - as city suffers its deadliest month for 30 years

More than 150 rounds were fired during a shooting in a Portland neighborhood on Friday, ending the city's deadliest month since the 1980s.

Aug 03 03:21

Navy probes footage of a laughing Colin Kaepernick 'stand-in' being mauled by four military dogs 'for not standing during the National Anthem at a SEAL Museum fundraiser'

The US Navy is investigating videos purportedly shot during a 2019 fundraiser at The National Navy SEAL Museum in Florida, showing a demonstration where K-9 dogs attacked a man wearing a Colin Kaepernick football jersey.

Aug 03 03:21

Trump demands federal government seek death penalty AGAIN for Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev after federal court overturned it - and says 'rarely has anybody deserved it more'

President Donald Trump said Sunday that the federal government should once again seek the death penalty for Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev while venting his frustration that the entire process was taking so long.

Aug 03 03:21

Who gets the COVID-19 vaccine first? US health chiefs to publish guidance next month on how they could ration the first critical doses - and admit that tens of millions will be not be happy

U.S. health care chiefs are drawing up essential guidance on who will be first to receive the coronavirus vaccine once it is developed in the coming months.

Aug 03 03:20

Mexican drug lord 'El Marro' is captured after years on the run as country's security forces parade the cuffed cartel boss on TV

Notorious cartel leader 'El Marro' has been captured by Mexican state and federal security forces, authorities said Sunday.

Aug 03 03:20

Republicans refuse to go above $1 trillion in next coronavirus relief package as Nancy Pelosi signals a stalemate after negotiations floundered last week over expiration of $600-per-week unemployment boost

It could be a while until Americans see more economic relief in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic as Democrats and Republicans have reached a deadlock in negotiations regarding the fourth stimulus package.

Aug 03 03:20

REVEALED: New York City has already had more shootings in 2020 than in the whole of 2019 - with another SEVEN attacks on Sunday morning alone

New York City has had more shootings so far this year than in the whole of 2019, after another violent Saturday night tipped the scales, and seven shootings followed in the early hours of Sunday.

Aug 03 03:19

Covid Testing delays (Cartoon)

Aug 03 03:18

Deutsche Bank probes Trump and Kushner’s personal banker over the Park Avenue apartment she bought from a company partly owned by president’s son-in-law for $1.5million in 2013

Deutsche Bank has launched an internal investigation into President Trump’s personal banker over a 2013 purchase of a Manhattan apartment from a company partly owned by his son-in-law Jared Kushner, according to a report.

Aug 03 03:18

Donald Trump tweets about Melbourne's COVID-19 crisis to show other parts of the world are also suffering from 'Big China virus' - but vows US will be over the illness 'soon'

Donald Trump has weighed in on Melbourne's strict new lockdown measures and boasted about his own handling of the pandemic in America.
The US President retweeted a story about Victoria declaring a State of Disaster in response to its worsening coronavirus outbreak on Sunday.

Aug 03 03:17

Donald Trump launches Twitter spree touting his accomplishments and lashing out against Joe Biden as new poll shows nearly two-thirds of Americans do no approve of how the president is handling national crises

President Donald Trump went on a 30-post Twitter spree Sunday morning boasting of his accomplishments and railing against presumed Democratic nominee Joe Biden as the president's poll numbers continue to slide.

Aug 03 03:17

Artist Colorizes 40 Old Photos, And It Might Change The Way You Perceive History

Mads Madsen is 25 years old and lives in Denmark where he's pursuing a Master's degree in the Classics (ancient Greece and Rome). However, his fascination with history doesn't end there.

Aug 03 03:16

Coronavirus reunites two long-lost sisters after 53 years when one working as a nurse recognized the other's last name after she was admitted to a medical center

A pair of sisters from Nebraska who became separated shortly after one of them was born have been brought back together again, all because of the coronavirus.

Aug 03 01:41

Antisocial distancing! Fights break out on Brighton seafront as drinkers flout Covid rules – while Cornwall Council slams 'ignorant' tourists refusing to wear masks amid mass influx of holidaymakers

Tempers flared on the Brighton seafront as temperatures hit 72F this weekend
A fight broke out between two women with security stepping in to break it up
Pictures show packed beaches in Bournemouth, Dorset, and Southend, Essex
Cornwall council chiefs also warn holidaymakers to respect social distancing

Aug 03 01:40

New York City has already had more shootings in 2020 than in the whole of 2019 as man hit by stray bullet becomes 777th victim with five months still to go

New York City on Saturday night surpassed the gun shootings total for 2019
There have been 777 shootings so far this year, according to NYPD data
In the whole of 2019 the city recorded 776 shootings
The greatest number of shootings have been in Brownsville and East New York
The Upper West Side has seen the largest percentage increase in gun violence
Between June 1-30, there was a 130 per cent increase in the number of shootings

Aug 03 01:32

Dr. Birx warns Americans are in a ‘new phase’ of the coronavirus pandemic - as Nancy Pelosi reveals she has ‘no confidence’ in the White House advisor because she allows President Trump to 'spread disinformation'

Dr. Deborah Birx on Sunday said the US has entered a 'new phase' of the COVID-19 pandemic
COVID-19 has become more widespread than when it first appeared in January, with cases popping up in both urban and rural regions
Birx acknowledged that America's potential death toll depends on if Midwestern and Southern states can reduce spread
But House Speaker Nancy Pelosi revealed she does not have confidence in Birx's COVID-19 public health advice
Earlier this week, Pelosi reportedly said 'Deborah Birx is the worst' during a meeting with Steven Mnuchin and Mark Meadows
Pelosi on Sunday accused President Trump of spreading COVID-19 disinformation during his response
As Trump's task force coordinator, Pelosi cast blame on the alleged disinformation onto Birx as well

August 2, 2020

Aug 02 21:16

Chairwoman Of Planned Parenthood Advocates Of Arizona: ‘Policing’ Is A ‘Reproductive Justice’ Issue

The chairwoman of the Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona (PPAA), a non-profit group that engages in electoral and political activities, recently stated that “policing” was a “reproductive justice issue,” but provided no explanation linking the two topics.

Aug 02 20:25

Cuban immigrant says activist group using 'mafia tactics' to intimidate Louisville business owners

An activist group is threatening Louisville business owners with possible repercussions if they fail to submit to their list of social justice-related demands.

Aug 02 18:46

Peaceful Protests: BLM-Antifa Mob Beats the Hell Out of Some White Guy Outside of Portland Justice Center

Another peaceful protest.
Black Lives Matter-Antifa goons beat the hell out of some white guy in Portland on Sunday outside the Justice Center.