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Fired From $105,000 Job For Emailing A Story

As much as I regret e-mailing the link to that article - about the conflict in Georgia, authored by Karl Schwarz - within the work place, in the final analysis once you know the truth about the powerful, demonic forces at work in this world - well, you know the truth. And there's no going back. And I would think that the normal reaction of most decent people, after learning of these truths, is to want to spread the word, alert their friends and family and yes, work colleagues - and try to wake folks up, save the Republic! etc.

Sadly, in my case, my subordinate passed that e-mail on to Human Resources claiming she was deeply offended - and so I was "investigated" by Target HR. And once they dug into my work e-mail files and found some 9/11 Truth related e-mails I had sent over recent years, my career at Target was over.

After ten years of absolutely exemplary service, glowing twice annual reviews, and three promotions (I was a Marketing Manager earning $105K/year when I was terminated), I was told that "people no longer felt safe around me in the work place" and that "people say all you talk about is conspiracy theories."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

OKay folks, a little common sense...

At WRH I encourage you to read this website and swap emails IN THE PRIVACY OF YOUR OWN HOME.

Let us be fair; that computer sitting on your desktop belongs to your employer and is provided to you to do the work your employer pays you to do. Yes, some employers have a very relaxed attitude about personal use of the systems as long as the paid work is getting done, but it is still their machine, their workplace, and their rules.

Beyond that, many corporations today are surviving on government contracts, and are nervous about employees with points of views that are contrary to government dogma. Large organizations inevitably will have an FBI informants somewhere in top management, and and the recent $101.7 million lawsuit settlement illustrates, the FBI goons lie, cheat, steal, and frame to get what they want.

These days we all have computers at home, plus our smart phones, and we can and should conduct our private conversations in private time, if for no other reason than to keep the FBI informant at the office from finding out just what we all know!

I sympathize with this guy who lost his job, but we all know the other side plays dirty. So exercise the appropriate care.