Sep 30 07:16

Puzzled scientists seek reasons behind Africa's low fatality rates from pandemic

Africa’s overburdened public health systems, dearth of testing facilities and overcrowded slums had experts predicting a disaster when COVID-19 hit the continent in February.

The new coronavirus was already wreaking havoc in wealthy Asian and European nations, and a United Nations agency said in April that, even with social-distancing measures, the virus could kill 300,000 Africans this year.

In May the World Health Organization (WHO) warned that 190,000 people on the continent could die if containment measures failed. Yet as the world marks 1 million COVID-19 deaths, Africa is doing much better than expected, with a lower percentage of deaths than other continents.

Sep 30 07:14

COVID-19 Coronavirus & Testosterone

Doctors are calling on men to who are hospitalized with lung showing low testosterone levels in males predispose them to severe COVID-19 coronavirus symptoms if they should become ill with a respiratory infection. A study published in THE AGING MALE says men with low testosterone levels are also more prone to die from influenza as well.

The critical situation posed by the COVID-19 coronavirus among high-risk individuals and the vulnerability of the earth’s 7.9 billion human population to a newly mutated COVID-19 coronavirus without a proven vaccine has prompted Moshe Shifrine PhD to pose a revolutionary therapy based upon his decades of research in the field of olfactory (smell) therapy.

Sep 30 07:11

New study sheds light on the origin of the European Jewish population

Despite being one of the most genetically analyzed groups, the origin of European Jews has remained obscure. However, a new study argues that the European Jewish genome is a mosaic of Caucasus, European, and Semitic ancestries, setting to rest previous contradictory reports of Jewish ancestry. This could have a major impact on the ways in which scientists study genetic disorders within the population.

Sep 30 07:08


In announcing a testing blitz to take place in emerging coronavirus hotspots in New York City, Mayor Bill de Blasio also warned that there is going to be an enforcement blitz.

Nine ZIP codes in the city are seeing a spike in new COVID-19 cases.

The mayor announced during a Tuesday morning briefing that there will be a lot more community outreach in those areas including hundreds of so-called Trace Corps members and hundreds of additional city agency workers in the neighborhoods.

Patrols will start issuing fines to people who refuse to wear masks even after being offered a free mask and a warning that not wearing it will result in a fine.

Sep 30 07:06


Students at Manchester Metropolitan University were threatened with police action if they didn’t remove signs complaining about draconian lockdown restrictions that were placed in windows at their halls of residence.

Students across the city have been placed under a new 2 week lockdown, meaning they are under de facto house arrest, cannot leave their homes and are forced to rely on food deliveries.

Some reacted to the restrictions by placing signs in their windows that said, “”Help us!” and “HMP MMU,” a reference to Her Majesty’s Prison.

“Mental health comes first – let us out,” another sign said.

Sep 30 07:06


Soon after having been fired from his post as secretary of the treasury in December 2002, after a policy clash with the president, Paul O’Neill became a trustee of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Despite having just worked under and clashed with George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, it wasn’t until O’Neill began answering to UPMC CEO Jeffrey Romoff as a member of the Center’s board that he chose to publicly denounce a superior as “evil.”

Sep 30 06:26

Two-Shot Vaccine Requirement Will Lead To Vaccine Chaos

Oh, they didn’t tell you? The new soon-to-arrive vaccines requires that you receive TWO SHOTS, not just one, and they must be from the same vaccine maker, taken 60 days apart. With multiple vaccine makers, tracking who got what and when will be a logistical nightmare.

Of course, technocrats will save the day with more technology to track everyone, everywhere. This will require a national health database capable of storing 100% of your medical records from cradle to grave, plus a personal ID/marking system to guarantee that you are really you when you show up for medical help. Total surveillance and micro-management of the human herd is Technocracy’s holy grail.

This is must-read article to better understand the scope of the coming vaccine chaos. ? TN Editor

Sep 30 06:23

'Criminal' ban on hydroxychloroquine based on 'faulty' study

Sep 30 05:41


Military personnel outnumber civilian scientists in the United States government’s Operation Warp Speed vaccine program. With the military so heavily involved in the distribution of this vaccine, is it any surprise that most Americans don’t want anything to do with it?

An organizational chart obtained by Stat shows, raising concerns about whether military officials are qualified to lead the massive public health campaign. The military is used for war. Rolling it out to distribute a rushed vaccine signals one thing to the public if you’re brave enough to admit it: this vaccine distribution is a war on the public perpetrated by the government. Wake up.

Sep 30 05:40


Israeli Health Minister Yuli Edelstein said Tuesday that there was “no way” the country’s second nationwide coronavirus lockdown would be lifted after three weeks as originally planned. Israelis are going to be on house arrest for the foreseeable future.

Israel imposed its second lockdown on September 18 after the coronavirus infection rate soared. It was originally scheduled to end on October 10, however, “the authorities” insist on keeping people locked up with no freedom for as long as possible. On Friday, the totalitarian measures were tightened further after the initial eight days of house arrest failed to bring down the world’s highest infection rate per capita.

Israel has closed schools and cultural events and the lockdown has closed the vast majority of workplaces, markets, and places of worship, according to a report by Medical Express.

Sep 29 20:07

Earth-skimming meteoroid dipped 56 miles into the atmosphere over the Netherlands and Germany before returning to space

A meteoroid was captured skimming Earth's atmosphere for a few seconds above Germany and the Netherlands before returning on its journey through space.

Astronomers spotted the bright cosmic object streaking across the night sky on September 22, as is dipped 56 miles in altitude - lower than any satellites orbiting Earth.

The video was shot at 11:53pm ET and shows the meteoroid covering a path of more than 499 miles as it sunk into our atmosphere for 19 seconds.

Researchers from Western University traced it to a Jupiter-family orbit, but was unable to identify matches of potential parent bodies.

Sep 29 17:49


A disaster declaration has been issued by the governor of Texas after the water supply of one Houston suburb has a tainted water supply. Environmental officials have warned residents of Lake Jackson, Texas to boil their water before using it for cooking or drinking after a six-year-old boy died from a brain-eating amoeba discovered in the water.

