Senate Breaks With Trump on Afghanistan, Syria Withdrawal | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Senate Breaks With Trump on Afghanistan, Syria Withdrawal

In a second vote on last week’s procedural vote, the Senate has once again endorsed the McConnell amendment, which expresses non-binding opposition to the US withdrawing from either Afghanistan or Syria, citing the idea that Iran or Russia might take advantage.

The vote was 70-26, with overwhelming Republican support. The only Republicans to vote no were Sens. Ted Cruz (TX), Rand Paul (KY), John Kennedy (LA), and Mike Lee (UT). Democrats were more split on the matter.

Conspicuously, however, the Democratic Party Senators who opposed the amendment include everyone who has set themselves up to run for president in 2020. They may believe this further splits them ideologically from the Republican Senate leadership.

When the procedural vote on this amendment was passed last week, it was seen as a major rebuke to President Trump. It can be seen as somewhat less-so at this point, as President Trump has been backpedaling on planned military pullouts since then, and talking up keeping at least some troops in the countries.