Jul 12 23:08

USS Bonhomme Richard (LHD-6)

USS Bonhomme Richard (LHD-6) is a Wasp-class amphibious assault ship, and the third ship of the United States Navy to bear the name.[2] She was named in honor of John Paul Jones' famous frigate, which he had named in French "Good Man Richard", in honor of Benjamin Franklin, the U.S. Ambassador to France at the time; "Richard" is derived from Franklin's Poor Richard's Almanac.

The primary mission of Bonhomme Richard is to embark, deploy and land elements of a Marine landing force in amphibious assault operations by helicopter, landing craft and amphibious vehicle, and if needed, to act as a light aircraft carrier.

Bonhomme Richard is in active service and is the flagship for Expeditionary Strike Group Three.[3]

Jul 12 23:05

21 injured as massive blaze & EXPLOSION cripple US military ship in San Diego (VIDEOS)

The USS Bonhomme Richard has caught fire at a naval base in San Diego. Footage from the scene shows a large plume of smoke emitting from under the ship's deck; one explosion and injuries among the crew have been confirmed.

The fire triggered a massive response, with multiple fire engines and ambulances seen at the pier.

"Seventeen Sailors and four civilians are being treated for non-life threatening injuries at a local hospital," US Naval Surface Forces wrote on Twitter a while later.

Jul 12 19:29

How The “Great Reset” Is Targeting Our Children & Plans To “Reimagine” Humanity

By Spiro Skouras

In this episode, Spiro is joined by John Klyczek, an Adjunct Professor, researcher, contributor to Activist Post as well as several other alternative news sites, and the author of the book School World Order: The Technocratic Globalization of Corporatized Education.

For generations the social engineers have used the strategy of indoctrination to target society’s most impressionable minds, our children, through many avenues but primarily through our education systems. In this interview, Spiro and John Klyczek break down how this longstanding and effective tactic is being “reimagined” by the usual suspects, to reshape the future of humanity.

Jul 12 18:28

Vitamin D Deficiency

About 50% to 90% of vitamin D is absorbed through the skin via sunlight while the rest comes from the diet. Twenty minutes of sunshine daily with over 40% of skin exposed is required to prevent vitamin D deficiency.[4] Cutaneous synthesis of vitamin D declines with aging. Dark-skinned people have less cutaneous vitamin D synthesis. Decreased exposure to the sun as seen in individuals who are institutionalized, or have prolonged hospitalizations can also lead to vitamin D deficiency. [5] Effective sun exposure is decreased in individuals who use sunscreens consistently.

Jul 12 18:16

A NEW STUDY On Vitamin D

I was digging around on YouTube earlier and I tripped over this gem of a video. It explains in layman's terms how the immune system works, and how it is reliant on vitamin D. I can not recommend it highly enough.

It strikes me that Bill Gates and his cronies know this information. They are desperate for an attention grabbing "second wave" to arrive. All they have to do to achieve this is to keep people stuck in their houses. This will result in vitamin D deficiency in a huge amount of the population. The end result will be carnage when the flu season arrives. We will then be presented with mandatory vaccination, and I can only see this making matters worse.

If you're stuck inside please supplement your diet with vitamin D. That'll really piss off Bill and his buddies.

Jul 12 05:59

131-foot-wide asteroid may strike Earth, airburst in September, space agency says

(INTELLIHUB) — The European Space Agency’s space situational awareness risk list reveals that a 131-foot-wide asteroid may strike Earth or airburst inside the atmosphere in September.

ESA data shows that the compacted chunk of rock named 2018 SV13 is traveling at a speed of about 44,000 miles per hour and will be headed inbound on September 22 with a “non-zero” chance of impacting. (i.e. the ESA thinks there is a possibility the asteroid may hit)

Although it is unknown if the object will miss earth altogether, burn up in the earth’s atmosphere upon entry, airburst or impact, one thing is for sure, planetary defense agencies in both Europe and the United States will be on high alert and will be ready to mitigate and or deflect the object if need be.

Jul 10 08:27

SHOCKER: CDC admits COVID-19 ‘positive result’ just means you’ve previously contracted the “common cold”

"... a positive result means that you have antibodies from an infection with a virus from the same family of viruses (called coronaviruses), such as the one that causes the common cold."

Jul 10 06:05

Why Idaho Hasn't Stopped Shaking Since March 31

On March 31, a 6.5 magnitude earthquake rolled through Idaho's Sawtooth mountain range, northeast of Boise. It was the second largest earthquake to strike Idaho, according to the Idaho Statesman. (The strongest temblor in Idaho history, 1983's Borah Peak earthquake, registered as a magnitude 6.9.)

Jul 10 05:59

11th case of dengue fever confirmed in the Florida Keys

An 11th case of the mosquito-borned dengue fever has been confirmed in the Florida Keys, health officials said.

So far, all 11 cases have been in Key Largo, including 8 cases the last week of June, the Florida Department of Health officials said Tuesday.

Officials are “currently conducting epidemiological studies to determine the origin and extent of these infections,” Florida Keys spokeswoman Alison Kerr told the Miami Herald.

