Aug 08 10:33

New Hampshire woman, 52, becomes first American to get a SECOND face transplant after the donor skin she received six years ago started to fail

For the second time in a decade, a New Hampshire woman has a new face.
Carmen Blandin Tarleton's face was left disfigured after she was attacked by her estranged husband with a baseball bat and doused with lye in 2007.

Aug 08 10:32

Dozens of homes evacuated as wildfire rips through Surrey: 100 people are told to leave their million-pound properties and not come back ‘until tomorrow at the earliest’ as crews battle 40 hectare blaze

Homes have been evacuated after a massive 40 hectare wildfire in Surrey with homeowners told not to come back until 'tomorrow at the earliest'.

Aug 08 10:26

EXCLUSIVE: 'She'd be perfect for Jeffrey!' Ghislaine Maxwell 'wanted to recruit young Paris Hilton for Epstein after seeing her at party and asked friend to introduce her to the heiress'

Ghislaine Maxwell wanted to recruit Paris Hilton for Jeffrey Epstein after seeing her for the first time, a former friend of the British socialite has claimed.

Aug 08 08:12

Erdogan says Turkey has resumed drilling in eastern Mediterranean

NATO members Turkey and Greece have long been at loggerheads over overlapping claims for hydrocarbon resources.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has announced that Turkey has resumed energy exploration work in the eastern Mediterranean, saying Greece had not kept its promises regarding such activities in the region.

NATO members Turkey and Greece have long been at loggerheads over overlapping claims for hydrocarbon resources and tensions flared up last month, prompting German Chancellor Angela Merkel to hold talks with the country's leaders to ease tensions.

"We have started drilling work again," Erdogan told reporters after participating in Friday prayers at the Hagia Sophia mosque. "We don't feel obliged to talk with those who do not have rights in maritime jurisdiction zones."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If I were a crew member on the Barbaros Hayreddin Pasa right now, I would be advocating for extra-hazardous combat pay; Greece will respond, when it feels the time is right.

The question is, how proportionate will be the punishment for what Turkey is doing.

Aug 08 08:08

Nord Stream 2: US senators threaten German port with 'crushing' sanctions

Three Republican senators have ordered Murkan Port on the island of Rugen to stop assisting Russian vessels constructing the final sections of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.

Three US senators are threatening the operators of a small German port with "crushing legal and economic sanctions" for provisioning Russian vessels assisting with constructing the Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline.

The US strongly opposes the pipeline, which is owned by Russian gas company Gazprom and will carry natural gas from Russia to Germany.

In their letter,,Republican Senators Ted Cruz, Tom Cotton and Ron Johnson accuse port operator Faehrhafen Sassnitz of "knowingly providing significant goods, services, and support" for the project.

'Completely outrageous'

On Friday, German Minister of State Niels Annen said Germany "firmly rejected" the proposed sanctions, adding the tone and content of the letter were "completely outrageous."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Dear Senators; isn't Germany supposed to be one of our strongest NATO allies?!?

Or have you three decided to tick them off so permanently that they withdraw from the alliance?!? I'm just asking here, because it appears that this is precisely what you are trying to accomplish with this threat.

Aug 08 08:01

A U.S. government contractor embedded tracking software in the apps of millions of smartphone users

What you need to know:

As U.S. government contractor embedded tracking software in numerous mobile apps.
That's according to a new WSJ report.
It says that hundreds of millions of users were tracked worldwide as a result.

A damning new WSJ report says a small U.S. government contractor embedded software in over 500 apps, tracking millions of people worldwide.

According to the report:

A small U.S. company with ties to the U.S. defense and intelligence communities has embedded its software in numerous mobile apps, allowing it to track the movements of hundreds of millions of mobile phones world-wide, according to interviews and documents reviewed by The Wall Street Journal.

Anomaly Six LLC is the company in question, apparently boasting in marketing material that it was "able to draw location data from more than 500 mobile applications" from its own software development kit, embedded directly in some apps:

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So now, our geolcation data gets sold to the highest bidder by this company?!?

This stinks, and I am smelling a class-action lawsuit about to happen here.

Aug 08 08:00

American Revolution 2.0 2020: PATRIOTS vs. LOYALISTS: Peace on Earth, Goodwill toward All vs. Orwellian-illegal LIE-started forever US Wars of Aggression killing 30+ million since WW2, looting tens of trillions (2 of 9)

“We cannot fix the exact point at which our empire shall stop; we have reached a position in which we must not be content with retaining but must scheme to extend it, for, if we cease to rule others, we are in danger of being ruled.” ~ Alcibiades in 415 BC according to Thucydides, arguing for Athenian empire similar to recent US “leadership”

Our series:
*Introduction: we really live in American Revolution 2.0 2020 under life and death consequences.

