Sep 22 05:04

Bill Gates turns on CDC and FDA, insists they can’t be trusted with Trump in charge

Both the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) can no longer be trusted, according to billionaire eugenicist Bill Gates, because President Trump is not overseeing these agencies the way Gates would like.

Sep 22 05:03

“We Want to Pay Respect” – Trump Says He Will Announce His Third SCOTUS Pick on Friday or Saturday after RBG’s Funeral (VIDEO)

While appearing on Fox and Friends on Monday morning, President Trump announced that he will announce a new Supreme Court nominee by the end of the week. He also said he was down to four or five finalists.

Sep 22 05:03

Joe Biden Botches Pledge: “I Pledge Allegiance to the United States of America. One Nation, Indivisible, Under God, For Real” (VIDEO)

Joe Biden bungled the Pledge of Allegiance during his Wisconsin speech on Monday.

Sep 22 05:02

Huh? Joe Biden Says “A State School President” Should Sit in the Oval Office But He Was Never a State School President – Weird?

Joe Biden flew to Wisconsin on Monday for a small rally at an aluminum foundry for another of his famously teeny-tiny campaign stops. Joe has a lot of nerve stopping at a factory in Wisconsin after destroying US manufacturing jobs for decades and sending those same jobs to Mexico and China.

Sep 22 05:00

Boy, 12, who was doing donuts in a ute when the vehicle flipped in crash and killed an 11-year-old girl is given a slap on the wrist

A 12-year-old boy has been sentenced for causing a pre-teen girl to die in a crash
Abbey Forrest, 11, died after sliding out the tray of a ute in WA's far north in 2019
The driver was doing donuts in his dad's car when it rolled and Abbey slid out
He has been sentenced to an eight-month intensive youth supervision order
Judge Hylton Quail blamed the child's parents for allowing him access to the car

Sep 22 04:59

ISIS Beatles CAN face trial in America: Terror suspect's mother loses High Court bid to stop pair's prosecution in US - meaning they face life in 'hell on earth' supermax prison if convicted

Alexanda Kotey, 36, and El-Shafee El-Sheikh, 32, were allegedly in terror cell
'Beatles' were behind beheading of two British aid workers and two journalists
Sheikh's mother had challenged initial decision to share information in case
She attempted numerous legal attempts to stop the material being sent to US
But High Court ruled this morning the information supply could continue
An order stopping the UK evidence being sent has now been lifted by judges

Sep 22 04:26

The BLM Mob Hits Rural America — BLM Blocks Entrance to Bigfoot School in Rural Wisconsin

Don’t be fooled.
No one is safe from the BLM mob.

Sep 22 04:25

MUST SEE VIDEO: True the Vote Founder Catherine Engelbrecht: What You Can Do These Next 44 Days to SAVE THIS ELECTION FOR TRUMP AND AMERICA!

Catherine Engelbrecht is the Founder and President of True The Vote the nation’s largest voters’ rights group.

Sep 22 04:25

With His Mask on Backwards, Joe Biden Claims 200 Americans Have Died From Covid (VIDEO)

Joe Biden delivered a speech in Manitowoc, Wisconsin on Monday.

Sep 22 04:24

Enormous ‘F*** Cuomo And De Blasio’ Painted On Brooklyn Street

Vandals — or patriots, more likely — painted an all-caps, block-long message on a Brooklyn street in New York City: “F*** Cuomo and de Blasio.”

Sep 22 04:23

CNN boss Jeff Zucker dismissed Apprentice star friend Donald Trump as a 'sideshow' in 2015 before realizing he'd be a ratings success - but is now trying to 'kill off the runaway monster he helped create' with TV coverage

CNN president Jeff Zucker initially dismissed Donald Trump as a 'sideshow' when he first announced his presidential bid in 2015 but is now reportedly trying to kill off the 'runaway monster' that he helped create.

Sep 22 04:22

Trump claims America's libel laws stopped him from taking action against The Atlantic for their 'losers' and 'suckers' piece and calls John Bolton a 'stupid person'

Donald Trump has blasted America's libel laws for preventing him from taking action against The Atlantic after they claimed he called dead troops 'suckers' and 'losers'.

