Dec 20 06:38

Netherlands Bans Flights From UK After New Mutant Coronavirus Strain Identified

The Netherlands is banning flights from the United Kingdom starting Sunday because of a new strain of the COVID-19 coronavirus that threatens to spread far more rapidly than other variants, the Dutch government announced in a statement.

According to the Sunday government statement, sampling cases in the Netherlands in early December revealed the same virus strain as that observed in the UK. Following the latest reports from Britain, this case is being investigated further.

The release also says that the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) has reviewed travel advisories for people arriving in the Netherlands from the United Kingdom.

Dec 20 06:37

Police haul away anti-lockdown activists after hundreds descend on Parliament Square protest amid rising Covid rates in London and fears country faces tighter lockdown

Anti-lockdown activists were hauled away by police today as hundreds turned out for a protest in Parliament Square amid fears the country faces tighter restrictions as Covid cases continue to rise.

Scotland Yard issued an open letter ahead of the event, urging people not to attend large gatherings over the last weekend before Christmas.

Extra officers have been placed on London's streets to encourage compliance with strict Tier 3 Covid-19 regulations and to 'swiftly clamp down on those wilfully and dangerously ignoring them'.

Dec 20 06:29

CNN & Dems call to unleash HELL on Tucker Carlson for ‘trying to kill people’ with vaccine SKEPTICISM as his Covid rant goes viral

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson has questioned the “marketing campaign” behind rushed Covid-19 vaccines and the lack of debate around it. CNN and others have responded by saying the anchor is posing a “clear and present danger.”
“How many people did Tucker Carlson try and kill tonight?” Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-California) tweeted on Friday.

Dec 20 06:28

JINGLE HELL Fury as Boris Johnson ‘sacrifices’ family Christmas for 20m with Tier 4 lockdown and bubbles axed

BORIS Johnson provoked fury by cancelling Christmas for nearly 20million people last night in a bid to halt a rampant mutant strain of coronavirus.

The PM slapped draconian new Tier 4 measures on London, the South East and East of England, admitting “bitter regret” at axing family get-togethers.

Dec 20 06:27

'LAST TRAIN FROM SAIGON' London stations ‘like a war zone’ as thousands race to flee capital by rail and road before Tier 4 lockdown

THOUSANDS of Londoners defied the Government and fled the capital last night after Boris Johnson cancelled Christmas for millions in the South East.

The city's stations were said to be like "war zones" as locals skipped town before the tough new Tier 4 lockdown came into effect at midnight.

Dec 20 06:25


Dec 20 06:24

Feds warn of COVID-19 vaccine scammers using fake websites

Coronavirus vaccine scammers are running wild on the internet — with some setting up fake drug company websites to cash in on the desperate demand for shots, federal authorities said Friday.

A bogus website claiming to belong the drugmaker Moderna — whose vaccine was greenlit by a Food and Drug Administration panel Thursday — was shut down Friday by the U.S. attorney for the District of Maryland, officials said.

Fraudsters set up the sham web domain,, to steal personal information from customers and potentially send out spyware, according to a press release about the scheme.

Dec 19 11:10

Dr. Paul Thomas Targeted By Medical Board & Media After Landmark Vaccine Study — Interview

By Spiro Skouras

Recently, a landmark study was conducted by Dr. James Lyons-Weiler and Dr. Paul Thomas. The study compared vaccinated children and unvaccinated children and was published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health on November 22, 2020 after being peer reviewed.

Dr. Weiler, a research scientist and co-author of the study, was recently interviewed by Activist Post Contributor Spiro Skouras. In the interview, Weiler breaks down the data from the study which indicates children who were vaccinated showed a higher rate of medical office visits and experienced an elevated rate of medical symptoms ranging from Asthma and behavioral issues, to ADHD and Anemia.

In this report, Spiro interviews Dr. Paul Thomas, a prominent pediatrician in Portland, Oregon who also co-authored the study and used 10+ years of data from his medical practice to conduct the study.

Dec 19 11:08

India will supply coronavirus vaccines to the world — will its people benefit?

As scientists edge closer to creating a vaccine against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, Indian pharmaceutical companies are front and centre in the race to supply the world with an effective product. But researchers worry that, even with India’s experience as a vaccine manufacturer, its companies will struggle to produce enough doses sufficiently fast to bring its own huge outbreak under control. On top of that, it will be an immense logistical challenge to distribute the doses to people in rural and remote regions.

Indian drug companies are major manufacturers of vaccines distributed worldwide, particularly those for low-income countries, supplying more than 60% of vaccines supplied to the developing world. Because of this, they are likely to gain early access to any COVID-19 vaccine that works, says Sahil Deo, co-founder of India’s CPC Analytics in Pune, which is studying vaccine distribution in the country.

Dec 19 11:07

With global push for COVID-19 vaccines, China aims to win friends and cut deals

The first people in the world to receive a COVID-19 vaccine were not part of a clinical trial. No TV stations or newspapers covered the historic event. No company issued a statement.

Dec 19 09:42

China Drugmaker Gives Unproven Covid-19 Vaccine to Students Going Abroad

China is expanding distribution of its coronavirus vaccines outside of clinical trials, with a state-owned company offering them to students going abroad amid a campaign by officials to boost public confidence in homegrown inoculations.

China National Biotec Group Co., a division of state-owned Sinopharm that is developing two Covid-19 vaccines, was giving them free to Chinese students planning to study abroad, according to a company website and students who applied for it.

The offer appears to be the latest example of the company using an emergency-use approval to distribute vaccines to hundreds of thousands of people outside of clinical trials.

Dec 19 09:08

Police spend HOURS watching boutique shop after reopening in defiance of lockdown

Dec 19 09:05

For Alaska state employees, temporary pandemic telework may become permanent

More than 6,000 of Alaska’s 14,000 state employees are working from home in an effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus. For some, the alternate working conditions will soon become permanent. For many more, a long-term change is in the works.

According to public records, the state of Alaska is spending at least $58.2 million in federal COVID-19 aid on a permanent telework program for state employees.

The effort, called the Pandemic Preparedness Program, will not be fully implemented until 2022, but the state has already bought thousands of laptops and other equipment to support telework, and the budget proposed by Gov. Mike Dunleavy last week indicates that some state agencies are switching to permanent telework or a hybrid system that limits office time.

Dec 19 08:33

Freedom of Information reveals Public Health Agency of Canada has no record of “SARS-COV-2” isolation performed by anyone, anywhere, ever

Further down this page you will see a screenshot of a Freedom of Information request that I submitted to the Public Health Agency of Canada almost 6 months ago, requesting evidence that is absolutely essential (but not on its own sufficient) for establishing the existence of the alleged “COVID-19 virus” aka “SARS-COV-2”.

