United States demands that Japan stops buying oil from Iran | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

United States demands that Japan stops buying oil from Iran

Washington has asked Tokyo to halt all crude purchases from Iran, insisting that its allies cease all trade with the country, according to Bloomberg.

The request was made during a meeting between US and Japanese officials in Tokyo this week, according to the media. No decision has been made yet, though, and talks will continue.

This means that Washington is taking a harder stance on Iran than it did in 2012. Six years ago, before the nuclear deal, the US demanded that its allies should reduce oil purchases from sanctioned Iran, rather than stop them completely.

Japan is Asia’s fourth-largest buyer of Iranian crude, which accounts for 5.3 percent of its oil consumption, or 172,000 barrels per day.


"F"-ing Right !


(*Buying Oil From. iran is tantamount to being against Israel , and Trump made it clear; An Enemy Of Israel is An Enemy Of Trump's United States of America .
Besides , we're looking for somebody to Take It Out On since loosing Kim Jong Un to the Kumbaiya singing peace dorks !)

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