Oct 16 08:14

(video) A day late and a dollar short, establishment media whore Chris Matthews decries the Iraq war.

Correct me if I am wrong, but wasn't Chris Matthews one of the sycophants from the corporate media's platoon of ass-kissers gushing and fawning in the most nausea inducing manner over Dubya's "package" and "manly" image as a faux-fighter pilot as Dubya stepped out onto the aircraft carrier flight deck for his somewhat premature "mission accomplished" celebration.

Oct 16 06:35

Health Care Reform Blamed for Huge Hike in Premiums

Bob Conners
NBC Connecticut

The state has given Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield the go ahead to raise premiums by as much as 47 percent for some members, and says health care reform is the reason why.

Oct 16 06:21

Administration Launches China Trade Investigation

Martin Crutsinger
Associated Press

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration announced Friday it will delay a scheduled report on whether China is manipulating its currency to gain trade advantages until after upcoming meetings with world leaders next month.

Oct 16 06:15

Cotton Climbs to 140-Year High

Adam Cancryn and Carolyn Cui
Wall Street Journal

Cotton prices touched their highest level since Reconstruction on Friday, as a string of bad harvests and demand from China spark worries of a global shortfall.

Oct 16 03:20

Paris airport fuel running short amid pension strikes

France's main airport, Charles de Gaulle, has enough fuel to last only a few days, the transport ministry has warned amid strikes against government plans to raise the retirement age...

Oct 16 02:52

On the Road with Ahmadinejad in Lebanon - Dr. Franklin Lamb

An important reason for the outpouring of popular support was the quarter century of Iranian assistance to Lebanon for social projects, and for rebuilding much of Lebanon following the 1993, 1996 and 2006 Israeli aggressions. Massive aid that was detailed by Hezbollah’s Secretary-General in a recent speech and the cost of which is estimated to be in excess of one billion dollars.

Oct 16 02:25

Yes indeed, show us all the map! – Alan Hart

This lunchtime Sharon convened a secret meeting of some of our generals and other top military and security people. They signed in blood an oath which commits them to join with the settlers and fight to the death to prevent any government of Israel withdrawing from the West Bank.”

Oct 16 02:23


Parenthetically, the “Mohammed Atta” identified by Able Danger may have been an imposter operating under a stolen identity, as occurred in the assassination of a senior Hamas official in Dubai. In an interview with a German newspaper, reported by the Guardian, Mohammed Atta’s father claimed that his son had nothing to do with the attacks and was still alive a year after 9/11.

Oct 16 01:03

Bisphenol A Officially Declared Toxic By Canada

Canada became the first country in the world yesterday to declare bisphenol A (BPA) to be a toxic substance that poses risks to human health and the environment.

The announcement by the Canadian Health and Environment Ministries confirmed the chemical had formally been added Schedule 1 of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 (CEPA 1999).

Oct 16 00:51

Same Accident Viewed From Three Different Street Corners

One of the limitations of three-dimensional life is everyone views life and its events from different viewpoints, perspective’s, and experiences. Each viewpoint is likely to be correct as far as it goes, but is limited and therefore could be called a relative truth.

After viewing an accident from three different street corners, each viewpoint will have a slightly different tale to tell, each tale being relatively true

Oct 15 21:31


By James Clark —

Eighteen months ago, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Jason Kenney blocked then-British MP George Galloway from Canada, labeling him a terror supporter and a national security risk. At the time, Galloway was scheduled to appear in four Canadian cities on a speaking tour called “Resisting War: from Gaza to Afghanistan.”

This week, after Federal Court Justice Richard Mosley issued his 60-page decision on the matter, Galloway and his supporters were fully vindicated.

Oct 15 19:03

Feds to Prosecute Distribution, Possession if Prop 19 Passes

Marcus Wohlsen
Associated Press

SAN FRANCISCO — Attorney General Eric Holder is warning that the federal government will not look the other way, as it has with medical marijuana, if voters next month make California the first state to legalize pot.

Oct 15 18:36


Qana near the border with Palestine;
He came, he saw, he conquered.

By Franklin Lamb — My Catbird Seat –

As he watched the Iranian President blow kisses to cleaning workers at Beirut’s airport during his departure for Iran early this morning, a Lebanese Christian historian commented “This Persian’s glory at the moment is arguably greater than Caesars following Rome’s second conquest of Britain”.

The throngs were cheering, waving, and shouting their admiration. Local media used descriptive words like “rock star, rapturous, massive affection,” to describe his reception.

Oct 15 15:58

Obama faces tough choice on whether to confront China on exchange rate

The President is under pressure to punish China for trade policies that US legislators say have cost millions of US jobs.

(*Wait a second , Obie . It isn't The Chinese who are stealing jobs and creating a trade deficit . IT'S THE SPACE ALIENS ! )

Oct 15 15:47

Team Obama punts on China currency until mid-November

For the second time this year, the Obama administration delayed Friday the release of a report on whether China manipulates its currency, but deflected some of the political heat from angry Democrats by launching an unrelated trade probe.

At issue is whether China deliberately undervalues its currency to make its exports cheaper abroad and imports from other countries more expensive at home. The International Monetary Fund recently said that China's currency, the yuan, is significantly undervalued.

(*Something tells me that 'this one' is going to get 'pushed back' , again , and again . )

Oct 15 15:18

Media Misinformation about trapped Chilean miners

Trapped Chilean miners all arrive at surface, looking fit
By Donald G. McNeil Jr.
The New York Times
"While many details of the miners' health care and living conditions have been reported, misconceptions and misinformation persisted as the ordeal continued and as the public's fascination with their deprivation increased."
The men kept themselves fit and received excellent medical care. And they were not confined to the "rescue chamber," the size of a Manhattan studio apartment...."They had the run of the mine," said Jeffery Kravitz, acting director for technical support at the U.S. Mine Safety and Health Administration. With half a mile of tunnels open, he said, "they had places to exercise and to use for waste."