Tests for naegleria fowleri showed its presence in three of 11 samples in the Lake Jackson area, including one from a hose at the boy’s home, according to the Associated Press. Texas Governor Greg Abbot referred to the water sample tests when he issued the disaster declaration on Sunday. He said, “the presence of naegleria fowleri, which can cause a rare and devastating infection of the brain called primary amebic meningoencephalitis, was identified in three of 11 tests of the water supply, posing an imminent threat to public health and safety, including loss of life,” as CBS News reported.

Sep 29 15:38

Governor DeSantis reopens Florida restaurants and bars at FULL CAPACITY after decline in COVID infections and ends fines for not wearing a face mask

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on Friday lifted all COVID-19 restrictions on businesses, including restaurants and bars, and dropped penalties for not wearing a face mask - sparking a protest among upset residents.

DeSantis made the announcements during a noon press conference in St. Petersburg, and quickly drew ire from residents who protested the new protocols.

He argued that threat of the coronavirus pandemic - which has surpassed seven million cases and 203,000 deaths - had eased sufficiently to allow the state to enter Phase 3 of its reopening.

Sep 29 13:14

@RepUllman and @GovernorTomWolf caught on a hot mic referring to masks as “political theatre” that they want to get “on camera”.

We already knew that, but thank you for the confirmation!

Sep 29 12:41

Here's how astronauts vote from space

Millions of Americans will vote by mail or in person for the next president of the US. At least one vote will be cast some 200 miles above the Earth.

Sep 29 12:35

We Might Have a New Mini-Moon Soon

Is it a new asteroid mini–moon or a human-made mini-moon? That’s the question about a small object approaching Earth, called 2020 SO. NASA’s Small Body Database predicts the object will captured by Earth’s gravity in October 2020 and temporarily be trapped in orbit.

But a few unusual characteristics of 2020 SO suggest it might not be a small asteroid, like the two previously known temporary mini-moons that have briefly orbited our planet. Instead, this new object might in fact be an old object from Earth — an old second stage rocket part from the Surveyor 2 lunar lander mission, launched in 1966.

Sep 29 08:15

Fauci’s questionable priorities and conflicts of interest

Fauci’s tired rhetoric:
For example, Fauci once shilled for the fast-tracked H1N1 influenza (“swine flu”) vaccine on YouTube, reassuring viewers in 2009 that serious adverse events were “very, very, very rare.” Shortly thereafter, the vaccine went on to wreak havoc in multiple countries, increasing miscarriage risks in pregnant women in the U.S., provoking a spike in adolescent narcolepsy in Scandinavia and causing febrile convulsions in one in every 110 vaccinated children in Australia—prompting the latter to suspend its influenza vaccination program in under-fives.

Sep 29 08:02

Plastic-eating super-enzyme 'cocktail' can recycle drinks bottles and other common waste SIX TIMES faster than one enzyme on its own, study shows

Scientists have been inspired by Pacman to create a plastic-eating 'cocktail', which could help eradicate plastic waste.

It's made up of two enzymes – called PETase and MHETase – produced by a type of bacteria that feeds on plastic bottles, called Ideonella sakaiensis.

Unlike natural degradation, which can take hundreds of years, the super-enzyme is able to convert the plastic back to its original 'building blocks' in a few days.

The two enzymes work together like 'two Pac-men joined by a piece of string' munching down snack pellets in the popular video game.

The new super-enzyme digests plastic up to six times faster than the original PETase enzyme alone, which was discovered by the team in 2018.

Sep 29 07:39

Gates Vaccine Spreads Polio Across Africa

Microsoft founder Bill Gates has made himself the global vaccine czar as his foundation spends billions on spreading new vaccines globally. While much attention has been given to the role of Gates behind the corrupt WHO in promoting radical untested coronavirus vaccines, the record of the Gates Foundation pushing an oral polio vaccine across Africa gives more sobering evidence that all Gates says and does is not genuine human charity. The UN has just recently admitted that new cases of infantile paralysis or polio have resulted in Africa from an oral polio vaccine developed with strong support from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. It mirrors what happened in the USA in the 1950s. This is worth a closer look.

Vaccines that cause polio

Sep 29 07:36

The Covid Deception

We have been deceived by public health authorities about Covid, partly from public authorities’ ignorance of the virus, its spread and treatment, but mainly on purpose.

One reason we were intentionally deceived by public health authorities, and continue to be deceived by them, is to create a market for a Covid vaccination. There are billions of dollars of profits in this, and Big Pharma wants them. The financial connections between public health authorities and Big Pharma means that WHO, NIH, and CDC also desire mass vaccinations. If there are not enough people scared out of their wits to voluntarily seek vaccination, the chances are vaccinations will be made mandatory or your ability to travel, and so forth, will be made dependent on being vaccinated.

Sep 29 07:21

US & China: Emerging Technologies And The Race To Control The Future

Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Chairman Xi Jinping threw down the gauntlet to the U.S. in a May 2017 speech, where he outlined the plan for establishing a Chinese-supervised "Digital Silk Road." President Xi realizes that the information dimension of modern war is bound up with China's apparent overall objective of unseating the United States as the leader of the existing liberal democratic world order.

Xi seemingly wants to secure a commanding lead in the emerging hi-tech disciplines to create a sense of inevitability about China's rise to world domination. The U.S. still has the time, talent and resources to secure a victory over China in this contest for global leadership, provided that the U.S. has the will, self-discipline and flexibility to institute a total societal mobilization over decades.

Sep 29 07:20

California EV Mandate Could "Lead To Disaster" For State's Already Fragile Electric Grid

Now that genius California lawmakers have mandated that all cars in the state must be electric by 2035, it seems like a good time to ask what, exactly, this is going to do to the state's already fragile power grid.