*The US has been a lying, looting, illegal rogue state empire committing Wars of Aggression for over 200 years and counting. These invading Wars of Aggression have war-murdered ~30 million since WW2 and counting; 90% of these deaths are innocent children, the elderly and ordinary working civilian women and men (and here). The wars are for resource control: natural and human.

Aug 08 07:57

Beirut explosion: former port worker says fireworks stored in hangar

Angry Lebanese plan major protest on Saturday, one day before team investigating explosion reports to cabinet.

Dozens of bags of fireworks were stored in the same hangar as thousands of tonnes of ammonium nitrate at Beirut’s port and may have been a decisive factor in igniting the explosive chemical compound that fuelled Tuesday’s huge explosion, a former port worker and other sources have told the Guardian.

As angry Lebanese plan a major protest in central Beirut on Saturday, scrutiny has focused on how 2,750 tonnes of the dangerous material could have been stored so close to residential neighbourhoods for years – despite repeated warnings of the risk it posed.

A former port worker, Yusuf Shehadi, told the Guardian he had been instructed by the Lebanese military to house the chemicals in warehouse 12 at the port despite repeated protests by other government departments.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

IF what this guy is telling the Guardian is true, the Lebanese people have every right to be industrially ticked off at their government's, and military's, "magical thinking", even when they understood the dangers represented by this dangerous mix of fireworks, and ammonium nitrate.

And we have a very sad companion story, also out of, to which I hope the people of this planet will respond:

Lebanon faces 'grim' prospect of food, medical and housing shortages

Aug 08 07:45

Elliott Abrams Failed Trump's Mission to Overthrow Venezuela—Now He Will Take On Iran

President Donald Trump's pick to compel Iran into changing its strategy has quit amid a failure to foster diplomacy with the longtime foe and may be replaced by the White House's point person for Venezuela, another country whose embattled government has resisted a "maximum pressure" campaign by the United States.

Elliott Abrams, a Washington veteran who rose to prominence in the 1980s with his staunch interventionist, anti-communist stances in Latin America and until now served as Trump's special representative to Venezuela will replace Brian Hook, who was appointed in the wake of the U.S. exit from the Iran nuclear deal in 2018, the State Department confirmed in a statement.

The selection signifies a hardline push for the administration against Iran in the final months of Trump's first term as the revolutionary Shiite Muslim power continues to defy U.S. attempts to force it to change what Washington calls Tehran's "malign behavior" across the Middle East.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

My take?!?

Hook knows what is coming, relative to Iran, and doesn't want to be any where near the situation, when the excrement hits the ventilation system.

Abrams, a staunch "Israeli-Firster" , was the prime architect of the the Fatah/Hamas war in 2007. How Abrams Orchestrated the 2007 Hamas/Fateh Palestinian Civil War, and I am almost ready to bet real money, that he will be advocating for direct US military action against Iran.

There is, however, one teeny, tiny factoid which the Swamp Dwellers in DC don't really want to look at; last summer, at a conference which included Iranian delegates, Russia promised to assist Iran, if the US invaded.

Iran ‘Won’t Be Alone’ If U.S. Attacks, Russian Official Says

Perhaps Abrams has a really bad case of SMD (selective memory disorder) on this issue, but I think that it may be time for someone to politely remind him that this was the promise given to Iran by Russia last summer at this convocation.

The guy who made this promise to the Iranian delegation, Zamir Kabulov, is a career diplomat who most probably doesn't even FART without Putin's express permission, so if he made that promise, you can rest assured that it came right from the top.

War with Russia over Iran?!? This would be one of the most ham-fistedly, pig-headedly stupid thing any US administration could do.

As we have seen in Russia's intervention in Syria, they have weapons systems which work as advertised; Lockheed-Martin's F-35 has had its problems "reclassified", but not fixed.

Unfortunately, just because something would be the most ham-fistedly, pig-headedly stupid thing the US government could possibly do, is utterly no guarantee in the 21st century, that they will not do it.

Aug 08 07:22

Biden intervened to keep Israel ‘occupation’ out of Democratic platform

Before presumptive presidential candidate stepped in, progressives had secured agreement to include word for the first time in party manifesto.

WASHINGTON (JTA) — Joe Biden personally intervened to keep the word “occupation” out of the official Democratic platform, according to a new report.

Foreign Policy reported Thursday that Biden intervened after pro-Israel groups appealed to him, citing three sources, including Jason Isaacson, the chief policy and political affairs officer at the American Jewish Committee.

