Dec 01 09:47

Film Reveals Never-Before-Seen Information About the Silk Road Case

By Jamie Redman

On November 26, a new Silk Road video was published that reveals underreported and never-before-seen information. The film called the Silk Road Case: The Real, Untold Story contains over 400 references to direct evidence from a wide range of sources. The organization published the video on YouTube and called it “the most comprehensive, researched narrative about Silk Road and Ross Ulbricht’s case.”...

Dec 01 05:31


Guardian writer Julia Carrie Wong has finally gotten her wish.

Through constant pressure and misinformation, Wang and her social media army were able to ban groups like Red Ice TV from Facebook.

Red Ice TV is one of the most well-known Dissident Right organizations on social media. Their content seeks to expose globalist plots and challenge sacred cows such as mass migration.

For being such staunch opponents of globalism, they were rewarded with a ban from YouTube last month.

Wong believes that Facebook “has for years failed to proactively police its site for hate groups and white supremacists, despite a longstanding ban on ‘hate’.” Because of Facebook’s reluctance to fight against hate speech, Wang took it upon herself to call out the so-called “injustice” and pressure Facebook to kick these groups off of their platform.

On November 26, 2019, Facebook listened to Wong’s demands and finally banned Red Ice TV.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The best thing to do right now, if you have a blog, which may in any way be construed as "not cleaving to the mainstream narrative", is to move your blog to another venue.

Truth is the first casualty of war, and nowhere is that being proven more true, than in these "Deplatformimg Wars".

Dec 01 05:21


Digital systems can never be shown not to have bugs. As Computer Science Elder God Edgers Dijkstra wrote: “Program testing can be used to show the presence of bugs, but never to show their absence!” Many bugs in many important programs persist for years before they are discovered. A list would include Flash in IE6 (persisted 12 years), OpenSSL (15 years), LZO data compression (18 years), and bash (25 years). None of these examples are outlier programs or trivial; they are all used by millions, essential to enterprises, networks, etc. Each of these bug is an insecurity waiting to happen. And that’s before we get to Trojan Horses, which are bugs introduced deliberately by a developer for purposes of their own.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Doing away with electronic voting, and replacing it with hand-counted votes, makes the margin for error quite a bit less possible.

Remember the 2000 election, and the Florida recount??!? That happened, because of an horrendously flawed voting system.

Nov 30 18:57

Study: Artificial Intelligence Could Affect “Virtually Every Occupational Group”

By B.N. Frank

Most disruption predicted in San Jose, Seattle, Salt Lake City, Boulder, Detroit, Huntsville, Louisville, and more…

82% of Americans think Artificial Intelligence (AI) is more harmful than helpful. Reports indicate there are many good reasons for this and it’s not just about massive job loss.

Proponents insist we’ll all be okay though – we just need UBI (Universal Basic Income). $1000/month might be okay for some, but not everyone could live off that. For those who manage to keep their jobs – they’ll still be more “exposed” to AI. They also may be forced to “merge” with it...

Nov 30 08:46

US urging a no vote on a Russian-led UN resolution calling for a global cybercrime treaty

The U.S. and its Western allies are urging opposition to a Russian-led resolution at the United Nations that they warn is a thinly veiled effort to create global norms that endorse state control of the internet.

The resolution, to be voted on Monday, would pave the way for a new global treaty on cybercrime. Though the resolution itself is worded innocuously, the U.S., its allies and human rights groups see it as an opportunity for countries such as Russia and China to create a U.N.-approved standard that would permit the blocking of websites deemed critical of government authorities and the use of digital technologies to monitor dissidents.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

How completely hysterically ironic this is, when Facebook and Google are already deplatforming websites the US government doesn't want either the American- or international - public to see!!

This is simply "No one controls the internet except the Unhinged, Surveilled State of Amerika, DAMMIT!!!", writ large.

Nov 29 05:50

Here Are More US Tech Giants Propping Up China's Vast Surveillance State

A bombshell follow-up report to a major document leak which confirmed and detailed China's vast Uyghur Muslim Xinjiang prison network and system for monitoring communications and whereabouts has named names. Names that is, of US tech giants that are actually aiding and abetting China’s multibillion-dollar surveillance industry being used to impose a total electronic police state on the communist country. And it's not just Google and IBM, but a growing list of recognizable names.

"U.S. companies, including Seagate Technology PLC, Western Digital Corp. and Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co., have nurtured, courted and profited from China’s surveillance industry," the scathing report begins. "Several have been involved since the industry’s infancy."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is disturbing, but in American business practices, and in its "morality" money trumps every other moral issue and consequence.

Nov 28 05:31


The Israeli government is aiming to increase the volume of Israel’s defence exports, reported Globes, which has revealed the main points of the plan for the first time.

The project, being overseen by the Defence Ministry’s International Defence Cooperation Directorate (SIBAT) led by Brigadier General (Res.) Yair Kulas, will begin to be rolled out in early 2020.

