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Dec 19 11:57

Climate change: Met Office says warming trend will continue in 2020

Next year will continue the global warming trend with temperatures again likely to rise more than one degree above pre-industrial levels.

According to the Met Office, 2020 will likely be 1.11C warmer than the average between 1850-1900,

The year ahead is set to extend the series of the warmest years on record to six in a row.

Scientists say the strongest factor causing the rise is greenhouse gas emissions.

Dec 19 11:51

That would be a Marvel! Fictional nation of Wakanda from Black Panther is listed as a US trading partner on Department of Agriculture website in bizarre gaffe

Wakanda, a made-up African nation from Marvel superhero movies including Black Panther, appeared in a drop-down list on the Department of Agriculture website.

It was also listed in a table of tariff codes, which suggested that Wakanda was trading with America in markets including dairy, tobacco and alcohol.

Today the department removed Wakanda from its online list, saying it was a mistake.

Dec 19 11:42

Council is threatened with legal action after telling schools to let transgender pupils choose which toilets and changing rooms to use

A mother is threatening a council with legal action over its 'dangerous' transgender policy which tells children to use whichever toilet they like at school.

Victoria Edwards is fighting Oxfordshire County Council over its 'Trans Inclusion Toolkit', claiming it puts pupils' in danger.

The 65-page document states that children can use the toilet and get changed wherever they feel most comfortable.

But Ms Edwards has branded the authority's stance 'unlawful and damaging', claiming it 'places the rights of trans identified children above the rights of all other children and staff'.

Dec 19 11:41

JK Rowling is branded a transphobe in Twitter row after the Harry Potter author posted message of support for tax expert sacked over 'men cannot become women' tweet

The Harry Potter author, 54, faced a huge online backlash after tweeting her support for Maya Forstater after an employment tribunal upheld her dismissal.

The 45-year-old was fired over 'offensive' tweets questioning government plans to allow people to self-identify as another gender.

Rowling has been accused of being a 'TERF' or trans exclusionary radical feminist after claiming Ms Forstater was 'forced out of her job for stating sex is real'.

Using the hashtag #IStandWithMaya, Rowling tweeted: 'Dress however you please.

'Call yourself whatever you like. Sleep with any consenting adult who'll have you. Live your best life in peace and security.

'But force women out of their jobs for stating that sex is real? #IStandWithMaya #ThisIsNotADrill'.

Dec 19 11:25

Crossing the Rubicon?

Now here's where I get myself kicked off Google/Blogger. Because I'm suggesting that CW 2 might be the least worst option facing America's Whites. Look at it this way. The way things are going Whites will become a voting minority in the not-too-distant future. When you consider what's been inflicted on them when they're the majority can you imagine what minority status would entail?

Dec 19 11:12


Congress and especially Congressional leadership of both parties are all as guilty as the three lying Administrations. They were part of the big lie, falsely presenting to the American people as “expert” witnesses only those bought-and-paid-for Beltway neocon think tankers.

What is even more shocking than the release of this “smoking gun” evidence that the US government wasted two trillion dollars and killed more than three thousand Americans and more than 150,000 Afghans while lying through its teeth about the war is that you could hear a pin drop in the mainstream media about it. Aside from the initial publication in the Washington Post, which has itself been a major cheerleader for the war in Afghanistan, the mainstream media has shown literally no interest in what should be the story of the century.

Dec 19 11:08


In order to bring home the significance of the Persian Gulf’s oil in the energy-starved industrialized world, here are a few stats from the OPEC data: Saudi Arabia has the world’s largest proven crude oil reserves of 265 billion barrels and its daily oil production is 10 million barrels; Iran and Iraq each has 150 billion barrels reserves and has the capacity to produce 5 million barrels per day each; while UAE and Kuwait each has 100 billion barrels reserves and produces 3 million barrels per day each; thus, all the littoral states of the Persian Gulf, together, hold 788 billion barrels, more than half of world’s 1477 billion barrels proven oil reserves.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The government of Iran may be many things; stupid, however, is not one of them.

They understand that anything which even looks like some kind of attack against American/Israeli assets in the region, would be followed by a counterattack which would turn Tehran into molten glass.