Jul 10 05:36


Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Stephen Hahn said it was “concerning” that a new survey found more than a quarter of adults would “definitely” or “probably” not accept a free coronavirus vaccine. He seems to share Bill Gates’ concern that getting people to take the vaccine is the biggest obstacle.

Mandatory or not, personally, I haven’t met one person who is willing to get the vaccine. Some cite safety and efficacy, others cite the inability to trust big pharma, others cite the inability to trust the government. Regardless of the reason, more than 27% will likely reject the vaccine, even IF it’s mandatory. The poll is probably bullshit, like the vaccine they want to cram down our throats.

Jul 10 05:34


In Brooks County, south Texas, people are going to be arrested if they test positive for COVID-19 and refuse to quarantine. Remember, the tests are highly inaccurate, and asymptomatic people don’t spread the coronavirus, according to the WHO. Plus, masks work, right?

Jul 10 05:31


With US equity futures under pressure on Tuesday morning – it’s not surprising whatsoever that hopium-inspiring vaccine headlines are hitting the tape. Novavax was awarded $1.6 Billion in funding via Operation Warp Speed to support “large-scale manufacturing of NVX-COV2373.”

Gaithersburg, Maryland-based Novavax said in a statement that initial production of 100 million doses would start in late 2020. The aim is to have millions of doses ready by January 2021.


Jul 10 05:30

Tuberculosis Vaccine Linked to Lower COVID-19 Mortality Rates, Preliminary Study Finds

A preliminary study set to soon be published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences journal suggests that a century-old tuberculosis vaccine may play a role in decreasing COVID-19 mortality rates.

The research, conducted by Assistant Professor Luis Escobar of Virginia Tech’s College of Natural Resources and Environment and two officials at the US National Institutes of Health, sought to uncover why developing countries, including some Latin American ones, are seeing lower COVID-19 mortality rates than several US states.

“This is remarkable, considering that [these parts of] Latin America have much higher population densities than the North American states analysed, including New York,” co-author Carolina Barillas-Mury wrote in the peer-reviewed paper.

Jul 10 05:01

‘Much higher’ death rate than Covid-19: Chinese embassy in Kazakhstan warns of dangerous local pneumonia

The Chinese embassy in Kazakhstan has warned its citizens in the Central Asian country to exercise caution amid a large outbreak of viral pneumonia, which appears to be deadlier than the new coronavirus.

Between Covid-19 and the pneumonia outbreak, the diplomats described the health situation in Kazakhstan as “very grim.” Since the start of the year, 1,772 people have died of pneumonia in the country. In June alone, there were 628 fatalities, including Chinese citizens, a statement on the embassy’s website reads.

“The mortality rate of the disease is much higher than that of the new coronavirus pneumonia,” it said. The Kazakh Ministry of Health and other scientific bodies have been conducting “a comparative study” on the pneumonia virus and Covid-19, but no definitive findings have been made yet, the embassy added.

Jul 10 02:29

Neowise, the brightest comet in years, is visible now. How to catch it

It's already possible to see Neowise with just binoculars or even the naked eye as it comes closer to Earth.

Jul 09 11:57

Road trip on Mars: Thrill as Curiosity rover races up to 0.06 miles per hour. Marvel as it takes a mile-long detour

NASA’s hardy Curiosity rover is on the move again: this time, a little road trip to avoid getting bogged down in Martian sand dunes.

The six-wheeled robot is investigating Mount Sharp, a sedimentary mountain whose layers of rock should give scientists a better idea of the watery world Mars once was. But to do so, it'll have to complete a mile-long detour to avoid the sand drift in the way... at the blazing speed of 82 to 328 feet (25 to 100 metres) per hour.

Its operators will carefully guide the rover as it tries to find the safest path and avoid getting stuck in the large patch of sand. The US space agency's boffins hope the experience will help them figure out ways to improve the bot's modest self-driving capabilities.

Jul 09 10:20

Anti-vaxxers rejoice! Any future coronavirus vaccine will be VOLUNTARY, says Russian health minister

Russia will not make immunization against Covid-19 compulsory, according to Minister of Health Mikhail Murashko. A homegrown vaccine is currently being trialled and could possibly be registered and mass-produced by September.

Jul 09 09:59

NHS admissions for routine ops drop 82% in a year with 1.5million not seen within 18 weeks in worst figures since 2007 as medics warn 'time bomb has now detonated'

The number of NHS patients admitted for routine ops has dropped 82 per cent in a year and 1.5million have been forced to wait at least 18 weeks to start treatment, devastating statistics today revealed.

Shocking NHS England data that laid bare the strain Covid-19 has put on hospitals showed only 54,550 patients were admitted for treatment in May — a fraction of the 295,000 recorded this time last year.

And 1.45million patients have had to wait at least 18 weeks to start hospital treatment for routine operations such as hip and knee replacements — the worst since 2007 and more than double last May.

Jul 09 07:55

'Baby' Fossil Fragment Found in Alaska Sheds Light on Dinosaur Existence in Ancient Far North

While the breed of dinosaurs in question apparently lived all over the world, the relative fragility of its bones make it problematic for scientists to determine how they traveled between continents.

