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Oct 17 07:18

10 Really Weird Chinese Medical Treatments And Their Effects

Chinese medicine has been around an extremely long time. Systematic records of medical techniques first appeared in China around the second century BC. Since then, hundreds of thousands of doctors have worked their magic, eventually giving birth to the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) of today.

Oct 17 07:15

School investigating after student 'made cookies with grandmother's ashes and handed them out in class'

A school has launched an investigation and called in the police amid claims a student made cookies with her dead grandmother's ashes.
Shocked staff and fellow students were horrified when the female student told them what they had been eating at the school in California.

Fox40 reports the inquiries started when one student arrived home in the town of Davis and told his parents about the worrying claims the girl made.

Oct 17 07:14

'Game on, Tiny!' Donald Trump and Stormy Daniels go to war on Twitter as he calls porn star 'Horseface' after she loses part of lawsuit against him - so she hits back by mocking his manhood and saying maybe he's into 'bestiality'

Donald Trump has mentioned Stormy Daniels by name in a tweet for the first time ever, calling the adult actor “horseface” in an angry, misspelled post.
The president had yet to refer to Ms Daniels on social media, having been accused of paying hush money on the eve of the 2016 election not to disclose details of an alleged affair between the pair.

Oct 17 07:02

Melania Trump's Plane Goes Up In Smoke, Forced To Turn Around After 'Mechanical Issue'

Melania Trump’s Plane Forced To Turn Around After Billowing Smoke

Oct 17 06:51

The 'human waste' mountains: Photos expose shocking scale of NHS rubbish that caused 'unbearable' stench while piled up at plant run by firm at centre of body parts scandal (6 Pics)

Towering piles of clinical waste almost touch the ceiling at a plant run by the company at the centre of the NHS body parts scandal.
A whistleblower took the disturbing images of the bags at Healthcare Environmental Services’ Tyneside plant over a period of 20 months.

He described an “unbearable” stench coming from the waste, which had been taken away from hospitals for incineration.

Oct 17 06:47

Couple who have brought colour to their village for 30 years by tending beautiful flower beds are given a week to remove them by council after ONE anonymous neighbour complained they were a danger to drivers

Sally Williams, 69, and her husband Brian, 80, planted the dahlias on Hollin House Lane in Loxley, near Sheffield, over three decades ago to encourage wildlife and bring colour to the quiet, rural lane.

Oct 17 05:37

Is DARPA Planning to Infect Insects with GM Viruses for Use in Food Crops?

Again, the mad scientist division of the Pentagon, DARPA, is doing something that causes people anxiety. In 2016, a program called “Insect Allies” was launched by the US Department of Defense. It involves the investment of $45 million over the course of four years into creating viruses, that infect crops, supposedly to help prevent the failure of crops driven by climate change and pathogens.

Oct 17 05:36

Global Insect Decline Now ‘Hyperalarming’ According to Latest Research

For the last 8 years we have been receiving warnings about the loss of honey bees and other pollinator insects, but yet so far have been wholly unable to comprehend what this means to our future, and therefore have been unable and unwilling to react with any seriousness.

Oct 17 05:25

A Gun, a Suspect, a Manhunt Shut Down Kenmore Square

(*buc buc buc Blue State cockle doodle doo Civil War !
Sounds like a Blue State Civil War Election Year Special went south over in the Animal Farm Barnyard out in the Greater Boston acreage )

Oct 17 05:07


Soldiers from the coastal missile and artillery brigade of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet have been put on alert in order to take part in tactical exercises, the Russian Defense Ministry reported on October 15.