Sep 22 08:33

Jill Biden's first husband calls Joe a hypocrite for 'criticizing people's character' after the Democrat had an affair with his wife and reveals he'll vote for Trump in November

Jill Biden's ex-husband has said he was 'betrayed by the Bidens', claiming once again that he was still married to Jill when she met Joe, and denying the well-publicized story of the Bidens' meeting on a blind date.

Sep 22 08:32

'Ellen turned my trauma into a joke': Former employees and critics pan DeGeneres for her 'tone deaf', 'disingenuous' and 'half-hearted' monologue responding to claims she runs a toxic work environment

Ellen DeGeneres is facing renewed criticism after she issued an apology in response to allegations of a toxic work environment on her show that was seen by some as disingenuous, half-hearted and tone deaf.

Sep 22 08:17

Tucker: The left’s extreme reaction to Ginsburg’s death

Sep 22 07:39

Scapegoated To Death: Fake-News Media, BLM Pressure Cause Jake Gardner Suicide

The Nebraska bar owner who defended himself in the bar and shot dead a George Floyd protester in May was found dead of an apparent suicide on Sunday – few days after he was accused on manslaughter charges, police said.

The body of Jake Gardner, 38, of Omaha, was found around 12:20 p.m. outside a medical clinic in Hillsboro, Oregon, some 20 miles west of Portland, cops said. His lawyer said that Gardner left Nebraska for the West Coast shortly after shooting during death threats.

Sep 22 07:36

Slavoj Zizek: The treatment of Assange is an assault on everyone’s personal freedoms

Julian Assange has had his rights stripped away in a case that should alarm millions, but too few people care because his character has been assassinated. He might have to go to prison before he gets the support he deserves.

There is an old joke from the time of World War I about an exchange of telegrams between the German Army headquarters and the Austrian-Hungarian HQ. From Berlin to Vienna, the message is “The situation on our part of the front is serious, but not catastrophic,” and the reply from Vienna is: “With us, the situation is catastrophic, but not serious.”

The reply from Vienna seems to offer a model for how we react to crises today, from the Covid-19 pandemic to forest fires on the west coast of the US (and elsewhere): ‘Yeah, we know a catastrophe is pending, media warn us all the time, but somehow we are not ready to take the situation seriously…’

Sep 22 07:35

Presidents, ex-presidents & political leaders add names to growing list calling for an end to Assange persecution

A further 11 current and former world leaders have joined an ever-growing list of politicians calling for an end to the political and legal persecution of journalist and Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.

Argentinian President Alberto Fernández and Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro have added their names to an open letter to the UK government, calling for an end to Assange’s persecution.

The message has now been signed by 167 ministers, former heads of state and members of parliament. It is addressed to UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and warns Britain against violating domestic, international and human rights law by extraditing the WikiLeaks founder to the United States.

Sep 22 07:33

Good Analogy (Picture)

Sep 22 07:33

Conjoined 14-Month-Old Twins Born Locked In An Embrace Are Successfully Separated In Michigan Following 11-Hour Surgery Involving More Than 24 Doctors And Nurses

Doctors at the University of Michigan separated one-year-old conjoined twin sisters - born hugging each other - just 14 months after they were born.

Sep 22 07:31

Ancient tooth the size of a human hand belonged to an American mastodon some 10,000 years ago is discovered in Missouri river by teen explorer

Ira Johnson is an 18-year-old explorer living in Missouri who made an astonishing find while walking along the Grand River – he discovered a fossilized mastodon tooth.

Sep 22 07:29

Kentucky Police Initiate State of Emergency Ahead of Grand Jury Decision on Breonna Taylor Case

The Louisville Metropolitan Police Department (LMPD) ordered a state of emergency on Monday for Louisville, Kentucky, ahead of a highly-anticipated grand jury decision on the Breonna Taylor case.

In the LMPD declaration, personnel were informed that all officers would be required to be present and would not be allowed to take time-off in the coming days.

?“Effective immediately, all off-days are hereby canceled and vacation requests that have not already been submitted and approved are canceled until further notice," reads an LMPD statement sent to all personnel.