Oct 15 14:44

Panic at the pumps: French motorists swamp petrol stations

French refinery workers cut off a fuel pipeline to Paris and the city's main airports on Friday as protesters piled on pressure to derail President Nicolas Sarkozy's unpopular pension reform...

Oct 15 13:39

Casey Gold Summit Offers Investment Nuggets

Diane Fraser
Gold Report

Carlsbad is several hundred miles south of Sutter's Mill, but the experts and investors who gathered for Casey Research's recent Gold Summit were just as enthusiastic about the precious metal as the prospectors who headed into the hills back in 1849. The Gold Report took the opportunity to speak with some of the many experts on hand. For three days, the leading experts in the resource investment sector gathered with investors to discuss the investment strategies. Doug Casey, Richard Russell, Ross Beaty, Eric Sprott, Ian McAvity, Rick Rule, Robert Prechter and Bob Quartermain all gave their varied impressions on the market and their investment ideas.

Oct 15 13:20

My oath to Israel's "Jewish democracy": why my fingers will be crossed

Jonathan Cook describes his misgivings at having to swear an oath of loyalty to Israel as a “Jewish and democratic state” and explains that the loyalty oath requirement may be the first in a series of steps planned by Israeli leaders to fulfil their vision of a racially pure country.

Oct 15 12:12

Fed Wants to Hoodwink Public, Only Fools Itself

Caroline Baum

If I were a central banker, I would be afraid.

If I were a central banker getting ready to embark on another round of quantitative easing, I would be very afraid.

Here’s why. Central bankers in the U.S. are being bombarded with market-based signals suggesting their fears of deflation, or falling economy-wide prices, may be misplaced.

Oct 15 11:25


Qana near the border with Palestine; He came, he saw, he conquered.

By Franklin Lamb — Veterans Today

As he watched the Iranian President blow kisses to cleaning workers at Beirut’s airport during his departure for Iran early this morning, a Lebanese Christian historian commented “This Persian’s glory at the moment is arguably greater than Caesars following Rome’s second conquest of Britain”.

The throngs were cheering, waving, and shouting their admiration. Local media used descriptive words like “rock star, rapturous, massive affection,” to describe his reception.

Oct 15 11:07

International Criminal Court (ICC) urged to act over flotilla raid

Lawyers representing relatives of those who died in an Israel raid on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla in May have urged the International Criminal Court (ICC) in the The Hague to pursue those responsible.

Ugur Sevgili, one of the lawyers, on Thursday presented to the office of the ICC prosecutor a dossier with evidence, containing videos, photos, autopsy findings and a UN report condemning the incident.

"We believe war crimes and crimes against humanity were committed," Sevgili told reporters in The Hague.

"The office of the prosecutor of the ICC has a duty to prosecute," Sevgili said, adding that "we want to bring an end to impunity. We want to bring justice to the people of Palestine".

On May 31, Israeli commandos boarded a flotilla of six humanitarian ships on their way to Gaza. Nine Turkish activists were killed on the lead ship Mavi Marmara, sparking international condemnation.

Oct 15 11:03

Japanese Officials Complain as US Admits to New Nuke Test

Though the admission received very little attention in and of itself, the US Energy Department conceded this week that it had indeed conducted a “subcritical” nuclear weapons test underground in Nevada last month.

The test was the first of the Obama Administration, and will likely spark further questions about the president’s much heralded “commitment” to disarmament. Yet in Japan, and particularly in the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the idea of continued nuclear weapons testing, even in limited forms, is of far more serious concern.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

That Obama is preaching to the world about the abolition of nuclear weapons, while signing off on a nuclear test in Nevada, is the height of hypocrisy.

Even though an actual nuclear explosion did not occur, sub-critical testing is a violation of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.

Oct 15 10:06

little green men conspire against us

A classic for the weekend, consider all the noise about little green men conspire against us.
Enjoy folks, the music and your weekend!

Oct 15 10:04

Open Message to Maggie Bishop N.H. DCYF Director

I hope you and your cohorts are pleased as to the way you've changed so many lives in N.H. You've turned parents and grandparents and even foster parents into fighter's. Unfortunately, you've pushed so many over the edge, they can't get their lives back. And I can't even count how many children you've traumatized and drugged, all for the almighty dollar. You've given me a reason to live. Something worth fighting for. My grandchildren and the demise of DCYF, protectors of no-one, destroyers of families. A new outlook on life, you might say. A reason to fight the great and powerful DCYF. You've stolen my grandchildren illegally and asked me, "So what do you want me to do about it now?" I told you I want my grandchildren and I won't stop fighting for them. And what did you tell me?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Apparently the Irish family (The Oathkeeper father whose child was taken, then returned with a gag order) wasn't the first to feel the wrath of the New Hampshire DCYF!

Oct 15 09:30

Phoenix police officer tased and then shot victim

Officer Richard Chrisman was served a summons on the indictment, attorney Craig Mehrens said. The indictment also charged him with aggravated assault and misdemeanor cruelty to animals.

He had been previously charged with aggravated assault but remains free on bail.

Chrisman allegedly pulled his pistol, put it against 29-year-old Danny Frank Rodriguez's head and told him he didn't need a warrant when Rodriguez ordered him out of his house on Oct. 5. Over the next few minutes, Chrisman shocked Rodriguez with a stun gun, shot his pit bull, then finally fatally shot Rodriguez, according to a court document.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One has to wonder why this is what "to protect and serve" looks like to the citizens of Phoenix.