This is also why, when any kind of attack happens in the Middle East or beyond, against American/Israeli assets (and I wouldn't bet against this, right now), you will know for certain, that Iran had no part in it.

Dec 19 10:42

Russia probe witness charged with funneling millions to Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign

A businessman who helped broker a meeting between an ally of President Donald Trump and an official of the Russian government has been indicted for allegedly funneling millions in illegal campaign contributions to support Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.

George Nader, who was charged in another case earlier this year with child trafficking and transporting child pornography, was one of seven people named in an indictment unsealed in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday night involving the campaign payments.

Nader, 60, is charged with funneling money to Ahmad “Andy” Khawaja, 48, of Los Angeles in order to circumvent federal election laws that restrict the amount of donations from a specific individual and where that money is actually coming from, prosecutors say.

George Nader was charged earlier this year with child trafficking and transporting child pornography.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One has to wonder what the "quid pro quo" was with Hillary, in terms of what she promised Nader for the money.

Dec 19 10:41

WATCH: Republican Rep. Doug Collins SLAMS Democrats For Being A “Clear And Present Danger” To America

Republican Rep. Doug Collins (GA) called out House Democrats during Tuesdays’ rules committee hearings, stating that the Democrats 3-year unhinged plan to impeach President Trump over nothing is a “clear and present danger” to the United States.

Dec 19 10:40

'There's a real slob! Get her out of here!' Trump rips heckler who flipped him off while holding a 'you're fired' banner during raucous Michigan rally - then slams security guards for letting her in

Donald Trump slammed a heckler at a rally in Michigan as a 'real slob' then blasted security personnel for not removing the outspoken protester from the arena more quickly.

Dec 19 10:23

Sheriff: I might not like the law, but I'll still confiscate your guns. Voters: We're coming for your badge.

They take an Oath to the Constitution not to following orders. They have a Facebook page but I can't get it to link.

“They’re taking up a fight against me on something the Legislature has to do, and they think I have the authority not to follow the law,” Allen said. “I do oppose this law. However, it’s my not my job to oppose a law; my job is to enforce the law.”


Dec 19 10:14

South Korea Rejects US Troop Cost Demands, Talks End Without Deal

Two days of negotiations between the US and South Korea on cost-sharing of the US military presence have ended in failure, and there are no more talks scheduled before the existing deal expires on December 31.

President Trump’s last minute demands for a massive increase could be shaping up to be a huge mistake, as South Korea was already paying more than most nations do for US troops, and had agreed to a more modest increase. Getting from $800 million per year to around $1 billion per year was one thing, but Trump’s zero-hero demand for $5 billion per year angered many in South Korea.

Dec 19 10:13

Federal Reserve "Network Issues" Cause Nationwide Direct Deposit Outage

In recent years, banks and credit card processors had blamed hackers, blackouts, infrastructure inefficiencies, and of course the "Russians" for periodic service outages. As of today, they are now blaming the Fed itself.

Starting around 7am, there was a surge of outages reported at Capital One...

Dec 19 10:13


A week ago Erdogan said that he was ready to deploy troops to Libya on short notice. Today rumors appeared in Arab media, still unconfirmed, that Turkish special operations forces landed in Tripoli.

The Libyan war between two Libyan parties will now become a very different beast. Egypt will not tolerate a Muslim Brotherhood led Libya as its neighbor. Before the Turkish support allows the GNA government to defeat Haftar Egypt will intervene. The situation can thereby soon develop into an intense war during which Turkish troops fight on Libyan grounds against the Egyptian military.

Both countries have rich Arab sponsors who can finance a long and intense conflict. Both have lots of material and many many soldiers who they can throw into the fight. The Egyptian side has one advantage. Its long land border allows for easy resupply while Turkey will have to rely on supplies that come by sea and air and can be cut off or at least interrupted.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

With NATO still fuming over Erdogan's recent behaviour,coupled with his threat to close down the NATO base at Incirlik, Edrogan is playing with fire in this situation, because no matter how he tries to paint such an intervention, I would rather suspect that the rest of NATO will simply attempt to ignore it with dignity, for as long as it reasonably can.

