Scott Adams: AOC, AGW, TDS, Ye, and Coffee | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Scott Adams: AOC, AGW, TDS, Ye, and Coffee

Kanye tweets and his upcoming Joe Rogan podcast
Elizabeth Warren and Beto attempt to imitate AOC’s live stream
Warren cracks a beer, Beto in his V-neck sweater
Why so many climate change temperature adjustments?
Believers Berkley Earth offer their explanation
“Estimating” temperature adjustments is allowed?
Climate change Bloomberg article, convincingly debunked
Comparing Green Tech and Nuclear Power options
Bill Gates vision of a new type of nuclear power plant…in China
Can’t be built in US, endless regulations and roadblocks
A hosted conversation with me as the referee, NOT a debate
Both sides required to answer strong points of other side
Climate change risk management (Whiteboard)
Expected Value calculation
Portfolio Effect
Opportunity Costs and timing considerations
The Hill article reads like mental illness, not a political opinion
Doctors and Psychologists say TDS is a real thing
People with a mental illness are writing articles
How can TDS be stopped or cured?
All the common complaints about President Trump…
…individually, they’re all small complaints
Prediction: POTUS will swing for the fence in 2019
US debt, could it be resolved by cryptocurrency?
Why do people want US dollars?
Crypto accepted by US government would have value

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