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November 4, 2010

Nov 04 17:56

Do You Support the Constitution? YOU'RE A TERRORIST SUSPECT!

From those same lovable folks who brought you the crimes and abuses of COINTELPRO comes the following brochure, printed at taxpayer expense by the FBI and intended to be issued to law enforcement, requesting that the Joint Terrorism Task Force be called in the event suspicious behavior is witnessed.

And what is "suspicious behavior"? Defending the Constitution!

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WRH Exclusive
Nov 04 17:54


Goldenberg said Homeland Security had planned to launch a significant outreach to Jewish communal institutions before last week’s bomb attempt following a flurry of recent anti-Jewish attack attempts, including the attempted bombing of a Bronx, New York synagoue in the summer of 2009.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I guess the rest of us don't count!

Nov 04 17:52

Senior EPA Analyst: Government "Doing a Cover Up" Regarding Dispersants, Trying to Reassure the Public Instead of Doing Honest Scientific Testing

"The purpose of the test they developed is to make the public confident, not whether the seafood was safe or not.

"They selected the one compound that doesn’t bio-accumulate, as opposed to testing for the toxic ingredients that have a low safety threshold and do build up in tissue. They are not looking for those."

Emigrate While You Still Can - Finca Bayano In Panama!

Finco Bayano
Nov 04 17:37

Obama needs another domestic terror attack to reconnect with the people.....

Nov 04 17:36

Global Warming Hoaxters used robot posters on social networks.

Nov 04 17:35

WHOOPSIE! Anwar al-Awlaki, Yemen toner mastermind,actually died in 2009!

At least 30 suspected al-Qaeda fighters have been killed in a dawn air raid by Yemeni forces in the eastern Yemeni province of Shabwa.

Among those thought to have been killed in the raid early on Thursday was Anwar al-Awlaki, a Muslim preacher, who according to a Yemeni security official was linked to a man who killed 13 people at a US army base in Texas.

"Anwar al-Awlaki is suspected to be dead [in the air raid]," the unnamed Yemeni official was quoted by the Reuters news agency as saying.

According to US officials, al-Awlaki had contacts to Major Nidal Malik Hasan, a US soldier, who shot dead 13 people at the Fort Hood army base in the US state of Texas.

Nov 04 17:28


Pro-Israel group AIPAC (American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee), hails success for supporters on both sides of the political divide, as well as election of three new Jewish members of Congress; polls shows 66 percent of U.S. Jews voted Democrat.

America’s largest pro-Israel lobby group on Wednesday hailed the results of midterm elections in the U.S. which saw staunch supporters re-elected to Congress on both sides of the party political divide.

Nov 04 16:43

NY City Officials: Tap Water Shows Elevated Lead Levels (Warning Issued for Entire Water Supply)

NEW YORK (CBS 2/1010 WINS) — Whether you live in a house or an apartment, this could impact your life.

There’s a water warning in New York City.

Nov 04 16:29

The Fed's 'pact with the devil' now the only stimulus game in town

WASHINGTON — Any more stimulus spending by President Barack Obama and Congress is dead, after this week's election blowout by the Republicans. Yet, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke's "Hail Mary" pass to pump $600 billion into the banking system is really stimulus spending under another name.

Nov 04 16:01

Brazil ready to retaliate for US move in ‘currency war’

Brazil, the country that fired the gun on the so-called “currency wars”, is girding itself for further battle...

Nov 04 15:58

MI5 told to make July 7 files public

MI5 officers will have to give evidence to the 7 July inquests publicly, after the coroner rejected a plea from the Home Secretary to hold closed hearings.

Nov 04 15:44

Thought crimes in Israel

Neve Gordon looks at a raft of draft laws making their way through the Israeli parliament, the Knesset, which if passed will seal Israel's transformation into a fully fascist state that persecutes and marginalizes everyone who does not subscribe to the official racially-oriented ideology.

Nov 04 15:43

The Source of America's wars, Neocons Zionists

Whose interest are we spending trillions of dollars on wars and bankrupting America for? Certainly not America's interests.

It's not a blame Israel chorus (Alex) or some abstract group. It's facts. The pre-war hype that led to war with Iraq was not generic corporatism. The lies specifically came from a zionist cabal in the DOD. It's wasn't oil companies faking Niger documents it was Ledeen and Franklin. It wasn't weapons companies lying about witnessing a transfer of anthrax in a meeting that didn't even happen, it was Woolsey Barns and Schmit. It wasn't security companies lying about WMDs or spying on the US it was AIPAC It was the god damn Israeli moles Perle, Kristol, Fieth, Frum, Abrams, Libby, Wolfowitz, Kagan, Goldberg, and Grossman.

This is not some vague blame game. We have very specific facts as to who did what and it WAS the Israelis and this IS Israel's war.

