Jun 18 11:57

Gurney Davey, 67, demolished his Spain home he lived in since 2004 on Friday Demolition comes after being told his house was illegal and a long legal battle It transpired that a former Spanish mayor had given illegal planning permission Mr Davey, from S

  • Gurney Davey, 67, demolished his Spain home he lived in since 2004 on Friday
  • Demolition comes after being told his house was illegal and a long legal battle
  • It transpired that a former Spanish mayor had given illegal planning permission
  • Mr Davey, from Suffolk in the UK, was told he would have to demolish his house just months after his wife, Diana, died from bowel cancer at the age of 71
  • He says he is relieved to an extent that the long fight with Spanish authorities is over, and will continue to live on the land that he owns with his five dogs

A British ex-pat has been forced to knock down his £130,000 Spanish home two months after his wife died from cancer.

But the situation for 67-year-old Gurney Davey, from Suffolk, could get worse because he is facing six months in prison after a mayor illegally gave him planning permission for the house.

Jun 18 07:03

Beijing Retaliates After EU Excludes China-Made Vaccines From Digital COVID 'Passpor

The European Union will start its “EU Digital Covid Certificate” program on July 1, after the tool to streamline information about a traveler’s COVID-19 status was approved by the EU Parliament on June 9. China-made vaccines are not recognized by the program, as is the case with the Russia-made vaccines. The Chinese regime’s embassy in France responded by saying that it would retaliate with reciprocal treatment of French travelers in China.

Jun 17 08:09

Greenpeace parachutist's stunt could have turned deadly: 'Snipers already had him in their sights

Only two fans suffered minor injuries during the Euro 2020 stunt
A Greenpeace parachutist who flew onto the field during a Euro 2020 match on Tuesday between France and Germany could have had his stunt turn deadly.

"The snipers already had him in their sights," Bavaria’s interior minister, Joachim Herrmann, said in a statement Wednesday, via AFP. "If the police had come to the conclusion that it was a terrorist attack, he would have paid for it with his life."

The stunt left at least two people injured on approach. The man was identified only as a 38-year-old from the southwestern state of Baden Wurttemberg. He was unharmed.

Jun 17 07:12

FireFox Gold Drills 93.88 g/t Gold over 1.35 Metres at Mustajärvi Project, Finland

SODANKYLÄ, Finland, June 17, 2021 /CNW/ - FireFox Gold Corp. (TSXV:FFOX) (OTCQB:FFOXF) ("FireFox" or the "Company") has completed the expanded 11 hole Phase 4 diamond drill program (2,364 metres) at its 100%-owned Mustajärvi Project in the Central Lapland Greenstone Belt of Finland. Today the Company reports assay results for the first three holes of the program. Hole 21MJ001 is a significant highlight yielding 1.35m averaging 93.88 g/t gold, including 0.65m at 129.5 g/t gold. This interval was previously reported to host visible gold in a quartz-carbonate-tourmaline (QCT) vein with abundant pyrite (see Company news release dated April. 15, 2021). With the two additional high-grade gold intervals of 5.27 g/t and 26.9 g/t, this drill hole included a total of more than 150 gram – metres of gold.

Jun 17 05:25

Why fed-up Belgians are backing heavily armed ‘Flemish Rambo’ fugitive as a symbol of anti-establishment frustration

As police continue to hunt for ex-soldier Jürgen Conings, Euro MP Tom Vandendriessche explains to RT why he’s struck a chord with unhappy voters who share his anti-establishment sentiment and are tuning into Flemish nationalism.

As the manhunt for a heavily-armed Flemish Rambo continues into its second month and with police seemingly no closer to finding the elusive former corporal, the saga has exposed Belgium’s deeply flawed political system that has left millions, just like the fugitive, feeling disaffected and ignored, and facing a democratic deficit.

As long as career soldier Jürgen Conings, 46, remains at large – and alive – the authorities fear he might come through with the threats he made in a note he left behind against Belgian virologist Marc Van Ranst, who remains in hiding with his family.

Jun 16 11:26

Biden wants NATO to project the strength it doesn’t have

Joe Biden travelled to Brussels riding the wave of his “America is back” mantra. Far from rebuilding the US-NATO relationship, he used NATO as a prop to help set the stage for his upcoming meeting with Vladimir Putin.

Jun 16 10:51

Biden's NATO Warning To Putin: If You Don't Cooperate, 'We Will Respond'

Mainstream media is positively giddy with excitement that "tough on Russia" Joe Biden will finally "confront" Putin during their highly anticipated summit in Geneva on Wednesday. Though any level of diplomatic "check mate" won't come publicly as Biden will give a solo press conference, ensuring that he can give his version of events to a pliant press pool, which one admin official earlier described as communicating "with the free press" (...the implication being that Putin's presence would somehow make it not a "free press").

During Biden's Monday press conference at the end of the one-day NATO summit in Brussels, the US president vowed: "But I will tell you this: I’m going to make clear to President Putin that there are areas where we can cooperate, if he chooses. And if he chooses not to cooperate and acts in a way that he has in the past, relative to cybersecurity and some other activities, then we will respond. We will respond in kind."

Jun 16 08:24

Europe officially launches covid “vaccine passports” after clueless media dismissed the idea as a “conspiracy theory”

As of now, Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland and Spain have adopted and deployed the system. The remaining of the 27 total EU member nations will likely join the others on July 1.

Jun 16 04:57

Hungary moves to prohibit promotion of homosexuality, transgenderism to children

The Hungarian parliament has prepared a bill that would prohibit showing pornographic content or material that encourages homosexuality and transgenderism to minors under 18.

The measure, proposed by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s ruling Fidesz party, explicitly bans “content that depicts sexuality for its own sake, or promotes or displays deviations from the identity of the sex of birth, gender reassignment or homosexuality.”

The legal amendment was added to sweeping legislation against pedophilia that is set for a vote on Tuesday. Fidesz holds a super-majority in the Hungarian legislature.

LGBT ideology in schools, as well as in advertisements and other mass media, effectively would be banned under the anti-pedophilia bill, which also creates new provisions for sexual education, such as a list of approved sex-ed organizations.

Jun 15 13:22

Spot The Odd One Out - NATO 'Defense' Expenditure

Back in 2018, Trump criticized a number of NATO member states for not meeting the 2 percent of GDP spending threshold agreed upon at the 2014 summit in Wales. Trump focused much of his criticism on Germany and he ordered 12,000 U.S. troops to be withdrawn from the country, a decision Biden later reversed. Nevertheless, his threats, coupled with increased military spending in both Russia and China, have seen a number of states up their defense spending to meet or exceed that 2 percent threshold.

Jun 15 10:51

Hot topics put on back burner as G7 is sucked into interminable Brexit row and summit descends into simmering row over sausages

Tempers flare over Brexit and a beach barbecue dominates the sidelines, as UK officials target the ‘offensive’ EU while the rest of the world mulls how to outspend China’s Belt and Road Initiative and save the planet.

Many onlookers expected the G7 summit in Carbis Bay, Cornwall to be a big reset for the West. A chance to show that, after the tumultuous period of Brexit, Trump and the devastating coronavirus pandemic, the leaders of the biggest democracies on the planet had put all that behind them and were ready to take on the climate, vaccines for the world and an increasingly troublesome China.

And while those issues were addressed, what dominated the summit was the weeping sore of Brexit, the ridiculous ‘sausage wars’ that bedevil the chances of the UK and the European Union ever reaching final agreement on the British decision to leave the trading bloc.

Jun 15 07:44

The next Serbia? Belarus concerned over NATO’s threatening statements.

