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Jan 24 23:15

The troubling politics of Avatar

Our elite Boomer ethos—that America is wrong, that machines are bad, that the Bad Dad who made us go to Vietnam is who America is—gives us cultural expressions like Avatar that sell massively in theaters and video-game consoles alike and inculcate a species of self-loathing.

If stories of heroes are the stuff that keeps cultures going, what we are devouring is another story of a hero who is heroic only in rejecting who we are.

This sort of thinking is distinctive to the post-colonialists of the West. Today’s active colonial powers will have none of that thinking.

Jan 24 22:04

Phone call from Carol to the WRH Radio show 1-22-10

Webmaster's Commentary: 

YouTube Version - and bumped up a day for those who missed it over the weekend.

Jan 24 20:48

FLASHBACK - Bin Laden tape 'not genuine'

Researchers in Switzerland have questioned the authenticity of the recent audio recording attributed to Osama Bin Laden.

A team from the Lausanne-based Dalle Molle Institute for Perceptual Artificial Intelligence, Idiap, said it was 95% certain the tape does not feature the voice of the al-Qaeda leader.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So many previous Osama tapes have turned out to be fakes. Why assume this one is any more real?

Jan 24 20:44

FLASHBACK - Duke Professor Skeptical of bin Laden Tape

He thinks bin Laden is dead and has doubts about the tape. Lawrence recently analyzed more than 20 complete speeches and interviews of the al Qaida leader for his book. He says the new message is missing several key elements.

?There?s nothing in this from the Koran. He?s, by his own standards, a faithful Muslim,? Lawrence said. ?He quotes scripture in defense of his actions. There?s no quotation from the Koran in the excerpts we got, no reference to specific events, no reference to past atrocities.?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There have been fakes before. So why assume this one is genuine?

Jan 24 19:45


Normally I do not do film reviews. Even though my day job is in film and TV (I have worked in visual effects and computer animation for over 30 years) What Really Happened is a political web site, and I generally avoid crossing the line into the day job. There have been exceptions, to be sure, and today I am going to make a big one.

Jan 24 19:42

PROPAGANDA ALERT - Bin Laden wording 'indicator' of upcoming attack: monitor

IntelCenter, a US group that monitors Islamist websites, also said that manner of the release and the content of the message showed it was "credible" that it was a new release from the Saudi extremist.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This organization is affiliated with this accusation, IntelCenter.com, is owned by TEMPEST PUBLISHING out of Arlington, VA. The guy in charge here is Ben Venzke, who was unmasked as an intel-shill as follows:

As reported in : http://www.infowars.net/articles/October2006/051006Rumsfeld.htm

"Intel center is run by Ben Venzke, who is an interesting character. A google search results in the revelation that he used to be the director of intelligence at a company called IDEFENSE, which is a verisign company. IDEFENSE is a web security company that monitors intelligence from the middle east conflicts and focuses on cyber threats among other things.

Prior to joining iDefense, Mr. Melnick served with distinction for more than 16 years in the U.S. Army and the Defense Intelligence Agency. During this period, Mr. Melnick served in a variety of roles, including psychological operations, international warning issues with emphasis on foreign affairs and information operations and Russian affairs. He also served in active political/military intelligence roles with an emphasis on foreign affairs. Mr. Melnick is currently a U.S. Army Reserve Colonel with Military Intelligence, assigned to the Office of the Secretary of Defense. Mr. Melnick has been published in numerous military and foreign affairs journals, and has received numerous military and DIA awards. Mr. Melnick has a Master of Arts in National Security and Strategic Studies from the U.S. Naval War College, a Master of Arts in Russian studies from Harvard University, and a Bachelor of Arts with Honors in Political Science from Westminster College.

So here we have a company that by it's own admission has a senior military psy-op intelligence officer who has worked directly for Donald Rumsfeld. As Intelcenter and Ben Venzke are directly connected to IDEFENSE, this puts Rumsfeld 3 small steps away from the Al Qaeda propaganda videos."

Jan 24 19:10

Economic Black Hole: 20 Reasons Why The U.S. Economy Is Dying And Is Simply Not Going To Recover

Most people seem to think that the nasty little recession that we have just been through is almost over and that we will be experiencing another time of economic growth and prosperity very shortly. But this time around that is not the case. The reality is that we are being sucked into an economic black hole from which the U.S. economy will never fully recover.

Jan 24 19:04

Terrorism and child pornography used to justify surveillance society, says academic

Internet users are being spied on in their own home as the Government uses the threat of terrorism and the spread of child pornography to justify launching a dramatic expansion of surveillance society, according to a leading academic.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Memo to thinking Brits with skills: get the hell out of Dodge, particularly if you've got kids, right the flip now!