Nov 04 15:08

Slease Picked For Post By New Mexico Supreme Court

This was not unexpected.

Nov 04 14:31

Rep. Bobby Rush sued by bank over home mortgages

New City Bank of Chicago has sued U.S. Rep. Bobby Rush and his wife in an attempt to recover more than $600,000 in mortgage loans.

The Rushes aren't behind in their mortgage payments, but the bank wants its money, it said, because the couple has failed to pay 2009 property taxes on their homes on the Near South Side and in Buchanan, Mich., according to the suit, which was filed Wednesday in Cook County Circuit Court.

"The defendants' failure to pay the real estate taxes when due is an event of default" of their loan agreement with New City Bank, the suit said.

Nov 04 13:19

Experts: Did UN troops infect Haiti?

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — Researchers should determine whether United Nations peacekeepers were the source of a deadly outbreak of cholera in Haiti, two public health experts, including a U.N. official, said Wednesday.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that the strain of cholera that has killed at least 442 people the past three weeks matches strains found in South Asia. The CDC, World Health Organization and United Nations say it’s not possible to pinpoint the source and investigating further would distract from efforts to fight the disease.

Nov 04 12:47

Homeland Security To “Regionalize” Emergency Supplies Over Next 90 Days

A phone interview with Sharon Bylier of The Dept of Homeland Security, revealed that H.S. is stepping up regionalizing disaster supplies. Simply put, they are taking emergency items that are currently centralized in Washington, D.C., and distributing them nationally. Sort of like a mobilization of suppies. Their plan is to complete the supply of fifteen H.S. warehouses around the country in the next three months. Ms. Bylier is quoted as saying “we have worked hard the last six months to meet our local objectives.” She continued “the goals of Homeland Security are in sight.” It’s difficult to know if this is a good or bad omen. No comment was offered as to why this program has been given so much urgency at this time. It’s nice to know we’re ready. But ready for What?

Nov 04 12:35

Federal Reserve Prints More "Money," Returning to Scene of the Crime: Jekyll Island

Bernanke's Fed Sets Sail with $600b 'Quantitative Easing'
QE? Sounds like a job for Acrimodium AD [Acrimonious Debt]

"The decision, which takes the Fed into largely uncharted waters, is aimed at further lowering borrowing costs for consumers and businesses still suffering in the aftermath of the worst recession since the Great Depression..." that they engineered. Don't forget that. The FED/Banksters do nothing by accident - that would make me an "accident theorist."

Nov 04 12:24


Webmaster's Commentary: 

Anwar Awlaki is the winner of the "Who wants to be the next Osama" reality TV show, and like the original Osama bin Laden, Adam Gadahn, Yousef al-Khattab, Abu Tallah Al-Amrikee, .etc .et al, he is another phony.

Awlaki, supposedly the inspiration for the 9-11 plotters, and cited as the mastermind behind the aborted Christmas Day bombing, the Frt Hood shooting, and the Times Square Bandini Bomber, wes invited to dinner at the Pentagon after 9-11!

Nov 04 12:23

Water Security – Water Refuges

When asked to rank the most important service, 95 percent of U.S. voters put water in first place followed by electricity, heat, Internet, cell phone, landline phone, cable TV, and cooling systems, respectively. Everyone instinctively understands the importance of water but collectively we have been ignoring the warning signs indicating that a huge percentage of humanity is not going to be staying with us much longer as food and water shortages impact us like dual sledge hammers. All of our projections of vastly increased populations are going to run into the brick wall of water scarcity and terrible water quality.

Nov 04 12:17

Election Day 2010: Voting for a Restraining Order?

No one figured they were electing George W. Bush to a third term in office when they cast their vote for the inspiring senator from Illinois two years ago. But that's what they got. To say that supporters are disappointed in Obama's performance, is a gross understatement of the pessimism that's spread like Kudzu among the party faithful. People have become increasingly cynical as they realize that neither party provides a path to real structural change. The system is broken; Obama has merely exposed the rot at the heart of American democracy.

Nov 04 12:10

YouTube takes down ‘terror cleric’ al-Awlaki videos

YouTube has removed videos by a radical American-born Yemeni Islamist cleric after complaints from the US and UK.

The site said hundreds of clips of Anwar al-Awlaki’s calls to jihad violated a ban on hate speech and incitement to violence, media reported.

The move came less than a week after authorities intercepted air cargo bombs sent from Yemen to the US in a plot linked to Mr Awlaki.

The US has named Mr Awlaki a “specially designated global terrorist”

Nov 04 12:10

Blood on Their Hands: The World’s Slickest Con Job and a Stack of Deadly LIES... (Vaccination Nation)

Today, children may receive as many as 37 doses of 14 vaccines by the age of two, and as many as eight vaccines in a single visit!