Yesterday the foreign minister of Belarus, Vladimir Makei, expressed alarm over recent statements by NATO’s Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg about his nation, ones that were openly hostile and implicitly threatening. He’s quoted by the Belarusian Telegraph Agency voicing these concerns:

“We are absolutely concerned over these recent statements by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. Just a few days ago, he expressed concern over deeper ties between Minsk and Moscow, saying that they see it as a threat to the alliance’s eastern flank. They are also concerned about closer cooperation between Moscow and Beijing. They also see it as a threat.”

Jun 15 07:44

NATO summit: confronting China, Russia and the world

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization ended its summit in Brussels on June 14 and issued a communiqué listing achievements since the last summit and a blueprint to take the military bloc to its next one in 2022. The representatives of the thirty-nation alliance also endorsed the 67-page document used to prepare the summit’s discussions and decisions, NATO 2030: United for a New Era. In turn the summit tasked NATO with elaborating a new Strategic Concept to replace that adopted at the Lisbon summit in 2010.

The communiqué is an extensive document consisting of 79 sections; any attempt to systematically examine and analyze those points would be a book-length endeavor.

Instead, the major themes and major points of the summit report will be listed.

Jun 15 07:32

EU to Commit 'Suicide' if it Obeys Biden's Plan to Take on China & Russia, Warn Scholars

The Biden administration's attempt to compete with a re-emerging part of the world appears doomed, as the so-called "unipolar moment" can no longer be restored, say European observers commenting on the US president's commitment to NATO and Build Back Better World pledges.

On Monday, President Joe Biden met with NATO leaders at the 2021 Brussels summit, where he described the US commitment to the military alliance as "a sacred obligation". A final statement of the meeting emphasised the "threat" posed by Russia as well as the "challenges" caused by China.

Earlier, on Saturday, the US president and G7 member states announced the Build Back Better World (B3W) partnership – an apparent competitor to China's multi-trillion-dollar Belt and Road initiative. Both announcements were made as the White House seeks to reaffirm to its allies that "America is back" at the helm of global politics.

Jun 14 11:15

Vodafone Chooses Partners To Build First European RAN Network

Mobile and broadband operator Vodafone has chosen six partners to build Europe’s first commercial Radio Access Network (RAN).

Vodafone has selected Dell Technologies, NEC, Samsung, Wind River, Capgemini Engineering and Keysight Technologies to help it build one of the largest Open RAN networks in the world.

Vodafone said the partnerships would build on its new Open RAN lab in Newbury, England and its planned digital skills hubs in Spain and Germany.

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Mobile operators and governments want to encourage the development of Open RAN technology to help more vendors enter a market dominated by Huawei, Ericsson and Nokia.

Jun 14 07:00

Secretary General: NATO Won’t ‘Mirror’ Russia, Will Exponentially Outspend, Surround It With Battle Groups

Just hours ahead of the NATO summit in Brussels on June 14, the military bloc’s secretary general, Norway’s Jens Stoltenberg, told CNBC’s Hadley Gamble that NATO will continue to expand its military capabilities but will not “mirror” its arch-adversary Russia. And indeed without meaning in the least to do so he spoke the truth.

For while disingenuously stating the alliance he heads is pursuing a “dual track approach” to the nation whose government he routinely accuses of (his precise terminology) authoritarian push-back against the rules-based international order – an approach of defense and dialogue (note the sequence) – he immediately segued into boasting:

“And that’s exactly what we do when we now have implemented the biggest reinforcements of our collective defense since the end of the Cold War, and will continue to strengthen our collective defense with high readiness, more troops, and increased investment in our defense.”

Jun 11 11:07

Israeli officials snubbed EU peace envoy during recent visit — report

Israeli officials snubbed the European Union’s Middle East peace envoy during his recent visit to the region, turning down all of his requests to meet with them, the Walla news site reported Wednesday.

Quoting unnamed senior Israeli officials, the report said the decision to blackball Sven Koopmans was taken over what Israel saw as EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell’s lack of support during the recent fighting against Gaza terror groups.

Koopmans, a Dutch politician and diplomat, was appointed the EU’s Special Representative for the Middle East Peace Process on May 1.

Two weeks ago, Koopmans told Israel’s ambassador to the EU, Ronnie Lashno-Yaar, that he wanted to visit Israel and meet with Israeli officials, according to the news site. While Lashno-Yaar backed the idea, officials at the Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem had reservations about the timing and told Koopmans to plan his trip for a later date.

Jun 11 08:59

G-7 leaders to discuss Covid, global minimum tax rate at first day of summit

President Joe Biden and other world leaders are expected to focus on the global response to the coronavirus pandemic Friday, the first day of the G-7 meeting in Cornwall, England, while making the case for democratic institutions' unique ability to respond to economic crises and disparities, senior administration officials said.

The Group of Seven, an organization of the world's leading industrial countries — Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the U.S. — is expected to announce they will provide at least 1 billion coronavirus vaccine doses to the world.

The group will also endorse a global minimum tax of at least 15 percent for companies, the White House said.

If one is enacted, an established global tax rate — which companies would have to pay regardless of where they are based — could reverse what the White House called a "race to the bottom" on international rates that has been a source of tension among countries for years.

Jun 11 08:33

Poland regrets Biden not meeting east European leaders during trip

Polish Foreign Minister Zbigniew Rau has criticised U.S. President Joe Biden’s decision not to meet eastern European leaders on his first trip abroad.

In an interview published by Rzeczpospolita newspaper on Friday, Rau also regretted Washington had waived sanctions on the company behind the Nord Stream 2 pipeline that is being built to carry natural gas from Russia to Germany.

Biden’s eight-day trip to Europe includes a summit of the Group of Seven (G7) advanced economies in England, talks in Brussels with leaders of the European Union and the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation military alliance, and a summit in Geneva with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Jun 11 07:46

European fighter jets are making a diplomatic statement with their tiger print

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a … tiger? Aviation fans may have noticed an image of an F-16 painted in brilliant orange, black and white posted to the U.S. Air Force Facebook page over the weekend. The photo shows a Portuguese Air Force F-16 flying alongside an American B-52H Stratofortress bomber during a mission over Spain on June 2.

We at Task & Purpose love a good fighter jet paint job, and there are plenty more tiger schemes where that one came from. In fact, painting tigers on fighter jets is part of a decades-long tradition among North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) countries dating back to the early 1960s. There’s even a NATO Tiger Association, which is not officially a part of NATO, but exists to promote solidarity and teamwork between NATO fighter squadrons, according to the association website.

Jun 10 07:41

Blinken Props Up Biden In European Charade For New Cold War

It’s a big ask for a frail 78-year-old U.S. president to rally the world around a series of myths and falsehoods. Biden flies to Europe this week to galvanize allies under strong American leadership of supposed shared “democratic values” in a “historic confrontation” with the “autocracies” of China and Russia.

President Joe Biden’s worldview is so disconnected from reality that it is going to prove difficult mentally for him to consistently and coherently make the case over a series of summits in the next week.

That’s why he has his more youthful Secretary of State Antony Blinken (59) tagging along when Biden meets G7 leaders in England on June 11-13, followed by a NATO summit on June 14 in Brussels as well as top-level discussions with European Union leaders. After all that, Blinken is “to participate” in the face-to-face meeting between Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin on June 16 in Geneva, according to the U.S. State Department.

Jun 10 07:05

Blinken Props Up Biden In European Charade For New Cold War

Authored by Finian Cunningham via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

Blinken is staying close to his boss during the whirlwind tour, because Biden is liable to spin out of control and reap an embarrassing collapse.

It’s a big ask for a frail 78-year-old U.S. president to rally the world around a series of myths and falsehoods. Biden flies to Europe this week to galvanize allies under strong American leadership of supposed shared “democratic values” in a “historic confrontation” with the “autocracies” of China and Russia.