Sep 22 04:21

Trashy Nebraska Senator Megan Hunt Admits Jake Gardner Persecution Was Mob Rule, Continues to Smear Him After His Suicide

Trashy far-left extremist Senator Megan Hunt is practically dancing on the grave of a Trump volunteer and Marine who killed himself over the weekend, after being charged for defending himself, his father, and his bar from a criminal rioter in a fatal incident.

Sep 22 04:21

Omaha Bar Owner Jake Gardner Had Been Targeted By the Left FOR YEARS Over Trump Support

A Nebraska bar owner and US Marine that killed a rioter who was attacking him and his business has committed suicide, a friend of Jake Gardner has confirmed.

Sep 22 04:19

Caravan of Trump Supporters Shouted Slurs and Other Obscenities at Bystanders During NC Parade

I imagine it must be inconvenient for Trumpsters who swear to Has-a-Black-Friend-Jesus that not all Trump supporters are racist, that nearly every loud and proud bigot who ends up getting widespread attention for one reason or another turns out to be a raging MAGA enthusiast. I, for one, can not imagine what it is about the jack-o’lantern-in-chief that attracts such a strong neo-Nazi following. It’s a whole mystery.

Webmaster addition: I don't think these are real Trump supporters. I think this is a Democrat hoax.

Sep 22 04:18

3 More Louisville Metro Cops Under Investigation for Role in Breonna Taylor's Death

The Louisville Metro Police Department announced on Monday that its Professional Standards Unit is currently investigating six officers for their role in Breonna Taylor’s death.

Sep 22 04:11

Shocking Moment Trump Supporter 'Attacks A Girl, 13, With A Flagpole After Her Mother Gave Him Middle Finger' As She Drove Past Florida Rally

A Donald Trump supporter who allegedly struck a 13-year-old girl with a flagpole during a rally has been arrested.

Webmaster addition: I don't think these are real Trump supporters. I think this is a Democrat hoax.

Sep 22 04:11

Oklahoma Woman, 28, Tells Cops It's Her Birthday And She Had To 'To Poop So Bad’ When She's Pulled Over - Before Fleeing The Scene And Leading Them On A 70mph Car Chase

An Oklahoma woman pulled over by police told the officer it was her 'f***ing birthday' and that she had 'to go poop' before fleeing the scene and leading them on a 70mph car chase.

Sep 22 04:07

RISING GOP STAR: Baltimore’s Kim Klacik Releases Another Blockbuster Campaign Ad

Kim Klacik, the GOP nominee for Maryland’s 7th Congressional District, killed it when she posted her first campaign video in August on her Twitter account.

Sep 22 04:06

Trump Supporters Greet Joe Biden as He Arrives in Manitowoc, Wisconsin (VIDEO)

77-year-old Joe Biden emerged from his Delaware basement and traveled to Wisconsin Monday afternoon.

Sep 22 03:53

‘We’re Demanding Equal Justice’: Jacob Blake Sr. Leads March in Charlotte, NC for Victims of Police Violence

The family of police shooting victim Jacob Blake is keeping the discussion about the 29-year-old’s shooting as well as what is happening around the country with regards to systemic racism in policing alive. Jacob Blake Sr., along with other family members, led a march for racial justice Sunday afternoon in Charlotte, N.C., where Blake Sr. lives.

Sep 22 03:52

Twitter to Investigate Why Its Picture Cropping Algorithm Is Apparently Racist

Considering how little diversity is present in Silicon Valley, I’m never terribly surprised when some arbitrary feature on a tech platform turns out to have a racial bias. I mean, if white people aren’t thinking about how their racial bias affects people in the real world, I doubt they’re thinking about how it affects cropping a picture on Twitter.

Sep 22 03:52

1619 Project Author Nikole Hannah-Jones Now Says She Never Implied That Year Was America's True Founding

The 1619 Project is The New York Times' Pulitzer-winning effort to put racism and slavery at the center of the conversation about American history. The newspaper published a series of articles in August 2019—the 400th anniversary of slavery's introduction to the English colonies in the Americas—that reframed the year 1619 rather than 1776 as the true founding of America.

Sep 22 03:20

Words of doom decoded: BEN SPENCER analyses the dire warnings about a coronavirus second wave from Patrick Vallance and Chris Whitty

Boris Johnson will unveil a major crackdown on normal life today in a bid to halt a second wave of coronavirus.
He will drop his ‘back to work’ drive, announce restrictions on socialising and impose a 10pm curfew on bars and restaurants from Thursday.