Sep 22 07:29

Manhattan's district attorney says he has grounds to investigate Donald Trump for tax fraud and argues the president's returns should be released because of 'mountainous' allegations of misconduct

Manhattan's district attorney on Monday said the 'mountainous' allegations of misconduct linked to President Donald Trump and his businesses justified enforcing a subpoena for his tax returns and other financial records.

Sep 22 07:28

CDC says its guidance that coronavirus spreads through the air was posted 'IN ERROR'

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says it mistakenly published guidance suggesting that the novel coronavirus spreads through the air.

Sep 22 07:27

Louisville police declare state of emergency due to fear of riots that could follow Breonna Taylor decision

The Louisville Metropolitan Police Department declared a state of emergency for the city Monday in anticipation of the unrest that could follow a grand jury decision on whether or not to charge the three officers involved in the raid that killed Breonna Taylor in March, NBC News reported.

Sep 22 07:27

Delaware officials, FBI seize enough fentanyl to kill 75 percent of state's population in Operation No Mas

Delaware investigators along with the Federal Bureau of Investigation say they seized enough fentanyl during a massive drug bust to kill 75 percent of the state's population of 973,764.

Sep 22 07:26

Tropical Storm Beta makes landfall in Texas as heavy rain batters the Gulf Coast and threatens to bring a four-foot surge to the area already reeling from a busy hurricane season

Tropical Storm Beta made landfall on the Texas coast on Monday night as parts of the state and neighboring Louisiana braced for flooding and a storm surge of up to four feet.

Sep 22 07:26

Man demands parents choose between Trump signs in their yard and seeing their grandkids. It spectacularly backfires — and now he's sorry.

Writer Leo Guinan went viral after sharing a personal, anti-Trump anecdote Friday on Medium, revealing that he told his mother and father that they would have to choose between having a Trump 2020 sign in their front yard and seeing their son and grandchildren.

Sep 22 07:26

Iranian woman walks round the globe to introduce peace road

Every year on September 21 people around the world attempt to strengthen the ideals of peace in various ways.

The day was established in 1981 by the United Nations General Assembly. Countries attempt to stop hostilities during the day and hold educational and cultural events to promote peace.

This year a common enemy, known as the coronavirus, has made it more necessary to promote peace and help the world get rid of the disaster.

Due to the spread of the virus, the programs are held with restrictions and few people participate.

In Iran, a woman has decided to walk around the world. She is going to introduce a peace road for the first time to the world. By travelling between peace symbols of different countries, this Iranian woman seeks to deliver Iran’s message of peace to other parts of the world.

Sep 22 07:25

Bill Barr's Justice Department brands New York, Portland and Seattle as 'anarchist jurisdictions' and face losing billions for failing to maintain law and order

The Justice Department declared New York City, Portland and Seattle as 'anarchist jurisdictions Monday that can have federal funding ripped away for failing to clamp down on violence according to its criteria.

It listed the three cities as among those 'that have permitted violence and destruction of property to persist and have refused to undertake reasonable measures to counteract criminal activity.'

Sep 22 07:19

World Leaders Call on the UK to Free Julian Assange

A group of over 160 current and former politicians endorsed a letter that demands the UK government release WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange immediately. The publisher is currently fighting extradition to the US at Old Bailey court in London and could face up to 175 years in prison for exposing US war crimes.

The group includes heads of state, congressional members, diplomats, and lawmakers from all across the globe. Notable endorsees include the President of Argentina Alberto Fernandez, former President of Brazil Lula da Silva, former Prime Minister of Spain Jose Luis Zapatero, and UK PM Jeremy Corbyn. The only US politicians on the list are former Senator Mike Gravel from Alaska and former Rep. Ron Paul from Texas.

The letter is addressed to UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and other UK officials and was written by the group Lawyers for Assange.