A small fragment of fossilized dinosaur jawbone has been discovered by scientists in Alaska, granting further insight into the fauna of that region millions of years ago.

According to, the bone fragment belonged to a "juvenile" dinosaur from the "dromaeosaurid" family of predatory dinosaurs "closely related to birds", some of whose better-known members include Velociraptors, a breed popularized by the movie "Jurassic Park".

Jul 09 07:54

Remember the “Fake” 2009 H1N1 Swine Flu Pandemic: Manipulating the Data to Justify a Worldwide Public Health Emergency

Remember the unusual circumstances surrounding the April 2009 H1N1 Swine Flu Pandemic.

Media disinformation. An atmosphere of fear and intimidation. Corruption at the highest levels. The data was manipulated.

In July 2009, the WHO Director General predicted with authority that: “as many as 2 billion people could become infected over the next two years — nearly one-third of the world population.” (World Health Organization as reported by the Western media, July 2009).

It was a multibillion bonanza for Big Pharma supported by the WHO’s Director-General Margaret Chan.

In June 2009, Margaret Chan made the following statement:

Jul 09 07:52

Coronavirus: Why Everyone Was Wrong. It is Not a “New Virus”. “The Fairy Tale of No Immunity”

Firstly, it was wrong to claim that this virus was novel.

Secondly, It was even more wrong to claim that the population would not already have some immunity against this virus.

Thirdly, it was the crowning of stupidity to claim that someone could have Covid-19 without any symptoms at all or even to pass the disease along without showing any symptoms whatsoever.

But let’s look at this one by one.

Jul 09 07:50

120 Covid-19 Vaccine Projects are Underway

What is the Significance Of The Nuremberg Code

The Nuremberg Code is one of several foundational documents that influenced the principles of Good Clinical Practice (GCP).

Good Clinical Practice is an attitude of excellence in research that provides a standard for study design, implementation, conduct and analysis. More than a single document, it is a compilation of many thoughts, ideas and lessons learned throughout the history of clinical research worldwide.

Vaccines affects human health — notably when development is rushed like now.

Instead of providing protection as claimed, vaccines time and again cause diseases they’re supposed to prevent.

Around 120 COVID-19 vaccine development projects are underway.

Jul 08 18:47

Stanford doctor: Coronavirus fatality rate for people under 45 ‘almost 0%’

“The death rate in a given country depends a lot on the age structure, who are the people infected, and how they are managed,” Ioannidis said. “For people younger than 45, the infection fatality rate is almost 0%. For 45 to 70, it is probably about 0.05%-0.3%. For those above 70, it escalates substantially.”

Jul 08 18:46

Dr. Rancourt: Masks And Respirators Do Not Work – A Review Of Science Relevant To Curbing Covid-19 Transmission


Masks and respirators do not work. There have been extensive randomized controlled trial (RCT) studies, and meta-analysis reviews of RCT studies, which all show that masks and respirators do not work to prevent respiratory influenza-like illnesses, or respiratory illnesses believed to be transmitted by droplets and aerosol particles. Furthermore, the relevant known physics and biology, which I review, are such that masks and respirators should not work. It would be a paradox if masks and respirators worked, given what we know about viral respiratory diseases: The main transmission path is long-residence-time aerosol particles (< 2.5 ?m), which are too fine to be blocked, and the minimum-infective-dose is smaller than one aerosol particle.

Jul 08 12:24

Henry Ford health study finds hydroxychloroquine to be effective against COVID-19

Published by the Henry Ford Health System in Michigan, the study used a large-scale retrospective analysis of patients examined between March 10 and May 2. It looked at more than 2,500 hospitalized patients across Henry Ford’s six area hospitals, evaluating how hydroxychloroquine affected patients.


Of those patients who were treated with just hydroxychloroquine, only 13 percent died compared to 26.4 percent among those not given the drug. Overall, there was an 18.1 percent in-hospital mortality rate among patients over the age of 18, and with a median age of 64.

Another important detail uncovered as part of the study is the fact that the vast majority of people who test positive for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) and later die also have other underlying health conditions. This suggests that patients are dying with the virus, rather than from it.

Jul 08 12:19

Cover-up: Dr. Anthony Fauci helped approve an effective treatment for coronavirus infections 15 years ago, but is suppressing it today in favor of new high-profit vaccines

At the National Institutes of Health, fifteen years ago, back when Fauci was still a director, researchers used chloroquine effectively to stop the replication of SARS-CoV-1. The official publication of the NIH, The Virology Journal, published the research in straightforward manner on August 22, 2005. The research was titled, “Chloroquine is a potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus infection and spread.”

Chloroquine proved to be both a prophylactic and a therapeutic, stopping viral replication before and after exposure to the virus. This basic compound exhibited strong antiviral effects, inhibiting the infection. Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) is a less toxic derivative of this antiviral molecule, and it can help deliver zinc into the cells, stopping viral multiplication and speeding up recovery.

Jul 08 08:26

Texas County To Arrest COVID-19 Positive Residents Who Refuse To Self-Isolate

A South Texas county isn’t taking any chances when it comes to the coronavirus, issuing a warning that anyone who tests positive and refuses to self-isolate could end up in jail.