“The question of whether to allow the text to refer to ‘occupation’ or use the phrase ‘end the occupation’ was taken to the vice president and he said ‘no,’” Isaacson told Foreign Policy.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Imagine my complete absence of shock over this omission!

When you want to know how owns US foreign policy, all you have to do is look at the areas where you cannot criticise a foreign government, and the answer will be self-evident.

Aug 08 07:16

Russia warns it will see any incoming missile as nuclear

by: The Associated Press

Posted: Aug 7, 2020 / 08:28 AM EDT / Updated: Aug 7, 2020 / 08:28 AM EDT

MOSCOW (AP) — Russia will perceive any ballistic missile launched at its territory as a nuclear attack that warrants a nuclear retaliation, the military warned in an article published Friday.

The harsh warning in the official military newspaper Krasnaya Zvezda (Red Star) is directed at the United States, which has worked to develop long-range non-nuclear weapons.

The article follows the publication in June of Russia’s nuclear deterrent policy that envisages the use of atomic weapons in response to what could be a conventional strike targeting the nation’s critical government and military infrastructure.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I would certainly like to hope and pray, that the US government would never order such a strike against Russia; that would be one of the most ham-fistedly, pig-headedly stupid things the US government could possibly do.

Aug 08 07:11

Trump Admin Is Drafting Executive Order Mandating Coverage For Preexisting Conditions

The Trump administration is drafting an executive order that would require health care insurers to provide coverage for preexisting conditions, President Donald Trump announced Friday night.

Coverage for preexisting conditions is a major part of the Affordable Care Act, which the Trump administration is currently asking the Supreme Court to invalidate. Trump has long vowed that, though he seeks to remove Obamacare, he would ensure the replacement also provided coverage for preexisting conditions.

“Over the next two weeks I’ll be pursuing a major executive order requiring health insurance companies to cover all preexisting conditions for all customers,” Trump said at the briefing. “This has never been done before, but it’s time the people of our country are properly represented and properly taken care of.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Aug 08 06:57



Joe Biden was caught in yet another embarrassing situation during an on camera appearance as he stumbled over his words while asserting that he didn’t need to take a cognitive test.

President Donald Trump has turned Biden’s mental faculties into a campaign issue, prompting condemnation from the media and yet Biden’s own verbal slip ups continue to provide material for such claims.

During an interview with the National Association of Black Journalists and National Association of Hispanic Journalists, Biden was asked if he would take a cognitive test to prove Trump wrong.

“No, I haven’t taken a test. Why the hell would I take a test?” responded Biden.

Biden then shot himself in the foot yet again by stumbling over the words “my physical and mental” fitness not once but twice.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I have to shake my head, at the incredibly disingenuous attitude coming from the National DNC, that .... Biden was the only viable candidate for President, while his dementia is furiously taking over his life, bit by bit, for every American, and world leadership, to see, in this remarkably sad exposition.

Senator Tammy Duckworth (a Vet who lost both of her legs in combat) and Representative Tulsi Gabbard (the Representative from Hawaii, who has seen combat) would ultimately have been much stronger candidates, but the American War Party, and military industrial complex, which effectively control both the Democratic and Republican parties, would have none of it.

Duckworth MIGHT get the VP spot, which would be terrific, because she is a first-hand survivor who understands, at a deeply personal level, the costs of war, but I doubt it.

The only way the Dementocrats can win this election, which will be contentious, and if certain states get their way, is for them to steal it via mail-in ballots.

In fact, a New York Federal judge has already begun the process.

The article goes on to state: "The ruling, by Judge Analisa Torres of Federal District Court in Manhattan, may not affect the outcome in the June 23 primary. Representative Carolyn B. Maloney is leading her Democratic challenger, Suraj Patel, by some 3,700 votes, and the judge’s decision was narrowly drawn to force the counting of only a portion of the 12,500 disputed absentee ballots.

Still, the judge’s decision is the latest twist in a race that has been used by the president to cast doubts on the efficacy of vote-by-mail systems nationwide, even as he trails in polls in his bid for re-election. The coronavirus outbreak has prompted states across the nation to consider expanding mail-in voting for the general election in November, as public health officials worry that convening at polling locations may spread the disease."

Aug 08 06:37


A new poll has found that 84 per cent of Americans blame the media for creating corrosive political divisions in the country.

The Knight Foundation/Gallup poll reveals that 86 per cent of respondents say they see “a great deal” or “a fair amount” of political bias in the media. This compares to 62 per cent who felt the same way back in 2007.

As expected given the media’s left-wing prejudice, Democrats are less concerned than Republicans about media bias, with only 22 per cent having an unfavorable view of the press compared to 75 per cent of Republicans.