Sep 22 07:16

It's a barked potato! Dog owner digs up home-grown spud that looks just like her pet pooch

Joanne Gudger, 47, was floored when she found a potato that looked like her dog
The potato bore an uncanny resemblance to her 13-year-old bulldog, Dave
She now calls the dog 'potato head Dave' and hasn't eaten the potato

Sep 22 07:16

Hundreds of Spinosaurus teeth unearthed in ancient river bed that flowed through the Sahara Desert 100 million years ago suggests the giant predator had an aquatic lifestyle

A trove of more than a thousand dinosaur teeth in the Sahara Desert confirms that the largest carnivorous dinosaur on record spent most of its time in the water.

Sep 22 07:14

Tragedy as around 90 pilot whales die in Tasmania after largest mass-stranding in a decade - with 25 saved as rescuers battle to free 155 more

270 pilot whales from two pods were found stranded on Tasmania's rugged and isolated west coast Monday
Rescuers including local fishermen and volunteers rushed to help move the animals back to deeper waters

Sep 22 07:04

Orange flu (Picture)

Sep 22 07:04

Second L.A. cop shot in Compton ambush is released from hospital after she was pictured speaking on the phone to Trump who told her 'the country was behind her'

A second police officer who was shot while on duty in the Compton area of Los Angeles earlier this month has been released from hospital less than two weeks after the brutal and unprovoked shooting.

Sep 22 07:01

Trump Derangement Syndrome turns Dems from vaccine Stalinists into anti-vaxxers as treatment nears for COVID-19

Without a doubt 2020 has been one of the oddest, and most loathed, years in the history of our country. But nothing has been as strange as the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sep 22 07:01

The New York Times and Washington Post both have financial ties to China, enabling communist manipulation of America’s corrupt, dishonest news giants

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is more than just a complacent, docile presence, magically contained within China’s borders. The CCP represents a ruthless ideology of oppression that seeks to influence and manipulate governments and institutions around the world.

Sep 22 06:58

Cops arrest man and woman carrying a gun, 200 rounds of ammunition and a shovel near Trump's Ohio rally as Secret Service join probe and pair are charged with making terrorist threats

Police have arrested a man and a woman who were allegedly found carrying shovels and a gun near where President Trump was holding a rally in Ohio.

Sep 22 06:58

America is facing 'time-bomb' explosion of millions of 'super pigs' that can reproduce at just three months old, grow up to 400lbs and destroy thousands of square miles of farms and livestock

The United States is on the cusp of a huge pig 'time bomb' with the number feral hogs increasing in huge numbers.

Sep 22 06:55

Woman suspected of mailing ricin to President Trump at the White House is accused of sending poison-tainted envelopes to a sheriff and law enforcement in Texas

The woman accused of mailing an envelope containing ricin to President Trump is also suspected of sending additional poisoned envelopes to law enforcement in Texas.

Sep 22 06:50

You Know It’s The Truth (Picture)

Sep 22 06:47

Parents And Their Teenage Child Are Charged For Throwing A Party For 60 Students That Forced Their Massachusetts High School To Switch To Remote Learning

Two parents as well as their high school-aged child have been charged with providing alcohol to minors and violating social host laws in Massachusetts after hosting a party with up to 60 other teenagers.

Sep 22 06:45

Assange is at 'Very High Risk of Suicide' Should Extradition Occur, Neuropsychiatrist Tells Court

The WikiLeaks publisher, who faces up to 175 years in prison for his role in obtaining and publishing classified US documents, has been kept at Belmarsh maximum-security prison since he was removed from the Ecuadorian Embassy on 11 April 2019.

WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange is at "very high risk of suicide” should extradition occur to the US, and the suicide risk "arises directly from Mr Assange’s psychiatric disorder”, the Old Bailey heard on Tuesday.

Mr Assange has a history of clinical depression, expert tells court

Sep 22 06:44

Democrats are threatening to impeach Trump if he fills the Supreme Court vacancy. But he must – our republic is at mortal risk

The president is constitutionally obliged to nominate a replacement for Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and he needs to do it quickly, so the court can be ready to counter all the cheating that the left will try on this November.