In what will likely come as a surprise to lawmakers who we can almost guarantee didn't think about this in advance, it turns out that electrifying all of the state's vehicles could be "an immense burden" on the state's grid, according to Bloomberg.

In fact, this past week's executive order could drive up power demands in the state by as much as 9.5% over the next 10 years and 25% by 2035. This could be a "nightmare" scenario for a state where power is often so tight that rolling blackouts are ordered to prevent the system from collapsing during heat waves.

Additionally, if everyone were to plug in their vehicles at the same time, at night, the problem could be concentrated and even worse.

Sep 29 06:30

WATCH: Anti-lockdown riots continue in Madrid, as police response grows increasingly violent

Anti-lockdown protests and violence continued over the weekend in Madrid, as clashes between citizens and police grew increasingly violent. Video shared to social media showcases the increasing violence.

Last week, Madrid city council announced new restrictions for over one million of the city’s inhabitants, introducing localized restrictions on movement amid a surge in new cases of coronavirus.

Sep 29 06:23

Johnson moots deployment of military to contain coronavirus second wave

As widely expected, Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has introduced new coronavirus-related restrictions for England which could potentially last six months.

Warning of a “perilous turning point”, the PM stopped short of declaring a new national lockdown, but he claimed “significantly greater restrictions” could ensue if the situation worsens.

Johnson claimed “similar steps” will be taken across the UK following his COBRA meeting with the leaders of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland on Tuesday morning (September 22).

Sep 29 06:04

Ron Paul: "Question 'The Science'? Go To Gulag!"

In the Soviet Union it was forbidden to dispute the wisdom of the “party line.” That’s because Marxian communism was viewed as the scientifically inevitable progression of mankind. For Marx and Lenin, the “science was settled.” Therefore anyone speaking out against “the science” of the Soviet system must be acting with malice; must actually want destruction; must want people to die.

Anyone voicing opposition to the “settled science” of Marxism-Leninism soon found their voice silenced. Oftentimes permanently.

Ironically, just 30 years after the “science” of Marxism-Leninism imploded for all the world to see, we are witnessing a resurgence here in the US of the idea that to question “the science” is not to seek truth or refine understanding of what appears to be conflicting evidence. No, it is to actually wish harm on one’s fellow Americans.

Sep 29 06:00

NYC Reportedly Weighs Localized Lockdowns For New COVID-19 Hot Spots: Live Updates

Stoking fears that NYC might be headed for another lockdown as new cases climb, city officials are reportedly considering "new measures" which could be imposed in targeted neighborhoods with rising infection rates, the New York Post reported.

Sep 28 12:24

Astronomers Claim to Spot Multiple Bodies of Liquid Water on Mars

Two years ago, a team of Italian scientists claimed to have discovered a subglacial lake near the Martian south pole. The same team has collected further evidence to bolster this claim, including the apparent discovery of even more buried bodies of liquid water. The new research speaks to the potential for life on Mars, but not everyone is convinced by the evidence.

More liquid water may exist beneath the Martian surface than we realized, according to new research published today in Nature Astronomy. The new paper describes several newly detected subglacial water bodies beneath the Martian south pole, in addition to the described water body found two years ago.

Sep 28 12:24

NASA’s Dragonfly mission to Saturn’s moon Titan delayed by a year

NASA’s mission to send a drone to Saturn’s largest moon has been delayed by a year.

It means the launch to Titan won’t take place until 2027, with the Dragonfly drone arriving aboard a spacecraft eight years later in 2035.

In a message posted online over the weekend, NASA said the decision to delay the launch is “based on factors external to the Dragonfly project team, including COVID-19’s impact on the Planetary Science Division’s budget.”

Sep 28 12:22

Chief Science Officer for Pfizer Says "Second Wave" Faked on False-Positive COVID Tests, "Pandemic is Over"

In a stunning development, a former Chief Science Officer for the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer says "there is no science to suggest a second wave should happen." The "Big Pharma" insider asserts that false positive results from inherently unreliable COVID tests are being used to manufacture a "second wave" based on "new cases."

Dr. Mike Yeadon, a former Vice President and Chief Science Officer for Pfizer for 16 years, says that half or even "almost all" of tests for COVID are false positives. Dr. Yeadon also argues that the threshold for herd immunity may be much lower than previously thought, and may have been reached in many countries already.

Sep 28 11:56

Eradicating polio from Pakistan: Multiple doses of vaccine needed to ensure immunity, say experts

In 2017, Pakistan was on the brink of declaring victory against the polio virus. That year, the country, one of the last bastions of the virus in the world, had reported its lowest number of cases in almost three decades.

Three years down the line, health authorities — both local and international — are scratching their heads over how to mitigate the crisis. In the current year so far, the country has reported 72 polio virus cases — a far cry from the eight reported in 2017. The preceding year was even worse, when 134 cases were reported in 2019, sounding alarm bells across the world.

According to the Pakistan Polio Eradication Programme (PPEP), “conflict, political instability, hard-to-reach populations, and poor infrastructure continue to pose challenges to eradicating the disease”.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What if the polio vaccine is causing the disease?

Sep 28 10:59

New Study Shows Honeybee Venom “Rapidly Destroys” Cancer Cells

Honeybees have long provided humans with vital tools for our survival like the pollination of fruits and vegetables as well as honey which has medicinal and antibiotic properties. A new study published this month in the journal npj Precision Oncology reveals that the role of honeybees in helping humans may have just taken a massive live-saving step forward.

The results of the study, titled Honeybee venom and melittin suppress growth factor receptor activation in HER2-enriched and triple-negative breast cancer, showed that honeybee venom rapidly destroyed triple-negative breast cancer and HER2-enriched breast cancer cells.

Sep 28 09:24

Light Unto the Covid

The New York Times reported this week that “New York threatens Orthodox Jewish areas with Lockdown over virus.” The Times reports that, facing a worrying spike in coronavirus cases in Orthodox Jewish neighbourhoods, New York City health officials began this week carrying out emergency inspections at private Jewish orthodox schools.

