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"Labor is prior to and independent of capital. Capital is only the fruit of labor, and could never have existed if labor had not first existed. Labor is the superior of capital, and deserves much the higher consideration." -- State of the Union Address: Abraham Lincoln (December 3, 1861)


Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

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April 14, 2010

Apr 14 10:28

Priest calls for pope's resignation

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Followed by prison for conspiracy to obstruct justice!

Apr 14 10:25

Second inquiry clears Climategate scientists

The university, in eastern England, appointed Lord Oxburgh to investigate the Climatic Research Unit's methods.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The same University which would lose millions of dollars in research grants had Lord Oxburgh exposed any wrongdoing by Hadley CRU.

This is just a second coat of whitewash!

Apr 14 10:20

Vatican Enters 'Full-Fledged Damage Control Mode' Over Abuse

The Vatican has gone into full-fledged damage control mode in the priest sex abuse scandal ahead of Pope Benedict XVI's first foreign trip since it erupted.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"It's all a plot by the Jews! It's Satanists! It's the homosexuals! It's God's will! Pedophilia is okay because everyone does it! If they get a hard-on they aren't really kids! The little sluts were begging for it!" -- Pope Benny the Rat

Apr 14 10:15

Sarah Palin's Luxe Speaking Contract Spurs Investigation in California

According to the contract, audience questions will be pre-screened, Palin's water bottles will have bendable straws and she'll get three rooms at a luxury hotel. The former vice presidential candidate will get first-class plane tickets. If she doesn't fly commercial, "the private aircraft MUST BE a Lear 60 or larger," according to the contract, dated March 16.

For the post-speech Q&A period, Palin requires that "questions are to be collected from the audience in advance, pre-screened and a designated representative . . . shall ask questions directly of the speaker [Palin] to avoid delay time with a roving microphone in the audience."

The contract doesn't state how much Palin is to be paid. She reportedly gets about $100,000 per speaking engagement.

Emigrate While You Still Can - Finca Bayano In Panama!

Finco Bayano
Apr 14 10:14

City to charge rent to homeless shelter residents with jobs

Apr 14 10:14

Syria Gave Scuds to Hezbollah, U.S. Says

Syria has transferred long-range Scud missiles to the Lebanese Shiite militant group Hezbollah, Israeli and U.S. officials alleged, in a move that threatens to alter the Middle East's military balance and sets back a major diplomatic outreach effort to Damascus by the Obama administration.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Apr 14 09:59

You’ll Get Nothing And Like It!

A nurse may soon be your doctor. With a looming shortage of primary care doctors, 28 states are considering expanding the authority of nurse practitioners. These nurses with advanced degrees want the right to practice without a doctor’s watchful eye and to prescribe narcotics. And if they hold a doctorate, they want to be called “Doctor.”

Apr 14 09:58

America’s Loose Nukes in Israel

On the nuclear front, Levin financed the purchase of the Apollo Steel Company facility in Pennsylvania for $450,000. Founder and President Dr. Zalman M. Shapiro, a genius inventor and head of a local Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) chapter, incorporated the Nuclear Materials and Equipment Corporation (NUMEC) at Apollo in 1956. Levin capitalized NUMEC through a stock offering in 1957 and business took off – propelled by the critical knowledge of highly talented scientists. NUMEC co-founder Dr. Leonard P. Pepkowitz previously worked on the clandestine Manhattan Project in 1944 producing America’s first atomic bombs. Pepkowitz later led analytical chemistry research at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico.

Apr 14 09:56

Freeway blogging for 9/11 Truth - April 9th, 2010

Apr 14 09:28

Fair Trade, Organic Palestinian Olive Oil

One way to lend support to a good cause.

Our family is from Jerusalem, just outside the Old City walls, a city rich with heritage. We spent each summer in awe of a city that has withstood the tests of time, seen the passage of empire, and become an enduring symbol to so many. We have taken so much from our experiences, and were looking for a way to give back.

We dream of a day when the nation of Palestine is self-sufficient, independent, and open to the world. At peace with its neighbors and a success story to inspire the next generation of idealists. We would consider ourselves a success if we could play even a small part in making that happen.

Apr 14 09:25

Japan islanders reject US base

Three mayors from a Japanese island, slated to host a US military base, are to write a letter to President Barack Obama expressing their refusal to the plan. The move is to protest against the Japanese government’s decision to relocate the Futenma US Marine Corps Air Station in Okinawa to the Tokunoshima Island.