According to Globes, the plan is based on “focused seminars for senior commanders in foreign armies”, Israeli military “assistance for promoting sales of Israeli weapons”, and “subsidising small and medium-sized defence companies seeking to sell arms around the world”.

Speaking this week, Kulas said that SIBAT favours a major expansion of agreements between countries, resulting in significant deals for the large defence companies, especially Elbit Systems, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and Rafael Advanced Defence Systems.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Color me unsurprised at this development; but one has to wonder how Israeli weaponry really stands up to that of China or Russia, at this point?!?

Nov 28 05:27


The ability to read people’s minds and emotions is now possible thanks to scientists at Carnegie Mellon University.

But who decides when it is absolutely necessary to read a person’s mind and emotions? Aren’t MRIs supposed to be used only when absolutely necessary?

From CBS 60 Minutes:

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One has to wonder; would such technology be a far better tool than is torture, to understand what an alleged "baddie" has been doing, or plans to do?!?

I would see that as a moral, and reasonable use of such a tool; but what about using it to eavesdrop on peoples' thoughts, when there has been zero consent to do so?!?

This kind of technology could morph into a "Minority Report"/Repression/Surveillance type of tool, in a heartbeat, and most probably will, in technologically adept societies.

The next step in this process, will be the rewiring of the human brain; and that ... is a very dangerous undertaking.

Nov 28 05:07


Researchers are testing new technology it is calling ‘Innovation Checkpoint’ to deal with complaints over electronics, liquids and taking off their shoes.

The process would use a sensor on a drone to detect homemade bombs, a gel that surrounds an explosive so it can safely be removed and scanners capable of investigating items in a suitcase, so nothing needs to be removed.

Jose Bonilla, the director of TSA’s Innovation Task Force told CBSNews: ‘This is a glimpse into the future of what aviation security is going to look like.’

‘What we’re trying to do is, how do we make that a more seamless process for the traveling public, but not giving upon security.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It would seem that Airlines believe that they should allow the TSA to do anything to passengers, and with absolute impunity; however, what happens when people abandon air travel completely, writing the current heads of airline companies as to the very simple reason; they refuse to be allowed to be treated as criminals, as the TSA is so often wont to do.

What happens when airlines go bankrupt, because enough people refuse to fly, or take trains, or buses, because they utterly loathe how they are being treated at these public transport venues?!?

Right after 9/11, this country morphed from the "innocent until proven guilty" law (which, I believe, is still technically the law of the land, even though no longer observed when one travels on public transport), to the Code Napoleon Criminal Law Stature, where one is considered guilty until proven innocent.

And frankly, as a peace activist, who never advocates violence of any kind, I resent this.

I know that there are times when people cannot avoid this, but if you can, please avoid public transport completely.

And also, I would like to hope that TSA will start groping all members of Congress, and Cabinet Heads when they travel; sauce for the goose... should be sauce for the gander!! :-)

Nov 27 12:12

Despite clear warnings, Europe is out of IP addresses—again

Monday afternoon, RIPE—Réseaux IP Européens—or the regional Internet Registry for Europe, the Middle East, and parts of Central Asia—announced that it's out of IPv4 addresses.

What this means is that the organization has handed out its last available /22 (1,022 address) netblock. If you need European public IP addresses of your very own, you must get on a waiting list and hope for some other company to die on the vine and relinquish its address space when it does.

There are some caveats to RIPE's used-IPv4-address car lot, though. To get on the waiting list, you must never have received any subnet from RIPE in the past... and you may only receive a single /24 subnet. That gets you 256 total IPv4 addresses, three of which are used just to set the whole thing up (network, broadcast, and gateway).

Nov 27 11:47

Amazon Ring Doorbell Camera to Build Watchlist of “Suspicious” Neighbors for Police

By John Vibes

Ring, the home security system developed by Amazon, is planning to build a database of neighborhood watchlists using facial recognition technology.

Documents obtained by the Intercept revealed that the company is working with law enforcement on a system that will identify people who are considered “suspicious,” and let Ring owners know when these individuals are near their home, using the facial recognition software built into the security system’s cameras.

The software will also give the Ring owner the ability to notify police or call in the suspicious activity on their own...

Nov 27 10:22

HPE tells users to patch SSDs to prevent failure after 32,768 hours of operation

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) warned customers last week to install a critical firmware patch to prevent SAS SSDs (Serial-Attached SCSI solid-state drives) from permanently failing after 32,768 hours of operation -- which is 3 years, 270 days, and 8 hours.

"After the SSD failure occurs, neither the SSD nor the data can be recovered," HPE said, clearly suggesting that device owners need to install the firmware patch if they want to keep using their devices past the 32,768-hour deadline.

Users who keep data backups on different drives will be able to recover their data, but the HPE SSD will be unrecoverable, according to HPE.