Because the next step, courtesy of your Orwellian, financially failed, and anti-citizen government, may well be some kind of usurious "exit tax" of some kind which will so penalize you if you attempt to immigrate, that you can't.

Jan 24 18:59

There is no help. We need food and water. Urgently

In front of the presidential palace, its roof folded in like a collapsed soufflé, Marcellus Samuel, a Haitian preacher, grabs my notebook and scribbles frantically on to the page.

“There is no help. Everybody is sleeping in the streets. We need food, water and clothes,” he writes. “URGENTLY!”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The US invasion and occupation of Haiti has nothing to do with real relief efforts for the people of Haiti; it is a calculated military takeover, the purpose of which is to secure oil and mineral resources for private companies at bargain basement prices.

Jan 24 16:56

US Army ordered to stop giving out food to Haitians

Soldiers in Haiti told to stop handing out food
By Jim Michaels - USA TODAY
Posted : Friday Jan 22, 2010
PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — Food handouts were shut off Tuesday to thousands of people at a tent city here when the main U.S. aid agency said the Army should not be distributing the packages.
"Tuesday morning, the helicopters came only with water. Soldiers carried boxes of water in the hot sun and supervised Haitian volunteers who handed the supplies out."

Jan 24 13:41

FLASHBACK - Spanish Politician Threatens to Sue FBI Over Bin Laden Makeover

“A Spanish politician said on Saturday that he was ’stupefied’ by the FBI’s decision to use his photograph to compose its latest image of al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden and is considering taking legal action,” the CIA’s favorite newspaper, The Washington Post, reports today. “In the last few days I have seen the security services involved in some very strange things, some major failures, but I would never have believed they could have affected me so directly,” said Gaspar Llamazares, a former leader of Spain’s communist party Izquierda Unida.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

As the latest phony bin Laden audio tape gets waved around the media, it is worth recalling all the fake Osamas the US Government has been caught making.

Jan 24 13:36

U.S. Government Subsidizes Settler Pogromists: Your Tax Dollars at Work

The article is a little over a year old but that only shows that the recent incident is not some isolated one. Also timely regarding the newest "bin Laden" tape (it is curious if he is dead and this is fake, why are they still blaming Israel and not "our freedom" or something?)


....... Where I do have control, and do feel great anger is knowing that my own government has provided 501c3 non-profit status to various settler groups which raise funds to support this noxious enterprise. And raise fund they do. Of the three groups listed in the Reuters report, a single one, the Hebron Fund raised $8 million from 2002-2005.

Jan 24 13:34

Walmart to lay off 11,200 workers at Sam's Club

Stores Inc. said Sunday that it is cutting about 11,200 jobs at its Sam's Club warehouse division as it outsources its product-sampling department to marketing company Shopper Events in an effort to win more customers and boost lagging sales.

The terminations represent about 10 percent of the warehouse club operator's 110,000 staffers across its 600 stores. About 10,000 members of the demonstration department, most part-time workers, were let go. Employees were told the news at mandatory meetings on Sunday morning.

Jan 24 13:25

White House adviser: Obama has brought 'enormous change'

Are the White House being sarcastic or are they suffering by delusions?

Jan 24 13:18


Published January 23, 2010
–And, finally… the best for last
–Last night, I was became so depressed thinking about the economy, wars, jobs, my savings, Social Security, retirement funds, etc., I called the Suicide Lifeline. I got a call center in Israel, and when I told them I was suicidal, they got all excited and asked if I could drive a truck!

Jan 24 12:32

How To End Corporate Domination Of Government - And Our Lives

original post by Dave Johnson

The Supreme Court yesterday allowed corporate executives to tap into their company's resources and use that money to directly influence elections instead of for the profitable operation of the company. This use of company funds isn't considered bribery because the company executives can claim they are only engaged is "speech" to promote good government, not influence public officials to bring a return to the company.

To fix this we should pass a law that tightens up corporate governance and explicitly spells out - as law - that for-profit companies can only use company resources for the profitable operation of the company. This would make it illegal to use company money to "promote good government" or any other excuse currently used to get around the bribery laws. If by law executives can't use the company's money except for activities that return a profit, then use of this money in politics can't be just "speech" -- it is to return a profit. Therefore the federal bribery of public officials statute would apply to any use of corporate resources to elect candidates:

18 U.S.C. § 201 : US Code - Section 201: Bribery of public officials and witnesses
(b) Whoever -
(1) directly or indirectly, corruptly gives, offers or promises anything of value to any public official or person who has been selected to be a public official, or offers or promises any public official or any person who has been selected to be a public official to give anything of value to any other person or
entity, with intent -
(A) to influence any official act; ...

shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for not more than two years, or both.