Apr 14 09:25

UK: Big 'hung parliament' voter initiative to push parties for real change

The Hang 'Em website ( http://hang-em.com ) went live this morning - 14 April 2010 - with more details and key supporters due to be revealed later tonight and tomorrow.

Apr 14 09:24

US: Net Neutrality Needs Your Help TODAY, By Sen. John Kerry

On one side are the telephone and cable companies who believe they should be in control because they own the wires that deliver the Internet to your house. On the other side is you, the consumer, and President Obama’s FCC, with a broad set of interests – making sure consumers are protected, users and content are not discriminated against, and broadband service is universally affordable and available.

Apr 14 09:23


An Israeli journalist who went into hiding after writing a series of reports showing lawbreaking approved by Israeli army commanders faces a lengthy jail term for espionage if caught, as Israeli security services warned at the weekend they would “remove the gloves” to track him down.

The Shin Bet, Israel’s secret police, said it was treating Uri Blau, a reporter with the liberal Haaretz daily newspaper who has gone underground in London, as a “fugitive felon” and that a warrant for his arrest had been issued.

Apr 14 09:22


Perhaps, just perhaps. Mossad itself was involved in previous attacks in Sinai…. We have seen them ‘in action’ in many countries…. Sinai is much closer.

“People heard about the new warning, but no one left,” he said. “The Israelis don’t listen to the warnings. They’ve been driven nuts for years now with alerts about how dangerous it is to come here.”

“I asked them to call their families and calm them down, and tell them everything’s alright. Friends from Israel called me and told me about the new warning, but I think it’s unreasonable. If something were happening, we’d hear about it or feel it.

“We live in Sinai, the police are all over the place. It’s a very safe place,” he said.

Apr 14 09:22


Thousands across Gaza live with severe injuries: youth war amputees, mothers severely burned by phosphorus bombs, countless Palestinians coping with physiological wounds, all injuries stemming from the disaster wrought on Gaza by the Israeli military assault in the winter of 2008/2009.

And war injuries remain a consistent reality in 2010.

Apr 14 09:21


It was with great joy that I learned of your recent 16-4 vote in support of divesting your university’s money from companies that enable and profit from the injustice of the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land and violation of Palestinian human rights. Principled stands like this, supported by a fast growing number of US civil society organizations and people of conscience, including prominent Jewish groups, are essential for a better world in the making, and it is always an inspiration when young people lead the way and speak truth to power.

Apr 14 09:17

Oath Keepers Withdraw From DC Rally Over Violent Threats

The Oath Keepers organization has announced its withdrawal from a pro-Constitution rally due to be held near Washington DC on April 19 following threats of violence made by participants in the march, highlighting once again the danger posed by provocateurs who seek to cause mayhem in order to discredit peaceful political groups.

Apr 14 09:01

China Reiterates Opposition to Iran Sanctions… Again

The eternal push for additional sanctions against Iran never changes too much.

Earlier today, President Barack Obama declared that he was “confident” China would back the sanctions, a confidence expressed by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton several times over the past few weeks.

But as has happened every other time this confidence was expressed, China was quick to dismiss the idea and reiterate its opposition to sanctions.

Apr 14 09:00

Mount Vernon H.S. hastens to assess damage from wall, closes for the week

Mount Vernon High School students will not return to classes until next week as officials scramble to determine the extent of damage from a collapsed auditorium wall.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

But Israel gets billions of our tax dollars.

Apr 14 08:58

Class on the U.S. Constitution and the Income Tax!

Apr 14 08:57

Should Israel consider use of nuclear weapons in any attack on Iran's nuclear facilities?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Interesting that WND openly admits Israel has nuclear weapons.

Apr 14 08:49

Bilderberg: Raise Taxes, Cut Services in U.S. and Europe

The Bilderberg Group will meet in Sitges Spain on June 3-6 in efforts to advance their agenda for a new global economic system, they will agree to prolong the recession until 2011. The Bilderberg will discuss plans to level the world so that European and American standards of living will drop and become even with 3rd world countries so we’re all poor together under their World Government Dictatorship.