Without this step having been performed (followed by controlled experiments), there is no way to claim scientifically that the alleged “novel coronavirus” (blamed for widespread death/disease/lockdown measures) actually exists.

Without this step having been performed and followed by the necessary controlled experiments, all claims of this alleged virus are nothing but wild, unscientific, fraud-based speculation backed only by fraudulent science, fraudulent tests and fraudulent diagnoses.

And naturally this entire procedure must have been performed not just once, but replicated.

Dec 19 08:32

3 more Alaska health workers have adverse reactions to COVID-19 vaccine, bringing total to 5

A Fairbanks health care worker was treated for a “probable” serious allergic reaction on Thursday after she received the COVID-19 vaccine, according to the Foundation Health Partners care system.

Additionally, on Friday evening, Providence Alaska reported that two caregivers who received the COVID-19 vaccine experienced non-life-threatening, mild reactions.

In total, five Alaskans have experienced adverse reactions this week after receiving the vaccine. Two Bartlett Regional Hospital employees in Juneau experienced reactions after the vaccine, one serious and one mild.

Dec 19 08:14

Antarctica hit by 30 000 earthquakes in 3 months

More than 30 000 earthquakes have been registered in the Bransfield Strait, an ocean channel between the South Shetland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula, since the end of August 2020, according to the University of Chile. The strait is now expanding 15 cm (6 inches) per year from the Antarctic Peninsula, nearly 20 times faster than before.

The strongest earthquake in the sequence was M6.0 at a depth of 15 km (9 miles) at 23:49 UTC on November 6.

Dec 19 08:10

Fist-Waving Merkel Warns Germans of ‘Last Christmas with the Grandparents’ Amid ‘Winter Failure’

Germany’s fourth-term Chancellor, Angela Merkel, banged her podium in the German parliament and spoke of families’ “last Christmas with the grandparents” as she moves to shut down the country.

66-year-old Merkel, widely regarded as the most powerful and influential leader in the European Union, is facing a political maelstrom at home, as coronavirus cases rise and the Pfizer vaccine co-developed with the German firm BioNTech remains tied up by EU regulators.

“I want to say this: if we have too much contact over Christmas, and afterwards it turns out that that was the last Christmas with the grandparents, then we will have really messed up and we should not mess up!” she said in an address to the German parliament in which she shook her fist and banged her podium, according to a Reuters report.

Dec 19 07:56

Ex-bin Laden henchman freed from NJ prison after judge deems him too fat for jail

A former Osama bin Laden henchman convicted in two deadly 1998 bombings is free and living in the UK this week after being released early — thanks to a Manhattan federal judge who agreed the terrorist was way too obese to survive the coronavirus behind bars.

Adel Abdel Bary, 60, had spent 21 years in a New Jersey prison for his role in the 1998 al Qaeda bombings of two US embassies in Africa that killed 224 people, including 12 Americans.

“Defendant’s obesity and somewhat advanced age make COVID-19 significantly more risky to him than to the average person,” US District Judge Lewis A. Kaplan wrote in granting the release.

Dec 18 16:43

Ok… No More Boys or Girls? — New England Journal of Medicine

America’s oldest medical journal says birth cert sex designations ‘HARMFUL for trans’ and must be ABOLISHED...

Dec 18 15:57

'Alarmingly high' proportion of British people from ethnic minorities are severely deficient in vitamin D putting them at increased risk of infections such as Covid-19, study finds

More than half of Asians are severely deficient in winter and more than a third of black Africans suffer an 'alarmingly high' lack of the vitamin.

Vitamin D has divided scientific opinion during the pandemic, with a plethora of studies finding it can fight coronavirus and others claiming it is of no benefit.

But Australian researchers reviewed half a million British genomes from the UK BioBank and say because it is cheap, easy to access and has no negative side-effects, people should consider supplementing their diet with the sunshine vitamin regardless.

Dec 18 12:48

How Will We Know That a COVID-19 Vaccine is Safe?

Children’s Health Defense has produced a video of Dr. Elizabeth Mumper’s presentation, “How Will We Know That a COVID-19 Vaccine is Safe?” This presentation is the result of a collaborative effort between Dr. Mumper and the team of doctors, scientists and researchers affiliated with Children’s Health Defense.

In the video, Dr. Mumper provides detailed answers to two questions often asked by the public: What does a safe and effective vaccine look like? How will we know that a COVID-19 vaccine is safe?

She reviews many of the reasons why vaccines, as they are currently produced, are not safe, and explains that every year there are tens of thousands of adverse events, many of them resulting in serious conditions or even death.

Dec 18 12:28

Vin Gupta says getting vaccinated doesn’t stop infections or the spread of COVID-19, so what’s the point?

MSNBC medical analyst Vin Gupta really wants you to get a Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine, so much so that he pretended to get one himself during a recent fake news broadcast on cable television. Should you choose to comply, though, just know that you will still need to wear a mask and avoid traveling.

This is Gupta’s message to Americans who are under the impression that getting vaccinated for COVID-19 will mean freedom and normal life. Not only will nothing actually change, he says, but the vaccine will not stop either infection or spread of the virus.

“Just because you get vaccinated after the second dose does not mean you should be traveling,” Gupta told Meet the Press, as well as his Twitter audience. “You could still get infected and pass it along to others.”

In other words, COVID-19 vaccines do a whole lot of nothing except increase your risk of death and serious side effects.

Dec 18 12:26

The US CDC is going to recommend that 'essential workers' are vaccinated before the over-65s, despite their *own modelling* showing this will result in more deaths.

Why? They say it is unethical to prioritise the elderly because they are not racially diverse enough. THREAD.

This is based on the slide pack below.

This takes for granted that healthcare workers will be first-in-line. The question is whether the next group should be other essential workers, the over-65s or adults with high-risk conditions.

Dec 18 12:24

Employers can bar unvaccinated employees from the workplace, EEOC says

With the first doses of Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine now being administered in the U.S., the federal government is giving employers around the country the green light to require immunization for most workers.

In general, companies have the legal right to mandate that employees get a COVID-19 shot, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) said Wednesday. More specifically, employers are entitled — and required — to ensure a safe workplace in which "an individual shall not pose a direct threat to the health or safety of individuals in the workplace." That can mean a company requiring its workforce to be vaccinated.

Dec 18 12:04

VA to Give Nonwhites Higher Priority Access to Vaccine

The Department of Veterans Affairs is going to give priority to black and Hispanic veterans over white and Asian veterans when administering the vaccine for COVID-19. This racial preference is unconstitutional.

The VA is doing this because it thinks blacks and Hispanics are at greater risk. But these minorities are not inherently at greater risk of contracting the virus. There is nothing special about their genes that puts them in danger.