NY State officials released statistics showing that the positivity rate in some Orthodox Jewish neighbourhoods had grown to anywhere from 3 percent to 6 percent, significantly more than the city’s overall rate of between 1 percent and 2 percent. This means that Covid 19 spreads within the Orthodox Jewish community at a rate about 3-6 times higher than other New Yorkers.

Sep 28 09:21

Military Suicides Up as Much as 20% in COVID Era

Military suicides have increased by as much as 20% this year compared to the same period in 2019, and some incidents of violent behavior have spiked as service members struggle under COVID-19, war-zone deployments, national disasters and civil unrest.

While the data is incomplete and causes of suicide are complex, Army and Air Force officials say they believe the pandemic is adding stress to an already strained force.

And senior Army leaders — who say they've seen about a 30% jump in active duty suicides so far this year — told The Associated Press that they are looking at shortening combat deployments. Such a move would be part of a broader effort to make the wellbeing of soldiers and their families the Army's top priority, overtaking combat readiness and weapons modernization.

Sep 28 08:00

Based on latest CDC data, the Wuhan coronavirus poses virtually no death risk whatsoever for people under the age of 50

New CDC data confirm that the Wuhan coronavirus poses almost zero death risk in people below the age of 50 (see details below). At the same time, these data also confirm the virus remains extremely dangerous to people over the age of 70, and the CDC estimates that 1 in 18 elderly people who contract the virus (i.e. are “infected”) end up being killed by it.

Meanwhile, the Infection Fatality Rate (IFR) for people 50 – 69 years is 1 in 200, making it far deadlier than the seasonal flu for individuals in that group.

But for people aged 20 – 49 years, the IFR drops to just 1 in 5000. This means that for every 5,000 people who are infected within this age group, one fatality is expected.

Those below the age of 20 have an even lower fatality rate: About 1 in 33,000.

In summary, the risk of death from the coronavirus in people under the age of 50 is extremely small, and approaching zero.

Sep 28 07:26

1400 Belgian doctors and healthcare professionals sound the alarm: “There is no such thing as a killer virus”

The following letter has made an impact on public health authorities not only in Belgium but around the world. The text could pertain to any case in which states locked down their citizens rather than allow people freedom and permit medical professionals to bear the primary job of disease mitigation.

So far it has been signed by 394 medical doctors, 1,340 medically trained health professionals, and 8,897 citizens.

In an open letter, more than 300 Belgian doctors and 1,100 healthcare professionals call on their government to immediately stop the corona measures. These are disproportionate and cause more harm than good, “There is no longer any medical justification for this policy”.

Sep 28 07:21

Manufactured Pandemic: Testing People for Any Strain of a Coronavirus, Not Specifically for COVID-19

I work in the healthcare field. Here’s the problem, we are testing people for any strain of a Coronavirus. Not specifically for COVID-19. There are no reliable tests for a specific COVID-19 virus. There are no reliable agencies or media outlets for reporting numbers of actual COVID-19 virus cases. This needs to be addressed first and foremost. Every action and reaction to COVID-19 is based on totally flawed data and we simply can not make accurate assessments.

This is why you’re hearing that most people with COVID-19 are showing nothing more than cold/flu like symptoms. That’s because most Coronavirus strains are nothing more than cold/flu like symptoms. The few actual novel Coronavirus cases do have some worse respiratory responses, but still have a very promising recovery rate, especially for those without prior issues.

Sep 28 07:19

They Want This Nightmare To Last Forever! Global Elite Pushing For Hard Lockdown Of Entire World As The 'Demonic New World Order' Warnings Of 'Conspiracy Theorists' Are Confirmed

While for years we've been labeled as 'conspiracy theorists' for warning about a sinister plan long being carried out by 'globalists', including most Democrats, to 'transform' America into a 'much less free' country than our Founding Fathers had envisioned, as this new story over at the Washington Times warns, according to Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, we've been witnessing precisely that.

With Archbishop Vigano, who also previously took on Pope Francis, claiming he was covering up child sexual abuse in the Catholic church and should resign, showing us more courage than we've EVER seen from most US politicians by claiming that the 2020 elections will feature President Trump in a battle 'against the demonic forces of the deep state', as Vigano also warns, this election is nothing less than a battle of the ages and for all of history.

Sep 28 07:19

Oklahoma Prepares To Receive COVID-19 Vaccine

State health officials said COVID-19 vaccines could be arriving in Oklahoma as early as November.

State Department of Health Chief of Staff Jackie Shawnee said Oklahoma is expecting enough doses for 20,000 to 30,000 people in the first round of distribution. The estimation is fewer than one percent of the state’s population.

“I think we would all agree that paramedics or firefighters or other people who are on the front line that have that first contact with a person who may or may not be infected might be a high priority,” OU Chief COVID-19 Officer Dr. Dale Bratzler said earlier this month.

According to a state health department presentation, “paid and unpaid persons serving in healthcare settings” would be first to receive the vaccine.

However, according to a 2018 survey by the American Hospital Association, 60,886 people work in hospitals across Oklahoma.

Sep 28 07:14

Farmer Not Allowed to Feed Animals in Australia due to COVID19 Lockdown - Total Madness

Sep 28 07:00

US sanctions are harming Iran’s Covid-19 response & amount to ‘medical terrorism’, FM Zarif tells RT

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has accused the United States of impeding his country’s ability to fight coronavirus, explaining that US sanctions have prevented the purchase of critical medical supplies.

Washington’s efforts to stop Tehran from exporting oil have limited the government’s ability to respond to the global health crisis and provide relief to the Iranian people, Zarif said in an interview with ‘Worlds Apart’ host Oksana Boyko. The top Iranian diplomat noted that Iran also has “quite a bit of money stashed in countries abroad,” but that the US has prevented Tehran from gaining access to these funds, even to buy medicine.

Zarif lamented that, due to US sanctions, Iran could not use its “own money” to ensure access to coronavirus vaccines under development. Iran cannot even purchase doses of influenza vaccine, the foreign minister said.

