Trump, Pompeo, and global organized criminal network | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Trump, Pompeo, and global organized criminal network

The Iranians get it! They call the New World Order,Organized Psychopathy!

By Walt Peretto

US President Donald Trump and Secretary of State Michael Pompeo are now employing the use of sanctions against Iran to foment dissent of its citizenry against their government.

The Trump administration has no interest in the welfare of the Iranian people short of corralling them into the slowly emerging one world control grid concept. This concept and its organized adherents are usually called the “New World Order” and is the preferred term by its visionaries and proponents. Other appellations that are attributed to these powerful groups include; Globalists, the Global Elite, the Deep State (now often used erroneously by the mainstream media to describe the secretive power behind a particular political party), and sometimes they are referred to by the outdated term ‘Illuminati.’ The sociopolitical psychological term now used to describe these criminal entities is “Organized Psychopathy” to place emphasis on their pathological motivations for domination and control of all the world’s people and resources.