Dec 18 11:50

These People Reportedly Died of Gunshot Wounds, But Look How Their Deaths Were Classified

Brenda Bock, the coroner of Grand County, Colorado, called out the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment on Tuesday over the way it is classifying death data. Specifically, Bock said two individuals among the county’s five recent COVID-19-related deaths had actually died of gunshot wounds.

“Because they tested positive for COVID-19 within the past 30 days, they were classified as ‘deaths among cases,'” Bock explained to KCNC-TV.

“It’s absurd that they would even put that on there,” she continued. “Would you want to go to a county that has really high death numbers? Would you want to go visit that county because they are contagious? You know I might get it, and I could die if all of a sudden one county has a high death count. We don’t have it, and we don’t need those numbers inflated.”

Dec 18 10:14

Alien hunters are investigating a mysterious radio signal from our neighbouring star Proxima Centauri - causing the biggest excitement since the 'Wow' signal in 1977

A mysterious radio signal from our nearest stellar neighbour, Proxima Centauri, is being 'carefully investigated' by a team of alien-hunting astronomers.

Researchers from the Breakthrough Listen Project – a £70m initiative to find alien life through radio telescopes – have been studying the radio waves since April 2019.

Proxima Centauri is 4.2 light years from Earth and has two confirmed planets, a Jupiter-like gas giant and a rocky world called Proxima b in the habitable zone.

The signal was spotted by the Parkes radio telescope in Australia in April or May 2020, according to a report in The Guardian, and, unlike previous radio bursts hasn't been attributed to any Earth-based or near-Earth human-created source.

It is likely that this signal has a natural explanation, but that hasn't stopped alien-hunting astronomers from listening more closely than they normally would.

Dec 18 09:56

Will an RNA Vaccine Permanently Alter My DNA?

When people hear the words RNA vaccine, the first question that comes to the average person’s mind is, “Will this vaccine permanently alter my DNA?” The second question is, “If the vaccine does alter my DNA, what are the potential long-term health impacts?”

These are fair questions. Unfortunately, these questions are usually brushed aside, ignored, minimized, or discounted by the pharmaceutical ecosystem. This concern about genetic modification is normally answered by the following argument: RNA will not permanently alter your DNA because it is a temporary molecule that quickly becomes destroyed in the cell, and because it is fundamentally different than DNA. RNA does not integrate into DNA, and RNA doesn’t remain in the cell permanently because the cell destroys the RNA relatively quickly. Therefore, there is no potential risk of an RNA vaccine genetically modifying a person’s genome.

Dec 18 09:45


Watch this video from 41:40 if you're time constrained.

Invermectin is a long tested drug which obliterates viruses with minimal side effects, thus it should prevent transmission of Covid-19 or any variant of it - mutations are irrelevant. All that's required is one tablet a week. Why is it being ignored?

Dec 18 09:30

FDA advisory panel endorses Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine, clearing way for authorization

An advisory panel on Thursday recommended that the Food and Drug Administration issue an emergency use authorization for a Covid-19 vaccine developed by Moderna, all but guaranteeing the agency will do so.

The authorization, expected on Friday, will mark the second Covid-19 vaccine cleared by the agency — and amount to one more step toward curbing a pandemic that has infected an estimated 17 million people and killed more than 300,000 in the United States.

Dec 18 09:30

Mars InSight Lander Offers a Sneak Peek at the Red Planet’s Inner Layers

In November 2018, NASA's robotic explorer InSight landed on Mars' rocky, dusty, red surface. It was sent on a mission to answer questions about the Red Planet's crust, mantle and core, known as the "inner space." The robot is souped up with cutting-edge technology to measure the conditions on the surface and take a look at what's happening beneath the crust, according to NASA.

In a recent finding, researchers announced that Mars' crust looks like it has three layers. This is the first time that scientists have taken an inside look at another planet besides Earth, and the discovery sheds light on how these rocky planets may have formed billions of years ago, reports Alexandra Witze for Nature.

Dec 18 09:28


The Petition To Stop Forced Experimental Vaccines
SMD will actively blacklist and boycott any business, employer, or school that mandates or otherwise attempts to force a vaccine.

Dec 18 09:27

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz to loosen COVID restrictions on bars, gyms, youth sports

Indoor restaurants and bars will stay shut down, but fitness clubs and other venues will reopen under a new plan by Gov. Tim Walz to limit the spread of COVID-19 and buy time for distribution of vaccine against the infectious disease.

Minnesota's infections rate has been declining since Nov. 11, but Walz said restrictions are needed, particularly in group settings that have fueled broader spread of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

"This is a killer virus that we've learned much about and have a lot of tools to fight," Walz said on Wednesday, "but we've got a little left to fight."

Dec 18 09:27

Minnesota bars' licenses suspended for defying restrictions

Minnesota’s attorney general sued two taverns Thursday for opening their doors to in-person service in defiance of restrictions from Gov. Tim Walz.

The new cases filed against Alibi’s Drinkery in Lakeville, Minn., and Neighbors on the Rum in Princeton, Minn., are in addition to the state’s intention to suspend the liquor licenses of both for two months.

They were among the restaurants to open this week despite ongoing orders to stay closed out of public health concerns during the pandemic. The restrictions on indoor service, which were set to expire Friday, will now run through Jan. 10, which hospitality industry officials will push some establishments out of business for good.

Dec 18 09:26


Do you know how long human beings have lived on earth? Even if you’re an ignoramus, anti-science, superstitious Christian fool, you’d agree that humans have lived on earth for likely 10,000 years. If you are an enlightened, pro-science, empirically oriented, atheistic/secular humanistic genius, you might say that humans have been on earth for hundreds of thousands of years. For argument’s sake, lets use the 10,000 years for a moment. Vaccines have been around for a hundred years and then some. So, how did the human race survive for nearly 10,000 years without vaccines, and all of a sudden, in order to survive a mild virus like the coronavirus, you MUST HAVE, BY FORCE IF NECESSARY, a Covid 19 vaccine? Until everyone has one, we must wear masks, social distance and be locked down.

Dec 18 09:25

Photos show deadly 66-vehicle pileup in Pennsylvania during Winter Storm Gail

Shocking photos show what happened when a dozen tractor-trailers skidded out of control on snow-covered Interstate 80 in Pennsylvania during Wednesday night’s winter storm — killing one person and injuring a number of others.

The 66-vehicle pileup, including 55 trucks and 11 passenger vehicles, over a mile span on the westbound side of the highway happened around 3 p.m. Wednesday in Clinton County, State Police said Thursday.

The stretch remained closed Thursday afternoon with contractors trying to clear the vehicles, according to cops.

Dec 18 08:59


A few months ago, a company called Capella Space launched a satellite capable of taking clear radar images of anywhere in the world, with incredible resolution — even through the walls of some buildings.