The warning, which was confirmed as legitimate by an Official with the Brooks Count Office of Emergency Management, cites Texas Penal Code 22.05 (a) which states “A person commits an offense if he recklessly engages in conduct that places another in imminent danger of serious bodily injury.”
It was shared via social media over the weekend.

Jul 08 08:06

Specter of the most dangerous tropical storm season since Hurricane Katrina looms for US, Caribbean

The Gulf of Mexico and US East Coast should brace for a heavy slate of hurricanes, after a top US climate researcher predicted one of the most active years on record for tropical storm activity in the Atlantic Basin.

The Atlantic tropical storm season runs from June through November and has 30-year averages of 12 named storms and six hurricanes, but the Colorado State University climate research center on Tuesday raised its forecast to 20 tropical storms, including nine that will develop into hurricanes.

“We anticipate an above-normal probability for major hurricanes making landfall along the continental United States coastline and in the Caribbean,” hurricane researcher Phil Klotzbach said.

Jul 08 08:00

Not a myth after all: Farm animals may be key to forecasting earthquakes

According to anecdotal accounts, farm animals and pets often behave abnormally in the hours leading up to earthquakes. However, these findings have not been supported by scientific evidence. At least not until now.

A new study by German scientists provides scientific evidence to support claims of odd animal behavior prior to earthquakes. The research suggests that animals may indeed provide valuable clues to when and where earthquakes will occur.

Jul 08 07:40

Children Infected With COVID-19 May Suffer Severe Neurological Damage, Study Finds

A new study published last week in the journal JAMA Neurology found that COVID-19 may cause neurological symptoms in children.

The study, which was published online on July 1, identified neurological manifestations in four out of 27 COVID-19 patients who were under the age of 18. Those four patients, who were previously healthy, had several neurological symptoms including encephalopathy, which is a broad term to describe brain changes that lead to an altered mental state, muscle weakness and reduced reflexes.

Other symptoms included impaired consciousness, seizures, acute cerebrovascular disease, which refers to a group of conditions that affect blood vessels and blood supply to the brain, and ataxia, which is impaired balance or coordination that usually results from brain, nerve or muscle damage.

Jul 08 06:50


New York officials issue a report this week concluding that the high number of coronavirus deaths in state care facilities was the result of infected workers, not sick residents, spreading the contagion.

Jul 07 19:25

High consequence infectious diseases (HCID) -

As of 19 March 2020, COVID-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious disease (HCID) in the UK.

The 4 nations public health HCID group made an interim recommendation in January 2020 to classify COVID-19 as an HCID. This was based on consideration of the UK HCID criteria about the virus and the disease with information available during the early stages of the outbreak. Now that more is known about COVID-19, the public health bodies in the UK have reviewed the most up to date information about COVID-19 against the UK HCID criteria. They have determined that several features have now changed; in particular, more information is available about mortality rates (low overall), and there is now greater clinical awareness and a specific and sensitive laboratory test, the availability of which continues to increase.

Why the hell was the UK locked down on 23 March? Why are we in a draconian "new normal"?

Jul 07 11:17


A two-pronged initiative by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Department of Homeland Security is set to substantially increase Israel’s already significant role in America’s digital health, artificial intelligence (AI), critical health infrastructure, as well as law enforcement, public and border protection and other key sectors.

Jul 07 07:30

Texas Doctor Warns Patients 'Might Die' For Lack Of Beds: Live Updates

Update (1650ET): Texas followed Florida on Monday and passed the 200k case mark, leaving Texas just shy of Florida with the 4th largest outbreak in the country, behind NY, Cali, and Fla. But the bigger news was the hospitalizations, which saw another near-record jump in newly hospitalized COVID-19 patients. Hospitalizations rose by 517 to 8,698.

Jul 07 07:24

Mexico Closes US Border In Arizona As COVID Cases Soar

In the last four days, 15 states have reported record increases in new coronavirus cases, resulting in at least 40% of the U.S. pausing or reversing reopenings. Cases are particularly surging in Arizona, California, Florida, and Texas, as the world watches in disbelief.

The international community is alarmed about the major upswing in infections, with European officials maintaining the US traveler ban and now even America's southern neighbor is putting up walls...

Jul 07 07:22

COVID-19 Close To Losing Its Epidemic Status In The US, According To The CDC

Coronavirus deaths in the country have nearly reached a level where the virus will cease to qualify as an epidemic under Centers for Disease Control and Prevention rules, the federal agency reported on Friday.

Jul 07 07:21


Bill Gates is truly sadistic. After saying we had “pandemic one” and will have “pandemic two,” he says the “next time” will get attention. Right after he says it, he and Melinda Gates smile in glee at the carnage they are about to unleash on the rest of us.

These two humans are insane sociopaths. Watch the interview below with Forbes and the Gates. They have no compassion or a fundamental understanding of what it means to be human. Now that states are locking down again, as we’ve been warning based on the media’s fear-mongering, the second wave has arrived.

Watch Melinda Gates laugh as she talks about ebola arrived in Lagos, a populous state like it’s hilarious that people are going to get sick and die. “You know, we’ll have to prepare for the next one,” Gates says. “That, you know, I’d say is, ah, will get attention this time.”