Jan 24 11:45

Defense Department Considering Outsourcing American Aerospace Jobs to France

Vying for the $35 billion contract for 179 tanker planes are the Washington-based Boeing and the Toulouse, France-based European Aeronautic Defense Space Company (EADS), though the former has threatened to withdraw from consideration if the Pentagon did not significantly alter their request for proposals (RFP) to fit the capabilities of their plane.

Jan 24 11:36

Death by Checkpoint: A Murder in Massachusetts

Kenneth Howe of Worcester, Massachusetts was beaten to death by police last November 25. This is the official conclusion by the Essex County Medical Examiner, who ruled that the official cause of death was “blunt impact of the head and torso with compression of the chest.”

It is profoundly doubtful that the killing of the 45-year-old Howe– carried out by a swarm of 10-20 tax-feeders at a “sobriety checkpoint” — will be prosecuted as a criminal offense of any kind, let alone murder.

Jan 24 11:27

The Merchants of Fear:Israel Profiting From America’s Homeland Insecurity

In the wake of the weird Christmas Day “underwear bomber” incident on Northwest Flight 253, former Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff, as if on cue, was all over the mainstream media touting whole-body scanners as the answer to America’s airline security problems. Since leaving public office in 2009, Chertoff had co-founded the Chertoff Group, a security and risk-management firm whose clients include a manufacturer of body-imaging screening machines. While some in the media noted this rather commonplace conflict of interest, ignored by all was a far more significant abuse of the American public’s trust.

Jan 24 10:40

Why Debra Medina's Candidacy For Texas Governor Should Be Nationalized

Debra Medina against all odds is quickly becoming a viable candidate the implications are enormous.

Jan 24 10:28


The Downing
Street Memo
is only the beginning of the proof we were all lied to.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Relinked in light of Britain's formal inquiry into just how the Iraq war got started!

Jan 24 10:26

Iraq Inquiry To Hear 'Illegal War' Evidence

Two former Foreign Office lawyers are expected to tell the Chilcot inquiry the Government was "clearly advised" that the Iraq war was illegal, it has been reported.

Webmaster's Commentary: 
Jan 24 10:25

Police beat 18-year-old violinist over Mt. Dew bottle

Pittsburgh police have reassigned three plainclothes officers to uniformed duty pending an investigation into the beating of an 18-year-old student.

A police report indicates that officers became interested in Jordan Miles when they suspected he had a gun in his coat. After beating Miles in the head with a closed fist, the officers discovered the object was a Mountain Dew bottle.

Miles, a violinst and honor student who attends the prestigious Creative and Performing Arts High School, says he resisted arrest because he thought the men were trying to abduct him and didn't identify themselves as police.

Jan 24 10:14


As a Palestinian who truly loves his homeland and believes that peace and justice will cover my people; I have been looking forward to helping my people especially in the cruel condition they are passing through in the present time. I have significantly been different fields’ pre and post of my university studies for almost 4 years. I have worked as volunteer in civil societies where I practiced tasks to help people and educate children. Since August 2008, I have been dedicating my life to helping my needy people through joining one of the international humanitarian organizations that based in the Gaza Strip. Additionally, I have launched a blog peaceforgaza, through which I have been trying to bring my people suffering to be seen by people internationally.

Jan 24 10:13


Israel-Arab claims she was humiliated by two security guards who ordered her off bus after hearing her speak Arabic on cell phone.

Jan 24 10:09

Lebanese media warns of ban if US hits out at Hezbollah TV

Hezbollah’s al-Manar broadcasts from Beirut. It was launched in 1991. In 2004 it was banned from broadcasting in the US, France, Spain and Germany.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Well, there's ONE corporation that doesn't get First Amendment protection in the US!

Jan 24 10:05

The New 'Move Over' Traffic Law Few Know About

If a patrol car is pulled over to the side of the road, you have to change to the next lane (away from the stopped vehicle) or slow down by 20 mph.......

Every state except Hawaii and Maryland and the D.C. has this law.

In California, the "Move-over" law became operative on January 1, 2010. http://www.moveoveramerica.com/

My son got a ticket on Pleasant Hill coming back from Wal-Mart. police car (turned out it was 2 police cars) was on the side of the road giving a ticket to someone else. My son slowed down to pass but did not move into the other lane.

Jan 24 09:58

Climategate: CRU Was But the Tip of the Iceberg

Not surprisingly, the blatant corruption exposed at Britain’s premiere climate institute was not contained within the nation’s borders. Just months after the Climategate scandal broke, a new study has uncovered compelling evidence that our government’s principal climate centers have also been manipulating worldwide temperature data in order to fraudulently advance the global warming political agenda.

Not only does the preliminary report [PDF] indict a broader network of conspirators, but it also challenges the very mechanism by which global temperatures are measured, published, and historically ranked.