Apr 14 08:49

Ancient treaty resembles part of the Bible

Canadian archeologists in Turkey have unearthed an ancient treaty that could have served as a model for the biblical description of God's covenant with the Israelites.

The tablet, dating to about 670 BC, is a treaty between the powerful Assyrian king and his weaker vassal states, written in a highly formulaic language very similar in form and style to the story of Abraham's covenant with God in the Hebrew Bible, says University of Toronto archeologist Timothy Harrison.

Although biblical scholarship differs, it is widely accepted that the Hebrew Bible was being assembled around the same time as this treaty, the seventh century BC.

Apr 14 08:47

Tell The FDA That Cherries—And Now Walnuts—Are NOT Illegal Drugs! Has the FDA lost its mind–again?

The FDA says that the walnuts are being “promoted for conditions that cause them to be drugs because these products are intended for use in the prevention, mitigation, and treatment of disease.”

In other words, if you say that a food is healthy and may help protect against heart disease, or ease arthritis or inflammation, your words have magically changed that food into a drug, and that’s illegal.

Apr 14 08:37

IMF gold holdings: why mine the stuff when your accountants can create it?

Last week Eric Sprott, who heads up the Sprott Physical Gold Trust (NYSE:PHYS), created a bit of a storm when he offered to buy the IMF's remaining 191.3 tons of gold for sale on the market. The IMF told him to piss off.

So the world started wondering if the IMF actually has the 3,005.3 metric tons of gold it claims. Or, if the US and other countries have the gold they claim to have.

Apr 14 08:32

Bangs for bucks

BAE Systems, a British firm, took the top spot as the world's largest arms manufacturer in 2008. This is largely because the company has pursued a strategy of expanding the American side of its business in recent years.

Apr 14 08:32

The pope should stand trial

Sexual abuse of children is not unique to the Roman Catholic church, and Joseph Ratzinger is not one of those priests who raped altar boys while in a position of dominance and trust. But as so often it is the subsequent cover-ups, even more than the original crimes, that do most to discredit an institution, and here the pope is in real trouble.

Apr 14 08:30

Time to get your coats out again - as forecasters say more SNOW is on the way

Britain will be hit by a seven-day cold snap from the weekend, with snow, frost and gale-force winds set to arrive just as the nation thought winter was finished.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"That's not snow, dammit. That's ... white lumpy rain! Really hot white lumpy rain!" -- St. Al of the Gore

Apr 14 08:27

Iran complains to UN over Obama 'nuclear blackmail'

Iran has formally complained to the United Nations over comments by US President Barack Obama which Tehran considers to be "nuclear blackmail," the official IRNA news agency reported Wednesday.

In a letter submitted to the world's top diplomatic body on Tuesday, Tehran questions the "intent" of Washington's new nuclear policy and says it contains threats of nuclear attack against Iran, IRNA said.


The US loves to choose enemies they believe are weaker to ensure a win. Look what happened in Iraq. If the US picks a fight with Iran, there will be much graver consequences for the whole world.

Apr 14 08:26

Morgan Stanley Loses $5.4B In RE Fund: Biggest Loss In History!

Here’s a story for the decade. Morgan Stanley’s Msref VI, an $8.8 billion real estate fund, lost $5.4 billion, the biggest loss in the history of private real estate equity investing. This story is just out from the Wall Street Journal and it is worth a read.

It isn’t clear from the article, but they bought many of their properties in 2007. I don’t have to tell you how insane of a move that was when the U.S. housing market was collapsing. One of their big misses was the Eurotower in Franfurt which, ironically, is the home of the European Central Bank.

Apr 14 08:23

Disinformation Tactics: The Methods Used To Keep You In The Dark

There was a time, not too long ago (relatively speaking), that governments and the groups of elites that controlled them did not find it necessary to conscript themselves into wars of disinformation. Propaganda was relatively straightforward. The lies were much simpler. The control of information flow was easily directed. In fact, during the early Middle-Ages in most European countries commoners were not even allowed to own a Bible, nor was the Bible allowed to be interpreted from Latin to another language, let alone any other tome that might breed "dangerous ideas". This was due in large part to the established feudal system and its hierarchy of royals and clergy.

