How the Pentagon Could Soon Share Americans’ Data With Foreign Militaries | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

How the Pentagon Could Soon Share Americans’ Data With Foreign Militaries

The new strategy indirectly, but unequivocally, ties into information-sharing legislation that’s slowly making its way to the President’s desk. Among the various bills moving around Capitol Hill, the most important is the Cyber Information Sharing Act. Among other things, CISA would protect companies from being sued for sending data about their users to DHS, which would be permitted to send it in real time to DOD and other U.S. agencies and outfits. In turn, DOD’s new strategy claims the right to to share cyber threat data beyond the United States. Presumably, that would include information obtained via CISA.

But if CISA or its cousins becomes law, what kind of information might fly from company servers to DHS to DOD and then around world? Members of the privacy community describe the scope as incredibly broad.

Robyn Greene, who serves as policy counsel for the Open Technology Institute at the New America Foundation, argued that the bills would allow companies to collect and share a lot more information about the people that they interact with online. Moreover, there would be few limits on how the U.S. government could use that information. It could, for example, be used to investigate or prosecute crimes that have nothing to do with stopping hacks.

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This proposed legislation is yet another evisceration of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, cementing the disempowerment of We the People to control our own data, and what happens to it.