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Scott Adams: “Bigger Than Watergate”, Economy, AIDS Success

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Pattern recognition test…
Big ratings crash for MSNBC: Hayes, O’Donnell, Maddow
Loss of public trust? Least accurate shows…big losses?
FOX shows, Tucker Carlson and The Five ratings are UP
President Trump, the best Tweeter of all time
Multiple levels of message and tongue in cheek amusing
Easy to imagine a twinkle in his eye as he crafts each Tweet
President Trump tweets that the spying on him, his campaign…
…was worse than Watergate
True, and an appropriate slap at Carl Bernstein
Major AIDS drug trial had fantastic results
Risk to partners of HIV positive people was ZERO
Dan Crenshaw on Paris Accord seems 100% accurate
His proposed solutions downplay nuclear power, why?
Manafort…the “therapy animal” for Democrats?
His crimes had nothing to do with Trump or the campaign
Social Media platforms banning popular conservatives
They don’t know why they were kicked off the platform
Farrakhan also kicked off Facebook
Immigration reform process proposal
GOP and Dems both present their full plans , we’ll compare
Dems have no plan? Use No-Plan expectations
How many murders and rapes are acceptable under each plan?
HOAX Funnel progress: Debunking the “fine people” HOAX
Bottom of the funnel produces anger and laundry lists
Steve Cortes took a huge risk helping debunk “fine people” HOAX
As a CNN contributor, he risked his career and finances
White House and media NOW comfortable fighting the HOAX
Why is Russia our enemy?
What would it take to resolve our issues?
What if we both just stop messing with each other?
Biden is Trump…without all the good parts