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Competency evaluation delayed in museum shooting

James von Brunn made a US District Court appearance on Oct 14 where his public defender A J Kramer requested that he be psychologically evaluated for competency to stand trial.

Isn't it a very odd request for a defender, public or not, to make since it is his job to prove, in the first instance, that his client is innocent if indeed that is the case, rather than have his client risk being detained for the rest of his natural with a possibly false accusation still lingering ?

I would have thought that US District Judge Reggie B Walton would have first wanted to determine through normal court due process the actual facts of what happened at the USHMM on June 10, and should James von Brunn be found guilty of the crime of murder as alleged, to then allow A J Kramer's request for psychological evaluation before sentencing is passed.

So now we see it reported that Mr Brunn has several chronic ailments which will delay his competency assessment until Jan 2.

No one should be at all surprised, as after looking at the conflicting reportage and visuals following on the Jun 10 shooting that they would like nothing better than for von Brunn to die of natural causes given his age of then 88 as it was clear that the USHMM shooting at which guard Stephen T Johns was gunned down was an intel op.

If James von Brunn has not expired of natural causes by Jan 2, look to an extension of time being sought so that the competency evaluation be completed in the hope that death, natural or otherwise, supervene.