The European New Right: Symptom of the West’s Decline? | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

The European New Right: Symptom of the West’s Decline?

During the past few decades an intellectual movement has arisen out of the ruins of what once passed for Western civilization. As the great narrative of secular humanism, materialism, and progress collapsed—its obituary was published by Lyotard as The Postmodern Condition—an odd constellation of nationalist and traditionalist thinking began shaking the foundations of Western intellectual and political life. The Trump regime in America, Brexit in the UK, the Yellow Vests in France, and the loosely associated right-wing parties across Europe espousing what The Saker calls “National Zionism” are all symptoms.

The healthy side of these movements, most visible in the Yellow Vest protests, opposes the Zionist-dominated Western central banking cartel that some call the New World Order. Many of the new nationalists do not want to be subsumed into a Rothschild-dominated one-world corporate oligarchy (much less a Zionist dystopia ruled by Antichrist from a blood sacrifice temple built on the ruins of the al-Aqsa Mosque). Instead, they seek a world of autonomous, fully-sovereign nation-states. In their various visions of the post-NWO paradise they seek, each tends to privilege his own nation, even though most give lip service to the ideal of multipolar pluralism.