Apr 14 08:20

The Global Warming Scam

The UN secretary-general today called on world leaders for immediate action on climate change - before flying thousands of miles to the US for a music concert and then leaving in the interval to jet to Europe. [Evening Standard 12/12/07]

Apr 14 08:17

More Than 53% of Your Tax Payment Goes to the Military Mon, 04/12/2010 - 18:22 — dlindorff

The 2011 military budget, by the way, is the largest in history, not just in actual dollars, but in inflation-adjusted dollars, exceeding even the spending in World War II, when the nation was on an all-out war footing.

Apr 14 08:16

'Tea Party' pranksters rally against real group

Fake signs are popping up around the metro area that advertise a fake Tea Party rally on tax day. The Albuquerque Tea Party doesn't know who is putting up the signs and trying to ruin the real rally the group is holding.

Apr 14 08:13

Source of Bible Covenant with God discovered?

Archaeologists working in Turkey have unearthed an Assyrian tablet dating to around 670 BCE that "could have served as a model for the biblical description of God's covenant with the Israelites." What this fascinating discovery suggests, of course, is that the Bible tale of a divine pact does not represent "history" or a "factual" event, but is instead a fictional rewrite, borrowing or plagiarism of this older Assyrian treaty.

Apr 14 08:09

Tax Man Cometh

Apr 14 08:04

Taxes and User Fees

Apr 14 07:59

More Surveillance: Planes, Trains, Automobiles and Buses

More Surveillance: Planes, Trains, Automobiles and Buses

Senator Joe Lieberman, in an interview with NBC’s Meet the Press, says that he is worried about the threat of domestic terrorism on public transportation systems:

“Our government is working with state and local officials … both in ways that are visible and ways that are not visible, to raise our defenses on trains and subways and buses. But … non-aviation is the vulnerable part of our transportation system and we, frankly, need to give it more than we’re giving it now to protect the American people. I worry about this,” Lieberman said.


Apr 14 07:53

Jury verdict rules against Boy Scouts in sex abuse case

A $1.4 million jury award to an Oregon man who filed a sex abuse lawsuit against the Boy Scouts has become an unwelcome reminder that an American institution based on trustworthiness has to account for past problems.

The verdict delivered Tuesday by a Portland jury was based partly on the introduction as evidence of more than 1,000 so-called "perversion files" secretly kept by the Boy Scouts of America at the group's national headquarters from 1965 to mid-1984.

Apr 14 07:48

Americans prepare for disaster

A growing number of Americans are doing everything they can to get ready if disaster strikes. Whether it's a natural disaster like an earthquake or hurricane or a conflict between the government and the American people, these guys are making sure they don't have to rely on anyone in a catastrophic situation. They call themselves "preppers" and many are not happy with the direction the United States is heading in. Many believe President Obama is taking away their liberties and giving the federal government too much control. The group has organizations in almost every state in the country and spans gender, age and socioeconomic class.

Apr 14 07:45

Exploding the Myth of Papal Piety -

“Many of the popes were men of the most abandoned lives. Some were magicians; others were noted for sedition, war, slaughter and profligacy of manners, for avarice and simony. Others were not even members of Christ, but the basest of criminals and enemies of all godliness. Some were children of their father, the Devil; most were men of blood; some were not even priests. Others were heretics. If the pope be a heretic, he is ipso facto no pope.”

Apr 14 06:46

Guest Post: It's Impossible To "Get By" In The US

While the market cheers on the fantastic job “growth” of March 2010, the more astute of us are concerned with a growing tide of personal bankruptcies. March 2010 saw 158,000 bankruptcy filings. David Rosenberg of Gluskin-Sheff notes that this is an astounding 6,900 filings per day.

This latest filing is up 19% from March 2009’s number which occurred at the absolute nadir of the economic decline, when everyone thought the world was ending. It’s also up 35% from last month’s (February 2010) number.

Given the significance of this, I thought today we’d spend some time delving into numbers for the “median” American’s experience in the US today. Regrettably, much of the data is not up to date so we’ve got to go by 2008 numbers.

Apr 14 06:33

Setting Us Up?

The farce of the nuclear summit is apparent. Even some of the controlled media are reporting on the foreign press being treated as a protest group designated to a 'free speech zone.' It still doesn't repress the reports about the most dangerous, along with the U.S., nuclear threat ... Israel.

Apr 14 06:29

"Never Even a Whisper" at Fed's Open Market Committee Meetings

Ben Bernanke, William Dudley and Donald L Kohn are on the Fed's Open Market Committee (FOMC).