Nov 25 15:38

Mozilla to Block Fingerprinters by Default in Firefox 72

Fingerprinters are a tracking method that allows a company to track you based on characteristics of your computer rather than through tracking cookies.

It does this by building a profile of your device based on its characteristics such as the screen resolution, the browser you use, timezone, language, installed extensions, the installed fonts, and your operating system.

All of this information is compiled into a unique fingerprint that can be used to track you through the different sites you visit on the Internet.

Starting with Firefox 72, the browser will automatically block Fingerprinters on any sites that you visit through its Enhanced Tracking Protection feature.

Nov 25 15:26

Hundreds Protest Decision Allowing Google to Turn Toronto Neighborhood into a “Smart City”

By B.N. Frank

“Smart Cities” are great for those who collect, analyze and sell residents’ and visitors’ data. Everyone else seems to be getting a bum deal though.

According to a 2018 Smart Cities Dive article, 66% of Americans don’t want to live in “Smart Cities” because of privacy and cybersecurity concerns. No matter, here they come...

Nov 25 06:53

The best and worst Windows changes in the past decade

Over the past decade Windows has gone through several significant changes—some achieved great success, and some resulted in near disastrous consequences.

Nov 25 05:15

OPCW Accused of Manipulating Syrian Chemical Attack Report

WikiLeaks published an email sent by a member of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), who accused the organization of manipulating their report on an alleged chemical attack that was said to have taken place in the Syrian city of Douma on April 7th 2018.

In response to the alleged attack, the US, UK, and France carried out airstrikes on the Syrian government on April 14th 2018. The author of the email was a member of a fact-finding team the OPCW sent to Douma to investigate the attack.

The author accuses the OPCW of selectively omitting certain facts. The email, dated June 22nd 2018, reads, "Many of the facts and observations outlined in the full version are inextricably interconnected and, by selectively omitting certain ones, an unintended bias has been introduced into the report, undermining its credibility."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Color me unsurprised by these revelations, and reminds me that of painfully accurate statement, "The first casualty of war is truth."

Nov 24 11:43

Unprecedented 'Architecture of Surveillance' Created by Facebook and Google Poses Grave Human Rights Threat: Report

Facebook and Google, according to the report, deserve to be singled out of the so-called Big 5 for their outsize influence on internet users.

With Facebook controlling not only its eponymous social media platform but also WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram, and Google parent company Alphabet in control of YouTube and the Android mobile operating system as well as the search engine, the companies "control the primary channels that people rely on to engage with the internet."

In fact, the report continues, the two companies control "an architecture of surveillance that has no basis for comparison in human history."

Nov 24 10:26

Weak power grids may put 5G networks in peril

Just like its predecessors, 5G networks are reliant on a constant supply of power. However, unlike its predecessors, 5G is anticipated to play a much more important role in our daily lives. Therefore, there is a genuine risk that in the near future blackouts or power shortages could disrupt 5G networks and have perilous consequences for society at large.

In the event of a 5G network failure, the entire ecosystem of countless connected devices could collapse. Autonomous vehicles, drones and other driverless types of technology would come to a standstill, people could be locked out of their smart homes, municipal infrastructure could stop working, and some critical service providers would take a hit too. In other words, large segments of the society and the economy could come to a screeching halt – not a far cry from your favorite sci-fi apocalypse movie.

Nov 23 16:38

Amazon Issues Patch for Ring Video Doorbell Security Flaw. Estimated 200M+ IoT Products Vulnerable to Hacking.

By B.N. Frank

Amazon Ring doorbells are very popular right now for homeowners and their neighborhood police departments. However, Internet of Things (IoT) technology has a 74% failure rate, which explains why security experts are constantly issuing warnings about it.

Unfortunately, none of this has stopped individuals, business, scientists, and others from wanting to use IoT for surveillance, automated vehicles, and more...

Nov 23 09:45

Google Admits That “Others” Can Access The Camera On Samsung & Android Smartphones

By Alanna Ketler

I hope you are sitting down for this lengthy and worrying list of how "others" can access your smartphone...

Nov 23 07:49

Replacing Judges with AI

Nov 23 06:10



"Their insidious control of our digital lives undermines the very essence of privacy and is one of the defining human rights challenges of our era."

A new report from Amnesty International accuses Facebook and Google of having a "surveillance-based business model" that threatens users' right to privacy and other human rights.

The tech giants, said Kumi Naidoo, secretary general of Amnesty International, have amassed "unparalleled power over the digital world by harvesting and monetizing the personal data of billions of people. Their insidious control of our digital lives undermines the very essence of privacy and is one of the defining human rights challenges of our era."