But the real question is, who and what will support Egypt against Erdogan, and who will support Erdogan militarily, should such a conflict start?!?

There is a sister companion story, out of zerohedge.com, with the following, very unsettling headline: Turkey To Establish Military Base In Libya As Egypt Threatens Its Own Intervention

The article goes on to state: "Turkey's involvement in the ongoing Libyan war between Benghazi-based General Khalifa Haftar and the UN-recognized Tripoli GNA government is set to grow.

Following a recent military agreement between Turkey and Tripoli, and as Haftar's forces threaten attack on any Turkish plane or ship, it's expected the Turkish military will set up a base in the war-torn country. Middle East Monitor reports of the latest developments:

Turkey is set to establish a military base in Libya, according to Turkish media reports earlier this week, as President Recep Tayyip weighs up the possibility of intervention in the country’s civil war.

Yeni Shafak reported on Monday that the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Turkish parliament had approved a recent agreement between Turkey and Libya on military cooperation. It also includes provisions for launching a “quick reaction force” if requested by the Libyan government."

Turkey just "kicked it up a notch" with this agreement with Libya to provide Turkish troops, if asked, against General Haftar's potential advance against Tripoli; look for this to get very ugly, very quickly; Russia is supporting Haftar, both openly, and covertly.

If a shooting war continues, look for Russia's support of Haftar to be the key for deal-making, to bring Hafter; Turkey; and Tripoli into an accord which will start with an immediate cease-fire.

Dec 19 10:12

Cancer Was Finally Cured in Canada but Was Ignored by Big Pharma

CTV News in Atlantic Canada reports that a Cure For Cancer is found and it has been censored just like Dr Buzinski’s Cure for Cancer from Houston, Texas. This report by CTV News covers Dr. Evangelos Michelakis at the University of Alberta and the drug called DCA which has been found to reduce the size of cancerous tumors.

Dr. Dario Alterieri from the University of Massachusetts agreed that the drug should be tested for its side effects and safety issues. However, there is no patent on this drug.

Dec 19 10:11

Trump’s Abominable, Reprehensible And Downright Tyrannical Executive Order

I’ll make this column short and to the point.

Trump's executive order—deceptively called “An Executive Order on Combating Anti-Semitism”—issued this past week, will empower the federal Department of Education to withhold funding to college campuses that do not squash anti-Israel rhetoric. In other words, it is now official government policy to deny college students and faculty members their Natural and constitutional right to criticize—especially and primarily if they criticize any and all things Israel. This will also doubtless include speech that supports Palestinian rights.

Trump also declared that the religion of Judaism is a nationality or ethnicity and is beyond criticism. Can you imagine the outcry if he had declared Christianity to be a nationality?

Dec 19 09:46

Google goes offline after fibre cables cut

Severed fibre optic cables disrupted internet access in parts of eastern Europe, Iran and Turkey on Thursday.

The issue, which lasted for about two hours, was caused by multiple fibre cables being physically cut at the same time, a highly unusual thing to happen.

Google said its services were among those unavailable in the region for about 30 minutes.

The company told internet service providers to connect to its other servers to "route around the problem".

In a statement, the company blamed "multiple simultaneous fibre cuts", which are very rare.

BBC Monitoring confirmed that internet access in Iran and Turkey had been disrupted for about two hours on Thursday morning.

Dec 19 09:37

FedEx driver shot and robbed, returns fire with his own weapon. Suspect dead.

A Philadelphia FedEx driver was shot in the abdomen during a robbery Tuesday night, but was able to fire back with his own weapon and kill the man suspected of attacking him.

Dec 19 09:37

Domestic violence shelter posts 7-year-old's heartbreaking letter to Santa, and the response is overwhelming

A heart-wrenching letter from a 7 year old child in a domestic violence shelter in Texas has inspired many to donate in order to help those in dangerous situations.

Dec 19 09:36

BREAKING: Manafort Has New York State Fraud Case DISMISSED Because Of ‘Double Jeopardy’ – Opening Way For Trump Pardon

A judge on Wednesday tossed out New York State charges of mortgage fraud against Paul Manafort because of ‘double jeopardy’ laws.

