Jan 21 12:34

Yemeni rebels say Saudi-led airstrike on prison killed 70

A Saudi-led airstrike targeting a prison run by Yemen’s Houthi rebels killed at least 70 detainees and wounded dozens Friday, a rebel minister said. The strike was part of a pounding aerial offensive that hours earlier took the Arab world’s poorest country off the internet.

The intense campaign comes after the Iran-backed Houthis claimed a drone and missile attack that struck inside the capital of the United Arab Emirates earlier in the week. It marked a major escalation in the conflict, a brutal civil war in Yemen where the Saudi-led coalition, backed by the UAE, has battled the rebels since 2015.

Taha al-Motawakel, health minister in the Houthi government which controls the country’s north, told The Associated Press in the capital, Sanaa, that 70 detainees were killed at the prison but that he expects the number to rise in the coming hours since many of the wounded were seriously hurt.

Jan 21 05:59

Saudi Coalition Attacks Yemen Youth Soccer Game; Civilians Killed

Saudi Arabia’s state media reported “precise airstrikes against legitimate military targets” in Yemen today. This included an attack on a youth soccer field in al-Hodeidah, while a game was going on.

Details are still emerging as to the aftermath, though there were reportedly a number of casualties, including deaths. Photos showed several children among the casualties.

Despite the Saudis’ constant talk of legitimate military targets, and Hodeidah being militarized, this was just a soccer game with no official dimension at all, and there is no sign anyone was there except for a number of civilians.

Jan 21 05:58

Saudi Attack Leads to Nationwide Internet Outage in Yemen

Yemen lost its Internet connection as of 3:00 AM local time, following the latest round of Saudi airstrikes against the port of Hodeidah.

The FALCON submarine cable is the in-road to Internet access in Yemen, through a landing station at the Hodeidah port. The airstrikes targeted a TeleYemen building in the city, among other targets.

The Saudis presented this as “accurate airstrikes to destroy the capabilities” around the port. They have yet to acknowledge that this meant targeting telecom sites, nor all the civilian targets they hit.

Jan 21 05:57

'Where do you go?': Sanaa residents brace for more strikes as Yemen war spirals

Ghazi al-Qadasi closes his apparel store early these days to rush home as residents of the Yemeni capital brace for further air strikes by a Saudi-led coalition after at least 20 people were killed in a bombing two days ago.

"There have been three days of very strong strikes," said Qadasi, whose store is in Sanaa's Hael district, which lies 1 km (0.62 mile) from a military area that had been struck.
"Clients are scared and we have started closing our stores early to go make sure our children are inside the house."

Jan 20 10:48

Biden Says Redesignating Houthis as Terrorists ‘Under Consideration’

President Biden said during a press conference Wednesday that redesignating Yemen’s Houthis as a foreign terrorist organization is “under consideration.”

The Trump administration listed the Houthis as a terror organization as one of its last foreign policy moves. The UN and other aid groups warned the designation would lead to a massive famine since the label essentially criminalizes delivering food to Houthi-controlled areas of north Yemen, where most of the country’s starving population lives.

Because of the dire warnings, President Biden quickly lifted the designation when he first came into office. But now, the UAE is calling on the US to redesignate the Houthis as terrorists after the Yemeni Shia group launched an attack on Abu Dhabi that killed three people. The UAE is part of the Saudi-led coalition that has been waging war against the Houthis since 2015, so the attack isn’t much of a surprise.

Jan 20 07:47

Biden Says Redesignating Houthis as Terrorists ‘Under Consideration’

President Biden said during a press conference Wednesday that redesignating Yemen’s Houthis as a foreign terrorist organization is “under consideration.”

The Trump administration listed the Houthis as a terror organization as one of its last foreign policy moves. The UN and other aid groups warned the designation would lead to a massive famine since the label essentially criminalizes delivering food to Houthi-controlled areas of north Yemen, where most of the country’s starving population lives.

Because of the dire warnings, President Biden quickly lifted the designation when he first came into office. But now, the UAE is calling on the US to redesignate the Houthis as terrorists after the Yemeni Shia group launched an attack on Abu Dhabi that killed three people. The UAE is part of the Saudi-led coalition that has been waging war against the Houthis since 2015, so the attack isn’t much of a surprise.

Jan 19 14:32

Booster Shot For Russia! Will UAE Co-Develop SU-75 Checkmate With Moscow After Suspending US F-35 Fighter Deal?

Russia is looking to co-produce its new Su-75 Checkmate stealth fighter aircraft with the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which recently suspended a $23 billion arms deal with the US.

Moscow’s collaboration with Abu Dhabi could be a win-win situation as it has the potential to revitalize Russia’s struggling defense industry while also reducing the UAE’s dependence on the West for its warplanes.

Su-75 Checkmate

The Su-75 Checkmate is designed to be a low-cost alternative to the US’ F-35 fighter jets. This modern aircraft is the second fifth-generation warplane that Russia will produce after the Su-57.

Jan 19 08:22

Saudi Airstrikes Kill 20, Many Civilians, in Yemen Capital

Saudi airstrikes pounded residential areas of the Yemeni capital of Sanaa. The overnight strikes began after the Houthis attacked Abu Dhabi, and ended up the deadliest attack in Sanaa since 2019.

An estimated 20 people were killed in the attacks, and signs are that they were mostly civilians, though it’s not clear there was a great effort to identify them by the Saudis.

The Saudis presented the strikes as aimed at the homes of Houthi military figures, but it isn’t clear any of them were killed, and seemingly it was just whoever was nearby at the time.

The UN voiced concern over the killings, calling on all sides to exercise restraint. The UN further warned all sides have humanitarian responsibilities with regards to the civilians.

Jan 19 07:51

Do China’s ties to the Mideast run deep?

A burst of diplomatic activity between China and Middle East countries has kicked off 2022. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi last week hosted a delegation from the Gulf Cooperation Council, including the foreign ministers of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, and Bahrain, as well as the GCC’s secretary general. They were immediately followed by the Turkish and Iranian foreign ministers. Beijing also made small waves with the announcement that Syria had signed a cooperation agreement to work with China on the Belt and Road Initiative, or BRI.

It was indeed a major week in China-Middle East, North Africa relations, but not without recent precedent. In 2021, Wang made two substantive trips to the region, visiting Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iran, the UAE, Oman, and Bahrain in March, and then Syria, Egypt, and Algeria in July. Add to this State Councilor Yang Jiechi’s trip to Qatar and Kuwait in early 2021, and it is clear Beijing is devoting significant diplomatic resources in the region.

Jan 19 07:20

Violence Increasing in Yemen

Day after day, the tensions worsen in Yemen. Recently, the Houthi rebels claimed responsibility for a series of explosions that hit the capital of the United Arab Emirates, damaging places of great strategic value, such as Abu Dhabi airport. In response, a new coalition’s offensive began, with violent bombings being operated in Sanaa.

