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November 22, 2009

Nov 22 08:38


Nov 22 08:11

Red Alert: The Second Wave of The Financial Tsunami

Many of my friends who have been receiving my e-mail alerts over the last two years have lamented that in recent weeks I have not commented on the state of the global economy. I appreciate their anxiety but they forget that I am not a stock market analyst who is paid to write articles to lure investors back into the market. My website is free and I do not sell a financial newsletter so there is no need for me to churn out daily forecasts or analysis.

However, when the data is compelling and supports an inevitable trend, it is time for another review. This Red Alert is to enable visitors to my website to take appropriate actions to safeguard their wealth and welfare of their families in the coming months.

Nov 22 07:15

Tarpley - Operation Safe Haven

Nov 22 06:12

Why the UK is always such a willing toady and accomplice in US war crimes.

All of these strands come together with the drive for 'energy security' by the US and UK governments. It is the desire to protect overseas investments and control the strategic materials such as oil, gas and minerals that drive the foreign and defence policy of both countries. Britain no longer has the global military reach to defend its overseas investments. Increasingly it depends on the United States for this. The unwritten agreement is that, in return, the British government supports US policy around the world. The same is true for Britain's biggest arms manufacturer, BAE Systems. It has grown rapidly in recent years to become the second biggest arms manufacturer in the world, mainly through the acquisition of other US companies. It now gets more business from the Pentagon than the MoD. UK support for America's wars in Iraq and Afghanistan certainly helps to oil the wheels of the UK arms business.

Emigrate While You Still Can - Finca Bayano In Panama!

Finco Bayano
Nov 22 06:00

Société Générale tells clients how to prepare for potential 'global collapse'

Société Générale has advised clients to be ready for a possible "global economic collapse" over the next two years, mapping a strategy of defensive investments to avoid wealth destruction.

Nov 22 05:53

How to Get Started in Amateur Radio

Amateur radio also known as Ham radio is a powerful wireless communications medium that has been around since 1901. In the decades since the equipment used for amateur radio has developed along with commercial radio hardware. The creation of the transistor in the late 1950s helped lower the cost of Ham radios which allowed them to become more widely available...



Nov 22 03:31

The New York Mets and the business of terrorism

When I first learned that the New York Mets were hosting a fundraiser for the nonprofit Hebron Fund at Citi Field in support of the Israeli settlers in the occupied West Bank city of Hebron, I honestly assumed it was a joke, albeit a poor one. When I realized this was an actual, planned event, I still found it almost impossible to believe. This is because, even aside from the devastating impact of settlement expansion on the prospects for peace in the region, I have had the misfortune to see, repeatedly and at first hand, the fruits of the Hebron Fund's labors.

Nov 22 03:09

Aspirin kills 400% more people than H1N1 swine flu

The CDC now reports that nearly 4,000 Americans have been killed by H1N1 swine flu. This number is supposed to sound big and scary, motivating millions of people to go out and pay good money to be injected with untested, unproven H1N1 vaccines. But let's put the number in perspective: Did you know that more than four times as many people are killed each year by common NSAID painkillers like aspirin?

Nov 22 02:17

'If attacked, Iran will target Tel Aviv'

A senior IRGC official warns that Iranian missiles will be on their marks to target the very heart of Tel Aviv in the event of a military attack on the Islamic Republic.

November 21, 2009

Nov 21 23:15

Lebanon: Happy Independence Day

Lebanon’s 66th celebration of it’s Independence Day is today,November 22nd 2009 . It is a day in which the Lebanese remember and commemorate their liberation from the French Mandate which was imposed over Lebanese soil for over 23 years.

Lebanon has not only been occupied by foreign entities but attacked by them as well, most recently -the illegal state of Israel- during the 2006 July war wherein the Zionist entity attacked after Hezb’Allah captured two Israeli soldiers who had tried to illegally enter Lebanese soil.

Nov 21 22:57

US overthrew Iran's democracy 1953-1979, helped Iraq invade 1980-1988, now US lies for more war

hyperlinks live at source.

President Obama is using the same aggressive rhetoric we saw prior to invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, with media repeating the quickly-verifiable lie that Iran's President threatened to "wipe Israel off the map." Previously, Senator Lieberman, Secretary of State Clinton, and former UN Ambassador John Bolton resumed rhetoric of a United States attack upon Iran. There are two general justifications they speak of to justify war: Iran's "nuclear program" and their threat to Israel.

Both claims are false (again, verify here and here), which follows a history of US lies regarding wars.

Nov 21 22:57

Ultimate Global Warming Challenge

$500,000 will be awarded to the first person to prove, in a scientific manner, that humans are causing harmful global warming.

Nov 21 22:52

ClimateGate - Climate center's server hacked revealing documents and emails

The emails contain an array of discussions including what appear to be concerted efforts to withhold data. Just as troubling is conversations that allude to potentially manipulating climate data to “hide the decline” of temperatures seen in the last decade.

