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Dec 13 16:04

Italian Government Numbers Show 42% Of Rapes Are Carried Out By Migrants

...Italian women are more likely to be victims of sexual harassment or so-called “minor sexual assaults” than foreign women are...

Dec 13 16:01

"F**k Boris" - Antifa Protesters Clash With Police Outside Downing Street As Furious Leftists Revolt

And since the fun never stops, more 'Stand Up To Racism' rallies are expected this weekend in Leeds, one of the few areas of Labour's "Red Wall" where support held up, and elsewhere.

Ironically, one of their favorite chants was "this is what democracy looks like."

Is it, now? Because we thought that's what you all were doing yesterday.

Dec 13 15:59

NY Post Editorial Board Names Eric Ciaramella As Whistleblower

The New York Post Editorial Board has named CIA analyst Eric Ciaramella as the whistleblower at the heart of the Trump impeachment saga, confirming an October 30 report by RealClearInvestigation's Paul Sperry which has been widely cited in subsequent reports.

Dec 13 15:43

How the Red Wall crumbled: Traditional working-class support for Labour IMPLODES in usually safe seats as Darlington, Redcar, Bishop Auckland, and Burnley all fall to rampaging Tories

The Conservatives racked up a stunning tally of 365 seats in the first December election for nearly a century.

Jeremy Corbyn announced this morning that he will quit as leader after Labour humiliatingly collapsed to 203 - down 59 on 2017.

The bombshell numbers would give Mr Johnson a huge Commons majority of 80, the biggest since Margaret Thatcher's third victory in 1987, and more than enough to fulfill his vow to 'get Brexit done'.

Dec 13 15:35

Lily Allen DELETES her Twitter account amid furious backlash and a spat with Piers Morgan after claiming Boris Johnson won because 'racism and misogyny run so deep' in UK

Singer Lily Allen has deleted her Twitter account as she faced a furious backlash over her claim that Boris Johnson won the election because 'racism and misogyny run so deep' in the UK.

Social media users savaged the left-winger after she slammed the Tory victory this morning.

Among those hitting out at Allen was Good Morning Presenter Piers Morgan who said: 'I think I speak for Britain when I say if Lily Allen doesn't like it here, why doesn't she f*** off?'

Dec 13 15:32

Hundreds of Antifa protesters clash with police outside Downing Street and are ridiculed for holding 'F*** Boris' protest just hours after his stonking election victory

Sore loser demonstrators descended on Whitehall, central London waving flags and placards around and shouting 'not my Prime Minister' just hours after Mr Johnson pledged to heal the divisions of Brexit, as he returned to Downing Street after securing a crushing General Election victory over Labour.

But despite almost 14million people voting in favour of Mr Johnson's government, the comparatively tiny crowd, seemingly unable to get over the election result, become embroiled in violent clashes with the police.

It came after they were heard chanting slogans including 'to hell with Boris Johnson' and 'Boris, no, no, no'.

Dozens have called out the protesters for taking to the streets so soon after polls closed, and ridiculing them for thinking they will 'overthrow' the Prime Minister with such a small number.

Dec 13 12:02

The global slow motion train wreck continues

Dec 13 11:19

Earth's magnetic north is shifting at an 'unprecedented' rate of 30 miles a year - throwing satellite positioning data and navigation systems off course

The magnetic North Pole is the wandering point on the surface of Earth's Northern Hemisphere at which the planet's magnetic field - created by molten iron within the planet’s core - points vertically downwards.

The latest World Magnetic Model, which tracks the movement of the Earth’s magnetic field, shows that the magnetic north is moving at a rate of 30 miles per year.

This is the fastest recorded shift of the Earth's north since the mid-16th century and could cause havoc for aviation and navigation systems, including smartphone apps that use GPS.

The WMM has also located ‘caution zones’ on Earth around the magnetic fields where compasses may be prone to errors and send users off course.

Dec 13 11:18

The sun has been eerily quiet for 264 days in a row - just 96 hours short of setting a new record with no surface activity since March 24

The sun is unusually quiet and docile, with no sunspots seen on its surface in 264 days — just four days short of setting a new record.

In 2008, no sunspots were observed for a total of 268 days and if the current period exceeds this it will become one of the deepest lulls of the modern era.

Dec 13 11:14

Flaw in Elementor and Beaver Addons Let Anyone Hack WordPress Sites

Attention WordPress users!

Your website could easily get hacked if you are using "Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder," or "Ultimate Addons for Elementor" and haven't recently updated them to the latest available versions.

Security researchers have discovered a critical yet easy-to-exploit authentication bypass vulnerability in both widely-used premium WordPress plugins that could allow remote attackers to gain administrative access to sites without requiring any password.

What's more worrisome is that opportunistic attackers have already started exploiting this vulnerability in the wild within 2 days of its discovery in order to compromise vulnerable WordPress websites and install a malicious backdoor for later access.

Dec 13 10:37

Poop-Covered Streets Cost San Francisco $192 Mil After Tech Giant Moves Event

Despite San Francisco’s progressive image, sky-high prices and run-down streets covered with all manner of human filth are chasing away investors and hundreds of millions of dollars from the city.

Dec 13 10:37

Once-Powerful Weinstein Now Frail, Powerless Before Judge Who Warns Bad Health Won't Get Him Special Treatment

No one can escape the judgment seat of Almighty God.
But Harvey Weinstein sure seems like he’s trying to escape the judgment of James Burke.
Burke is the New York Supreme Court judge currently presiding over Weinstein’s criminal case.