They are also on the board of directors of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) - often called the "central banks' central bank". And Kohn is an alternate director for BIS.

Alan Greenspan, of course, was a BIS director for many years.

Dudley is also chairman of BIS' Committee on Payment and Settlement Systems. (Tim Geithner - previously on the FOMC - previously held that post).

So there is clearly quite a bit of overlap between the two groups.

Apr 14 06:23

War Crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan

War crimes, massacres, and, as Al Jazeera properly calls it, "collateral murder," are all part of the US involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2001.

The release last week of the Wikileaks video, thirty-eight grisly minutes long, of US airmen casually slaughtering a dozen Iraqis in 2007 -- including two Reuters newsmen -- puts it into focus not because it shows us something we didn't know, but because we can watch it unfold in real time. Real people, flesh and blood, gunned down from above in a hellish rain of fire.

Apr 14 03:49

ANH-USA Victory! Supplements Are Exempted From Codex Language in Food Safety Bill

The FDA Food Modernization Act (S. 510), also referred to as the “Food Safety” bill, has been modified to exempt dietary supplements from language that otherwise creates a slippery slope toward U.S. harmonization with Codex Alimentarius. ANH-USA worked to protect the natural health community from this dangerous provision that threatened access to high quality, therapeutic supplement doses by working with key senators to modify the language, now for the second time.

April 13, 2010

Apr 13 20:39

Ezra Pound: Economic Freedom is a Prerequisite for a Free Country.

"...Pound believed that economics was the core issue for the cause of World War II. Specifically, his talks were largely about usury and the notion that representative democracy has been usurped by bankers' infiltration of governments through the existence of central banks, which made governments pay interest to private banks for the use of their own money. He maintained that the central bank's ability to create money out of thin air allowed banking interests to buy up American and British media outlets to sway opinion in favor of the war and the banks. Pound believed that economic freedom was a prerequisite for a free country. Inevitably, he touched on various sensitive political matters in his denunciations of the war. In addition, various comments of his were considered anti-semitic."

Apr 13 17:49

Federal Reserve Board Impedes The Wanta Plan, Fed Wants 1929 style crash for its masters

Apr 13 17:31

More US military personnel have taken their OWN lives than have died in action in either Iraq or Afghanistan

by Finian Cunningham

Here is a shocking statistic that you won't hear in most western news media: over the past nine years, more US military personnel have taken their own lives than have died in action in either the wars in Iraq or Afghanistan. These are official figures from the US Department of Defence, yet somehow they have not been deemed newsworthy to report. Last year alone, more than 330 serving members of the US armed forces committed suicide - more than the 320 killed in Afghanistan and the 150 who fell in Iraq (see wsws.org).


While the total killed in both wars is actually higher, and the headline at the source is inaccurate, the point is that more U.S. soldiers have committed suicide than have been killed in combat in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Apr 13 17:29

Law Firm Refuses To Send Fine Letters, Blames 'Adverse Publicity'

With the passing of the controversial Digital Economy Bill, illegal file sharers are being bombarded with fine letters sent by a few chosen law firms, which are penalising ISP customers with fines upwards of £500.

However, one such law firm, Tilly, Bailey and Irvine Solicitors (TBI), has announced that it will not be sending any more of these fine letter because of the 'adverse publicity' it has been receiving over the past couple of days. Several consumer rights group, which have actively opposed the Bill, welcomed the decision and praised the law firm for 'finally seeing sense.'

Apr 13 17:18

Charges Dropped Against 12 Year-Old War Protestor's Mom Dropped!

A charge of contributing to the delinquency of a minor against the mother of a 12-year-old war protester has been dropped.

Frankie Hughes, daughter of Renee Lynn Espeland, 49, of Des Moines, was charged last Wednesday with trespassing when she allegedly refused to leave U.S. Sen. Tom Harkin's office in downtown Des Moines.

The following morning police wrote a misdemeanor ticket to Espeland for contributing to the delinquency of a minor for allegedly encouraging and contributing to her daughter's arrest.


Some comments from this terrific 12 year-old girl should be a lesson for us all:

“They asked me if I wanted to be arrested,” Frankie says. “I said no.”

Apr 13 16:59

ADL hit piece on Poker Face! - Hutaree Militia Was a Fan of Anti-Government Band Poker Face

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Poker Face is looking for a good lawyer to sue ADL.

