Mar 10 17:12

Ted Cruz’s huge surge in Election Day voting in Louisiana

Widespread. This suggests that the shift probably wasn't a function of Ted Cruz's (clearly strong) get-out-the-vote effort. Field efforts like that result in relatively limited swings, and it's hard to see how they could have run a hugely successful turnout effort throughout the state uniformly.

Instead, this looks like the state of Louisiana bailed on Marco Rubio in favor of Ted Cruz. Which could explain why Cruz is targeting Florida all of a sudden.

Mar 10 17:03

Cruz smashed polling predictions

Tuesday marked one of the biggest surprises of the race for the Republican presidential nomination.

Available polling suggested Donald Trump had a double-digit lead over Ted Cruz in Idaho, but Cruz won.

And Cruz didn’t just beat Trump in Idaho. He trounced Trump. He beat him by more than 17 percentage points, when available polls projected an 11-point Trump victory. It’s one of the biggest upsets that’s happened in the race so far.

Webmaster addition: See article below documenting vote fraud that favors Cruz.

Mar 10 16:00

How Neil Bush Succeeded in Business Without Really Trying

Neil Bush, the fourth child of George and Barbara, was long thought to be the rising star of the family. He had the looks, the convivial demeanor, middle-of-the-road politics and, despite suffering from a severe case of dyslexia that made him the laughing stock of St. Albans (the stuffy DC prep school that groomed Al Gore) the brainpower. At least he seemed brighter than Jeb or George Jr. And, most important of all, he was the favorite son of Barbara Bush, the Agrippina of American politics.

All those lofty political aspirations came to a fatal crash in the fall of 1988, at the precise moment his father was poised to ascend to the presidency, when the Silverado Savings and Loan went belly up with Neil in the driver’s seat.


Mar 10 14:39


A project of the Committee To Restore America's Greatness

The Trump Ballot Security Project was formed when the main stream media reported dozens of voting irregularities in the Texas Republican primary.
This ultimately totaled over 600 reports in at least six counties including Dallas County and Travis County. In virtually every case votes cast for Donald J. Trump were tallied for Senator Marco Rubio. We established a Toll Free number to collect further reports of voter irregularities. Almost immediately there were over 300 complaints from Oklahoma. Only a week later the Kansas and Maine Caucuses brought hundreds of more complaints including claims of double voting by supporters of Sen. Ted Cruz.

Mar 10 10:39

With Fingers Crossed Kasich Predicts Ohio victory

At Illinois town hall, Kasich predicts a mud-free Ohio victory
“I refuse to get down in the mud to be elected president.”


Mar 10 09:14

Cruz' Tax Plan Would Favor The Rich

Cruz tax plan would slash U.S. revenue, favor wealthy: analysis

A tax plan proposed by Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz would cut federal revenues by $8.6 trillion over 10 years, adding substantially to the debt, according to an analysis published on Tuesday by a nonpartisan research center.

Cruz's plan, unveiled in November, would create a flat 10 percent individual income tax that with other changes would mainly benefit high-income households, the study by the Washington-based Tax Policy Center found. (

Other changes include repealing the corporate income tax, as well as payroll taxes for Social Security and Medicare, and estate and gift taxes; increasing the standard deduction and eliminating most other deductions except for mortgage interest and charity; and adding a broad-based 16 percent value-added consumption tax.

"The plan would cut taxes at most income levels, although the highest-income households would benefit the most and the poor the least," the Tax Policy Center said.

Mar 10 09:09

Unless Someone Gets To 1,237 Delegates, The Republican Convention Is Going To Be A Giant Mess

2016 is turning out to be the strangest election season that we have seen in decades, and it may soon get far stranger. At this point, most people assume that Donald Trump is going to be the Republican nominee, and without a doubt he has had a tremendous amount of success. But because most of the states so far have apportioned delegates proportionally, Trump only has 44.8 percent of the delegates that have been awarded up to this point. So Trump is going to have to do significantly better through the rest of the process in order to get to the magic number of 1,237 delegates, especially since not all of the delegates are awarded through the primaries and caucuses. As Real Clear Politics has detailed, every state “is awarded so-called ‘RNC delegates,’ who are party officials with automatic credentials to the convention“.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

To our readers in Florida and Ohio. Please vote, and get your friends to vote. Trump needs more than a win, he needs a landslide, or the GOP leadership will screw him out of the nomination.

Mar 10 08:59

flashback2/25/16: Ted Cruz twists Donald Trump's talk about health care, 'socialized' medicine

In a free-for-all Republican debate in Houston, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz attacked frontrunner Donald Trump for his position on health care.

"For decades, Donald has been advocating socialized medicine," Cruz said. "What he said is the government should pay for everyone’s health care. And in fact, a couple of debates ago, he said if you don’t support socialized health care, you’re heartless."

Did Trump actually say that about socialized medicine? In a Republican debate?


