Jan 16 12:43

Northam to declare temporary emergency, ban guns from Capitol Grounds

RICHMOND, Va. -- Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam plans to declare a temporary emergency Wednesday banning all weapons, including guns, from Capitol Square ahead of a massive rally planned next week over gun rights.

That's according to two state officials who were briefed on the plans but not authorized to speak publicly about them.

One official says the Democratic governor plans to announce the plans at a news conference Wednesday afternoon because of credible threats of potential violence and extremism.

Jan 16 12:41

What’s the Point of NATO If You Are Not Prepared to Use It Against Iran?

Currently NATO is an anachronism as the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, but the desire to continue to play soldier on an international stage has granted it a measure of life support. Indeed, the alliance is regularly auditioning for new members. Its latest addition is Montenegro, which has a military consisting of 2,000 men and women, roughly one brigade. If Montenegro should be attacked, the United States is obligated to come to its assistance.

It would all be something like comic opera featuring the Duke of Plaza Toro but for the fact that there are certain things that NATO does that are not really defensive in nature but are rather destabilizing.

Jan 16 12:39

FLASHBACK: U.S. finally admits Agent Orange residue poisoned its own soldiers

After decades of denial, the Department of Veteran Affairs finally acknowledged that Monsanto’s Agent Orange, a herbicide sprayed across Vietnam during the war, was responsible for the health ailments of over 2,100 Air Force servicemen.

Jan 16 12:36

FLASHBACK: This is the face of the ISIS sex slave market

The US Military is responsible for this.

While the Islamic State group is losing territory in its self-styled caliphate, it is tightening its grip on the estimated 3,000 women and girls held as sex slaves. In a fusion of ancient barbaric practices and modern technology, IS sells the women like chattel on smartphone apps and shares databases that contain their photographs and the names of their “owners” to prevent their escape through IS checkpoints. The fighters are assassinating smugglers who rescue the captives, just as funds to buy the women out of slavery are drying up.

Jan 16 12:34

FLASHBACK: 'CIA created ISIS', says Julian Assange as Wikileaks releases 500k US cables

WIKILEAKS founder Julian Assange today said the CIA was responsible for paving the way for ISIS as the whistle blowing organisation released more than half a million formerly confidential US diplomatic cables dating back to 1979.

Jan 16 12:32

Iran has a 'shockingly strong' war-crimes case against Trump over Soleimani's killing — and it could win

Iran will pursue war-crimes charges against President Donald Trump at the International Criminal Court in the Hague over the January 3 assassination of its top commander, Gen. Qassem Soleimani, outside Baghdad's international airport, according to Gholam Hossein Esmaeili, the spokesman for Iran's top judicial authorities.

Jan 16 12:31

Overthrowing other people’s governments: The Master List

By William Blum

Instances of the United States overthrowing, or attempting to overthrow, a foreign government since the Second World War. (* indicates successful ouster of a government)

Jan 16 12:29

Communist Sanders 2020 Staffer Talks About Jacobin Revolution in Latest Project Veritas Expose

In the second installment of its “Expose 2020” series, Project Veritas has dug deeper into the far-left views of the Sanders campaign’s Iowa field organizer Kyle Jurek. Describing himself as an “anarcho-communist,” he praised Soviet-era gulags and discussed how he would like to force Americans who disagree with his twisted ideology to undergo “re-education.”

He added that the only alternative to gulags would be to line those opposed to his ideology up against a wall and murder them. But, he also made it clear he’s not the only member of the campaign staff who has been harboring the same leftist viewpoints:

Jan 16 11:03

YouTube, Facebook and Twitter remove accounts and content opposing the illegal assassination of Iranian General Suleimani

The government in the district of criminals is not legitimate. They have destroyed the 1st amendment and they are working on the 2nd.

By Kevin Reed
16 January 2020

In a major escalation of online censorship, Google, Facebook and Twitter have deleted accounts and removed social media posts on multiple platforms that are opposed to the criminal assassination of Iranian General Qassem Suleimani by the Trump administration in a drone missile strike on January 3. There are indications that these censorship moves have been carried out at the direction of the US government.

