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"As long as people are marginalized and distracted [they] have no way to organize or articulate their sentiments, or even know that others have these sentiments. People assume that they are the only people with a crazy idea in their heads. They never hear it from anywhere else. Nobody's supposed to think that. ... Since there's no way to get together with other people who share or reinforce that view and help you articulate it, you feel like an oddity, an oddball. So you just stay on the side and you don't pay any attention to what's going on. You look at something else, like the Superbowl." -- Noam Chomsky, American linguist and US media and foreign policy critic



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Aug 20 16:14

Antidepressants AGAIN (Imagine my shock…)

Just like we’ve long speculated, the latest news reports about “Dayton shooter” Connor Betts reveal that the now-deceased 24-year-old did, in fact, have SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor) antidepressant pharmaceuticals in his system at the time when he’s said to have gone on a mass shooting spree, killing his sister, her boyfriend, and seven other people before allegedly killing himself.

Aug 20 16:04

Too Many To Count” – America’s Endless Wars

round the world, America is involved in quarrels, clashes and confrontations with almost too many nations to count.

Aug 20 15:56

Walmart declares war on the First and Second Amendments; now blocking gun sites from Walmart wi-fi

Walmart is a private business and can do what it wants. But if you’re like most Americans, you’re sick of the virtue signaling and hungry for some real policymaking that will actually have a positive effect regarding firearm deaths.

Aug 20 15:52

When Gun Control Fantasies Go Off the Reservation

The rhetoric went from campaign clatter to all-out industry threats last week when U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) released a plan she claims would reduce so-called “gun violence” by 80 percent. What her real plan is designed to do is cripple the firearms industry, subvert the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, deny rights to American adults through age-based bans and revive the Obama-era Operation Choke Point. Her version, though, would be a stranglehold.

Aug 20 15:14

"It's $8 Billion, That's A Lot Of Jobs": Trump OKs F16 Taiwan Deal; Beijing Says "Consequences" Coming

Aug 20 15:12

The Fed's Math Problem

Aug 20 14:20

Green Space is Good for Your Mental Health

Living within 300m of urban green space such as parks, nature reserves or play areas is associated with greater happiness, sense of worth, and life satisfaction – according to a new study by researchers at the University of Warwick, Newcastle University and the University of Sheffield.

It has long been understood that individuals feel positive emotions when exposed to natural environments, and successive Governments have enshrined this in planning guidance – but how much green space is needed and how close does it need to be to people’s homes to make a difference?...

Aug 20 13:59

Court Rules That “Patent Troll” is Opinion, Not Defamation

By Joe Mullin

Free speech in the patent world saw a big win on Friday, when the New Hampshire Supreme Court held that calling someone a “patent troll” doesn’t constitute defamation. The court’s opinion is good news for critics of abusive patent litigation, and anyone who values robust public debate around patent policy. The opinion represents a loss for Automated Transactions, LLC (ATL), a patent assertion entity that sued more than a dozen people and trade groups claiming it was defamed.

EFF worked together with the ACLU of New Hampshire to file an amicus brief [PDF] in this case, explaining that the lower court judge got this case right when he ruled against ATL. That decision gave wide latitude for public debate about important policy issues—even when the debate veers into harsh language. We’re glad the New Hampshire Supreme Court agreed...

Aug 20 12:12

Iraq Closes Airspace Even To US Coalition Flights After Suspected Israeli Raid

In what is a severely under reported but perhaps the most alarming development out of the Middle East this week, Iraq's government has said it's ready to down any aircraft violating its airspace amid a blanket ban on 'unauthorized' flights not specifically approved by the prime minister's office. Military Times reported the day after Iraq closed its airspace on Thursday:

U.S. military officials in Iraq will now seek out Iraqi approval before launching any air operations, a move made a day after that nation’s prime minister announced a ban of unauthorized flights, including those involving coalition forces fighting ISIS.

Prime Minister Abdul-Mahdi called for an end to all “unauthorized flights” including US drones, spy planes, jets, or helicopters on Thursday. The directive demanded that all aerial vehicles comply with Iraqi law and operations must be under Iraqi government authorization.

Aug 20 12:10

More than 40 charged in federal court from Mississippi ICE raid, but no company officials

Charges have been filed in federal court accusing more than 40 people detained in the recent Mississippi chicken processing plant raids of being in the United States illegally.

But more than a week after the raids, there are no records of company officials charged with knowingly hiring undocumented workers. This is despite information in federal search warrant affidavits suggesting company officials knew their workers were undocumented.

