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May 27 01:20

The Clapper!

May 26 22:44 Traffic Statistics

Stumble was bought out by a company that owns To keep the stories up stumblers have to transfer over to by June 30th when stumbleupon is no more.

Stumbleupon is currently rated at 2155 globally and 1052 in the US. is rated 36,597 in the US. They are rated 162,501 globally.
The site IMHO is slow and convoluted. Folks will have a heck of a time finding anything.
I think this is another example of corporate censorship.

May 26 18:01

Diary of a Palestinian girl: Nightmares

Janna takes us through the struggle that is life in Nabi Saleh, a village in occupied Palestine. It is, in her words, a living nightmare filled with fear, pain and loss, where protests, riots and shootings are the daily norm. This is our fifth and final episode of the young journalist's diary.

May 26 17:55

13-minute video: Why crop circles are NOT man-made

*hyperlinks/videos live at source*

Janet Ossebaard has researched crop circles since 1995. Her powerful 13-minute demonstration of eleven factors of genuine crop circles that have no known explanation, nor have been replicated:

Among these bio-anomalous qualities (footnotes at link):
The immaculate patterns that refer to the highest forms in geometry
The altered biochemical composition of the grain seeds and the soil
The increase in the crystal structure of clay minerals in the soil, something that is "officially" only possible in sedimentary rock (2)
The complex mutual weaving patterns in the flattened stalks (3), (4)
The fact that they can apparently be formed within several minutes, even in fields which are constantly monitored (because every croppy would like to catch the makers in the act) (5)
Some circles in the formations follow the uneven terrain. They are deformed in order to appear perfectly round from above.

May 26 17:48

Cover-ups -- Malcolm Fraser's Last Interview [ former Australian Prime Minister]

Malcolm Fraser talks about the Australia/US Alliance, the USS Liberty, 911, the Vietnam War and the Iraq war and more........

May 26 16:17

UK Protesters Flood the Streets to Demand the Release of Imprisoned Journalist Tommy Robinson

Incredible scene on Downing Street right now as protestors gather in solidarity for jailed journalist Tommy Robinson, who was arrested for merely covering a story.

May 26 15:37


May 26 14:53

These drones can haul a 20-pound load for 500 miles and land on a moving target

A start-up called Volans-i is building drones that can deliver heavy parts over long distances, even to a ship that’s sailing at sea. This kind of technology could have saved the Titanic, CEO and co-founder Hannan Parvizian quipped.

May 26 14:37

Julian Assange could be forced out of Ecuadoran embassy soon

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange may have overstayed his welcome at the Ecuadoran embassy in London, where his situation is “unusually bad” and he could be forced out “any day now,” according to a report on Friday.

May 26 12:57

The Korean Leaders Have Met To Discuss Trump's Summit With Kim Jong Un

The meeting followed a tumultuous week in relations between the US and North Korea, with President Trump canceling next month's summit, before saying it could be back on.

May 26 12:54

2018 summer movies: 17 flicks to know about

Save the dates! And save some money! Summer movie season is here.
Over 130 films will hit theaters over the next few months, but film critic Peter Travers has narrowed down the list to 17 films -- some already released -- that should be on your radar.

May 26 12:49

Chris Brown 'splashes out $30,000 on his daughter Royalty's VERY lavish 4th birthday bash with Disney princesses on glitzy guest list'

Chris Brown has reportedly spent $30,000 (£22,500) on his daughter Royalty's very extravagant fourth birthday bash being hosted on Sunday.
Disney princesses as well as a horse and carriage are said to be attending the glitzy soirée where party-goers can choose from a plush menu to eat.
According to TMZ, the musician, 29, has set aside his differences with the mother of his daughter, Nia Guzman to host a joint party for Royalty.

May 26 12:11

Liverpool holds its breath: Champions League final against Real Madrid kicks off as thousands of fans descend on Kiev with tensions running high after a series of clashes

Spirits are high in Kiev's Shevchenko Park, where thousands of Liverpool fans have gathered for the CL final
The two European heavyweights are set to lock horns tonight pitting Ronaldo vs Mo Salah - KO 19:45

May 26 12:10

Hugh Grant, 57, marries Anna Eberstein, 39: Actor weds dressed-down girlfriend in 'happy and relaxed' London ceremony

The couple wed in an intimate ceremony at Chelsea registry office on Thursday

May 26 12:09

Whitney Houston's cousin responds to controversial album cover of late singer's bathroom

Whitney Houston's cousin responds to controversial album cover of late singer's bathroom (ABC News)