The United States recommends more vaccines than any country in world. The CDC recommends 48 doses of 14 vaccines by age six, and 69 doses of 16 vaccines by age 18.

The CDC also recommends an annual flu shot for all Americans from six months of age through year of death.

What exactly is fueling this dramatic rise in the number of shots recommended to our children and adults?

Nov 04 12:07

My Encounter with a Zionist in Crisis with Her Beliefs

As if it is not insulting to me that an American woman, with absolutely no ancestral, historic, cultural, or biological ties to the land, should announce to me that she needs to do more research to determine whether or not I indeed have a right to inherit my grandfather’s farm, reserving, of course, her own right to my grandfather’s farm.

Nov 04 12:02

Obama Lets GM Execs Fly Private Jets Again

General Motors executives have been cleared for takeoff again.

The automaker has been given the go-ahead by the federal government to use chartered aircraft as early as Thursday to ferry managers on a "road show" promoting G.M.'s public stock offering, according to government and company officials who declined to be identified.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Obama has clearly hit the panic button regarding 2012. That might be useful if We The People take advantage of it!

Nov 04 11:35

Former Zionist intel chief boasts of Israeli 'infiltration' of Egypt, Sudan, Lebanon, Iran

Nov 04 11:25

Bernanke Confirms That The Key Goal Of The Fed, And QE2, Is To Boost Stock Prices

First, we had Bernanke’s predecessor Greenspan confirming in late July on Meet the Press what everyone knows: namely that the primary goal of the Fed is merely to encourage higher stock prices: “if the stock market continues higher it will do more to stimulate the economy than any other measure we have discussed here.” And now, courtesy of an Op-Ed by the current chairman, we get confirmation, again, just three months later, from the current chairman, that the Fed cares mostly about stimulating high stock prices, solely to create the completely artificial illusion of “wealth” for the few, the proud, the shareholders, and the banking oligarchy.

Nov 04 11:24

Creation of Debt As The Basis For Growth – Bob Chapman

The UK, Europe, the US and Canada are different degrees of welfare states. By way of regulation, government controls via taxation. The states and their inhabitants send taxes to Washington, which takes its cut and sends funds back to the states with strings attached. You either do what we want you to do, or we cut off your funds. The states and the people are subject to extortion with government using their funds to do so. By using regulations, welfare and extortion, the federal government creates dependency.

Nov 04 11:13

Qantas grounds Airbus A380 fleet after engine cover falls off plane

Local television stations in Indonesia showed debris parts with red-white markings. Pictures of the Airbus A380 after it landed showed the cowling torn off in the back half.

Trifuadi, a security officer at an engineering firm in Batam, said he heard a loud explosion and saw smoke coming out of the engine of a plane flying overhead.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This sounds like a rotor burst. And before everyone tears off on a "Let's bash Airbus" feeding frenzy I want to remind everybody that Airbus, like all passenger aircraft manufacturers, builds the aircraft but installs the engines the purchasing airline chooses. So, this investigation is into who made that engine and how well it was maintained. The story is not about an exploding engine but about how Airbus A380s are built strong enough to survive an engine explosion, protect the passengers from rotor shrapnel, and still return to ground safely. This is a sad reminder that the United States, along with other sings of decline, no longer makes the best passenger jets in the world.

Nov 04 11:13

Aircraft bomb finds may spell end for in-flight Wi-Fi

The long-awaited ability to use a cellphone or Wi-Fi connection on an aircraft might become a casualty of the latest aviation security threat.

Nov 04 11:11

Scientific American Poll: 81% think the IPCC is Corrupt, with Group-think & Political Agenda

'Scientific' American may regret taking their recent opinion poll on the state of Climate Science given the eye-opening results cast by their "scientifically literate" readership. With a total of 5190 respondents, a consensus of 81.3% think the IPCC is "a corrupt organization, prone to group-think, with a political agenda" and 75% think climate change is caused by solar variation or natural processes vs. 21% who think it is due to greenhouse gases from human activity.

Nov 04 11:10

9 Reasons Why Quantitative Easing Is Bad For The U.S. Economy

The Fed says that the plan is to purchase $600 billion of U.S. Treasury securities by the middle of 2011. In addition, the Federal Reserve has announced that it will be "reinvesting" an additional $250 billion to $300 billion from the proceeds of its mortgage portfolio in U.S. Treasury securities over the same time period. So that is a total injection of about $900 billion. Perhaps the Fed thought that number would sound a little less ominous than $1 trillion.