So the Democrats are now thinking of trying to impeach President Donald Trump again, if he tries to push through a Supreme Court nominee this year. Given that he is obliged to fill such vacancies under Article II, Section 2 of the Constitution, that’s like trying to impeach someone for doing their job properly.

But Nasty Nancy can’t help but threaten him anyway. “We have arrows in our quiver that I’m not about to discuss right now,” Pushy Pelosi said on TV yesterday. I suspect the president will hardly be quivering in the Oval Office.

Let’s have a little history lesson, because I want to understand all this correctly.

Sep 22 06:44

When Newt Gingrich told the truth about George Soros, Fox News demanded SILENCE… because “Soros” is the name that may not be spoken

In a very bizarre exchange on Fox News’ Outnumbered, guest Newt Gingrich was essentially censored for bringing up the name of Hungarian-American philanthropist George Soros.

Sep 22 06:44

Biden blames Trump, not China, for every COVID death in America

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden often makes comments that raise questions about his sanity, but a recent remark at a CNN Town Hall may take the cake.

Sep 22 06:43

Woman who 'hurled a glass bottle at a black jogger and screamed 'go back to Africa n*****' in Queens is arrested and faces hate crime charges

Lorena Delaguna was arrested Monday on hate crime and harassment charges
The 53-year-old was taken to Queens Central Booking for arraignment
Tiffany Johnson, 37, was on a run in Queens, NYC, when Delaguna threw the bottle at her and said 'Go back to Africa, n*****', video released by NYPD shows
'It's a hate crime. It's not acceptable. She has to be [held] responsible for her behavior,' Johnson said previously

Sep 22 06:43

Two Whites Murdered in Louisville by Black Lives Matter Activist (Wearing 'Justice for Breonna Taylor’ Shirt)

A black male walked into a Louisville bar owned by a retired police officer and shot three random people at point blank range on Friday night — while wearing a Justice for Breonna Taylor shirt.

The suspect was smiling from ear to ear as he was arrested for the shooting at Bungalow Joe’s Bar and Grill.

Michael E. Rhynes Jr., 33, was arrested just after midnight Saturday after police found him crawling in brush near the restaurant, according to a report from WDRB.

Sep 22 06:42

White Omaha Bar Owner Charged in Shooting Death of Black Protester Dies by Suicide, According to Attorneys

A white bar owner in Omaha, Neb., who was charged last week in connection with the shooting death of a Black protester in May, died Sunday by suicide, according to his attorneys.

Sep 22 06:42

35 missing Ohio children are recovered this month - with 20% rescued from human trafficking - as the search continues for five other endangered teens

The US Marshals Service has found 35 missing children in Northeast Ohio in one month during its Operation Safety Net program.

Sep 22 06:41

'I'm the only guy in the world that could be impeached for filling a seat': Donald Trump says he wants Nancy Pelosi to impeach him over his Supreme Court nomination after Democrats threatened to derail his pick

President Donald Trump dared House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to impeach him a second time after she refused to take that maneuver off the table to stall a Supreme Court vote.

Sep 22 06:41

‘FOR REAL’: Joe Biden Botches The Pledge Of Allegiance

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden botched the words to America’s Pledge of Allegiance on Monday, drawing widespread mockery online.

Sep 22 06:39

Senators clash as SCOTUS confirmation fight heats up: Schumer accuses GOP of 'cravenness' that could 'tear down' RBG's life work while Mitch vows: 'We're voting on this nomination on this floor'

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell vowed on the Senate floor Monday to plow ahead with President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee as he accused Democrats of 'dirty tricks' to try to stop the Brett Kavanaugh nomination.