Facebook and Google, according to the report, deserve to be singled out of the so-called Big 5 for their outsize influence on internet users.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

When you post anything, on any area of social media, please make certain that it is something you wouldn't mind shouting from the rooftops; digital privacy and anonymity have died, unless you want to go to the sites as seen on the left hand side of the screen, very near where this commentary exists.

And one has to wonder just how long before they, too, get compromised.

Nov 22 19:30

Profiles of 1.2 billion people are discovered on the dark web including their phone numbers, social media accounts, email addresses and work histories giving fraudsters enough information to impersonate them

'This is the first time I've seen all these social media profiles collected and merged with user profile information into a single database on this scale,' Troia told Wired.

'From the perspective of an attacker, if the goal is to impersonate people or hijack their accounts, you have names, phone numbers, and associated account URLs.'

He and Diachenko stumbled upon four billion accounts, which belonged to the 1.2 billion individuals, spanning more than four terabytes of data, but were unable to locate the culprit behind the leak -the server could only be traced back to Google Cloud Services.

There was also no way to know if the data had been downloaded or found by anyone else prior to his discovery, Troia noted in a blog post.

Nov 22 19:11

WSJ exposes Google’s search engine fraud and blatant lies about not manually intervening in search engine results… BLACKLIST of sites includes

Links to Planned Parenthood, as one example, make up 39 percent of Google search results for the word “abortion” – this compared to just 16 percent and 14 percent of search results for the word “abortion” on DuckDuckGo and Microsoft’s Bing, respectively.

Google also flat-out blocks certain websites from showing up in its search results, including Dr. Joseph Mercola’s web articles and resources. Other Google-censored websites include The Gateway Pundit and United West, as well as Natural News.

Breitbart News has also been targeted by Google, especially after it leaked the “Google Tape” last year. Reports indicate that Breitbart‘s article about the Google tape ended up being buried 12 pages back by Google when users search for the phrase “leaked Google video Trump.”

Nov 22 15:07

Sacha Baron Cohen Gets ADL Award, Calls For More Big Tech Censorship to Fight 'Hate'

Sacha Baron Cohen, whose entire career has revolved around mocking minorities and marginalized groups, on Thursday called for a massive increase in Big Tech censorship to fight "anti-Semitism," "hate" and "bigotry" while receiving an award from the Anti-Defamation League.

Nov 22 08:20


By Andrew Crocker

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court issued a forceful opinion today holding that the Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution protects individuals from being forced to disclose the passcode to their devices to the police. In a 4-3 decision in Commonwealth v. Davis, the court found that disclosing a password is “testimony” protected by the Fifth Amendment’s privilege against self-incrimination.

EFF filed an amicus brief in Davis, and we were gratified that the court’s opinion closely parallels our arguments. The Fifth Amendment privilege prohibits the government from coercing a confession or forcing a suspect to lead police to incriminating evidence. We argue that unlocking and decrypting a smartphone or computer is the modern equivalent of these forms of self-incrimination.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Good on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court for this decision; as further challenges of this go on, perhaps as high as the Supreme Court, I hope that their logic, in this decision-making, will be allowed to stand.

Nov 21 15:26

U.S. Lawmakers Demand Amazon Disclose How Ring Stores Data

By Aaron Kesel

U.S. lawmakers are demanding that Amazon tell them more about how Ring, Amazon’s surveillance network, is protecting consumer data. They cited the potential for the sensitive footage “detailing the lives of millions of Americans” to fall into the hands of hackers and foreign spies...

Nov 21 12:44

One Hundred Exhortations: Why We Hate Airports

By Jeffrey A. Tucker

Not for at least six months or so had I been in an airport. It was my choice. The trains are just too wonderful: no scans, solid internet at no extra charge, large seats, glorious scenery. There is a nice code of etiquette that emerges organically from passengers; it’s not piped in over loudspeakers. You get one announcement at each stop and nothing else.

Riding the train feels like you are living in an older, freer America. I would gladly double my travel time if it meant taking the train over the plane.

One can’t avoid flying forever. So setting out on plane travel this weekend, I decided to figure out precisely what it is that is so horrible about flying these days.

Why is it that I’ve come to dread the whole thing?...

Nov 21 12:37

Fake ‘Windows Update’ Installs Cyborg Ransomware

A malicious spam campaign that informs victims it contains a “critical Windows update” instead leads to the installation of Cyborg ransomware, researchers have found. Further, they were able to access its builder, which can be used to create malware variants.

The email-based threat, discovered recently by researchers at Trustwave, is unique in a few ways, researchers unveiled in a blog post on Tuesday. For instance, the attached file purports to be in .jpg format, even though it opens an .exe file.

Another unique aspect is that the emails contain a two-sentence subject, “Install Latest Microsoft Windows Update now! Critical Microsoft Windows Update!”— but it has just one sentence in its email body, researchers said.

