Scott Adams: Declining Sex, Trade War, Cognitive Blindness, Sleepy Joe, HOAXES | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Scott Adams: Declining Sex, Trade War, Cognitive Blindness, Sleepy Joe, HOAXES

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Heard it with my own ears…saw it with my own eyes!
No…you didn’t, just watch FULL video, read FULL transcript
HOAX VICTIMS: I REFUSE to view proof that I’m wrong!
Dismantling a person’s world view in real time…
…triggers cognitive dissonance
NOBODY says… “I’ll look at the transcript, see if you’re correct”
2 Jewish people I’ve personally spoken too…
…attended the Charlottesville event, thought it was about statues
They obviously did NOT support Nazis at the event
“Fine People” HOAX is a LOAD BEARING WALL for the other HOAXES
Debunk that HOAX, other HOAXES will be naturally challenged
Troll indicator flags
Cat or cartoon icon for their account
Followers are around a couple hundred followers
They attack the target person…NOT the person’s argument
Appears to be a centralized, organized, psychological attack
Heartbeat bills, are they compatible with Roe v Wade?
Poll says men are having far less sex
AOC says that’s because men can’t harass women anymore
Are there more obvious reasons for men having less sex?
Men are becoming feminized…in general, not all men, just in general
Do women want to have sex with feminized men?
Tinder allows women to always choose the more attractive guys
Why would they pick less attractive guys?
20% of men get the majority of Tinder sex opportunities
AG Barr appoints VERY tough, experienced US Attorney John Durham
Durham will investigate the origins of the Russia Collusion HOAX
3 attacks on Saudi tankers…no reporting or speculation on who did it?
What does it mean that NOBODY is even speculating?
China trade talks and the possibility of a deal…eventually
Sleepy Joe Biden…where has he gone?
Is the media refusing to cover him, ignoring him?
Do the Democrat kingmakers think Biden is weak on key topics?
Imagine a debate between Biden and Kamala
What would the audience be thinking, watching during that debate?
January 2020, we might see huge amounts of Democrat depression
President Trump might be polling at untouchable levels
Nuclear HAS to be a giant part of the climate change solution
Twice now, Juan Williams on The Five…can’t hear “nuclear”
Cognitive Blindness, nuclear options don’t even register
One President Trump tweet about nuclear options
Green New Deal people couldn't ignore nuclear options