However, there is an interesting twist to this story. As reported at:

"Chrisman is on the Brady list, a national database available to prosecutors of officers whose credibility as witnesses have been thoroughly compromised, due to documented instances of official dishonesty. Of course, the specifics of the 2007 incident that landed him there are kept secret from the public, but the significance of this fact is obvious. That the state itself does not trust this man to proffer honest testimony in open court speaks volumes about his integrity, especially given the well known proclivity the boys in blue have for “creative” testimony on behalf of their government handlers. If a DA wont have him, whatever it was, it must have been BAD. In addition, he has built extensive files with personnel and internal affairs in his 9-year tenure with the force."

One also has to wonder why, in light of that previous bit of information, this man is still a member of the Phoenix Police Department.

Oct 15 08:39


The Israel Lobby is so powerful because it deliberately set out to establish control over key elements in the United States. It has demonstrated a number of times that politicians who are perceived as being unfriendly to Israel will face serious problems

Oct 15 07:23

States linking prescription databases, fight abuse

Emery P. Dalesio
Associated Press

RALEIGH, N.C. — Starting next year, dozens of states will begin knitting together databases to watch prescription drug abuse, from powerful painkillers to diet pills.

Oct 15 07:19

Fuel pipeline to Paris cut as protests escalate

*Supply cut at fuel pipeline to Paris
*Truckers union calls drivers to join protests
*Police arrest dozens in student protests

Catherine Bremer -- Reuters

PARIS, Oct 15 (Reuters) - French refinery workers cut off a fuel pipeline to Paris on Friday as protesters piled on pressure to derail President Nicolas Sarkozy's unpopular pension reform.

Oct 15 07:08

Guess 'who' employs Blackwater ("Xe")? (Hint: in quotes due to so-called Corporate 'Personhood')



Oct 15 06:57

Bernanke: Fed wrestles with size of aid program

Jeannine Aversa
Associated Press

WASHINGTON — The Federal Reserve is prepared to take further steps to rejuvenate the economy by buying Treasury bonds but is wrestling with how big the program should be, Chairman Ben Bernanke said Friday.

Bernanke also indicated that Fed policymakers are trying to craft a plan to lift inflation from super-low levels. He made his remarks in a speech delivered to a Fed conference in Boston.

Oct 15 06:52

Bank of America Downgraded by Bond Market on Foreclosures: Credit Markets

Mary Childs

Bondholders are penalizing Bank of America Corp. the most of any of the largest U.S. financial firms as the investigation into the foreclosure crisis expands.

Oct 15 06:48

Prosecution drops charges against more of the G20 protesters, continues to persecute others

This latest about-face by the Crown constitutes an implicit admission of defeat; it shows how flimsy the charges are and how scandalously the police behaved during the security operations around the Summit. It is now clear that the mass arrests at the gymnasium, like the vast majority of the arrests during the Summit, were arbitrary and uncalled for, and were intended to terrorize the demonstrators and to discourage them from exercising their right to protest in the future.

In that vein, the CLAC would like to remind people that the Crown is persisting in its prosecution of 20 organizers that it is wrongly accusing of being the "ringleaders" behind the events of June 26th. There are two CLAC members amongst these scapegoats; they are facing three charges of conspiracy and are currently subject to draconian bail conditions including house arrest.

Oct 15 06:28

Dollar fall sparks stability warnings

The dollar tumbled against most major currencies on Thursday, prompting warnings that the weakness of the world’s reserve currency could destabilise the global economy and push other countries into retaliatory devaluations to underwrite their exports...

Oct 15 06:16

Hitler's relationship with Germany explored

The title is important: Hitler and the German People. The first ever big exhibition in a major German museum to focus on Hitler is not just about him but about his relationship with the people.

Oct 15 05:01

Wait, So The RIAA Is Offended That Google Won't Do Work For Free?

The RIAA and the IFPI have been going on and on for years about just how ridiculous it is for people to suggest music should be "free." They will go on, at great length, to talk up the "value" of music and how it should be paid for. But, apparently, they don't think that applies to anyone else. They're apparently screaming angry at Google because Google (gasp) responded to their request to provide them tools to help them track down unauthorized copies, by quoting their standard prices for how much it costs to use Google's API. So, RIAA, please explain: why is it sacrilege for you to demand people pay up, but it's even worse if Google asks you to pay to use its resources?

Oct 15 04:30

Democrat or Republican: The choice to be drowned or hanged

No genuine democracy can survive or function in the absence of a well informed populace. The United States of America holds fake elections, with fake choices, manipulated by a well entrenched corporate plutocracy designed to ensure that the process of democracy is hollow and but a cruel fake. Such is the present political and economic state of affairs in this nation.

The Democratic and Republican parties offer the masses of everyday Black, White, Brown, Red, and Yellow people the de facto non-choice of either euphemistic death by drowning or death by hanging. Thus, no real choice is offered at all. As the politicos of the Democratic Party foxes and the Republican Party wolves feed, like swine, from the bottomless blood-drenched financial trough of the corporate / military elite, democracy is rendered null and void.

Oct 15 01:38

Oath Keepers Rally in NH to Protest CPS Illegally Seizing Baby(Footage)

Newborn baby Cheyenne was taken from her parents– John Irish and Stephanie Taylor– by CPS shortly after she was born last week. An affidavit cited her father’s affiliation with Oath Keepers as one of the reasons for seizing Cheyenne from him and the child’s mother during her first week of life.