Jan 16 10:58

Did The US or Israel Hack Iran Air Defenses Taking Down Flight 752?

Did The US or Israel Hack Iran Air Defenses Taking Down Flight 752?
What really happened to Flight 752 over Iran. Who is the mysterious man that just so happen to be up 6 AM filming Commercial airliners in the Dark? Oh did we forget that the US made it legal to lie to Americans in 2013

Jan 16 10:56

FLASHBACK:Hillary Clinton: “If I’m President, We Will Attack Iran… We Would be Able to Totally Obliterate Them.”

No matter who we vote for in this rigged system we get screwed!

On July 3, 2015, presidential aspirant Hillary Clinton addressed a hand-picked audience at a Dartmouth College campaign event. She lied calling Iran an “existential threat to Israel… I hope we are able to get a deal next week that puts a lid on (its) nuclear weapons program.”

Jan 16 10:53

Who’s To Blame for Flight 752?

Who’s to blame for downing Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752? Everyone’s pointing the finger at Iran. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says that it must take “full responsibility,” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is demanding an official apology, while even Iranian protesters are calling on Supreme Leader Ali Khameinei to resign.

Jan 16 10:50

Who Targeted Ukraine Airlines Flight 752? Iran Shot It Down But There May Be More to the Story

The claim that Major General Qassem Soleimani was a “terrorist” on a mission to carry out an “imminent” attack that would kill hundreds of Americans turned out to be a lie, so why should one believe anything else relating to recent developments in Iran and Iraq? To be sure, Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 departing from Tehran’s Imam Khomeini International Airport on the morning of January 8th with 176 passengers and crew on board was shot down by Iranian air defenses, something which the government of the Islamic Republic has admitted, but there just might be considerably more to the story involving cyberwarfare carried out by the US and possibly Israeli governments.

Jan 16 10:48

Yes: Reporters Are Bought and Paid for

Udo Ulfkotte’s amazing book, Gekaufte Journalisten (Bought Journalism) was published by Kopp Verlag in 2014. The book was a sensation and sold 1.5 million copies in Germany, but no major U.S. publisher would bring out an English translation. Finally, last month a small publisher, Progressive Press, published an English language edition titled Presstitutes: Embedded in the Pay of the CIA.

Jan 16 10:42

White House abruptly cancels Iran briefings amid contradictions

When you violate US and International Law and murder a diplomat and then lie through your teeth........

The Trump administration has abruptly called off four classified congressional briefings for lawmakers, who were seeking explanation about contradictory statements of the White House over assassination of top Iranian general Qassem Soleimani.

The State Department cancelled two briefings on the Trump administration's Iran strategy at the last moment on Wednesday, CNN reported.

Another schedule for a separate closed-door session for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) was also cancelled.

FBI officials had been about to brief a group of House lawmakers on counterintelligence issues, during the briefing that was added to the calendar late last week.

The Pentagon also scrapped a Thursday classified briefing on Iran.

Jan 16 10:15

Ick! Top 50 U.S. cities for bed bugs

Jan 16 10:10

ABC’s Matthew Dowd: Bernie Sanders Is A Sexist For Running Against Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton

So now the very prospect of running against a woman for president makes someone sexist, according to ABC News chief political analyst Matthew Dowd.

Jan 16 10:10

‘Sad’ Pelosi Grins While Signing Impeachment Articles. Internet Explodes Over Her Golden Pens.

Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who has previously said that she “feels sad” over impeachment, busted out a major grin on Wednesday when she signed the Democrats’ partisan articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump.

Jan 16 10:09

“The Greatest Sino-American Event Since Nixon’s Trip to China” – Presidential Historian Doug Wead Cheers President Trump’s Historic US-China Trade Deal (VIDEO)

On Wednesday morning President Donald Trump will sign an historic trade agreement with the Chinese government officials.
The left and GOP elites said this would NEVER happen. They said Trump was reckless and would ruin the economy.

