Sep 17 06:40

But mom.... (Picture)

Sep 17 06:40

Furious China issues bone-chilling warning subs deal could 'make Australia a potential target for a NUCLEAR strike'

Chinese state media has warned Australia will become a 'potential target for a nuclear strike' after it acquires nuclear-powered submarines.

Sep 17 06:29

Bro this is yours. (Video)

Sep 17 06:29

Dog walker, sushi restaurant diners and homeless woman become victims of Chicago gang terrorizing the locals with drive-by PAINTBALL shootings

A Chicago gang has been wreaking havoc with paintball guns, targeting a woman walking her dog, a homeless woman sleeping on a park bench and diners at a sushi restaurant over the past several days.

Sep 17 06:28

Promises promises (Picture)

Sep 17 06:28

Judge in Prince Andrew sex abuse says papers can be served on his LA lawyers in huge blow for 'worried' royal after Virginia Giuffre's lawyers say it 'is not a game of hide and seek behind palace walls'

A US judge has dealt another blow to Prince Andrew's bid to dodge being served sex abuse legal papers by saying they can be given to his LA based lawyers instead.

Sep 17 06:26

Ops, sorry... (Video)

Sep 17 06:26

Broken English ? (Picture)

Sep 17 06:26

Another Afghan evacuee is revealed to be a felon: Robber deported from US in 2017 is identified among arrivals after rapist was arrested in DC having caught a flight out of Kabul

Another Afghanistan evacuee who has recently arrived in the United States has been revealed to be a convicted felon who was deported from America four years ago.

Sep 17 06:25

WW3 when (Picture)

Sep 17 06:24

Federal judge denies DOJ request to temporarily block enforcement of Texas' controversial abortion ban

A federal judge denied the Department of Justice's request to temporarily block the enforcement of the controversial Texas abortion ban.

Sep 17 06:21

Shackled Alex Murdaugh is granted $20K bail but must return to rehab after being charged in 'suicide hitman plot' to defraud $10m in life insurance: Attorney reveals he is BROKE and has been addicted to opioids for 20 YEARS

Alex Murdaugh wept as his attorney described his fall from grace and ‘ruinous’ financial state following the murder of his wife and son and a 20-year-opioid addiction at his bond hearing Thursday afternoon.

Sep 17 06:11

Politicians (Picture)

Sep 17 06:11

Know the wages. (Picture)

Sep 17 06:11

Texas abortion doctor, 83, reveals how he performed 67 terminations on final evening before state’s new law came into effect

An 83-year old abortion provider in Texas described his experience performing 67 terminations as the clock ticked on the eve of the state’s ban on abortions after six weeks.

Sep 17 06:10

This initiative rocks! (Picture)

Sep 17 06:10

Unvaccinated teenage politician who vowed to 'fight to the end' against Alabama mask mandates is left battling 'absolutely terrible' Covid-related pneumonia

An unvaccinated Alabama councilmember who opposed mask mandates and called vaccines a personal choice is battling COVID-19 pneumonia in hospital.

Sep 17 06:08

Why aren’t they?? (Meme)

Sep 17 06:08

Why you looking at me? (Video)

Sep 17 06:08

Federal prosecutors 'will criminally charge a former Boeing test pilot' they suspect of misleading FAA regulators about 737 MAX safety issues that contributed to two deadly crashes and grounded the planes for two years

Federal prosecutors are preparing to criminally charge a former Boeing pilot who is suspected of misleading regulators about safety issues during the approval process for the troubled 737 MAX, according to a new report.

Sep 17 06:06

Ohio House Republican who voted to impeach Trump and faced a primary against his former aide says he WON'T seek reelection: Calls former president a 'cancer'

Ohio Rep. Anthony Gonzalez, who voted to impeach Donald Trump and faced a brutal primary against the former president's protege, announced that he won't seek reelection in 2022.

Sep 17 06:05

$7.83 (Picture)

Sep 17 06:03

Gen. Mark Milley downplayed George Floyd riots as 'penny packet protests', telling Trump 'they used spray paint, that's not an insurrection,' new Bob Woodward book claims

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley told then-President Donald Trump that the violent demonstrations following the death of George Floyd were just 'penny packet protests,' according to a new book.

Sep 17 06:02

Oooofff (Picture)

Sep 17 05:39

Americans, please VOTE (Picture)

Sep 17 05:35

State Dept To Recognize Trump's GREATEST Success

The State Department is praising the anniversary of the signing of the Abraham Accords between Israel and several adjacent Muslim-majority countries.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken will have a virtual meeting on Friday with his equivalents in Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Morocco, the countries that signed the accord a year ago, according to Axios.

“The event will commemorate the one-year anniversary of the signing of the Abraham Accords and discuss ways to further deepen ties and build a more prosperous region," a senior State Department official told the outlet.