On 10/14/10 a rally was held by Oath Keepers and its supporters outside a courthouse in Dover, New Hampshire while Mr. Irish and Ms. Taylor’s hearing took place inside. The rally was a protest of Oath Keepers’ mention in the affidavit in what the organization’s founder– Stewart Rhodes– describes as an attempted “chilling of speech” through government agencies like CPS, targeting individuals because of their political beliefs.

Oct 15 01:28

Phoenix Cop Murders Unarmed Man and His Dog

What do police departments expect when they openly hire idiots? This man should be charged with two counts of murder. We need to get back to better times, times when police protected citizens instead of working for the corrupt federal government.

Officer Chrismans partner was actually one of the people who reported what actually happened. I would like to commend the sergent who stood up and told the truth about this vicious murder. He actually came out and said he did NOT feel threatened by the victim at any time!

Oct 14 22:15

Wayne Madsen: White House in Crisis

Section 4 of the 25th Amendment likely to be invoked; Obama being shipped out!

Washington has not witnessed so much top level White House intrigue since October 20, 1973, when a Saturday night saw President Nixon fire the Watergate independent counsel, the U.S. attorney general, and the deputy attorney general in the “Saturday Night Massacre.” Just ten days earlier, Vice President Spiro Agnew resigned after being charged with accepting bribes while governor of Maryland.

Oct 14 17:33

Establishment Talking Head Lawrence O’Donnell Attempts to Smear Ron Paul and Fails Miserably

The establishment media have taken their trash to a new level. During a segment on MSNBC, host Lawrence O’Donnell openly distorted Paul’s views in a disgusting attempt to discredit someone who has actually taken actions against the huge mega banks who have openly robbed everyone.

The corporate news is literally so scared that they have gone to point of making themselves look like total idiots in their attempts at discrediting someone who stands for freedom and liberty.

Oct 14 16:57

Oathkeeper's baby returned to parents

Oct 14 16:47

90% Vacant Baywalk Has Little Hope For The Future

It's an anniversary members of St. Petersburg's City Council aren't celebrating. One year ago today — in one of the most controversial votes in recent city history — they narrowly approved ceding the public sidewalk in front of BayWalk to rid it of the protesters and loitering teens who were blamed for the near dormancy of the shopping and entertainment complex...

Oct 14 16:34

Open Memo To: Nancy Pelosi From Cindy Sheehan

In that almost four years now, you have fully funded the wars; rammed through the bankster bailouts and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Modernization Act; refused to hold the criminals of the Bush administration accountable; supported the torture policies of George Bush and wanted even stricter measures against suspected terrorists; obediently supported and defended the murderous Israeli oppression of Palestine; presided over the worst jobs' hemorrhage since the Great Depression (can you see all the jobless and homeless from your mansion on the hill in Pac Heights?) and the only "victory" that you can claim is a feeble health care "reform" bill that you admit you had no idea what it contained, when in reality, it was just a massive welfare program for your corporate buddies in the industry.

Oct 14 15:45

Israeli forces test ethnic cleansing scenario

Israel has secretly staged a training exercise to test its ability to quell any civil unrest that might result from a peace deal with the Palestinian Authority requiring the forcible transfer of many Arab citizens, the Israeli media has reported.

Oct 14 13:08

United We Strike Radio Marathon! Withdrawing Support From Corrupt Military Industrialists, Banksters, Globalists, And Their Minions!

The time for Peaceful Non-Compliance has come.


We must unite as ONE RACE, the HUMAN RACE.


* We will no longer participate in wars that profit the global powers at the expense of the people.
* We will no longer hand over the fruits of our labour to those who abuse and misuse us.
* We will not submit to Global Government or Tyranny or Fascism.
* We will stand as ONE and withdraw support from Governments Gone Wild.
* We will Create A Future We Can ALL Live In

Oct 14 12:35

Florida could soon become No. 1 state for foreclosures

Florida isn't quite the foreclosure capital of the country. But it's getting closer...

Oct 14 11:13

Wolfowitz Directive Gave Legal Cover to Detainee Experimentation Program

In 2002, as the Bush administration was turning to torture and other brutal techniques for interrogating “war on terror” detainees, Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz loosened rules against human experimentation, an apparent recognition of legal problems regarding the novel strategies for extracting and evaluating information from the prisoners.

Wolfowitz issued his directive on March 25, 2002, about a month after President George W. Bush stripped the detainees of traditional prisoner-of-war protections under the Geneva Conventions. Bush labeled them “unlawful enemy combatants” and authorized the CIA and the Department of Defense (DoD) to undertake brutal interrogations.

Oct 14 10:11


Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad waves to the crowds from the sunroof of his SUV upon his arrival in Lebanon on Wednesday. Thousands of cheering Lebanese welcomed the Iranian President, throwing rose petals and sweets at his motorcade at the start of his visit. AP

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s emphasis on the resistance and consolidation of unity among the Lebanese has outraged Israel, says Iran’s ambassador to Beirut.

Oct 14 09:49

Delhi Games close with extravagant ceremony

The most controversial Commonwealth Games in history — marked by oppressive security and low spectator turnout — came to a close Thursday without any major glitches as India celebrated the finale with an extravagant cultural show.

Indian administrators were roundly criticized by local and international media and foreign sports delegations before the Games for delays in getting the facilities ready. Some of the living quarters for the athletes were found to be filthy. At one point it had even appeared that the Games might be canceled.


"Terrorism" appears to have destroyed a part of these games! The next ones will probably be available only on TV.