Apr 13 16:12

DigaPEN and DigSPY Glasses - Spy on the government infiltrators!

Webmaster's Commentary: 

From Saturday's Radio show. WRH Readers get a 10% Discount! Use promo code "Rivero"

Apr 13 16:04

Tea Partiers, some seeking to create militia, to clash with anarchists and federal provocateurs?

Interviewed was Al Gerhart, with the Sooner Tea Party, who said that he and other fiscally conservative Tea Party activists are fed up with increasing federal tyranny, said a state-sanctioned militia could be formed within the next year to protect Oklahoma citizens.

“Is it scary? It sure is,” Gerhart told AP. “But when do the states stop rolling over for the federal government?”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I smell a huge and very stinky COINTELPRO rat here!

The US Federal Government WANTS violence right now, to demonize and even criminalize dissent. Please remember that the government plays dirty, and will not hesitate to infiltrate the Tea Party and any other protest group with agents provocateur to commit crime3s that will justify the use of repressive police-state tactics against Americans.

So remember, that smelly kid with the dynamite trying to talk you into blowing up a building is probably FBI. Ignore them, or if you are strongly motivated, tar and feather them.

Apr 13 15:54

Bookstore chain removes book critical of Israel's settlers from shelves

Apr 13 15:39

The Boomerang Effect By Gilad Atzmon

The Holocaust Educational Trust was established in 1988 says their official website. “Our aim is to educate young people from every background about the Holocaust and the important lessons to be learned for today.”

Wonderful, I think to myself. My 9 year old son told me that a Shoa guru visited his school recently to talk about the holocaust. My son raised his hand, he wondered whether the lesson of the holocaust could be applied to the Palestinian ordeal. “We are not here to talk about politics” answered the ‘trusted’ trained Shoa mentor. For my son the message was clear: The Jewish people's suffering is universal, other people's suffering is ‘politics’.

Apr 13 15:31

Israeli Mossad operation threatened against whistleblowing journalist

An Israeli journalist who went into hiding after writing a series of reports showing lawbreaking approved by Israeli army commanders faces a lengthy jail term for espionage if caught, as Israeli security services warned they would “remove the gloves” to track him down, Jonathan Cook reports.

Apr 13 15:28

Economist tallies swelling cost of Israel to US

Since 1973, Israel has cost the United States about $1.6 trillion. If divided by today's population, that is more than $5,700 per person.

Apr 13 15:28

US violates UN law by threatening Iran

Iran’s envoy to the UN nuclear watchdog says the US nuclear policy which allows the use of nuclear arms against Tehran is a clear violation of the UN Charter.

Speaking on Monday, Ali-Asghar Soltanieh called on the UN Security Council (UNSC) to deal with the US violations.

Apr 13 15:22

PROPAGANDA ALART - Obama Slanders, Abandons Israel

I weep as I witness outrageous verbal attacks on Israel. What makes these verbal assaults and distortions all the more painful is that they are being orchestrated by President Obama.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Well, finally, Obama does something right. He puts America ahead of Israel, and for that I congratulate him. As for the tear-stricken Ed Koch; Ed, if you are that worried about Israel, kindly move there! We The People are sick and tired of American politicians whining about @#%$ing Israel!

Apr 13 14:58

Keiser Report: Special Greenspan Bubble edition

This time Max Keiser and co-host Stacy Herbert look at the scandals of financial crisis show trials in America; Citigroup alleges they could not possibly have predicted the collapse of a very obvious housing bubble; and former Fed Chairman, Alan Greenspan, tells the show trial commissioners that the financial world is far too complex for mere mortals. In the second half of the show, Max talks to economist Dean Baker about Citigroup's alleged profits.

Apr 13 14:55

Freedom Watch - Obama's Assassination Program - 04/12/10

Apr 13 14:51

Unholy Alliances -- part1 Israel did 911

Apr 13 14:32

The 'Obama doctrine': kill, don't detain

George Bush left a big problem in the shape of Guantánamo. The solution? Don't capture bad guys, assassinate by drone

Apr 13 14:21

The 11 Craziest Unexpected Sex-Related Deaths In History

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Guess who leads the list!!!

