Jan 19 14:20

Trans woman who confessed to sexually assaulting 10-year-old girl in a public bathroom could end up serving little to no time, outraging officials

A transgender woman who reportedly sexually assaulted a 10-year-old girl in a California bathroom could end up serving little to no time under Los Angeles County's criminal justice reform policies, infuriating area residents.

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Jan 19 14:19

Boris Johnson ends England's COVID restrictions, including mask mandates and vaccine passports, amid scandal

England will end its mandatory face masking and COVID-19 vaccine passport requirements on Thursday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced to applause from Parliament.

Speaking in the House of Commons Wednesday, Johnson said scientists believe the wave of coronavirus cases caused by the Omicron variant had peaked nationally and as such the country would revert to its "Plan A" response to the virus, according to the BBC.

Jan 19 14:18

Public school teaching tool reportedly says being a 'military kid' means you have 'privilege' — and reaction is pointed

Virginia's Fairfax County Public Schools is in the news yet again, as the Daily Wire reported that a teaching tool indicates that being a "military kid" is among a long list of privileges.

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Jan 19 14:07

I was horrifically attacked by evil boyfriend who hid his violent past – he’s a monster

A BRAVE mum has revealed her horror injuries after being left for dead by her ex-partner who hid his violent past.

Helen Procter, 40, had been at the pub with Daniel Burton when he dragged her inside their home in Hull and threw her against the living room wall.

Jan 19 13:59

Chilling moment massive shark prowls near oblivious swimmers in same spot where man was mauled to death by great white

THIS is the chilling moment a huge shark prowls close to oblivious surfers in the same spot a bodyboarder was mauled to death by a great white.

Footage shows the beast cruising through the water at Kogel Bay, Cape Town, just feet away from swimmers - who appear blissfully unaware of its threatening presence.

Jan 19 13:58

Meet 12 of Britain’s most wanted fugitives thought to be hiding in Spain – including drive-by suspect & ‘drug kingpins’

THESE are 12 of Britain's most wanted fugitives who are thought to be hiding out in Spain to avoid being tracked down by cops.

The offenders - all men - are being hunted by police over major crimes including a drive-by shooting and a huge drug-dealing operation.

Jan 19 13:49

Watch moment hungry alligator strolls across golf course with fish in its mouth to leave golfers stunned

GOLFERS in Florida were left stunned when an alligator casually took a stroll across the course with its lunch.

Alligators on golf courses are nothing new, with several videos of the huge reptiles enjoying the lush greens and fairways in the southern states circulating online.

Jan 19 13:49

Ashling Murphy – Moment dad-of-five is arrested at hospital over murder of teacher as second man taken into custody

THIS is the chilling moment a dad-of-five was arrested by police for the murder of Ashling Murphy.

The chief suspect in the teacher's tragic murder case was spotted leaving St James’ Hospital in Dublin around 11.30am yesterday morning - and now cops have taken a second man into custody.

Jan 19 13:47

Trucking companies sound alarm, say Canada’s draconian vaccine mandate for cross-border truckers will devastate economy

Trucking organizations are echoing warnings from individual haulers and trucking companies that vaccine mandates for drivers on both sides of the U.S.-Canada border are going to devastate economics and come at a time when the supply chain crisis continues to leave shelves bare in grocery and retail stores.

Jan 19 13:21

Poll finds only 10% of Americans trust media on COVID, 30% trust Fauci

Put it another way, almost 90 per cent of Americans don’t trust the media when it comes to COVID and fewer than one in five trust Joe Biden.

No wonder Biden is begging social media companies to engage in even more censorship of information relating to COVID-19.

Jan 19 13:19

Boris Johnson told ‘in the name of God, GO’ by top Tory David Davis in bruising PMQs

BORIS Johnson today insisted he won't resign as he faced a skewering from Keir Starmer at PMQs over the worsening "Partygate" scandal.

Jan 19 13:10

Boiling the Frog

The US began as, very possibly, the most ideal republic ever conceived. Yet, at intervals, over the last 244 years, the original ideals have been stripped away and, in recent years, as it slides toward a very literal 1984, the deterioration has sped up dramatically. Saddest of all, it is occurring with the approval of the now-complacent frogs. -- This is not to say that the US is alone in its deterioration towards a totalitarian state. The countries of the EU and many others of the former “Free World” are also in decline. However, the US does lead the way in its Orwellian surveillance. At this point, the US government does not even deny its surveillance. In Orwellian tradition, they merely state, “If you have nothing to hide, you need not fear your government.” And just as in 1984, that fear is exactly the object. People who live in fear are easily controlled.They stay put and take whatever is dished up.