Oct 14 09:39

Family Farm Ordered to Destroy 50,000 Pounds of Cheese

As the big banks continue their push to control our food supply, occurrences like this will become more and more common. People who stand up to the FDA and their Monsanto thugs are basically considered terrorists. Without Food Freedom we have no freedom! Our health should not be put in the hands of the very people who make millions of dollars a year from genetically engineered foods, foods that have been scientifically proven to cause numerous health problems.

We need to get behind Morningland and demand that the FDA start working for the American people. Supporting Moringland is supporting food freedom worldwide.

Oct 14 09:37

The Banking Industry’s Stalingrad

“This is a dangerous moment for the world,” writes Ambrose Evans-Pritchard. “Twenty years of mistakes have reduced the American economy to ruin. But worse is almost certainly on its way. America’s economic fate depends upon the fate of the dollar. With the dollar as the world’s reserve currency, America has been able to borrow at will to finance its large deficits. But that status is currently under threat. When the dollar ceases to be the reserve currency, the United States will be relegated to the status of a second-rate power in need of international subsidies to pay for its imports,” writes Paul Craig Roberts.

Oct 14 09:22

The Vampire Bankers host the Invisible Siren Chorus.

My objectivity narrows and widens, depending on my state of mind and degree of awake/aware. At times, when I look at the world around me, through the vari-colored lenses of the media; Zionist owned, Zionist influenced, Zionist threatened and Zionist-free, I get the impression that the whole world is on a dreamboat that is sailing for the rocks, while the Invisible Siren Chorus sings from a promontory. The lighthouse is actually a holographic projection machine that presents the impression that white sand beaches and naked volleyball games await. It’s apparent that BP had been in the night before, with dump trucks filled with sand.

Oct 14 09:21

George Carlin -"Who Really Controls America"

Webmaster's Commentary: 

George, we really, really miss you!

Oct 14 09:17

Bizarre BBC Alien Disclosure Commercial

OK, this is REALLY getting weird now. H/T to Ellie Walsh at Facebook.

Oct 14 09:10

Wells Fargo under fire over mortgage foreclosure 'robo signer'

The Financial Times reported today that court documents show Xee Moua, a vice-president of loan documentation for Wells Fargo, said she signed as many as 500 foreclosure papers a day. In a sworn deposition in a foreclosure lawsuit in Palm Beach County, Florida, she said she did not verify the principal and interest the bank claimed the borrower owed. The only thing she checked was whether her name and title were accurate. She said her understanding was that the documents had already been reviewed by outside lawyers.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

In a related article,

"Banks have seized more than 816,000 homes through the first nine months of the year and had been on pace to seize 1.2 million by the end of 2010. But fewer are expected now that several major lenders have suspended foreclosures and sales of repossessed homes until they can sort out the foreclosure-documents mess."

It appears that many of the banks which got bailed out by the Federal government in 2008

have decided it that it is perfectly legitimate to illegally foreclose on people without the paperwork on which those foreclosures are based being properly vetted.

Oct 14 08:01

"Nobody Gets Their Kids Back "

Barring a near-miraculous outcome, Cheyenne's parents will never get their daughter back. So testifies New Hampshire resident Dorothy Knightly. Between August 31, 2005 and February 3, 2006, Dorothy (who prefers to be called Dot) saw three of her grandchildren abducted by the DCYF on the basis of spurious child abuse and neglect allegations.

Oct 14 07:44


I have been advised that the new Iran NIE, which is still being negotiated, will likely reflect a compromise giving everyone what they want.

Oct 14 07:21

Revolution: The Coming Inevitability

The big picture concentrates the mind. Mexico and Italy are almost ungovernable except as the playgrounds of increasingly legitimized gangsters. In Honduras the U.S. has sponsored another military coup d’etat to prevent reform. In Italy the chief gangster is the Italian president who forces through legislation exempting his crimes from legal process.

The U.S.A. flounders and sinks in a quagmire of what is, in effect, massively disguised corporate crime. The (U.S. president) Clinton “team” threw off FDR’s 1930s Depression guarantees of financial responsibility, precipitating what the French call the “Krach” of 2008. No U.S. legislation has repaired that breach in the defence of democracy. And so insane economy-wrecking, in and beyond the USA, is rachetting up instability which proceeds to repeated mantras extolling the “Free Market Economy”, and to the growing enrichment of a small, greedy, blind set of finance capitalists.

“Change the name”, a friend said to me, “from U.S.A. to G.S.A. – Goldman Sachs of America”, no longer the united states of….

The European Union, placed in the hands of major industrialists, financiers, and their agents, is wiping out significant democracy there. The EU Nomes were defeated by popular vote (2005) in an attempt to pass a New European Constitution constructed for the benefit of private corporate capital. To sidestep that major expression of popular will, the EU held, just a few years later, a meeting of “officials” in Lisbon, Portugal and signed (2007) a ‘constitutional treaty’ giving almost all that was intended in the defeated constitution to private corporate capital. The gangsters of Europe forged ahead.

Oct 14 07:01

U.S. Home Seizures Reach Record Amid Foreclosure Review


More than 100,000 U.S. homes were seized by lenders in September, a record number that probably will decline in coming months as major banks halt repossessions and review their foreclosure practices.


Oct 14 05:20

The Taliban has an air force? Witnesses report seeing surrounded Taliban forces rescued by chopper.

Helicopter Rumour Refuses to Die
Many Afghans believe foreign forces providing support for insurgents in the north.

“Just when the police and army managed to surround the Taleban in a village of Qala-e-Zaal district, we saw helicopters land with support teams,” he said. “They managed to rescue their friends from our encirclement, and even to inflict defeat on the Afghan National Army.”