Sep 22 06:36

A harem for the hereafter: Tomb of an ancient Germanic lord is unearthed with a circle of six women around a cauldron who 'may have been killed or sacrificed themselves' on his death 1,500 years ago

Six women were found buried in a radial arrangement in a central tomb
Believed they may have been concubines or widows for the deceased person
Researchers have yet to find the remains of the high-ranking lord or prince

Sep 22 06:35

China and Vatican prepare to renew historic deal that allows Chinese Communist Party to appoint Catholic bishops in the country

The Vatican sealed a landmark 'provisional' agreement with Beijing in 2018
It allowed the Communist government to help appoint Catholic bishops in China
Pope Francis has reportedly given the historic deal the green light for renewal

Sep 22 06:35

Crippled two-legged spider that went viral when it was adopted by an Australian woman is released back into the wild after growing its limbs back

Elina Walsh, from Far North Queensland, rescued a two-legged huntsman spider
She discovered Peggy at home in June and nursed the spider back to health
Peggy regrew all of her legs and was released back into the wild on Sunday

Sep 22 06:34

Facebook will take 'exceptional' measures to limit content if the US election descends into violent chaos, warns global affairs head Nick Clegg

Facebook is preparing 'exceptional' measures to restrict content if the US election descends into chaos or violence, head of global affairs Nick Clegg says
Site is thought to be planning for 70 possible scenarios, using military strategists
Measures include using AI to track and remove 'dehumanizing' content, limiting visibility of 'borderline' posts, and shutting down 'fake' or misleading accounts
Similar measures were used in Myanmar and Sri Lanka amid racist violence

Sep 22 06:28

Instagram model, 25, who amassed thousands of followers by dressing up in a Catwoman leotard is jailed over bizarre crime spree that saw her act as a getaway driver for teenage boys and take drugs and a knife into Target

Monique Marina Agostino, 25, has been jailed once more over a crime spree
Instagram model acted as a getaway driver for teenage boys and shoplifted
Agostino was also caught with drugs and a knife inside a Target store

Sep 22 06:28

Faith and family: A look at Judge Amy Coney Barrett

Amy Coney Barrett received a shocking introduction to Washington politics when she faced off with Democratic senators in 2017 at her confirmation hearing to sit on the 7th circuit U-S Court of Appeals. At issue was her religious beliefs.

Senator Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., told her bluntly, "The dogma lives loudly within you, and that's of concern."

Barrett's response was measured but on point: "If you're asking whether I take my Catholic faith seriously, I do, though I would stress that my personal church affiliation or my religious belief would not bear on the discharge of my duties as a judge."

Sep 22 06:27

REVEALED: Ruth Bader Ginsburg's 'most fervent' deathbed wish to be replaced by 'the next president' was told to her granddaughter and made public in her obituary written by friend, an NPR reporter

Justice Ruth Bader's Ginsburg final wish was revealed in reporting by National Public Radio's Nina Totenberg, likely the best known Supreme Court reporter in the United States, who had been friends with Ginsburg for five decades.

Sep 22 06:27

Amy Coney Barrett emerges as the favorite to fill Ruth Bader Ginsburg's vacant seat after 'meeting Donald Trump at the White House' while Barbara Lagoa falls to a 'distant second'

Amy Coney Barrett has emerged as President Donald Trump's top choice to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the nation's highest court, sources say.

Sep 22 06:24

Trump Has Already Narrowed His Supreme Court List Down and Could Announce His Choice by the End of the Week

I know that I shouldn’t be surprised by the unrelenting heartlessness of this administration, but I am. That’s the truth.

Sep 22 06:24

New York City, Portland, Ore., and Seattle Declared 'Anarchist Jurisdictions' by Department of Justice

The United States Department of Justice has declared New York City, Portland, Ore., and Seattle “anarchist jurisdictions,” setting the stage for federal funds to be withheld from those locales until they comply with the wishes of Donald Trump.

Sep 22 06:24

PIERS MORGAN: The squabble over replacing RBG on the Supreme Court has exposed BOTH sides as a bunch of shabby, insincere, hypocritical charlatans and even the great lady herself isn’t exactly blameless

‘Fight for the things that you care about,’ said the late, great Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, ‘but do it in a way that will lead others to join you.’