The Arab coalition has launched a major bombing campaign in the Yemeni capital. The attack, according to information provided by the alliance’s spokespersons, is “in response to threat and military necessity”. Such “necessity” refers to recent attacks operated by the Houthis against targets outside the Yemeni territory.

Jan 19 07:07

China Is Chipping Away At America's Influence In The Middle East

Last week saw a series of meetings in Beijing between senior officials from the Chinese government and foreign ministers from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, and the secretary-general of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). At these meetings, the principal topics of conversation were to finally seal a China-GCC Free Trade Agreement and “deeper strategic cooperation in a region where U.S. dominance is showing signs of retreat,” according to local news reports.

Jan 19 06:58

Israel Offers UAE 'Intelligence & Security' Help After Deadly Houthi Drone Attack

Yemen's Iran-backed Houthi rebels have claimed responsibility for a deadly drone and ballistic missile attack which rocked the United Arab Emirates' capital of Abu Dhabi on Monday. The strike, which demonstrated an increasingly sophisticated capability among the Houthis, hit an oil facility owned by the Abu Dhabi National Oil Co. A Houthi military spokesman said that the group "carried out… a successful military operation" against "important and sensitive Emirati sites and installations."

"The attack killed two Indian nationals and one Pakistani as three tankers at the site exploded, police said," The Associated Press reports. "Six people were also wounded at the facility, which is near Al-Dhafra Air Base, a massive Emirati installation also home to American and French forces."

Jan 18 10:54

The Life Of Fyodor Dostoevsky

Fyodor Dostoevsky was one of the most famous and respected writers of the 19th century, regarded for his philosophical leanings and psychologically complex characters. He was born in 1821 to a middle-class life, but lost his mother to tuberculosis at an early age. He attended the Nikolaev Military Engineering Institute, where he studied engineering, but was so attracted to art and religious studies that he earned the nickname "Monk Photius". He moonlighted as a writer as he worked as an engineer and published his first novel, Poor Folk, in 1846. This did well enough to encourage him to leave the military and become a full-time writer.

Jan 18 07:40

Saudi jets bomb Yemen after Abu Dhabi drone attack

The Saudi-led coalition has launched an air raid on the Yemeni capital, Sanaa, saying it was a response to the earlier attack by “Iran-backed” Houthi “terrorists” on Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates.

Saudi state media announced the raid on Monday evening, saying that the coalition’s F-15 fighters targeted and destroyed two ballistic missile launchers, allegedly used in the strike against the UAE.

Houthi military spokesperson Yahya Saree said on Monday that the militia, which controls the Yemeni capital, used five “ballistic and winged missiles” and “a large number of drones” to target “a number of important and sensitive Emirati sites and facilities,” including the airports in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Jan 17 07:46

Multiple Dead In UAE Tanker Explosion Attack Claimed By Yemen's Houthis

Drone wars in the Middle East intensified Monday when Yemen's Iran-aligned Houthi movement claimed to have flown drones into an oil storage facility in Abu Dhabi, reported Al Arabiya.

Abu Dhabi police said three tanker trucks exploded in an oil storage facility owned by the state-owned oil company Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) in the industrial Musaffah area. Another explosion was reported at an extension of Abu Dhabi's airport.

Jan 16 06:31

HRW criticises Biden for weak defence of human rights in Middle East

Human Rights Watch has criticised US President Joe Biden and other western leaders over their "weak" defences of democracy and human rights, saying their continued support of Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Israel contradicted their stated foreign policy goals.

While Biden has had a completely different approach to his predecessor, President Donald Trump, who was described by HRW executive director Kenneth Roth as having an "embrace of friendly autocrats", the rights group said on Thursday that the current administration continued weapons sales to repressive governments and remained reserved on certain human rights violations.

Jan 14 07:16

UK tells Yemeni asylum seeker he can return home safely despite war

A Yemeni man has been told by UK authorities he can return home to his country because officials “do not accept that there are problems in Yemen”, in a refusal of his asylum claim, filed in June 2021.

The UK's Guardian newpaper reported that the asylum seeker, a 36-year-old accountant who is married and has two children, has various physical and mental health problems, but the refusal letter said that there is “a substantial public health programme in Yemen”.

The United Nations and charities operating in the country have repeatedly stated the country's health system has "collapsed" under the weight of years of civil war and the Covid-19 pandemic.

Jan 14 07:10

Video: The War on Yemen. Saudi-led Coalition Wins on the Battlefield but Loses in Propaganda

The years-long war in Yemen sees no end, and 2022 is not an exception. The year began with a large-scale operation, dubbed Southern Storm aimed to expel the Houthis (Ansar Allah) from Yemen’s central-southern province of Shabawah. The operation is mainly led by the UAE-backed Giant Brigades, a force of an estimated 15,000 fighters, with support from the Yemeni Armed Forces and backed by air cover from Coalition warplanes.

The operation took the Houthis by surprise and resulted in significant gains since its first days.

On January 2, the Giants Brigades managed to capture the center of Usaylan district. On January 3 and 4, the group’s fighters captured the mountain of Bin Aqil and the key town of al-Nuqub.

Jan 13 10:36

Saudi-led coalition apologises for fake Yemen video of Houthi missiles

Saudi-led coalition in Yemen have apologised for using old Iraq War footage as ‘evidence’ of Iran smuggling weapons to Houthi rebels at the port city of Hodeidah.

Jan 13 07:33

Deconstructing the Saudi narrative on the war in Yemen

On December 18, Hisham Sharaf, the Minister of Foreign Affairs for the Ansar-Allah-led government in Sana’a, Yemen, called for U.N.-sponsored negotiations to end the war. Two days later, the Saudi Air Force launched a fresh wave of air raids on Sana’a, targeting the airport and civilian areas. Yet, reports in the U.S. media continue to promote an inaccurate narrative that demonizes Ansar-Allah while portraying the Saudis as seeking peace.

Jan 13 07:22

China’s meetings with Middle East ministers sets the scene for Beijing to step up in region

China is positioning itself as a prominent player in the Middle East with a string of meetings promising an upgrade in ties, the sealing of a free-trade agreement and deeper strategic cooperation in a region where US dominance is showing signs of retreat.

The secretary general of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), and foreign ministers from four of its member countries - Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman and Bahrain - are visiting the eastern Chinese city of Wuxi in Jiangsu province this week until Friday.

In addition, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu was expected to visit China on Wednesday and Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian was expected on Friday.

Jan 13 07:14

UN says $3.9bn needed for help in Yemen as conflict escalates

The United Nations will need about $3.9bn this year to help millions of people in war-torn Yemen, a top UN humanitarian official has said.

Acting Assistant Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Deputy Emergency Relief Coordinator Ramesh Rajasingham told the UN Security Council on Wednesday that “the biggest constraint right now is funding” to help about 16 million people in Yemen, where a brutal conflict has raged for more than seven years.

Jan 10 11:50

Unjustly smeared as “anti-Semitic” (whatever that means)?