Nov 21 22:48

Global Warming Bombshell--or "Mushroom Cloud"?

The Climate Research Unit (CRU) is the world record keepers of global temperature data; it keeps the numbers that the IPCC bases its reports on. There have been some very dubious things recently where outside skeptics want the original temperature readings before CRU "smooths" them and does other things, and CRU basically stonewalled before saying, "We don't have the original readings anymore. All we have is the corrected data at this point."

Nov 21 21:40

Michael Crichton Annihilates Al Gore And Global Warming

Crichtdon graduated Harvard Medical School, was a published scientist, and was a fellow at the Jonas Salk Institute before becoming a Hollywood writer/producer, so it's not really a fair fight. Al Gore and the entire accepted dogma of man-made global warming (AGW) is obliterated.

Nov 21 21:27


The series "Connections" was mentioned by a caller a few days ago. This part of the series mentions something quite deep about how with prosperity the lower classes were able to enjoy life rather than fight wars (for their feudal masters). Very interesting.

Nov 21 20:50



Webmaster's Commentary: 

Okay Rangers; this is a call to keyboards!

ABCNNBBCBS is simply not reporting this story, so we need to bypass them, just as we did with the Downing Street Memo. Copy off all these articles about the emails from the Hadley CRU proving intention to deceive the world on Anthropogenic Global Warming and email them to evertyone you know, then ask them to email to everyone they know, and so on.

Flood the blog-O-sphere with this story. Forward to all your friends, twitter it, facebook it, myspace it, send it to your local newspapers.

This is the story that proves large scale government conspiracies involving the entire media really do exist, and you need to force it into the public consciousness.

You are the Rangers. Do not wait for orders but grab thy keyboards and ride towards the sound of bovine excrement! :)

Nov 21 20:40

Climategate - Shocked, Shocked to Find That Fraud is Going on in Here

Shock and surprise at the conduct of particular individuals within the CRU seem the order of the day. I'm not quite sure why. If, indeed, the disclosures are genuine (and it certainly appears on first blush that they are) how is it news that "scientists" embroiled in what long ago ceased to be scientific research and now amounts to a political campaign would cut corners, sabotage critics, conceal or even destroy data and analysis, massage results and graphics and otherwise act exactly like politicians, particularly where their careers, the body of their life's work and their continuing income stream were at risk?

It isn't of course. They are politicians.

Nov 21 20:27

Missouri Billboard Calls for Revolution: War Against America

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It is NOT war against America, merely America's war against a corrupt government.

Nov 21 18:47

How heavy is the Internet?

Using publicly available information, for the first time in the world, we have precisely and scientifically calculated the weight of the Internet. Obviously this information is only really useful to someone attempting to work out the cost of posting the Internet somewhere, perhaps to North Korea. Still, the casual reader -- hi there! -- may still enjoy learning just how damn heavy the thing is.

Nov 21 18:37

Oceans to fall, not rise, over millions of years

Sea levels are set to fall over millions of years, making the current rise blamed on climate change a brief interruption of an ancient geological trend, scientists said on Thursday.

They said oceans were getting deeper and sea levels had fallen by about 170 meters (560 ft) since the Cretaceous period 80 million years ago when dinosaurs lived. Previously, the little-understood fall had been estimated at 40 to 250 meters.

"The ocean floor has got on average older and gone down and so the sea level has also fallen," said Bernhard Steinberger at the Geological Survey of Norway, one of five authors of a report in the journal Science.

"The trend will continue," he told Reuters.

Nov 21 18:03

Hamas: All Gaza militant groups agree to halt rocket attacks

Hamas announced Saturday evening that it has reached an agreement with other militant groups in Gaza to stop firing rockets at southern Israeli towns to prevent retaliatory attacks.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So what does Israel do one hour after the HAMAS announcement?


This is exactly what Israel did a year ago. HAMAS has stopped all rocket attacks into Israel for the duration of the 6 month cease fire. Then on November 4th, Israel attacked Gaza without provocation, launching Operation CAST LEAD.

Nov 21 17:01

Yes, America, The Caca Grows Deeper Everyday!

I am watching the collapse of my nation!

Nov 21 16:05

monies to Israel is way more then 84 billion

Monies to Israel is way more then 84 billion!
In the 84 billion story. It seems to only go up to the year 1999!

Here is where you can find some totals for years up to 2007
Add it all together, with the stuff from the other story!
And you will probably get interesting numbers.

AT a minimum just using the sites i link to below
it is $111,190.8 million
which I think is $111,190,800,000
$111 billion (Rounded off)
This is allot more then $84 Billion!

And that is only using numbers, that do not include
such stuff as.. "funding for certain other projects the CRS does not consider foreign aid, such as the $180 million for the research and development of the Arrow missile." And I'm sure a lot of other stuff.

Heres the link's.

Nov 21 16:03

Britain's new Internet law -- as bad as everyone's been saying, and worse. Much, much worse.