Sep 22 06:24

When you have the Senate you can do what you want: Donald Trump says vote on his Supreme Court nominee should come BEFORE the election and claims nomination fight will HELP Republican senators

President Donald Trump said as long as Republicans hold the Senate they can do what they want on voting for a replacement for the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Sep 22 06:23

China admits birth rate has fallen by a third in Xinjiang region where Beijing is accused of forced sterilisation on Uighur Muslim women

Communist officials admitted the birth rate dropped by a third from 2017 to 2018
China has previously claimed a growing population to rebut claims of genocide
Uighurs say women are forced to have abortions and contraceptive implants

Sep 22 06:23

The tropical storm hit September 16, sinking a number of boats and docks, along with releasing intense rain that flooded parts of Navarre with more than 10 feet of water. Scroll down for videos Thousands of starfish washed ashore Navarre Beach after Hu

Thousands of starfish washed ashore Navarre Beach after Hurricane Sally ripped through Florida last week.
Residents discovered the creatures Saturday morning, along with other animals like clams, worms and an oyster toadfish.

Sep 22 06:22

Down The 1619 Project's Memory Hole

The history of the American Revolution isn’t the only thing the New York Times is revising through its 1619 Project.

The “paper of record” has also taken to quietly altering the published text of the project itself after one of its claims came under intense criticism.

Sep 22 06:20

This Teacher Is Fighting Back After Her School Board Banned Pride Flags In The Classroom

A teacher in Reno, Nevada, is quietly protesting a ruling from her school board that says she can't engage in political speech in the classroom — including the display of a pride flag.

Sep 22 06:20

Another Bloody Chicago Weekend Sees Almost 40 Shot, With Homicides Up 50%

Another grim weekend out of Chicago as the Sun Times reports at least 36 total shot, including 9 fatalities across the city after total figures were tallied Monday.

This is slightly down from the prior weekend which included 42 people shot, 12 of which died of their wounds.

The windy city has seen shocking numbers nearly every weekend over the past months, also earlier this month over a bloody Labor Day holiday weekend which saw a whopping 51 shot, including 10 deaths.

Sep 22 06:20

FBI Agent Who Uncovered Weiner Laptop with Hillary’s Emails says FBI Leadership Told Him to Erase All of His Findings

John Robertson, was an FBI Agent who investigated crimes against children. This is how he stumbled upon Hillary Clinton’s emails.

Sep 22 06:19

Senator Lindsey Graham: “We’ve Got the Votes to Confirm the Justice on the Floor of the Senate BEFORE the Election” (VIDEO)

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) joined Sean Hannity on Monday night.

Sep 22 06:17

Julian Assange 'Should NOT Be Charged With Revealing State Secrets Because 250,000 WikiLeaks Files Were Already Available Online After Guardian Journalist Published The Password In His Book', Court Hears

The US government is wrong to charge WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange with publishing unredacted classified documents because they had already appeared online, a court has heard.

Sep 22 06:17

Heart-stopping moment iceberg FLIPS upside down to hurl explorers into freezing Arctic waters

Explorers Mike Horn and Fred Roux were scaling an iceberg in the Arctic circle
Video shows the moment they were almost crushed and plunged into the icy sea
They admitted it was a dangerous mistake saying it's a lesson on 'what not to do'

Sep 22 06:17

Manhunt Is Underway For 'Armed And Dangerous' Suspect, 59, After Deputies Find A Woman Chained To Bed After Being Raped And Another Shot Dead Inside A Burning Car Across The Street In Texas

Deputies are searching for a man after one woman was found chained inside his home and the body of another woman was found inside a burning car outside his Southeast Texas house.

Sep 22 06:17

"Free Assange" - Ron Paul Rages 'This Is A War On Truth'

It is dangerous to reveal the truth about the illegal and immoral things our government does with our money and in our name, and the war on journalists who dare reveal such truths is very much a bipartisan affair. Just ask Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, who was relentlessly pursued first by the Obama Administration and now by the Trump Administration for the “crime” of reporting on the crimes perpetrated by the United States government.

Sep 22 06:16

Boy, 2, is fighting for life after dogs ripped off his genitals while parents were celebrating his birthday in Ukraine

A two-year-old boy is fighting for his life after being attacked by home dogs while parents were celebrating his birthday.
Little Yegor was found lying unconscious in a pool of blood outside his house after being mutilated by two German Shepherd guard dogs.