#1 Quantitative Easing Will Damage The Value Of The U.S. Dollar

#2 Inflation Is Going To Hit Already Struggling U.S. Consumers Really Hard

#3 Once An Inflationary Spiral Gets Going It Is Really Hard To Stop

#4 Inflation Is A Hidden Tax On Every American

#5 The Solution To The Housing Bubble Is Not Another Housing Bubble

#6 More Quantitative Easing Threatens To Destabilize The Global Financial System

#7 Quantitative Easing Is An Aggressive Move In A World Already On The Verge Of A Currency War

#8 Quantitative Easing Threatens The Status Of The Dollar As The World Reserve Currency

#9 It Is Going To Become More Expensive For The U.S. Government To Borrow Money

Nov 04 11:04

The Price Of Standing Up To Warminazis

Back in September Aardvark blogged about the plight of the Thompson family in Western Australia as the Gauleiter for Climate Change and The Rhineland set about destroying the Thompson’s farm because Matt Thompson dared to speak out against the man made global warming scam.

The latest news is that the Thompsons are still there, under siege but still on their farm.

Nov 04 10:59

Louisiana Cancer Rates Outpace The Nation

I found something on this dated May 2008. Louisiana cancer outpaced the nation for quite some time. Add to the decades past of high cancer rates, the current BP catastrophe and this year and over the coming years cancers, autoimmune diseases, central nervous system illnesses skin diseases will all present whopping increases.

Tell me, how does one get paid by BP 5 or 10 years down the road when they come up with Lupus, MS or cancer? Answer. They don't.

Nov 04 10:55

The Impotence of Elections

The American situation is dire. As a result of the high speed Internet, the loss of manufacturing jobs was followed by the loss of professional service jobs, such as software engineering, that were career ladders for American university graduates. The middle class has no prospects. Already, the American labor force and income distribution mimics that of a third world country, with income and wealth concentrated in a few hands at the top and most of the rest of the population employed in domestic services jobs.

On top of all the other factors that have made American elections meaningless, voters cannot even get correct information from the media about the problems that they and the country face.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Memo to Paul Craig Roberts: thinking people have rather well tuned out the corporate media when it comes to informational substance; when people want the truth, they are increasingly coming to sites like this one.

Nov 04 10:50

3 gay Jews elected to Congress.

Nov 04 10:50


Israel assassinated a member of the salafist faction Jaysh Al-Islam (literally “Army of Islam”) in an apparent car-bombing in downtown Gaza City just before noon on Wednesday.

Nov 04 10:49


Africa Israel, the flagship company of Israeli billionaire Lev Leviev, announced this week that it is no longer involved in Israeli settlement projects and that it has no plans for future settlement activities.

Nov 04 10:48

Officials deny Yemen bomb defused 17 minutes before it was set to go off

A claim by the French interior minister that one of two mail bombs sent from Yemen last week was defused 17 minutes before it had been set to explode was today disputed by officials familiar with the investigation.

Brice Hortefeux provided no other details in an interview on France's state-run France-2 television, and did not say where he had got the information about the timing.

Nov 04 10:45

New TSA pat-down procedure expands nationwide

If you plan to travel by air during the upcoming holiday season be ready to undergo a new, more thorough pat-down search procedure at the airport.

The manual pat-down procedure will be used on passengers who refuse to be screened using the 317 new full-body image scanners deployed at 65 airports nationwide. The new technique may also be used on passengers who evoke suspicion when undergoing other traditional screening procedures, including walk-through metal detectors.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This has nothing to do with preventing terrorism, and everything to do with cowing the American people into submission to a violently out of control Federal government.

Nov 04 10:44

The Warm List

A short video cataloguing some of the more ridiculous things that have been attributed to global warming by the mainstream media.

Nov 04 10:43

Behind the Al-Qaeda Scenarios, A Strategic Oil Transit Chokepoint

The evidence suggests that the Pentagon and US intelligence are moving to militarize a strategic chokepoint for the world’s oil flows, Bab el-Mandab, and using the Somalia piracy incident, together with claims of a new Al Qaeda threat arising from Yemen, to militarize one of the world’s most important oil transport routes. In addition, undeveloped petroleum reserves in the territory between Yemen and Saudi Arabia are reportedly among the world’s largest.

Nov 04 10:41

Are Any Parts of Your Body Sore?' Asks the Man From TSA

People are cows," I say.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean they'll do whatever the federal government tells them to do," I say.

"How come you don't go through the machine?" he asks me.

I give him several more answers than he expected:
1) I prefer to limit my exposure to radiation, which the back-scatter imager produces;
2) I don't think this new technology will stop terrorism;
3) I find the idea of the government taking pictures of my genitalia a discomfiting invasion of privacy;
4) I find the specific pose a person is forced to take inside the machine -- hands up, as in a mugging -- particularly debasing.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I'm going to one of the other islands for a premier of a choral work next month.

I do not believe that the x-ray machines are at either airport through which I will be traveling, but I am dreading this part of the process, should it happen.