The real meat is in the story we broke yesterday: Peter Mandelson, the unelected Business Secretary, would have to power to make up as many new penalties and enforcement systems as he likes. And he says he's planning to appoint private militias financed by rightsholder groups who will have the power to kick you off the internet, spy on your use of the network, demand the removal of files or the blocking of websites, and Mandelson will have the power to invent any penalty, including jail time, for any transgression he deems you are guilty of. And of course, Mandelson's successor in the next government would also have this power.

Nov 21 15:36

Iraq report: Secret papers reveal blunders and concealment

On the eve of the Chilcot inquiry into Britain’s involvement in the 2003 invasion and its aftermath, The Sunday Telegraph has obtained hundreds of pages of secret Government reports on “lessons learnt” which shed new light on “significant shortcomings” at all levels.

They include full transcripts of extraordinarily frank classified interviews in which British Army commanders vent their frustration and anger with ministers and Whitehall officials.

Nov 21 15:34

When the Dog Poet gets his Flying Saucer Back.

No, I am not shocked and dismayed. Quite frankly I am gleeful because, ‘it appears’ that some major league fraudsters, right up there with the 9/11 Commission who blamed the attacks on Muslims, instead of The Mossad and The CIA, who actually did the attack, have been caught intentionally lying about- and cooking the weather books- global warming. It goes without saying that they were probably all in for a piece of the pending world carbon tax or… they could just naturally be lying, snake-eyed, scumbags with a hole inside them where their soul used to be.

Nov 21 15:21

The Roots of Evil in Jerusalem.

This report will shock and upset some; it is one I have put off for over 4 years. After struggling with it I have decided now is the time to write it. Knowing it could be misunderstood as anti-Semitic. God forbid that I a Jew should ever say or do anything that would be remotely considered as such, but I must admit this report does not come easy for me. The fact still remains that an evil force has been put into place in Jerusalem and has spread throughout Israel, in preparations for the end time and the seat of the anti-Christ. For if we are to believe that the anti-Christ is to have his seat on the Temple Mount, then we must come to grips with some truths not being preached today.

Nov 21 14:35

Hacked emails show scientists manipulating statistics for global warming myth-making

Evidence has emerged from emails hacked out of the computers of Hadley CRU, Britain's weather watchdog, that scientists there are knowingly, deliberately and systematically falsifying the facts on "global warming."

If global warming were really caused by man-made carbon emissions, the elite that control our governments (and oil, coal and nuclear industries) could have switched the planet over to renewable energy years ago. They could have done it this year for the cost of the bank "bailouts" alone.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

South Park was right! There really is no man-bear-pig!!!

Nov 21 14:33

The Alarmists Do "Science": A Case Study

As far as I can tell from the email archive, Briffa never did respond to the plant scientist. Jones's email warning Briffa to be "very wary about responding to this person now having seen what McIntyre has put up" was written just three weeks ago. It, along with the rest of the email archive, makes an utter mockery of the alarmists' claim that the science of global warming is settled in their favor.

Nov 21 14:31

EMAIL LEAK: Global Warming Researchers Caught Doubting Their Own Claims

An email chain between “prominent scientists” allegedly reveals a conspiracy to exaggerate the data behind Global Warming and conceal evidence to the contrary.

Nov 21 14:28

Iran cleric: We'll hit 'heart of Tel Aviv' if attacked

Nov 21 14:27

New Documentary Challenges Gore's 'Inconvenient Truth' on Global Warming

Al Gore's award-winning global warming film "An Inconvenient Truth," socked two years ago by a British court ruling that found several errors, is facing additional scrutiny with the release of a new documentary that seeks to rebut many of Gore's claims.

Nov 21 14:18


One has to wonder how many of those Israelis are involved in their own personal schemes of screwing the American public….. such as the following….

Nov 21 12:28

US government wouldn't lie to start a war with Iran, would they? A look at the conservative history

President Obama is using the same aggressive rhetoric we saw prior to invations of Afghanistan and Iraq, with media repeating the quickly-verifiable lie that Iran's President threatened to "wipe Israel off the map." Previously, Senator Lieberman, Secretary of State Clinton, and former UN Ambassador John Bolton resumed rhetoric of a United States attack upon Iran. There are two general justifications they speak of to justify war: Iran's "nuclear program" and their threat to Israel.

Both claims are false (again, verify here and here), which follows a history of US lies regarding wars.

Nov 21 10:54

Gaza Children Need Justice

The Gaza Community Mental Health Programme (GCMHP) said on Thursday that the deep wound that the children of Gaza were suffering due to the Israeli brutal aggressions could be cured only if justice is brought to those children.

According to officials in the program, brining justice to the children of Gaza would greatly help cure that wound in the long term, stressing the right of the Palestinian children to enjoy their childhood and be happy like any other children in this world.