Jan 19 12:22

Ooooh That Smell (Cartoon)

Jan 19 11:59

Canadian Black Friday (Video)

Jan 19 11:29

SICKENING Big fines for unjabbed

Jan 19 10:35

These Pump Articles are So Pathetic

Jan 19 10:31

NEW POLL: More Than a Third of the Country Gives Biden an ‘F’ for His First Year in Office, Just 11 Percent Give Him an ‘A’

At this point in his term, Biden’s failing grade exceeds even former President Donald Trump’s. The 45th president got an “F” from 35 percent of Americans, compared to Biden’s 37 percent.

In other notable takeaways from the Politico/Morning Consult survey, 68 percent of respondents believe the nation is on the “wrong track,” compared to 32 percent who believe it is going in the “right direction.” And overall, Biden’s job approval stands at 40 percent, compared to 56 percent who disapprove.

Jan 19 10:13

Mother, 24, 'inadvertently recorded harrowing audio of her boyfriend beating her son, two, as she tried to catch him out for cheating on her - months before they killed the little boy', court hears

A woman accused of murdering her two-year-old son inadvertently recorded her boyfriend allegedly hitting the little boy in 'harrowing' audio clips played to jurors.

Jan 19 10:13

Spitfire that flew in WWII and featured in 1969 movie 'The Battle of Britain' is up for sale for £4.5MILLION

An historic Spitfire that downed German aircraft during the Second World War before starring in a string of Hollywood hit films in the 1960s is set to sell for a record £4.5million.

The 79-year-old warplane spent 40 years in a Texas barn before being shipped to Australia for restoration five years ago, and was finally sent back to its homeland in Britain where it will be sold.

Jan 19 09:57

Can Humanity Survive Washington’s Delusional Belief in its Omnipotence?

This  makes it clear that the CIA rules America. -- The Russians called a security conference with Washington and NATO. The Russians explained that security is a joint undertaking and that security only exists if every country feels secure. The CIA responded with accusations against Russia handed to the CIA-puppet Biden regime and the CIA-puppet US media. The national security advisor read the script to us peons: Russia intends a false flag attack on its own troops so that it will have an excuse to invade Ukraine.

Jan 19 09:56

Children who develop rare Kawasaki-like disease after catching Covid recover within three months, study finds

Children who develop a rare Kawasaki-like inflammatory syndrome after catching Covid recover within three months, a study has found.

While coronavirus poses a tiny risk of death or serious illness to youngsters, there were concerns over reports of some being struck down by multi-system inflammatory syndrome (MIS-C).

Jan 19 09:55

Pictured: The rickety bridge that killed worker on £900-a-head pheasant shoot and injured 10 others when it collapsed to send them plunging into river

A man killed and several others injured in Roeburndale when their trailer plunged into a river after a bridge collapsed had been involved in a £900-a-head pheasant shoot.

The victims are understood to have been mainly 'beaters' who had been tasked with flushing out the birds so they can be shot.

Jan 19 09:54

Time to leg-go! Base jumper dangles from his partner’s legs after they plunge into clouds from 3280ft Italian cliff in breathtaking stunt

This is the moment a pair of thrill-seeking base jumpers launched themselves from a 3280ft high cliff face into a cloudy abyss on a single parachute.

Tom Newberry, 32, and Callum Coldwell-Story, filmed themselves jumping from one of the peaks of Mount Brento, Italy.

Jan 19 09:37

Must See: 'Black DeBlasio' Is Making New York Even More Shi*tty

Despite record rapes, muggings and people deaths, New York City Mayor Eric Adams claimed that the NYC subway system was secure after another person died after being pushed onto the tracks.

Adams attempted to convince New Yorkers that there was not a threat in the subway and that the concerns they have are just a "perception of fear." Many have been disappointed in the new Mayor who was a former police officer and campaigned on a Giuliani style 'Law & Order' platform - only to endorse a district attorney who vowed to be soft on crime and play a smoke and mirror game with city residents over actual crime statistics.

Jan 19 09:37

Healing Miranda's doggie heartbreak: Comedy star takes Patti the poochon for walkies... after telling of her 'excruciating sadness' over death of beloved pet Peggy

The 'excruciating sadness' of losing her beloved dog Peggy a year ago hit her so hard that she took time off to mourn.

Now Miranda Hart is bouncing back with the help of a new canine friend described by fans as her 'healing dog'.

Jan 19 09:31

The mystery of the Fosse Dionne: No one really knows where the waters of this seemingly bottomless spring in France come from...

For centuries the world has been trying to work out where the waters of the seemingly bottomless Fosse Dionne spring in central France come from.

Some ancients believed they derived from the lair of a serpent king. Others thought there was a portal to another world at the base of the spring.