Sep 22 03:19

Group of US Congressmen tell Boris Johnson to hand Elgin Marbles back to Greece by next year or post-Brexit trade deal and the 'special relationship' with Washington could be in jeopardy

The US Congress has waded into the ongoing row over the Elgin Marbles and called for their return to Greece.
In a letter to the Prime Minister, eighteen members of the House of Representatives urged Britain to open talks 'in earnest' over the sculptures in the British Museum.

Sep 22 03:13

McConnell: ‘We’re Going To Vote On This Nomination On This Floor’

On Monday, speaking on the Senate floor, despite the stream of threats aimed at President Trump and the GOP, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell stated confidently of filling the Supreme Court vacancy left after the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg: “We’re going to vote on this nomination on this floor.”

Sep 22 02:59

McConnell: ‘We’re Going To Vote On This Nomination On This Floor’

McConnell tweaked Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) asserting, “Ironically, it was the Democratic leader

Sep 22 02:57

Biden refuses to say if he'd pack the Supreme Court with liberals if Republicans fill Ginsburg's seat

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden refused to say whether he'd sign on to a plan to pack the Supreme Court with more liberal justices if the Republicans are able to fill late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's seat on the high court.

Sep 22 02:56

Biden On If He Supports Radical Idea Of Packing Supreme Court: ‘I’m Not Going To Answer That Question’

Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden said that the issue of whether he supports packing the Supreme Court is a “legitimate question” for journalists to ask but he is not going to answer the question.

Sep 22 02:55

South Carolina sheriff criticized over comments about black males in shooting incident, but he is not backing down

A South Carolina sheriff was criticized heavily for his comments made in relation to two black males who were arrested in a shooting incident, but he remained defiant.

Sep 22 02:54

DOJ denies House Dems' request for officials to testify citing treatment of AG Barr in prior hearing

Assistant Attorney General Stephen Boyd on Monday refused the Democrat-led House Judiciary Committee's request that Department of Justice officials testify in two upcoming hearings, saying he fears the question-and-answer sessions would deteriorate into "public spectacles" considering how Attorney General William Barr was treated by Democrats during a hearing in July.

Sep 21 18:45

BREAKING: The Chief of Staff for Obama’s Former AG Eric Holder Met With Sally Yates the Day After General Flynn Was Set Up in the White House

President Obama’s first Attorney General, Eric Holder, left a corrupt life in public office and returned to the law firm Covington but he may not have left his corrupt work behind. Today we have more information connecting Holder to the the Russia Collusion hoax.

Sep 21 18:32

WATCH: Mitch McConnell Honors RBG On The Senate Floor

On Monday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell issued an impassioned and heartfelt speech on the Senate floor honoring the late-Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg for her steadfast commitment to her office and her ability to befriend those with whom she disagreed.

Sep 21 18:29

It Begins: Potential RBG Replacement Judge Amy Coney Barrett Under Attack For Religion, Children, Support For Due Process

President Donald Trump said Monday that he plans to announce a replacement for Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg as early as Wednesday and that his list is

Sep 21 18:28

NYPD officer arrested, charged with spying for Chinese government

A New York City police officer and U.S. Army reservist was arrested on Monday, accused of spying on behalf of the Chinese government for the past several years.

Sep 21 18:16

2 Key GOP Votes Say They Support Filling SCOTUS Vacancy

Jennifer Jacobs of Bloomberg News reported of Iowa GOP senator Charles Grassley, “Grassley will push forward with filling the US Supreme Court vacancy. ‘…make no mistake: if the shoe were on the other foot, Senate Democrats wouldn’t hesitate to use their Constitutional authority and anything else at their disposal to fill this seat,”’ he says in a statement.”

Sep 21 18:14

Lindsey Graham tells Senate Judiciary Democrats there will be hearings on President Trump's SCOTUS nomination

Protests outside the home of Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) will not stop him from holding confirmation hearings on President Donald Trump's next Supreme Court nomination.

Sep 21 18:13

Chris Matthews calls Trump 'presidential' for his response to Ginsburg death, and liberals are melting down online

Former MSNBC host Chris Matthews was the object of a furious backlash after he offered praise for President Donald Trump and his response to the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Sep 21 18:04

Florida Gov Ron DeSantis Reveals New Law to Punish Rioters & Their Funders; Allow Riot Victims to Sue Govt Officials

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on Monday unveiled astonishing new legislation to punish violent rioters, add RICO liability to those funding their operations, allow victims of rioters to sue local government officials who left them defenseless against the mob in dereliction of their duties and more.