Nov 21 10:48

Victory: Pennsylvania Supreme Court Rules Police Can’t Force You to Tell Them Your Password

By Andrew Crocker

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court issued a forceful opinion today holding that the Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution protects individuals from being forced to disclose the passcode to their devices to the police. In a 4-3 decision in Commonwealth v. Davis, the court found that disclosing a password is “testimony” protected by the Fifth Amendment’s privilege against self-incrimination...

Nov 20 23:27

Investigation finds Google ‘blacklists’ entire sites from search results

It appears “Google keeps blacklists,” the engineers manually make “algorithmic changes,” including making “behind-the-scenes adjustments” to results on the search pages, and Google “boosts some major websites” over other smaller websites. The Journal writes that these actions “have increased sharply since the 2016 election.” Google made 3,200 changes to its algorithms in 2018, an increase from 500 in 2010.

Engineers change all the other parts of Google search results regularly, including “knowledge panels,” “featured snippets,” and news results. Admittedly, these are not part of the basic search result algorithm. But they affect search results all the same.

Google also “keeps blacklists,” reported The Journal, which in the United States include sites that feature child abuse or spam. But the company would never publicly admit to this.

Nov 20 17:47

Brew Ha-Ha: “F— PG&E” Beer for Californians Fed Up with the Criminally Negligent Utility Company

By B.N. Frank

Trouble has actually been brewing for California utility company, Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) for many years now. It’s not only about deadly wildfires and planned blackouts either...

Nov 20 08:03

House Lawmakers Extend Section 215 into Next Year Even Though They Had Years to Stop Illegal Overcollection of Americans’ Sensitive Data

By India McKinney

With federal agencies set to run out of money this week, House lawmakers today passed a short-term funding bill that contained a nasty surprise. Tucked into the end of this must-pass legislation, in a section titled “Other Matters,” is language reauthorizing three Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) authorities currently set to expire on December 15, 2019. The new expiration date would be March 15, 2020.

The extension of these surveillance authorities, even for three months, is bad enough. Hiding the language in the back of a must-pass funding bill shows a patent disregard for the importance of this issue...

Nov 20 07:44


Yves here. We edited this important post from a version on Aaron Greenspan’s website. Lambert reordered it to make the likely magnitude of Facebook fake accounts the starting point, which we see as the most damning evidence against Facebook. Most people accept the proposition that Mark Zuckerberg is running a less than trustworthy business that among other things, has no concern for the safekeeping of personal information. But the idea that his business looks like a Ponzi scheme is a new disclosure and merits a hard look.

By Aaron Greenspan, founder of the Think Computer Corporation1

Facebook now has a market capitalization approaching $600 billion, making it nominally one of the most valuable companies on earth. It’s a true business miracle: a company that was out of users in 2012 managed to find a wellspring of nearly infinite and sustained growth that has lasted it, so far, half of the way through 2019.

Nov 20 07:40


Anonymous has hacked into various Chinese websites and databases dumping files from government employee data to corporate data including user names, mobile phone numbers, email addresses, passwords for databases, IP addresses and more. It is all a part of what the collective is calling #OpHongKong and they vow these actions will continue until Hongkongers’ demands are met and Hong Kong is free.

This writer spoke to OpHongKong via email who sent a tip that the decentralized hacktivist collective, Anonymous, has initiated “OpHongKong” no-holds-barred hacks against China for the escalation against Hong Kong protesters, holding students hostage at Polytechnic University; and for what China is doing to Muslim Uighurs in concentration camps, as well as its own people with its Orwellian facial recognition surveillance-state.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

That the protestors didn't realize that this was coming, or what the outcome would most probably be, signaled an intense failure of imagination on their parts.

And for the Communist officials, at the end of the day, I would suggest that there is only so much repression a human being can handle, and if there is any more heaped against them, they will react aggressively, which appears to be happening here.

The big question, and one which may cause China's President Xi some sleepless nights, is, where do things go from here?!? How intensely will China punish this revolt's ringleaders? With a bullet to the brain, for which their families will be charged?!?

Because Hong Kong is Hong Kong, Xi may well not be able to "stage manage" the narrative quite as closely or cleanly as he would like; there will be a lot of media attention, specifically in terms of how the police were behaving, and Xi understands that.

But how this will continue to unfold, is anyone's guess, at the moment; the one think Xi dares not do, is to allow these demonstrations to get even further out of control.

Nov 20 07:23


The leaks reveal how Dezenhall took credit for the work of psychiatrist Sally Satel, a "resident scholar" at the American Enterprise Institute, the DC thinktank notorious for its advocacy for the tobacco industry, against Net Neutrality, against Dodd-Frank, against a national minimum wage, and in favor of climate denial and the Iraq invasion.

Satel penned a series of editorials and gave numerous media appearances that furthered the "blame the victim" narrative for the opioid epidemic, drawing on research funded by the Sacklers and Purdue, which ran under headlines like "Oxy Morons" (WSJ) and "OxyContin doesn’t cause addiction. Its abusers are already addicts" (Forbes).