Aug 20 12:09

Prince Andrew says ‘appalled’ by Jeffrey Epstein sex abuse claims after video emerges

Royal statement released after The Mail on Sunday obtained a 2010 video showing Prince Andrew inside Jeffrey Epstein’s New York home waving goodbye to a young woman

Aug 20 11:57

Despite record budgets, the US Navy is short hundreds of millions for maintenance

The U.S. Navy is short hundreds of millions of dollars for ship depot maintenance this year and is already looking at just shy of $1 billion in unfunded maintenance in 2020, shortfalls that threaten to upend progress toward improved readiness and clearing its maintenance backlog.

During a midyear review of 2019 budget spending, the Navy found it had more than $3 billion in emergency costs that needed to be covered, including nearly $1 billion for ship depot maintenance. And while it’s unclear to what degree the 2019 and 2020 shortfalls overlap, there is at the very least nearly $1 billion in unfunded ship repair, meaning the fleet will need to find money or defer to later dates, according to three sources who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Aug 20 11:56

US Navy to build £330m world’s largest robot warship to patrol the most dangerous seas

The huge ships referred to as Large Unmanned Surface Vehicles (LUSVs) would function as scouts for the main battle fleet, carrying radar and sonar as well as anti-air and cruise missiles.

Aug 20 11:54

The government is preparing to label anyone who disagrees with the mainstream narrative a terrorist

Aug 20 11:54

UK plans to end EU freedom of movement immediately in no-deal Brexit

Britain said on Monday it would end European Union freedom of movement rules immediately after it leaves the bloc on Oct. 31 but Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the country would not be hostile to immigration.

Aug 20 11:52

Former US attorney expects 'blockbuster' FISA abuse report from DOJ inspector general

Former U.S. Attorney Guy Lewis predicted the Justice Department inspector general's report on alleged Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act abuses will be "hard-hitting," with multiple recommendations for prosecution.

During an interview Monday on Fox News, Lewis said he used to work with Inspector General Michael Horowitz at the Justice Department and called him as "tough as a nail." Lewis added, "He’s tough, he is smart, and I think the report will be a blockbuster." He expects Horowitz's findings to make special counsel Robert Mueller's report on Russian interference in the 2016 election "look like a sixth grade book report."

Aug 20 11:46

Class is in SESSION: Dan McLaughlin’s thread on American history makes New York Times look even more desperate

Aug 20 11:37

Children Low in Vitamin D Are Aggressive, Anxious and Depressed in Adolescence

Vitamin D deficiency in middle childhood could result in aggressive behavior as well as anxious and depressive moods during adolescence, according to a new University of Michigan study of school children in Bogotá, Colombia.

Children with blood Vitamin D levels suggestive of deficiency were almost twice as likely to develop externalizing behavior problems–aggressive and rule breaking behaviors — as reported by their parents, compared with children who had higher levels of the vitamin...

Aug 20 11:21

Americans’ Yearly Spending on Drugs Now on Par With Alcohol: Report

Spending on cannabis, cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine by Americans reached nearly $150 billion in 2016, with a large proportion of spending coming from the small share of people who use drugs on a daily or near-daily basis, according to a new RAND Corporation report.

Researchers estimate that from 2006 to 2016, the total amount of money spent by Americans on these four drugs fluctuated between $120 billion and $145 billion each year. By contrast, a different analysis finds that spending on alcohol in the U.S. was estimated to be $158 billion in 2017...

Aug 20 11:17

Influencer is slammed for sharing artsy photos of her MOTORCYCLE CRASH, which seems to include a product endorsement - although she insists the accident was NOT staged (20 Pics)

Aug 20 11:08

Are Recessions Inevitable?

Aug 20 10:57

Donald Tusk REJECTS Boris Johnson's backstop demands: European Council president slams PM's 'unrealistic' Brexit plan in new EU slapdown

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has told EU the Irish backstop was 'simply unviable'
In an open letter to Donald Tusk he said it put the Good Friday agreement at risk
Mr Johnson will fly to Berlin tomorrow for dinner with Chancellor Angela Merkel
Mr Tusk dismissed his ideas and said there was no 'realistic' solution to backstop

Aug 20 10:40

Is Renewable Hydrogen A Threat To Natural Gas?

Aug 20 10:36

Tired Of Patients Not Wanting To Reveal Their Biological Sex This Person Went On A Rant To Explain Why It Can End Tragically

Your life is more important than your feelings getting hurt — that’s the message one healthcare professional is trying to send everyone. According to Imgur user oldfishnewfish, it’s very important to tell medical staff your biological sex even if the question ‘triggers’ you. Your life depends on giving the right answer.

Aug 20 10:35

People Make Fools Of Themselves For Bullying A 16-Year-Old Activist Who Chose To Travel For 13 Days Instead Of Flying 10 Hours

Legendary teenage climate change activist Greta Thunberg is causing waves again. This time, literally. She is currently sailing from Plymouth in England to the United Nations Climate Action Summit in New York on a carbon-neutral, zero-emissions racing yacht. The trip should take about two weeks, so the schoolgirl hopes to make it in time for the climate change conference which starts on September 23.

