"Dancing Israelis" 9/11 Photos Released after FOIA Request, Media Silent | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

"Dancing Israelis" 9/11 Photos Released after FOIA Request, Media Silent

Photos showing Israeli intelligence (Mossad) agents detained during 9/11 have been revealed after a FOIA request. Nobody in the entire media has reported on this, not even in the Alt-Right or Alt-Lite media. We are among the first.

So according to 12bytes, on the morning of 11 September, 2001, five Israeli’s traveling in a company van were arrested in connection with the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center towers. According to police, traces of explosives were detected in the van. The men were detained and questioned for more than 70 days before being deported to Israel without having been charged with a crime. Witnessing the event from multiple vantage points with photographic equipment, their stated purpose was “to document the event” according to one of the men who made the statement during a T.V. interview upon returning to Israel.

Though the reports are conflicting, according to some witnesses the men were in position prior to the first plane striking the north tower which leads to the question, how did they know there was going to be an event to document?