And unlike most of the huge array of surveillance and observational satellites orbiting the Earth, its satellite Capella 2 can snap a clear picture during night or day, rain or shine.

“It turns out that half of the world is in nighttime, and half of the world, on average, is cloudy,” CEO Payam Banazadeh, a former system engineer at the NASA Jet Propulsion laboratory, told Futurism. “When you combine those two together, about 75 percent of Earth, at any given time, is going to be cloudy, nighttime, or it’s going to be both. It’s invisible to you, and that portion is moving around.”

Dec 18 08:57

Jon Rappoport: The real pandemic is an outbreak of PCR testing

My first point today is this: if other states wake up and follow Florida’s lead, the whole false edifice of the test would collapse.

My second point: at labs all over the country (and the world), thousands and thousands of PCR tech employees understand the con, the hustle, and the crime—because they are participating in it EVERY DAY.

They are all silent.

If 20 of them stepped forward and told the truth, we would see the PCR test wobble and the fakery called “case numbers” and “pandemic” and “lockdowns” start to crumble.

These PCR techs would confess that they’re running the test at 40 cycles and therefore the results are MEANINGLESS.

So we need pressure on these PCR techs. Lots and lots of pressure. From us. From court cases. From every source we can muster.

The PCR techs are good Germans. They’re complicit and silent. THIS HAS TO END.

Dec 18 08:52

WHO Information Notice for IVD Users

WHO has received user feedback on an elevated risk for false SARS-CoV-2 results when testing specimens using RT-PCR reagents on open systems.

As with any diagnostic procedure, the positive and negative predictive values for the product in a given testing population are important to note. As the positivity rate for SARS-CoV-2 decreases, the positive predictive value also decreases. This means that the probability that a person who has a positive result (SARS-CoV-2 detected) is truly infected with SARS-CoV-2 decreases as positivity rate decreases, irrespective of the assay specificity. Therefore, healthcare providers are encouraged to take into consideration testing results along with clinical signs and symptoms, confirmed status of any contacts, etc.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Short version: WHO admits there are problems with the PCR test for Covid.

Dec 18 08:50

Wow! FDA & Big Pharma To End COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Testing

The FDA has revealed Pfizer, and other Covid vaccine makers, plan to unblind their Phase 2/3 placebo groups and vaccinate them after just six months. With the #Covid19 vaccines already rushed to market faster than any vaccine before it, this potentially dangerous move makes it all but impossible to evaluate the long-term effects of this brand new vaccine platform.

Dec 18 08:33

Amid Fears of Overwhelmed Medical Systems, Ample U.S. Hospital Capacity Nationwide

As fears persist of overwhelmed medical systems and at-capacity hospitals nationwide, data indicate that ample hospital space remains available for both COVID-19 patients and other medical needs, with one official at a major hospital network stating that the country is “managing pretty well” the latest surge of COVID-19.

For most of 2020, rising positive test results of COVID-19 have brought with them fears of swamped hospitals, overwhelmed medical systems, emergency patients being turned away, and COVID-19 patients being triaged, suffering and dying in hallways and vestibules.

Much of that fear crystallized in the early stages of the pandemic, when parts of the northern Italian medical system were put under significant strain due to a crush of COVID-19 patients. In response, leaders and medical officials around the world suspended elective surgeries and constructed emergency medical facilities to cope with anticipated waves of COVID-19 patients.

Dec 18 08:25

July 2020 may have been deadliest month ever for young Americans, including wartime

A damning new report suggests that, in the month of July alone, some 16,500 young Americans aged 25 to 44 lost their lives in what may prove to be the deadliest month in US history for young adults.

According to a recent research letter published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, between March and July, 76,088 young Americans between the ages of 25 and 44 died, with the leading causes of mortality largely remaining the same, but exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic.

For context, during the height of WWII, US casualties averaged 6,600 per month.

Outside of wartime, the average estimated level of mortality for the month of July should be around 13,000, resulting in an excess mortality of 3,400.

Dec 18 07:49


However, there are still tight regulations about how many households can mix and the days where rules are relaxed fall strictly between 23 and 27 December.

Home secretary Priti Patel was questioned about the guidance this morning – and insisted she would inform the police if she saw people breaching coronavirus laws over Christmas.

Asked if she would advise the public to report breaches over the festive period, she told BBC Breakfast: “Any individual that saw any laws being broken would take that upon themselves.

“If I saw somebody flouting coronavirus regulations and the laws, of course I would look to inform the police about that.

Dec 18 07:48


In early November, an Italian archbishop and Pope Francis foe, Carlo Maria Vigano, launched an attack against those behind pandemic lockdowns across the globe, warning President Trump in a letter of the coming "Great Reset" whose architects are "a global élite that wants to subdue all of humanity, imposing coercive measures with which to drastically limit individual freedoms and those of entire populations."

"The purpose of the Great Reset is the imposition of a health dictatorship aiming at the imposition of liberticidal measures, hidden behind tempting promises of ensuring a universal income and cancelling individual debt," Vigano's letter continues.

Now, roughly six weeks later, one of the most powerful Catholics in the United States, Cardinal Raymond Burke, has kicked it up a notch - slamming "secular forces" who want to "make us slaves to their godless and murderous agenda" in a Saturday homily.

Dec 18 07:47


The world’s largest corporations are actively and openly working together to use the pandemic to “Reset” the globe, in order to position themselves as the “trustees of society.” This week, they highlighted their collaborative plan to use their power to compel COVID-19 vaccination through both societal pressure and new-age “holistic” technology made for “vaccine management” to assist with an “overarching” global virus containment plan by tracking the vaccination status of individuals.

On Tuesday, the World Economic Forum published an article on the “global agenda” section of its website, titled “Business has a big role to play in vaccinating the world.” It warned of the “still raging” pandemic and the “prospect of a cold, socially distanced winter looming ahead,” and cautioned that the public must not fall prey to foolish thoughts like “the belief that the availability of a vaccine will break the spell and we can finally rid ourselves of our masks.”

Dec 18 07:46


Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer used a zoom call involving Santa Claus and scripted questions from children to push the message that families should not visit each other over Christmas.

Yes, really.

Whitmer introduced Santa Claus to the 6 groups of children before inviting them to ask Santa questions, almost all of which were about COVID-19 rules and had obviously been scripted for them.

Asked by one of the kids if he had to wear a mask, Santa said him and his elves are “all masked up and social distancing.”

Dec 18 07:38

Businesses across Minnesota team up to fight shutdown

Dec 18 07:35

Nurse collapses live on TV after getting vaccine at CHI Memorial

Dec 18 07:34

Fears Prompt Some Medical Workers to Balk at Getting the Vaccine

Some nurses and emergency-response workers have expressed reluctance to take the new coronavirus vaccine, a reflection of unease that U.S. officials hope to overcome as they ramp up the nationwide immunization effort.