Apr 13 14:16

Dimona Is Not Israel’s Lifeline: On Zim and Gadot

In the Defeating Israel articles of this website, I commented also on the vulnerability of Israel supply lines. They depend heavily on one port in Haifa Bay. Gadot Chemical Tankers and Terminals is located there and acts as the major pier for chemical products in the country, shipping, storing, and distributing liquid chemicals, oils, and a large variety of materials for the local industry. A major spill of these in the bay may seem of little consequence during a war – after all ships can float even in polluted waters.

Apr 13 14:06

Carlsberg workers strike over beer limits

Carlsberg workers in Copenhagen have gone on strike against new rules that restrict the amount of free beer they can consume during their working day.

Apr 13 14:00

Pope's No.2 claims sex scandal in the church is linked to homosexuality not priestly celibacy

Later the church sent Aguirre out of Chile twice amid abuse allegations. He was eventually sentenced to 12 years in prison for abusing 10 teenage girls.

One of the girls, identified as Paula, said that she and the priest started to have sex when she was 16 and that it lasted until she was 20.

She told the Chilean newspaper La Nacion: 'I thought it wasn't that bad to have sex with him because when I told priests about it at confession they just told me to pray and that was it.

'They knew, and some of them guessed that it was Father Tato. But everyone looked the other way. No one corrected or helped me.'

Apr 13 13:15


Sinai is part of Egypt. But Israel would like it to be part of Greater Israel.

Apr 13 13:11

Hard Drive Makers Fall on Wedbush Downgrade

Shares of both Seagate Technology (STX) and Western Digital (WDC) are trading lower today, in the wake of somewhat bearish sentiment from Wedbush Securities. Analyst Kaushik Roy downgraded both of the hard-disk drive makers to Neutral from Outperform.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

YES!!! Yes, yes, yes, yes YES!!!!!

Apr 13 13:06

Video: San Antonio Park Police kills Free Speech – WeAreChange San Antonio

Apr 13 13:05

Executive pleads guilty in Ponzi scheme targeting Jews

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Notice that the fact that orthodox Jews were the targets makes this newsworthy!

Apr 13 13:03

Brilliantly Exposing Climategate

Apr 13 13:02

CLIMATEGATE - East Anglia Confirmed Emails from the Climate Research Unit - Searchable

Apr 13 13:01

FLASHBACK - Climategate: Faster and Faster, the Dominos Fall

The Climategate files were made public just a month ago, and the email messages that were revealed have already had real impact. The emails show us scientists being petty and political, even corrupt. Suppressing dissenting science and perhaps even violating the law to prevent data from being shared with the rest of the world. They show us people with failings, egos against egos. But the emails themselves aren’t enough to call the overall science of CO2-driven, human-caused climate change into question.

Apr 13 12:56


Now the first crack has opened in the intimidation wall – a 36 percent increase in the number of travelers to Sinai. It seems like a small matter, but perhaps it will lead to opening additional daring cracks. If we didn’t heed the scaremongers, if we went to Sinai and it was great, maybe we should try a few more things. Perhaps we could live with an Iranian nuclear bomb, without initiating an attack. Perhaps withdrawing from the Golan isn’t as dangerous as they tell us. Perhaps lifting the Gaza blockade will be good for Israel, and recognizing Hamas will be a blessing.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Another reason for Israel to scare its citizens back inside Israel?

Apr 13 12:54


This is the holocaust-carnival season in Israel, or more correctly, the premier annual hasbara event of using the tragic events of World War II to attract sympathy, blackmail the world, and especially divert attention from Israel’s ongoing holocaust against the Palestinian people.

Apr 13 12:53


Why are American taxpayers subsidizing the violent actions of Israeli settlers in the heart of a Palestinian city?

Apr 13 12:45

Richest Virginians get biggest Obama tax cuts

Apr 13 12:33

Did The Fed Just (Surreptitiously) Bail Out Europe?

Apr 13 12:25

Israel tells its citizens to get out of Egypt now

Israel issued an "urgent" warning Tuesday to its citizens to leave Egypt's Sinai Peninsula immediately citing "concrete evidence of an expected terrorist attempt to kidnap Israelis in Sinai."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Egypt's representative to the US Nuclear Summit made it a point to say that Israel's known nuclear arsenal needs to be looked at alongside Iran's much propagandized but never proven nuclear ambitions. Israel clearly does not like this, and may stage another false-flag bombing against Egypt as punishment.

