Australia to reopen notorious migrant detention center after govt. fails to block medevac bill | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Australia to reopen notorious migrant detention center after govt. fails to block medevac bill

The Australian government will be reopening the Christmas Island detention center, likened to a maximum security prison, after the opposition streamlined a bill to allow migrant detainees to seek medical help on the mainland.
Australia's conservative Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced on Tuesday that the detention facility in the Australian external territory in the Indian Ocean his government worked hard to shut down would be reopened to accommodate potential new arrivals and detainees, who might be transferred from the Nauru and Manus Island offshore migrant detention camps.

The setback in the conservative government's effort to scale down the controversial migrant detention program is a response to a new amendment to a medical evacuations bill, championed by the Labor party, which enlisted the support of the Greens and crossbench MPs.

The measure has already been dubbed a "disaster" for Australia by Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton, who accused Labor of "unraveling a successful border protection policy" and promised to enforce "contingency plans" to mitigate its adverse effect.

The reopening of the infamous Christmas Island detention center is part of that plan to stop unwanted arrivals and detainees who might take advantage of the newly-emerged loophole to come to Australia.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I wrestle with this because, morally, because I hate to see people suffering and struggling, as illegal immigrants do struggle in environments like this; that being said, as draconian as it is, this policy has kept the Australian people safe from illegal immigrants in a big way.

What the Australian Parliament should come up with, is a different, more responsible way in which they treat their illegal immigrants.