We looked at the transcripts going back a couple of months to the debate in Las Vegas on Dec. 15, 2015. We found Trump never used those words, nor anything close to them.>>>

Mar 10 08:49

Senate GOP Not Ready To Embrace Cruz

Senate GOP was quick to reject Trump but not ready to embrace Cruz
As hope for Rubio fades, one of Cruz’s harshest critics, South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, has softened his tone and urged other Republicans to do the same.

“You know Ted Cruz is not my favorite, by any means,” Graham said Tuesday. “But we may be in a position where we have to rally around Ted Cruz as the only way to stop Donald Trump, and I’m not so sure that would work.”

It is a significant shift for Graham, who has even joked about Cruz being killed on the Senate floor.

Others rejected the idea of warming to Cruz.

Mar 10 07:55

Don't Choose Cruz

Here's a plea to #NeverTrump voters in Florida and Ohio considering voting for Ted Cruz: Don't do it.

For the past several weeks, the Republican establishment has frantically been looking for someone, anyone, who can stop Donald Trump. And of all the GOP contenders, Cruz has demonstrated that he might — just might — be that person. After all, while Donald Trump has won 15 contests and has 458 delegates, Cruz isn't that far behind, with seven wins and 359 delegates. Marco Rubio has won a measly two. John Kasich is 0-for-24.

But here's the thing: Cruz's success has not inspired a single person who has actually worked with him to join his cause.>>>

Mar 10 05:45

Trump says GOP opposition to him 'taking advantage of our country'


The billionaire businessman called his campaign a movement "of competence and common sense and low taxes and [secure] borders and it would be so foolish to give it away."

Trump was referring to a conference held by the conservative American Enterprise Institute at Sea Island off the coast of Georgia over the weekend, where one of the topics reportedly was stopping Trump from securing the Republican nomination.

"I know all these people," Trump told Hannity. "These are people that are taking advantage of our country. They don’t want to have strong borders. They want stuff flowing across the borders. They don’t want to have taxation when countries treat us unfairly because they benefit from that."

"Politicians will do what’s right for the people that gave them the money," Trump added later, "not what's right for the country."

Mar 10 05:34

Dear Republicans, It's Ted Cruz


Just two weeks ago, there were calls for Cruz to fall in behind Rubio for a unity ticket. Now, it seems very clear that unity will work in the other directions and that if the Republicans have a chance to stop Trump from taking over their party it will be Cruz at the top and Rubio as the junior partner.

The sincerity of Rubio’s attacks on Trump as a “con man” who is unfit for the presidency will be revealed by whether he not only drops out, but if he enthusiastically campaigns for Cruz in Florida for the next five days.

(*Rubio has what it takes to come up behind Cruz , and Enthusiastically Start Pumping !
Up His Rhetoric )

Mar 10 05:01

Senate Colleagues Steer Clear of Cruz

Ted Cruz’s Senate Colleagues Still Steer Clear of Him
Texan’s wins in Republican presidential primaries don’t lead to endorsements in chamber

WASHINGTON—The Senate’s long-lasting affection for its own members may have reached its limit with the presidential campaign of Republican Sen. Ted Cruz.

Republican senators contemplating a likely choice between business mogul Donald Trump or the conservative, uncompromising Mr. Cruz aren’t ready to coalesce around either as their presidential nominee—despite the fact that the Texas senator is one of their own.

“I’d rather have Marco Rubio,” said Senate Finance Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch>>>

Mar 10 04:52

Rubio To Drop Out Before Florida

Fox Business Reports Rubio Will Drop Out Before Florida If Polls Don’t Improve

Citing top Marco Rubio donors, Fox Business reported Wednesday that the Republican candidate will drop out of the presidential race before the crucial Florida primary if his poll numbers don’t increase in that state.

“They’re saying barring some better polling… he will likely suspend before Florida. That’s what his money-men here in New York City are telling me,” host Charles Gasparino reported.

“The feeling is despair,” he said bluntly.>>>

Mar 09 17:19

Clinton: Iran Should Face Sanctions For Reported Missile Tests

US Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton said on Wednesday she was "deeply concerned" by reports that Iran had tested multiple ballistic missiles and said the country should face sanctions for its actions.

"This demonstrates once again why we need to address Iran's destabilizing activities across the region, while vigorously enforcing the nuclear deal," Clinton said in a statement.

"Iran should face sanctions for these activities and the international community must demonstrate that Iran's threats toward Israel will not be tolerated,"

Mar 09 16:55

Is the Republican Party Just Too Stupid to Survive?

Consider the Iraq War and its aftermath, surely one of the central geopolitical developments of the last few decades. In the mid-2000s, my old friend Bill Odom, the three-star general who ran the NSA for Ronald Reagan, accurately characterized the war as “the greatest strategic disaster in U.S. history.” Yet today that calamitous legacy and its five trillion dollar total cost is warmly embraced by many of the top Republican leaders and publicly criticized by almost none of them.

