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'IAEA hiding incriminating evidence'

"The IAEA is the only body recognized by the international community that can prevent the games of deception being played by Iran as it works to build nuclear weapons," a senior Israeli official told The Jerusalem Post Saturday.

While Israeli officials would not give details about the information the IAEA was allegedly hiding, "we're talking about information that would be far more incriminating for Iran," the official said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Remember the hatchet job done on the IAEA and Hans Blix right before the US attacked Iraq, because Blix wouldn't lie and say to the world that Iraq had no, zero, nada, zip, weapons of mass destruction?

Israel is trying the same damned thing here.

But of course, the truth never matters, either to Israel or the US.

The big lie will continue to be spun until the UN - and by extension the IAEA - becomes yet again "irrelevant", and we're off on yet again a military misadventure against Iran.

And notice the timing of the uptick of war drumbeats. The Group of 6 meets this week, the IAEA meets on 7 September, and the UN General Assembly meets toward the end of next month.

Obama has given Iran till the end of September - that's 30 days away, folks - to accede to his demands that Iran stop the nuclear enrichment to which it is perfectly entitled as a signatory of the NPT.

Iran will not concede because it understands that it is perfectly within its right to use nuclear energy in a peaceful way, and that includes building a power plant.

Russia has warned that an attack on Iran will lead to a third world war, and has been very clear to Tel Aviv and Washington about which side they will be on, should such a military conflict happen.

War with Russia, anyone?!?