For months, surveys showed widespread skepticism about the vaccine after the Trump administration’s push to get it out before the November election. Public-health authorities say people’s concerns have eased since then, but this week’s launch of vaccinations made it clear that some health-care workers and first responders remain unwilling to get the shot.

Dec 18 07:33

COVID vaccine—history matters

Now that governments are going to roll out “a vaccine to save the world” (see here and here), people should become aware of a history they don’t know exists.

The article below was a small section of my book, AIDS INC., which I wrote in 1987-8. At the time, I decided to take a look at vaccines and see what I could find out about them.

My ensuing research led me into all sorts of surprising areas.

Since the period of 1987-8, much more has come to light about vaccine safety and efficacy. Here is what I discovered way back when—

Dec 18 07:32

The China lockdown, Sun Tzu, and the Art of War

Below you will find a piece I wrote months ago on the grand China deception. First, I want to provide context.

If there really were a dangerous virus on the loose in China, NOTHING could have stopped it. We would be seeing huge numbers of deaths in China to this day. Instead, the country has long been back to work, the economy is wide open, and the Chinese regime is looking, with great satisfaction, at Western nations, where its lockdown model has been laid on, wreaking havoc.

This is called a clue.

As I’ve explained in detail, in other articles, at the time when US and European agencies were first constructing their PCR tests, to detect the virus, they were unable to obtain actual virus. The obvious source would have been China, but China was unable to supply it.

Dec 18 07:32

Boom: Florida forcing labs to report number of PCR test cycles—game changer

As I’ve reported, COVID testing labs never tell doctors or patients how the PCR test is run. [1]

This means the number of cycles is a secret.

A cycle is a step up in amplification of the tissue sample taken from the patient.

As even Tony Fauci has asserted, tests run at 35 cycles or above are useless. [1] [2] They’re also misleading. The results tend to be positive, meaning the patient is “infected with the virus.” But this is false.

However, as I’ve also reported, the CDC and the FDA recommend that the test should be run at up to 40 cycles. [1] [3] This is a direct hustle. It ensures false positives and higher COVID case numbers—used as justification for lockdowns.

Now, the state of Florida is doing something unheard of. It’s demanding that labs report the “cycle threshold” for every test they run.

Dec 18 07:30

Second Stimulus Check Update: We’re Very Close, McConnell Says

Recognizing their bipartisan differences, lawmakers split the latest stimulus package in two.

One is a $748 billion package that adds more funds to the low-interest Paycheck Protection Program of loans for small businesses, directs money to schools, provides assistance for vaccine distribution and supplements state unemployment insurance.

The other is a $160 billion proposal that combines two of the main sticking points; protection from pandemic-related lawsuits and money for state and local governments.

Among the issues of debate of the $749 billion proposal is the size of the checks that could be sent out to American families. The CARES Act, a $2.2 trillion stimulus bill passed in March, delivered $1,200 checks to taxpayers.

Dec 18 07:29

A microchip-based program backed by Bill Gates is tracking the COVID status of millions

Dec 18 07:08

Bill Gates caught on video admitting vaccine will CHANGE our DNA FOREVER.

Dec 18 07:06

Live Updates: US Approves Moderna Coronavirus Vaccine, President Trump Says

The total number of infected is close to 75 million worldwide, while the global death toll is over 1.6 million, according to Baltimore, Maryland's Johns Hopkins University. The outbreaks are forcing nations to reimpose quarantines and prepare for mass vaccinations, with Russia and the UK launching vaccination campaigns this month.

At the moment, the most affected nations in the world are the United States (over 17 million cases, 310,000 deaths), India (9.95 million infections, more than 144,000 fatalities), and Brazil (over 7 million cases, and a death toll of almost 185,000).

The US is showing a high daily increase, with over 200,000 new infections and more than 3,000 deaths for the past few days.

Dec 18 07:04

Deadly brain-eating amoeba spreading across US via interconnected freshwater systems

Cases of a “brain-eating amoeba” reported across the southern US have begun spreading northward via the country's freshwater systems, in a worrying development for health officials already struggling with the coronavirus pandemic.

According to a new study, the single-celled, brain-eating amoeba, known as Naegleria fowleri (N. fowleri) has been relentlessly spreading northward over the past four decades.

Researchers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) tracked N. fowleri’s four-decade killing spree across the southern US and noted cases are occurring at higher latitudes, likely due to the effects of climate change.

Dec 18 07:03

FLASHBACK - Multiple studies link autism to mercury, which is still present in most flu vaccines

Despite recommendations made by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in 1999 that Thimerosal, a mercury-based preservative, be removed from vaccines, the toxic chemical is still added to the majority of flu vaccines administered to women, children, and the elderly, according to the Coalition for Mercury-Free Drugs (CoMeD), a Maryland-based non-profit organization. And according to three recent studies, the symptoms of mercury poisoning are nearly identical to those of autism symptoms, which strongly suggests that mercury in vaccines is responsible for causing autism.

Mercury is already a known neurotoxin that causes cancer (carcinogen), damages DNA (mutagen), alters proper embryonic development (teratogen), and disrupts the immune system. It is exactly the type of harmful chemical that you would never want to put in your body, and yet it is still added in the form of Thimerosal to millions of flu vaccines administered to the public.

Dec 18 07:02

Accomplished pharma prof thrown in psych hospital after questioning official COVID narrative

Early on December 10, Jean-Bernard Fourtillan, a French retired university professor known for his strong opposition to COVID-19 vaccines such as those presently being distributed in the U.K., was taken from his temporary home in the south of France by a team of “gendarmes” — French law enforcement officers under military command — and forcibly placed in solitary confinement at the psychiatric hospital of Uzès. His mobile phones were taken from him, and at the time of writing, he had not been allowed to communicate with the outside world. The order for his internment appears to have been issued by the local “préfet,” the official representative of the French executive.

Dec 18 07:00

Back to a sci-fi classic: Russian space scientists float idea of using RAILGUNS to launch satellites into orbit

Russian space scientists have suggested revisiting the idea of non-conventional space launchers – namely, railguns – to launch objects into space, arguing that modern materials and technologies may have made it possible.

The idea was floated by scientists at the leading research institute of Russia’s Roscosmos space agency in a new article published this week. The article explores the use of other space launchers besides chemical rocketry, which has long been the primary method of lifting off our planet.

“In our opinion, it is advisable from time to time to re-evaluate the old ideas of access to near-Earth space from the point of view of modern technological capabilities. One of these ideas is the creation of ground-based systems for dynamic mass acceleration,” the article reads, as quoted by RIA Novosti.