President Joe Biden’s worldview is so disconnected from reality that it is going to prove difficult mentally for him to consistently and coherently make the case over a series of summits in the next week.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What is of deepest concern to me, watching this charade unfolding, which would be hysterically funny, if not for the potentially deadly consequences, is that it is imminently possible, that Blinken will not be able to manage keeping the wanted "cold wars" against Russia and China, from turning "hot".

The intelligence operatives in both countries are no slouches, and have
probably very much "twigged on" to the reality, that the Unhinged Surveilled State of Amerika, is "woke, broke, dystopian, and at war with itself."

Can a country dealing with these realities succeed in a war against both Russia and China, which would probably be the case, if the US aggravates both or either enough?!?

Folks, the short answer here is, "HELL, no!!"

So, since those in power in this country give not a flying frisbee about what happens to its citizens, should war ensure from their idiotic foreign policies, because they have taken measures to protect themselves from most unpleasantness, we have to take care of ourselves and each other the best we can.

Please make sure that you have potable water; storable food; and extra medications for yourselves and your pets, should the excrement hit the fan.
Flashlights; batteries; basic first aid equipment are also of the highest importance. Find people you know with whom you can create a community, where you can share services and barter.

We could very well be going back to a 19th century life style in a moment's notice, should a series of EMPs take out the electrical grid in this county, in light of the reality that our power grids are woefully unprotected.

Jun 09 10:48

Biden heads to Europe at difficult moment for his domestic agenda

President Biden is headed to Europe on Wednesday, an inopportune time for his first foreign trip as president as his domestic priorities hit the rocks.

The president cut off infrastructure negotiations on Tuesday with Sen. Shelley Moore Capito (W.Va.), who was the top GOP negotiator in the Senate on the issue, after their discussion on Friday left the sides far apart on key issues.

He instead will move forward on discussions with a bipartisan group of senators, who are separately preparing another infrastructure proposal of around roughly $880 billion, less than the top-line figure being discussed by Capito and below what the White House wants.

Jun 09 09:00

More European Firms Onshoring In China Than Offshoring, Complicates Biden's Decoupling Plan

The European Union Chamber of Commerce in China published a new survey titled "European Business in China Business Confidence Survey 2021," which stated European businesses are onshoring some of their supply chains and investing more in China.

Out of the 585 European Chamber member companies operating in China, about 60% were expected to expand operations in the country, up from 51% last year. Half of the respondents reported profit margins in China were higher than their global average, increasing from 38% a year prior.

Jun 08 10:48

Swedish Populist Leader Claims Country Is In ‘War-Like State’

Leader of the populist Sweden Democrats (SD) Jimmie Åkesson has claimed Sweden is in a “war-like state” and that the socialist government has “imported” crime and unemployment.

Åkesson blames the Swedish government’s immigration policy for the surge in crime just over a week after a report was published by the Crime Prevention Council, Brå, which noted Sweden topped 22 other European countries for fatal gun violence.

“Parts of Sweden are currently in a war-like state. Streets and squares have been left in the hands of criminal gangs. Shootings, murders and revenge are dictated by clan leaders,” Åkesson said in an opinion article for news website Nyheter Idag.

Jun 08 06:00

Germany, exasperated by Hungary’s Mr No, seeks to end individual nations having a veto over EU foreign policy

The frustrated German foreign minister rages about being held ‘hostage’ by smaller, troublesome countries like Viktor Orban’s. But he needs to remember why the veto exists: for democracy’s sake.

The Germans, we must honestly believe, do try to rein in their exuberance for ensuring order, a treasured national characteristic that when exposed to wary foreigners can sometimes land the unfortunate Deutschlanders in die Scheiße.

But German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas, speaking at this year’s conference of Germany’s ambassadors in Berlin (now there’s a hot Zoom ticket), was clearly so incensed that any attempt to deploy such caution went out the window.

Jun 07 08:53

French set to replace English as EU’s ‘working language’

Emmanuel Macron’s governmen is drawing up plans for French to replace English as the official “working language” of the EU when it takes over the European Council presidency in 2022, a diplomat has revealed.

France planning to use its first presidency since Brexit to push its native tongue as the “lingua franca” of Brussels, according to a report in Politico.

Jun 07 05:27

NATO calls for crunch talks with Russia as Moscow unveils armed forces shakeup in response to military bloc’s activity on borders

Russian army chiefs have been asked to join Western counterparts for discussions on how to de-escalate the tense standoffs on the country’s borders, with NATO’s general secretary calling on Moscow to meet as a matter of urgency.

Jens Stoltenberg told Berlin’s Die Welt that he felt there is a desperate need for constructive dialogue as part of the NATO-Russia Council. The body has not met for 19 months, with Moscow saying it sees little point in talks given current tensions.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

NATO has brought these tensions upon itself, and Russia has not been doing anything other than matching NATO forces, massing on Russia's borders.

Jun 07 04:13

NATO Summit: West To Move China to Back Burner, Russia and Belarus to the Front

The secretary general of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Jens Stoltenberg, gave an online address entitled ”NATO 2030: a transatlantic agenda for the future” at an event co-sponsored by the Brookings Institution and German Council on Foreign Relations on June 4.

As the title of the presentation would indicate, his comments, addressed to organizations to which he and NATO are really beholden (as distinct from transitory, ephemeral entities like governments), were apropos the NATO summit in Brussels which will begin on June 14.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The timing on wanting to drop China as "bad guy in chief", after the Wuhan debacle, was thoroughly predictable, in order to attempt to make people forget the suffering of the last year, both geopolitically induced, and medical, they, or their loved ones, may have endured.

But the reality is, Russia has done absolutely nothing.... to earn these accusations, and NATO leadership knows it.

Jun 07 03:40


American President Joe Biden flies to Europe next week for a series of major summits in what was being billed as a happy revival for the transatlantic alliance. Four years of bitter and divisive chaos under Trump were supposed to be sutured by the new president declaring the importance of a strong U.S.-European partnership and “shared values”.

Unfortunately for Biden, the scandal over U.S. spying on European governments looks like casting a shadow on the “happy family reunion”. What’s more, this American president is fully implicated in the illicit snooping.

The timing also upsets Biden’s attempt to burnish America’s image as a defender of “rules-based order” and “shared Western values” when he meets Russian leader Vladimir Putin in Geneva for their first face-to-face presidential summit.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Absoflippinglutely amazing!!!

Jun 07 02:18

Putin Says That First Line Of Nord Stream 2 Is Now Complete


Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced that laying the pipes for the first of two lines of the prospective Nord Stream 2 pipeline to Germany has now been "successfully completed."

Addressing an economic forum in St. Petersburg on June 4, Putin also said that "work on the second line is continuing."

While the underwater section still needs to be linked to the section on German territory, Russian energy giant Gazprom "is ready to start filing Nord Stream 2 with gas," he added.

Gazprom shares went up 0.6 percent after Putin's comments, reaching 273.80 rubles ($3.74) -- their highest level since mid-2008.

The United States, which has strongly opposed construction of the new Russian pipeline, last month announced new sanctions against Russian companies and ships involved in the project.

But the administration of President Joe Biden decided to waive sanctions against the company overseeing the project and its CEO.

Jun 05 04:20


Russia's Defense Ministry has lobbed an explosive accusation at a moment tensions with the West are soaring in the wake of the Belarus Ryanair incident on May 23rd. Spokesman for the ministry, Major General Igor Konashenkov on Wednesday said that NATO is preparing to use upcoming summer Black Sea sea exercises to smuggle tons of weaponry to Ukraine and "extremist" paramilitaries allied with Kiev.