Nov 21 10:19

How The USA Funds The Taliban

Welcome to the wartime contracting bazaar in Afghanistan. It is a virtual carnival of improbable characters and shady connections, with former CIA officials and ex-military officers joining hands with former Taliban and mujahedeen to collect US government funds in the name of the war effort.

Nov 21 10:14

The $84 Billion Dollar Question

Israel has received, from a variety of U.S. federal budgets, at least $525.8 million above and beyond its $3 billion from the foreign aid budget, and yet another $2 billion in federal loan guarantees. So the complete total of U.S. grants and loan guarantees to Israel for fiscal 1997 was $5,525,800,000.

As of Oct. 31, 1997 Israel will have received $3.05 billion in U.S. foreign aid for fiscal year 1997 and $3.08 billion in foreign aid for fiscal year 1998. Adding the 1997 and 1998 totals to those of previous years since 1949 yields a total of $74,157,600,000 in foreign aid grants and loans. Assuming that the actual totals from other budgets average 12.2 percent of that amount, that brings the grand total to $83,204,827,200.

Nov 21 10:12

America, Israel’s Lackey

It did not take the Israel Lobby long to make mincemeat out of the Obama administration’s “no new settlements” position. Israeli prime minister Netanyahu is bragging about Israel’s latest victory over the US government as Israel continues to build illegal settlements on occupied Palestinian land.

In May President Obama read the Israelis the riot act, telling the Israeli government that he was serious about ending the Israeli conflict with the Palestinians and that a lasting peace agreement required the Israeli government to abandon all construction of new settlements in the occupied West Bank.

Nov 21 10:04

California Was Among States With Record Unemployment

California, Delaware, South Carolina and Florida registered record rates of unemployment in October as weakness in the labor market stretches from coast to coast and limits the economic recovery.

Joblessness rose in 29 U.S. states last month compared with 22 in September, the Labor Department said today in Washington. Michigan had the highest jobless rate at 15.1 percent, followed by Nevada at 13 percent and Rhode Island at 12.9 percent.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

When it comes to the economy, this administration as morphed from "hope and change" into "shock and awe" faster than the speed of light.

Nov 21 09:47

NATO calls on Israel for naval support

Ties between Israel and NATO have firmed with the decision by NATO to tap the Israeli navy for assistance.

Israel will send one of its warships to the Mediterranean to join NATO's Active Endeavor naval force, patrols the Eastern Mediterranean and monitors shipping to help detect, deter and protect against terrorist activity, boarding ships when necessary.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Now that the Israeli military has become nearly fully integrated with the US military, we see an integration of Israel into the NATO military structure.

While this is of great benefit to Israel, it is not to the benefit of either the US or NATO.

Nov 21 09:44

Hamas, factions agree on halting Gaza rocket-fire

Hamas authorities agreed with Palestinian armed groups in the Gaza Strip not to fire rockets at Israel for the time being to avoid possible Israeli military reaction, a senior official said on Saturday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is a good and reasonable thing for Hamas to do, considering the current circumstances.

However, don't bet on Israel's not creating some provocation to use as an excuse for more military attacks, and then claim that it is Israel which is the victim!

Nov 21 09:44

Documented VIDEO PROOF of Israeli Lies, Treachery and Murder

That 'Light unto the World' version of self-defense, Judge for yourselves

"Operation Cast Lead?" More like "Operation Eat Lead."

Nov 21 09:40

Lebanese army chief: Prepare for Israeli attack

Lebanon's army chief, Jean Kahwaji, called on his soldiers to be wary and to prepare defenses along the border for a possible Israeli attack, the London-based Al-Quds Al-Arabi reported Saturday.

In a statement published in honor of Lebanon's Independence Day, the general said soldiers should prepare "to handle what the Israeli enemy is scheming against the homeland, and to continue the battle against its violations – in the air, water, and land – with all the tools at our disposal".

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The Lebanese military know what's coming.

And this time, when Israel attacks, they will attempt to go all the way to the Litani River, because they are desperate for the water.

Nov 21 09:38

Interview with Doctor Thabet El Masri - Gaza: A Death Camp?

Silvia Cattori: When this report came out it caused a lot of emotion and concern. Many people immediately attributed the increase in birth defects in aborted foetuses and newborns to the Israeli army’s use of white phosphorous shells. Do they have a case?

Thabet El Masri: We can suspect, but we cannot confirm, that it is the use of chemical weapons by Israel that caused this increase in birth defects.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Who in their right minds would expose pregnant women, obvious non-combatants, to white phosphorous?

In two words: the IDF.

Nov 21 09:31

The "Double Dip Economic Depression": Why the President Warns of a Deeper Drop, Not a Recovery

A Double Dip is not that remote.

Can a Congress addicted to financing from lobbyists and compromise and collusion do what needs to be done? The financial industry has 6 lobbyists playing every Congressman.

While Obama was in China kowtowing to our nation’s real bankers, Tim Geithner was on the hill pleading for financial reforms even as most observers believe that because the public thinks thing are getting better, and because our legislators don’t want to think about it, there is no passion for cracking down on the practices and people that got us into this mess.