Sep 17 05:35

US Government... (Meme)

Sep 17 05:29

Yep (Picture)

Sep 16 18:08

Welcome to Legalized Segregation: New York Family Kicked Out of Restaurant After Failing to Produce Vaccine Passport (VIDEO)

A family in New York was denied to eat in a restaurant and was asked to leave the premises because they didn’t have a ‘vaccine passport’.

Sep 16 18:07

BREAKING: President Trump Gives Antrim Co. Lawyer Matt DePerno Highly Coveted Endorsement For MI Attorney General

On July 15, Matt DePerno of DePerno Law announced that he was running for Michigan Attorney General. Running for a political office was not exactly the path DePerno expected he would be taking at this point in his career, but after watching the lawless and corrupt actions of Michigans Attorney General, Dana Nessel during excessive COVID lockdowns and in the aftermath of Michigan’s corrupt elections, DePerno felt compelled run for the state’s chief law enforcement officer.

Sep 16 15:14

1 in 6 will quit their job if they can’t continue working from home

Is working from home now a deal-breaker for you and where you work? You’re not alone. A new survey finds the pandemic lockdowns, which pushed many companies to switch to remote work, are changing what employees are putting on their “must-have” lists when it comes to their careers. Now, nearly six in 10 people (58%) say they want a fully remote job.

Sep 16 15:06

Just 56% of Americans can name all three branches of government — a 15-year high!

Moreover, following a divisive impeachment trial, contentious election, multiple court battles, and deadly riot at the Capitol, Americans have come out of the last year with a great understanding of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Three-quarters of the poll (74%) correctly stated that the First Amendment protects the freedom of speech. However, fewer respondents knew it also protects the freedom of religion (56%), freedom of the press (50%), the right to assembly (30%), or the right to petition (20%).

Sep 16 14:44

Biden’s vax mandate could collapse trucking supply lines, leading to instant shortages of food, fuel and medicines

The Joe Biden regime continues to threaten the health, livelihood and freedom of Americans. Biden’s seditious vaccine mandates could collapse the trucking industry and threaten supply lines across the Nation. Approximately 3.5 million truckers have been traveling the nation since the beginning of the covid-19 scandal, shipping valuable food, construction, agricultural and medical supplies. Just a year ago, these men and women were lauded as “essential workers” and praised for all that they do. Today, the Biden regime is threatening to put hundreds of thousands of truckers out of work, as the federal government prepares a coercive vaccine mandate on their bodies.

Sep 16 14:35

Twilight’s Last Gleaming

Does the government work for us, or do we work for the government? -- Such a question would have been laughable 100 years ago. But today, the government treats us as if we work for it because we have permitted it to do so. We supinely let the federal government right any wrong, regulate any behavior, tax any event, start any war, kill any foe, seize any property and crush any liberty as if our rights came from it, and as if the Constitution had no meaning or authority. -- This is the same government that can’t deliver the mail, fill potholes, stop robocalls, spend within its means, abide by the laws that it has written or follow the Constitution — and Biden wants it to force vaccinate us!

Sep 16 14:09

Eviction Moratorium

Sep 16 13:59

Life-size camel carvings in Saudi Arabia originally thought to be 2,000 years old actually date back 8,000 years – making them almost TWICE the age of Stonehenge, new analysis reveals

Life-size camel sculptures in Saudi Arabia that were originally thought to be 2,000 years old actually date back 8,000 years, new analysis has revealed.

The discovery makes them almost twice the age of Britain's Stonehenge, where stones were hauled into their unique circle around 2500 BC.

Sep 16 13:50

WATCH: Rubio Blasts Biden Administration On Rationing Antibody Treatments, ‘Punishing Florida’: ‘It Has To Stop’

HHS will determine the weekly amount of [monoclonal antibody (mAb)] products each state and territory receives based on COVID-19 case burden and mAb utilization. State and territorial health departments will subsequently identify which sites in their respective jurisdictions receive product as well as the amount each site receives.

Sep 16 13:49

'This is not over!': Desperate Conor McGregor vows to continue rivalry with Dustin Poirier as Joe Rogan interviews him while his leg is wrapped in a splint in a corner of the octagon at UFC 264

Conor McGregor had no interest in putting his rivalry with Dustin Poirier to bed as he spoke to Joe Rogan following his freak defeat to the American at UFC 264.

McGregor suffered another defeat as he broke his ankle stepping backwards in the final seconds of the first round on Saturday night.

Sep 16 13:48

‘It’s Time To Start Shaming’ The ‘Stupid’ Unvaccinated: Don Lemon

Most Americans believe that badgering, belittling, or excluding citizens who have not yet chosen to receive the COVID-19 vaccine is counterproductive, but CNN’s Don Lemon is not like other men.

Lemon believes the time has come to publicly humiliate the unvaccinated, because they are “stupid.”

Sep 16 13:45

Chicago Mayor’s New Strategy To Control Crime: Lawsuits Against Street Gangs

Arizona sued the federal government on Tuesday over President Joe Biden’s sweeping order to mandate vaccinations for federal employees and contractors as well as fine businesses that don’t enforce strict COVID testing for unvaccinated workers.