Referencing the annual US-NATO Sea Breeze exercise in the Black Sea region, expected from June 28 through July 10 and including some 4,000 troops, Gen. Konashenkov claimed, "Advanced armaments, munitions and materiel are planned to be delivered precisely to that region for Ukrainian troops under the guise of holding the drills."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Just because something would be the most pig-headedly, ham-fistedly stupid thing the US government could possibly do is, unfortunately, utterly no guarnatee that they won't do it.

I am hoping ( and praying) that Major General Konashenkov is utterly wrong in these accusations; war with Russia right now, would be utterly the most pig-headedly, ham-fistedly stupid thing the US government could do.

We do not have the troop strength; the weaponry; the manufacturing; or the money to successfully wage a conventional war against Russia, which means that it would go nuclear in a heartbeat, and lead to toal anihillation of all life on earth.

Jun 04 07:49

Serbia ammunition factory EXPLODES, lighting up the night and forcing residents to evacuate (VIDEO)

Residents of the central Serbian city of Cacak were roused from their beds by a series of explosions, as the local factory making ammunition for tanks and artillery apparently went up in flames.

The ongoing blasts began around 1:30am local time from the 'Sloboda' (Freedom) plant, southwest of Cacak, reportedly driving some local residents from their homes in panic.

Jun 03 11:20

Danish ISP temporarily blocked access to BitChute over “coronavirus misinformation”

Danish citizens are reporting that some ISPs were displaying a National Police Cyber Crime Center (NC3) message on the domain, blocking access to free speech video sharing platform BitChute on the grounds that it contains “dangerous information” and “misinformation” related to COVID-19.

Users of the providers Stofa and Telmore were temporarily unable to access BitChute and were presented with a message noting that the platform has been blocked by NC3.

Jun 03 05:31

China – Analysis: Mystery of 1999 US stealth jet shootdown returns with twist

The articles that recently surfaced dig right into the issue. The real reason the Chinese embassy was targeted was the existence of the wreckage of a U.S. stealth fighter in the embassy, the articles hint.

Just over a month before the embassy bombing, a U.S. F-117 Nighthawk stealth fighter sent over the Kosovo conflict was shot down by a Russian-made surface-to-air missile fired by the Serbia-led Yugoslavian military.

The wreckage was strewed over farmland, and some parts were later displayed at Belgrade’s air museum. But Chinese agents also crisscrossed the area, buying up parts of the plane from local farmers, Adm. Davor Domazet-Loso, then military chief of staff in neighboring Croatia, told The Associated Press in 2011.

Jun 03 05:28

Customs Officers Seize Rolls-Royce For Outlawed Aftermarket Interior

Italy’s custom department discovered the luxury vehicle's cabin had been upholstered with crocodile leather.

In the world of luxury vehicles, everyone is trying to be the best of the best with the most exclusive trims and materials. Designers and automakers go to all ends, modifying their masterpieces with top-dollar finishes. But sometimes, being exclusive can get you in trouble. That’s what happened to a Rolls-Royce Phantom in Italy.

There’s a thin line between being rare and doing illegal mods, and especially when it involves compromising the life of an endangered species. Italy's Customs officials released images of a Rolls-Royce imported from Russia that was recently seized by the country’s foreign department

Jun 02 11:59

Male Teachers Are Coming To Class Dressed In Skirts To Spread Tolerance And Respect After A Student Was Bullied For His Clothes

This is education done right. The teachers of Spain are standing in solidarity with a male student who was expelled last year for wearing a skirt to class by showing up at their jobs clad in skirts themselves. It’s all part of the Clothes Have No Gender (#laropanotienegenero) movement that aims to put an end to stereotypical gender norms in the European country.

The movement was at its peak in late October and early November of 2020, but very recently it has gained lots of renewed attention both in real life, online, and in the media, as more male teachers joined the protest.

At the start of May 2021, 37-year-old Manuel Ortega and 36-year-old Borja Velázquez started coming to class dressed in skirts, in response to a recent case of bullying at the Virgen de Sacedon primary school in Valladolid where they work. In this particular case, a boy was bullied for wearing an anime sweatshirt, had to endure homophobic slurs, and took the piece of clothing off.

Jun 02 10:50

European Parliament Freezes Ratification Of China Investment Treaty

The European Parliament has halted ratification of a controversial investment treaty with China until Beijing lifts sanctions on European lawmakers, academics and think tanks. The move, a rare display of fortitude by an institution notorious for vacillation, reflects a hardening stance in Europe toward the Chinese Communist Party.

The ratification freeze, backed by all of the major groupings in the European Parliament, is significant for several reasons:

it represents a turning point in EU-China relations, in that Beijing no longer calls the shots;

it marks a shift in the balance of power in favor of the European Parliament at the expense of the European Commission;

and it signifies the beginning of the end of Merkelism, and ideology which has, among other things, consistently prioritized commercial interests over human rights concerns, whether in China, Russia or Iran.

Jun 02 07:38

Court overrules EU effort to shield Israel’s settlements

A European Union court has thrown out an undemocratic decision by Brussels officials that torpedoed a citizen’s initiative to ban trade with settlements in occupied territory.

The measure would have targeted Israel’s illegal colonies on Palestinian land in the West Bank and Syria’s Golan Heights, as well as trade with Western Sahara.

In July 2019, seven nationals of EU states filed a European Citizens Initiative with the European Commission, the EU’s executive.

This is a tool that is supposed to make the notoriously unaccountable EU more democratic by giving citizens a say over policy and legislation.

But instead, in September 2019, the Commission refused to register the initiative, claiming that it did not have authority to consider what would amount to imposing sanctions.

The Commission asserted that such a step could only be adopted collectively by EU governments, not by the executive in Brussels.

Jun 02 07:31

EU leaders condemn attacks on ICC probe into Israeli war crimes

More than 50 high-level officials from across Europe, including former prime ministers and foreign ministers, have signed an open letter condemning political interference in the International Criminal Court's (ICC) probe into alleged war crimes in Palestine.

The letter, published by the Guardian on Monday, is seen as a rebuke on world leaders such as former US President Donald Trump and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who have openly criticised the court's efforts to hold Israel accountable for suspected war crimes.

"We witnessed with serious concern the executive order issued in the United States by the former president Donald Trump and the sanctions designated against the court’s staff and their family members," the letter says.

Jun 02 07:31

EU representative calls for lifting Israeli blockade on Gaza amid ongoing ceasefire efforts

A European Union official called on Tuesday for the lifting of a crippling Israeli blockade of the Gaza Strip which has been in place for fifteen years, also saying that a unified Palestinian government should be formed in order for reconstruction of the besieged territory to begin.

"These steps are not European Union conditions to the reconstruction [of Gaza], but a logical path to start this process," Sven Kuhn von Burgsdorff, the European Union representative for the Palestinian territories said, according to the Anadolu news agency.

He added that “democratic elections” should be held and praised Egyptian efforts to shore up a recent ceasefire between Israel and Hamas in Gaza following a deadly Israeli assault on the territory which left 254 Palestinians dead and hundreds more injured.

Jun 02 06:05

Army soldiers mistakenly raided Bulgarian olive oil factory during training drill

U.S. soldiers accidentally raided an olive oil factory in Bulgaria during a larger NATO exercise last month, U.S. Army Europe and Africa revealed Tuesday.

During Exercise Swift Response 21 - a drill across Estonia, Bulgaria and Romania meant to deter Russian military aggression - soldiers assigned to the 173rd Airborne Brigade simulated seizing and securing the decommissioned Cheshnegirovo airfield in Bulgaria by entering and clearing bunkers and structures.

But during the course of the exercise on May 11, soldiers "entered and cleared a building next to the airfield that they believed was part of the training area, but that was occupied by Bulgarian civilians operating a private business," according to an Army statement. "No weapons were fired at any time during the interaction."