“Americans blame the media for political divisions, but they also see the potential for the media to heal these divides,” reports the Knight Foundation. “Eighty-four percent of Americans say the media is to blame for political division in this country. Still, 84% also say the media can serve as a healing force.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Press coverage" is primarily what the large corporations, and the Federal Government, want you to believe; this is why independent outlets, like WRH, are more critically important, and valuable, in informing opinion, than they have ever been in years past.

Aug 08 06:37

Thousands of bikers descend on South Dakota town for 10-day Sturgis Motorcycle Rally which is expected to draw 250,000 people - sparking coronavirus concerns among residents

Thousands of bikers have defied social distancing guidelines as they gathered for the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally on Friday.

Aug 08 06:36

Racist Wetherspoons drinker tells Jewish student, 21, 'we should have GASSED the lot of you' in shocking confrontation filmed on victim's phone

This is the shocking moment a drinker at a pub in Leeds told a student she 'looks like a Jew' and said 'we should have gassed the lot of you' in a shocking confrontation.

Aug 08 06:33



What has the public learned about Fusion Centers since the recent BlueLeaks hack was released over a month ago? Not a lot.

The Feds have done a great job of keeping the public from finding out what DHS Fusion/Intelligence Centers are really doing. In a country founded on freedom, we find federal and local law enforcement scrambling to keep the true function of Fusion Centers hidden from the public.

By piecing together news articles from Maine and Texas papers, a disturbing picture begins to unfold of warrantless surveillance of Americans.

The first proof that Fusion Centers were being used to spy on everyday citizens and activists can be found in a Maine Press Herald article from mid-July.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Will someone, please tell me what precisely is an "anti-government group"?!? Could that perhaps, be any person or persons who have peaceful, logical, and legitimate concerns about what their government is doing, and articulates that concern in logical, peaceful language on line, and never advocates violence whatsoever?!?

If this is true, then I am having a "Gomer Pyle" moment here, (and for those of you too young to remember, this was a TV show, the premise of which can be seen here Wikipedia: Gomer Pyle

One of the leitmotifs of the show was the way he would say "Golly Gee!!", when he was amazed or confused.

I would be BOTH amazed and confused if the US government puts me into a category of an "anti-government group", because that is simply not the case.

I appreciate when the Federal government does something which really benefits We the People; what concerns me is when it is making ham-fistedly, pig-headedly stupid decisions which damage the quality of life for its citizens.

Unfortunately, in 21st century geopolitics, that latter pattern seems to be more the norm than is making decisions beneficial to the lives of US citizens.

Aug 08 06:31

Two Green Berets who were behind botched coup to overthrow Venezuelan leader Nicholas Maduro in operation dubbed the 'Bay of Piglets' are given 20 years in prison

Two former Green Berets have been sentenced to 20 years in prison by a court in Venezuela for their role in a failed coup attempt against President Nicolas Maduro.

Aug 08 06:31

Border agents say 1300ft smuggling tunnel found running from Arizona to Mexico is 'most sophisticated in US history' and is equipped with water, electricity and even a railway track

A tunnel found stretching from Arizona to Mexico appears to be 'the most sophisticated in U.S. history,' authorities said yesterday.

Aug 08 06:29

It's a peaceful demonstration: Donald Trump defends having wine-drinking members of his golf club crowd into room with his press conference, saying they're protesting news media

President Donald Trump defended having members of his Bedminister golf club crowing into his press conference and not wearing masks as a peaceful demonstration against the news media.

Aug 08 06:28

Donald Trump vows to extend unemployment benefits until 2021, suspend months of payroll taxes and student loan payments and blasts Democrats for holding COVID relief 'hostage' after Congress' stimulus talks collapsed

With no deal in sight on coronavirus relief legislation, President Donald Trump attacked Democratic leaders negotiating with his top aides and once again threatened to act unilaterally to cut payroll taxes and take other actions.

Aug 08 06:25

Postcards from Mars: NASA shares eight stunning images from the surface of the Red Planet to mark the 8th anniversary of the landing of its Curiosity rover

NASA's Curiosity rover has been on Mars since August 2012 and in that time it has shared some stunning images of the Red Planet during its 14 mile journey.

Aug 08 06:19



Some of the largest companies, including Anthem, Humana and UnitedHealth Group, are reporting second-quarter earnings that are double what they were a year ago. And while insurance profits are capped under the Affordable Care Act, with the requirement that consumers should benefit from such excesses in the form of rebates, no one should expect an immediate windfall. But the amounts that insurers are retaining have caught the attention of the Trump administration. The Health and Human Services Department advised companies to consider speeding up rebates, and on Tuesday suggested that they reduce premiums to help consumers through the economic downturn caused by the pandemic.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

IF you use CVS pharmacy for any reason, please remember the following phrase: "Caveat Emptor", meaning, "buyer, beware"; they have just gone on a rampage of gouging their seniors without Medicare on a number of products, some of which our seniors desperately need to stay as healthy as humanly possible.