However, just a couple of weeks ago, Trump blasted the war and the Bush Administration lies behind it on nationwide television during a Republican debate, inducing total shock within the Republican commentariat,>>>

The sheer worthlessness of today’s Republicans was brought home to me more directly in the last couple of weeks as I undertook a long-deferred but sadly necessary task.



Mar 09 10:50

Cruz Would Be Dangerous in the Oval Office

Trump Is the Most Offensive GOP Candidate, But Cruz Would Be More Dangerous in the Oval Office
Ted Cruz is a conniving, uncompromising, power-hungry demagogue whose policies would serve the richest Americans.

It may be that Republicans would prefer the right-wing devil they know rather than the one they do not. Their fears of Trump resemble wide swings of a pendulum. On some issues it’s his ugly, bigoted and juvenile rhetoric and strongman posturing that repulses. On the other extreme lurks a sneaking suspicion among GOP luminaries that he might be too liberal and malleable, not just unpredictable, for conservatives to stomach.

Trump is the more offensive presidential candidate, but Cruz is far more dangerous. As Eugene Robinson, a Washington Post columnist, wrote in December, “If Ted Cruz is the Republican Party’s cure for Donald Trump, the antidote may be worse than the poison.”

(*It's killing the author of this piece to come out and say 'The People Are Right , Donald Trump Is The Right Choice' , but he's coming around .)

Mar 09 08:22

Big Tech Bosses Meet in Secret on Private Island to Stop Donald Trump

According to the Huffington Post, the tech elite in attendance includes Apple CEO Tim Cook, Google co-founder Larry Page, the creator of Napster and Facebook investor Sean Parker, as well as billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk of Tesla Motors. A New York Times spokeswoman also confirmed its editor recently attended the American Enterprise Institute's annual World Forum conference.

However, the conference is fiercely off the record, so it's not really known what was talked about or by whom. However, the speculation that the tech giants joined discussions on how to stop US presidential front runner Donald Trump from reaching the White House will get tongues wagging.

Mar 09 06:21

More Dirty Campaign Tricks From GOP Establishment Endorsed Candidate Ted Cruz

Cruz facing yet another set of dirty tricks claims - this time from Marco Rubio

- Marco Rubio's campaign is saying that Ted Cruz's campaign is trying to suck away votes in Hawaii by spreading a story that Rubio is dropping out
- An email was sent out by Cruz's Hawaii volunteers to voters, which suggested a vote for Rubio is a wasted vote
- The Cruz email peddled a CNN story that said Rubio's advisers think the Florida senator should get out before Florida to avoid embarrassment
- Rubio's people countered by saying the story is inaccurate and went after Cruz for more 'dirty tricks'
- The Cruz campaign has since distanced itself from the Hawaii volunteers saying the email they sent 'was not sanctioned'


Mar 09 06:15

Amid bout of attacks, Netanyahu decides to complete barrier in Jerusalem area

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu decided to complete the security barrier in the area of Jerusalem in the aftermath of the three terror attacks Tuesday, in which an American graduate student was killed and 15 people were injured.

The attacks occurred around the time that US Vice President Joe Biden landed in Israel for a two-day visit.

(*You know , the same way Syria used sarin gas , on it's own citizens , August 21, 2013 , the same time The UN went to inspect )

Mar 08 13:09

Rubio campaign accuses Cruz of 'dirty tricks' in Hawaii

Marco Rubio’s campaign is accusing Ted Cruz’s campaign of “using a bogus story from CNN to spread false rumors” that the Florida senator is dropping out of the race.

"Senator Cruz is up to his dirty tricks again spreading false rumors and lies. We won't allow him to do to Marco Rubio in Florida what he did to Ben Carson in Iowa,” Rubio spokesman Joe Pounder said in a statement. “Floridians and voters across the country will reject Senator Cruz's campaign of disgusting tactics because they know a vote for Cruz is a vote for Donald Trump."

Pounder is referring to an email sent out by Cruz’s Hawaii surrogates titled “wasted vote.”

Mar 08 10:47

Voting Fraud Rampant in US Primaries? Michael Rivero

Mar 08 09:51


Computer Programmer testifies that Tom Feeney (Speaker of the House of Florida at the time, currently US Representative representing MY district ) tried to pay him to rig election vote counts.

Mar 08 09:45

What is really at stake in the oddest American election season of a lifetime

As for Hillary being elected, nothing in my view could be a greater disaster. She has a murderous record, and I doubt she has told the truth twice in her entire life.

There is simply no question about her tendency to brutal violence. She pushed husband Bill on the needless war in Serbia. She advocated inside the administration for what became the Waco horror. She voted for the illegal invasion of Iraq. She ran at least part of what went on in Libya, a black operation to gather weapons and men to send to Turkey for terrorizing Syria. And we have her brutal idea of humor, complete with sneering laughter, about Gadhafi, a man who on the whole did a decent job of governing in a difficult part of the world: “We came, we saw, he died.” She supports Israel’s worst bloody excesses with a smile and regularly takes money from some of the people who work strenuously to keep them going.