Dec 18 06:59

French president’s COVID diagnosis inspires accusations of hypocrisy

French President Emmanuel Macron, 42, tested positive for COVID-19 this Thursday after displaying “mild” symptoms of the disease related to the Wuhan coronavirus. According to the French government’s spokesman, Gabriel Attal, who gave an update on the president’s condition on Thursday evening, Macron has a “slight” fever, a bad cough, and severe fatigue. He has gone into isolation, and not only he: at a time when the French are being encouraged to telecommute, avoid contacts as much as possible, and observe an 8:00 P.M. to 6:00 A.M. curfew under the threat of heavy fines, Macron has a long list of “contacts” who are now deemed to be at risk of infection.

Dec 18 06:59

'Do they know it's Covid time at all?' Hilarious spoof of Band Aid's famous Christmas song mocks Boris Johnson and his Cabinet over their handling of pandemic

A music video set to the tune of Band Aid's Christmas number one has mocked Boris Johnson and his Cabinet over their handling of the coronavirus pandemic in Britain.

The satirical video features clips of politicians speaking at recent Downing Street Covid-19 briefings - which have been spliced together to the tune of Do They Know It's Christmas.

The spoof of Band Aid's 1984 Christmas hit, titled 'Do They Know It's Covid Time?', was shared today with the caption: 'With infection rates surging and experts warning of a third wave, this is Boris and the Superspreaders with #DoTheyKnowItsCovidTime'.

Dec 17 13:52

You can’t sue Pfizer or Moderna if you have severe Covid vaccine side effects. The government likely won’t compensate you for damages either

If you experience severe side effects after getting a Covid vaccine, lawyers tell CNBC there is basically no one to blame in a U.S. court of law.

The federal government has granted companies like Pfizer and Moderna immunity from liability if something unintentionally goes wrong with their vaccines.

“It is very rare for a blanket immunity law to be passed,” said Rogge Dunn, a Dallas labor and employment attorney. “Pharmaceutical companies typically aren’t offered much liability protection under the law.“

You also can’t sue the Food and Drug Administration for authorizing a vaccine for emergency use, nor can you hold your employer accountable if they mandate inoculation as a condition of employment.

Dec 17 13:45

Astra set up a rocket launch with five people and came within seconds of orbit

if we're being honest, Astra's first orbital launch attempt in September was just not all that impressive. Within 10 or 15 seconds of launching, Rocket 3.1 began to veer off course, and it had to be commanded to shut down before it flew out of its safety corridor.

After the flight, Astra's leaders put a brave face on the short mission, saying they were "pretty pleased" with the rocket's performance, and they thought they were dealing with a software problem rather than a hardware one. Even so, it did not exactly instill confidence in the four-year-old company. The COVID-19 pandemic was starting to flare back up across the world, fundraising was tight in the industry, and it seemed like Astra may still have a very long way to go before getting into space.

Dec 17 13:43

Discoveries That Really, Really Seemed Like Aliens

As the famous X-Files poster declares, “I want to believe.” This wanting, however, often leads us astray. When confronted with shocking and inexplicable celestial phenomena, we tend to see intelligent design. This jumping to conclusions is a sin for which we can be forgiven—we have an insatiable need to know if someone’s out there. When we say, “I want to believe,” what we’re actually saying is, “I hope we’re not alone.”

From the moment the first members of our species took the time to look up and ponder existence, we’ve been misinterpreting the stars. Someone once told me that ancient peoples probably mistook the tiny twinkling dots above for distant campfires, in what was probably the first example of humans “seeing” aliens that aren’t actually there. We’re still doing this, as these historical examples demonstrate.

Dec 17 13:43

Last SpaceX launch of the year will boost a spy satellite Friday

Elon Musk's rocket company will send a package to orbit for the National Reconnaissance Office just in time for the holidays.

SpaceX in 2020 sent astronauts to orbit for the first time and saw the explosive debut of its latest Starship prototype. But it still has one more launch planned to wrap up 2020.

A Falcon 9 rocket is set to send a new spy satellite to space for the US National Reconnaissance Office Friday morning from Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The launch was initially set to take place Thursday morning, but was pushed back a day after some irregular pressure readings triggered an auto-abort.

Dec 17 13:38

Human No More: Globalists Play God with Unproven DNA-Rewriting Injection

Remember the old Looney Tunes cartoons where Wile E Coyote was so confident in his superior intelligence and planning that he was going to create the perfect bomb-laden trap the Roadrunner could not possibly escape? Inevitably — every time — the plan would blow up in Coyote’s face.

This is literally what humanity now faces with the insane rush to market of an untested, unproven new technology — Pfizer’s, and soon Moderna’s, injection to rewrite human DNA. The mainstream media is calling this a vaccination. It is not.

Dec 17 13:37

UPDATED: Wheels coming off Vaccine Bus - "Healthcare worker volunteer" now hospitalized in Alaska with an allergic reaction + Alabama nurse dies within 10 hrs of being vaccinated

42 year old Alabama nurse apparently died within 10 hrs of getting vaccination. MZM, of course, not reporting the information. Reported on BitChute. Appears from the two women making the BitChute video...there are some very woke people in the US...more than I thought. H/T FreakedOut. GC UPDATE: AP is debunking the story about the Alabama nurse but I listened to the entire BitChute video/audio and it had a ring of truth. So I'm going to red flag it for now and wait for an update by the two women who broke the story. If it's false, I do believe they will correct the record.

Dec 17 13:37

Voyager 2 Has Found Something Weird In Outer Space!

Dec 17 13:35

Why People Don't Trust Pfizer's COVID Vaccine

Why do people believe in conspiracy theories?

Michael Shermer, a famous skeptic, was forced to admit that one of the reasons is that some of them are true. In his research he found that the fact that some conspiracy theories are real feeds people’s suspicion and makes them susceptible to the belief in others that are far less credible.

Dec 17 13:28

"Great Reset" - 61% Of Nations Have Decimated Liberty With COVID Restrictions

An international human rights group has warned that the majority of nations across the globe have implemented COVID related restrictions that have severely eroded the liberties of their citizens.

The International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA), based in Sweden, reports that 61 per cent of countries have used restrictions “that were concerning from a democracy and human rights perspective.”

‘These [restrictions] violated democratic standards because they were either disproportionate, illegal, indefinite or unnecessary in relation to the health threat,” the group declared in its report.

Dec 17 13:24

Fauci Wants Christmas Canceled: “Just One Of The Things You’re Going To Have To Accept”

Dr. Anthony Fauci declared this week that he believes Christmas celebrations between family members should be canceled, warning that it’s “just one of the things you’re going to have to accept as we go through this unprecedented challenging time.”