This story, in one form or another, is being repeated throughout northern Afghanistan. Dozens of people claim to have seen Taleban fighters disembark from foreign helicopters in several provinces. The local talk is of the insurgency being consciously moved north, with international troops ferrying fighters in from the volatile south, to create mayhem in a new location.

Oct 14 04:54

Sibel Edmonds: Friends-Enemies-Both? Our Foreign Policy Riddle

The problem is this: without the Cold War excuse our foreign policymakers had a real hard time justifying our joint operations and terrorism schemes in the resource-rich ex Soviet states with these same groups, so they made sure they kept these policies unwritten and unspoken, and considering their grip on the mainstream media, largely unreported. Now what would your response be if I were to say, on the record, and if required, under oath:

Between 1996 and 2002, we, the United States, planned, financed and help execute every single major terrorist incident by Chechen rebels (and the Mujahideen) against Russia

Between 1996 and 2002, we, the United States, planned, financed and help execute every single uprising and terrorism related scheme in Xinxiang (aka East Turkistan and Uyghurstan)

Between 1996 and 2002, we, the United States, planned and carried out at least two assassination schemes against pro Russia officials in Azerbaijan

Oct 14 02:39

Great News!!! Tampa Bay Buccaneers Likely To Have Remaining Home Games Blacked Out

...Bucs officials said it's probable that the rest of the home games this season might never hit local airwaves.

This prediction came about because of the NFL's requirement to have a game sold out 72 hours before kickoff...

Oct 14 01:33

A question for the British foreign secretary Mr Hague, is it not your responsibility to keep seaways open?

The unbroken thread of Conservative Party support for Israel that has run for nearly a century from the Balfour Declaration to the present day will continue. Although it will no doubt often be tested in the years ahead, it will remain constant, unbroken, and undiminished

Oct 14 01:08

Is a Jewish Holocaust Against the Palestinians in the Offing?

Dov Lior, the Rabbi of the Jewish colony of Kiryat Arba, called for the annihilation of the people of the city of Nablus. Speaking to fellow settler leaders, Lior addressed one settler leader, telling him “I am sure you can become the mayor of Shchem (Hebrew name of Nabslus) I am sure you will be able to do the job in one month, even one day.”

Oct 13 23:35

United We Strike Radio Marathon – Join Us, Support Unity!

Withdrawing Support From Corrupt Military Industrialists, Banksters, Globalists, And Their Minions!

The time for Peaceful Non-Compliance has come.
We must unite as ONE RACE, the HUMAN RACE.

* We will no longer participate in wars that profit the global powers at the expense of the people.
* We will no longer hand over the fruits of our labour to those who abuse and misuse us.
* We will not submit to Global Government or Tyranny or Facism.
* We will stand as ONE and withdraw support from Governments Gone Wild.
* We will Create A Future We Can ALL Live In

Oct 13 19:37

Exodus of Jewish Advisors from Obama White House Likely Not an Omen of Good Things to Come

Being immediately installed as Chief of Staff to Barack Obama upon election, Emmanuel (son of an Irgun terrorist and whose only stint in the armed forces was for that of a foreign country–Israel) effectively became the eyes and ears of a hostile foreign power bent upon destroying America by involving her in a series of devastating, bankrupting wars. As such, his installation in such a sensitive post represents the most effective wiretapping/surveillance operation of a sitting US president in history, with him acting as an informational sponge as it were, sitting literally within inches of the President during every waking moment. All can be rest assured that in this capacity, there wasn’t an executive yawn, cough or clearing of the throat whose details didn’t find their way to Mossad headquarters at the end of each day. The only possible equivalent to the present situation involving Israel being able to know so intimately the personal comings and goings on in the White House was with LBJ via Zionist spy Matilda Krim and then several decades later when a nice Jewish girl named Monica Lewinsky acted as “personal assistant” to William Jefferson Clinton.

Oct 13 19:05

In Afghanistan, the Handwriting Is on the Wall

At the other end of the equation, modern armies and sophisticated equipment consume huge quantities of everything from peanut butter to electric batteries. All that body armor and those computer consoles, not to mention shells and rockets, adds up to great weight and volume. Many posts can be reached only by helicopter. Aviation fuel is at a premium, gasoline an equally daunting necessity -- not just for vehicles but for the electric generators that power American bases. Requirements in fact rule out certain kinds of equipment -- few Abrams tanks are in the theater, for example -- vehicles that measure gas consumption in gallons per mile. Concerned about the price of gas for your car? It costs $400 to put one gallon of gas on the ground in certain places in Afghanistan. In 2009, according to Pentagon estimates, allied forces were consuming over half a million gallons of gasoline per day, a figure that nearly doubled before the new "surge" troops began reaching the country. During the Vietnam war the Pentagon calculated that every soldier in-country represented $7,000 in the war budget. For Afghanistan that figure is $1,000,000.

Oct 13 18:10


Jeff, you’re not fit to shine Joe’s shoes, much less weigh him in the balance of your twisted, dictatorial version of history, to which all must conform or forfeit their reputation.

By Michael Hoffman

Oct 13 18:07


Former White House correspondent Helen Thomas stands by her controversial remarks on Israel that led to her retirement.

Helen Thomas has acknowledged she touched a nerve with remarks about Israel that led to her retirement. But she says the comments were “exactly what I thought,” even though she realized soon afterward that it was the end of her job.

“I hit the third rail. You cannot criticize Israel in this country and survive,” Thomas told Ohio station WMRN-AM in a sometimes emotional 35-minute interview that aired Tuesday. It was recorded a week earlier by WMRN reporter Scott Spears at Thomas’ Washington, D.C., condominium.

Oct 13 16:33

Survey Shows People Still Worried About Oil On Pinellas County Beaches

Oil is gone from Florida beaches. But many travelers don't believe it, even months after BP capped off its broken well in the gulf...

