North Dakota state capitol vandalized by anti-oil activists | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

North Dakota state capitol vandalized by anti-oil activists

By Ike Walker | Posted: Tue 11:52 AM, Nov 01, 2016
BISMARCK, N.D. The North Dakota Highway Patrol wants to know who poured motor oil all over the front of the capitol building last night. Investigators say the oil was poured on the doors, sidewalk and walls. The vandals left a sign that said "you can't drink oil" a possible reference to the North Dakota Access Pipeline controversy.

Webmaster addition: This reads like a PR hoax to demonize the protesters.


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Ethan Allen and...

I have put up on this you would know that the protesters of DAPL have committed multiple vandalisms,arsons,cattle rustling and killing,assaulting construction workers, making pipe bombs and molotov cocktails,throwing rocks at the police as well as sabotaging other pipelines here in the US and Canada.The cops don't need to do any agent provocateuring with this rent a mob schooled in Alinskyite tactics.
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