So now the Democrats are the white knight [sorry, the neutral colored knight] in shiny armor rushing to defend the Constitution? Eager to carry out their impeachment duties as humble servants of the Republic. Where were they when the Patriot Act was signed, officially transforming the Constitutional Republic into Corporatacracy? Patriot Act 2.0 was signed by a Democrat who also wanted to build a wall. Why were these warriors for Constitutional law silent while Bush 1.0 used cocaine sales in the U.S. and arms sales in Iran to fund illegal wars in Central America? No impeachment inquiry for that.
Bush 2.0 used a false flag attack that killed thousands of his own citizens to start 'the war on terrorism' which continues to claim countless lives, causes untold damage to the environment, and sent the economy into a tailspin. No impeachment for that either, never mind that Bush had intricate business ties with the Bin Laden family and even dined with them in the White House the night before 9/11........again, no impeachment inquiry deemed necessary.
Obama may have been involved in selling yellow cake uranium to Russia. We will never know because no impeachment inquiry was made.
The last time a President was impeached it was for ADULTERY.
Months of time and millions of dollars were spent attempting to determine who had made the stain in the dress and how deep the cigar had actually gone. In the end? Nothing. Song and dance. A complete waste of money and, much more important TIME.
Time is of the essence and the Democrats are running out of it. They [WE] would be much better served using the little time they have left to find a real candidate who actually has a chance to win the next election.