Nov 21 09:28

J*ffrey R*th–Cyber Stalker

J*ffrey R*th, self-described “former Shin Bet agent” and “rich” lawyer, having gotten his ass whipped in every debate that has taken place here recently on the blog has decided to switch gears on the “child molester” thing and instead now claims to have accessed my private credit information.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Extreme childishness on parade!

Nov 21 09:26

FLASHBACK - Yes, Virginia, there really are government conspiracies!

Dear Editor--I am 8 years old.
Some of my little friends say there are no government conspiracies.
Papa says, 'If you see it in What Really Happened, it's so.'
Please tell me the truth, are their government conspiracies?


Webmaster's Commentary: 

Relinked in the light of the exploding global warming hoax!

Nov 21 09:25

Obama Allies Want New Tax. Despite the fact that 36 per cent of income tax already goes to national defense

Not content with savaging American taxpayers with two huge new financial burdens during an economic recession, in the form of health care reform and cap and trade, close allies of Barack Obama have proposed a new war surtax that will force Americans to foot the bill for the cost of protecting opium fields in Afghanistan, paying off drug lords, and bribing the Taliban.

Warning that the cost of occupying Afghanistan is a threat to the Democrats’ plan to overhaul health care, lawmakers have announced their plan to make Americans pay an additional war tax that will be taken directly from their income, never mind the fact that around 36 per cent of federal taxes already go to paying for national defense.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I would encourage every one of our readers to immediately call their congressional representatives (after they're back from their "Thanksgiving Vacation"), and calmly state that a support for this tax will translate into their never being elected to public office again for the rest of their miserable lives, not even for dog-catcher!

The American people didn't want the war in Afghanistan: it was created to support the following corporate, for-profit agendas:

1. Installing the pipelines to control Eurasian oil.

2. Protecting the drug trade (which the Taliban, incidentally had managed to almost completely obliterate.)

The logical thing for this government to do is to declare victory, come home, and negotiate with whatever government is left standing in Kabul about the pipeline rights.

But, of course, logic and those in power in this country haven't had a good on-going relationship for quite some time now.

Nov 21 09:20

JFK Assassination - The Zapruder Film Stabilized

Nov 21 09:20

JFK Assassination - Did Jack Ruby work for Richard Nixon?

Nov 21 09:20

JFK Assassination - FBI letter links George Bush to CIA

Nov 21 09:20

JFK Assassination - Was George H. W. Bush in Dealey Plaza when Kennedy was killed?

Nov 21 09:20

JFK Assassination - Letter confirms George H. W. Bush was laying false trail for JFK assassination

Nov 21 09:20

JFK Assassination - Lee Oswald did work for CIA

Nov 21 09:18

Protecting Afghan Opium Fields, Bribing Taliban

Not content with savaging American taxpayers with two huge new financial burdens during an economic recession, in the form of health care reform and cap and trade, close allies of Barack Obama have proposed a new war surtax that will force Americans to foot the bill for the cost of protecting opium fields in Afghanistan, paying off drug lords, and bribing the Taliban.

Nov 21 09:14

The Truth Behind China’s Currency Peg

While the peg certainly is responsible for much of the world’s problems, its abandonment would cause severe hardship in the United States. In fact, for the U.S., de-pegging would cause the economic equivalent of cardiac arrest. Our economy is currently on life support provided by an endless flow of debt financing from China. These purchases are the means by which China maintains the relative value of its currency against the dollar. As the dollar comes under even more downward pressure, China’s purchases must increase to keep the renminbi from rising. By maintaining the peg, China enables our politicians and citizens to continue spending more than they have and avoiding the hard choices necessary to restore our long-term economic health.

Nov 21 09:12

Towards an Alternative to Globalization

There is a popular expression (attributed to various famous authors), that any "anti-" is dissolved in that, against which it is "anti-". This phrase has a profound meaning, which consists in the fact that to unite in a bare denial of anything is counter-productive and doomed to defeat. A viable alternative may be only an independent project that contains a constructive idea and a program for implementation.

Accordingly, the Third Forum of Anti-Global Resistance diverts from the themes of criticism and exposure of the essence of imperialist globalization and seeks to create its own meaningful project, its own civilizational alternative to globalism. As a part of this task, we would like to present our positions in a succinct form.

Nov 21 09:12

Iran to launch largest aerial defense maneuver

Iran is scheduled to launch a large-scale joint aerial defense maneuver in an attempt to prepare itself for any potential attack against the country.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I would like to hope that some adults in the room in Tel Aviv and Washington understand that an attack against Iran will lead to a violent upheaval in the entire region, and may well start World War III.

Unfortunately, however, in the case of the US, the way that it has gotten out of every economic depression is through war.

There's only one problem, at this point in history, for that to work; we've lost our ability to manufacture, because nearly all manufacturing has been offshored.