Jan 16 09:42

Leftists’ Favorite Debate Moment: Atheist Ron Reagan’s Commercial Chortling He’s ‘Not Afraid Of Burning In Hell’

During the CNN/Des Moines Register Democratic presidential debate Tuesday night, a prominent atheist organization reupped its 2014 commercial featuring Ron Reagan Jr, the son of President Ronald Reagan, trumpeting his support for the organization and boasting he was “not afraid of burning in hell,” which elicited an enthusiastic response with leftists across social media.

Jan 16 09:42

Actress Amber Tamblyn Loses It On ‘Sexist’ Critics: Warren ‘Told HER Truth’

On Wednesday, actress and ardent feminist Amber Tamblyn ripped “sexist” critics of presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren.
Regarding a highly publicized dispute between Warren and fellow presidential contender Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Tamblyn defended Warren from accusations of lying, claiming the Massachusetts senator “told HER truth.”

Jan 16 09:41

Pelosi Caught Lying From the House Floor About Transcript of President Trump’s Phone Call to Zelensky (VIDEO)

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday lied from the House floor about what Trump said during his July 25 phone call to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.
Pelosi named impeachment managers on Wednesday morning ahead of the House vote.
The Speaker spread more lies about Trump’s call with Zelensky and claimed Trump said “do me a favor.”

Jan 16 09:41

'Do me a favor. Do you paint houses too? What is this?' Nancy Pelosi quotes from The Irishman's use of Mafia slang for carrying out hit jobs as she attacks Donald Trump in final House speech on impeachment

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi likened President Trump's lingo to that used by mobsters during her closing House impeachment floor speech, quoting the new mafia flick 'The Irishman.'
'Do me a favor?' Pelosi said, quoting - with a significant change of word - the president in his call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. 'Do you paint houses too? What is this? Do me a favor?' she asked.

Jan 16 09:41

FILLED WITH HATE: Pelosi Announces Sham Impeachment Managers SAME DAY as President Trump Signs Historic China Trade Deal and Dow Hits Historic Highs!

On Wednesday at 11:30 AM Eastern President Trump will sign the new US trade agreement with China.
President Trump is THE ONLY PERSON to confront China’s devastating trade practices that has cost the United States hundreds of thousands of manufacturing jobs and BILLIONS in stolen technology.

Jan 16 09:40

EFFIN’ CRAZY! Nancy Pelosi: “Important – for Putin to Know the American Voter Should Decide Who Our President Is, Not Vladimir Putin” (VIDEO)

Nancy Pelosi and Democrats are holding another insane presser this morning on their latest coup attempt, the sham articles of impeachment.

Jan 16 09:21

‘Somber’ and ‘Prayerful’ Pelosi Smiles For the Cameras and Giggles as She Signs Articles of Impeachment Then Hands Out Pens (VIDEO)

Remember how many times Speaker Pelosi publicly stated that she was ‘heartbroken’ and ‘prayerful’ as the House Democrats moved forward with impeaching President Trump?

Jan 16 09:21

IT’S OFFICIAL: DOW Closes Over 29,000 For First Time Ever – Greatest Market Rally in US History Continues!

The greatest stock market rally ever in US History continues. DOW up 91 points – Sets new all-time closing high!

Jan 16 09:21

‘Low-Information Voters’ Study Offers Some Very Troubling, And Sometimes Hilarious, Results For Democrats

As 2020 kicks into gear, a series of focus groups involving “low-information voters” conducted by Barack Obama’s former speechwriter offer some deeply troubling — if at times hilarious — takeaways for Democrats.

Jan 16 09:20

WATCH: MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski Trashes CNN For Biased Question Against Bernie During The Debate: ‘What The Heck Happened?’

“Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski did not mince words in her frustration and confusion over CNN’s bias in favor of Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) over Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) during the Democratic Party’s presidential debate on Tuesday night.

Jan 16 09:20

'I think you called me a liar on national TV': Elizabeth Warren's rebuke to Bernie Sanders at the end of the Democrat debate is revealed in hot mic audio after she refused to shake his hand

Hot mic audio has been released revealing Senator Elizabeth Warren's harsh rebuke to Senator Bernie Sander's after the first Democratic presidential primary debate of the year.