Army officials "sincerely apologize to the business and its employees," and said they are "fully investigating the cause of this mistake."

Jun 02 05:37

Why the EU is lining up against China

he European Parliament on May 20, 2021 froze the ratification of the EU-China Investment Agreement, concluded in December by the European Commission after seven years of negotiations. The resolution was approved by an overwhelming majority with 599 votes for, 30 against and 58 abstentions [1]. 1] Formally, it is motivated as a retaliation to Chinese sanctions against members of the European Parliament, decided by Beijing after its officials were subjected to sanctions on the accusation, rejected by China, of human rights violations, especially of Uighurs. EU lawmakers argue that while the Chinese sanctions are illegal because they violate international law, the EU sanctions are legal because they are based on the UN’s defense of human rights.

Jun 02 05:24

Typical! French officials to use EU presidency to 'help Macron get re-elected'

FRENCH officials are set to use their EU presidency to help Emmanuel Macron get re-elected as the President of France, according to the director of the Centre for European Reform.

Charles Grant, director of the Centre for European Reform, said France will use its EU presidency in the first half of next year ahead of the French presidential elections to "promote its ideas of Europe".

Jun 01 12:33

Belgium Recalls Ambassador To South Korea After Wife Attacked Workers

Belgium has recalled its ambassador to South Korea after his wife allegedly assaulted two employees of a shop in Seoul, an incident that elicited widespread public anger in South Korea.

According to the AP, the Belgian Embassy said Foreign Affairs Minister Sophie Wilmès had decided that it was in the best interest of bilateral relations to terminate Ambassador Peter Lescouhier's tenure as Belgium's ambassador to Seoul, a position he has held for three years. It's been said that he will depart this summer, but an exact date hasn't been released.

Although Lescouhier served his country with dedication, “the current situation doesn’t allow him to further carry out his role in a serene way,” the embassy said Monday. The Belgian government also waived diplomatic immunity for Lescouhier's wife, Xiang Xueqiu, to allow her to be investigated by the South Korean police. However, her immunity remains partially intact, protecting her from criminal trials or punishment.

Jun 01 12:29

Another Blow To The EU — Its Population Is Divided

The bureaucracy that is the European Union just received another blow, this time from its residents.

The population of the 27-country bloc are hugely divided over some of the key aspects of EU membership, a recent report by researchers at Oxford University shows.

The news comes in the wake of the UK leaving the bloc last year and the EU’s disastrous handling of the COVID-19 pandemic over the last year or so. Such dissatisfaction may lead more countries to want to break away from the union, likely harming the broader European economy.

Few See Freedom of Movement As Benefit to Them
On the surface, the report, titled “Europe Today and Tomorrow: What Europeans Want,” shows that surveyed residents of the member states want the EU to work closer together and be more integrated. However, sharp lines divide the population on key matters. The report states the point as follows:

Jun 01 08:31

EU Seeks to Bribe Belarusians With €3 Billion Promise If They Topple Europe’s Most Liberal Leader

EU chief Ursula von der Leyen on Friday warned Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko “it is time to change course” as her executive held out the promise of a three-billion-euro support package if he leaves power.

The European Commission president said the EU’s message was twofold: one of support to the Belarusian people — and a warning to Lukashenko.

“No amount of repression, brutality or coercion will bring any legitimacy to your authoritarian regime. So far, you have blatantly ignored the democratic choice of the Belarusian people. It is time to change course,” she said. [Big words for an unelected lockdown fascist.]

“When — and we believe it is a case of when, not if — Belarus starts its peaceful democratic transition, the EU will be there to accompany it.”

Jun 01 08:30

France says allegations of US espionage on European leaders are ‘extremely serious’ & may have ‘consequences’

Reports that the US National Intelligence Agency, aided by Denmark, spied on top European politicians including Angela Merkel are “extremely serious” if true, the French secretary of state for European affairs has said.

“It is extremely serious, we must verify if our EU partners, Danes, have committed errors or mistakes in their cooperation with the American services… And then on the American side, see if indeed there was listening, spying on politicians,” Clement Beaune said in an interview with the France Info radio network.

Jun 01 06:42

On The Hunt For Gas - War Drums In The Western Mediterranean

Authored by Piero Messina via South Front,

Jun 01 06:07

Blinken on Used-Car-Sales Trip to Mideast

If ever American foreign policy looked like a tacky brochure from a dodgy car dealer, then U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken delivered on the image with his trip to the Middle East this week.

Washington’s top diplomat flew to the region to flog the “two-state solution” for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, asserting that it was the only way to find peace. This was after nearly two weeks of an Israeli blitzkrieg on the Gaza Strip, the coastal enclave where two million Palestinians subsist in chronic poverty. Blinken said the purpose of his trip was to shore up a ceasefire and to jump-start a long-defunct peace process predicated on a two-state solution.

May 31 13:14

Denmark helped US spy on Merkel, EU officials during Obama administration: reports

US spying on European leaders has been previously reported; now Denmark under pressure for alleged assistance

Denmark’s intelligence service worked with its U.S. counterpart to collect information on European leaders including German Chancellor Angela Merkel, according to several reports in Danish media.

According to Denmarks Radio, the Danish foreign secret service helped the U.S. collect intelligence on European leaders, including Merkel, from 2012 to 2014 under the codename "Operation Dunhammer."

Efforts by the U.S. government to collect such intelligence during that timeframe were previously reported. But the role of Denmark's Defense Intelligence Service, known in Denmark by its acronym FE, was not previously known.

The U.S. National Security Agency reportedly worked with FE to gain access to text messages and phone calls with officials from European countries

May 31 06:04

In Hungary, a vicious antisemitic rant against Antony Blinken: Here’s why it matters.

It has been a traumatic time for world Jewry. If violence in Gaza and Israel were not bad enough, the fallout from the conflict has spurred physical attacks on Jews, vandalism and antisemitic rhetoric. The antisemitism this time has not been perpetrated by neo-Nazis and white nationalists but by elements of the left and pro-Palestinian protesters.

The culprits behind antisemitism include many sets of actors. Antisemitism associated with Israel has been the recent focus. Sometimes the culprits are government-associated actors and the rhetoric is aimed not at Israel but directly at Jews. When state actors are involved, the United States, its democratic allies and even civil society have efficient tools and the responsibility to demonstrate that there is a steep price to pay for employing Jew-hatred in the 21st century.

Recent rhetoric in Hungary is an example of what must be labeled unacceptable.

May 31 06:00

How Story of Broken NATO Non-Enlargement Pledge Upends West's Effort to Depict Russia as 'Aggressor'

NATO non-enlargement promises to Soviet leaders following the fall of the Berlin Wall have again prompted a debate in the media. What's behind the timing of the Western media's renewed attempt to downplay the famous "not one inch eastward" assurance as a myth?

Earlier this month two reports emerged concerning the "myth" of NATO's post-Cold War non-enlargement guarantees given to Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev and his entourage in 1989-91.

The first one, published by the London-based think tank Chatham House on 13 May claimed that "the USSR was never offered a formal guarantee on the limits of NATO expansion post-1990" listing it as one of multiple "myths" in the debate on Russia.

May 31 05:54

Bump in the road: NATO drills in Estonia plagued by 3rd incident in just a week

An armored carrier ran off the road into a ditch during NATO drills in Estonia, leaving two people injured. As the military exercise enters its final phase, this marks the third incident in just a week.

According to local media citing the police department, the armored carrier ran off the road into a ditch in northeastern Estonia. Two men, including the driver, have been hospitalized in the town of Rakvere.

Earlier on Wednesday, a military vehicle caught fire after it hit an overhead power line with its antenna. Three people were injured as a result.