You can't wage a war successfully without a manufacturing infrastructure, period, end of discussion.

Nov 21 09:11

BBC dispatches 35 staff to climate talks - creating as much carbon as an African village does in a year

The BBC is sending 35 people to next month's climate change talks in Copenhagen - creating as much carbon dioxide as an African village does in a whole year.

The corporation said its delegation of 12 presenters, along with a backup team of researchers, producers and camera crews, will spend up to two weeks in the Danish capital on expenses to cover the global summit.

Critics said the numbers were 'absolutely staggering' and accused the BBC of playing fast and loose with licence payers' money.

Nov 21 09:06

U.S. Enlists Allies in New Surge

The Obama administration is in advanced talks with its North Atlantic Treaty Organization allies for a coordinated rollout of a new Afghan war strategy, which U.S. officials hope will include a commitment by European allies to send several thousand additional troops.

U.S. and European estimates of the new troops they may get from NATO allies vary from 3,000 to 7,000. Those would complement the additional U.S. forces Mr. Obama is considering; those options range from 10,000 to 40,000, but U.S. officials have said a combination of combat troops and training forces totaling 35,000 has gained the most momentum.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The more troops Obama is able to coax NATO countries out of, the fewer US troops will be sent, meaning that at least some will be in reserve for a potential upcoming US/Israeli led military attack against Iran.

However, the war in Afghanistan is very unpopular among citizens of NATO countries.

In NATO countries, unlike the US, politicians actually listen to their citizenry on issues like this.

It will be interesting to see what the total NATO troop commitment will be, other than a mere token force.

Xmas w/o borders
Nov 21 09:03

Skeptics claim stolen emails prove global warming a hoax

Although arguments continue as to how much of recent climate change is natural and how much is man-made, only a few diehard skeptics doubt that the warming of the last few decades is real. Now, however, those skeptics can barely contain their glee at the release of a cache of stolen emails that they believe prove global warming is nothing but a colossal hoax.

"If you own any shares in alternative energy companies I should start dumping them NOW," one of these skeptics blogged on Friday.

Nov 21 08:51

Conflict deepens crisis in Yemen

A humanitarian crisis in Yemen, the poorest country in the Middle East, has worsened in recent weeks as the civil war between the government and Shiite rebels spilled across the border into Saudi Arabia. The turmoil is adding to the stress on a country already beset by multiple emergencies, including calls for secession in the south and a growing al-Qaeda threat.

The crisis, coupled with high unemployment and a lack of government services, is also putting additional pressure on overburdened tribal communities. Western diplomats and Yemeni analysts say the strain could create new legions of poor and vulnerable people who would be easy recruits for al-Qaeda and other extremist groups.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

When peaceful revolution is impossible, violent revolution is inevitable.

And whose side are we on in this mess?!?

The side of the tinpot dictator, Yemen's "president for life", of course, whose personal and institutional corruption have literally brought this country to a near failed-state status.

Just as we did with Pinochet in Chile and the Shah of Iran, the US government is putting its trust and your money behind one of the worst thugs in the Middle East because he is, after all, our thug.

The US State Department appears to be addicted to making bad choices in which leaders it supports in foreign government.

Then, it is consistently surprised and dismayed when the people of that country decide that they have had well enough of dictatorship imposed by that leader!

Nov 21 08:51


My staff further advised that I was probably already targeted by the powerful Israeli lobby, since I was an opponent of foreign aid, and certainly my involvement with John Demjanjuk would guarantee that American Israeli Public Affairs Committee [AIPAC] would not quit till I was removed from Congress.


I then ordered my staff to bring John Demjanjuk Jr. and his brother-in-law Ed Nishnic into my office. My staff told me this decision would destroy my career in Congress. I met John Demjanjuk Jr. and Ed Nishnic and offered them a seat to discuss their problems.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Traficant is a man of rare courage.

Nov 21 08:50

New EU President Rompuy announces 2009 as "first year of global governance"

The new EU President, Herman Van Rompuy, has proclaimed 2009 as the "first year of global governance." During Rompuy's intervention as President on November 19th, he stated,

"2009 is also the first year of global governance, with the establishment of the G20 in the middle of the financial crisis. The climate conference in Copenhagen is another step towards the global management of our planet."

Nov 21 08:43

The Pending Collapse Of The U.S.A.

The truth that most people realize but can’t openly talk about is that America has seen better days and that the system of capitalism has long outlived its usefulness. The last part of that sentence, that capitalism has outlived its usefulness, is thoroughly the fault of the capitalists themselves.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is inaccurate. We left Capitalism a long while ago, sailed right past Socialism, and are now mired deep in a Fascist economy.