Jan 16 09:20

Illinois police chief's cop son, 31, is charged with assault after 'slamming a 66-year-old woman's head repeatedly into a wall' at his precinct

An Illinois cop, who is also the police chief's son, has been charged after he allegedly slammed a 66-year-old woman's face into a wall and dragged her through the precinct as he was arresting her.

Jan 16 09:19

SHOCKING: Constitutional Scholar Robert De Niro Has No Clue How The Constitution Works

The “Goodfellas” star thinks President Trump will flout the Constitution because he will “likely start a war” in order to stay in the White House for 12 years.

Jan 16 09:08

Michael Avenatti arrested

Jan 16 08:37

NO SWIMMING! ‘We Build The Wall Inc.’ Constructs FIRST EVER Border Wall On Rio Grande River

After a months-long legal battle with the International Boundary and Water Commission, a “United Nations-type” globalist agency which has deliberately facilitated the illegal entry of hordes of foreign nationals into the United States, a federal judge cleared the way for Fisher Industries and We Build The Wall to continue building a section of President Donald Trump’s Mexico border wall.

Jan 16 08:37

New Bill Would Require California Teachers to Teach Students About Climate Change Hoax

California teachers may be required to brainwash their students about the coming ice age, global warming climate change hoax under a new bill introduced this week.

Jan 16 08:36

HUGE: Attorney Sidney Powell Just Caught DOJ Prosecutor Van Grack Committing Subornation of Perjury – Pushing Gen. Flynn to Commit Perjury!

Attorney Sidney Powell joined Lou Dobbs on Wednesday to discuss the government’s case against General Michael Flynn.
Powell has been representing General Flynn since last summer.

Jan 16 08:36

Criminal Investigation Opened Into ‘Wax My Balls’ Trans Activist Jessica Yaniv, Faces Up to Five Years for Assault

Earlier this week, the infamous “wax my balls” activist Jessica Yaniv was caught on camera repeatedly punching Rebel News reporter Keean Bexte.
Bexte reported the attack to police and has now confirmed that they have opened a criminal investigation into Yaniv. He also confirmed that he is filing a civil action against the controversial activist.

Jan 16 08:36

McConnell Rips House Democrats, Makes Case For Trump Acquittal Ahead of Impeachment Trial (VIDEO)

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) on Wednesday blasted House Democrats and made the case for Trump’s acquittal days ahead of the impeachment trial.

Jan 16 08:35

BREAKING: O’Keefe Drops Part 2: Bernie 2020 Organizer, “There Are Things More Important Than the Rule of Law in US” – Secret Service Notified Over Trump Assassination Concern

Project Veritas on Wednesday released part 2 of his “Expose 2020” series showing a Bernie Sanders field organizer praising Joseph Stalin and saying he had a legitimate reason to use gulags.

Jan 16 08:35

The Exact Same Operatives Who Pushed the GRU Hacked the DNC Scam Are Now Pushing the GRU Hacked Burisma Scam — WITHOUT PROOF!

The New York Times, reported on Monday that Russian hackers from the military unit known as the GRU “successfully” targeted Burisma Holdings, the Ukrainian natural gas company that Hunter Biden was paid millions of dollars for as a board member.

Jan 16 08:35

Wow! Democrats Stand with Murderous, Anti-Semitic Regime — Block Vote to Support Iranian Protesters

Over 1,500 protesters, mostly young men and women, were murdered by the regime in Iran in the November 2019 protests. (NCR-Iran)
Democrats on Tuesday blocked a House vote to support the brave Iranian student protesters in Iran.

Jan 16 07:50

Breaking: West Virginia Lawmakers Invite Persecuted Pro-Second Amendment Counties in Virginia to Join Their State

West Virginia lawmakers introduced legislation to invite persecuted pro Second Amendment Counties to join their state.