Sep 21 15:51

Nebraska State Senator Megan Hunt Celebrates In Wake Of Jake Gardner's Suicide, Smears Him In Death

Nebraska State Senator Megan Hunt, a Democrat who describes herself as a "Bi Queen," reacted to news of Jake Gardner's suicide by heaping praise on the Black Lives Matter mob that protested to get him indicted and smearing him as a white supremacist.

Sep 21 14:43

Washington Post goes all-in with domestic terrorism, now serves as haven for Antifa propaganda

Even though independent journalists like Andy Ngô have proven, with actual evidence, that Antifa militants are responsible for much of the rioting, looting and violence taking place across America, Bray wants people to believe that Antifa is innocent of most charges.

Sep 21 14:27

2020 Has Been A “Nightmare Year” For America, And The Economic Fallout Is Just Getting Started

We have already stolen several trillion dollars from future generations of Americans so far this year to fund “stimulus packages”, and so a lot of people figure that it probably wouldn’t make that much of a difference if we stole several trillion more to fund another one.

Sep 21 12:23

Who is Judge Amy Coney Barrett, potential SCOTUS contender?

Judge Amy Coney Barrett's name has popped up each time President Trump has had to pick a new Supreme Court nominee, and there is once again buzz about Coney Barrett since Trump may choose to nominate a replacement for the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Coney Barrett, 48, has been on Trump's list of potential nominees since 2017.

Sep 21 12:22

They Call for Assange’s Immediate Release: Lula, Rousseff, Morales, Zapatero, Corbyn, Correa, Paul, Galloway, Gravel, Varoufakis…

As Julian Assange fights U.S. extradition at the Old Bailey in London, over one hundred eminent political figures, including 13 past and present heads of state, numerous ministers, members of parliament and diplomats, have today denounced the illegality of the proceedings and appealed for Assange’s immediate release.

The politicians from 27 different countries and from across the political spectrum have joined 189 independent international lawyers, judges, legal academics and lawyers’ associations by endorsing their open letter to the UK Government warning that the U.S. extradition request and extradition proceedings violate national and international law, breach fair trial rights and other human rights, and threaten press freedom and democracy.

Sep 21 12:21

America A Failed State, That’s The First Stage Of Collapse

The second stage the transition to becoming an authoritarian state. All that’s left now is the third and final stage of collapse: the permanent transformation from failed to authoritarian state

Sep 21 12:17

The Prelude to World War II: The Spanish Civil War and Today's America

America is definitely not Europe, but we can find a number of parallels between European history and contemporary America. For example, we’ve previously written about the Italian Years of Lead as a possible template for urban unrest and low-level inter-tribal warfare in the United States. Another example of how things might play out in the United States is the Spanish Civil War.

Sep 21 12:15

The Prelude to World War II: The Spanish Civil War and Today's America

America is definitely not Europe, but we can find a number of parallels between European history and contemporary America. For example, we’ve previously written about the Italian Years of Lead as a possible template for urban unrest and low-level inter-tribal warfare in the United States. Another example of how things might play out in the United States is the Spanish Civil War.

Sep 21 11:37

REPORT: Lawsuit Demands All Epstein Flight Logs Be Made Public, Jeffrey Epstein’s Friends ‘Panicking’

A new lawsuit, filed by the Attorney General of the U.S. Virgin Islands, Denise George, demands that flight logs from Jeffrey Epstein’s four helicopters and three planes be made public, sparking “panic” among the late socialite’s famous friends, according to reports from the U.K.’s Mirror and Daily Mail.

Sep 21 11:36

Trump: Ginsburg’s Dying ‘Wish’ Probably Written By Democrats Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer

Well, I don’t know that she said that or was that written out by Adam Schiff and Schumer and Pelosi

Sep 21 11:34

AOC says even a Biden win won't be enough: 'No president is the answer ... mass movements are the answer'

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) said Democrats can't be satisfied and complacent even if Joe Biden wins the presidency, because simply winning the election won't accomplish all they desire, according to the New York Post.