Jul 07 07:16


In an interview with Lior Gantz of the Wealth Research Group, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. discussed the major problems facing the United States today when it comes to health. This is a MUST WATCH interview before you line up for the COVID-19 vaccine or any other vaccine for that matter!

This is an interview you’ll want to watch, as Kennedy talks about vaccine safety and efficacy, as well as how Big Pharma has taken over the government to dictate health policy. Their only concern was that YouTube would censor it or ban them altogether, so an exclusive portion of it, deemed too controversial for YouTube, since it involves the elite cabal, can only be accessed HERE!

Now that Big Pharma is in control, “pharmaceutical drugs are now the third leading cause of death in the United States after heart disease and cancer”, says Kennedy. That’s huge, but it’s all by design. Those in power, simply don’t care about us, and nothing is about health, it’s about profit.

Jul 07 07:16


In America, vaccinations are monopolized by four companies: Pfizer, Merck, GlaxoSmithKline, and Sanofi. These companies are the biggest LOBBYISTS in Washington.

It’s not only the billions they POUR INTO lobbying that’s disgusting – it’s the media too!

Anderson Cooper is sponsored by Pfizer and NBC nightly news is backed by Merck, for example. The United States is one of only TWO COUNTRIES that allow TV ads about drugs!

There are 72 mandatory vaccinations, so these companies have ZERO COSTS when it comes to advertising vaccines since it’s forced upon parents. You cannot sue them, so there are no LEGAL COSTS, and since that’s the case, they don’t do SAFETY TESTING.

Jul 07 07:11

Millenia-Old Mystery Resolved: Fabled Ancient Labyrinth Reportedly Found in Egypt

Describing the way the labyrinth likely looked centuries ago, one researcher claimed that the discovery of the structure was "suppressed".

Archaeologists in Egypt have uncovered ruins which, over a thousand years ago, might have formed “the basis of the complex of buildings with galleries and courtyards” that were described as a labyrinth by legendary ancient Greek historian Herodotus, the Daily Express reports.

As the newspaper notes, the discovery was made in the vicinity of the so called Black Pyramid, some 90 kilometers south of Cairo, with the "foundations" in question first being found by Egyptologist Flinders Petrie back in the 19th century.

Jul 07 07:05

Court orders Dakota Access Pipeline to be shut down for environmental review, handing victory to Sioux tribe & other protesters

A legal challenge has at least temporarily achieved what months of protests through a frigid North Dakota winter couldn’t pull off: shutting down a controversial oil pipeline that crosses key bodies of water in the region.

The 570,000 barrels-a-day Dakota Access Pipeline must be idled and drained within 30 days for an environmental assessment that should have been done before the US Army Corps of Engineers granted an easement for the conduit to pass under Lake Oahe, the US District Court for the District of Columbia ruled today. Barring a successful appeal to a higher court, the decision will result in an extended disruption to oil shipments. The Corps of Engineers has said it will take about 13 months to do the required environmental review.

Jul 07 06:55

Are the poles reversing? Earth’s magnetic field 10 times more volatile than expected

A study by researchers from the UK and US shows that the Earth’s magnetic field, which protects it from the Sun’s destructive solar flares, may change direction 10 times faster than previously thought.

The study shines light on the liquid iron flowing almost 2,000 miles below the Earth’s surface and how it influences the movement of the Earth’s geomagnetic field.

The Earth’s molten metal outer core creates electric currents that charge the planet’s magnetic field.

The magnetic field is crucial to life on Earth as not only does it help us with things such as navigational systems, but also protects us from radiation from outer space.

Jul 07 06:54

Suspected case of BUBONIC PLAGUE registered in China, days after Mongolian outbreak

A suspected case of bubonic plague has been registered in China’s north, according to local health authorities. The news comes after two similar cases were detected in neighboring Mongolia.

The case was registered at a hospital in China’s Inner Mongolia region, its health commission said in a statement on Sunday.

This prompted a third-level warning of a potential epidemic in the region. The alert comes into force immediately and will be in place until the end of this year. It’s believed the patient in question is suffering from the bubonic form, which causes swollen lymph nodes, and is considered to be the most easily treated variant of the disease.

Jul 07 06:31

Rise of the Frankenburger: Grown in labs, fake meat is being heralded as the ethical, eco-friendly future of food but the reality may make your stomach churn

I am no vegan. I like beef as much as the next carnivore — more, probably. For me, meat makes a meal, and steak is the king of foods. I love the way it tastes, the way it feels in my mouth and in my stomach.

And I eat it even though I know the meat industry is revolting, cruel, untenable and indefensible in its treatment of factory-farmed animals and the impact it has on the environment.

Jul 06 18:53


As mask mandates on children sweep the nation, HighWire host Del Bigtree’s 11-year-old son, Ever, joins him on stage to test his levels of carbon dioxide inside a mask, face shield, and cloth bandana. The results from the OSHA approved testing device should shock any parent.

If you wear a mask this is must see.

Jul 06 18:22


As Americans turn against each other over mask mandates, many scientists are speaking out, including former professor of physics at the University of Ottawa, Denis Rancourt, PhD, who just released a paper compiling seven studies on the science surrounding the effectiveness of masks.