Purdue were $50,000/year funders of AEI, something that Satel says she didn't know about (she also says that she didn't know that the research she cited in her articles was funded by Purdue).

Webmaster's Commentary: 

When the love of money corrupts people to the point where they are selling out their brothers and sisters to a drug which has horrifically addictive properties, it is an absolute bet, that they have had their consciences surgically removed before so doing.

Nov 20 06:32


Internet-connected locks and facial recognition systems have raised privacy concerns among tenants across the country. A sales pitch directed at landlords by a smart-home security company indicates that the technology could help them raise rental prices and potentially get people evicted.

A smart intercom company called Teman GateGuard has been pitching its surveillance technology to landlords in New York as a way to sidestep rent-control regulations in the city, according to emails reviewed by CNET.

The email's subject line says, "GateGuard: 3 Steps to de-stabilize NYC units -- even after the new law!" and opens with the sentence, "You CAN raise rents in NYC!"

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Again, we appear to have regressed to Code Napoleon Law, where people are presumed guilty until proven innocent; not at all a great thing, in my book.

And secondly, it absolutely tears down any modicum of trust between the building owner and the tenant, particularly if they are a good tenant, who pays on time, but now realizes that they can be surveilled at the owner's whim.

Nov 20 05:18

Chile Protesters Take Down Surveillance Drone Using Hundreds of Laser Pointers

As the people of Chile enter the second month of massive protests against the neoliberal government of President Sebastian Piñera, clashes have continued unabated between demonstrators and the militarized security forces of the South American state.

Nov 19 16:55

Android Camera App Bug Lets Apps Record Video Without Permission

A new vulnerability has been found in the Camera apps for millions, if not hundreds of millions, of Android devices that could allow other apps to record video, take pictures, and extract GPS data from media without having the required permissions.

Android apps expose various intents, or functions such as the ability to take a picture, that can be executed by other apps on the device. In order to execute an exposed intent, another app has to have the needed permissions.

In a coordinated disclosure with Google and Samsung, researchers from Checkmarx disclosed today a new vulnerability that allows apps to take pictures, record videos, or get a device's location even if they do not have permissions to do so.

This vulnerability, known as CVE-2019-2234, is known to affect the Google Camera and Samsung Camera apps if they have not been updated since before July 2019.

Nov 19 16:54

Why Is YouTube’s ‘Royalty-Free Audio’ Library Resulting In Mass Copyright Strikes?

YouTuber Matt Lowne took to Twitter over the weekend to ask about copyright strikes he was receiving. He’s been uploading videos of the space simulation game Kerbal Space Program since 2013.

Lowne’s intro samples the track “Dreams” by Joakim Karud ?— which he obtained from YouTube’s audio library.

Despite going through the proper channels (and not experiencing a problem for six years), all hell broke loose last week. Lowne began receiving email after email from YouTube for copyright strikes. Every single one of his Kerbal Space Program videos had been targeted.


Several reports on Twitter surfaced after Matt revealed what happened to him ?— and it finally painted a clearer picture of why the claims happened.

Both Sony/ATV and Warner Chappell were aggressively claiming the song because it samples another song ?— Kenny Burrell Quartet’s “Weaver of Dreams.” That 1956 song’s copyright is owned by none other than Sony/ATV and Warner/Chappell.

Nov 19 15:45

Denial of service kingpin hit with 13 months denial of freedom and a massive bill to pay

A US court has sentenced the operator of a massive DDoS service to 13 months in prison.

Sergiy Usatyuk, 21, from Orland Park, IL was handed the term - along with a $542,925 forfeiture order - after pleading guilty earlier this year to one count of conspiracy to cause damage to internet-connected computers. He will also have to serve three years supervised release, the North Carolina Eastern US District Court ruled.

Usatyuk and an unnamed conspirator from Canada owned and operated a group of "booter" sites that offered for-hire DDoS attacks.

Nov 19 13:02

Anonymous Hacks China As Chinese Military Moves On Hong Kong, Students Trapped at Polytechnic University

By Aaron Kesel

Anonymous has hacked into various Chinese websites and databases dumping files from government employee data to corporate data including user names, mobile phone numbers, email addresses, passwords for databases, IP addresses and more. It is all a part of what the collective is calling #OpHongKong and they vow these actions will continue until Hongkongers’ demands are met and Hong Kong is free...

Nov 19 10:47

Microsoft joins Google and Mozilla in adopting DNS over HTTPS data security protocol

Microsoft has put its weight behind the DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) security protocol, greatly increasing the likelihood of it becoming a default internet standard.

In a post published Sunday on its networking blog, Microsoft engineers confirmed plans to adopt DoH as a default, explaining that it would “close one of the last remaining plain-text domain name transmissions in common web traffic.”