And a memo to the TSA: the most radical or extreme thing I ever do, as a sacred choral composer, is require a singer to sing an augmented 4th! :-)

Nov 04 10:36

Jon Stewart's older brother, Larry Leibowitz, is the chief operating officer of the New York Stock Exchange

Not as many people are aware of it as should be, but Jon Stewart's older brother, Larry Leibowitz, is the chief operating officer of the New York Stock Exchange

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Jon who?

Nov 04 10:34

Ex-President Bush 'Feels Sick About Iraq'

Former US president George W Bush says he still feels sick when he thinks about Iraq and the fact that there were no weapons of mass destruction.

Webmaster's Commentary: 
Nov 04 10:30

U.S. midterms: AIPAC lauds re-election of pro-Israel stalwarts

America's largest pro-Israel lobby group on Wednesday hailed the results of midterm elections in the U.S. which saw staunch supporters re-elected to Congress on both sides of the party political divide.

"Many of the strongest friends and supporters of the U.S.-Israel relationship were reelected on Tuesday," the group said in a statement.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Those Congressional members who do not put the needs and concerns of We the People first, second, and third in their deliberations regarding foreign policy (in which Tel Aviv already has far too great a hand in creating), should not have been re-elected.

One has to wonder what AIPAC actually spent toward achieving this goal of re-electing these "pro-Israel stalwarts."

Nov 04 10:28

Atlanta police officer charged with raping 12-year-old girl

Mr Wilson, a five-year veteran of the force, was charged with two counts of child molestation, rape and false imprisonment. He was being held at DeKalb jail without bond.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Hey, bub, hands off the kiddies! Child molestation is OUR turf!" -- Pope Benny the Rat

Nov 04 10:25

Canada’s largest drugstore chain censors criticism of Israel

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This story has been deleted from the original server.

Nov 04 10:20

Israeli Officials Cancel High-Level Talks as British FM Arrives

Just as Hague was arriving in Israel the Israeli Foreign Ministry announced that they were unilaterally canceling a number of high-level talks with Britain to punish the nation for continuing to claim the right to prosecute foreign war criminals. The move was particularly galling for Britain as Hague was said to be planning to announce that the law was being changed later this week as part of a campaign pledge to protect Israel.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Apparently, Lieberman has decided that spitting in the faces of Israel's defenders and telling them it's raining is a marvelous substitute for any actual diplomacy.

Nov 04 10:17

Fed Reserve: What's another $600 billion?

In an effort to boost the economy, the Federal Reserve announced a second round of bond buying that is called QE2. They plan to buy $600 billion of long-term government bonds by the middle of 2011 to further drive down rates on mortgages and other debt. The hope is that this will speed up the economic recovery and force job growth, haven't we seen this before? Show Less

Nov 04 10:13

Most Yemenis See al-Qaeda Presence as ‘Myth’

“The truth is there is no al-Qaeda.” Such a comment rarely finds currency in a nation’s popular consciousness but in Yemen, home to what the CIA calls the most dangerous of al-Qaeda’s many affiliates (al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, or AQAP), it is all too common.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The US interest in sending in more people and more weapons to the Saleh government has absolutely nothing to do with an alleged "Al-Qaeda"presence in Yemen, and everything to do with controlling the Gulf of Aden.

Nov 04 10:09

Northern Rock chief quits... but taxpayers will be paying him £82,000-a-month until April to do NOTHING

The chief executive of nationalised bank Northern Rock will be paid more than £80,000-a-month by the taxpayer after quitting his job, it was revealed today.

Gary Hoffman, 50, has stepped down with immediate effect but will be on gardening leave for the next six months before joining NBNK Investments.

He is not being given a severance package but will reportedly carry on being paid his £58,000-a-month salary and £23,000-a-month pension contribution.

The company has also said he will continue to receive a £1,000-a-month car and petrol allowance.

Nov 04 10:09

A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall

then there are the changes that will take place in committees and the pecking order in Congress, changes that will bring the long war advocates to the fore. It is where the real damage can take place. Not coincidentally, the hawks are also calling for military action against Iran and are notable in their affection for the state of Israel. The Israel connection is significant because Israel has long been at the heart of America’s foreign policy woes. America’s misguided war on terror is in fact a complete adoption of Israeli security paradigms without any regard for the actual threats that confront the US, making Israel’s many enemies also the foes of Washington.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A US-led war against Iran would almost inevitably lead to a world war, with nuclear-armed Russia and China coming in on the side of Iran.

This would be folly and madness of an unfathomable proportion, ultimately leading to some horrendous unintended consequences; unfortunately, this reality is not a guarantee against it happening.