Jan 16 07:50

What is Wrong with Old Joe? Biden Jumbles Words Throughout Final Democrat Debate (VIDEO)

77-year-old Democrat front runner Joe Biden jumbled his words throughout Tuesday night’s final Dem debate before the Iowa caucuses.

Jan 16 07:49

State Department Withholding All Key Documents on Biden-Ukraine Until After Impeachment Trial

The State Department is withholding all key documents on Biden’s extortion of the Ukrainian government until after Trump’s impeachment trial.

Jan 16 07:48

Pelosi Names Impeachment Managers, Adam Schiff to Lead in Senate Trial – 5 of Seven from NY and California… TRUMP Responds!

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) introduced the House Managers for the Senate trial of President Donald Trump, naming House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) as lead manager. Pelosi gave a rambling introduction trying to cloak the partisan political attack with patriotism by giving stumbling quotes from the founding documents and historical poetry, saying “everything is about time.” Pelosi also repeated her taunt to Trump, saying this is “an impeachment that will last forever.”

Jan 16 07:33

“Jarring” – CNN Panel Blasts Pelosi’s ‘Celebratory’ Impeachment Signing Ceremony (VIDEO)

A CNN panel on Wednesday blasted Speaker Pelosi for her grotesque celebratory impeachment signing ceremony.
On Wednesday, a ‘sad’ and ‘somber’ Pelosi smiled for the cameras and giggled as she signed the articles of impeachment against President Trump before they were delivered to the Senate.

Jan 16 07:33

FIGURES: Adam Schiff’s Big Lev Parnas Story Was Already Released — Rush Limbaugh Called It Back in November

On Monday Democrats released ‘notes’ by Lev Parnas that he claims show Rudy Giuliani ordered him to to call the President Zelensky of Ukraine and tell him aid would not be forthcoming if he didn’t agree to investigate the Bidens.

Jan 16 06:59

Hah-Hah! Kook Lev Parnas Indicts Trump, Pence, Giuliani, Nunes and Bill Barr in His Crazed Appearance on MSNBC — AND DEMOCRATS BELIEVE THIS NUT! (VIDEO)

On Monday Democrats released ‘notes’ by Lev Parnas that he claims show Rudy Giuliani ordered him to to call the President Zelensky of Ukraine and tell him aid would not be forthcoming if he didn’t agree to investigate the Bidens.

Jan 16 06:58

Elizabeth Warren And CNN Get DRAGGED For Dishonestly Smearing Bernie Sanders During Debate (VIDEO)

The Democrat debate on Tuesday night was a mostly boring affair, but one moment stood out for people on the left and the right.
CNN and Elizabeth Warren worked together to smear Bernie Sanders in a disgusting way.

Jan 16 05:42

25 Interesting Facts About the Hiroshima and Nagasaki Bombings

Hiroshima and Nagasaki became the first cities in the world to witness the power of nuclear weapons. Even today, the shadows of the victims lay imprinted on the walls of these cities.
Here are Interesting Facts About Hiroshima and Nagasaki related to that incident.

Jan 16 05:36

The Arctic Mummification Of John Torrington And The Franklin Expedition

Over 170 years ago, two ships left England never to return again. Now known as Franklin’s lost expedition, many details regarding this tragic journey still remain a mystery.

Jan 16 05:29

Whisky A Go Go: The Whisky Opened Today In 1964

Standing proud on the Sunset Strip is one of the most renowned rock clubs in history, the Whisky a Go Go. Opened in 1964, the club has played host to some of music's most important acts, from The Byrds to The Doors to Mötley Crüe. The club is so deeply entwined with the DNA of popular culture that even artists like The Beatles and Led Zeppelin asked to see the place when they made forays to Los Angeles from across the pond. Though the building hasn't changed, the Whisky has had its hands in every genre throughout the decades, from punk to metal to psychedelic rock. Things may change, but the Whisky stays the same.

Jan 15 22:07

Virginia Governor Declares State Of Emergency Ahead Of Gun Rights Rally

Fearing potential violence, Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam is declaring a state of emergency and is banning firearms and other weapons on the Capitol grounds in Richmond ahead of a gun rights demonstration planned for next week.