Oct 13 16:20


Oct 13 16:18

Project Bluebeam: UFO Sightings in New York?

Today reports of UFO activity over New York City went ultra viral. Twitter erupted with reports of numerous unknown objects in the sky. This story has gone so viral that ABC and The New York Daily News are now reporting on it. We should remain skeptical as to the origins of this sighting until proof is put forward.

Remember the retired NORAD general who predicted a UFO visit on October 13, 2010?

Oct 13 16:16


In the midst of a successful rescue mission to save 33 Chilean miners, PMO distributes quotes from a book Netanyahu wrote in 1987.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Israel sets a new low for pathetic grabbing for attention. The whole world is watching as Chile shows how to handle a mine disaster; bringing the 33 miners back to the surface today after being trapped underground since August 5th. It is quite an achievement especially when you consider that the United States failed to rescue a single trapped miner at all from the equivalent mine disaster in West Virginia last April. So the world applauds Chile's great achievement, and what does Israel do? Try to steal some of that attention for themselves with this idiotic story about how Michel de Nostenyahu foresaw the catastrophe in one of his quatrains written in 1987!

Oct 13 16:01

Mr Hague, is it not your responsibility to keep seaways open?

Stuart Littlewood reminds British Foreign Secretary William Hague of recent acts of piracy by the Israeli navy against unarmed aid ships, including the sadistic assault on the Jewish boat, the Irene, and asks him what the UK government and its partners are doing to keep the seaways open and guarantee free movement, as required by numerous treaties, charters and the law?

Oct 13 13:24

Gen. Shelton (III): Iraq went so wrong because of Bush administration 'lies'

Shelton also writes that there was no reason to go war against Iraq. "The fact is that we had Iraq contained and they were not a threat." (419) Also, "There was absolutely no link between him [Saddam] and 9/11." (474) No big revelations, but I was glad to see this stated so flatly by a former high official.

His bottom line: "President Bush and his team got us enmeshed in Iraq based on extraordinarily poor intelligence and a series of lies purporting that we had to protect American from Saddam's evil empire because it posed such a threat to our national security." (474-475)

Just in case you weren't paying attention, he elaborates on that charge later in the book. "Spinning the possible possession of WMDs as a threat to the United States in the way they did is, in my opinion, tantamount to intentionally deceiving the American people." (488)

Oct 13 13:08

Inside the Global Banking Intelligence Complex, BCCI Operations Part II

While investigating BCCI operations, I began to clearly understand for the first time how the Global Banking Intelligence Complex runs both political parties in the United States. After years of researching and investigating BCCI, I’ve come to understand how power really operates, who the real power players are and how the mainstream media, which is tightly controlled by these forces, keeps the American public in the dark and marginalized by never reporting on the roots of power. The harsh truth is that American democracy and the rule of law are an illusion.

When you peel back all the layers, the ultimate power in this world lies within the Global Banking Intelligence Complex, or the “money powers” as our Founding Fathers and early presidents called them. If you research our forefathers, you will see that they understood this point very well. The main theme throughout American history has always been the war between democracy and the concentration of power within the banks.

Oct 13 12:39

Chicago Reporters Work as Rahm’s Press Thugs; Threaten Reporter Asking Tough Questions

Editors Note: Did you expect anything less from the establishment media? This is absolutely criminal. Chicago mainstream reporters actually threaten a reported who had the balls to ask REAL questions.

Oct 13 12:12

Fla's 30-second foreclosure dash hits wall of fraud

Fla's 30-second foreclosure dash hits wall of fraud
By DAVID MCLAUGHLIN • Bloomberg News • October 13, 2010
Florida’s legislature appropriated $9.6 million this year to pay semi-retired judges and case managers to clear the backlog of foreclosures. Some judges have been churning through cases at a rapid clip, such as those last week in Tampa who considered dozens of foreclosures per day, sometimes in as little as 30 seconds.

Oct 13 12:00

Chile Miners Rescue: LIVE Updates(Pics)

Chile Miners Rescue: LIVE Updates
The Huffington Post | Craig Kanalley And Adam Rose
First Posted: 10-12-10 04:51 PM
Rescue operations to bring 33 trapped miners to the surface are officially underway in Chile.
The miners have been trapped underground for more than two months. Efforts to surface them will take place on an individual basis using a specially built cage.
The AP reports that the only media allowed to record images of the men emerging from the shaft will be a government photographer and Chile's state television channel.

Oct 13 10:34

Collapsing empire watch

It's easy to say and easy to document, but quite difficult to really internalize, that the United States is in the process of imperial collapse. Every now and then, however, one encounters certain facts which compellingly and viscerally highlight how real that is. Here's the latest such fact, from a new study in Health Affairs by Columbia Health Policy Professors Peter A. Muennig and Sherry A. Glied (h/t):

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One has to wonder just when Americans are going to realize what has been done to them, and what form the ensuing fury will take from that moment of clarity.

Oct 13 10:18

Pelosi On The Homeless & Foreclosed

The activists say it is a crime that there are more vacant housing units in San Francisco than homeless people. They claimed in a press release that there were between 6,000 and 15,000 homeless people in The City last year, and that more than 36,000 units are currently vacant.

The police say this is nothing more than a routine event that "happens all the time", but if that's true then why does it never make the local papers? The homeless, the sick and the jobless are everywhere on the streets here; yet absolutely nothing is being done about it.

Obama and his cabinet appointees are standing against the moratorium while my representative Nancy Pelosi, remains mute!

