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Robert Steele: 9/11 Truth Letter of Transmittal to President Trump

On 15 February 2016, speaking to a wildly enthusiastic crowd in Bluffton, South Carolina, you promised that under your watch, We the People would “find out who really knocked down the World Trade Center.” Throughout the campaign you were alone among prominent public figures to express skepticism on 9/11 by observing that the same builders who constructed the Twin Towers were now working for you and that the design of the buildings made it impossible for planes to have brought them down and that something else had to be involved, such as bombs. You were right on the mark!

It is now known that the 9/11 Commission was a complete cover-up, similar to the Warren Commission in the aftermath of the assassination of John F. Kennedy by a multiplicity of actors including Zionists, led by Lyndon Baines Johnson with the collaboration of the leaders of the CIA, FBI, and the Secret Service.

As the Deep State begins to panic in the face of your successful domestic and foreign initiatives that threaten to overturn fifty years of atrocities in our name and the looting of our treasury by the 1%, there is one major step you can take to educate the 99%, earn the confidence of the 73% who did not vote for you (47% not voting at all), and smash the fake news media that continues to parrot the 1% propaganda line accusing you of treason:





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