Banned 9/11 Truth YouTuber Ryan Dawson Speaks Out | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Banned 9/11 Truth YouTuber Ryan Dawson Speaks Out

Banned and Erased from Youtube



I'm picking up what you're putting down


(*Probably because you , like myself , are stuck in the dark ages of being critical of Israel , but Trump in his enlightening first State Of The Union of The Republic of The United States of America announced that an enemy of Israel is an enemy of The US .

The incorporation of Goldman/Sachs and The US Government happened already , most think it's a demonstration of The Genious of Trump , and nobody got upset , because Trump is better then the alternative , who was the worst politician since history began being recorded . In that case , a Bassett Hound would make a better president , then the alternative , but I digress .
Were in Xs on the calendar territory until Trump ties the knot with Bibi , and moves the embassy to Jerusalem .
I think your a victim of the preparatory phase of Israel's Independence Day . I get a feeling all criticism of Israel in The USA , will not be tolerated , after that .
What was different about The Florida school shooting ? My takeaway was the push for acceptance of the "If You See Something , Say Something" protocol .
Many applauded .
Nothing that we voted for , but that's no reason to get upset . After that ? I don't know , but I'm taking your situation as an indication that I'm on the right thinking track . You're getting Trumped in Trump's, and , let's be fair , Netanyahu's America .)

(*bear in mind , all the drama to move the embassy and Donald Trump All Mighty isn't even sure if Israel wants peace . Is that strong leadership , or what ?
Worth the censorship if it means 4 more years , am I right ?)