Scott Adams: Slaughtermeter Reset to Zero Due to Social Media Manipulation, Pelosi | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Scott Adams: Slaughtermeter Reset to Zero Due to Social Media Manipulation, Pelosi

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Slaughtermeter downgraded from 140% to 0%
Currently, no chance President Trump will win re-election
Currently…social media thumb on the scale, will prevent it
Zero visibility into algorithms, no explanations, no independent appeal
“Doctored” videos of Pelosi slurs removed as misleading
Enemy press then labels ALL Pelosi slur videos “doctored”
Why not show undoctored and doctored vids for comparison?
2 topics are undiscussible…I can’t even say the words
Some people undiscussible…I can’t even mention their names
Doing so, risks suspension, banning, demonetizing, censorship
Am I being Shadowbanned on Twitter?
I can’t tell, I can’t know, there’s no way to know
Social Media was caught off-guard by candidate Trump in 2016
His “Island of Misfit Toys” supporters are VERY effective
Social Media will NOT be caught off-guard in 2020
4 years to prepare and hide behavior
Social Media CAN determine election results if they wish to do so
Brad Parscale’s new “Promises Kept” website
Select a topic and search for President’s accomplishments
Excellent facts and data resource for political debate
My viral tweet yesterday, “3 Things to Know”
Professional trolls were activated, attacked me
Democrats baffled President Trump doesn’t want his tax info public
Will his taxes be willfully misinterpreted for political gain?
Are there illegalities…that the IRS failed to notice?
The public won’t know what’s BS and what’s true from the news
Pundit after pundit will push a narrative on his taxes
Assange story is interesting
WITHOUT facts or understanding, some very strong opinions
Why can’t Assange do what NYT does every single day?
He released names of people may have caused their death
Can that be established as a legal standard?
The press publishes things that endanger people, every day
AOC receiving pushback…weather is NOT climate change
IF AOC and President Trump discuss climate change...
Imagine what would happen
They BOTH agree…pursue nuclear, ALL possible solutions
Smart play even if climate change isn’t a concern
Develop, test, see what works best and deploy it
The “Bully Factor” and President Trump
Why do some Democrats fear President Trump so much?
Were they deeply impacted by bullies in their lives?
Do they see him as the tormentors from their own lives?
Schumer and Pelosi aren’t really bothered by President Trump
They’re professional politicians just doing politics
Others in Congress…show irrational emotional hatred