Stuart Littlewood highlights Israel's and its Zionist terror networks' abuse of the term "anti-Semitism", and recalls former Israeli Director of Military Intelligence Yehoshafat Harkabi's warning that "Israelis must be aware that the price of their misconduct is paid not only by them but also Jews throughout the world".>>

Jan 10 07:27

Saudis Say ‘Urgent’ Situation, They’re Running Out of Patriot Missiles

Saudi Arabia is pushing the US to rush sales of Patriot missiles for their air defense system, warning that they are running out and face an “urgent situation” if they don’t get more.

Escalation of the cross-border strikes in Yemen has seen the Saudis using a lot more interceptors than they had been, and at this rate they will run out of missiles in months.

The US almost certainly will sell the Saudis more, but such sales can be very slow. The Saudis have been pushing GCC allies for loans of a few missiles in the meanwhile.

This war is costing the Saudis huge amounts in weapons buys, and is lasting far longer than they expected. The cost of their air war was already huge, and now they’re rushing to get air defense arms as well.

Jan 10 07:10

China to host ministers from oil-rich Gulf states as Kazakhstan unrest heightens energy security fears

Foreign ministers from the Gulf states will start a five-day visit to Beijing on Monday in with energy expected to top the agenda.

China is worried about supply security following the turmoil in Kazakhstan, one of its key suppliers while the members of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) want to find a counterweight for their over-reliance on the United States and Beijing’s close ties to Iran, analysts said.

Jan 08 08:07

UAE 'retaliates' against jailed activist Ahmed Mansoor for exposing abuses

United Arab Emirates (UAE) prison authorities retaliated against prominent activist Ahmed Mansoor after the publication of letters he wrote detailing his mistreatment in jail, two rights groups said on Friday.

Human Rights Watch (HRW) and the Gulf Centre for Human Rights (GCHR) say Mansoor has been denied access to critical medical care since the letters were first released on 16 July by London-based news outlet Arabi21.

Mansoor has also been transferred to a smaller and more isolated cell and his reading glasses have been confiscated, according to the report.

Jan 07 07:08

China Secures Foothold In This Strategic Middle East Oil State

The recent talks between Oman’s Assistant to the Chief of Staff for Operations and Planning, Brigadier Abdulaziz Abdullah al-Manthri, and the Chief of Staff of Iranian Armed Forces, Major-General Mohammad Bagheri, may mark a new phase in the already deep and broad relationship between Oman and Iran, and in the Sultanate’s drift into the Iran-China axis. “The two countries [Iran and Oman] have conducted several joint naval drills in recent years, within the scope of securing the waterway from the Persian Gulf through to the Gulf of Oman from smuggling and other threats, including terrorism, but these [recent] talks were concerned with expanding that cooperation both in terms of the armed services involved beyond just the navy and the scope of their joint activities beyond anti-smuggling and dealing with terrorist threats,” an Iranian source who works closely the Petroleum Ministry told OilPrice.com last week.

Jan 06 06:12

Oil Tanker Sends "Distress Call" To Arab Coalition After "Armed Harassment" Off Yemen Coast

According to Saudi Gazette, the Arab Coalition received a distress call from an oil tanker near Yemen after being subjected to "armed harassment."

"We received a distress call from an oil tanker after it was subjected to armed harassment in front of the port of Hodeida," the colation states.

The port of Hodeida is located in the Red Sea, but no other details about the vessel's location have been given.

Jan 02 10:55

The Jewish schism deepens

Lawrence Davidson views the schism among US Jews in terms of whether Israel should be "just another… armed-to-the-teeth-and-ready-for-slaughter, greedy, racist, self-centred nation-state" or "a community with principles like those, for example, set forth in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights".>>

Dec 28 11:13

Saudi expert defends intensified bombardment in Yemen, Ansarullah vows painful response

During a recent political talk show on RT Arabic, Saudi military expert Mohammad al-Qabibaan defended the recent intense escalation of the Saudi-led coalition’s bombardment campaign in Yemen, describing the relentless airstrikes of recent weeks as “successful operations” designed to force the Houthi Ansarullah movement to sit down at the negotiating table.

For his part, Nasr al-deen ‘Aamir, a representative from the Sana’a-led Media Ministry, said that the Yemeni Army had no choice but to respond to the intensified coalition bombardment that was targeting innocent civilians and his country’s civil infrastructure, and vowed that the army ‘will respond by striking locations’ that hurt Riyadh.

Dec 27 11:02

Now Boris Johnson’s crazies want to outlaw BDS (Boycott, Divestments and Sanctions)

Stuart Littlewood highlights the case of British Conservative MP Robert Jenrick – an Israel flag waver whose behaviour is "riddled with impropriety" – who has pledged to outlaw BDS, which peacefully campaign to end the illegal Israeli occupation and compel Israel to respect international law and human rights.>>

Dec 24 12:09

This Christmas remember how Israel desecrated the Church of the Nativity

Stuart Littlewood recalls how nearly 20 years ago Israeli occupation troops viciously murdered innocent civilians inside and outside Christianity’s oldest church, the Church of the Nativity, in Bethlehem in the occupied West Bank.>>

Dec 22 07:09

Saudi Attacks Halt Aid Flights Into Yemen Capital

The large civilian toll in the Saudi War in Yemen has been driven in large part by the Saudis heavily restricting access to humanitarian aid in the impoverished country. Today, the UN announced that they are halting all aid flights into the capital of Sanaa.

In the past couple of days, Saudi Arabia warned aid groups away from the airport, then attacked the airport. This further restricts ways of getting supplies into north Yemen after destroying most of the seaports and heavily limiting the ships in the area.

All through the war, food has been in short supply in Yemen, and medicine often undergoes shortages that kill those with chronic health conditions. The shortages are far worse in the Houthi north, as the Saudis restrict naval travel into the last port of Hodeidah.

Dec 20 06:41

Yemen’s Houthis Call for Dialogue to End War

Almost an entire year of fighting over Maarib has fueled high hopes of a new effort to end the Yemen War, and the Houthis are backing that, calling for dialogue with an eye toward peace.

Houthi FM Hisham Sharaf said the group wants talks under the auspices of the UN, or at least with international partners overseeing thew process.

Past peace bids have gotten bogged down in details, with groups not wanting to meet one another directly about certain topics. The war has gone on long enough that there are many enemies.

The end game of the war has been expected to involve power-sharing, but the players involved and the terms are going to take a long while to hash out.

Dec 20 06:40


WHEN CONNECTICUT DEMOCRAT Chris Murphy cast his vote in the Senate on Tuesday supporting a $650 million missile sale to Saudi Arabia, he bucked the better half of his party. That evening, 28 of 50 Senate Democrats voted for a resolution of disapproval, authored by Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., that sought to stop the Saudi arms sale. The decision by a majority of Senate Democrats to oppose transferring weapons described by the State Department as “defensive” was a major show against President Joe Biden and an affirmation of their opposition to Saudi Arabia’s strangling of Yemen. But the Democrats on Murphy’s side were joined by all but two Republicans — Paul and Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah — and the measure failed 30-67. In Murphy’s case, it was proof of a significant shift by the previous anti-war champion.