I know this, because I am one of those seniors who recently got price-gouged by this group on glaucoma drops. These used to cost around $40.00 for a one-month supply; last Thursday, had I not had a price saving coupon, they were attempting to extort $198.00 for the same medication, same amount, which, BTW, is generic.

Aug 08 05:48


The Trump administration’s nominee for a top special operations post at the Pentagon is facing questions about whether a company he helps oversee trained members of the Saudi team who killed journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

In May, President Donald Trump nominated Louis Bremer — a former Navy SEAL turned investment banker — to serve as assistant secretary of defense for special operations and low-intensity conflict. In that role, Bremer would be the top civilian in the Defense Department overseeing the special operations community.

Bremer is currently a managing director at Cerberus Capital Management — a private equity company whose founder, Stephen Feinberg, has close ties to the Trump administration and was once considered for a high-up job in the intelligence community. Bremer also sits on the board of directors of Tier 1 Group, an Arkansas-based special operations training company that is owned by Cerberus.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

OUCH!!! Not good, appreciating the degree to which this government, and its intertwined, connected, deep-state assassins, may well have been complicit in Kashoggi's death.

Aug 08 05:45



You may have noticed that a lot of people get offended by what I write. It is not something that I am purposely setting out to do, and I actually endeavor to get along with everyone as much as I can. But it is undeniable that my articles about our ongoing economic collapse directly contradict a lot of the narratives that are constantly being pushed by the mainstream media and many of our political, business and religious leaders. There are so many people out there that want to believe that the future is going to be exceedingly bright, and even though 2020 has been a horrific economic catastrophe so far, there are a lot of optimists that believe that it is just a temporary blip on the road to tremendous prosperity.

It would actually be wonderful if they were right.

But they aren’t.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I was one of those who got laid off last week; fortunately, I had a former client who remembered what I had done for their company very positively, and I was only out of work for about 12 hours, then rehired by my former client, and will start with his company next week.

But I have to tell you; getting the news, not with a telephone call, but through an email, was a shock to the system. I have always considered myself as someone who made a lot of people a great deal of money over the years, and that had been a strong component of my personal identity.

But to all of you with small businesses in this country, please; this is not the time to lay off your marketing staff. It is the time for encouragement, knowing who has the work, and bidding for those jobs, even if in more normal economic times, you might, most probably, turn your nose up at them.

Unfortunately, economically, these are not normal times. And historically, how the US got out of its financial slumps was through getting into a world war.

I am hoping and praying I am utterly wrong on this, but I am seeing the signs of a new world war coming, and quickly. I cannot tell you where or when it will happen, nor can I tell you who will win the Presidential election in November.

But there is one thing upon which I would be almost willing to bet real money; after whoever wins November's election, and takes their Oath of Office in January, we will see a very heated discussion in DC about returning to the draft in this country.

Aug 08 05:31

Lebanon's Hezbollah 'categorically denies' storing arms at Beirut blast site and president suggests explosion may have been caused by a 'rocket or bomb' amid claims explosives may have been deliberately diverted there on a 'scrap ship'

The leader of Hezbollah has strongly denied that his militant political group had stored arms at Beirut's port, describing the cataclysmic explosion there as 'a major tragedy'.

Aug 08 05:31

Donald Trump insists neither Russia or China want him to win: President rejects claims Moscow is helping his campaign and says Beijing would 'own our country' under Biden in response to reports of interference

President Donald Trump has insisted that neither China nor Russia want him to be reelected, claiming that China would 'own' the U.S. if Joe Biden were elected to the presidency.

Aug 08 05:30

PIERS MORGAN: China makes Trump look woke – so Hollywood's cowardly self-censorship to appease the Beijing bullies is as hypocritical as it is shameful

There's nowhere more 'woke' than Hollywood.
The self-righteous censorious bleating from that part of the world is so ferocious, unrelenting and aggressive that it's a wonder anyone is deemed morally suitable enough to work there.

Aug 08 05:30

Republicans Dan Crenshaw and Ted Cruz slam Teen Vogue for 'Marxist propaganda' after it published an op ed calling for the abolishment of private property rights and the police

Republican politicians Dan Crenshaw, Ted Cruz and Burgess Owens have slammed Teen Vogue for publishing an op ed calling for the abolishment of private property rights and the police.