Nov 21 08:41

End the Fed Rallies Across America


Nov 21 08:38

Leaked UK government plan to create "Pirate Finder General" with power to appoint militias, create laws

Secretary of State Peter Mandelson is planning to introduce changes to the Digital Economy Bill now under debate in Parliament. These changes will give the Secretary of State (Mandelson -- or his successor in the next government) the power to make "secondary legislation" (legislation that is passed without debate) to amend the provisions of Copyright, Designs and Patents Act (1988).

What that means is that an unelected official would have the power to do anything without Parliamentary oversight or debate, provided it was done in the name of protecting copyright.

Nov 21 08:37

By 2019, Taxpayers Will Pay $196 Billion A Year for Obamacare, But 24 Million People Will Remain Uninsured

Webmaster's Commentary: 

More money for less service; That's the American way!

Nov 21 08:35

Climatic Research Unit emails, data, models, 1996-2009

This archive presents over 120Mb of emails, documents, computer code and models from the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia, written between 1996 and 2009.

The CRU has told the BBC that the files were obtained by a computer hacker 3-4 days ago.

This archive includes unreleased global temperature analysis computer source code that has been the subject of Freedom of Information Act requests.
The archive appears to be a collection of information put together by the CRU prior to a FoI redaction process.

Nov 21 08:33

Peter Schiff For Senate 2010

Nov 21 08:28

Gates: US Ready to Escalate Quickly in Afghanistan

As we have seen from the situation in Iraq, withdrawing American troops from a nation is a slow (almost glacial) and expensive process. Don’t worry however, as Secretary of Defense Robert Gates assures that the process of adding troops won’t be nearly so difficult, or at least not so slow.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Those who do not learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them.

Unfortunately, with Afghanistan, this will continue to come at a terrible price in blood and money.

This war has absolutely nothing to do with the safety of the American people.

It has everything to do with certain corporate, profit-driven agendas, which are:

1. the installation of pipelines to control the flow of Eurasian oil, and

2. the protection of the drug trade, from which so many profit so handsomely.

Every single family and friend of those who have been killed or maimed for life in this horrible, completely unnecessary war needs to understand the truth about why American forces are in Afghanistan.

Any member of congress who supported, and continues to support this war, should be sacked in the next election, pure and simple, because they have absolutely lost their credibility with the American people.

Nov 21 08:27

Syria: No peace talks without Israeli promise to return Golan

Syrian President Bashar Assad said he would begin peace talks with Israel only after Netanyahu "guarantees the full return of land and rights," the Syrian News Service reported.

Assad met with French President Nicolas Sarkozy in Paris where they spoke about the future of peace talks between Israel and Syria, reported the Syrian News Service.

Sarkozy told Assad that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wanted to start talks with Syria with no preconditions.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Translation: Israel will agree to peace as long as they keep the land they stole.

Nov 21 08:11

US prepares contingency plans to seize Pakistani nuclear triggers

Having helped create the conditions for a political explosion in Pakistan, including a potential fracturing of the military, the US is now considering an even more reckless course of action should that eventuate—a direct US military intervention into Pakistan to disable or even seize its nuclear weapons.

Nov 21 08:03

Shareholders demand Goldman bonuses

Goldman Sachs has had to defend itself from angry taxpayers, regulators, the government – and now its own shareholders.

Some of the US investment bank's largest investors are furious about the New York-based firm paying record bonuses to its staff – bonuses are estimated to be $717,000 (£435,000) each for 2009, the biggest payout in the firm's 140 years.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Just one quick question: when is that 10 billion dollars with which G & S was bailed out going back to the taxpayers?


Nov 21 07:45


A political leader’s decision not to seek re-election usually triggers fervent discussion about potential heirs. Yet, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ withdrawal from the presidential election scheduled for January 24, 2010, has produced nothing of the kind in Palestine – not because of a dearth of leadership or a reluctance to mention possible successors, but because the presidency of the Palestinian Authority (PA) has become irrelevant.

Nov 21 07:45


Nov 21 07:39

"Intelligence and facts are being fixed around the policy"

Remember those infamous words from the Downing Street Memo? Well, today, progressive hackers got into the computers of a leading climate research group in the world, University of East Anglia's Climatic Research Unit (CRU), and made their records public. What a horror! Hoi Polloi can now look at the raw data and email exchanges, and find out how the climate data and facts are fixed around the policies promoted by the government. And this is only a few months after CRU declared that all its raw climate data was "accidentally" deleted.

Nov 21 07:36


A plan by right-wing legislators in Israel to commemorate the anniversary this month of the death of Meir Kahane, whose banned anti-Arab movement is classified as a terrorist organization, risks further damaging the prospects for talks between Israel and the Palestinians, US officials have warned.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

That is probably why they are doing it.

Nov 21 07:36


A Zionist hasbara (propaganda) body based in North America is trying to recruit “volunteers” whose main job is to distort the input of the internet’s most visited websites in Israel’s favor.