Dec 18 07:57

UAE Move to Scrap F-35 Deal Reflects Waning US Power in Multipolar World, Analysts Say

The United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) decision to suspend the purchase of F-35 Joint Strike Fighters is another sign Washington’s allies are trying to reduce their reliance on US military power, which is on the wane due to overstretch in a multipolar world, analysts told Sputnik.

Abu Dhabi earlier this week suspended talks on a $23 billion deal to buy fifty F-35 jets, in addition to drones and advanced munitions. Onerous US restrictions designed to protect against Chinese espionage have reportedly been a major driver of the UAE’s decision.

On Friday, a US administration official told reporters the two sides are still trying to work out concerns related to the deal, including certain requests the UAE asked for during the Trump administration.

Former UK Ambassador to Syria Peter Ford believes Washington’s hubristic demands such as disabling any capacity the aircraft might have to harm Israel, gave the UAE good excuses to exit the deal.

Dec 14 07:32

190 Houthis killed in military operations by Saudi-led coalition

The Saudi-led coalition fighting in Yemen said on Saturday that 190 Houthis had been killed in military operations in the last 24 hours.

The coalition conducted 36 operations against Houthi targets in Marib in Yemen within the last 24 hours, the Saudi Press Agency tweeted. The operations also destroyed 20 military vehicles and drone control units.

The coalition regularly attacks Houthi military targets to deter the militia from launching drone and missile attacks against Saudi Arabian cities, mainly in border areas.

Dec 10 09:42

Bombings, Casualties Surge in Escalation of Saudi Air War in Yemen

The latest monthly data out of Yemen shows what everyone following the country already knows, the air war is bad, and rapidly getting worse, with data showing air raids surging across the country.

Maarib and Saada Provinces have seen the highest numbers of strikes recently, though in the past few weeks, a lot of other areas are getting hit as well. Hodeidah saw its highest number of strikes since the 2018 deal.

In the course of November, some 29 civilian casualties were reported. This is, of course, just an estimate, but would be the highest monthly figure since Mid-2020.

That’s a surprisingly low number when compared with the huge average of 30 airstrikes per day and the estimate that 28% of all airstrikes hit identifiable civilian targets.

Dec 10 09:21

Video: Ping-Pong War in Yemen: Houthis Strike Back with Drones over Riyadh

The Saudi-led coalition has recently tried to push back after the Houthis, as Ansar Allah is known, had gained significant territories in Yemen’s strategic Marib province. However, such Saudi attempts, as expected provoked a harsh response. Riyadh’s intense air raids on Houthi military targets, as well as civilian facilities, at the end of November, could not go unpunished.

On the night of December 7, Saudi citizens did not sleep well, as the country suffered an intence air attack of unprecedented scale from neighboring Yemen.

Dec 08 14:14

Saudi Arabia Is Running Out Of Patriot Missiles In Its Conflict With The Houthis

Saudi Arabia is requesting “hundreds more” missile rounds for its U.S.-supplied Patriot air-defense systems as it continues to wage a war against drones (as well as rudimentary cruise missiles) and ballistic missile attacks launched by the Iranian-backed Houthi forces based in neighboring Yemen. The diminishing Saudi missile stocks reflect the extent of the challenge facing The Kingdom, which recently sought to buy additional AIM-120 Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missiles, or AMRAAMs, to arm its fighter jets against some of the same threats.

Writing today in the Washington Post, Gordon Lubold reported that the United States is “poised to formally approve” a Saudi request for additional Patriot missile rounds. This comes amid fears within The Kingdom that the scale of drone and missile attacks “could result in significant loss of life or damage to critical oil infrastructure.”

Dec 08 06:35

Israeli Officials Says Warming UAE-Iran Ties are ‘Not Acceptable’

The UAE’s national security advisor visited Iran on Monday in a sign of warming ties between the two nations, and Israel is unhappy about the rapprochement.

During the visit to Iran by the UAE’s Tahnoun bin Zayed al-Nahyan, Iranian officials said they were happy to ease tensions with Abu Dhabi. “Improving ties with the regional countries is my government’s priority, therefore we welcome improving ties with the UAE,” said Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi.

An Israeli official told the Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper that the UAE’s diplomacy with Iran is “worrying” and “not acceptable.” Israel normalized relations with the UAE last year and is hoping to work with Abu Dhabi and other Gulf states against Iran.

Dec 03 10:06

Saudi warplanes carpet-bomb Yemen with US help. This must end

The recent breaching of the United States’ embassy in Yemen’s capital city of Sanaa by rebel forces, and the detaining of Yemeni employees of the embassy, is the latest escalation in a war that has gone on for far too long. It is a war that the United States has supported and remains deeply involved in. It’s time for that complicity to end.

For more than six years, Saudi-led military intervention into Yemen’s civil war on behalf of Yemen’s exiled government against Yemeni rebels has been a key driver of the largest humanitarian disaster in the world. “The country’s economy has reached new depths of collapse, and a third wave of the pandemic is threatening to crash the country’s already fragile healthcare system,” United Nations humanitarian relief coordinator, Martin Griffiths, said in September, with millions “a step away from starvation”.

Dec 01 07:59

The World Keeps Yemen Waiting With Deadly Results

The United Nations Development Program projects that the war in Yemen will have killed at least 377,000 people by the end of this year. That projection represents an increase of more than 140,000 over the previous year’s report. As in previous years, 60% of the war’s casualties have been caused by indirect causes of disease and starvation. According to the report, a staggering 70% of the total casualties are children under the age of five. The youngest and weakest members of the population are most at risk when a country is wracked by mass starvation and multiple epidemics, and they are the ones dying in huge numbers. These are the victims of an unnecessary military intervention and a man-made famine, and most of these deaths could have been prevented if Yemen’s humanitarian crisis had been dealt with the urgency that its severity required.

Nov 30 07:23

Saudis, Allies Pound Yemeni Capital of Sanaa in Weekend Strikes

Over the weekend, Saudi Arabia and its allies carried out a flurry of airstrikes against the Yemeni capital city of Sanaa, with residents reporting several large explosions in parts of the city.

Results weren’t immediately clear, but officials now say that they attacked “secret underground tunnels” beneath the Sanaa presidential palace, where they believe ballistic missiles were stored. They also hit other military targets.

The coalition prefaced these attacks by warning Yemenis to avoid “legitimate military targets” in Sanaa, a warning that probably didn’t do much good if they were attacking underground sites that the public didn’t know anything about.

That’s been the case in a lot of recent strikes, as in addition to these tunnels, Saudi strikes targeted a plastics factory which had no apparent military significance. Officials later speculated that this was a “drone lab.”