“The conscripts were taken to a health check at the East-Viru general hospital. Two of the conscripts received first aid and were allowed to return to their unit. One young man was left under medical care due to burns,” a spokesman from the Estonian defense forces said.

May 31 05:52

Denmark helped NSA spy on Merkel & other European leaders, new reports reveal, as Snowden says Biden was ‘deeply involved’

The US National Intelligence Agency received support from Denmark in spying on European politicians, according to a new joint media report, something President Joe Biden is well-informed to answer for, says Edward Snowden.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Frank Walter-Steinmeier are among those who were spied on by the NSA with the cooperation and help of the Danish Defense Intelligence Service (FE), according to the European media investigation.

The US spying on not only its own citizens, but also leaders in foreign countries is an accusation that came to light in 2013, mostly thanks to documents leaked by former NSA contractor-turned-whistleblower – though he remains a fugitive in the US – Edward Snowden. Snowden’s leaks specifically revealed Merkel’s private cell phone had been monitored by US authorities.

May 30 10:18

Sweden Goes From Being One Of The Safest Countries In Europe To The Second Most Dangerous

A new investigation finds that Sweden has gone from being one of the safest European countries 20 years ago in terms of gun crime to the second most dangerous.

The study, published by the country’s National Council on Crime Prevention (Brå), reveals that Sweden is the only country on the continent where shootings have increased substantially since the start of the century.

“Most of the fatal shootings in Sweden (around 80 percent) had a link to organised crime, according to the study, a proportion which had risen from 30 to 50 percent in the early 2000s and less than 20 percent in the 1990s. Brå also compared the proportion to other countries: around 60 percent of fatal shootings were linked to organised crime in the Netherlands, while in Finland such events were extremely rare,” reports The Local.

After having been ranked 18th out of 22 countries for gun crime from 2000 to 2003, Sweden now ranks in second place, behind only Croatia.

May 30 09:43

Massive London Freedom march

May 30 09:13

Greenpeace Report Highlights Extent of European Nations’ Dumping of Waste in Turkey

By Doga Celik

Published on May 17, Greenpeace’s latest report, “Trashed: How the UK is still dumping plastic waste on the rest of the world,” has revealed that the UK exports most of its waste to Turkey. The report documents how trash from Britain was found in ten dumping sites around Adana, a city on Turkey’s southern coast.

The second part of the report focuses exclusively on Turkey, noting that “exports of plastic waste from the UK to Turkey increased by a factor of 18 in 4 years, from 120,000 tonnes in 2016 to 210,000 tonnes in 2020.” Almost 40 per cent of the UK’s waste ends up in Turkey.

Some the waste found in Turkey is of quite recent vintage...

May 30 06:16

Why EU Report Calling for Regime Change in Russia is Last Ditch Effort to Save the Bloc's Relevance

Earlier this month, EU foreign policymakers issued a draft report on the direction of the bloc's political relations with Russia. The document does not see Russia as an equal partner with the West and "legitimises" the EU to interfere in the country's domestic affairs and overhaul its political system, notes Norwegian Professor Glenn Diesen.

An EU document compiled by MEP Andrius Kubilius, a former prime minister of Lithuania, declares Russia a "threat" and calls for deterring it through different means, including Russia's expulsion from the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT), halting the Nord Stream 2 project, and stepping up sanctions against the country. It specifically targets the Russian government, proposing to launch international probes and trials against it as well as setting up "EU tribunals".

May 29 14:55

Criminal Investigation opened against Swiss ‘National Covid-19 Science Task Force’ for committing Covid Fraud

Criminal charges have been filed against Martin Ackermann, the head of the Swiss National Covid-19 Science Task Force and “possibly other parties involved”, for deliberately and successfully frightening the population in accordance with Art. 258 of the Criminal Code.

May 28 06:06

Is Europe Changing Its Strategy Toward China?

The answer might be yes... and no. The European Parliament’s May 20 resolution freezing any consideration of a long-awaited Comprehensive Agreement on Investment (CAI) with China, along with advocacy of a strengthened European Union screening regulations on foreign investment and increased cooperation with the United States on a Transatlantic Dialogue on China, certainly seemed to symbolize a changed European attitude toward China.

May 28 04:08

Is Europe Changing Its Strategy Toward China?

Authored by June Teufel Dreyer via The Epoch Times,

The answer might be yes... and no. The European Parliament’s May 20 resolution freezing any consideration of a long-awaited Comprehensive Agreement on Investment (CAI) with China, along with advocacy of a strengthened European Union screening regulations on foreign investment and increased cooperation with the United States on a Transatlantic Dialogue on China, certainly seemed to symbolize a changed European attitude toward China.

May 28 04:04

Sweden Goes From Being One Of The Safest Countries In Europe To The Second Most Dangerous

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News,

A new investigation finds that Sweden has gone from being one of the safest European countries 20 years ago in terms of gun crime to the second most dangerous.

The study, published by the country’s National Council on Crime Prevention (Brå), reveals that Sweden is the only country on the continent where shootings have increased substantially since the start of the century.

“Most of the fatal shootings in Sweden (around 80 percent) had a link to organised crime, according to the study, a proportion which had risen from 30 to 50 percent in the early 2000s and less than 20 percent in the 1990s. Brå also compared the proportion to other countries: around 60 percent of fatal shootings were linked to organised crime in the Netherlands, while in Finland such events were extremely rare,” reports The Local.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

By not addressing the problem which is right in front of their faces, Swedish politicians appear to be bound and determined to enable the problem to get worse.

May 27 13:01

British Model Stephanie Dubois Dies From Brain Hemorrhage Days After Receiving AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine; Noted Feeling “Horrendous”

SOUTHWEST CYPRUS – Reports indicate that a British model who was living on the Mediterranean island nation of Cyprus has suffered a fatal blood clot just days after receiving a shot of the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine, according to a health official on Monday.

Stephanie Dubois, 39, who was inoculated in Paphos, reportedly had no pre-existing health issues that could explain the occurrence of the blood clot that took her life. After receiving the first dose of the vaccine on May 6, she suffered what had been called a “serious thrombotic episode” and breathing issues and was taken to a hospital in Nicosia, officials say.

May 26 17:59

European Court on Human Rights Bought Spy Agencies’ Spin on Mass Surveillance

By Katitza Rodriguez and Cindy Cohn

The Strasbourg highest human rights court this week affirmed what we’ve long known, that the United Kingdom’s mass surveillance regime, which involved the indiscriminate and suspicionless interception of people’s communications, violated basic human rights to privacy and free expression. We applaud the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) Grand Chamber, the court’s highest judicial body of the Council of Europe, for the ruling and for its strong stance demanding new safeguards to prevent privacy abuses beyond those required by the lower court in 2018.

Yet, the landmark decision, while powerful in declaring UK mass interception powers unlawful and failing to protect journalists and employ safeguards to ensure British spy agency GCHQ wasn’t abusing its power, imprudently bought into spy agency propaganda that suspicionless interception powers must be granted to ensure national security...

May 22 05:25

NATO’s war against Yugoslavia: the ghost that still haunts Europe

NATO’s war against Yugoslavia: the ghost that still haunts Europe
Rick Rozoff

Twenty-two years ago today the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia was subjected to the 55th straight day of bombardment from the then 19-member North Atlantic Treaty Organization, with 23 days more to go. Many families in Belgrade, Novi Sad and Niš daily fled to bomb shelters during the aerial onslaught. The permanent trauma inflicted on millions of civilians, especially children, is perhaps impossible to calculate. And it has been denied or ignored by Europe and the world. As forgotten as the cluster bomb fragments and depleted uranium left behind by NATO’s “humanitarian intervention.”