Sep 21 11:33

Jessica Mulroney insists Meghan Markle is 'like family' and 'checks up on her every day' as she hits back at reports they had drifted apart following her race row

Jessica Mulroney has again hit back at rumours that she and Meghan Markle are no longer close by claiming the wife of Prince Harry is the 'kindest friend' who has 'checked up on me every day'.
The stylist, 40, from Toronto, made the claim in an Instagram post, three weeks after she deleted a throwback snap of one of her twin sons at Meghan Markle's wedding.

Sep 21 11:32

Activists Declare A ‘Win’ As Minneapolis PD Blocked From Re-Opening 3rd Precinct, Even As Crime Skyrockets

Anti-police activists in Minneapolis, Minnesota, are declaring a win in the battle to defund and disband the city’s police department after plans to re-open the Minneapolis Police Department’s 3rd precinct headquarters — even temporarily — fell through last week.

Sep 21 11:31

Coronavirus Lockdown Measures Are ‘Mocking God,’ San Francisco Archbishop Says

The Catholic archbishop of San Francisco claimed that the city’s strict coronavirus lockdown restrictions against houses of worship are “mocking God.”

Sep 21 11:30

Democrats threaten possible second Trump impeachment over GOP filling SCOTUS vacancy as Constitution allows

Powerful Democrats are floating impeachment — both of President Donald Trump and Attorney General William Barr — as one possible option to stop Trump from fulling his constitutional duty to nominate a judge to fill the Supreme Court vacancy or as a measure of retaliation if he proceeds with the nomination process.

Sep 21 11:29

Trump says to expect SCOTUS nominee Friday or Saturday, after Justice Ginsburg's funeral

President Donald Trump says he will announce his nominee to fill the United States Supreme Court vacancy left by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death by this weekend.

Sep 21 11:10

No U.N. support for reimposing Iran sanctions, secretary-general says

Secretary-General Antonio Guterres says the United Nations will not support reimposing sanctions on Iran as the United States is demanding until he gets a green light from the Security Council.

Sep 21 11:07

Shocking moment woman says 'I'm going to end up dead' as she videos herself on Snapchat hanging out of car at '110mph' - before falling out onto M25 - and miraculously surviving

Accident took place between junction six and the Clacket Lane Services, Surrey
The woman suffered minor injuries and was treated by paramedics at the scene
Surrey Police officers said that she was lucky to avoid serious injury during stunt

Sep 21 11:06

Britain records 4,368 more coronavirus cases and 11 more deaths as outbreak continues to grow amid fears infections could spiral to 50,000 a day by mid-October

Department of Health figures show slightly fewer than 4,000 new cases are now being recorded each day
For comparison, the rate was 2,998 last Monday and 2,032 the week before that, government data reveals

Sep 21 11:06

Securitas patrol officer, 39, raped drunk woman in her 20s in a deserted car park when she mistook his car for a taxi after leaving nightclub

Sola Warikwah, 39, attacked the victim in the back of his company car
The victim had been in a nightclub in east London before heading to Belgravia
Warikwah worked as a security patrol manager for contractor Securitas

Sep 21 11:05

Hit-and-run driver is jailed after running over man, 61, on zebra crossing - only to learn it was her own father-in-law

The court heard she went to considerable lengths to cover up the hit-and-run
This included deleting 32 text messages and having her windscreen replaced
She was jailed for 18 months for causing serious injury by dangerous driving and perverting the course of justice and was also banned from driving for two years

Sep 21 11:03

Obama from 2015 (Picture)

Sep 21 11:02

Names of EVERY passenger to have flown on Jeffrey Epstein's aircraft 'to be revealed "sparking panic among the pedophile's wealthy friends"'

Jeffrey Epstein's flight logs on his aircraft, including his 'Lolita Express' jet, have been subpoenaed, sparking fear among the rich and famous who partied with the pedophile.

Sep 21 11:02

One-legged man 'giggles' as he fronts court for stealing a sex toy and 'delay gel' from Chemist Warehouse - before telling judge he just 'borrowed' them

Lower-leg amputee giggled when he faced court for stealing a sex toy and lube
Jack Quinlivan stole a vibrator and two lubricants from a Chemist Warehouse
The 28-year-old man told police he was borrowing the items and forgot to pay
Quinlivan is already behind bars for a $20,000 armed robbery in 2019

Sep 21 11:00

Jimmy Kimmel is slammed for his 'white privilege' and tasteless comedy after joking he would 'report John Oliver to ICE' when he lost to the British host in the Emmys talk show category

Jimmy Kimmel was called out for his 'white privilege' after quipping that he would report fellow comedian John Oliver to ICE during the 72nd Primetime Emmy Awards.