Sep 22 06:15

Shots fired into police officers’ home as media and celebrities continue to demonize police

A manhunt is currently underway for two suspects who fired shots into the home of two police officers in Camden County, New Jersey shortly before midnight on September 15.

Sep 22 06:13

Weissmann Lashes Out at Robert Mueller and Fellow Russia Probe Lawyers in New Book, Says Mueller Let the American People Down

Former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s “pitbull” Andrew Weissmann lashed out at his ‘former boss’ and fellow Russia probe lawyers in a new book.

Sep 22 06:12

Penguin found dead on Brazilian beach after swallowing entire face mask during voyage from Patagonia, autopsy shows

An N95 mask was found inside the stomach of a Magellanic penguin in Brazil
It is thought it became lost from its group after migrating from Patagonia
An autopsy found the mask inside the penguin as groups warn about disposal

Sep 22 06:10

Democrats Threaten to Fly to Washington and Prevent Senate Vote on SCOTUS Nominee — Lay Down on Floor to Block Entry to Senate — Tucker Carlson Open

Tucker Carlson opened his show on the left’s latest threats against Republicans, the US President and America.

Sep 22 06:10

In full: Rowan Atkinson on free speech

Sep 22 06:09

Visualizing The State Of Democracy, By Country

From Norway to North Korea, governing systems differ around the world. But, as Visual Capitalist's Iman Ghosh asks (and answers below) has the world become more or less free in the past decade?

This visualization from Preethi Lodha demonstrates how democracy levels of 167 countries have changed since 2006. The original data comes from the Democracy Index, which is compiled annually by the Economist Intelligence Unit.

Sep 22 06:06

‘Tell my mom I love her’: Salt Lake City police release body cam footage of cops shooting 13yo autistic boy 11 times

Police in Salt Lake City, Utah, have released harrowing bodycam footage that shows officers chasing and eventually shooting a 13-year-old boy 11 times, after being called to the scene by the child’s mother.

On September 4, police were called by the suspect’s mother, who said her son, who has Asperger’s Syndrome, was experiencing a “violent psychological issue.”

When officers arrived on the scene, the woman, identified as Golda Barton, told officers her son did not like police and might be armed with an imitation firearm. Footage released on Monday shows what happened next.

Sep 22 06:06

Ivanka Trump models a demure navy blouse, pleated midi skirt, and floral face mask as she discusses human trafficking in Atlanta - after spending Rosh Hashanah with the Kushners in New Jersey

Ivanka Trump traveled to Atlanta, Georgia, on Monday to highlight the Trump administration's efforts to combat human trafficking, after spending the weekend celebrating Rosh Hashanah in New Jersey with her family.

Sep 22 06:06

Taiwan says it has the right to retaliate after China sent its military planes into the sensitive strait area 40 TIMES in a deliberate 'threat of force'

Taiwan said today it has the 'right to self-defence and to counter-attack' after China flew nearly 40 warplanes over the Taiwan Strait in a show of force.

Sep 22 06:05

New York Attorney General Changes Body Camera Policy Following Daniel Prude's Death

The New York attorney general has made a significant change to the state’s body camera policy in the wake of how Daniel Prude’s death was handled.

Sep 22 06:05

GOP Lawmakers Introduce “Hold Rioters Accountable Act” – Pelosi, Democrats and George Soros Hit the Hardest

For months now violent Black Lives Matter and Antifa leftists have been rioting in cities across the country.

Sep 22 06:05

MOMENTUM TRUMP: Based on Attendees at Both President Trump’s and Biden’s Events It’s Not Even a Race – Trump is CRUSHING Biden

Since Labor Day two weeks ago President Trump has entertained over 117,000 supporters at his rallies and speeches.

Sep 22 06:04

President Trump’s Comments About “Counting on the Federal Court System” on November 3rd Are Freaking Democrats Out Especially Since Ginsburg’s Death

Maybe President Trump gave the citizens of the United States an indication on how he plans to stop the Democrats from stealing the 2020 election. No wonder Democrats are screaming and howling about not filling the Ginsburg seat.