Nov 04 10:09

Israel Clashes with UNESCO in Row over Holy Sites

Israel on Wednesday said it would reduce cooperation with the United Nations’ cultural watchdog after the body classified Bilal Mosque or Masjid Al-Ibrahimi (called by Jews as Rachel’s Tomb) in the West Bank as a mosque.

Nov 04 10:07

Uproar over alleged surveillance for the US

Both politicians and commentators have reacted strongly after TV2 on Wednesday revealed that a group of former police officers have allegedly kept Norwegian citizens under surveillance on behalf of the US Embassy.

Nov 04 10:04

SF Giants win sparks riots

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I guess the government is worried we might "Go Romania" on them, so these riots are not being reported very much on ABCNNBBCBSFOX!

Nov 04 10:00

34 warships sent from US for Obama visit

The White House will, of course, stay in Washington but the heart of the famous building will move to India when President Barack Obama lands in Mumbai on Saturday.

Communications set-up, nuclear button, a fleet of limousines and majority of the White House staff will be in India accompanying the President on this three-day visit that will cover Mumbai and Delhi.

He will also be protected by a fleet of 34 warships, including an aircraft carrier, which will patrol the sea lanes off the Mumbai coast during his two-day stay there beginning Saturday. The measure has been taken as Mumbai attack in 2008 took place from the sea.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One has to wonder: is all this hardware being dispatched to prevent a confrontation... or create one?!?!?

Or is it possibly a (not so subtly veiled) threat to the G 20, which meets in Seoul from 6 November through 12 November, not to drop the US dollar as the world's reserve currency?

Nov 04 09:59

Bush says in memoir he approved waterboarding. It's time to prosecute.

Human rights experts have long pressed the administration of former president George W. Bush for details of who bore ultimate responsibility for approving the simulated drownings of CIA detainees, a practice that many international legal experts say was illicit torture.

In a memoir due out Tuesday, Bush makes clear that he personally approved the use of that coercive technique against alleged Sept. 11 plotter Khalid Sheik Mohammed, an admission the human rights experts say could one day have legal consequences for him.

Nov 04 09:58

US money printing no 'magic wand'

The Federal Reserve will pump an extra $US600 billion into the US financial system to try and boost the country's ailing economy.

The Australian dollar shot through parity with the greenback as soon as the measures were announced, and has remained there throughout the local trading day.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It would be more accurate to state that the US dollar sank beneath the Australian dollar and is not expected to resurface. Every time Bernanke switches on that printing press to pour money all over the banks to get them out of the mortgage-backed securities fraud and the derivatives mess, he cheapens the dollars you already own and those you are about to work for. Although the numbers on the checks won;t show it, you are being forced to take a pay cut in terms of real buying power so that the bankers who wrecked the economy will not have to go to jail.

Does this government work for you?

If not, why do you support it? Why do you feed government with your taxes while government starves your family? Why do you obey a government you know is lying to you? Why do you let your children be taken away to die in wars of conquest?


Nov 04 09:53

US Opposes United Nations as Venue for Mideast Diplomacy

At a news briefing, State Department Spokesman P.J. Crowley was asked to respond to a question by the Arab League chief on Sunday as to "what is wrong with having the U.N. sanction (authorize) or support the peace process?"

"It doesn't solve the conflict. The only way to end the conflict is to resolve the final-status issues. And the only way to resolve the final status issues is through a direct negotiation," he said. "Unilateral declarations or unilateral actions on one side or the other does not end the conflict, and that is our goal."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And Israel didn't unilaterally declare its independence?!?!?

Also, the following tidbit from the same article is very telling:

"Officials here say there have been contacts with Mr. Netanyahu's office about whether he may be able to meet Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Washington or elsewhere, after her return from Asia early next week."

So, Netanyahu is coming to the US, will definitely meet with Vice-President Biden, and possibly with Secretary of State Clinton, possibly George Mitchell, but not President Obama?!?

It appears that Netanyahu is getting his proverbial "ducks in a row" for the 2012 Presidential election, and doesn't believe that Obama will be the nominee of the Democratic party when that happens.

Nov 04 09:52

Washington Post Politics Writer Calls for War With Iran to Boost the Economy

David Broder… call[s] for Barack Obama to bomb Iran to get the economy moving? It would be good for the country if this monstrosity shut itself down today. … Broder is … monstrous:

Webmaster's Commentary: 

War doe snot create wealth, War creates debt and that plays to the advantage of the bankers who enslave the planet with manufactured debts. War on Iran serves Israel. So we know who Broder really works for and it is not the readers of the Washington Post!

Nov 04 09:51

Premier Gordon Campbell Resigns

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And here I thought he had put that drink driving thing on Maui behind him! :)

Nov 04 09:46

Can 'Foundation X' save the British economy?