Jul 06 18:11


When you turn up a speaker amplifier the volume increases. Similarly, when you turn up the amplification of a PCR test the volume of positive tests increases. This tool is not fit for diagnostic purposes (as its creator stated), but it's great for manufacturing a pandemic.

Jul 06 15:08

A Disturbing Glimpse Into The Future: Bill Gates, Elon Musk & The 4th Industrial Revolution

By Spiro Skouras

Welcome everyone, thanks for tuning in and congratulations! If you are reading or watching this, that means you have officially survived the first half of 2020. Something tells me, the second half will be just as crazy, if not more crazy than the first half was.

In this report we will be taking a glimpse of what the not-too-distant future may look like. Yes, some of this will be speculation, but it is speculation projecting forward based on the facts we have today.

To be clear, the road humanity is being led down does not look very human at all according to the social engineers AKA technocrats who are deciding and dictating what the future of humanity looks like for us — we have no say according to the elite.

Watch this report and decide for yourself, will humanity benefit from this projected future? Or will this digitalized system of control be the final nail in the coffin of free will and expression of individuality.

Jul 06 08:00

Up to 8,000 Chinese nationals came into US after Trump banned travel due to coronavirus: AP

More than 600 flights brought in travelers from these areas after Trump announced his travel ban in late January and it was enacted Feb. 2.

Jul 06 07:36

Breakthrough in dark matter mystery as neutral hydrogen from other galaxies detected for first time

In a development that could finally shed light on dark matter, an international team of scientists have detected neutral hydrogen atoms, from a galaxy other than our own, for the very first time.

The finding came thanks to the enormous Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope (FAST), which sits in a hilly, green natural basin in southwest China’s Guizhou Province.

The researchers detected the hydrogen coming from three extragalactic galaxies with only five minutes of exposure, a feat that demonstrates the exceptional sensitivity of the telescope. It is the first time neutral hydrogen from outside the Milky Way has been detected.

Jul 06 07:35

I’ve lost all trust in medical research – the financial muscle of Big Pharma has been busy distorting science during the pandemic

Evidence that a cheap, over-the-counter anti-malarial drug costing £7 combats Covid-19 gets trashed. Why? Because the pharmaceutical giants want to sell you a treatment costing nearly £2,000. It’s criminal.

A few years ago, I wrote a book called ‘Doctoring Data’. This was an attempt to help people understand the background to the tidal wave of medical information that crashes over us each and every day. Information that is often completely contradictory, viz ‘Coffee is good for you... no, wait it's bad for you... no, wait, it’s good for you again,’ repeated ad nauseam.

I also pointed out some of the tricks, games and manipulations that are used to make medications seem far more effective than they truly are, or vice versa. This, I have to say, can be a very dispiriting world to enter. When I give talks on this subject, I often start with a few quotes.

Jul 06 07:31

239 Experts With One Big Claim: The Coronavirus Is Airborne

The W.H.O. has resisted mounting evidence that viral particles floating indoors are infectious, some scientists say. The agency maintains the research is still inconclusive.

Jul 06 06:40

NPR: “Mounting Evidence” Suggests COVID Not As Deadly as Thought. Did the Experts Fail Again?

In April 2005, Charles Duelfer, the CIA’s top weapons inspector in Iraq, admitted in the CIA’s final report that after an extensive search, no weapons of mass destruction could be found.

“After more than 18 months, the WMD investigation and debriefing of the WMD-related detainees has been exhausted,” wrote Duelfer, the leader of the Iraq Survey Group. “As matters now stand, the WMD investigation has gone as far as feasible.”

Today it’s generally accepted that the presence of WMD was the primary basis for the Iraq War. Naturally, the absence of such weapons shook the world. The media blamed the politicians, the politicians blamed US intel, and the intelligence actors involved mostly defended their work.

Jul 06 06:26

"Concept Incubator" Envisages Babies Being Grown At Home In A Pod

A “concept incubator” envisages a dystopian future where babies are grown inside sophisticated electronic pods which completely replace the womb and pregnancy.

Jul 06 06:24

"Don't Let Them Vaccinate You": Farrakhan Warns Africans That Dr. Fauci Is Trying To Kill Them

It is bad enough when you become a political rally cry for the right as a man trying to destroy our economy or instill fear into the nation. Now, Dr. Anthony Fauci is being called a mass murderer who, with the cabal of Bill and Melinda Gates, are seeking to “depopulate the Earth.” That is hardly the most deranged thing that Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, 87, has uttered, but it may be the most dangerous. Farrakhan is encouraging people to refuse vaccinations, a problem that is already causing world health leaders concerns in Africa. This is viewed as the new “epicenter” for the pandemic with Africans facing a threat with the need to protect hundreds of millions of Africans. Health officials will need their cooperation but they have now heard from Farrakhan who has declared that, if they want to live, “Do not take their medication.”

Jul 06 05:41

Stanford Doc: COVID Fatality Rate For People Under 45 Is "Almost 0%"

Stanford University's disease prevention chairman slammed using statewide lockdown measures as a response to the coronavirus, saying they were implemented based on bad data and inaccurate modeling.