Aug 08 05:30

Convicted rapist who was freed by the Massachusetts Bail Fund while awaiting trial for forcing a woman at knife-point to perform oral sex on him in a McDonald's is arrested on a new rape charge

A sex offender whose bail on rape charges was paid by the Massachusetts Bail Fund is accused of kidnapping and raping a woman, three weeks after he was released.

Aug 08 05:29

Seven-year-old Georgia boy with no underlying health conditions dies from COVID-19 after attending church where two elderly worshippers also died

A seven-year-old boy who attended a church in Savannah, Georgia where two elderly parishioners died of COVID-19 has become the youngest person in the state to die of the virus.

Aug 08 05:29

Judge rules that bodycam videos from George Floyd cops can be released publicly

The Minnesota judge has declared that the police body camera footage from two police officers involved in George Floyd's arrest and subsequent death should be publicly released.

Aug 08 05:06

'Explosion' at Sussex port sends thick black smoke cloud that can be seen for miles into the sky - as dozens of firefighters battle blaze

Huge plumes of thick black smoke billowed from the Newhaven Industrial unit
Residents are being urged to keep doors and windows closed because of smoke
Witnesses have reported 'big explosion' in the building yards away from the port

Aug 08 04:58

'We hit the runway, it all went dark, people were screaming': Air India survivor's horrifying account after hilltop plane crash - as death toll rises to 18 with more than 120 injured

A man who survived a plane crash in India has described the terrifying moment of impact which has left at least 18 people dead.

Aug 08 04:57

'Let him rot in prison': Vile paedophile who raped and murdered seven-year-old schoolboy Shaun Phillips could be back on the streets within months

One of Australia's most notorious child killers could soon be freed from prison
Kevin Riley was convicted of the rape and murder of Shaun Phillips in 1988
The gruesome case remains one of South Australia's most infamous crimes
Riley has formally applied for parole after serving a total of 32 years behind bars
The victim's father Gary Phillips says the vile paedophile should 'rot in prison'

Aug 08 04:57

'France will never let Lebanon go': Emmanuel Macron is accused of trying to reconquer Lebanon rather than help it in the wake of the devastating explosion at its capital which has killed 150 as country is set to refuse aid from Israel

French president Emmanuel Macron has been accused of trying to reconquer Lebanon rather than help it in the wake of the devastating explosion at its capital which killed 150 people

Aug 08 04:42

Bus passengers beat a group of armed robbers to death in Mexico after they stormed onto a bus and shot and killed a cop

Armed robbers stormed a bus in in Valle de Chalco Solidaridad, State of Mexico on June 24, and footage of the incident leaked on Friday
An off-duty police officer opened fire at the two armed men, before one returns fire, fatally wounding him

Aug 08 04:34

Michelle Obama insists she is 'doing just fine' and says there is 'no reason to worry about her' after she revealed she is suffering from 'low-grade depression' amid the pandemic

Michelle Obama has promised admirers that she is 'doing just fine' and there is 'no reason to worry' about her after she opened up about suffering from 'low-grade depression' in the latest episode of her podcast.

Aug 08 04:34

Bill Gates says majority of coronavirus tests administered in the US are 'completely garbage' because it takes too long for people to get the results

Billionaire Bill Gates says the majority of coronavirus tests being administered in the United States are 'completely garbage'.

Aug 08 04:33

More than 100 Americans have died after taking hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19 despite Donald Trump insisting people had 'nothing to lose' by trying the unproven drug

More than 100 Americans have died after taking hydroxychloroquine in a misguided effort to treat or prevent coronavirus so far this year, a new report reveals.

Aug 08 04:31

North Carolina news anchor, her husband and three children including her newborn baby, contract coronavirus just days after she gave birth and returned home from hospital

A TV news anchor from North Carolina chronicled her family's battle with COVID-19 after they all contracted the virus just days after she gave birth.

Aug 08 04:30

Georgia high school REVERSES decision to suspend student who posted photo of crowded hallways as district's superintendent says it 'does not look good' but masks can't be mandated

A high school in Georgia has reversed its decision to suspend a 15-year-old girl who posted photos of crowded hallways amid the COVID-19 pandemic - as the district's superintendent acknowledged the scenes didn't look good but said masks couldn't be mandated.

Aug 08 04:28

Thirty-four Twin Peaks employees sue 'breastaurant' chain, claiming there was a system for grading their bodies and they had to wear bikinis and lingerie for 'costume party' weeks

The Twin Peaks chain has been hit with a federal lawsuit by 34 former 'breastaurant' employees claiming sexual harassment, multiple forms of discrimination and the 'sexual exploitation of young women'.