Mar 08 07:37

Vote fraud investigation underway after early voting begins

A Washington Park voter showed up to cast her ballot early to find someone had already submitted a mail-in ballot under her name. This happened four times in St. Clair County since early voting began last week, authorities said.

“We have received credible information that at least four voters attempted to vote early in person only to find that someone had voted by mail already under his or her name,” St. Clair County State’s Attorney Brendan Kelly said.

Mar 08 06:24

There are already D.C. Republicans saying privately they’ll support Hillary to stop Trump

Normally a story like this would be a five-alarm fire in grassroots conservative media, evidence that the RINO rat bastards in Washington were preparing for the ultimate back-stabbing. This time, though, per the #NeverTrump rallying cry, even some conservatives think the stabbing is justified. It’s highly likely come October that one of the hottest topics in righty media will be whether opposition to Trump must be limited to staying home or voting third-party or whether it can possibly justify a vote for — shudder — her.>>>

(*Memo to D.C. Republicans saying privately they’ll support Hillary to stop Trump; Speaking For My Fellow Americans , Sirs and Madams; You're Either WITH Us , Or AGAINST Us ! )

Mar 08 05:51

Cruz to Unveil Senate Endorsements This Week

(*Click the link to see just how full of BEX this attention getting headline from NR is)

Mar 07 17:12

Arizona Delegates Could Decide For Themselves At GOP Convention

That provision, which is state law, could come into play this year as opponents of GOP front-runner Donald Trump attempt to block his path to the nomination.

Mar 07 16:47

FLASHBACK 2012 - Chaos on the Convention Floor as RNC Blocks Ron Paul Delegates, Alters Seating Rules

Controversy erupted on the convention floor when a dispute broke out over whether to seat the delegates of presidential candidate Rep. Ron Paul of Texas. Part of Maine’s delegation stormed off the floor in protest of a decision to strip away half of Paul’s delegates. Supportive members of other delegations rose to their feet and hollered their objections, angered by new rules that they say they will make it harder for grassroots candidates to stand a chance in future elections. Democracy Now! producer Deena Guzder was on the scene and filed this report. [includes rush transcript]

Mar 07 09:34

Thanks To The Republican Civil War, Every Scenario Ends With Hillary Clinton Winning The Election

What is the worst possible outcome for the presidential election of 2016? Assuming that an election will actually take place, that is an easy question to answer – Hillary Rodham Clinton as the next president of the United States. She is truly evil in every sense of the word, and the implications of what four (or eight) years of Hillary would mean for our nation are almost too terrible to imagine. That is why it is so depressing watching what is happening to the Republican Party right now. The civil war in the Republican Party is ripping it to shreds, and as a result of all this warfare every plausible scenario for what will happen the rest of the way ends with Hillary Clinton winning the 2016 election.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There is one scenario that keeps Hillary from the White House. And that is Republican voters tossing the GOP "leadership" into the trash bin and deciding for themselves how they will select a candidate and vote them into office.

Time to warm up the tar and start plucking chickens!

Mar 07 08:14

Maine May Abandon Caucuses

After Sunday's Long Lines and Confusion, Maine May Abandon Caucuses

Maine held its caucuses on Saturday and Sunday, and it didn't go off perfectly in many places. Turnout for both parties broke records and there were reports of confused voters, long lines, and dangerously crowded venues>>>

(*all the better for switching votes )

Mar 07 05:20

Clinton, Sanders Both Say They Can Beat Trump

"I think Donald Trump's bigotry, his bullying, his bluster, are not going to wear well on the American people," Clinton said. "We have to end the divisiveness, we have to unify the country."
"We are, if elected president, going to invest a lot of money in mental health," Sanders said, then cracked a joke. "And when you watch these Republican debates, you know why we need to invest in mental health."

(*Clinton, Sanders , Rubio , Kasich , Cruz , Romney , FOXNews , NATIONAL REVEIW , All Say They Can Beat Trump !)

Mar 06 11:45

Report: Bus loads voted twice for Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz really wanted Kansas. Last night on Twitter, reports were rampant about people double voting for Cruz.

Mar 06 10:24

Colorado delegates split evenly after Bernie Sanders defeats Hillary Clinton

Winning a Super Tuesday state by 19 points seems like it would matter, but Sen. Bernie Sanders’ victory in Colorado didn’t earn him more delegates than Hillary Clinton. In fact, she may end up with an even greater amount, despite a big loss at the polls.