Jan 24 09:40

Iraq inquiry to be told Foreign Office lawyer thought war illegal as nervous Blair works until 3am to prepare

Explosive evidence showing the Government was 'clearly advised' the Iraq war was illegal will be disclosed at the inquiry into the conflict this week, it was revealed today.

Sir Michael Wood, who was the Foreign Office's chief legal adviser, is expected to reveal he believed the war was unlawful without a second United Nations resolution.

Elizabeth Wilmshurst, a senior FCO lawyer who quit in protest at the invasion, will also say she was not 'a voice in the wilderness' in having doubts about its legality.

Jan 24 09:32

Local helicopter pilot trying to help people in Haiti, needs help getting off of the ground

But Eifler cannot find any insurance carrier to cover the hull of the aircraft. He could fly from Louisville to Miami and to the Bahamas, but that's where the coverage stops.

Jan 24 09:32

Leftists videotape settler stone-throwing near Hebron

Peace activists attacked by hooded settlers while documenting what they say is illegal Jewish construction in south Mount Hebron; leftist, activist injured in altercation. 'This was a lynch attempt,' leftist says

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Apparently, for some building illegal settlements, "stoning the messenger" is a perfectly legitimate thing to do.

Jan 24 09:30

Recession-hit drivers targeted again as insurance costs soar by 20 per cent

The cost of car insurance has soared in the last 12 months and is set to rise again this year, new research revealed today.

Car insurance premiums have risen by an average of 20 per cent in the last year are expected to go up another 15 per cent during 2010.

Jan 24 09:27

'Israel seeks more involvement in Afghan war'

Foreign forces in Afghanistan will use unmanned Israeli drones more extensively in the US-led war, an Israeli paper said, citing the regime's desire to be more involved in the war.

The Jerusalem Post reported Thursday that Germany will become the fifth country whose troops in Afghanistan will operate Israeli drones as of next week.

The German military is expected to take delivery of an undisclosed number of Israeli-made surveillance-geared Heron unmanned drones, the newspaper said.

Jan 24 09:27

CCTV in the sky: police plan to use military-style spy drone

Police in the UK are planning to use unmanned spy drones, controversially deployed in Afghanistan, for the "routine" monitoring of antisocial motorists, protesters, agricultural thieves and fly-tippers, in a significant expansion of covert state surveillance.

Jan 24 09:26

Photo: Ohad Zoigenberg Rally for Shalit Photo: Ohad Zoigenberg Photo: Reuters Retracted offer. Netanyahu Photo: Reuters PM's Office: Shalit talks require nerves of steel

Der Spiegel sources say prisoner swap talks on brink of collapse after Netanyahu retracted latest offer to Hamas.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Unfortunately, Shalit is infinitely more valuable to Netanyahu as a symbol than as a flesh-and-blood soldier.

Look for this man to never be released because of that reason.

Jan 24 09:24

Bin Laden claims responsibility for U.S. plane attack

Osama bin Laden claimed responsibility for the December 25 failed bombing of a U.S.-bound plane and promised more attacks on the United States, in an audio tape Al Jazeera said on Sunday was of the Al Qaeda leader.

BOOGA BOOGA - be vewy vewy scared you dumb fools! OBL gonna gitcha.

Jan 24 09:24

Head of bomb detector company arrested in fraud investigation

Hundreds of people have been killed in horrific bombings in Iraq after a British company supplied "bogus" equipment which failed to detect explosive devices.

The head of the company, which has made tens of millions of pounds from the sale of the detectors, has now been arrested and the British Government has announced a ban on their export to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Jan 24 09:23

Ayalon: Hezbollah testing antiaircraft missiles

Ayalon warned Williams, who is responsible for the resolution's implementation, that Hezbollah fighters were testing surface-to-surface missile systems in Syria. He warned against the training of Hezbollah men on air-to-surface systems, which may be deployed in Lebanon in the future.

The deputy foreign minister demanded that the UN examine thoroughly the claims that Hezbollah is training and arming itself with modern weapon systems. He asked that the next UN report on Lebanon mention this incident, as well as other serious cases in which Hezbollah weapons were discovered in the country.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Ayalon is accusing Hezbollah in Lebanon of escalating their weapons capabilities... while Israel is holding military exercises right at the Lebanese border and illegally overflying Lebanese airspace?!?

Hezbullah would be foolish right now in not upping the ante here defensively, knowing that Israel is looking for some reason - any reason - to go back into Lebanon, no matter what protestations Ayalon makes to the contrary.

Jan 24 09:21

Flash mob protests in Trafalgar Square

Thousands of photographers flocked to central London to protest against police stop-and-search tactics.

Trafalgar Square was lit up by an array of flash bulbs as part of a demonstration to express rising tensions against police use of terror laws to stop photographers taking pictures.

Freelance photographer and writer Marc Vallee, who helped organise the protest with appeals on Twitter and Facebook, said frustrations with police surrounded the scope of Section 44 of the Terrorism Act 2000.