“There are already more than 50 studies that have presented results on how many people in different countries and locations have developed antibodies to the virus,” Dr. John Ioannidis said during a recent interview with Greek Reporter.

“Of course, none of these studies are perfect, but cumulatively, they provide useful composite evidence. A very crude estimate might suggest that about 150-300 million or more people have already been infected around the world, far more than the 10 million documented cases.”

Jul 05 05:36

25 Foods You’re Better Off Avoiding, According to Registered Dietitians

Avoiding certain foods can be hard, especially when they’re specifically designed to taste good. But here’s the catch: A lot of the foods we’re told we shouldn’t eat might not actually be all that bad for us. In fact, what’s deemed “bad” for you might be totally different than what’s considered “bad” for someone else.

Jul 05 05:33

Dr. Fauci Is No Nostradamus: How COVID-19 Ran Amok Under His Watch

The big delta between Dr. Fauci and Nostradamus boils down to the ability to predict the future. Beyond Nostradamus’ uncanny ability to predict the first two World Wars, two of the three “antichrists” in Napoleon and Hitler, the assassinations of U.S. presidents, and the 9/11 attack on the Twin Towers centuries before the events happened, Fauci predicted a pandemic in 2017, a measly three years before it took place.

Dr. Fauci shared his foresight with medical peers at a Georgetown forum when he stated, “There will be a surprise outbreak during Trump’s first term.”

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Too much of Fauci's decision-making seem to hinge on where his financial investments in vaccine making companies lie, and that... seems to be the problem here.

Jul 05 05:29

Michigan Passes Controversial Bill To Microchip Humans Voluntarily "To Protect Their Privacy"


The Michigan House of Representatives has passed a controversial bill to microchip humans voluntarily in the state under the guise of protecting their privacy. The Microchip Protection Act would allow Michigan employers to use microchipping of their workers with their consent. However, research has shown that RFID transponders causes cancer.

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My response to being asked to do this would be a hearty, "Thanks, but HELL NO!!", particularly because in potentially causing cancer, it would be a deficit to my life,not an advantage.

Jul 04 12:09

New York Issues Subpoenas For Contact Tracing; Smartphones Add CV Logging Feature

By Aaron Kesel

Rockland County, New York is now issuing subpoenas for CV contact tracing after the residents refused to be tracked, according to reports.

It all started with a party that was held where several people contracted CV, NBC 4 New York, reports. State officials have started to issue subpoenas after citizens refused to cooperate with contact tracing, as they probe a new virus cluster...

Jul 04 10:50

COVID19 PCR Tests are Scientifically Meaningless

It is also certain that we cannot know the false positive rate of the PCR tests without widespread testing of people who certainly do not have the virus, proven by a method which is independent of the test (having a solid gold standard).

Therefore, it is hardly surprising that there are several papers illustrating irrational test results.

For example, already in February the health authority in China’s Guangdong province reported that people have fully recovered from illness blamed on COVID-19, started to test “negative,” and then tested “positive” again.

A month later, a paper published in the Journal of Medical Virology showed that 29 out of 610 patients at a hospital in Wuhan had 3 to 6 test results that flipped between “negative”, “positive” and “dubious”.

Jul 04 02:46

14 Foods That Can Reduce Your Risk of Stroke

According to the American Heart Association's 2018 Heart Disease and Stroke Statistics Update, someone in the U.S. has a stroke about once every 40 seconds, and a stroke accounts for 1 of every 19 deaths in the U.S. And globally, strokes rank as the second leading cause of death (behind heart disease). Though a stroke can happen at any age, your risk does increase as you get older.

Jul 03 23:08

MAJOR: Vitamin D Deficiency from Staying Indoors INCREASES COVID-19 Mortality Rates

“Cytokine storm can severely damage lungs and lead to acute respiratory distress syndrome and death in patients,” Daneshkhah said. “This is what seems to kill a majority of COVID-19 patients, not the destruction of the lungs by the virus itself. It is the complications from the misdirected fire from the immune system.”

This is exactly where Backman believes vitamin D plays a major role. Not only does vitamin D enhance our innate immune systems, but it also prevents our immune systems from becoming dangerously overactive. This means that having healthy levels of vitamin D could protect patients against severe complications, including death, from COVID-19.

“Our analysis shows that it might be as high as cutting the mortality rate in half,” Backman said. “It will not prevent a patient from contracting the virus, but it may reduce complications and prevent death in those who are infected.”

Jul 03 22:33

[PDF] The Role of Vitamin D in Suppressing Cytokine Storm in COVID-19 Patients and Associated Mortality


Age-specific CFR [case fatality] in Italy, Spain, and France (70 yo ? age < 80 yo) was substantially higher (>1.9 times) than other countries (Germany, South Korea, China); for the elderly (age ?70 yo), Italy and Spain present the highest CFR (>1.7 times that of other countries). The age-specific ratio of confirmed cases in Italy, Spain, and France has also been substantially higher than in other countries. A more severe deficiency of Vit D (mean 25-hydroxyvitamin D (25OHD) concentration <0.25 ng/L) is reported in Italy and Spain compared to other countries. Our analysis of the reported clinical data (25OHD, CRP) from multiple studies suggests that elimination of severe Vit D deficiency reduces the risk of high CRP levels (odds ratio of 2) which may be used as a surrogate marker of cytokine storm which was estimated to a potential reduction in severe COVID-19 cases of up to 15%.