Of the 78 delegates up for grabs in Colorado, Sanders won 38. And so did Clinton. How can that be? It’s not that 59 to 40 percent is counted as a tie in The Centennial State, but rather, has something to do with something called a superdelegate.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Mar 06 05:45

Cruz' plan to sink Rubio

Inside Ted Cruz's plan to sink Marco Rubio in Florida
The strategy is not without risk: A Trump victory in Florida puts him 99 delegates closer to clinching the GOP nomination, weakening rivals' hopes of keeping him from reaching the delegate threshold and then defeating him at a brokered convention. And keeping Rubio from climbing is likely to cost millions of dollars.

A February poll showed Rubio 16 points ahead of Cruz, but 16 points behind Trump, who led the field in the Quinnipiac University survey at 48%.

Mar 05 16:03

flashback: 3/14/2012: Mitt Romney’s dog-on-the-car-roof story

Late-night host David Letterman has been giving the dog near-nightly shout-outs. There are parody Web videos, “Dogs Aren’t Luggage” T-shirts and Facebook groups. (“Dogs Against Romney,” which protested outside last month’s Westminster dog show, has more than 38,000 Facebook fans.) The New Yorker featured a cartoon, with Rick Santorum riding in Romney’s rooftop dog carrier, on its cover last week. In the five years since the story was revealed, New York Times columnist Gail Collins has mentioned Seamus in at least 50 columns.
The Seamus story first surfaced in the Boston Globe in a chapter of a biographical series the newspaper published in 2007, when Romney first ran for president.

(*Always a good re-tell , but one thing you can't take away from it is the fact that in The Romney Family , Seamus is The Minority !)

Mar 05 15:53

flashback 10/18/2012: Wife Says Mitt Will Not Run Again

Mitt Romney ‘will not run again’ if campaign falls short, wife says

Ann Romney said on Thursday that she did not want her husband, Mitt, the Republican nominee for president, to seek the White House again this year and added that if he loses on Nov. 6, the former Massachusetts governor will retire from politics.

“He will not run again—nor will I do anything like that,” Ann Romney said on ABC’s “The View.”

(*He's probably sleeping out in the dog house these days , while Seamus is up stairs in the big bed !)

Mar 05 15:44

flashback 12/24/2012 Mitt Romney Didn't Want to Be President, Son Claims

Mitt Romney didn't really want to win, his son Tagg Romney claims in a recent interview.

"He wanted to be president less than anyone I've met in my life," Tagg Romney told the Boston Globe. "If he could have found someone else to take his place . . . he would have been ecstatic to step aside."

The oldest Romney son said his father is a "private person" who wanted to help put the country back on its feet, but hated the limelight that came with presidential politics.

Tagg Romney told the newspaper that he and his mother Ann had to convince Mitt Romney to run for the presidency.

(*This could explain why Romney would prefer NOT to campaign , and just stay back and be a "private person" , who bashes someone who should have written the book on 'How To Run A Successful Presidential Campaign" , and slide right over to the inauguration Bible , after he's been 'installed' by a brokered GOP convention .)

Mar 05 08:58

Beck Under Investigation For Trump Threat

Glenn Beck Under Investigation For Alleged Threat Against Trump

Conservative radio host Glenn Beck is under investigation after a comment he made on his radio show when talking about GOP front-runner Donald Trump. Beck says his comment was not directed towards the presidential candidate.


Mar 05 08:33

Protesters Crash Trump Rally

Protesters crash Donald Trump's New Orleans rally on eve of Louisiana primary
Trump was interrupted several times as police escorted more protesters from among the audience.
But his popularity in Louisiana all but assures him a lion's share of its 46 delegates. A survey this week by the University of New Orleans has him winning 38 percent of registered Republicans. Data show he has the most success in the suburbs around New Orleans, including the bedroom communities across Lake Pontchartrain.

(*One has to wonder; Who were these provocateurs ? I MEAN PROTESTORS ? )

Mar 05 08:13

Kasich: "Can You Think of Anything Cooler" Than a Brokered Convention?

“I do,” think it’ll be a brokered convention, he said, before getting excited about the idea.

“It has to be done fairly,” Kasich said. “As crazy as this year is, can you think of anything cooler than a convention?”
Kasich also took a few moments to talk about how he has succeeded despite being ignored by the media.

(*With Sound Bytes like this , no wonder Kasich is ignored by the media .)

Mar 05 07:57

Immunity for Witness in Hillary E-Mails Caper

Immunity for Witness in Hillary E-Mails Caper — So Is There a Grand Jury?
We don’t know for sure, but signs suggest that the answer is probably yes.
This important development raises a question we have considered before: Is there an active grand-jury investigation of Mrs. Clinton and her aides over their mishandling of classified information? The question is critical because (with exceptions not relevant to this discussion) the convening of a grand jury is a necessary precondition to the filing of a felony indictment. And the answer to the question is . . . probably, though not necessarily.

The question arises because the Clinton camp continues to downplay what is actually a criminal investigation of Mrs. Clinton and other suspects.>>>

Mar 05 07:15

Judge Dismisses Case Asking To Take Rubio And Cruz Off Florida Primary Ballot

A Florida judge took only a minute to dismiss a case that alleged that Republican presidential candidates Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz should not be included on the state’s primary ballot because of their citizenship.