Aug 08 04:27

'Ring up my s***, you old hag': Ex-con is caught on camera abusing a cashier at a New Jersey Costco and now faces five years in prison following his arrest

A convicted conman has been arrested for making terroristic threats after he was caught on camera verbally abusing a cashier at a New Jersey Costco.

Aug 08 04:25

NYPD hunts man who slashed a woman, 29, with a knife attached to a lanyard on the subway because she 'grabbed a pole close too close him'

A woman was slashed by a man with a knife hanging on a lanyard, after he allegedly accused her of getting too close to him on a New York City subway.

Aug 08 04:24

Furious Mayor of Portland accuses protesters of attempted MURDER for setting fire to a police precinct with officers still inside as violent demonstrations flare up again following withdrawal of Trump's federal agents

Portland's mayor has slammed protesters for 'attempting to commit murder' and says they are going to be used as 'props' in President Trump's reelection campaign as violent clashes between demonstrators and police continued for the 71st night.

Aug 08 04:23

Hong Kongers who fled the city due to fears of being detained under controversial new national security law were forced to claim asylum despite being eligible for six-month visa

Two Hong Kongers arrived in London but were forced to claim asylum and not granted permission to stay for six months under current BNO regulations
Both came after Dominic Raab announced BNO passport holders would be offered 'route to citizenship' & given leave to remain for five years come January

Aug 08 04:21

Kim Jong-un visits flood-hit North Korean village in a luxury SUV wearing a bright white suit as locals flock to see him

North Korea has suffered serious flooding in areas near their southern border
Kim Jong un took a rare trip out of the capital Pyongyang to inspect the damage
North Korean state media released an image of Kim speaking with farmers

Aug 08 04:20

Postcards from Mars: NASA shares eight stunning images from the surface of the Red Planet to mark the 8th anniversary of the landing of its Curiosity rover

NASA's Curiosity rover launched for Mars in November 2011 and landed in 2012
In its time on the planet it has travelled 14 miles and drilled a total of 26 holes
Curiosity found evidence water once flowed on the surface of the Red Planet

Aug 08 03:56

Canadian brewery apologizes for 'cultural appropriation' after it named a beer after the M?ori word for pubic hair (but thought it meant 'feather')

A brewery in Western Canada has apologized after it was learned that one of its brand name beer products used the M?ori word for pubic hair.

Aug 08 03:56

Colorado district attorney launches investigation into officers who held a black family, including four girls aged six to 17, at gunpoint after mistaking their car for a stolen vehicle

A Colorado district attorney has launched an investigation into officers with the Aurora Police Department after they mistakenly detained a black family at gunpoint and forced four frightened children onto the ground.

Aug 08 03:54

Hugh CAN this be? Viewers' surprise at star of Downton Abbey's slimline look as Bonneville, 56, reveals his dramatic weight loss and drastically shorter haircut on BBC's The One Show

Hugh Bonneville is a shadow of well-padded Earl of Grantham in Downton Abbey
The 56-year-old revealed weight loss on Thursday, wearing open-necked shirt
Viewers expressed surprise, with one writing he has 'lost a hell of a lot of weight'

Aug 08 03:51

Firefighters battling Surrey wildfire tell evacuated they must NOT return to their multi-million pound mansions - as blaze ruins 150 acres of countryside

Fire crews have told millionaire families in Surrey not to return home after flames destroyed 150 acres
Surrey Fire Service are tackling a massive grass blaze which started on Chobham Common yesterday
The fire spread to Wentworth golf course and 40 fire engines were sent out to fight the fire at its peak

Aug 08 03:47

Homeless men are seen brazenly sharing swigs of liquor without masks and urinating on the street outside luxury Upper West Side hotels - as it's revealed New York 'illegally housed pedophiles next to playgrounds' in the neighborhood

Residents of Manhattan's Upper West Side are again raising safety concerns about the hundreds of homeless people being housed by the city in three luxury hotels there, after groups were spotted drinking and urinating, and records revealed that six convicted pedophiles appear to have been illegally housed near an elementary-school playground.

Aug 08 03:46

Report: Whitmer Traveled To Visit Biden Ahead Of Upcoming VP Decision

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D), who has long been considered a contender for presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s 2020 running mate, reportedly traveled to Delaware last weekend to meet with Biden ahead of his upcoming decision.

Aug 08 03:44

Florida man arrested for what he allegedly did to a child when he refused to remove his mask

Police arrested a man in Treasure Island, Florida, after he allegedly grabbed a child when he refused to take his mask off.