A bizarre intervention in the House of Lords debate on the Spending Review has been picked up by Hopi Sen. In it, Lord James of Blackheath, most famous as the efficiency expert whose proposed savings were a key plank of Michael Howard’s election platform in 2005, has revealed his secret contacts with a mysterious “Foundation X”, which is prepared to invest billions in gold bullion in the restoration of the British economy.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is a replay of the "Prester John" gambit, in which a mythical Christian King in the far east was invented to encourage Europeans to join the Second Crusade to "free" the Holy Lands, despite having suffered the collapse of the first crusade.

Rumors of the impending intervention of Prester John bolstered the courage of the Christians of the Crusader Kingdoms and of Europe, and based in part on the promise of Prester John as an ally, Pope Eugene launched the Second Holy Crusade, led by Louis VII of France and Conrad III of Germany .

But Prester John did not show up as promised. The Second Crusade ended in the route of the Crusader armies at Damascus, and the Christians found themselves holding less of the Holy Lands.

In 1165, just as the situation in the Holy Lands began to deteriorate further, a letter began to circulate around Europe purportedly from Prester John. The letter again promised support for the Christian armies of Europe . The letter included descriptions of the wonders of Prester John's kingdom. The letter was so popular it was copied far and wide, and portions of it set to music!

But again, Prester John did not show up when promised, and in 1187 Jerusalem fell to Saladin. This prompted the start of the Third Crusade. Once again, rumors of Prester John's armies attacking the Muslims from the East bolstered the invading forces.

Prester John was a fiction told to the masses to give them a false hope for victory when none was really possible.

Foundation-X appears to be more of the same.

Nov 04 09:36

IDF intelligence chief: Israel's next war will see heavy casualties

In a final meeting at the Knesset, outgoing Military Intelligence chief Amos Yadlin warned on Tuesday that Israel's next war would be fought on several fronts - causing far heavier damage and casualties than other recent conflicts.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One has to wonder to which "next war" General Yadlin is referring: there are so many Israel would love to start with its neighbors on the premise that they are an "existential threat" to (nuclear-armed to the teeth) Israel.

Nov 04 09:27

Israel ranks among Western world's most corrupt countries

The United States, meanwhile, has dropped out of the "top 20" in a global league table of least corrupt nations, tarnished by financial scandals and the influence of money in politics.

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Nov 04 09:25


Webmaster's Commentary: 

"We are going to rename it, "Crush and Loot!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Nov 04 09:20

Ontario looks at random breath tests

Federal Justice Minister Rob Nicholson and Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) are supportive of legislative changes that would empower police to perform breath tests on motorists even if there is no reason to suspect drunk driving.

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Next up; random strip searches at the malls!

Nov 04 09:20

CIA lawyer: U.S. law does not forbid rendition

Daniel Pines, an assistant general counsel at the CIA, has asserted in a law journal that the abduction of terrorism suspects abroad is legal under U.S. law, even when the suspect is turned over to countries notorious for torture.

“There are virtually no legal restrictions on these types of operations,” Pines asserts in the current edition of the Loyola University Chicago Law Journal.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Even if it outsourcing rendition and torture were technically legal for the US, (and I would beg to differ with this person), what about the moral aspects of such behaviour by the US?!?!?

There is no justification for torture, or the outsourcing of torture, period, end of discussion.

Any attempt at justifying this practice is morally reprehensible, and despicable; worse, such an attempt demonstrates, very clearly, how far the US has fallen from the high ground of honoring human rights and human dignity in the institutionalization of torture as a tool of interrogation.

Nov 04 09:20

Ron Paul MUST run for Speaker of the House

Michelle Bachmann stated she would not vote for John Boehner if another acceptable candidate comes along. Tea Party candidates will comprise the vast majority of new GOP House members and Ron Paul has significant support in the Tea Party. Even those in the Tea Party who oppose Ron Paul would be loath to vote against him; as, Freshmen House members are the most vulnerable incumbents holding national office and the state of the US is likely to get considerably worse by 2012. Democrats livid at Pelosi may very well support Ron Paul for Speaker. After all, Ron Paul holds appeal across party and ideology lines; look at how he was treated on "The View" and "The Daily Show".

Nov 04 09:18


Human Caused Global Warming is not being researched; it is being promoted. Al Gore and his fellow investors have spent over a hundred million dollars in creating a crisis of human-caused global warming out of (quite literally) thin air. They are not doing this out of the goodness of their hearts. They expect to reap billions in profits from the trading of Carbon Credits, a "license to pollute" available for a price and subject to brokerage fees. One of the people Al Gore relied on to create this scheme was Ken Lay, late of ENRON, aka the Crooked "E". Al Gore plans to use Carbon Dioxide to do to the world what Ken Lay did to California using electricity; loot the people!

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Relinked in light of the coming investigation into the Warmanazis!

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WRH Exclusive
Nov 04 09:18

Sarkozy channels "24" and grasps at BOOGA BOOGA straws.....