Nov 29 07:17

The Biden Administration’s Missile Sale to Saudi Arabia Is Offensive, and Must Be Stopped

The Biden administration’s decision to sell $650 million in air-to-air missiles and related equipment to Saudi Arabia is a violation of President Biden’s pledge to treat Saudi Arabia as a “pariah” and to end the sale of weapons that can be used in its brutal war in Yemen, a conflict in which nearly a quarter of a million people have died since it was initiated in March 2015.

To their credit, Senators Rand Paul (R-KY), Mike Lee (R-UT) and Bernie Sanders (I-VT) have introduced a joint resolution of disapproval to stop the sale, which is likely to be voted on this week. It deserves support in the service of peace, human rights, and an end to the catastrophic suffering in Yemen.

Nov 27 09:35

With Democrat Back in White House, MSNBC Returns to Ignoring U.S.-Backed War in Yemen

A review of MSNBC’s coverage from Nov. 3, 2020 to Nov. 22, 2021 shows MSNBC hasn’t run a single segment on the U.S.-backed war still raging in Yemen.

To the extent MSNBC did cover Yemen’s “civil war” during this time frame it was exclusively to pass along, without skepticism, claims last spring from Democrats that President Biden had “ended U.S. support for the war”—which turned out to not be true in any meaningful sense, a fact evident at the time but not met with any questioning from MSNBC reporters or pundits.

Since then, it’s become increasingly clear little has changed in the status quo. While the U.S. has halted some forms of assistance, like mid-air refueling of aircraft, other forms of vital participation remain, including: green-lighting of weapons transfers, maintaining spare parts for Saudi war planes, sharing some forms of intelligence, and training the Royal Saudi Navy, which is enforcing a catastrophic blockade on Yemen.

Nov 25 09:34

Biden Is Wrong. There Is No Such Thing As “Defensive” Saudi Weapons in the War on Yemen.

At a 2019 Democratic primary debate, candidate Joe Biden pledged to stop U.S. arms sales to Saudi Arabia. Once in the White House, in February 2021, President Joe Biden claimed he would end all U.S. support for ?“offensive operations” in Yemen. And yet, Biden is now backing a proposed $650 million sale of air-to-air missiles and launchers to Saudi Arabia, an apparent betrayal of his campaign-trail promise.

The deal is setting up a fight in the Senate, where Sen. Rand Paul (R?Ky.) is planning to force a vote on a joint resolution to block the weapons transfer, along with Sens. Bernie Sanders (I?Vt.) and Mike Lee (R?Utah). This would be the first Senate vote on the Yemen war during the Biden administration, and would force Democrats?—?who opposed the war under former President Donald Trump but have been less legislatively aggressive under the Biden administration?—?to publicly state their positions.

Nov 24 07:20

UN Says Yemen War Death Toll Will Reach 377,000 By End of 2021

A UN agency published a report Tuesday that estimates the war in Yemen will have killed 377,000 people by the end of 2021.

The report from the UN Development Program (UNDP) found that direct violence will have killed over 150,000 people while preventable disease and starvation caused by the US-backed Saudi-led siege on the country accounts for about 60 percent of the death toll.

As always is the case, children are suffering the most from the war. “In 2021, a Yemeni child under the age of five dies every nine minutes because of the conflict,” the UNDP said. The report estimates 70 percent of those killed would be children under five. Looking further in the future, the report says if the war continues through 2031, it will claim 1.3 million lives.

Nov 23 13:25

UK government outlaws Palestinian resistance

Stuart Littlewood views the UK's hypocritical decision to outlaw Hamas for allegedly promoting "anti-Semtism" and "terrorism" while ignoring the fact that "the rock of security is eroded everyday by the real terrorists in the region, apartheid Israel" – "the reason for the unrest, slaughter, land theft and vicious oppression of the last 73 years".>>

Nov 23 08:03

Saudis Launch Airstrikes Against Yemen Capital

Saudi state media reported a flurry of airstrikes against targets inside the Yemeni capital city of Sanaa. There have been no details on casualties, though claims were that they hit ‘high-value’ targets.

Saudi media presented this as retaliation for Yemen’s weekend drone raids. They also warned civilians to avoid gathering at Houthi ‘targets’ in Sanaa.

These tit-for-tat strikes have been ongoing since last week, with the Houthis hitting sites in southern Saudi Arabia, and the Saudis picking up the pace of airstrikes across northern Yemen.

Tuesday’s Sanaa strikes centered on military bases, though the Saudis have a history of going well beyond that in aerial campaigns, and shrugging off civilian casualties..

Nov 22 13:59

UK: Westminster awash with sleaze – and it will never be rooted out while MPs sit on both watchdogs

Stuart Littlewood: ”The various Friends of Israel organisations still flourish at the heart of government, waving the flag of the Zionist regime and going to great lengths to influence those in power at Westminster, even flying them to Israel to have their heads filled with Zionist propaganda.” >>

Nov 20 06:36

UAE rewards Israeli firms that supplied arms for Gaza massacre

The United Arab Emirates is rewarding Israeli arms makers that helped massacre Palestinians earlier this year.

Elbit Systems, which provided weapons for Israel’s May assault on Gaza, is establishing a subsidiary: Elbit Systems Emirates.

“The Abraham Accords provide a sound basis for business collaborations in the region,” Ran Kril, an executive at Elbit Systems, said.

He is referring to the normalization deals brokered by the United States last year between Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Sudan and Morocco.

These countries are “important new markets for Elbit Systems,” Kril said – an insight into how Israel views Arab states as profit centers for its war industry.

Nov 17 06:44

Saudi Arabia Makes Fool of President Biden: Continues Yemen War and Domestic Repression

Newly inaugurated President Joe Biden gave Americans hope of a major change in US policy toward human rights in general and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in particular. He promised to treat Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, responsible for numerous crimes and atrocities, as a well-deserved "pariah."

When Biden spoke at the State Department shortly after taking office he told the assembled foreign service officers: "We’re also stepping up our diplomacy to end the war in Yemen, a war which has created humanitarian and strategic catastrophe. … This war has to end, and to underscore our commitment, we’re ending all American support for offensive operations in the war in Yemen, including relevant arms sales."

Nov 16 07:28

UAE bans some Mideast travelers from flights to Belarus

The United Arab Emirates has banned travelers from several Middle Eastern countries from boarding flights to Belarus, cutting off one of the last major air routes for would-be migrants to a nation on the European Union’s eastern border.

The decision reported by travel agencies in Iraq Monday and the Belarus carrier appeared to be in response to diplomatic pressure to stem the tide of migrants that have made their way to Belarus, resulting in a humanitarian crisis with thousands of people stranded on the Belarus-Polish border in freezing weather. At least nine have died.

The development came as the European Union on Monday ratcheted up pressure on Belarus by agreeing to slap sanctions on airlines accused of helping President Alexander Lukashenko wage a “hybrid attack” against the bloc using migrants.