Sep 28 06:55

AstraZeneca's ‘Discrepancies’ in Vaccine Trial Accounts Spark Questions

Despite pressure to carry out further studies after two cases of serious illness, British-Swedish pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca has already resumed trials of its COVID-19 vaccine in Britain, Brazil, India, and South Africa, although the tests are still on hold in the US amid concerns from the National Institutes of Health.

As US health authorities show reluctance to allow pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca to resume clinical trials of its coronavirus vaccine, a plethora of questions remain unanswered regarding the neurological illnesses reportedly suffered by study participants after they received injections of the experimental vaccine.

Earlier in September AstraZeneca and its partner, the University of Oxford, announced two neurological illnesses registered by the volunteers in their tests.

They subsequently offered various accounts of the sick trial subjects which, instead of allaying concerns, seemed to generate more questions.

Sep 28 06:54

US Calls For Immediate Ceasefire Between Armenia, Azerbaijan in Nagorno-Karabakh

The Nagorno-Karabakh region saw an escalation of tensions between Armenia and Azerbaijan early on Sunday, with both sides accusing each other of sparking the hostilities.

US State Department called for immediate ceasefire in Nagorno-Karabakh, urging the conflicting sides of Armenia and Azerbaijan to return to OSCE-supervised negotiations.

"The United States condemns in the strongest terms this escalation of violence.? Deputy Secretary Biegun called the Foreign Minister of Azerbaijan, Jeyhun Bayramov, and the Foreign Minister of Armenia, Zohrab Mnatsakanyan, to urge both sides to cease hostilities immediately, to use the existing direct communication links between them to avoid further escalation, and to avoid unhelpful rhetoric and actions that further raise tensions on the ground", Morgan Ortagus, a State Department spokesperson, said in a statement.

Sep 28 06:53

Why Are So Many Asteroids Having Close-Calls With Earth In 2020?

Have you noticed that it seems like stories about asteroids that are approaching the Earth are constantly in the news this year? It wasn’t always this way. In the old days, maybe there would be a story about an asteroid every once in a while, and those stories were never a big deal. But now asteroids are zipping by our planet with frightening regularity, and several more very notable passes will happen over the next few weeks.

Sep 28 06:51

German Professor Arrested After Speaking At "We Do Not Consent" Rally In London

After Metropolitan Police claimed they would only crack down on marchers flagrantly violating social distancing rules (though the hated "rule of six" had been suspended due to the gathering's "protest" status), German professor Dr. Heiko Schoening was arrested by a gang of British officers - he was filmed being loaded into a paddy wagon - after speaking out against using tactics like economy-destroying mandatory lockdowns during yesterday's "We Do Not Consent" rally in London.

Sep 28 06:32

Poll: Britains Would “Go To Prison Before Being Injected”

A recent survey by King’s College London and Ipsos MORI showed only 53 percent of the UK population are “very likely” to get the COVID-19 vaccine, once it’s on the market. Younger voters were twice as likely to oppose the vaccine in the poll of 2,237 people aged between 16 and 75. To gauge readers’ views on the topical issue, conducted an exclusive poll asking: “Should Britons be forced to have the coronavirus jab once it is developed?

Sixty-five percent (2,906) of respondents said no, with many saying they would have to be dragged kicking and screaming to have the vaccine administered.

Thirty-four percent (1,617) said a compulsory vaccine programme should be rolled out across the UK, one of Europe’s hardest-hit countries since the beginning of the pandemic.

One percent (60) said they didn’t know.

Sep 28 06:30

New CDC Estimates: Fatality Rate For COVID-19 Drops Again And May Surprise You

What’s are the real chances of dying if you are infected with COVID-19? You’ll probably be surprised how low they are according to new numbers from the Center for Disease Control. We’ll state those numbers simply for those of you who aren’t crazy about math.

The CDC’s new estimate, for the first time, is broken down by age groups. Here is what the CDC calls its “current best estimate” of chances of dying from the virus if you get infected:

Sep 28 05:52

The Plain Truth About Face Masks

People have been using masks for a long time. The oldest masks ever found were 9,000 years old. Masks have been used for religious rituals, for fun, in factories to protect against breathing in chemicals and dust particles, for protection against smog, to punish slaves and gossipy wives, to commit crimes, and, of course, for Halloween. But the focus of this article will be about the medical use of masks.

Sep 28 05:25

Marseille uprising: Macron faces huge backlash in French city - 'They will REVOLT'

EMMANUEL MACRON is desperately fighting off a furious backlash in Marseille over the Government's order to shut down bars and restaurants as part of a toughening of rules to curb rising coronavirus infections.

Sep 28 05:18

Trump’s New C19 Advisor Cites Research Showing Widespread Immunity! Calls out CDC Head Redfield’s False Testimony to Stunned Press

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to watch a physicist try to explain quantum mechanics to a room full of delinquent kindergartners, we finally have a pretty good idea.

Most of our readers probably already know that Trump appointed Dr. Scott Atlas of Stanford University’s prestigious Hoover Institution to his COVID-19 task force last month.

As I noted when the good news broke:

Dr. Atlas is one of the thousands of medical experts the Democrats and their media enablers don’t want you to know about who’ve been trying to put the breaks on the suicidal, anti-science response to COVID-19 they’ve conned us into following.

Sep 28 05:16

German Professor Arrested After Speaking At "We Do Not Consent" Rally In London

After Metropolitan Police claimed they would only crack down on marchers flagrantly violating social distancing rules (though the hated "rule of six" had been suspended due to the gathering's "protest" status), German professor Dr. Heiko Schoening was arrested by a gang of British officers - he was filmed being loaded into a paddy wagon - after speaking out against using tactics like economy-destroying mandatory lockdowns during yesterday's "We Do Not Consent" rally in London.

Sep 27 17:15


Another doctor coming out and condemning the PCR test for infectious disease diagnosis

Sep 27 16:39

US professor: ‘Psychoactive pill’ should be covertly administered to ensure lockdown compliance

Chemical 'moral enhancement' substances could help people 'reason about what the right thing to do is,' argued Professor Parker Crutchfield.

