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Scott Adams: Heartbeat Bills, Trump’s Income, China Trade, Immigration

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President Trump’s 2018 income released
Fake News CNN…reports it in a misleading way
His 2018 income is less, but close to what he made last year
Alabama abortion law
The View says the law was made entirely by men
The law is being delegitimized by The View
Credible matters, the law needs to seen as credible
Joel Pollack’s Breitbart article on China trade negotiations
President Trump is educating the country on trade issues
100% of Democrats thought a trade war would crumble US
50% of the Republicans thought a trade war would crumble US
Now we know we can go forever with tariffs if necessary
President Trump wasn’t just right…he was OMG right about China trade
Chuck Schumer is on President Trump’s side on this
Immigration reform with a merit based system…LIKE CANADA
Canada…our proposed reforms will be similar to CANADA’S
What percentage of border experts support walls where appropriate?
Words used, the feelings they evoke, and their influence
“Deep Staters” turning on each other, accusations back and forth
SAT “Adversity Score”: How abused you were in life
Same concept of judging people…as merit based immigration
Chinese social desirability scores are coming to the US
Current world: We can cheat the world a little bit
Future world: Social desirability score dictates, limits options
What people click on…is what business models are driven to post
Our news options are limited to whatever gets clicks
Your opinions are determined by what gets the most clicks
Cognitive blindness and climate change
Nuclear energy development is the answer to climate change
There’s NEVER been a Gen III nuclear event, Gen IV even safer