Aug 20 10:24

Scott Adams: #AntiRa, Biden Family Gaffing, Polls, Google Manipulation, The Squad

Comments at: https://twitter.com/ScottAdamsSays/status/1163813591478222849?s=20

AntiRa…A group for people who are Anti-Racist
If you’re anti-racist, you’re a “natural member” of AntiRa
If you’re OPPOSED to AntiRa…you’re obviously a racist
CNN guest Angela Rye’s reaction to the word “hijack”
The growing list of common words that are now unacceptable
Google’s alleged vote-shifting bias
Isn’t unintentional political bias…still political bias?
Culture differences between upstate NY and California
Will Biden destroy Obama’s legacy if he’s the candidate?
Isn’t AOC…”The Squad”, aren’t the others just coat-tailing AOC?
Interesting CNN coverage of the non-AOC squad members
Buttigieg has proven…America doesn’t care if our POTUS is gay
“Life Strategy” college degree concept
Things that work together for super-productivity
How employable would you be with a fully loaded talent stack?

Aug 20 10:18

Tlaib and Omar Compare Israel to 1972 Apartheid South Africa as They Double Down on Israel Attacks

Tlaib noted during the conference that she had just learned this week that in 1972, the then-congressman from Michigan’s 13th Congressional District, Charles Diggs, had been denied a visa to South Africa, then under the racist regime known as apartheid.

Aug 20 10:11

AG Barr Fires Prisons Chief After Epstein Case Leaves Country Hanging

Barr is reportedly appointing Kathleen Hawk (who previously occupied the role between 1992 and 2003) as Director the Federal Bureau of Prisons (with Thomas R.Kane as Deputy).

This move by Barr comes a few days after Reps. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee and Doug Collins (R-GA), Ranking Member of the House Judiciary Committee, today sent a letter to the Acting Director of the Bureau of Prisons, Hugh Hurwitz, to demand answers after Jeffrey Epstein was found dead from an apparent suicide while in custody at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York.

Aug 20 10:10

It's Official: Trump Makes First Demand For Fed To Restart QE, Urges 100bps Rate Cut

One week ago, when we discussed that as a result of the accelerated rebuild of cash by the US Treasury, first Bank of America, then JPMorgan suggested that the Fed may be forced to restart QE soon as a result of the upcoming sharp drop in liquidity, we said that "apparently this is something that the Fed, which until recently was engaging in additional liquidity draining via QT, was unaware about, and since a return of QE - something that Trump has yet to demand - would cause all sorts of political problems and demand lengthy congressional explanations."

Fast forward to today, when what we expected would happen, happened as Trump made his first official demand for "some quantitative easing" (even if Congress may choose to eventually stay out of this as both political parties are now desperate for the Fed to resume monetizing the US deficit on the road to helicopter money, i.e. MMT).

Aug 20 10:09

Turkey-Syria War On The Horizon: Airstrikes Target Invading Turkish Army Convoy

Turkey and Syria could be headed for war as their armies increasingly clash on front lines in southern Idlib, also amid a heavy aerial bombardment by Syrian and Russian jets of al-Qaeda held Khan Sheikhoun.

On Monday a Turkish convoy came under attack by Syrian airstrikes while traversing a highway headed toward Khan Sheikhoun. Damascus has accused Turkey of seeking to aid terrorists in the besieged town, which had been site of prior chemical attack claims issued by anti-Assad fighters, and fired "warning shots" on the approaching armored convoy, killing and injuring some among the pro-Turkish force.

Aug 20 10:08

Biden Assured Obama Aides In 2008 He Was Too Old To Run For President Again

Former Vice President Joe Biden once assured former President Barack Obama’s aides that Obama “would never have to worry” about Biden leveraging his position for a presidential run.

The 2020 Democratic presidential candidate reportedly assured Obama aides in 2008 that “Barack would never have to worry” about Biden using his vice presidency to attempt a presidential bid, according to the New York Times. Biden also said at the time he was too old for such aspirations.

Aug 20 10:07


Netanyahu also related to the furor caused by the decision to bar entry to US congresswoman Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib.


Aug 20 10:05

Forces deploy 1 million to guard every inch of Kashmir valley

l forces besides Indian Air Force are guarding every inch of Kashmir Valley amid heightened tensions bet-ween India and Pakistan post the scrapping of Article 370 for Jammu and Kashmir.

While majority of forces were stationed in the Valley, the Centre, over the last month has deployed over 1.75 lakh additional personnel — which is unprecedented in the history of Jammu and Kashmir.