Sep 21 10:59

Moment rescuers save two female hikers and their dog after the trio slipped 7ft down a Majorcan cliff and got trapped on a rocky ledge

The incident took place in the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range, Majorca
One hiker held onto a tree to save her from falling further down the mountain
The West Highland White Terrier had tumbled two meters and was rescued

Sep 21 10:56

Moment an opera at Madrid's famous Teatro Real is suspended mid-performance as theatre-goers in the 'cheap seats' begin a loud protest at being forced to sit close together - despite the city's rising Covid rate

Giuseppe Verdi's 'Un ballo in maschera' was being performed at the Teatro Real
The performance in Madrid was cancelled after it had already started
Spectators seated in upper tiers complained social distancing wasn't respected
The crowd started to 'slow handclap' and called for performance to be stopped

Sep 21 10:55

Heartbreaking. (Picture)

Sep 21 10:55

Woman is taken into custody for 'sending letter with the deadly poison RICIN to Donald Trump in a package addressed to the White House'

A female suspect has been taken into custody for allegedly sending a letter containing the deadly poison ricin to Donald Trump in a package addressed to the White House.

Sep 21 10:51

American woman compares Donald Trump to HITLER during emotional rant on Q&A revealing she wants to stay in Australia amid fears she'll be shot by cops in the U.S.

Woman compares US President Trump to Hitler, six weeks out from US elections
'Could we have another Hitler? It doesn't seem far fetched to me': Eleanore Wells
German dictator exterminated about six million Jews, five million others in WWII
Host: 'That's a pretty extreme comparison, Trump hasn't done anything like that'
Also said she's scared to go home to the US: 'terrified of being shot by the police'

Sep 21 10:49

LeBron James Suggests Black Votes Don’t Count In America: ‘We’ve Seen Our Voices Be Muted Our Whole Lives’

“Black people in the community don’t believe that their vote matters,” James said, explaining why he was apathetic about voting when he was younger.

Sep 21 10:46

Horrific photos of lab monkeys with holes drilled in their skulls and rods CEMENTED to their heads by Belgian university scientists in 'cruel' brain experiments

Rhesus monkeys have electrodes implanted in their brains at Leuven university
Activists say most of them will be killed once the 'cruel' experiments are over
University says they are necessary and have led to Alzheimer's breakthroughs

Sep 21 10:44

Couple who won a remote lodge in Alaska after competing against five other couples on BBC reality show see their dream turn into a nightmare as the property's former owner says he wants it back

A couple who won a remote lodge in Alaska after taking part in BBC show Win the Wilderness have seen their dream turn into a nightmare after the home's former owner refused to give it up.

Sep 21 10:43

What border wall? (Cartoon)

Sep 21 10:43

Trump has closed the gap with Biden to just two points in 'must-win' swing state of Florida, new poll finds

A new poll suggests the race for the White House between Democratic nominee Joe Biden and President Donald Trump is getting closer in the battleground state of Florida with just a 2 point gap between the two candidates.

Sep 21 10:40

Meghan Markle 'co-operated' with Finding Freedom authors, claim lawyers in latest privacy battle

Meghan Markle suing publisher of Mail on Sunday for printing letter to her father
She claims article in 2019 breached her privacy, copyright and data protection
Royal says note contained her deepest and most private thoughts and feelings

Sep 21 10:39

Joe Biden Makes Another Gaffe By Saying 200 MILLION Americans - Or Two Thirds Of The US Population - Have Died Of COVID-19 Instead Of Almost 200,000

Joe Biden made another gaffe on Sunday when he declared an estimated 200 million Americans had died from COVID-19 - but the death toll is actually just under 200,000.

Sep 21 10:38

Are the government's 'scary' graphs as bad as they seem? Experts claim France and Spain are nowhere near 50,000 cases a day and deaths won't spike to levels seen in the first wave

Sir Patrick Vallance and Professor Chris Whitty held a briefing this morning warning about virus rebounding
They said Britain could be headed for rising deaths and severe hospital cases if it doesn't change course