AMERITHRAX Letters Decoded

I wanted to introduce myself to the forums and the crew that is here looking out for the vision that we all live by.

I was coined Eldorado from a few of my friends in Arizona, and the name stuck, so you guys can call out anytime for a real dig for some Govt. dirt, and I will deliver.

We all have had our trust and faith stolen from backstabbers and thievery, but this newest discovery of mine is the one that makes my blood boil.....the smoking gun that tells you to never turn back.

Not that I am in the Frying Pan over this my big mouth has just started opening. This is all new and I have less than a 1000 views on my vids.

You see I am an avid cryptographer and codebreaker, and in fact, I also am a member of a collective of professionals that review tons of cryptograms and steganographs, to try to keep our brains alive and in the groove so we don't miss anything. The American Cryptogram Association is a cool resource and solid place for discussion about the ciphers and systems that are textbook and always spit out the answers in amazing ways. The science behind it is the fascination for me.....what is revealed is better than any Hoax Island TV Series anyday.

I was born in Princeton, NJ, and when the AMERITHRAX Letters were mailed, nobody was told it was from right in front of the University itself!!!

We were told that it was a Hopewell PO that took the letters, but the strange part was the fact they were mailed to the Press and Politicians from a single mailbox across the street from the main gate of the University on Nassau St. This was my hometown and a place that was made into a scandal and I had to look deeper into it all.

After all, we know there was no answer to the mystery of Who Was MR. Z? The FBI's Suspect.

I have him nailed to a cross (you'll laugh when you see his name)......and he is named in these ciphers, except only with his signature, as he is a renown individual from the area there, and an associate of these Shadow Agencies who is responsible for the creation of MANY ciphered letters.

Now forget all that you have been shown, and watch this short four part series of videos, that explain the nature of the ciphers and the way that I have started a snowball effect that will be getting me into some DEEEEEP trouble, no matter how big the reward is.

Watch and be amazed at the first segments of :