Jan 24 09:19

Live pigs blasted in terror attack experiments

LIVE pigs are being blown up with explosives at Porton Down, the government’s secret military research laboratory, to simulate the effect of terrorist attacks on civilian targets.

In a series of tests at the biological and chemical research centre in Wiltshire, 18 large pigs were wrapped in protective blankets before bombs were detonated a few feet away. The scientists allowed the pigs to bleed until almost a third of their blood was gone to see how long they could be kept alive.

Jan 24 09:18

“The Science is Scuttled” – NASA climate page, suckered by IPCC, deletes their own ‘moved up’ glacier melting date reference

I wonder how many other pages are now going to start seeing IPCC references disappearing?

Jan 24 09:05

FLASHBACK - Operation Sarkozy : how the CIA placed one of its agents at the presidency of the French Republic

harles Pasqua became Interior Minister. While keeping high hand over Moroccan marijuana trade, he took advantage of his situation to legalize his other activities taking control of casinos, gambling and horse races in francophone Africa. He wove ties with Saudi Arabia and Israel and became an officer of honour to the Mossad. Nicolas Sarkozy on his part, became minister of Budget and spokesman for the government.

In Washington, Frank Wisner, Jr. became the successor of Paul Wolfowitz as head of the Political Planning department of the Department of Defense. Nobody noticed at that time the ties to the spokesman of the French government.

Jan 24 09:01

US Security Company Offers to Perform "High Threat Terminations" and to Confront "Worker Unrest" in Haiti

We saw this type of Iraq-style disaster profiteering in New Orleans and you can expect to see a lot more of this in Haiti over the coming days, weeks and months. Private security companies are seeing big dollar signs in Haiti thanks in no small part to the media hype about “looters.” After Katrina, the number of private security companies registered (and unregistered) multiplied overnight. Banks, wealthy individuals, the US government all hired private security. I even encountered Israeli mercenaries operating an armed check-point outside of an elite gated community in New Orleans. They worked for a company called Instinctive Shooting International. (That is not a joke).

Jan 24 08:59

CLIMATEGATE - United Nations caught lying again, this time Stormgate

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change based the claims on an unpublished report that had not been subjected to routine scientific scrutiny - and ignored warnings from scientific advisers. The report's author later withdrew the claim because the evidence was too weak.

The link was central to demands at last month's Copenhagen climate summit by African nations for compensation of $US100 billion from the rich nations.

However, the IPCC knew in 2008 that the link could not be proved but did not alert world leaders, who have used weather extremes to bolster the case for action on climate change.

Jan 24 08:57

The World is Insane

For the only way to really serve Rabbi Hagee is to serve Israel. Not only that, but the only way to give to the poor, to aid the needy, to help the helpless, is to do so through Israel. And today, not only can you give to Israel so it can kill Palestinians, Hagee informs us that the only way to help the suffering masses of Haiti is to do so by giving money to Israel so Israel can save Haiti from the recent American invasion of that country. Oh, not quite, got that wrong. You need to help Israeli efforts in Haiti to make Israel’s image in the media look better so that Israel can continue to massacre the Palestinians while the main $tream media, owned entirely by Islamofascists, wildly exaggerates and blathers on and on about how Israeli is saving Haitians.

Jan 24 08:56

Delay to Afghan polls will ensure better preparations, UN envoy says

The top United Nations official in Afghanistan has welcomed today''s decision to postpone the country''s parliamentary elections by four months, saying it will give election authorities more time to prepare for the polls.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Translation: "After the embarrassment of HAMAS winning the elections in Gaza, we are going to make sure ALL the voting machines are rigged to hand Afghanistan to our chosen puppets before we let the suckers vote!"

Jan 24 08:52

Commander: US to Experience Imminent Military Failure in Region

"The United States' collapse is evident in economic aspects and in military dimensions too it is on the verge of a collapse, given its failures in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon and Palestine," Commander of Khatam ol-Anbia Air Defense Base Brigadier General Ahmad Miqani said.

Miqani further cited views of the western theoreticians, and said they also believe the fall-in of the US is for sure and imminent.

Jan 24 08:52

Netanyahu stakes claim to West Bank settlement

Israel's prime minister declared on Sunday that his country would retain parts of the West Bank forever - a statement sure to provoke Palestinians and complicate the year-old peace mission of a visiting U.S. envoy.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

That is why Netanyahu did it!

Jan 24 08:49

David Kelly post mortem to be kept secret for 70 years

The move, which will stoke fresh speculation about the true circumstances of Dr Kelly’s death, comes just days before Tony Blair appears before the Chilcot Inquiry into the Iraq War

Jan 24 08:43

“Thieves Go Home – Sheikh Jarakh is Palestine!”