Sep 27 16:07

[Video] The Highwire with Del Bigtree: FLU SHOTS FOR DUMMIES

As mainstream media pushes “Twin-demic” panic, claiming the only answer is the flu shot, Dr. Jim Meehan, MD, sits down with Del to thoroughly look at science behind the flu shot’s effectiveness and safety, providing everything you need to know to make an informed decision on whether to inject yourself and your kids this fall.

Sep 27 15:27

Open Letter from Medical Doctors and Health Professionals to All Belgian Authorities and All Belgian Media

We, Belgian doctors and health professionals, wish to express our serious concern about the evolution of the situation in the recent months surrounding the outbreak of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. We call on politicians to be independently and critically informed in the decision-making process and in the compulsory implementation of corona-measures. We ask for an open debate, where all experts are represented without any form of censorship. After the initial panic surrounding covid-19, the objective facts now show a completely different picture – there is no medical justification for any emergency policy anymore.

The current crisis management has become totally disproportionate and causes more damage than it does any good.

We call for an end to all measures and ask for an immediate restoration of our normal democratic governance and legal structures and of all our civil liberties. ...

Sep 27 10:19

There are four coronavirus vaccines in late-stage studies — here’s how they differ

Johnson & Johnson’s investigational COVID-19 vaccine entered Phase 3 clinical trials this week, making it the fourth vaccine candidate in the U.S. to do so and providing additional details that can help investors differentiate the pool of late-stage coronavirus vaccines.

Shares of J&J JNJ, +0.68% were up 0.3% in trading on Friday, two days after the health care giant announced it had dosed the first of an estimated 60,000 participants in the Phase 3 trial for Ad26.COV2.S, which is also referred to as JNJ-78436735.

Sep 27 10:18

Thousands Demand Reclassification of Wireless Radiation at Int’l Agency for Research on Cancer Headquarters

Research has already determined that exposure to wireless radiation – Bluetooth, cell phone radiation, WiFi, and 5G – is biologically harmful AND at least increases cancer risk (see 1, 2). Many doctors and scientists also insist there is enough scientific evidence to re-classify it as a carcinogen. Protesters in France feel the same way.

Sep 27 06:13

Top NASA Official Unveils $28 Billion Plan To Land First Woman On Moon

The U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has unveiled a $28 billion program to send the first woman to the moon in 2024 as part of its Artemis program.

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine released a statement Monday (Sept. 21), announcing the new mission to put a human back on the lunar surface would be the first time since 1972.

Bridenstine said, "with bipartisan support from Congress, our 21st-century push to the Moon is well within America's reach."

"As we've solidified more of our exploration plans in recent months, we've continued to refine our budget and architecture. We're going back to the moon for scientific discovery, economic benefits, and inspiration for a new generation of explorers," he said.

Sep 26 13:18

Prenatal Pot Use Impacts Kid's Future Mental Health

This is cause for concern because marijuana is often seen as a legitimate means of treating medical problems like morning sickness, said Patricia Aussem, associate vice president of consumer clinical content development for the Partnership to End Addiction.

Bogdan noted that the body's endocannabinoid system -- the brain receptors that respond to THC, the chemical in pot that causes intoxication is not expressed until around six weeks after conception in humans.

"That is roughly around the time that most mothers in the study learned they were pregnant," Bogdan said. Moms who kept using pot exposed those newly formed brain receptors to THC, potentially altering the course of development, he said.

Sep 26 13:05

FACT CHECK: Viral Image Claims Drinking Warm Water Cures Various Medical Conditions

A post shared on Facebook more than 245,000 times claims that drinking warm water can cure various medical conditions while drinking cold water can cause serious harm.

Sep 26 09:46

“WHO offered me 20million dollars to put a little toxic in my Covid-19 remedy” – Madagascar President exposes WHO

Madagascar President Andry Rajoelina has allegedly declared that the World Health Organization, WHO offered him $20,000,000 to put a little toxic in their remedy for coronavirus as the Europeans hacked their Remedy.

Andry Rajoelina says: “People be vigilant, the World Health Organization that we have joined by thinking that it will help us, is there to kill Africans.”

“My country Madagascar has found a cure for coronavirus but the Europeans have told me a proposed $20,000,000 to put toxins in this remedy to kill my African friends who will use it. I ask all Africans not to use their coronavirus vaccine, because it’s killing, come to Madagascar you who are sick, my country is ready to receive you with enthusiasm, our remedy is in yellow color, do not buy the one of the green color, the one of the green color comes from Europe, the Europeans hacked our remedy, they have put poisons to kill only the Africans as they wanted with the vaccines that we protest.” He added

Sep 26 07:06

German Minister Admits Lockdown Will Kill More Than COVID-19 Does

Germany’s Minister of Economic Cooperation and Development, Gerd Muller, has warned that lockdown measures throughout the globe will end up killing more people than the Coronavirus itself.

Sep 26 06:48

Florida's Governor Lifts All COVID-19 Restrictions On Businesses Statewide

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis says he is lifting all restrictions on businesses statewide that were imposed to control the spread of the virus that causes COVID-19. Most significantly, that means restaurants and bars in the state can now operate at full capacity.

Up to now, restaurants and bars in Florida could serve customers indoors at 50% of legal occupancy. DeSantis said his new executive order lifts that restriction statewide, though local governments can keep additional limits in place if they're justified for health or economic reasons.

"Every business has the right to operate," DeSantis said. "Some of the locals can do reasonable regulations. But you can't just say no."

DeSantis also said his order would stop cities and counties from fining people for not wearing mandated face coverings. He said fines and other penalties imposed so far would be suspended.

Sep 26 06:46

'You haven't got the numbers' Boris to fight off fierce backbench rebellion as MPs revolt

BORIS Johnson is determined to face down a threatened Tory revolt against the Government's emergency coronavirus laws next week, his allies have said.