(*The 'Comedy Relief' Stays IN The 2016 Campaign Picture !)

Mar 04 10:00

FINAL TRIPWIRE TRIGGERED ! – Mitt Romney Admits GOPe Globalist Grand Scheme “The Splitter Strategy”….

Today Mitt Romney led the final charge against our Constitutional Republic. In desperation he stated openly:

[…] Given the current delegate selection process, this means that I would vote for Marco Rubio in Florida, for John Kasich in Ohio, and for Ted Cruz or whichever one of the other two contenders has the best chance of beating Mr. Trump in a given state.

THAT instruction is specifically, intentionally and directly admitting “The Splitter Strategy” within the construct of the GOPe Road Map they created in 2014.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What part of "Democracy" are these sphincters not getting?!?

Mar 04 05:54

Clinton Will Never Be Indicted

Democratic Lawmaker Says Clinton Will Never Be Indicted

Hillary Clinton is innocent, that’s her story -- and New York Congressman Charlie Rangel is sticking with it.

“There’s no evidence of any wrongdoing by Hillary Clinton,” he said

(*oh christ !)

Mar 03 16:04

Outrageous Reports of Republicans Engaged in Voter Fraud to Stop Trump

Widespread polling booth and ballot malfunctions in several states bring into question the integrity of our voting system. By lunchtime on Super Tuesday, Election Protection, a nonpartisan coalition of groups that run election-day hotlines, said their hotline had received more than 1,000 calls. The majority of calls came from Alabama, Georgia, and Texas.

Voters in Williamson County, Texas, reported to KLBJ Radio that voting rigged voting machines switched their vote from Trump to Rubio or another candidate. This is creating distrust in our voting system. Marco Rubio won Williamson County, Texas, with 37% of the county’s vote versus the 18% he received statewide.

Mar 03 15:29

Here Is Why Trump Will Win: Fed Up Americans “Want Somebody With Balls”

You may not agree with everything this guy stands for, but you have to respect his candor and principles for blatantly calling out the system for what it is.

But this epic rant explains in 4 minutes why Trump is unstoppable, and Americans are done with the way things have been.


Mar 03 14:59

Blame the DNC if Serious percentage of Bernie Sanders Supporters Will Not Back Hillary Clinton

Don't Assume Bernie Sanders Supporters Will Back Hillary Clinton If She's The Nominee. The DNC has poisoned the well, especially for the next generation.

The day after the New Hampshire primary I wrote an article about superdelegates:
Bernie Didn't Win New Hampshire. No Joke.

Huge crowds, Huge winning margins don't matter if the Democratic Party rigs the election. If the Democratic party's superdelegate system is not ended, the Democratic party will not be a viable part of the future.

Mar 03 13:58

Mitt Romney illegal-Alien Gardeners

flashback December 1, 2006 Illegal immigrants toiled for governor
As Governor Mitt Romney explores a presidential bid, he has grown outspoken in his criticism of illegal immigration. But, for a decade, the governor has used a landscaping company that relies heavily on workers like these, illegal Guatemalan immigrants, to maintain the grounds surrounding his pink Colonial house on Marsh Street in Belmont.

Mar 03 09:38

Video Compilation of Hillary Clinton Primary Voter Fraud

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Share this with everyone.

Mar 03 06:03

Wall Street Readies Big Trump Assault

,strong>Anti-Trump super PAC source says billionaire Paul Singer will make sure it has all the money it needs.

NEW YORK — Wall Street is getting ready to go nuclear on Donald Trump.

Terrified that the reality TV star could run away with the Republican nomination and bring his brand of anti-immigrant, protectionist populism to the White House, some top financiers are writing big checks to fund an effort to deny Trump a majority of delegates to the GOP convention.

The effort is centered on the recently formed Our Principles PAC, the latest big-money group airing anti-Trump ads, which is run by GOP strategist Katie Packer, deputy campaign manager for Mitt Romney in 2012.

(*The "Latest" New Idea sounds like the same plan that has gotten The GOP This Far Along The 2016 Campaign Trail ! I Can't wait to see the Grand Total Bottom Line !)

Mar 03 05:50

Former Clinton Staffer Who Built Email Server Strikes Immunity Deal With FBI

The Justice Department has granted immunity to a State Department employee that helped build former secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private email server, according to the Washington Post.
A law enforcement official told the Post that Bryan Pagliano has agreed to work with the FBI in exchange for not facing any possible criminal charges.

The new development is not a good sign for the Democratic presidential front-runner, though there is still no indication that any criminal charges will be brought against Clinton.