This was the largest demonstration yet in Sheikh Jarakh, were for some time now a demo is taking place every Friday, much like the demos in Bil’in, Nilin and other places.

The Friday before, the police had brutally squashed the protest and arrested 11 demonstrators, among them the director of the Association for Human Rights. Contrary to their usual treatment of peace demonstrations, the media this time covered the event extensively. The behavior of the police upset many who generally do not take part in demonstrations. This time they felt they must take part.

Jan 24 08:42

MT Group Demands Local Leaders Boot Feds, Form Militia, Protect Guns

A group of nearly 200 "extremely concerned citizens" in a small Montana county are demanding that local leaders fill out a "questionnaire" pledging to form a local militia, prohibit mandatory vaccinations, boot the EPA out of town, allow citizens to bear any type of gun, and require federal government employees to get written approval before approaching "any Citizen."

Jan 24 08:41

Israeli PM plays down minister's Lebanon war claim

Israel's prime minister has distanced himself from comments by a member of his cabinet who suggested Israel was heading for a new war with Lebanon.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"I mean, really; it's just anti-Semitic nonsense. We don't do that sort of thing. Well, okay, we did that sort of thing back in 2006, but we aren't doing it now. Those Israeli warplanes flying over Lebanon are ... sightseeing., That's it, they are just sightseeing up there. Lovely country. Really. Especially the Litani river!"

Jan 24 08:41


Five members of the Supreme Court declared that a “corporation” is a person, not a “regular person” but one above all natural laws, subject to no God, no moral code but one with unlimited power over our lives, a power awarded by judges who seem themselves as grand inquisitors in an meant to hunt down all hertics who fail to serve their god, the god of money.

Jan 24 08:39

North Korea accuses South of declaring war

North Korea on Sunday accused the South of declaring war by warning earlier this month that it would launch a preemptive strike if it thought its impoverished neighbor was preparing a nuclear attack.

The angry retort from Pyongyang is the latest in what have become increasingly brittle relations between the two Koreas just as the international community tries to lure the North back to nuclear disarmament talks.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What North Korea really wants here is a peace treaty to formally end the Korean war, which the US has rejected out of hand a couple of weeks ago.

Jan 24 08:38

IoS Special Investigation: How Government squanders billions

On the face of it, it does not sound like a good deal: decide what you want, find someone to supply it, then sign a contract that binds you into a legal straitjacket for decades, during which you pay them 37 times what the item is worth.

Such a deal makes even less financial sense in a country still struggling to escape the effects of the worst slump since the Great Depression. Yet this is what the Government's promotion of private finance initiatives (PFIs) to pay for public services has foisted on the taxpayer.

Jan 24 08:36

CLIMATEGATE - Climate change chief says sorry for hot air claim over melting glaciers

The head of the UN's climate change body has been forced to make a humiliating apology over claims the Himalayan glaciers could vanish within 25 years.

Last week it emerged there was no evidence for the warning from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

After a global outcry, Dr Rajendra Pachauri - chairman of the IPCC - has issued an unprecedented apology.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Can we still hare a carbon tax? Can we? Huh? Can we?"

Jan 24 08:34

Report: Sarkozy warns Israel may strike Iran over nuke threat

French President Nicolas Sarkozy said that Israel will not sit idly by while Iran continues work on its nuclear program, Israel Radio reported Saturday quoting London-based newspaper Al-Hayat.

According to the report, Sarkozy, who recently met with Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri, reportedly told him that France has proof Iran is working to develop an atomic bomb.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Memo to French President Nicolas Sarkozy; thinking people around the world know precisely what you are doing here, sir, and it is getting absolutely no traction whatsoever.

You apparently have been given your "marching orders" by Tel Aviv to "groom" the world for an impending Israeli-led attack against Iran.

But I am going to "hurl the defy" at you, sir.

If France actually has evidence that "... Iran is working to develop an atomic bomb", why hasn't France angrily made that evidence public, and called for an emergency session of the UN and/or the UN Security council?!?!?

France hasn't, and won't, because it has no concrete evidence that Iran is building a bomb.

"Truth is the first casualty of war." -- Senator Hyram Johnson.

"All war is based on deception" -- Sun Tsu, The Art of War.

So, President Sarkozy, I publicly request that you either put up - or shut up - regarding Iran's alleged nuclear bomb program!

Jan 24 08:27

The Secret of Oz

It is well known in economics academia that The Wonderful Wizard of Oz written by L. Frank Baum in 1900 is loaded with powerful symbols of monetary reform which were the core of the Populist movement and the 1896 and 1900 president bid of Democrat William Jennings Bryan.