Jan 15 22:03

Virginia Declares State of Emergency After Armed Militias Threaten to Storm the Capitol

This man is looking to start a whole peck a trouble. He has lost his mind.

In response to what he described as “credible intelligence” of threats of violence at an upcoming gun rights rally in Richmond, Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam has declared a state of emergency and will temporarily ban individuals from carrying firearms on Capitol grounds.

The governor said at a press conference Wednesday that authorities believe “armed militia groups plan to storm the Capitol” during the January 20 rally.

On the Facebook page for the rally, several attendees are already saying they won’t comply and leave their weapons at home — even though Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney has vowed a hard line on rule-breakers. “Violations of the law will not be tolerated,” Stoney said.

Jan 15 10:17

The West Oppressed the Third World for so Long that It Became Third World Itself

Many have already noticed: The US really, really doesn’t feel like the world leader, or even as a ‘first world country’. Of course, I write that sarcastically, as I detest expressions like ‘first world’, and the ‘third world’. But readers know what I mean.

Bridges, subways, inner cities, everything is crumbling, falling apart. When I used to live in New York City, more than two decades ago, returning from Japan was shocking: the US felt like a poor, deprived country, full of problems, misery, of confused and depressed people, homeless individuals; in short – desperados. Now, I feel the same when I land in the US after spending some time in China.

Jan 15 10:15

Schiff Releases New Impeachment ‘Evidence’ Related to Giuliani ‘Associate’ Lev Parnas, Including Undated Handwritten Notes …With Links to Documents

House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) transmitted new evidence at the 11th hour to the House Judiciary that will be included as official record given to the Senate for the impeachment trial.

Jan 15 10:15

Parents of teenager killed in bus stop smash handed restraining order to stop them harassing motorist

The parents of a 15-year-old girl who was killed after being hit by a car have been given a restraining order to stop them “harassing” the driver involved in her death.

Jan 15 09:50

Elizabeth Warren says she will cancel 42 million borrowers’ student debt — on Day 1

Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren doesn’t just want to cancel student debt for 42 million borrowers — she wants to do it on Day 1 of her presidency.
In a new plan released Tuesday, the Massachusetts senator wrote that after years as a policymaker on Capitol Hill, “I learned two key things. First, the student debt crisis is deeper than many experts thought was possible. And second, the Department of Education has broad authority to end that crisis.”

Jan 15 09:50

HUGE! Devin Nunes: We Were Told in Early 2017 by Highest Levels of DOJ that General Flynn Didn’t Lie to the FBI (VIDEO)

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) joined Laura Ingraham on Tuesday to discuss the latest coup attempt by the Democrat Party, Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff.
Nunes also told The Ingraham Angle that Republican lawmakers were told way back in 2017 that General Flynn was innocent and DID NOT LIE to FBI investigators.

Jan 15 09:50

Terrifying bodycam shows crazed man on top of a cop as he attacks him with a MACHETE before he is shot

Horrific bodycam footage released by the Los Angeles Police Department shows a man wildly waving a machete at a cop and jumping on top of him as he attempts to hack at him before he is shot.

Jan 15 09:49

Truth About Socialism Every Voter Needs to See Before the November Election

Here’s a truth about socialism that every voter in America needs to see, right away:

Jan 15 09:44

This is SCIENCE? Lancet medical journal says society needs to “eliminate whiteness” in order to solve racism

The very same “medical journal” that infamously retracted Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s autism study for supposedly being “flawed” has more recently decided to publish a ridiculous new paper that claims “eliminat[ing] whiteness” is the only way to solve the societal “problem” of racism.

This book review published by The Lancet asserts that “white Americans continue to mobilise to maintain or extend the exclusive advantages whiteness offers those who can become white” – a gobbledygook string of virtue-signaling nonsense that implies whiteness is something a person can “become” in order to gain “exclusive advantages” afforded only to people with white skin.

Though there’s not a shred of evidence anywhere in the world to support this dastardly notion, The Lancet apparently thinks it’s “scientific” enough to publish, once again proving that The Lancet is the National Enquirer of “science” journals.