One of two mail bombs sent from Yemen last week was defused just 17 minutes before it was set to explode, the French interior minister said Thursday.

Nov 04 09:13

We Are Headed To $4.00 Gasoline AGAIN -But why?

It's a sad day when you cannot trust Hollywood. But, it is just gotten far too damned clear, Dorothy is a whoring wanna-be movie-star-actress slut. She's not some little girl from Kansas at all. And Paul Krugman is about as truly gifted as your average New Jersey pool shark sitting in some smoke filled, spilt beer smelling pool hall in Hoboken.

Nov 04 09:13

Vancouver police beating probe 'a farce'

Officers cleared in mistaken-identity beating of innocent man

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Ever notice that the more Canada's government frets about anti-Semitism the more the Canadian people get treated like Palestinians?

Nov 04 09:12

Pentagon awards jet fuel contract to secretive company

In a move that could anger a vital ally in the war in Afghanistan, the Pentagon on Wednesday awarded a major jet fuel contract to Mina Corp., a secretive company that has declined to reveal its ownership but has nonetheless become a trusted partner with the U.S. military.

Nov 04 09:12

GOP to investigate ‘scientific fraud’ of global warming: report

Fresh off a dramatic victory in which it retook the House leadership, the Republican Party intends to hold major hearings probing the supposed "scientific fraud" behind global warming.

Nov 04 09:11

Chinese Professor-The Real Translation

Nov 04 09:07

Ron Paul to Chair Monetary Policy Subcommittee

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Nov 04 09:05

New Republican House Promises Investigation Of Global Warming Fraud

One of the first tasks of the new Republican-controlled House of Congress will be to launch a full investigation into the man-made global warming fraud, as the climate change con that threatens to tax and regulate the American middle class out of existence is exposed to what could prove terminal scrutiny.

Webmaster's Commentary: 
Nov 04 08:51

Jews must breed with Jews only to keep the chosen race pure or face prison

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What would you think if groups of white men were roaming the streets of America to keep white girls away from black men? Would you not think this was wrong? Then why does Israel get a free pass on such racist behavior?

Nov 04 08:49

Pusillanimus Republicans Will Not Cut Spending

Has Rand Paul named his price yet? No. But I bet he's checking out the line-up of the interns right now.

Nov 04 08:43

Midterm Election Further Demonstrates Need for Revolution

The Obama referendum came in and he got what he deserved. When you run on change and leave the same criminals in positions of power and don’t hold anyone accountable for obvious crimes, and allow them to continue to commit those crimes, you deserve to lose your power. This is what happens when you put Tim Geithner and Larry Summers in charge of the economy, and support Ben Bernanke for reconfirmation as Chairman of the Federal Reserve. This is what happens when you keep Robert Gates as your Secretary of Defense and General Petraeus in charge of your wars. This is what happens when you lie to protect the interests of BP over the American people. This is what happens when you bailout Wall Street and the health care industry and sell out everyone else.

Nov 04 08:34

Not So Cool Facts About Nazi Israel

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Note that the megaphonies are working overtime trying to ridicule this video.

Nov 04 08:30

Most Yemenis See al-Qaeda Presence as ‘Myth’

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Nonsense! Al Qaeda is as real as Saddam's nuclear weapons! Ummmm....." -- Official White Horse Souse

Nov 04 08:24

Israel enslaves Canada

Nov 04 08:22

Dumb, Dumber and Dead.

A whole lot of us are going to get flushed down the cosmic toilet. It’s what we want. We can be told what’s going to happen but it makes no difference. We’re so damn sure that we are right that no information to the contrary is going to have any effect at all. Those of us that are on another path can only do our best to help as we go and keep our eyes on the goal of liberation and an awareness of the protections that follow those whose course is aligned with the best intentions of the universe itself. It could all be so simple and it is but the base drives of the possessed and deceived require ever increasing complexities and confusions to mask the truth of their obsessions.

Nov 04 06:57

Applications for jobless aid rise sharply

WASHINGTON — The number of people seeking jobless benefits jumped sharply last week, after two straight weeks of declines.

The Labor Department said Thursday that initial claims for unemployment aid rose by 20,000 to a seasonally adjusted 457,000 for the week ending Oct. 30. Wall Street analysts polled by Thomson Reuters had expected a smaller rise.

Nov 04 06:50

Despair Follows Delusion

By Joel S. Hirschhorn

Despite all the hype and rhetoric, only one impact of the midterm elections is assured. Notwithstanding power shifts from Democrats to Republicans in Congress there will not be any deep, sorely needed true reforms of our corrupt, dysfunctional and inefficient government. The culture of corruption in Washington, DC will remain. Hundreds of millions of dollars from corporate and other special interests will assure that.