The DoH protocol encrypts requests from people’s browsers and as such prevents - or, more accurately, greatly limits - malicious actors ability to hijack, read and redirect people’s browser traffic. However, it has fallen foul of other internet companies - particularly ISPs - who will no longer be able to see their own customers’ traffic.

Nov 19 10:43

Louisiana State Government Hit by Ransomware Attack Forcing Server Shutdowns

Targeted ransomware attacks on banking and finance, government, healthcare, and critical infrastructure are on the rise, with the latest victim being the state government of Louisiana.

The state government of Louisiana was hit by a large-scale coordinated ransomware attack yesterday, which forced the state to take several state agency servers offline, including government websites, email systems, and other internal applications, to mitigate the risk of the malware's infection from spreading.

The Monday's ransomware attack resulted in the subsequent shutdown of a majority of large state agencies, including the Office of the Governor, the Office of Motor Vehicles, the Department of Health, the Department of Children and Family Services, and the Department of Transportation and Development, among others.

Nov 19 09:22

Macy’s suffers online Magecart card-skimming attack, data breach

Macy's has announced a data breach caused by Magecart card-skimming code being implanted in the firm's online payment portal.

In a letter issued to customers, the company says that it was alerted to the security incident on October 15, and the Macy's team quickly found that card-skimming script had been injected into two pages on the Macy's website.

Nov 19 09:21

Antivirus vendors and non-profits join to form 'Coalition Against Stalkerware'

Ten organizations today announced the creation of the Coalition Against Stalkerware, the first global initiative of its kind, with the sole purpose of fighting against stalkerware.

Also known as spouseware, stalkerware is a smaller category of the spyware class. Stalkerware refers to apps that abusive partners install on the devices of their loved ones without their knowledge or consent.

Nov 19 09:19

Social media censorship reaches new heights as Twitter permanently bans dissent

It’s an open secret. The deep state is working hand in hand with Silicon Valley social media giants like Twitter, Facebook and Google to control the flow of information. That includes suppressing, censoring and sometimes outright purging dissenting voices – all under the guise of fighting fake news and Russian propaganda.

Most recently, it was revealed that Twitter’s senior editorial executive for Europe, the Middle East and Africa is an active officer in the British Army’s 77th Brigade, a unit dedicated to online warfare and psychological operations.

In other words: he specializes in disseminating propaganda.

Nov 19 05:27


The Veterans Affairs Department knowingly disclosed sensitive information on millions of veterans’ doctors, spouses and dependents despite warnings that the practice “could cause those individuals significant harm,” an internal watchdog found.

For more than three years, the Veterans Benefits Administration intentionally stopped redacting names, Social Security numbers and other personally identifiable information on third-party individuals in claims records provided to veterans, according to the VA Inspector General. The practice not only left countless people vulnerable to identity theft but it also potentially broke the law, auditors found.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I am having a palm to forehead moment, at warp speed, upon reading this; it appears that, when it comers to divulging data in this way, what the US has, right now, is an ANTI-VETERANS AFFAIRS DEPARTMENT.

Don't get me wrong; I still abhor the concept of war, as the "only way possible" to get what the US government wants as its geostrategic goal.
But that being said, every single Vet in this country deserves both the finest medical care possible, and the most bullet-proof handling of their data, period, end of discussion.

Nov 18 13:32


. In this piece, Radovac reveals the buried plan for a finance-sector managed, all-surveilling National ID card buried in the latest massive wedge of largely unread documents from Google spin-out Sidewalk Labs (previously) that is building a controversial, privatized city-within-a-city in Toronto

Nov 18 12:51

A German Museum Tried To Hide This Stunning 3D Scan of an Iconic Egyptian Artifact. Today You Can See It for the First Time

For more than a decade, museums around the world have been making high-quality 3D scans of important sculptures and ancient artifacts. Some institutions, such as the Smithsonian and the National Gallery of Denmark, have forward-thinking programs that freely share their 3D scans with the public, allowing us to view, copy, adapt, and experiment with the underlying works in ways that have never before been possible. But many institutions keep their scans out of public view.

Nov 18 09:25

Apple finally admits iPad Pro won't replace your PC

Apple kept insisting.

For quite some time, indeed, Cupertino plagued people with the message that the iPad Pro wasn't just a computer, but the only computer you need.

Two years ago, Apple presented an ad in which a young woman, devoted to her iPad Pro, claimed not to even know what a computer was.

The year before, the company insisted iPad Pro was a computer and appealed to users to merely imagine what that computer could do. Microsoft burst out laughing. Yes, publicly.

Nov 18 09:23

Drones with flamethrowers are a thing you can buy now

As if drones weren't frightening enough, now they can be equipped with fire-spitting flamethrowers? Oh gawd.

Throwflame's TF-19 WASP drone attachment is capable of shooting targets with flames from 25 feet away. Every gallon of fuel capacity will get you 100 seconds of firing time.

