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Aug 11 12:57

Coronavirus is the New ‘Terrorism’ — Ron Paul

Politicians and bureaucrats cannot eliminate a virus any more than they can eliminate terrorism. What they can do is use terrorism, a virus, and other real, exaggerated, or manufactured crises to expand their power at the expense of our liberty. -- Politicians will never resist the temptation to use crises as excuses to gain more power. Therefore, it is up to those of us who know the truth to spread the message of liberty and grow the liberty movement, A strong liberty movement is the only thing that can force the politicians to stop stealing our liberty while promising phantom security from terrorists and viruses.

Aug 11 12:49

Debate This!

Biden’s image makers know the less the public sees and hears Biden, the better. Biden’s surrogates, a host of handlers, and a sympathetic, seditious Press have constructed a false image of Biden. It is a fragile image easily undercut through public appearances and shattered by a one-to-one match-up with Trump. This is precisely why the Press, along with Biden’s handlers, support early voting and why they seek to delay a Presidential debate. -- The forces driving Biden’s White-House bid must rely on deception. That raises the question whether the upcoming November 2020 Presidential election will be reasonable, fair, impartial, transparent, and honest.

Aug 11 12:32

FPC Brief: Background Checks for Ammo Violate Second Amendment

In 2016, California enacted a series of regulations on ammunition sales. Ammunition sales must now be conducted by a licensed ammunition vendor, occur face-to-face at the vendor’s California location, and be approved by the California Department of Justice. DOJ approval requires a background check on the purchaser, for every ammunition purchase. Making matters worse, the background check system denies 16% of lawful purchases due to deficiencies in the system. In the first few months of its enactment, over 100,000 lawful acquisitions were refused, and countless others were deterred by the system’s complexity.

Aug 11 12:25

Fusion Centers Have Secretly Created A National Citizen Spying Program Fusion Centers Have Secretly Created A National Citizen Spying Program

If you thought DHS's "If You See Something, Say Something" was a failure guess again. DHS has managed to justify creating 78 Fusion Centers whose sole purpose, it seems, is to spy on innocent Americans and track their daily movements.

Aug 11 11:06

“Don’t Bait Us!” Mayor Lightfoot Snaps at Reporter For Pointing Out That Looters Took Advantage of the Lack of Consequences in Recent Riots (VIDEO)

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot on Monday snapped at a reporter for pointing out violent looters took advantage of the lack of consequences in the recent George Floyd riots.

Aug 11 11:05

Shocking video shows boy, 8, with special needs being HANDCUFFED at his elementary school while officers tell him 'you're going to jail' after he punched a teacher in the chest - as lawyer accuses cops of using 'scare straight' tactics

Harrowing video surfaced Monday from a 2018 incident where police officers attempted to handcuff a crying eight-year-old boy in his elementary school and told him he's going to jail.

Aug 11 11:05

Fired McDonald's CEO 'deleted dozens of nude photos of three employees sent using his company email and phone as part of a coverup' as the fast food chain tries to recoup his $40 MILLION severance package

A McDonald's lawsuit claims that the company's fired CEO Stephen Easterbrook deleted dozens of nude photos that were sent using his work email and phone as part of a coverup so he wouldn't be caught as the fast-food chain tries to recoup tens of millions of dollars in severance and benefits.

Aug 11 10:56

Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best Resigns Following City Council Vote to Defund Police

Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best will be resigning on Wednesday morning, following the city council voting to defund the police amid massive unrest.

Aug 11 10:44

WTH? CNN’s Jeremy Diamond Says Trump Wants To Deliver Convention Speech In Gettysburg Because He Loves The Confederacy (VIDEO)

CNN’s Jeremy Diamond on Monday suggested President Trump wanted to deliver his convention speech in Gettysburg because he loves the Confederacy.

Aug 11 10:43

President Trump Asked About Russia Meddling In Election – Says He’s More Worried About Democrat Interference (Video)

Following a scare at the White House where the Secret Service had to evacuate the briefing room as President Donald Trump spoke to reporters, the Republican president went back to the press room to answer questions.

Aug 11 10:36

The New Guinea cannibals accused of killing and eating Michael Rockefeller: Photographer visits Indonesian people who gave up eating humans thirty years ago and converted to Christianity after disappearance of American heir in 1961

These are the remote Indonesia people accused of murdering and eating American heir Michael Rockefeller sixty years ago before they renounced cannibalism and turned to Christianity.

Aug 11 10:36

NASA shares image of red cyclones swirling on Jupiter's North Pole - but the internet says the planet looks like a 'pepperoni pizza'

NASA shared a detailed image of Jupiter, but viewers said it looks more like ‘a pepperoni pizza.’
The Juno spacecraft has been probing the massive planet since 2011 and recently sent back a picture of red swirling cyclones in the North Pole region.

Aug 11 10:35

'Corruption is bigger than the state': Lebanese PM's amazing admission as he and his cabinet RESIGN over explosion that killed 160 saying he has faced a brick wall trying to bring in reforms as country teeters on the brink

Lebanon's prime minister and his cabinet resigned tonight in the wake of the devastating Beirut explosion which has killed more than 160 people.

Aug 11 10:35

Moment megaphone wielding anti-mask activists storm Morrison's and demand shoppers 'resist the new world order' and take off their face-coverings that are 'so bad' for them

A mob of anti-mask protesters stunned grocery shoppers after storming a supermarket yelling 'You guys need to resist'.

Aug 11 10:28

Democrat Supported Marxist Group Plans Siege on White House Starting September 17 for 50 Days Until the 2020 Election

Leftist operatives with the support of Democrats are burning and pillaging cities across the country. Stores are looted and government buildings are attacked on a weekly basis by far left terrorists.

Aug 11 10:27

Our Elites Are Idiots: Listen to DC Appeals Court Judge Wilkins Blather On About Hypothetical with Nuns and Priests During General Flynn Hearing (VIDEO)

The General Flynn hearing today before the DC Appeals Court was an embarrassment to the nation and our legal profession.

Aug 11 09:52

Father shoots dead his 11-year-old terminally ill daughter before turning the gun on himself in murder suicide while his wife was cooking breakfast

A father shot dead his terminally ill 11-year-old daughter before turning the gun on himself in a shocking murder-suicide in Florida.
The man, who was in his 40s but has not yet been named, allegedly opened fire on his daughter at their home in Davie at about 9am Monday before shooting himself.

Aug 11 09:52

New York gym owner sues Gov. Cuomo to reopen the state because he is 'destroying everything' with his stringent lockdown and asks 'are we supposed to go broke?'

A New York gym owner has sued Gov Andrew Cuomo and the state to reopen because the governor's stringent lockdown guidelines are 'destroying everything'.
During a COVID-19 update on Thursday, Cuomo called gyms 'problematic' and said they will remain closed until the state feels they can reopen safely.

Aug 11 09:49

Could your mask help SPREAD coronavirus? Scientists discover fleece neck gaiters MULTIPLY infectious droplets while N95s and cotton masks work best to protect you and reduce transmission

We've all been told to wear face masks to reduce the spread of coronavirus, but it turns out the material your mask is made of may affect your risk, a new study suggests.