Sep 22 06:04

BREAKING: The Chief of Staff for Obama’s Former AG Eric Holder Met With Sally Yates the Day After General Flynn Was Set Up in the White House

President Obama’s first Attorney General, Eric Holder, left a corrupt life in public office and returned to the law firm Covington but he may not have left his corrupt work behind. Today we have more information connecting Holder to the the Russia Collusion hoax.

Sep 22 06:01

Man whose fiancée claims she 'lost' two engagement rings and broke a third says he suspects she's done it on purpose - and is urged to 'check pawn shops' in case she's tried to sell the jewels

A groom-to-be who was forced to purchase three engagement rings after his fiancée repeatedly lost and broke the bands several times has been urged to reconsider getting married.

Sep 22 06:01

Around the world in ZERO emissions: Airbus unveils concept images of an eco-friendly fleet of the future

Airbus has revealed a fleet of zero emissions planes which are primarily powered by hydrogen fuel and are carbon neutral.

Sep 22 05:58

Last chance! Drunken students hit the town and diners pack busy city centre streets to enjoy a late night out before new 10pm Covid curfew kicks in on Thursday

Boris Johnson will announce major crackdown including imposing 10pm curfew on all UK pubs from Thursday
PM will also restrict the hospitality sector to table service only and re-emphasise social distancing guidance
Drinkers last night flocked to bars and restaurants in Leeds and London for evening ahead of announcement

Sep 22 05:57

5 Missing children found in Oklahoma City gang sweep, yet calls for defunding police persist

Last week, a sweep by the U.S. Marshals Service led to the recovery of five missing children and the arrest of 262 suspects.

Sep 22 05:57

Anti-Christian BIGOTS: ABC fears ‘devout Catholic’ will replace Ginsburg

Fresh from lobbying liberal Republicans in the Senate to block any Supreme Court nominee President Trump put forward, Sunday’s Good Morning America featured ABC flaunting their anti-Christian bigotry with White House correspondent Rachel Scott fearing the President would fill Justice Ginsburg’s vacant seat with a “devout Catholic” in “conservative” Judge Amy Coney Barrett.

Sep 22 05:57

DISGRACEFUL: CDC Beclowns Itself, Admits it Randomly Posted on Website Unproven Guidance that COVID-19 Remains Suspended in Air

The CDC beclowned itself again today.
The radical politicized health organization admitted to randomly posting unproven guidance on the COVID-19 virus on their website.
What a disgrace!

Sep 22 05:56

BREAKING: More Photos of Biden Teleprompter Revealed

Joe Biden spoke last week in Duluth, Minnesota to a handful of campaign videographers and approved press. The entire event was staged with Biden reading from his teleprompter and we now have proof.

Sep 22 05:56

Matt Gaetz: If GOP Senators Murkowski and Collins Refuse to Vote for SCOTUS Nominee They Should Lose Funding from the GOP (VIDEO)

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) went on with Tucker Carlson on Monday to discuss the crisis in the US Supreme Court with the passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Sep 22 05:56

RIVETING: New Video Exposes China Supporting Marxist Group Behind Mass Rioting in 40 US States — MUST SEE VIDEO

Minneapolis communists from the Freedom Road Socialist Organization claim credit for “sparking” recent riots that spread to more than 40 states. Freedom Road supports the Communist Party of China. And FRSO supports the communist mass murderers Mao and Stalin.

Sep 22 05:55

China's Air Force Propaganda Video Appears To Show Simulated Missile Attack On US Military Base In Guam

China has released a propaganda video showing nuclear-capable bombers carrying out a simulated attack on what appears to be the US Andersen Air Force Base on the Pacific island of Guam.

Sep 22 05:55

Grave Of An Ancient 'Scythian Warrior Couple', A Baby And An Elderly Servant 'Who All Died Of An Infection 2,500 Years Ago' Is Discovered In Siberia

An extraordinary 2,500-year-old grave of an ancient warrior couple has been found in Siberia.