Aug 20 09:58

Now Pink DEFENDS Prince Harry and Meghan Markle over gas-guzzling private jets: US singer says critics are ‘bullying’ Duchess as she joins Elton John and celebrities supporting Royals

Pop star Pink is the latest celebrity to defend the Duke and Duchess of Sussex as she accused critics of 'bullying' them over their use of private jets.

Attn Pink, this is bullying...

The Global Warming Thought Police Want Skeptics In 'Jail'

Aug 20 09:57

US Sanctions Backfire, Lead To Boost In Russian Oil Exports

U.S. sanctions against Venezuela and Iran have had an unplanned side effect: they have increased exports of heavy, sour crude from Russia, Bloomberg reports, adding that calculations have shown Russian oil companies raked in an additional US$905 million at least from these sales between November and July.

The Urals blend is the big winner of the U.S. sanctions, according to Bloomberg’s calculations. Venezuela is one of the main global suppliers of heavy crude, but U.S. sanctions have shrunk its exports significantly. Iran also produces heavy, which has now become less readily available to foreign buyers, freeing up space for Urals. Finally, OPEC members prioritized cutting their heavy crude production as part of their December 2018 agreement and that added to the strain on heavy crude supply.

Aug 20 09:53

American Pravda: How the CIA Invented "Conspiracy Theories"

Obviously, a large fraction of everything described by our government leaders or presented in the pages of our most respectable newspapers—from the 9/11 attacks to the most insignificant local case of petty urban corruption—could objectively be categorized as a “conspiracy theory” but such words are never applied. Instead, use of that highly loaded phrase is reserved for those theories, whether plausible or fanciful, that do not possess the endorsement stamp of establishmentarian approval.

Put another way, there are good “conspiracy theories” and bad “conspiracy theories,” with the former being the ones promoted by pundits on mainstream television shows and hence never described as such.

Aug 20 09:52

Iran ready to escort Adrian Darya-1 oil tanker in the Gulf - navy commander

Iran is ready to dispatch its naval fleet to escort its Adrian Darya-1 oil tanker, which is currently in Gibraltar, Iran’s navy commander said on Sunday.

“The era of hit and run is over ... if top authorities ask the navy, we are ready to escort out tanker Adrian,” Rear Admiral Hossein Khanzadi was quoted as saying by Mehr news agency.

Aug 20 09:51

People Are Sharing Bizarre Amazon FC Ambassadors’ Tweets, Say They Can’t Be Real People

Amazon enlisted an army of fulfillment-center employees to write positive comments about working in its warehouses on social media. They are called “FC Ambassadors.” The company claims that real people are behind these accounts, however, people think there’s something fishy about them. Pointing out the “robotic” and “scripted” language, many believe that Amazon is using these “workers” to defend its reputation.

Aug 20 09:51

Anti-Vaxxer Angry Over This Sign At School, Attacks It On Facebook, Gets Shut Down With Many Responses

There’s no vaccination for pig-headed stubbornness and self-destructive arrogance. That’s a bummer because the world would be paradise if we were all able to leave our shells and explore different opinions to ours.

Aug 20 09:48

Follow the Money Trail Behind the Hong Kong Protests

The demonstrations in Hong Kong, now an open confrontation with the People’s Republic of China, have a global impact. What are the forces behind this movement? What provides the funds and who stands to benefit?


The increasingly violent demonstrations in Hong Kong are completely embraced and enthusiastically supported in the U.S. corporate media and all the imperialist political parties in the U.S. and Britain. This should be a danger sign to everyone fighting for change and for social progress. U.S. imperialism is never disinterested or neutral.

Aug 20 09:47

Congressional Testimony From Clinton Era Reveals Pedophile Blackmail Network

Aug 20 09:45

U.S. States: We Weren’t Hacked by Russians in 2016

A “bombshell” Senate Intelligence Committee report released in July repeated the familiar claim that Russia targeted the electoral websites of at least 21 states—but statements from the states themselves effectively undermine that narrative.

It turns out the reality is dramatically different from the headlines.

The states’ own summary responses contained in the report show that, with one exception, they found either no effort to penetrate any of their election-related sites or merely found scanning and probing associated with an IP address that the FBI had warned about ahead of the 2016 election. Hardly a slam dunk.

Aug 20 09:18

The Enemies of Our Civilization

The Left is the most dangerous ideological phenomenon in the history of mankind. It glorifies poverty, the total state, and mass death. The Left wants to destroy Western civilization, based on Christianity, the traditional family, and the free market.

It’s no coincidence that Communists killed more than 100 million people, not including their wars.

By the way, young people are not taught about the evils of the Left, only its myths. They do not believe there were gigantic atrocities in the Lenin-Stalin Soviet Union, nor Mao’s China. Socialism is good! Everyone is better off under socialism. Everyone is Equal.