Nov 12 10:51

US embassy in Yemen raided, staffers held ‘hostage’

Houthi rebels have reportedly invaded the defunct US embassy in Yemen’s capital, seizing documents and equipment. They also detained three locals working with the Americans, in addition to 22 security staff captured earlier.

A group of Houthis breached the US compound on Wednesday and seized “large quantities of equipment and materials,” according to a report by Al-Masdar News. The raid comes almost a week after three Yemeni nationals who worked for the US were allegedly “kidnapped” from a private home in Sana’a. Another 22 Yemenis, most of whom worked as security for the US embassy complex, have been detained in recent weeks as well.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Western media is trying to link this event to Iran.

Nov 10 14:38

Three Houthi Ballistic Missiles Reportedly Strike Saudi Base in Dhahran Al-Janub, Kill Commander

According to reports, at least three ballistic missiles, but possibly as many as seven, struck a Saudi military camp near the Yemeni border on Wednesday evening, with numerous casualties reported.

According to a statement by the Houthi armed forces in Sana'a, a series of ballistic missiles also struck targets in Yemen's Ma'rib and Taiz governorates.
The attack on Dhahran al-Janub, a Saudi base just across the border in Saudi Arabia's 'Asir Region, included three ballistic missiles and "resulted in the killing and wounding of large numbers of Saudi enemy officers and soldiers," the statement said, including the commander of the Saudi First Regiment, Mansour Ali al-Asmari.

Nov 10 09:33

Syria can re-enter Arab League if certain steps are met, says Egypt's foreign minister

Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry said Syria could regain its status in the Arab League and fully normalise relations if it is able to play its "traditional role" in supporting Arab regional security.

Speaking at the Wilson Center on Tuesday, during the foreign secretary's two-day visit to Washington for the Egypt strategic dialogue with the Biden administration, Shoukry said "??Syria is a very important component of Arab national security".

Shoukry said the Syrian government needs to demonstrate "a willingness to once again play its traditional role in support of Arab national security" and also show it can deal with the aftermath of the decade-long conflict in the country, including "the humanitarian dimension as well as the refugee problem".

Nov 09 12:29

Six Palestinian human rights groups shuttered and still the bell tolls for Israel

Lawrence Davidson puts Israel's decision to label six Palestinian human rights groups as "terrorist" in a historical context and explains the immediate reason for the decision in terms of the evidence given by these groups to the International Criminal Court. >>

Nov 08 16:09

Massive denial of service attack after posting U.K. privacy breach article

Our website, Redress Information & Analysis was subjected to a massive denial of service attack after posting an article about the mysterious privacy breach at the U.K. Labour Party (https://www.redressonline.com/2021/11/major-privacy-breach-rattles-uk-...)

The site is still partially down but we’ve managed to restore some of its pages slowly, including the above article. Work by our technical team is continuing.


Nov 04 07:41

VIDEO: Iran Releases Dramatic Footage Of Military 'Stopping U.S. From Seizing Tanker Full Of Iranian Oil'

Iranian state media has released dramatic footage purportedly showing their military "confronting" American forces and boarding a tanker in the Sea of Oman to block the US from seizing an oil shipment for violating US sanctions.

If this story is true, it's just the latest in a string of humiliations for the "woke" US empire which is now focused more on fighting "white rage" and anti-CRT "domestic terrorists" moms than maintaining US hegemony.

Nov 02 07:35

'Orwell Is Looking Down From Heaven And Smiling': Ted Cruz Exposes Biden Admin Middle East Policy

Nov 01 09:02

Explosion near Yemen’s Aden airport kills a dozen people

An explosion near the entrance to the international airport of Yemen’s southern port city of Aden has killed at least 12 people but it was not clear whether the incident was an attack.

An airport official said a small truck blew up at an outer gate to the airport on Saturday, while security sources said the vehicle was carrying petroleum products. The blast was strong and was heard across the city. Nearby residents’ windows were smashed.

Nov 01 07:23

Saudis, Allies Cut Ties With Lebanon After Yemen War Comment

Publicly criticizing Saudi Arabia, even in minor ways, is risky business. The Saudis invariably fly off the handle over perceived slights, and this weekend they and their Gulf allies are all cutting ties with Lebanon in such a manner.

On Friday, Lebanon’s Information Minister George Kordahi said that the Houthis are engaged in self defense in the Yemen War, and described the Saudi invasion as “aggression.”

Even though Lebanese PM Najib Mikati disavowed the statement “for the sake of national interests,” it had still wound the Saudis up. Within hours they and Bahrain both expelled Lebanon’s ambassadors.

As the weekend continued, Kuwait ousted an ambassador, and the UAE called on all its citizens to leave Lebanon immediately. Lebanon can do very little about it, as their economy is already a mess.

Nov 01 07:05

UAE urges citizens to exit Lebanon ‘as soon as possible’ amid row over Yemen war

The UAE on Sunday called on its citizens in Lebanon to immediately return home, a day after recalling its diplomats from Beirut over a Lebanese minister’s remarks on the Yemen war.

“In light of current events… the foreign ministry calls on all its citizens in Lebanon to return to the UAE as soon as possible,” it said in a statement.

“The ministry has taken all necessary measures to facilitate the return of its citizens,” it added.

Oct 31 07:11

Yemen: Houthis close to Marib city after tribe switches sides

Houthi forces have made new advances on Marib city, the last stronghold of the internationally recognised government in north Yemen, amid fierce battles in the oil-rich province this week.

The Houthis seized the district of Jabal Murad peacefully late on Wednesday, following the withdrawal of tribal fighters and pro-government forces. Jabal Murad was the last line of defence for neighbouring al-Juba district, at the border of which battles are currently ongoing, bringing the Houthis closer to the nearby Marib city.

The Ansar Allah [Houthi] military spokesman Brigadier General Yahya Sarie confirmed that their forces took over both Al-Juba and Jabal Murad districts, adding that the Murad tribe, one of the most powerful tribes in Yemen, had played a major role in their latest advances.

Sarie said that the Houthis’ objective is to capture Marib city, which the movement claims to have almost encircled, vowing to secure its residents and their properties.

Oct 30 06:29

Saudi Arabia, Bahrain expel Lebanese ambassadors

Saudi Arabia has banned all imports from Lebanon and given the Lebanese ambassador 48 hours to leave the kingdom after footage emerged earlier this week of a minister criticising the Saudi Arabia-led coalition’s war in Yemen, state news agency SPA reported.

Saudi Arabia also banned its citizens from travelling to Lebanon and recalled its ambassador.

Oct 29 05:48

Biden Presses Saudis To End Yemen War, But Kingdom Wants More US Weapons First

Having invaded Yemen in 2015 with an eye toward reinstalling the Hadi government, Saudi Arabia is facing a reality where the war is being lost, and under growing pressure to end a naval blockade that has caused starvation in Yemen.