Sep 25 15:09

New Jersey passes ban on both plastic and paper single-use bags at large grocery stores

The bill bans single-use plastic bags and single-use paper bags at grocery stores that are 2,500 square feet or larger. Polystyrene containers and plastic straws are also banned but consumers could ask for a plastic straw.

“This bill literally will kill jobs in New Jersey for some of our current manufacturing facilities and is sending them to arguably the world’s largest polluter which is China that manufactures the reusable bags,” Schepisi said on the Assembly floor.

Sep 25 13:12

Are some black holes wormholes in disguise? Gamma-ray blasts may shed clues.

Unusual flashes of gamma rays could reveal that what appear to be giant black holes are actually huge wormholes, a new study finds.

Wormholes are tunnels in space-time that can theoretically allow travel anywhere in space and time, or even into another universe. Einstein's theory of general relativity suggests wormholes are possible, although whether they really exist is another matter.

In many ways, wormholes resemble black holes. Both kinds of objects are extremely dense and possess extraordinarily strong gravitational pulls for bodies their size. The main difference is that no object can theoretically come back out after crossing a black hole's event horizon — the threshold where the speed needed to escape the black hole's gravitational pull exceeds the speed of light — whereas any body entering a wormhole could theoretically reverse course.

Sep 25 11:47

Pray For Ron Paul Who Appears To Have Suffered A Medical Emergency, Possibly A Stroke, During A Livestream

We’re going to keep this brief since little information is known at this time, but one of the greatest political minds and champions of liberty has seemed to have suffered a medical emergency while on a livestream. Former congressman, Dr. Ron Paul, appears to have suffered a stroke during a live interview. The video has just emerged on social media (below).

Sep 25 07:39

Cerebral Fructose Metabolism as a Potential Mechanism Driving Alzheimer’s Disease

The loss of cognitive function in Alzheimer’s disease is pathologically linked with neurofibrillary tangles, amyloid deposition, and loss of neuronal communication. Cerebral insulin resistance and mitochondrial dysfunction have emerged as important contributors to pathogenesis supporting our hypothesis that cerebral fructose metabolism is a key initiating pathway for Alzheimer’s disease. Fructose is unique among nutrients because it activates a survival pathway to protect animals from starvation by lowering energy in cells in association with adenosine monophosphate degradation to uric acid. The fall in energy from fructose metabolism stimulates foraging and food intake while reducing energy and oxygen needs by decreasing mitochondrial function, stimulating glycolysis, and inducing insulin resistance. When fructose metabolism is overactivated systemically, such as from excessive fructose intake, this can lead to obesity and diabetes.

Sep 25 06:47

Secret, powerful panels will pick Covid-19 vaccine winners

Most Americans have never heard of Dr. Richard Whitley, an expert in pediatric infectious diseases at the University of Alabama-Birmingham.

Yet as the coronavirus pandemic drags on and the public eagerly awaits a vaccine, he may well be among the most powerful people in the country.

Sep 25 06:10

Hands Up, Don’t Sing: Idaho Nazi Brownshirt Cops Arrest Christians While Singing Hymns For Violation Of Unconstitutional Mask Order

Each of the criminal cops that executed the unconstitutional order to arrest Christians who were singing hymns in the parking lot of city hall in Moscow, Idaho should be arrested themselves, charged and removed from any capacity of public service. Yet, does anyone think that’s going to happen? Nope, not a chance unless Christians start taking a stand against the tyranny and bringing the law to bear against tyrants and their agents of the state.

The Church is pastored by author Douglas Wilson.

Sep 25 05:52

Is Australia’s Kim Jong Dan finally on the ropes? An inquiry into his abysmal handling of Covid-19 could signal his demise

The premier of the state of Victoria, who’s instituted some of the most draconian lockdown rules in the world, is under mounting pressure and calls for his resignation are mounting by the day.

There is an old political adage that politicians should never establish an inquiry unless they know the likely outcome.

Evidence presented this week at an inquiry into Victoria’s Covid-19 second wave, established by Premier Dan Andrews, suggests that he may have failed to heed this advice. That evidence was so damning of Andrews that calls for him to resign have reached fever pitch. and the Victorian opposition has foreshadowed a motion of no confidence in him.

Andrews is due to give evidence to the inquiry on Friday, and only an extraordinary performance can end the crisis that has engulfed him.

Sep 25 05:51

California plans 2035 ban on the sale of new gasoline powered passenger cars and trucks

California plans to ban the sale of new gasoline-powered passenger cars and trucks starting in 2035 as the top U.S. auto market shifts to electric vehicles to reduce climate-warming emissions, Governor Gavin Newsom said on Wednesday.

The move is the most significant yet by a U.S. state aimed at ending the use of fossil fuel-burning internal combustion engines, and clashes with the pro-fossil fuel policies of President Donald Trump’s White House.

Sep 25 05:50

Your Health In A Vax Jab? Brave Doctor Speaks Truth

This is the best I've seen on your health and vaccines and speaking out about what is going on. He is Dr. Leland Stillman and he is very eloquent and well spoken. He admits in 8 months he has only seen 3 patients with the corona virus and one of them was a false positive. Asked about Hydroxychloroquine he says there are no patients to try it on but from others he has heard of the success.

Sep 25 05:48

UK’s chief scientific adviser has £600,000 of shares in vaccine maker contracted by govt – reports

UK Chief Scientific Adviser Sir Patrick Vallance reportedly holds a bonus of tens of thousands of shares in a pharma giant developing a Covid-19 vaccine for the government. Yet, London says there is no conflict of interest.

Vallance, who also chairs the government’s expert advisory panel on vaccines, appears to have retained over 43,000 shares in GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) – a UK-based multinational pharmaceutical company – worth £600,000, The Telegraph reported.

Sep 25 05:47

Europe’s LOCKDOWN will kill more people worldwide than Covid-19 virus, German minister warns

Anti-coronavirus measures will have significantly more severe consequences than the disease itself, especially in developing countries, Germany’s Minister of Economic Cooperation and Development Gerd Muller warned.