Jul 03 08:55

Vindicated? Trump-Touted COVID-19 Drug Hydroxychloroquine Works, New Study Funds

Researchers conducted a retrospective analysis of over 2,500 patients hospitalized between March 10 and May 2 in the Henry Ford Health System in Michigan. Over 2,000 of the patients were given hydroxychloroquine or the anti-malarial with azithromycin, an antibiotic.

The study found 13 percent of those who received hydroxychloroquine alone died compared to 26.4 percent who didn’t receive the drug.

Hydroxychloroquine alone decreased the mortality hazard ratio by 66 percent and the anti-malarial with the antibiotic decreased the ratio by 71 percent, researchers said.

The vast majority of patients were given the drug within 48 hours of admission.

Jul 03 08:46

Japanese engineers plan to blast space junk out of orbit with a laser-pulsing satellite inspired by a dermatology technique for removing skin blemishes

Rather than burn up entire pieces of space junk with the laser, the team is planning for it to melt a small targeted region of each piece of debris.

The melted area will emit some amount of gas as it melts, producing what the researcher hope will be enough force to redirect the junk onto an orbital path that will send it back into Earth's atmosphere, where it will burn up completely.

Jul 03 07:39

Why We Should Not Be Concerned About Increasing COVID-19 Cases In Texas

Should we be concerned about the total number of COVID-19 deaths or COVID-19 cases that do not result in death? On June 29, 2020, former New York Times reporter Alex Berenson, and an important alternative voice on COVID-19, received a note from a managing partner of the medical care facilities CompleteCare in Texas. The author tells of what’s happening on the ground, and it differs dramatically from the headlines driving Texas officials to once again close up the economy in a panic over a rise in cases.

Jul 03 07:10

First Case of COVID-19 Reported by US Marines Deployed to Okinawa

In the wake of a US Marine being reprimanded for violating social distancing rules on Okinawa, the family member of another Marine has been recorded as the service’s first COVID-19 infection on the island.

A Thursday statement from Marine Forces Japan detailed that the family member case of the novel coronavirus was the first on the island prefecture since April 30.

The release went on to detail that the family member had returned from the US on June 19 and authorities and Navy health officials are now performing contact tracing “to determine whether anyone else may have been exposed,” reported Stars and Stripes.

Jul 03 05:15

France ordered to pay up after epilepsy drug manufactured by coronavirus vaccine firm Sanofi caused birth defects

A French court has ordered the state to compensate three families whose children suffered birth defects due to the anti-epilepsy medication Dépakine. The drugmaker, Sanofi, is currently racing to certify a vaccine for Covid-19.
Dépakine is the brand name for sodium valproate, an ingredient used in the treatment of epilepsy, bipolar disorder, and migraines. However, it is known to cause severe birth defects if administered to pregnant women, with the drug linked to spina bifida, cleft palate, learning difficulties, and autism. Introduced in 1967, Dépakine is now available in its generic form, and in more than five decades on the market, has been blamed by French researchers for defects in between 2,150 and 4,100 children.

Jul 03 04:40

Texas Gov. issues mandate for all residents to wear masks in public in counties with more than 20 COVID-19 cases after more than 91 counties hit record-high infections

Gov. Greg Abbott has issued a statewide mandate requiring Texans to wear face masks in public in counties with 20 or more COVID-19 cases, as the state reels from a startling surge in infections after reopening.

On Thursday Abbott issued the mandate, which goes into effect Friday, stressing that he wants to keep businesses open but Texans have to do their 'part to protect one another'.

Those who violate the face mask ordinance will be issued a first time warning. After a second violation there will be a fine of up to $250. Abbott said that no one will be jailed for not wearing a face mask.

It’s a dramatic reversal for Abbott who had been outspoken about reopening the state and previously banned local governments from penalizing people who didn’t wear masks in public.

Jul 02 15:12

Steven Donziger Backed By Canadian Lawyers, NLG, IADL And Alec Baldwin Against Chevron – “The Harvey Weinstein” Of Oil Industry

By Aaron Kesel

Amazonian lawyer Steven Donziger was given the backing by the International Association Of Democratic Lawyers (IADL) and National Lawyers Guild (NLG.) Both groups condemned Donziger’s treatment by Kaplan and accuse him of naming a private “prosecutor” with financial ties to Chevron to detain Donziger without trial. The legal groups also accused Law firm Seward & Kissel, which represented Chevron, of “egregious misconduct.”

He also received support from Alec Baldwin, adding some much-needed celebrity to get more attention about this egregious case...

Jul 02 12:31

Huge COVID case-counting deception at the CDC

“We’ve learned that the CDC is making, at best, a debilitating mistake: combining test results that diagnose current coronavirus infections with test results that measure whether someone has ever had the virus…The agency confirmed to The Atlantic on Wednesday that it is mixing the results of viral [PCR] and antibody tests, even though the two tests reveal different information and are used for different reasons.”