There's currently a diplomatic push to get a ceasefire in place, and ultimately end the war. While this would get the Saudis out of the negative coverage of the war, the kingdom seems to be focused on what they can get out of the US for heading down this path.

Saudi officials are emphasizing the need for missiles, air defenses, and attack drones, and are keen to get those from the US. The Saudis are pushing this despite having been buying billions of dollars in weapons annually during the Yemen War.

Since the Biden Administration is known to be making ending the war a priority, it is entirely possible they’ll throw more weapons at the Saudis if they think it might facilitate that end.

Oct 28 06:40

Yemen’s Houthis Seize Two New Districts in Maarib

Another day in Yemen’s contested Maarib has the Saudis reporting another 105 Houthis killed in airstrikes. The big news may be the Houthis gaining yet more territory.

The Houthis confirmed having captured the Jubah and Jabal Murad Districts, two more districts on the fringe of Maarib City. Between those, and the ones taken earlier this week, the Houthis have the city almost entirely surrounded, and have taken parts of the city itself.

It’s hard to see how the casualties are so disproportionate when the signs on the ground are that the Houthis are effectively winning, and are on the verge of taking the city, the last part of northern Yemen they don’t control.

Oct 28 06:33

Lebanon: Minister's criticism of Yemen war sparks diplomatic crisis with Gulf

Criticism levelled at the Saudi military offensive in Yemen by Lebanon's minister of information have sparked a diplomatic crisis between Beirut and Gulf states.

George Kordahi, the former host of the Arabic version of the show Who Wants to be a Millionaire? who became information minister in September, appeared on the show "Parliament of the People", broadcast by Al Jazeera earlier this week, during which he was asked about his views on the war in Yemen.

'They [the Houthis rebels] are defending themselves against external attacks launched for years against Yemen' - George Kordahi

Kordahi said Houthi rebels fighting the Saudi-led coalition were acting in self-defence and "weren't attacking anyone", before calling the conflict in Yemen "absurd".

Saudi Arabia and allies including the United Arab Emirates have led a military coalition fighting against Iran-allied Houthi rebels in the country since 2015.

Oct 27 12:52

Succumbing to Zionist terror: Why are UK university administrators so stupid?

Stuart Littlewood highlights the fact that the UK's Bristol and Glasgow universities are the latest to renege on freedom of expression after caving in to Zionist bullying, noting that they stand accused of terrorising their own academics.>>

Oct 26 13:59

WATCH: Berkeley Students On Camera Gladly Donate Money To Help Taliban Kill Americans

The anti-American spirit is strong at Berkeley. Okay what’s new, right?

Ami Horowitz went there and convinced many students to donate money to in order to train the Taliban to use the weapons Biden left behind to fight against America. Seriously.

Oct 25 11:23

US Vice-President Kamala Harris confronts a reality gap on Palestinians

Lawrence Davidson examines US Vice-President Harris's response to Zionist fury at her reply to criticism of US support for Israeli crimes in term of the "environment where the Zionists, despite the false nature of their claims, have created a stranglehold on the political fate of many American politicians".>>

Oct 25 08:07

Saudi Coalition: Over 260 Houthis Killed in Three Days

A statement reported that in 72 hours, Saudi warplanes launched dozens of strikes, killing more than 264 Hoiuthis in and around the city of Maarib, and destroyed at least 36 military vehicles.

The strikes took place south of Maarib and to the northwest. The Houthis have effectively surrounded the city, and have been moving into it, after some eight months of fighting.

Houthi spokesman Yahya Saree dismissed the airstrikes and death tolls, saying that the strikes will not break the progress of ground forces, or limit their determination to take the city.

Maarib is considered valuable as the last city in North Yemen not under Houthi control. Officials have hyped it as “oil rich” as well, though in practice Yemen has almost no oil anywhere, and Maarib’s small revenue just looks big by comparison, though virtually irrelevant economically.

Oct 20 07:52

Yemen: 10,000 children killed or maimed during war, UN says

More than 10,000 children in Yemen have been killed or wounded in violence linked to years of war in the impoverished country, a spokesman for the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (Unicef) said on Tuesday.

According to the UN figures, a total of 3,455 children were killed and more than 6,600 wounded in the fighting in Yemen between 15 March 2015 and 30 September of this year.

Still, Unicef spokesman James Elder told reporters that the estimates provided by the international body are most likely an undercount of the real toll of children's deaths and injuries, which he said go largely unrecorded.

Oct 18 10:42

Bristol the latest UK university humiliated by agents of “a hostile foreign state”: What Prof David Miller did so wrong to justify being sacked remains a mystery

Stuart Littlewood explains how a concerted smear campaign by the UK's Zionist terror networks, coupled with rank cowardice by Bristol University, led to the sacking of Israel critic Professor David Miller.>>

Oct 18 05:54

Massive Fire Reported at Oil Refinery in Kuwait, Causing Several Injuries

A fire has broken out at the Mina al-Ahmadi oil refinery, the Kuwait National Petroleum Company reported on Monday.

The fire broke out at the refinery's treatment unit, which removes sulfur from the oil products. According to the KNPC, the blaze caused several injuries.

At the same time, the company noted that refinery operations and exports won't be affected by the incident.

Oct 17 07:36

Yemen faces a new war in the oil-rich south

In less than two months, Houthi forces have managed to take control of Yemen's southwestern al-Bayda province, reportedly expelling elements of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), tribal Salafi fighters and pro-government troops.

Houthis have now moved into western Shabwah province, under the same pretext of chasing AQAP elements, as more government troops withdraw and amass in military bases around the provincial capital, Ataq. Southern elements accuse al-Islah Party-affiliated government troops of handing over territory to the Houthis while gathering troops to confront southern Shabwani Elite Forces (SEF) in southern Shabwah.

Oct 13 08:08

Abandoning Yemen to War Criminals

The United Nations body responsible for monitoring and recording human rights abuses effectively abandoned the people of Yemen last week. In a 21-18 vote with seven abstentions, the U.N. Human Rights Council (UNHRC) refused to extend the mandate of an independent investigation into war crimes committed by all sides in Yemen. Since its establishment in 2017, the Group of Eminent Experts (GEE) had served as a limited mechanism for holding war criminals in the conflict accountable for their outrages against the civilian population. The Saudi government had fought against the establishment of an investigative group early in the war because they wanted to keep the coalition’s crimes concealed from international scrutiny. Now the Saudi government has successfully lobbied enough members of the UNHRC to shut down the investigation into the crimes that they and the other belligerents have committed against the people of Yemen.

Oct 10 07:54

Saudi Arabia Accused of Sabotaging UN Probe of War Crimes in Yemen

Human rights defenders are expressing outrage after the United Nations Human Rights Council on Thursday voted against continuing a U.N.-backed probe into possible war crimes in Yemen.

Amnesty International said the outcome followed "pressure by Saudi Arabia and other coalition partners."

