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Member Submitted News

Mar 22 14:45

VIDEO | Trump Cracks Up The Crowd With Advice…

When Trump is just being himself, he's honest and pretty funny...


Mar 22 14:35

Mueller Fishing

Mar 22 14:33

The Central Bankers Just Pushed Back Against "The Plan"

Snowden reveals that the NSA has been targeting Bitcoin users and tracking their transactions. The Fed raises rates, they have just fired a shot across the bow to block the plan. The plan is in motion and Trump has started a trade war with the largest US trading partner.

Mar 22 14:27

Remember That Time Obama Called Putin To Congratulate Him On Election Victory -- Neither Did IDIOT David Axelrod

Obama's closest confidante should have kept his mouth shut. He gets pwned...


Mar 22 14:23

If you were chief of CIA consciousness ops

There is an obsession to say that everything is made out of something.

Who knows where it started? With the Egyptian pyramid builders? The Sumerians?

Mar 22 14:19

Surveillance footage from #LasVegasShooting is out -- And it tells us nothing !

Worst shooting in modern history
And we learn basically zero

Mar 22 14:14

BREAKING: #China 'would fight to the end' in trade war with #US

#TradeWar: #China would defend its own legitimate interests using 'all necessary measures'

Mar 22 14:10

Comey said terrorists were unknown to FBI. HE LIED!!!

Undercover FBI Agent (NOT)Surprised When Terror Attack Began in Garland (Weapon from FAST AND FURIOUS)

Mar 22 14:02

Raising countless eyebrows, Walmart files patent for autonomous bee drones

With honey bee populations still in peril from one or several of a litany of hotly debated causes — neonicotinoid insecticides, changing climate, and more — Walmart appears to have joined the race for a technological solution to a potential looming disaster, filing a patent for robotic, drone bees earlier this month.

Mar 22 14:00

EU Bad-Loan-Fiasco-Reform Loses Teeth, Adds Sweeteners for Banks (Funded by Taxpayers)

After much lobbying, guidelines for banks become “non-binding expectations,” says the ECB.