Dec 19 09:36

The Many Corrupt And Criminal Actions FBI Agent Joe Pientka Involved In – Including Setting Up General Flynn – Yet Pientka Still Protected By FBI

The FISA Report kept this Deep State character’s identity hidden. Yet Joe Pientka was in the middle of most Deep State corrupt and criminal actions. Will the American people be able to trust the FBI and DOJ ever again?

Dec 19 09:33

BBC Director-General Calls for Media Critics to Be Purged From Social Media

The BBC has responded to criticism over its coverage of the UK’s general election by calling for their online critics to be banned from social media.

Dec 19 09:31

America’s Pyramid of Lies

American foreign policy, not just toward Russia and China, but the world in general isn’t built on political theory or national interest. There is no manifest destiny or more than lip service for spreading democracy leading the dialog.

Whatever artifice may have served for so many years, blinding all but the few, Ezra Pound, Martin Luther King, so very few, nothing remains, nothing to anchor to, nothing to believe in.

Sometimes looking in a mirror can be a horror.

America exists to foster war, poverty, discord and strife. All information, delivered through fake education, propagandized entertainment, phony intelligence, invented news or the innuendo and smears of social media and Google, is created by “lobbyists.”

Information is reality and creating fake information while erasing all else is the biggest industry of the digital age.

Dec 19 09:29

Putin and the ‘Biden Memorial Pipeline’ to China

In early 2014 Washington staged a blatant coup d’etat in Ukraine breaking the historic relationship with Russia and setting the stage for the subsequent NATO demonization of Russia. The one in charge for the Obama Administration of the Ukraine coup was then-Vice President Joe Biden. Today a bizarre Democrat impeachment attempt aimed at President Donald Trump has curiously enough put the spotlight on the dubious role that Joe Biden played in Ukraine affairs in 2014 and after. That Biden-steered coup had the unintended effect of causing a 180 degree geopolitical pivot of Moscow from West to East. The opening of a massive new gas pipeline now is only one of those unintended consequences.

Dec 19 09:26

Can Michael Bloomberg Ride Racial Incoherence to Victory?

Not too long ago, the platonic form of an evil Jewish finance-capitalist running as a Democrat would be laughed out of the room.

This was a major factor in Michael Bloomberg’s decision to run as a Republican in his then long shot bid to become Mayor of Democratic stronghold New York City in 2000. Despite lining up with Democrats on most social issues, he was able to buy a weak endorsement from Rudy Giuliani and the Manhattan GOP (and by the end of his third term, multiply his net worth from $4 billion to $54 billion), narrowly defeating his Democratic opponent by outspending him 5 to 1.

Dec 19 09:26

Canada, Germany move to ban gay 'conversion therapy' — Canadian bill is so broad it could outlaw Christian counseling and evangelism of LGBT people

The Canadian and German governments have taken significant steps toward ending controversial gay "conversion therapy" practices in their countries this week.

Dec 19 09:26

Startup designs slanted toilet that causes pain after 5 minutes — all to raise workplace productivity

British startup StandardToilet has designed the toilet from hell all to benefit companies and boost employee productivity.

Dec 19 09:25

The Baltic states are horrified of losing the Russian transit

The Balts with their typical sluggish thinking have started figuring out the consequences of losing the Russian transit. The horror of the realization forced the head of Latvia’s State Railway Administration to announce that the situation is close to critical.

Dec 19 09:25

Report: Florida's Dept. of Education supports two Christian high schools barred from loudspeaker prayer at Citrus Bowl stadium

Florida's Department of Education is backing a pair of Christian high schools that were barred from conducting a loudspeaker prayer at a game held in the stadium that hosts the annual Citrus Bowl, the Christian Post reported.

Dec 19 09:25

Survey: Nearly 30% of respondents say Santa Claus should transition to female — or just become gender-neutral

In these days of folks increasingly declaring new genders that differ from those "assigned at birth" — and drawing from a steadily growing list featuring dozens of genders beyond male and female — you've gotta hand it to those behind a new survey for keeping things simple this Christmas season.