Fauci made the comments in an interview with the Washington Post, noting that over the holidays “I’m going to be with my wife — period.”

“The Christmas holiday is a special holiday for us because Christmas Eve is my birthday. And Christmas Day is Christmas Day.” Fauci said, adding “And [my daughters] are not going to come home … That’s painful.”

Fauci urged that Christmas get togethers must be curbed because “We have a big problem. Look at the numbers — the numbers are really quite dramatic.”

Dec 17 13:23

Pandemic Leaves More Military Families Seeking Food Assistance

Fort Bragg, the largest military base in the United States, has all the trappings of a small American city: shopping centers, a barber shop and social clubs. In a sign of the times, it also has a food bank.

This spring, the Y.M.C.A. on base — which started a food pantry last year to respond to the growing food insecurity among military families — saw a 40 percent increase in requests for groceries. During the same period, grocery requests to AmericaServes, a network that helps military families, jumped to the biggest service request in the organization’s history.

The story is much the same around the country, hunger groups say, for the lowest-income families in the military, who have a specific set of challenges, and different from civilians whose economic fortunes have also been damaged by the coronavirus pandemic.

Dec 17 13:22

Australian nurses who spread anti-vaccination messages face prosecution

Nurses and midwives who ignore scientific evidence by promoting anti-vaccination to patients and the public are being cracked down on in a tough new position statement from their industry regulator.

The Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia released the vaccination standards in response to what it described as a small number of nurses and midwives promoting anti-vaccination via social media.

“The board is taking this opportunity to make its expectations about providing advice on vaccinations clear to registered nurses, enrolled nurses and midwives,” the statement reads.

“The board expects all registered nurses, enrolled nurses and midwives to use the best available evidence in making practice decisions.”

Dec 17 13:17

Peter Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance Has Hidden Almost $40 Million in Pentagon Funding and Militarized Pandemic Science

“Pandemics are like terrorist attacks: We know roughly where they originate and what’s responsible for them, but we don’t know exactly when the next one will happen. They need to be handled the same way – by identifying all possible sources and dismantling those before the next pandemic strikes.”

This statement was written in the New York Times earlier this year by Peter Daszak. Daszak is the longtime president of the EcoHealth Alliance, a New York-based non-profit whose claimed focus is pandemic prevention. But the EcoHealth Alliance, it turns out, is at the very center of the COVID-19 pandemic in many ways.

To depict the pandemic in such militarized terms is, for Daszak, a commonplace. In an Oct. 7 online talk organized by Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs, Daszak presented a slide titled “Donald Rumsfeld’s Prescient Speech.”:

Dec 17 13:16

Ivermectin is effective for COVID-19: meta analysis of 26 studies

•Ivermectin is effective for COVID-19. 100% of studies report positive effects. The probability that an ineffective treatment generated results as positive as the 26 studies to date is estimated to be 1 in 67 million (p = 0.000000015).
•Early treatment is most successful, with an estimated reduction of 87% in the effect measured using a random effects meta-analysis, RR 0.13 [0.04-0.40].
•100% of the 10 Randomized Controlled Trials (RCTs) report positive effects, with an estimated reduction of 74% in the effect measured using a random effects meta-analysis, RR 0.26 [0.12-0.56].

Dec 17 13:15

Covid-19: Ten Palestinians die in 24 hours as Gaza reaches 'dangerous stage' in pandemic

Ten Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip have died of Covid-19 in the past 24 hours, the Ministry of Health in the enclave reported on Wednesday.

Rising cases of coronavirus infections have strained the medical system in the Gaza Strip, home to two million Palestinians who have been living under an Israel-led air, sea and land siege since 2007.

The Ministry of Health in Gaza issued an up-to-date map showing that the majority of Covid-19 infections were in the Gaza City district, with 13,809 total cases, followed by the North Gaza district with 6,962 cases recorded since the beginning of the pandemic.

Dec 17 13:06

COVID’s Covert Reengineering of Humanity. “Genetically Modified” Vaccines?

The first Covid vaccines now being rushed onto the market are genetically modified products. However, they are not publicly referred to as such, because that would likely scare off a high percentage of would be recipients.

Nevertheless, the public has more than ‘a right’ to be informed what it is that is to be injected into their bloodstream. It should be obligatory upon those doing the injecting to convey this information.

The phrase used by the constitutions of most countries – dealing with human health concerns – is that nobody should be pressured into accepting medical treatment without their ‘informed consent’ to do so.

An informed choice ought to be pretty simple once one realises one is being used as a guinea pig in a vast experiment on human health.

Dec 17 13:04

Trump admin withholds $200M from California for violating consciences on abortion

Today, the Trump administration unveiled steps that the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) and the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) are taking to enforce federal conscience protection laws by holding California and Vermont officials accountable for anti-life discrimination.

The announcement was made during “Life Is Winning: Celebrating 4 Years of Pro-Life Accomplishments,” an event hosted by Vice President Mike Pence at the White House, highlighting the many pro-life accomplishments of the Trump administration.

Dec 17 13:03

Majority Of Southern California Nurses Refusing The COVID Vaccine

I’ll confess that I didn’t see this one coming. Much of the cable news programming currently blasting across our screens these days is celebrating the arrival of the first COVID vaccines approved for general distribution. People lining up to be the first in their state to receive it are hailed in the press like rock stars. But out in Southern California, there’s one group of people who are choosing to either delay taking the shot or simply declining entirely. Those are the nurses. CBS Los Angeles is reporting that a recent survey conducted by the UCLS Fielding School of Public Health reports that a full two-thirds of the nurses surveyed either said no or at least… not yet.

Dec 17 13:02

Hospital worker with no prior allergies in intensive care with severe reaction after Pfizer Covid vaccine

A hospital worker with no history of allergies was admitted to intensive care over a severe reaction she suffered 10 minutes after having Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine.

The unidentified female worker suffered an anaphylactic reaction shortly after receiving the injection at a hospital in Juneau, Alaska, on Tuesday.

She had no prior history of allergies, and was not allergic to other vaccines. The woman began to feel flush 10 minutes after receiving the vaccine, and took an antihistamine.

She was taken to the emergency room at Bartlett Regional Hospital in Juneau after struggling to breathe. Emergency room director Dr Lindy Jones said the woman had an elevated heart rate and a red rash on her face and torso.

Dec 17 13:01

Emmanuel Macron: Positive test prompts European leaders to self-isolate

A host of European leaders are self-isolating after the French President, Emmanuel Macron, tested positive for Covid-19.

Mr Macron, 42, will self-isolate for seven days while working remotely, the Elysée Palace said in a statement.

The French president attended a number of high-profile events in recent days, including an EU summit.