May 20 06:11

EU agrees to open up to foreign tourists fully vaccinated against Covid-19, but NOT to those who've had Russia’s Sputnik V jab

The European Union’s agreed plan to re-open its borders to foreigners who have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19 will exclude those inoculated with Sputnik V, with the bloc leaving the Russian jab off its approved list.

On Wednesday, ambassadors representing the EU’s 27 member states reached a consensus that people from outside the union may enter its territory if they have received a vaccine approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) or the World Health Organization (WHO). This means that the Western Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca vaccines, as well as the Chinese Sinopharm jab, will all be accepted.

Despite beginning a rolling review two months ago, the EMA is yet to register Sputnik V. The decision not to accept the jab could inconvenience Russians who were looking to travel abroad in the summer.

May 19 07:27

European database shows 405,250+ covid vaccine injuries, 10,570+ deaths (so far)

The latest data from EudraVigilance, a European vaccine injury and death database, suggests that more people are now getting sick and dying from Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) injections than from the virus itself.

May 16 09:27

Switzerland Cancels it Currency

May 16 05:43

Italians hold large rally in Rome in solidarity with Palestinians

On Saturday, thousands of people flooded Piazza dell'Esquilino, a square in the heart of the Italian capital, to voice their support for Palestinians facing relentless lethal bombing campaigns by the Israeli military over the past days.

The initiative dubbed "Save Jerusalem al-Quds from ethnic cleansing" was called by a number of Palestinian associations based in Italy.

Demonstrators were holding up Palestinian flags, chanting “Free Palestine” and “Stop the killing in Gaza.”

Tel Aviv's relentless aerial bombardment of Gaza has so far killed dozens of Palestinians and injured hundreds of others.

At the protest, representatives of anti-war and humanitarian groups have accused Tel Aviv of using abusive and wanton force against largely peaceful Palestinian protesters. Many fear the tensions in Jerusalem al-Quds will reverberate throughout the region.

May 15 06:09

European Health Commissioner caught in flagrant act of corruption

According to the Audit Office of the Replublic of Cyprus, Health European Commissioner Stélla Kyriakídou, is unable to justify various payments made into a bank account held by her husband, Kyriakos Kyriakídou, on behalf of the Maralo Ltd company.

In her declaration of financial interests, Mrs. Kyriakídou had failed to declare that her husband is the CEO of Maralo Limited.

According to the Court, which has scrutinized the banking transactions of the Kyriakídou family under the “Politically Exposed Persons” (PEP) regulations, the unjustifiable sum would amount to 4 million euros.

European Commissioner Kyriakídou played a central role in the negotiations for the purchase of anti-Covid vaccines. The heads of state and government of the European Council had in fact given her instructions to make a group purchase of vaccines for their respective states, although this modality is not provided for by the Treaties.

May 15 06:04

US plans 'large exercise' in central Europe, attacks Russia

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby has announced multiple war games to be held across Europe, demanding that Russia should open up about its defense drills on its borders.

Kirby on Thursday described Defender Europe 21 underway in central Europe as “a large exercise designed to build readiness and interoperability among NATO allies and partners”.

The maneuvers, he said, are led by US Army-Europe, but has significant US Navy and US Air Force participation.

"The exercise continues with the Virginia class submarine USS New Mexico, arriving in Tromso, Norway, earlier this week," he said at the Pentagon.

"In the next few days, there'll be exercises ongoing in Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Germany and North Macedonia."

May 15 05:58

Sweden Receives First American Patriot Missiles as Part of Air Defence Upgrade

With a price tag of at least $1.2 billion in the first phase alone, this procurement is seen as being among Sweden's largest arms deals in modern history, if not the single-largest.

The first missiles for Sweden's new Patriot 103 air defence system have been delivered, Joakim Lewin, the responsible officer at the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) has confirmed.

“We will receive further deliveries in 2021, 2022 and 2023,” Joakim Lewin, who oversees future projects, told national broadcaster SVT.

May 15 05:57

‘Together we stand by Israel’s side,’ says Austria’s Kurz & flies Israeli flag. What about dead Gaza children? Twitter users ask

A post by the Austrian chancellor has received a mixed response online. While some, including the Israeli prime minister’s son, welcomed Austria’s condemnation of Palestinian “terrorism,” others slammed Vienna’s side-taking.

“Today was used as a sign of solidarity with #Israel the Israeli flag is hoisted on the roof of the Federal Chancellery,” Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz tweeted on Friday, adding “the terrorist attacks on Israel are to be condemned in the strongest! Together we stand by Israel’s side.”

His post, accompanied by a photo of the country’s Chancellery flying the Israeli flag, while supported by some, has drawn extensive criticism on social media, leading some to question ‘Austrian neutrality’.

May 14 10:15

Sweden records 30,000 suspected side effects from Covid vaccines, with AstraZeneca’s jab linked to more than half of all reports

According to the Swedish Medical Products Agency, as of last week, the Scandinavian nation had received 31,844 reports of adverse reactions linked to the rollout of Covid-19 vaccines. Sweden is currently offering three variants of the drug. There are currently 2,103 reports of side effects from the Moderna shot, while the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine has been associated with 9,117 health issues. But the number of suspected adverse reactions from the two shots seems relatively small when compared to the 19,961 reports linked to AstraZeneca’s Vaxzevria.

The most common side effects for all three drugs were fever and headache. Other reported adverse reactions included nausea, joint pain, and dizziness.

May 14 10:13

More than a quarter of EU adults reluctant to get Covid vaccine, survey finds

Vaccine hesitancy rates in the EU are raising alarms, after a survey found that 27% of adults across the bloc said they’d be unlikely to accept a Covid-19 jab, amid a “failure” to persuade people of its efficacy and safety.

May 13 00:53

Plan for Preemptive Strike? Ukraine Says It Could Be Attacked From Belarus.

Speaking to a security forum in Kiev yesterday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said of a potential armed conflict with neighboring Russia, “I think it could be a world war.”

He was responding to a question by a reporter who had asked whether a Russian attack against Ukraine – he specified in September – could be launched not only from the pro-Russian Donetsk and Lugansk republics in the Donbass but also from Crimea and Belarus. Russia and Belarus are scheduled to hold this year’s ZAPAD joint military exercise in September. (The last was conducted in 2017. Western officials and analysts beforehand warned of the participation of over 100,000 troops; in fact the number was closer to 12,000. We can expect to hear inflated figures again ahead of this year’s event.)

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, this "telegraphing" in the part of Ukraine tells the world precisely where the next false flag regarding a potential attack against Ukraine is supposed to come from, in September?!?

High school, guys; HIGH SCHOOL!!

May 12 07:49

US submarine docks in Norway, protesters fear becoming ‘bomb target’

A nuclear-powered American submarine has docked at a civilian port in northern Norway, sparking concerns among protesters, who say the deployment would turn the city into a bomb target in the event of a war.

The USS New Mexico submarine arrived in Tønsnes municipal harbor, in Tromsø city, on Monday.

The Norwegian government imposed a no-fly zone over the port, strictly guarding access to the harbor area under tight security.

The military guarding of the port will only last for as long as the submarine stays, said the army.

People gathered at the port to protest the submarine's arrival and the government's failure to "take adequate preventive measures to avert a possible nuclear catastrophe.”

They held banners that read, “US Army out of Norway” and “No nukes in Tromsø.”

May 12 07:37

Lower Chamber of Russian Parliament Votes to Revoke Tax Agreement With Netherlands

At a plenary session on Tuesday, the lower chamber of the Russian parliament voted for revoking a Russian-Dutch agreement on the avoidance of double taxation and prevention of tax evasion.

The Russian government submitted a bill to denounce the agreement to the lower chamber last month.

"If the Russian side submits a notification on agreement denunciation before 30 June 2021, it will be terminated on 1 January 2022", the explanatory note read.