Dec 19 09:25

"We Can't Wait To See This Bird Fly!": NASA's X-59 Quiet SuperSonic Jet Cleared For Final Assembly

NASA will build the X-59 in partnership with Lockheed Martin and start test flights in 2021. The goal of the flights is to reduce the noise a sonic boom makes to a sonic thump, or basically as loud as a car door.

Dec 19 09:25

Drunk Driving, Pulling A Gun On Someone For Spilling Tea: Baltimore Cops Have ‘Ugly’ Year

At least 20 cops in Baltimore, Maryland were arrested, sentenced, or suspended in 2019 for their behavior, a Baltimore Sun report found.

Dec 19 09:25

Kentucky Rep. Revives Bill Barring Transgender Students From Sharing Bathrooms With Opposite Biological Sex

A Kentucky state representative legislator has revived a bill that would ensure restrooms, locker rooms, and shower rooms in the state’s public schools would be designated for either males or females, thus preventing members of the opposite biological sex from sharing the facilities. The bill would also permit students to sue if school personnel gave a transgender student access to share those facilities with the opposite biological sex.

Dec 19 09:24

BREAKING: Speaker Nancy Pelosi THREATENS to Withhold Articles of Impeachment from Senate Unless They Bow to Her Demands! (Video)


Dec 19 09:07

Comedian Michelle Wolf jokes that getting an abortion made her feel 'very powerful' like ‘God’

Michelle Wolf, the leftist comedian who unleashed a slew of hateful insults on White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders during the 2018 White House Correspondents' Dinner, joked in a new Netflix special that getting an abortion made her feel "very powerful" like "God."

Dec 19 08:49

Their town nixed a Nativity scene on public property. Locals responded by putting up their own displays.

After the city of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, broke with previous tradition and barred a religious organization from placing a Nativity scene on public property earlier this year, local residents and business owners have responded by putting up their own.

Dec 19 08:49

Online mom poses as 11-year-old girl for 1 week. She encounters extraordinarily disturbing things.

A 37-year-old mom named "Sloane Ryan" documented her experience as an 11-year-old girl on social media — and the outcome was highly disturbing.

Dec 19 08:48

London School Introduces Woke Lyrics To ‘Away In A Manger’ For Inclusivity Purposes

A primary school in London has sparked outrage among parents for creating a woke version of the classic Christmas carol “Away In a Manger” in the name inclusivity.

Dec 19 08:48

Tucker on Democrats’ Impeachment Vote: “It Is Kind of a Jonestown Dynamic Where They All Know It’s Going to End Badly” (VIDEO)

Tucker Carlson went off on Democrats on Wednesday during their sham impeachment votes against President Trump.
Joining Tucker was Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) a Trump Republican from New York state.
The two pondered the eerie display of Democrat lemmings jumping the cliff for Pelosi.

Dec 19 08:48

Democrats Hold Wine and Cheese Party on Capitol Hill During Break in Impeachment Hearing

Democrats voted in a straight party line vote to impeach President Trump for abuse of power and obstructing Congress on Wednesday night.

Dec 19 08:47

The Newseum – The Fake News Media’s Tribute To Itself – Is Closing Down At The End Of The Month

It’s a museum in Washington, DC that charges $25 admission to see exhibits dedicated to the media. It’s surrounded by Smithsonian Museums which are far more interesting.

Dec 19 08:47

Pelosi Loses It – Fights to Keep Her Teeth From Falling Out of Her Face as She Shouts at Reporters Following Trump Impeachment Vote (VIDEO)

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi lost her cool after her caucus voted to impeach President Trump on Wednesday evening.

Dec 19 08:38

Global trade collapse continues...

Dec 19 08:37

Housing Bubbles Are Bad for the Economy…

Dec 19 08:32

Congress Decides 18-Year-Olds Are Too Young To Buy Tobacco. Here’s A Bunch Of Things They Still Aren’t Too Young To Do

The $1.4 trillion budget currently being rammed through Congress should attract our attention because it’s yet another massive behemoth monstrosity of a spending bill and it yet again signals that fiscal conservatism, if it ever existed at all, has been dead for many decades.