Aug 08 03:40

Thirty people from the same family test positive for COVID-19 and five are hospitalized after attending funeral service in rural Minnesota where they wore masks but 'let their guard down as they hugged and cried together'

A funeral service for a beloved husband, father and grandfather in rural Minnesota has turned into a coronavirus 'superspreader' event where 30 grieving family members contracted the virus.

Aug 08 03:39

College life clampdown: Universities ban 'sleepovers' and parties in attempt to dodge COVID-19 outbreaks when semester resumes in the fall - and some students could face expulsion for breaking rules

Universities across America are banning 'sleepovers' and parties and threatening students with expulsion for breaking the rules, as they attempt to dodge COVID-19 outbreaks when semesters resume in the fall.

Aug 08 03:39

REVEALED: Army intelligence soldier, 38, and his wife ‘murdered their four children by poisoning them with carbon monoxide before killing themselves’

Authorities believe Army Staff Sgt. Jared Esquibel Harless and his wife were both responsible for murdering their four young children before killing themselves two months ago.

Aug 08 03:39

Caregiver, 19, is arrested after horrifying footage shows him slapping a frail 88-year-old man in the face and screaming 'how stupid are you' at the elderly victim

A 19-year-old caregiver has been arrested after horrifying footage showed him slapping a frail 88-year-old man in the face and screaming 'how stupid are you' at his victim.

Aug 08 03:26

Racism needs to be addressed (6 Pics)

Aug 08 03:25

Ron Paul Says Something Big Is Coming

Aug 08 03:16

Alabama lawmaker who faced calls to resign for attending a anniversary celebration for an early KKK leader is charged with stealing thousands of dollars from his employer four years ago

An Alabama lawmaker who faced calls to resign after he attended a celebration to mark the birthday of an early Ku Klux Klan leader has now been charged with stealing thousands of dollars from his employer four years ago.

Aug 08 03:16

Michigan governor demands local official resign after he blamed 'n*****s from Detroit' for spreading COVID-19 and accused Black Lives Matter of 'taking the country away from us'

Michigan's governor and other local and state officials are demanding that a northern county road commissioner resign after he repeatedly used the n-word to describe African Americans from Detroit whom he blamed for COVID-19.

Aug 08 03:16

Wtf America! (18 Pics)

Aug 08 03:11

More than 10,000 British Airways staff to lose their jobs as airline scrambles to cut costs

More than 6,000 employees across business applied for voluntary redundancy
A further 4,000 were due to be told yesterday that they were being laid off
Unions branded the day 'Black Friday' and accused BA of 'industrial thuggery'

Aug 08 03:04

Dozens evacuated from their homes after huge wildfire in Surrey

Dozens of people have been evacuated from their homes in Surrey after a huge countryside wildfire which could be seen from central London.

Aug 08 03:00

All aboard! Tiffany Trump, Donald Trump Jr and Kimberly Guilfoyle attend a Montauk boat party ahead of the president's fundraising trip to the Hamptons

Donald Trump Jr, his sister and girlfriend took part in a 'Trumpilla' in the Hamptons on Friday ahead of a potentially lucrative weekend of fundraising in the region by the president.

Aug 08 03:00

‘I don’t have the corona but I got a 9mm to blow your f***ing head off:’ Astonishing moment a woman uses the N-word on a black man as he sits in his car watching his children in a playground

This is the astonishing moment a woman repeatedly used the N-word and threatened to use a 9mm to shoot a black man's head off as he sat in his car watching his children in a playground.

Aug 08 02:53

Protesters pelt Portland Police with rocks and concrete and shine lasers to try and blind cops on the 72nd night of violent clashes after Trump called the demonstrators 'lawless rioters'

Police in Portland said on Friday night that they were attacked with rocks and chunks of concrete, after the 72nd-straight night of protest descended in to violence once again.

Aug 08 02:53

Trump claims that Joe Biden has lost the black vote after Democrat rival is forced to apologize for suggesting Latino community is more diverse than African American

President Donald Trump crowed on Friday that Joe Biden 'lost the Black vote' with his Democratic rival's statement suggesting the Latino American community is more diverse than African Americans.

Aug 08 02:48

Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. steps down after posting a photo on Instagram showing him with unzipped pants and his arm around a woman

Liberty University president and prominent Trump supporter Jerry Falwell Jr. will take an indefinite leave from his position effective immediately it was announced Friday.

Aug 08 02:48

Dentists declare 'mask mouth' a new phenomenon as they see an explsoion in patients suffering from tooth decay and gum disease after wearing face coverings

Dentists say face coverings could be causing gum disease and tooth decay, with the number of patients presenting with oral health problems exploding since mask wearing mandates began.