Jan 15 09:26

Attorney Sidney Powell: We Presented HOURS of Evidence Proving General Flynn Was Telling the Truth – Instead DOJ Doubled-Down and Went After General Flynn (VIDEO)

Sidney Powell, the attorney for former Trump national security advisor retired Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn, filed a motion Tuesday in federal court seeking to withdraw his guilty plea in the Mueller probe.

Jan 15 09:25

GOP Candidate: VA Gun Ban Will Be “Resisted In The Streets”

Jason Roberge, who appeared on Laura Ingraham’s Fox News program on Monday, made it clear in a release to The Gateway Pundit that he will not allow Virginia Governor Ralph “Blackface” Northam to bastardize our Constitution and our God given rights to bear arms. Roberge is running to represent Virginia’s 7th congressional district.

Jan 15 09:25

More than 50 people are treated for injuries after Delta Boeing 777 dumps jet fuel on California elementary schools during emergency landing at LAX

A Delta airlines plane returning to Los Angeles International Airport for an emergency landing dumped jet fuel on Tuesday afternoon, causing minor irritation for more than 50 children and adults at several elementary schools.

Jan 15 09:25

Controversial Nike Vaporfly running shoe used by Brigid Kosgei to smash Paula Radcliffe's marathon record set to be BANNED due to foam and carbon fibre sole-plate

The running shoe used by Kenya's Brigid Kosgei to smash Paula Radcliffe's marathon record is set to be banned.
There is no decision yet on whether the new women's marathon mark — which Kosgei set wearing the Nike Vaporfly — will be allowed to stand.

Jan 15 09:24

President Trump Versus the Democrats on 'Dealing With Iran' Brutally Summed Up by a Single Cartoon

Here is President Trump versus the Democrats on dealing with Iran brutally summed up by a single cartoon:

Jan 15 09:24

Watch as Bernie Sanders Claims ‘Our Job Is to Rebuild the United Nations'

Watch as Bernie Sanders stupidly claims that his job, if elected President is to rebuild the United Nations:

Jan 15 08:55

Esper Says US Has Legal Authority to Attack Iranian Soil

The United States has the legal and constitutional authority to continue attacking ‘Iranian proxies’, in Iraq or even on Iran’s home soil, in response to attacks against US troops, Defence Secretary Mark Esper has said.

“We hold Iran responsible for its proxies, and we will retain the right to exercise self-defence and take action where legally available and appropriate to hold those proxies accountable for their actions,” the Pentagon chief said, speaking to NPR.

The President does not become commander in chief until the army,navy and militia are called into actual service of the United States by a Congressional Declaration of War. This is one of the most abused and violated sections of our Constitution. Since Korea every deployment to war ordered by a US President has been in violation of the Constitution.
Section 2.

Jan 15 08:53

Schoolgirl, 15, is EXPELLED from Christian academy for wearing a pride sweater and posing in front of a rainbow cake at her birthday

A Kentucky high school freshman was expelled from her Christian school after a photo of her celebrating her 15th birthday in a rainbow sweater with a colorful cake was uploaded on social media.

Jan 15 08:52

Pub banter and jokes with colleagues CAN be classed as workplace sexual harassment 'even if it's unintended', equality watchdog warns

Pub banter and joked with colleagues can amount to sexual harrassment even if unintended and businesses must train staff to be aware of risks at after-work events, the equality watchdog has warned.

Jan 15 08:46

Trump Impeachment Trial Set to Begin Next Tuesday - US Senate Majority Leader

He should be impeached and convicted,but not on these charges.

The much-anticipated impeachment trial of US President Donald Trump is set to begin on Tuesday, January 21, according to US Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY).

McConnell, who leads the Republican majority in the Senate, told reporters Tuesday he expected the Senate to receive articles of impeachment from the House of Representatives on Wednesday, enabling them to take preliminary steps toward beginning the trial. For example, before the trial can begin, Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts must swear in senators as jurors.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said on Tuesday the House would vote on advancing the two articles of impeachment to the Senate on Wednesday.