Apr 13 12:21

Sigourney Weaver attacks Oscar voters

Sigourney Weaver has launched a blistering attack on the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, saying James Cameron didn't win the Oscar for Best Director because he "didn't have breasts."

Outspoken "Avatar" star Weaver said she believed Cameron -- who lost out to his ex-wife, "The Hurt Locker" director Kathryn Bigelow -- didn't win because the academy wanted to make history by naming its first ever female Best Director.

"Jim didn't have breasts, and I think that was the reason," Weaver told Brazilian news site Folha Online over the weekend. "He should have taken home that Oscar."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Hurt Locker" won because it was PRO-WAR, whereas "Avatar" was not.

Sigourney is otherwise correct; Cameron got robbed. Avatar is the best movie of 2009. @#%$ the Academy!

Apr 13 12:17

AIPAC- We’ll take over the UC Berkeley student government

Apr 13 12:17

UK’s discriminatory criminalization of dissent

In January 2009, Tebani’s teenage son Yahia was one of tens of thousands of people who joined demonstrations in London against the Israeli bombing of Gaza. At one of those demonstrations Yahia and many others were “kettled” — surrounded by a police cordon and slowly let out in return for giving their names and addresses and for being filmed.

Apr 13 12:15

Church split over new pastor

Parents of youngsters at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic church and school were divided over their new pastor this week, with some saying they were confident in the church’s decision and others challenging the transfer of a once-accused child molester who was never charged.

Apr 13 12:15

Mount Cashel Orphanage

Canada's largest sexual abuse scandal, and one of the largest in the world (see below) was disclosed in 1989, resulting in the closure of the facility in 1990 after the last resident was moved to an alternate facility. The property was seized and the site razed and sold for real estate development in the mid-1990s as part of a court settlement ordering financial compensation to the victims. Today a Sobeys supermarket at 10 Elizabeth Avenue and a small residential development called Howley Estates sit on the land once occupied by the orphanage.

Apr 13 12:12


We had a meaningful event commemorating Deir Yassin massacre in Beit Sahour on Friday even as the Israeli regime holds memorials at Yad Vashem overlooking the village ruins and ignoring the injustice of building a state on the ruins of another people’s lands. We had a good trip to Birzeit and Ramallah Saturday (and a talk by the mayor of Bethlehem Saturday night) and participated in more actions on Sunday.

Apr 13 11:45


Is history repeating itself? Did humanity learn absolutely nothing from the past? Just one day after the Jews in Israel and throughout the world commemorated the horrors of the holocaust, Israeli laws went into effect officially proclaiming a new holocaust against the people of Palestine. The similarities alone are frightening…

BUT, unlike the ’sheeple’ that inhabited most of Eastern Europe, some Israelis ARE speaking out against these new measures…..

Apr 13 11:43


Israeli hypocrisy this Holocaust Remembrance Day

Apr 13 11:42


Apr 13 11:42

WHO pandemic probe focuses on media, Internet role

The Internet had a disruptive impact on the handling of the flu pandemic by fanning speculation and rumours, officials said as a world health probe on Tuesday examined communications on swine flu.

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If they are mounting an attack on the Internet, it means they are planning another over-hyped global pandemic to scare the world into accepting their global government plans.

Apr 13 11:10

Analysis of the Feb 2010 IAEA report on Iran

So here's my analysis of the latest IAEA report on Iran, and how the US media totally mischaracterize it for the purpose of scaremongering.

Apr 13 11:09

Club Of Rome Behind Eco-Fascist Purge To Criminalize Climate Skepticism

Ultra elitist organization that openly bragged of inventing global warming scare to manipulate population behind new onslaught of green fascism which would criminalize questioning man-made climate change

Apr 13 11:08

The U.N. Partition Plan and Arab ‘Catastrophe’

Land ownership statistics from 1945 showed that Arabs owned more land than Jews in every single district in Palestine. In Jaffa, with the highest percentage of Jewish ownership of any district, 47 percent of the land was owned by Arabs versus 39 percent owned by Jews. At the opposite end of the spectrum, in Ramallah district, Arabs owned 99 percent of the land and Jews less than 1 percent.[7] In the whole of Palestine, Arabs were in possession of 85 percent of the land, while Jews owned less than 7 percent.[8]