‘Like It or Not, We Have Lost’: Retired US General Concedes Afghan Defeat | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

‘Like It or Not, We Have Lost’: Retired US General Concedes Afghan Defeat

“The Taliban are the victors,” says retired US Brig. Gen. Don Bolduc, who saw 69 of his soldiers killed in Afghanistan. “We just haven’t figured that out yet.”

Absorbing the fact that the US has lost militarily in Afghanistan will be a "bitter pill" for the soldiers he fought with, Bolduc told Yahoo News Friday.

"They did what they were asked, they did the right thing, and they watched their teammates get maimed, get killed, and because of the failure of our policymakers and our senior military leaders, they're going to have to swallow this pill," he said.


We Will Never Forget


(*What about 9/11 , the Bush neocons , who are one at a time becoming the Trump neocons , plan to initiate a way into Afghanistan , eventually Iraq , and ultimately the entire Middle East . Should we finally just forget about that one , today ?)

'Like it or not , we have lost'


(*look at the bright side; we may have lost the war , which should be easy enough to shovel off as being Obama's fault , like everything else , right down to the crack in the liberty bell , but we got the opium crisis , and damn the Iran Contra era , or that it was "W" Bush who got us into Afghanistan , most people are convinced that it's the Democrats fault , too , and that opium originates out of America's own impoverished blue state cities , and that's a victory for the art of the deal .)

One of the hunches I had about Trump becoming POTUS is...


... the old boys went with this to dump their teeming war defeats on him

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