The grim prognosis was made by the German official in an interview with the Handelsblatt daily. The pandemic has already triggered “one of the biggest” hunger and poverty crises across the world, Muller said – and further damage will be done thanks to the measures taken to battle it.

We expect an additional 400,000 deaths from malaria and HIV this year on the African continent alone, while half a million more will die from tuberculosis.

Sep 25 05:47

Open letter from medical doctors and health professionals to all belgian authorities and all belgian media.

We, Belgian doctors and health professionals, wish to express our serious concern about the evolution of the situation in the recent months surrounding the outbreak of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. We call on politicians to be independently and critically informed in the decision-making process and in the compulsory implementation of corona-measures. We ask for an open debate, where all experts are represented without any form of censorship. After the initial panic surrounding covid-19, the objective facts now show a completely different picture – there is no medical justification for any emergency policy anymore.

The current crisis management has become totally disproportionate and causes more damage than it does any good.

We call for an end to all measures and ask for an immediate restoration of our normal democratic governance and legal structures and of all our civil liberties.

Sep 25 05:31

New York to Doctors: Hand Over Private Patient Information

Big Brother wants more about you from your doctor—and fast.

Last month, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo ordered health care professionals across the state to provide the “full residential address and phone number, occupation and employer name, full work address and employer phone number as well as race and ethnicity” of all patients tested for Covid-19.

On Monday, he upped the ante. The new order, obtained by Judicial Watch, mandates that doctors “collect and report whether a patient attends or works in a school and if so, the name and location of the school. This includes elementary, secondary, and post-secondary/higher education. It is also critical to list the patient’s local address if different from their permanent address.”

Health care providers must report “within three hours.” Three hours! The price of non-compliance? “Civil penalties of up to $2,000 per day.”

Sep 25 05:29

Farage: Britons Must Fight Against Coronavirus Government ‘Tyranny’

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage has warned that the British government is acting like an “elected dictatorship” passing coronavirus laws without parliamentary scrutiny.

Mr Farage also expressed concern that there is no effective opposition in the House of Commons, with the Labour Party “teaming up” with the Conservative government and preparing “to deny us our basic freedoms in the name of the greater good”.

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced further restrictions on Britons, putting a 10 p.m. curfew on the hospitality industry, while widening the enforcement of mask-wearing. Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said on Wednesday that if the measures did not work to stop the spread of the Chinese coronavirus, the government might order a second national lockdown.

Sep 24 17:33

Vitamin D offers significant protection from covid-19, but states won’t dare impose Vitamin D mandates

A study from the Boston University Medical Campus provides a “strong correlation” between higher vitamin D levels in the blood with a lower positivity rate for covid-19. The patients who were deficient in vitamin D (less than 20 ng/mL) were 54 percent more likely to test positive for covid-19 when compared to those who had sufficient vitamin D levels (at least 30 ng/mL). This fact proves that public health officials initially harmed the population with lock downs on children’s parks, state parks and beaches. The “stay home, stay safe” mantra convinced many to stay inside and therefore blocked their ability to manufacture vitamin D from the sun.

Sep 24 15:41

US Funded Wuhan Lab’s Virus Research (May 3, 2020)

Dr Mikovits, Dr Buttar, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Del Bigtree and many other notable people have pointed this out in their interviews and videos.

Sep 24 11:56

This 115-year-old Supreme Court Case could determine if states can force you to wear a mask

Wearing a mask has become the new normal amid the coronavirus pandemic, but whether or not the government can force you to wear one has become a topic of contention.

The argument pits the power of government to protect the public’s health against the Constitution’s protection of civil liberties. As people consider challenging mask mandates in the courts, there’s a Supreme Court decision against a Massachusetts man who refused vaccination during a smallpox outbreak that keeps coming up as a reference point for legal battles.

Jacobson v. Massachusetts could be used in the argument when trying to justify the government’s abilities to curb one’s liberties in the interest of public health as it expands on the state’s capacity to regulate behavior and enforce order within their territory for the betterment of the health, safety, morals and general welfare of residents. This is otherwise known in constitutional law as a state’s police power.

Sep 24 07:05

COVID-19 'whistleblower' published 'COVID bioweapon' report with fake co-authors & misleading credentials

Dr. Li-Meng Yan, the highly-touted COVID-19 “whistleblower” who claims that the novel coronavirus is an ultra-deadly Chinese military bioweapon that was designed to target Americans, published her much-hyped COVID-19 research paper alongside individuals who may not actually exist. Plus, her academic credentials appear to call into question her technical knowledge and level of access that is necessary to advance an empirical claim on this level.

Sep 24 06:56

Plandemic Exposed - David E. Martin via London Real

Sep 24 06:32

Trump says he may block the FDA if they try and implement stringent guidelines for COVID-19 vaccine

U.S. President Donald Trump said on Wednesday he may or may not approve any new, more stringent FDA standards for an emergency authorization of a COVID-19 vaccine, saying such a proposal would appear political.

Trump has repeatedly said a vaccine for COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, could be ready for distribution ahead of the November 3 presidential election.

The Washington Post reported on Tuesday the U.S. Food and Drug Administration would issue the guidance to boost transparency and public trust as health experts have become increasingly concerned the Trump administration might be interfering in the approval process to rush out a vaccine.

Sep 24 06:22

Massive International HCQ Study Shows Substantially More Deaths in Countries Not Using HCQ Early

Massive international study looks at 70 Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) studies of which 42 were peer reviewed. The results showed that countries with early use of HCQ (Costa Rica, Israel, India, Russia, Turkey, Algeria, Morocco, Indonesia, Ukraine, Greece, Cuba) had significantly less deaths than those countries that restricted widespread HCQ use (Mexico, USA, U.K.,

Sweden, Ireland, France, Netherlands, France). Study involves the populations of 2 billion people.

The glaringly obvious question is how many lives would have been saved if our CDC, health “experts”, and mass media, did not lie about the dangers of this live saving drug?