Following his diagnosis several other European leaders, including the Spanish PM, said they would self-isolate.

"The President of the Republic has been diagnosed positive for Covid-19 today," the Elysée said on Thursday morning. The diagnosis was made following a "test performed at the onset of the first symptoms", the statement added.

The French president's wife Brigitte Macron, who is 67, is self-isolating but has no symptoms.

Dec 17 12:34

Mysterious radio signal detected from exoplanet in deep space: Could give new 'way to examine alien worlds'

"We present one of the first hints of detecting an exoplanet in the radio realm," the study's lead author, Cornell University researcher Jake Turner, said in a statement. "The signal is from the Tau Boötes system, which contains a binary star and an exoplanet. We make the case for an emission by the planet itself. From the strength and polarization of the radio signal and the planet’s magnetic field, it is compatible with theoretical predictions."

The Tau Boötes system is approximately 51 light-years from Earth. A light-year, which measures distance in space, is approximately 6 trillion miles.

The researchers made their discovery thanks to the Low Frequency Array (LOFAR), a radio telescope in the Netherlands.

Dec 17 12:33

This alien world could help us find Planet Nine in our own solar system

Some 336 light-years from Earth, a giant exoplanet circling a pair of stars may offer clues to a mystery closer to home.

The massive gas world—HD 106906 b—clocks in at 11 times the size of Jupiter, and sits mind-bogglingly far away from its host twin stars at 730 times the distance between the Earth and the sun. According to a paper released last week in the Astrophysical Journal, the distant world could help scientists learn more about whether there is a large Planet Nine lurking in the far edges of our own solar system.

Dec 17 12:32


ON FEBRUARY 21, 2019, Japanese astronomers performed a theft that made history. A Japanese spacecraft touched down on asteroid Ryugu, quickly snatched a piece of the space rock and fled the scene.

The act was caught on camera, and in May of this year, scientists from the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency released the footage, giving us our first up-close-and-personal encounter with the surface of an asteroid. As the year comes to a close, researchers around the world are starting to look forward to getting even closer — by analyzing the sample itself.

Dec 17 12:31

Ultra-thin designer materials unlock quantum phenomena

A team of theoretical and experimental physicists have designed a new ultra-thin material that they have used to create elusive quantum states. Called one-dimensional Majorana zero energy modes, these quantum states could have a huge impact for quantum computing.

Dec 17 12:30

Researchers Reveal Mummy’s Surprising Contents Without Unwrapping It

Researchers using a newly developed, noninvasive imaging technique have unveiled a 1,900-year-old Egyptian mummy’s contents without unraveling its linen wrappings.

As detailed in the Journal of the Royal Society Interface, the team drew on computed tomography (CT) scanning, in which beams of X-rays smaller than the diameter of a human hair are pointed at an object and quickly rotated around it to produce images, and X-ray diffraction, which reveals details about the physical properties of materials, to analyze a Roman-era mummy unearthed at the Hawara archaeological site between 1910 and 1911.

Though scientists have used X-rays to study mummies noninvasively for decades, the technique described in the study is novel in its combination of two different approaches, notes Amy Woodyatt for CNN.

Dec 17 12:29

As the world quieted down in 2020, Raspberry Shakes listened

“It’s the trains!” Ryan Hollister yelled to his wife Laura as he burst into their home in Turlock California. For two weeks in 2017, they’d been staring at data from their newly installed Raspberry Shake, a Raspberry Pi-powered instrument that detects how the ground moves at a specific location. Expecting to see the tell-tale wiggles of distant earthquakes, they instead saw peculiar cigar-shaped waveforms at regular intervals. “The biggest challenge,” says Laura Hollister, “was the noise.”

Dec 17 12:29

China just did what only two other countries have ever done before

China has moved at breakneck speed with its Chang’e 5 mission to the Moon. The Chinese space agency landed its hardware on the Moon on December 1st, and the four-part spacecraft performed exactly as expected, with the lander collecting lunar surface material and transferring it to the “ascender” unit.

Now, roughly two weeks after the mission arrived at the Moon, those precious lunar samples have arrived on Earth. China’s state-run media announced that the returner spacecraft had delivered the sample capsule to its landing site in Inner Mongolia in the early morning hours of Thursday, completing an incredible mission and accomplishing something that only the United States and Russia have done before.

Dec 17 12:28

NASA approves Blue Origin's New Glenn for future uncrewed missions

NASA has approved Blue Origin’s New Glenn heavy lift rocket for future unmanned scientific and exploration missions, even though the 310 foot reusable booster has yet to fly. The contract, part of the space agency’s NASA Launch Services (NLS), is an important step in Blue Origin’s quest to compete with SpaceX, Boeing and others for valuable civilian and national security launch contracts.

While NASA hasn’t award any specific contracts to Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos’ company will be able to compete against rivals once New Glenn has proved itself in flight. “We are proud to be in NASA’s launch services catalog and look forward to providing reliable launches for?future?NASA missions aboard New Glenn for years to come,” said Blue Origin senior VP Jarrett Jones.

Dec 17 12:27

Chang’e 5 moon mission gives China ‘unequalled record’ in lunar landings

Ken MacTaggart popped a Tsingtao beer as he watched the Chang’e 5 re-entry capsule land on the snow-covered grassland of Inner Mongolia on Thursday morning, with its “priceless cargo” of rocks and dust from a young volcano on the moon.

MacTaggart, a British-based space historian and co-editor of Nasa’s Apollo 11 Flight Journal, has been closely following the Chinese moon mission. He could not help but compare it with previous efforts by other countries to bring samples back to Earth – most recently 44 years ago – and he was impressed.

Dec 17 12:03

NYT: 2 Alaska Healthcare Workers Given Emergency Treatment After Taking Pfizer's COVID-19 Vaccine

After taking Pfizer's experimental mRNA coronavirus vaccine, one hospital worker in Alaska suffered from a potentially life-threatening allergic reaction and had to be pumped full of epinephrine and steroids while a second worker at the same hospital had to be taken to the ER and treated with epinephrine and other drugs.

Dec 17 11:57

Unique prediction of 'modified gravity' challenges dark matter theory

An international group of scientists, including Case Western Reserve University Astronomy Chair Stacy McGaugh, has published research contending that a rival idea to the popular dark matter hypothesis more accurately predicts a galactic phenomenon that appears to defy the classic rules of gravity.

This is significant, the astrophysicists say, because it further establishes the hypothesis—called modified Newtonian dynamics (MOND), or "modified gravity"—as a viable explanation for a cosmological dilemma: that galaxies appear to buck the long-accepted rules of gravity traced to Sir Isaac Newton in the late 1600's.

The mystery: For decades, we've measured more gravitational pull in space than we think we should have—that there's not enough visible or known matter to account for it all.