Propaganda efforts are reportedly focused on popular sites such as Wikipedia, the huge on-line encyclopedia which can be edited by anyone

CAMERA, which calls itself a “committee for accuracy in Middle East reporting in America,” already has a team of dozens of paid Jewish propagandists who regularly and often scandalously distort basic data pertaining to such themes as Israeli apartheid, Zionism and its ideological similarity to Nazism, Israeli state terror and ill-treatment of Palestinians as well as other issues related to the Israeli Palestinian conflict.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So when you encounter a blogger standing next to the smoldering remains of a Palestinian child covered in white phosphorus, and that blogger insists he cannot smell any smoke, you are dealing with a paid propagandist.

Nov 21 07:34

Global Warming Bombshell--or "Mushroom Cloud"?

The Climate Research Unit (CRU) is the world record keepers of global temperature data; it keeps the numbers that the IPCC bases its reports on. There have been some very dubious things recently where outside skeptics want the original temperature readings before CRU "smooths" them and does other things, and CRU basically stonewalled before saying, "We don't have the original readings anymore. All we have is the corrected data at this point."

So anyway, apparently a whistleblower couldn't live with him or herself anymore, [UPDATE: The official story is that the University's webmail server was hacked from the oustide, see the comments] and dumped a 61 MB file of CRU emails, data, etc. to an outside server, and now the blogosphere has gone nuts.

Nov 21 07:31

JFK + Executive Order 11110 = Head Shot?

The mafia, Bay of Pigs, Vietnam military-industrial interests etc... - the question remains: Who HAD to kill JFK?

Please watch the video below - give it some thought - and ask yourself - why did JFK think it was so important to back our money? The man was brave and brilliant. Who stood to lose the most by JFK's actions regarding Executive Order 11110 - perhaps the Federal Reserve?

Nov 21 07:20

Climategate: how the MSM reported the greatest scandal in modern science

Like the Telegraph’s MPs’ expenses scandal, this is the gift that goes on giving. It won’t, unfortunately, derail Copenhagen (too many vested interests involved) or cause any of our many political parties to start talking sense on “Climate change”. But what it does demonstrate is the growing level of public scepticism towards Al Gore’s Anthropogenic Global Warming theory. That’s why, for example, this story is the single most read item on today’s Telegraph website.

What it also demonstrates – as my dear chum Dan Hannan so frequently and rightly argues – is the growing power of the Blogosphere and the decreasing relevance of the Mainstream Media (MSM).

Nov 21 07:11

US to drop shooting case against Blackwater guard

The Justice Department intends to drop manslaughter and weapons charges against one of the Blackwater Worldwide security guards involved in a deadly 2007 Baghdad shooting, prosecutors said in court documents Friday.

The shooting in busy Nisoor Square left 17 Iraqis dead and inflamed anti-American sentiment abroad.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Sooooo... Lee Harvey Hasan shoots 12 and gets a national show trial, while this Blackwater guy mows down 17 Iraqis and the charges are dropped?

Nov 21 07:09

Georgia State Prof Calls Elie Wiesel 'A Con Man'

The role that Wiesel has assumed in the abusive relationship is to exploit his privileged access to the media to attack high value Catholic targets. In 1979, he attacked the Pope for not mentioning the word "Jew" while visiting the Auschwitz victims' monument, which also omitted the word. He also attacked the Pontiff for not mentioning the word "Israel" on his visit to the U. N. When the Pope invited him to come to Rome for a personal visit, Wiesel turned him down. Then, in 2000, he rebuked the Pontiff because his apology to Jews for past persecutions was not good enough.

Nov 21 07:09

A Prominent False Witness - Elie Wiesel

But in what respect is Elie Wiesel a witness to the alleged gas chambers? By what right does he ask us to believe in that means of extermination? In an autobiographical book that supposedly describes his experiences at Auschwitz and Buchenwald, he nowhere mentions the gas chambers. [2] He does indeed say that the Germans executed Jews, but ... by fire; by throwing them alive into flaming ditches, before the very eyes of the deportees! No less than that!

Nov 21 07:09

Elie Wiesel - A Fraud

Wiesel is often quoted as saying that "the opposite of love is not hate; it is indifference." He has devoted his life to carefully crafting articles and speeches about oppression, genocide, and man's inhumanity to man. Yet when asked about the oppression and dehumanization of Palestinians by Israel, he "abstains" and dismisses the subject claiming "I cannot say bad things about Jews," or "Such comparisons are unworthy."

Nov 21 07:06

Mossad role in Turkey coup plot revealed

Israel's national intelligence agency Mossad has been behind a failed coup in Turkey, the Turkish daily newspaper, Milliyet reports.

A secret investigation into detained Ergenekon group members and other studies outside Turkey indicate that Mossad orchestrated the coup plot against the Turkish government, the report says.

Nov 21 07:00

Worried pimp 'called off Rabbi Baruch Chalomish's three-day drug-fuelled orgy'

An eminent rabbi was so exhausted after three days of constant cocaine-fuelled partying with escorts that his pimp grew worried and cancelled that day’s supply of girls, a jury was told.