Mar 03 05:07

Entitlement Has No Boundaries

No Shame for Bill and Hillary: Entitlement Has No Boundaries
From Lewinsky to Benghazi, the Clinton political playbook bursts with unapologetic contradictions




Mar 02 16:45


People voting for Donald Trump in today’s Super Tuesday Texas Primary are seeing their ballots changed to show a vote for Marco Rubio.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The defenders of the orthodoxy are saying, well, there weren't that many complaints, but the fact is that the vast majority of voters don't check the results after they vote.

Mar 02 11:21

Kauai Trump Rally: 4611 Mamane St Kapaa, HI 96746 or call Dr. Sandra Combs at 808-631-1818.

Our Honolulu poll observers will be having a meeting this Saturday, March 5th, at the Honolulu Coffee house on Oahu. We will be sending more information to our poll observers via email.

We are continuing to call supporters. However, we still need poll observers at all locations on the big island and more on Maui in town.

If you’re interested in making calls, let us know by responding to this email! You can also sign up to volunteer for Hawaii on the Donald J. Trump website.

You can make a huge difference by putting out a little effort. Vote Tuesday and help us call others and encourage them to vote in the days before Election Day. We will call those who have been identified as Trump supporters and remind them to go to the polls! To find your voting location, click here.

Mar 02 09:43

“Beyond upset” Voting irregularities reported across the nation on Super Tuesday

Voters in Alabama, Colorado, Georgia and Texas flooded voter hotlines to complain about dysfunctional polling booths and ballots in Republican primaries. Callers to an Austin radio station complained of machines switching their vote for Trump to Rubio.

By lunchtime on Super Tuesday, Election Protection, a nonpartisan coalition of groups that run election-day hotlines, said their hotline has received more than 1,000 calls. The majority of calls came from Alabama, Georgia and Texas.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Remember what I told you about election fraud. It can swing a contest a few percentage points but it cannot reverse a landslide!

Mar 02 08:52

Widespread Reports In Texas Of Voting Machines Switching Votes From Trump To Rubio

Several voters in Austin would beg to differ, and they called into a local radio station to say that their votes for Donald Trump had been changed to Marco Rubio.

Austin radio station KLBJ (oh, the irony in those call letters!) had callers dialing into the “Todd and Don Show” with reports of voting machines incorrectly stating who they had voted for. One of the radio hosts remarked:

"That’s not good. You are the fourth person to call us in the past half hour to say they had that same problem. They voted for Trump but it popped up Rubio or somebody else.

"Something’s fishy. Something is going on strange."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Mar 02 08:22

Mad Berners accuse Bill Clinton of ruining Super Tuesday

Bill was alongside Boston Mayor Marty Walsh on Tuesday, greeting election workers and voters at the Holy Name Church, located in West Roxbury, Boston, according to MassLive. At the polling station, Clinton reportedly spoke with voters, posed for photos, smooched an old woman and purchased a cup of coffee. When a woman asked for a photo inside the polling station, Clinton said, "As long as we're not violating any election laws."

But perhaps he was! Massachusetts law prohibits vote solicitation within 150 feet of a polling station. Many claim, however, that Clinton, who visited four polling stations in the eastern part of the state on Tuesday, was much closer than that during some of his visits.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

At one of those polling stations, Bill's security impeded access to the polling station for more than an hour.

Mar 02 06:27

Donald Trump drives GOP’s record turnout; Democrats lack enthusiasm

Republicans continued to shatter turnout records in their presidential primaries and caucuses Tuesday, while Democrats lagged behind in what analysts said was a clear indication of an enthusiasm gap heading into the general election.

(*And here's why . I never recall seeing a separate ballot for Democrats and another for Republicans , but then , maybe it always has been that way , I changed my affiliation to independent , once I became disillusioned with the present administration . I used to be a registered Democrat .
I know many who support Trump , but didn't switch their affiliation , so they were handed a Democrat ballot . What did they do ? They Voted For Bernie , or so they thought . I think the inability to be A Democrat For Trump could explain The Lack Of Enthusiasm on the Democratic end of the rink .
If you're a victim of this form of fascism , you need to get to your town hall , or wherever it is you register to vote , and switch to INDEPENDENT , as soon as you're able to .)

Mar 02 04:42

Super Tuesday Results: The Trump Nightmare Continues

Mathematically, it should be pointed out, Trump can still be denied. If Cruz or Rubio dropped out today and the non-Trump forces united behind the remaining one of those two candidates, there are enough delegates left in Florida, Ohio, New York, and California for someone else to win the Republican nomination—or, at least, to force a floor fight at the Party convention, in Cleveland. But given the scale of Trump’s victories during the past few weeks, and given the fact that Cruz and Rubio both seem certain to keep going for a while, he is close to becoming the presumptive nominee. A win over Rubio in Florida, on March 15th, would give him that status.

After yesterday’s votes, only Trump has won primaries (or caucuses) in three regions of the country: the South, the West, and the Northeast. He combines an outsider’s aura with the ability to draw support from several different parts of the Republican coalition and to bring in new voters.