At the same time, the Russian Finance Ministry said it would propose amending taxation deals with Hong Kong, Singapore, and Switzerland.

May 12 07:23

Michel Barnier Calls For 3-5 Year Suspension Of Immigration Into EU

Michel Barnier has called for a 3-5 year suspension of immigration into EU countries, warning that the bloc’s external borders have become a “sieve” for criminals and terrorists.

“I think we have to take the time for three or five years to suspend immigration,” Barnier told French media.

The EU’s former Brexit negotiator cited links between between immigration and “terrorist networks that infiltrate migrational flows” as part of his reasoning for calling for the shutdown, while also highlighting the issue of human trafficking networks.

The comments are particularly noteworthy because Barnier is known as a centrist – even a globalist in some ways – yet he is spouting rhetoric normally espoused by right-wing politicians.

May 12 06:46

With US Assurances, Ukraine Says NATO, EU Membership Main Strategic Goal of Nation

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky today opened the All-Ukrainian Forum “Ukraine 30. National Security,” which will continue to May 13. A statement issued beforehand included discussion of “what steps it will take for NATO membership” among other matters.

Interfax-Ukraine reported that Zelensky instructed his cabinet ministers to approve this year’s iteration of the Annual National Program which NATO first granted it in 2008 to prepare the nation for full membership. The program is under the authority of the NATO-Ukraine Commission, established in 1997. The president stated that approval would expedite the achievement of one of the priority goals of his administration: “Ukraine’s integration into the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.” The new annual program, he affirmed, would guarantee Ukraine’s “strategic course for the acquisition of Ukraine’s full membership in NATO, enshrined in the Constitution of Ukraine.”

May 12 06:45

Massive British, NATO War Games Prepare Queen Elizabeth Carrier Strike Group To Confront Russia and China

This year’s iteration of Britain’s biannual Joint Warrior exercise in the Irish Sea is subsumed under another exercise, Strike Warrior 21, being used to prepare the HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier, the flagship of the Royal Navy, and its carrier strike group for deployment to the Mediterranean Sea, the Indian Ocean and the Asia-Pacific region.

Exercise Joint Warrior, held in the spring and autumn every year, is described by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization as the largest military exercise in Europe and is organized jointly by the British army, navy and air force. It occurs off the northern and western coasts of Scotland in the Irish Sea. It is one of 95 NATO exercises scheduled for 2021 (113 were scheduled for last year), with 220 other national and multinational exercises conducted in conjunction with them.

May 12 06:07

Estonia Becomes Centre Stage of Anti-Russia Military Exercises

800 paratroopers from the 82nd Airborne Division of the U.S. Army departed from Fort Bragg in North Carolina last Friday morning for a Swift Response exercise. They were dropped into Estonia in a “joint forcible entry” operation in the early hours of Saturday. The airborne exercise is designed to test the fast response capabilities of the U.S. to defend Estonia in case of a hypothetical war with Russia. It is also part of larger NATO exercises that includes the participation of 30,000 troops doing drills with battlegroups led by the UK in Estonia, Canada in Latvia, Germany in Lithuania and the U.S. in Poland.

In effect, NATO has mobilized tens of thousands of troops right onto Russia’s border. Moscow has repeatedly expressed concern about a NATO building up in Europe and Russian Presidential spokesperson Dmitry Peskov stated that Russia does not threaten anyone but will not ignore actions that could endanger its interests.

May 11 05:54

New Intermarium: Biden, NATO Pledge Support to NATO’s Nine-Nation Eastern Flank

The members of the Bucharest Nine (9) NATO eastern flank Allies (White House terminology) held a virtual summit today from the Romanian capital that lends it name to the group.

Participants also included President Joe Biden, Secretary of State Antony Blinken and North Atlantic Treaty Organization Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. The participation of that trio should establish whose interests the group serves.

Though established in 2014, the real history of the Bucharest 9 goes back more than a century as will be demonstrated below, and has ominous implications for the worsening conflict between NATO and Russia.

May 10 06:49

Official: Ukraine Certain of Receiving Lethal Weapons From NATO

Leonid Kravchuk, one of the three signatories to the dissolution of the Soviet Union and Ukraine’s first president, told one of his nation’s television networks on May 7 that he was sure of the U.S. and other NATO delivering lethal weapons to Ukraine. Weapons required to continue the seven-year war against the Donetsk and Lugansk republics in the Donbass and for possible armed conflict with Russia.

May 10 05:46

The long shadow of Israel's arm in Europe

Israel has been allowed to get away with far too much for far too long.

As a self-proclaimed "outpost of civilisation in the jungle", Israel has been supported by the forces of European and US imperialism for decades.

The welcome decline of the European empires meant that Israel was – correctly – viewed by them as one of the last ongoing projects of European settler-colonialism in the world. Therefore, Israel has long had much success in appealing to European governments' systemic racism as a motive for political, military and intelligence support.

Western politicians, therefore, often publicly regard Israel to be a "friendly" country – an ally. In private, however, especially among Western intelligence officials, the story is quite different.

May 09 05:16

NATO Allies "Take Over" Black Sea For Military Exercises

The title is courtesy of the Hungary-based Transylvania Now news site. The Pentagon’s Special Operations Command Europe kicked off the Trojan Footprint 21 exercise on May 3; what is identified as its premier special operations forces drills.

The war games will be held until May 14 in five Black Sea and Balkans nations: Bulgaria, Georgia, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Romania. Special forces from the U.S. – all branches of the armed forces including Green Berets – the five host nations, Britain, Germany, Spain and Ukraine are involved. With the exception of Turkey, all Black Sea littoral states but Russia are participating.

The exercise is designed for "enhancing interoperability between NATO allies" to prepare for “counter[ing] myriad threats.” Though there aren’t a thousand... only one threat. Russia.

May 07 06:16

EU Accepts US, Canada, Norway in Military Mobilization Project

The European Union (EU) on Thursday authorized the United States, Canada, and Norway to participate in the Permanent Structural Cooperation (PESCO), a project that seeks to streamline the cross-border mobilization of troops and military equipment by land, sea, and air.

Acceptance for the participation of these countries in this program was conditional on their acceptance of several conditions, including the exchange of military information with the EU.

PESCO was established in 2017 as the European response to then-President Donald Trump's threats to diminish U.S. cooperation in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

It also emerged as a mechanism to enhance the Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) after the consummation of Brexit and in the face of "threats" that might arise from Russia's actions.

May 06 11:33

American Duo Gets Life in Italian Prison for Killing Cop While on Summer Vacation

ROME—Two Americans have been sentenced to life in an Italian prison after a teenage vacation in Rome ended in a brutal fight that left a local police officer dead.

Finnegan Elder, 21, and Gabriel Natale-Hjorth, 20, from California, got themselves into trouble after trying to buy cocaine during their vacation in the summer of 2019. After a botched drug deal, they killed Carabinieri officer Mario Cerciello Rega, 35.

May 06 05:26

Belgian court has no jurisdiction over Iran diplomat: Embassy

Iran’s Embassy in Brussels discredits the self-proclaimed jurisdiction of a Belgian court that has sentenced an Iranian diplomat to 20 years in prison after accusing him of plotting an alleged attack against the Mujahedin-e-Khalq (MKO) anti-Iran terrorist cult.

The embassy released the statement on Wednesday, reiterating the country’s position concerning the February 4 sentence against Assadollah Assadi, the third counsellor at Iran's Embassy in Vienna.

In June 2018, Belgian authorities said that the Belgian police had intercepted a car carrying homemade explosives and a detonation device, claiming that Assadi had handed the materials to two people in Belgium earlier.

Assadi, himself, was apprehended in Germany the next day and told he could not apply his diplomatic immunity.