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The administration doesn't give a flying Frisbee about the homeless; if one is homeless, it is far more difficult to register to vote than if one has a verifiable permanent address, so they figure their vote won't make a real difference to the upcoming midterms.

Oct 13 10:05

Autopsy Reveals Seattle Police Shot Artist 4 Times in the Side

It was August 30, and a 50 year old Aboriginal artist was crossing a road in Seattle. Within a minute, all that changed after John T. Williams was shot four times by a police officer.

At the time of the deadly incident, Seattle police said there was no choice but to shoot Williams because Williams refused to obey a repeated order to drop his knife. Williams, who had been crossing Boren Avenue at Howell Street at a crosswalk, was shot four times from a distance of approximately 9 or 10 feet by Officer Ian Birk.

Oct 13 10:04

France in Uproar Over Sarkozy Plans For Retirement Age

President Nicolas Sarkozy could face the greatest challenge of his presidency in the next few days as a month-old protest against pension reform swells towards outright confrontation.

More than 3 million demonstrators – one in 20 of all French people – marched yesterday against the President’s plans to raise the standard retirement age from 60 to 62. Tens of thousands of students joined the marches for the first time, threatening to radicalise the protests and broaden them into a rebellion against a deeply unpopular presidency.

Oct 13 10:03

Food Freedom? Family Farm Ordered to Destroy 50,000 Pounds of Cheese

As the big banks continue their push to control our food supply, occurrences like this will become more and more common. People who stand up to the FDA and their Monsanto thugs are basically considered terrorists. Without Food Freedom we have no freedom! Our health should not be put in the hands of the very people who make millions of dollars a year from genetically engineered foods, foods that have been scientifically proven to cause numerous health problems.

We need to get behind Morningland and demand that the FDA start working for the American people. Supporting Moringland is supporting food freedom worldwide.

Oct 13 10:01

Record Bonuses On Wall Street After Financial 'Reform': MSNBC w/ Cenk

Cenk Uygur (host of The Young Turks) filling in for Chris Jansing on MSNBC Live talks to William Cohan about how a flawed incentive structure allows Wall Street bankers to screw the economy. Record $144 Billion Wall St. Bonuses paid out, this year.

Oct 13 10:00

"The Largest Financial Swindle in World History". "Counterfeit" Mortgages "Laundered" by the Banks

A "false front" building from the Old West. Towns built false fronts to make the town look more substantial and prosperous than it really was.

The tidal wave of evidence showing that the giant banks have engaged in fraudulent foreclosure practices is so large that the attorneys general of up to 40 states are launching investigations.

People's homes are being taken when they didn't even hold a mortgage, and the big banks have been using "robo signers" to forge mortgage related documents. Indeed, even president Obama has been hit by robo signers (see this and this).

Oct 13 08:31

Supreme Court rejects case of woman ejected from Bush speech

She was removed from the audience because of an antiwar bumper sticker on her car. The justices, on a 7-2 vote, let stand a ruling that the action by Bush aides did not violate the 1st Amendment.

The Supreme Court turned down a lawsuit today against aides to former President George W. Bush for having ejected a Colorado woman from one of his public speeches because her car had a bumper sticker that said "No More Blood for Oil."

By a 7-2 vote, the court let stand a ruling that held the president is free to select his audience at public speeches and to have his aides remove persons who may disagree with him.

Oct 13 08:14

Lawyer: Finance industry hired hair stylists, Walmart workers to approve foreclosures

In an effort to rush through thousands of home foreclosures since 2007, financial institutions and their mortgage servicing departments hired hair stylists, Walmart floor workers and people who had worked on assembly lines and installed them in "foreclosure expert" jobs with no formal training, a Florida lawyer says.

In depositions released Tuesday, many of those workers testified that they barely knew what a mortgage was. Some couldn't define the word "affidavit." Others didn't know what a complaint was, or even what was meant by personal property. Most troubling, several said they knew they were lying when they signed the foreclosure affidavits and that they agreed with the defense lawyers' accusations about document fraud.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Unflipping believable!

Oct 13 07:58

REALITY REPORT #65 - Child Abduction because of Patriot Association

In this edition of the Reality Report Gary reports from Gatlinburg, Tennessee and gives an update to the developing story regarding the child abduction of an associate of Oath Keepers. Nina delivers this weeks headlines, including the team up between the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Department of Homeland Security, how Obama's Muslim Outreach program is going global, and the who is casting a Town Hall meeting with Obama. Gary sits down with the director of the Mountain Madness Film Festival, Duane Langley to talk about this years festivities. We also give you a sneak peek at a special interview from William and Gary's new movie, "Enemy of the State: Camp FEMA 2" with Oath Keepers Founder, Stewart Rhodes. We find out what you think in the mailbag, and brand a new Enemy of the State.
Duane Langley: Mountain Madness Film Festival -

Oct 13 07:25

A Liberal's Perspective of the Tea Party

S. Paul Forrest
Activist Post

Oct 13 07:12

Cannabis should be sold in shops alongside beer and cigarettes, doctors' journal says

An editorial in the British Medical Journal suggested that the sale of cannabis should be licensed like alcohol because banning it had not worked.

Banning cannabis had increased drug-related violence because enforcement made “the illicit market a richer prize for criminal groups to fight over”

Oct 13 06:49

The big picture: Lightning strike

This is the moment a lightning bolt struck the Statue of Liberty in New York. New York photographer Jay Fine had spent the night braving the storm in Battery Park City, Manhattan, in a bid to get the perfect picture. Jay spent nearly two hours poised with his camera and took more than 80 shots before striking lucky with this particular bolt of lightning at 8.45pm on 22 September. He said he had been waiting 40 years to get the picture.