(*Nightmare ? What kept me tossing and turning all night was the idea of Punk @$$ Rubio 'winning' through vote fraud )

Mar 01 19:36

Bill Clinton appearance blocking a voting poll!!!

This is so corrupt!! Mayor of New Bedford, MA campaigning for Hillary and blocking this voting poll!!! No one has come here to vote in the 2 hours I've been here by the door!!

Mar 01 19:27

Trump Insider: Texas & Ohio Ripe For Election Fraud

Mar 01 17:39

Thousands Purged From Davidson County Voter Rolls For ‘Inactivity'

Many people think once they register to vote they will stay on the voting rolls. But federal law allows the purging of inactive voters, people who have not voted for approximately eight years.

NewsChannel 5 Investigates reviewed purging data from Davidson County.

We found more than 19,000 people have been purged for inactivity in the last three years. That number does not include people who have died or people who are felons.

Critics claim purging for inactivity has the greatest impact on people in lower income communities.

Mar 01 17:38

Problems reported on Texas Secretary of State website

All eyes are on Texas because it could be a "make it or break it" state for candidates, but some problems with the Texas Secretary of State website were reported on Super Tuesday morning.

The "Find My Polling Place" and "What's On the Ballot" sections were not working.

The Texas Secretary of State released a statement on Twitter noting the issue and providing a link to find polling locations.

"We had no problems at the polling locations because no-one voted."

Mar 01 17:28

Early Morning Voting Problems in Hixson

Problems at one Hamilton County precinct left many voters waiting in line Tuesday morning.

This happened at Hixson First Baptist Church - where precincts Hixson 1 and 2 are located.

Workers experienced a problem with the automatic ballot reader.

In Hixson, the machine just quit taking ballots.

"It worked over an hour perfect. And then it went down," said election officer Ken Davis.

Something - Davis says rarely happens.

"I started working with the twist machines and the vote-a-matics and now these - I've never had one fail yet until today," he added.

Mar 01 17:26

Democratic voters in Georgia given Republican ballots on Super Tuesday

“I show up, I fill out the paper and I give it to the man at the counter,” Fleener told ValdostaToday. “Next, I was given a card to insert into the machine, and when I pulled up the screen I realized I was given the wrong ballot.”

Fleener said she looked around and noticed others were having the same issue.

“Turns out that anyone voting Democrat received a Republican ballot,” Fleener reported. “After making some phone calls, we were told we could fix it, but we were showing up in the system as voted when none of us had casted our ballots.”

Elections supervisor Deb Cox blamed the problem on voter error — a claim that Fleener disputes. She says she filled it out correctly and further, is angry.

Mar 01 17:22

Scattered problems for voters at polling sites, especially in the South

Officials at Election Protection, a coalition of groups that runs an election-day hotline to help voters who encounter problems, say the phone lines have been busy, with about 1,500 calls as of around 5:45 p.m. ET. The highest volume came from Texas, Georgia and Alabama, with Virginia and Colorado also well represented.

Mar 01 16:47

How the GOP Insiders Plan to Steal the Nod From Trump

Despite a growing string of victories in the Republican primaries ,the DC-Wall Street cabal that has dominated the GOP since 1988 has no intention of letting the billionaire real estate mogul be nominated. None other than Karl Rove has insisted the stop-Trump effort is not too late and can succeed.

Mar 01 16:44


A Virginia man attempting to vote in the presidential primary Tuesday says he received a ballot already marked for Republican candidate Marco Rubio.

The voter, who photographed the ballot in question, noted to WTVR News that the issue was highly concerning.

Another voter was concerned when he said he was handed a ballot that was already filled out.

When questioned by reporters, General registrar for the City of Richmond Kirk Showalter argued that “there was no reason for voters to be alarmed.”

Mar 01 16:20

Thousands Purged From Davidson County Voter Rolls For ‘Inactivity'

Many people think once they register to vote they will stay on the voting rolls. But federal law allows the purging of inactive voters, people who have not voted for approximately eight years.

NewsChannel 5 Investigates reviewed purging data from Davidson County.

Mar 01 13:27

Scattered Problems For Voters At Polling Sites, Especially In The South

As voters in 12 states head to the polls for Super Tuesday, there are scattered reports of election problems — especially in the South.

Officials at Election Protection, a coalition of groups that runs an election-day hotline to help voters who encounter problems, say the phone lines have been busy, with about 800 calls as of around 11:45 am ET. The highest volume came from Texas, Georgia, and Alabama.

Mar 01 13:04

The Council of Foreign Relations Declares War On Donald Trump- His Days Are Numbered

There will be no parades and no media shows which start out as… “we interrupt this broadcast to bring you this breaking news item…”, but the almighty Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) has spoken and they are endorsing a Hillary Clinton, but mostly they have issued a position statement that Donald Trump must be stopped at all costs.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Mar 01 12:55

Austin radio station flooded with reports of voting machines switching votes from Trump to Rubio

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Time to warm up the tar and pluck the chickens!