The yellow brick road (gold standard), the emerald city of Oz (greenback money), even Dorothy’s silver slippers (changed to ruby slippers for the movie version) were the symbol of Baum’s and Bryan’s belief that adding silver coinage to gold would provide much needed money to a depression-strapped, 1890s America.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I have long referenced L. Frank Baum's Wizard of Oz as a clever metaphor for how the US Government operates, and clearly a great deal of the real message of the story was kept out of the movie version.

Jan 24 08:21

Record Bank Profits - American Dream Foreclosed

A new report from the McKinsey Global Institute confirms this picture, noting that it usually takes six to seven years to squeeze the debt out of a big bubble. During the first several years, gross domestic product shrinks. "At this writing, the deleveraging process has barely begun," warns McKinsey. "The bursting of the great global credit bubble is not over yet." In short, all of us will be hurting for years because Washington is refusing to make the banks eat the debt bubble they created. Instead, the bailed-out banks are walking away with record profits and fat bonuses.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Socialism: Corporate profit and loss are socialized across society.

Fascism: Corporate profits are kept private but corporate losses are socialized across society.

Which system do you think we are living under?

Jan 24 08:19

Toxic Wastes and Haiti

Desperate to unload, the ship's crew lied about their cargo, hoping to catch a government unawares. Sometimes they identified the ash as "construction material"; other times they said it was "road fill," and still others "muddy waste." But environmental experts were generally one step ahead in notifying the recipients; no one would take it. That is, until it got to Haiti. There, U.S.-backed dictator Baby Doc Duvalier issued a permit for the garbage, which was by now being called "fertilizer," and four thousand tons of the ash was dumped onto the beach in the town of Gonaives.

Jan 24 08:17

Alert: Female Suicide Bombers May Be Heading Here From Yemen

U.S. Agents Told Women Believed Connected to Al Qaeda May Have Western Appearance and Passports.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Yee-HAAAA; we get to put all the hotties through the naked scanners as much as we want!!!" -- TSA

Jan 24 08:14

Smart meters raising fears of job losses

Maine’s largest utility is asking the Public Utilities Commission to approve its plans to install the latest in “smart” meter technology, using a federal recovery act grant to pay for half of the $191 million project.

But lawmakers are worried about the policy implications of Central Maine Power’s proposal and the irony of the use of recovery act money that is supposed to create jobs to help fund a project that will eliminate 141 positions.

“That has to be a concern,” said Sen. Barry Hobbins, D-Saco, co-chairman of the Legislature’s Utilities Committee. “Those funds were to create jobs.”

Jan 24 08:08

Watchdog groups warn: ‘Corporate globalization’ of US elections is upon us

The Supreme Court may have ruled in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission days ago, but the decision's shockwaves are still rippling across American democracy.

Key among them is a concern first raised by Justice John Paul Stevens, who wrote in his dissent that the court, by removing all prohibitions against corporate or union money in U.S. elections, "would appear to afford the same protection to multinational corporations controlled by foreigners as to individual Americans."

Jan 24 08:07

CLIMATEGATE - UN climate panel blunders again over Himalayan glaciers

Since then, however, The Sunday Times has discovered that the same bogus claim has been cited in grant applications for TERI.

One of them, announced earlier this month just before the scandal broke, resulted in a £310,000 grant from Carnegie.

An abstract of the grant application published on Carnegie's website said: "The Himalaya glaciers, vital to more than a dozen major rivers that sustain hundreds of millions of people in South Asia, are melting and receding at a dangerous rate.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Not how the media, even though reporting the fraud, uses headlines like "blunder" and "mistake" to try to spin that this is all some sort of major mishap, rather than confront the fact that for the first time in history, a true government comspiracy involving scientific agencies, academic, and the media itself, stands fully exposed for all the world to see.

Jan 24 08:06

US says it will stay in Haiti for long term

Despite criticism for the US military presence in quake-stricken Haiti, Washington says it has a long-term plan to stay in the country.

"We are there for the long term, this is not something that will be resolved quickly and easily," US Ambassador to the UN Alejandro Wolff said on Thursday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

With all the oil and mineral wealth just waiting to be exploited, you can bet with absolute certainty that the US will stay in Haiti just as long as humanly possible.

Jan 24 08:03

Israel OKs new controversial weapon

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak has approved the use and sale of a new weapon that simulates a feeling of being shot in those targeted.

The feeling of "being hit" produced by the stun gun is said to be similar to that of standing in front of a firing squad.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And I would almost be willing to bet that the first people upon whom Israel will test this weapon on a large-scale trial will be Palestinians!

Jan 24 08:02

CLIMATEGATE - Storm brews over glacier blunder

A MISTAKE about the timing of melting glaciers has snowballed into an unprecedented assault on the credibility of climate science, after revelations that an author of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's report knew that one passage was wrong but included it anyway.

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Jan 24 08:00

Vatican bank charged with money-laundering

The Bank of the Vatican has been accused of laundering USD 200 million by proxy through an Italian creditor, a report indicates.