Nov 18 07:04

Remembering Y2K: The disaster that never happened (free PDF)

In the end, nothing happened. Except plenty of great Y2K parties and merchandise sales.

Here’s a recap of TechRepublic’s vintage Y2K coverage from back in the day. Our writers covered the topics with a measured dose of wisdom and concern with just a bit of mirth.

Nov 18 07:03

Why are weather apps still so unreliable?

You are undoubtedly familiar with the plethora of weather apps available. Services like AccuWeather, The Weather Channel, Dark Sky, WeatherBug and any number of others all promise to provide you with an accurate forecast. But if you check those apps separately, you'll sometimes see that they can't even agree on a forecast. That's because while these apps all ostensibly do the same thing, they rarely pull their data from the same sources. Eric Floehr, founder of ForecastWatch, tells Mic that each app gets its forecast from different places, utilizing different prediction models and relying on different meteorologists to interpret the data. "The big weather apps like AccuWeather, The Weather Channel and Dark Sky all create their own forecasts," Floehr explains. Some of those services also sell their forecasts, which apps like Yahoo's weather service and WeatherBug repackage in their own app — but that doesn't guarantee agreement, either.

Nov 18 05:43


Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon said in a Friday interview that in 2017, he was involved in an effort to remove alleged whistleblower Eric Ciaramella from the National Security Council over concerns about leaks.
"When I was in the White House there was a number of people in the National Security Council — the named individual eventually got let go, I believe because people were suspicious, not me, but other people around him were suspicious about his leaking, and that’s why he was let go," Bannon told VICE in an interview which published Friday.

Bannon served in the White House until August 2017, while Ciaramella - who became former National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster’s personal aide in June 2017, was called out as a leaker by journalist Mike Cernovich that same month.

The whistleblower, who is reported to be a CIA analyst, filed a complaint on Aug. 12 accusing President Donald Trump of abusing his office in his dealings with Ukraine.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I would politely like to suggest that Republicans force Eric Ciaramella to testify, and get this done before what is left of his staff has prepared a list of countries with which the US has no extradition treaty for him to review.

Because, if not, the guy will most certainly skip town, big-time, if he has the opportunity.

Nov 18 05:39


The Obama Administration coerced the Ukrainian government into removing the prosecutor investigating Ukrainian firm Burisma and its ties to Obama’s Vice President Biden and Secretary of State John Kerry. Next they plotted with whistleblower Eric Ciaramella in the White House and then pushed the Steele dossier to the FBI.

We know that Obama State Department Victoria Nuland was involved in numerous activities in the Obama White House while working for John Kerry. Nuland first was noted when she was caught lying to reporters about Obama’s Benghazi talking points. Nuland then came to light in 2014 when she was caught on tape saying “F**k the EU”.

We also know that Obama’s State and Justice Departments assisted billionaire and Democrat donor George Soros in an attempt to control Ukraine’s oil and gas industry.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Yes, President Obama was supposed to have been our "cool President"; but looking at these allegations, if they are proven true, means that his "WOW factor" just gotten overridden by this "OW! Factor", in terms of plotting to overthrown a duly elected President and Congress.

And now, irony of ironies, the Demoncratic Party has taken the same page from their own failed playbook, to attempt to destroy President Trump.

I would like to politely suggest, that this is doomed to go "just as well" as did the "anointing" of Ukraine's "election" of Poroshenko, who just drove the corruption in this failed nation-state deeper, and faster, than anyone could have anticipated.

Nov 17 14:33

Exposing The Brennan Dossier: All About A Prime Mover Of Russiagate

Authored by Aaron Maté via,

In the waning days of the Obama administration, the U.S. intelligence community produced a report saying Russian President Vladimir Putin had tried to swing the 2016 election to Donald Trump.

The January 2017 report, called an Intelligence Community Assessment, followed months of leaks to the media that had falsely suggested illicit ties between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin while also revealing that such contacts were the subject of a federal investigation. Its release cast a pall of suspicion over Trump just days before he took office, setting the tone for the unfounded allegations of conspiracy and treason that have engulfed his first term.

What was Brennan's motive? Among the possibilities is hostility within his camp toward Michael Flynn (foreground), Trump's future reform-minded national security adviser.

AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais

Nov 17 14:31

Assange's Judge Out After Military/Intel-Linked Conflicts Of Interest Exposed


Lady Emma Arbuthnot, the Westminster chief magistrate enmeshed in a conflict of interest, will no longer be presiding over the extradition proceedings of imprisoned WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange, said WikiLeaks lawyer Jen Robinson, at an event in Sydney on Friday night .

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This may be cold comfort, but those who support Assange understand that this may be a minor miracle in the case; But Assange is going to need many more not to either get assassinated at Belmarsh, or held in captivity in the US, for the rest of his life, after a kangaroo jury convicts him.