The allegation of the Vatican bank's financial corruption has been made by an Italian magazine that pointed to the financial institute's purported involvement in stealth fiscal transactions —via several accounts —with Italy's UniCredit Bank, Russia Today television network quoted the Panorama .

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Funny how some things never change.

Jan 24 07:56

Los Angeles Heading for Bankruptcy, Mayor Tries to Prevent Bond Market Panic

My Comment: It is irrelevant what the mayor wants now. The fate was sealed years ago with pensions. LA came to a fork in the road, and selected the road named "Bankruptcy". Now the mayor says LA has no interest going down that road. Well it is too late for that now, unless unions are ready to do some serious negotiation.

That's the kicker, LA has no choice in the matter other than the mayor's willingness to ask the unions for concessions. Whether or not LA goes bankrupt depends entirely on the response from the unions regarding wages and pension benefits.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

You can almost bet on the unions not budging one centimeter.

Jan 24 07:51

C.I.A. Deaths Prompt Surge in U.S. Drone Strikes

Since the suicide bombing that took the lives of seven Americans in Afghanistan on Dec. 30, the Central Intelligence Agency has struck back against militants in Pakistan with the most intensive series of missile strikes from drone aircraft since the covert program began.

Beginning the day after the attack on a C.I.A. base in Khost, Afghanistan, the agency has carried out 11 strikes that have killed about 90 people suspected of being militants, according to Pakistani news reports, which make almost no mention of civilian casualties.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Yet another sign that the US has, for all practical intents and purposes, withdrawn the Geneva Conventions, under which collective punishment is illegal.

And these airstrikes guarantee two things, and two things only.

First, you're going to kill a lot of civilians.

Second, that you will radicalize those left standing into the arms of the insurgents.

Jan 24 07:43

450,000 at risk in foreclosure-prevention program

"About 450,000 homeowners currently have HAMP trial modifications and have demonstrated a willingness and ability to make timely payments for at least three months," said Richard Neiman, superintendent of the New York State Banking Department.

"Now, unfortunately and very alarmingly, these same homeowners face the prospect of foreclosure strictly on account of documentation issues," he said.

Paperwork has proved a major stumbling block for the president's foreclosure-prevention program. Homeowners complain that their servicers continuously lose the documents they send in, while financial institutions argue that borrowers have not been sending in their paperwork.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Unflipping believable.

Jan 24 07:41

Osama bin Laden: A dead nemesis perpetuated by the US government

When you hear a threat which is "probably" made by bin Laden, just remember that he's "probably" dead.

Also think about who benefits from your believing he's alive.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The US or Israeli Government (or both) is "Wagging the dead guy" at us again while trying to sell us a new war.

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WRH Exclusive
Jan 24 07:33

Afghanistan postpones parliamentary election

Afghanistan announced on Sunday that it is postponing parliamentary polls for four months, days ahead of crunch talks on the war-torn nation in London, saying it was unsafe to go ahead amid a spiraling Taliban insurgency.

The announcement, five months after the presidential election descended into a ballot-stuffing farce, will deepen global concern that graft and logistical problems are undermining democracy in one of the world's poorest and most corrupt nations.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Imagine my (absence of) surprise!

Jan 24 06:39

US Contractors sent to Haiti to Kill Cvilians

Jan 24 06:10

20 Dead Saudi Soldiers Found Near Yemeni Border

The Saudi Arabian government has listed new casualties in its war with the Houthis of Yemen after 20 dead Saudi soldiers were found near the border...

Jan 24 05:32

911InsideJob.net Webmaster-Political Landscape Prior To 9-11

This is the first of a three part talk by Joe, the Webmaster of www.911insidejob.net regarding the lies and deceptions of the 9/11 Commission and the Bush administration.This first talk is about the political landscape leading up to 9/11.

Jan 24 04:01

Bin Laden takes credit for failed Detroit attack

CAIRO - Al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden issued a new audio message claiming responsibility for the Christmas Day airline bombing attempt in Detroit and vowed further attacks.

Jan 24 03:44

Wars Without Heroes

Can a CIA operative who pushes the joystick button to launch hellfire missiles by a Predator or a Reaper drone to kill mostly innocent people in mud hamlets in FATA be called a war hero? If such an operator is killed, as were the seven in Khost recently, how would he be eulogised; how would his requiem sound like? Similarly, if Worldwide XE mercenaries known as the defence contractors, whose strength in Afghanistan exceeds regular US troops, are killed, how would they be honoured with medals of valour?

Jan 24 01:04

The Miniature Earth

This is an amazing exploration of some interesting statistics - if the world's population was only 100 humans.

It leaves one with a rather profound feeling of just how insignificant each one of us is as an individual.

Check it out HERE