"Let it be clear," said the International Service for Human Rights following the vote. "States that voted no or abstained on [the] resolution to ensure continued international monitoring of the human rights crisis in Yemen support impunity for war crimes and crimes against humanity, and voted against the rights, dignity, and future of the Yemeni people."

The resolution would have renewed the mandate of the Group of Eminent Experts (GEE) on Yemen, a group established by the U.N. council in 2017 which has since documented "unceasing suffering" by Yemenis and numerous abuses by all parties to the conflict including the Saudi-led coalition—findings the kingdom has rejected.

Oct 10 07:18

Five People Reported Dead After Explosion Targets Aden Governor's Convoy in Yemen

Reuters reported, citing witnesses, that multiple casualties are feared after a blast hit Aden's Al Tawahi district.

A car bomb detonated on Sunday in the Yemeni city of Aden, Al-Jazeera reported. According to preliminary data, the attack targeted a convoy belonging to Aden Governor Ahmed Lamlas.

So far, there has been no official information about the number of killed or wounded by the explosion, however, a source told Sputnik that at least five people have died from the assault. The governor is believed to have survived the blast.

"Five people died, four of them bodyguards of Gov. Ahmed Hamed Lamles… The agriculture and fisheries minister, Salem Suqatri, was in the car with him," the source said.

Oct 08 08:04

UN: 10,000 displaced as clashes escalate over key Yemen city

Fighting over the key Yemeni city of Marib has displaced around 10,000 people in the past month, the U.N. migration agency said Thursday. The clashes escalated as Yemen's Iran-backed Houthi rebels intensified their push to take the provincial capital from government forces.

Yemen has been convulsed by civil war since 2014, when the Houthis captured the capital, Sanaa, and forced the country’s president, Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi, and the internationally recognized government to flee to the south, and then later to Saudi Arabia.

Oct 06 06:27

Arabic press review: Bahrain suppresses protests against visit by Israel's Lapid

Bahraini security forces faced continuing protests on Saturday over the visit of Israel's Foreign Minister Yair Lapid to Manama, in the latest developments following the kingdom's normalisation of relations with Israel, according to Arabi21.

Those opposing normalisation said activists had staged spontaneous protests in Manama and that security forces had suppressed a demonstration on Sitra Island, south of the capital.

The Gulf Coalition to Resist Normalisation issued a statement saying that it rejected Bahraini officials' celebration of Lapid's visit on Thursday, during which he opened Israel's embassy in Manama and held talks with King Hamad Al Khalifa.

Oct 03 08:34

A problem of clerical hypocrisy: The case of influential US Rabbi David Wolpe

Lawrence Davidson views the double standards of "Jews and non-Jews who think of themselves as liberals, progressives, devoid of racism, proponents for peace" but support Israeli racism and crimes, highlighting influential US Rabbi David Wolpe as an example.>>

Sep 30 06:30

Saudi-led coalition impounds 4th Yemen-bound oil tanker

The Saudi Arabia-led coalition that has been waging a war on Yemen for the past seven years has impounded a fourth oil tanker bound for the impoverished country.

The vessel was confiscated as it was heading towards the western al-Hudaydah port city, Yemen’s al-Masirah television network reported on Tuesday, citing the country’s Oil Company.

The company said the tanker was towed away, although, it had already obtained the documentation that is required by the United Nations to authorize it to carry the crude for the destination.

It condemned, what it called, “Saudi piracy taking place in front of the eyes of the world.”

Sep 28 11:37

With militarised media as a weapon of mass deception, what is the plan?

Fernando Guevara argues that mainstream media, the police and other "civilian institutions", have become militarised. "Even on the internet, algorithms are re-set to catch what suits Zionists/Israel, while a lot of what sheds light on their terror is simply removed/de-platformed.">>

Sep 27 06:36

50 Killed in Heavy Fighting in Yemen’s Maarib

Another weekend of heavy fighting in Yemen’s contested Maarib Province has left at least 50 fighters killed, according to pro-Saudi sources, who claimed 43 Houthis and seven soldiers killed in the past 48 hours.

This is a continuation and escalation of fighting there, after at least 140 fighters were reported killed in the past week. What had been multiple fights per week now seems to be a constant battle.

Officials estimated 400 combatants killed in the area so far in September. The exact split is not clear, as pro-Saudi officials claim Houthis are overwhelmingly killed at a higher rate, but neither side seems to be winning the fight in any definitive way.

Sep 27 06:35

Humanitarian Crisis Ravages Yemen: Yet Biden Administration Continues To Service Saudi War Machine

President Joe Biden began his presidency with a promise to confront Saudi Arabia and treat the murderous regime as a "pariah." In particular, he pledged to end "all American support for offensive operations in the war in Yemen, including relevant arms sales."

Yet nearly eight months later little has changed. The president undercut his initial promise when he said "We’re going to continue to support and help Saudi Arabia defend its sovereignty and its territorial integrity and its people."

The reason Houthi insurgents battling for control of Yemen are attacking the Kingdom is because it continues offensive operations – after spending more than six years slaughtering Yemenis with attacks on weddings, funerals, school buses, apartments, and myriad other civilian targets. Even worse may be the Saudi blockade of Yemen.

Sep 27 06:35

Millions of Yemenis 'marching towards starvation', UN food chief warns

The UN has warned that 16 million Yemenis, more than half of the population, are "marching towards starvation", and unless the international community steps up support, food assistance could soon start to run out.

Speaking at a virtual gathering of aid and development ministers on Wednesday, David Beasley, the director of the UN's World Food Programme (WFP), described a worsening humanitarian crisis in Yemen, where a Houthi rebel offensive is making gains in the strategic region of Marib.

"We're literally looking at 16 million people marching towards starvation," Beasley said. "We need this war to end, number one. If donors are getting fatigued, well, end the war. World leaders need to put pressure on all parties involved in this conflict because the people in Yemen have suffered enough."

Sep 24 10:04

The holocaust alliance’s void-for-vagueness definition of “anti-Semitism”

Commenting on current Zionist attacks on English, Scottish and US politicians, Fernando Guevara says "using the IHRA concept of anti-Semitism, the guilt-by-suspicion standard of proof, and a large trawling net… every analysis of anything remotely connected with Zionist interests can be moulded into anti-Semitism.">>

Sep 24 08:53

House Passes Amendment That Would End US Support for Yemen War

On Thursday, the House passed an amendment for its version of the 2022 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that would end all US support for the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen. The measure passed by a slim margin in a vote of 219 to 207.

The amendment, sponsored by Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA), would terminate “US military logistical support, and the transfer of spare parts to Saudi warplanes conducting aerial strikes against the Houthis in Yemen and permanently ends intelligence sharing that enables offensive strikes and any US effort to command, coordinate, participate in the movement of, or accompany Saudi or United Arab Emirates-led coalition forces in the war in Yemen.”

For the amendment to become law, it would have to be on the final version of the NDAA, which will be negotiated between the House and Senate in conference committee.

Sep 23 09:16

Scottish Conservative big shot tells Green Party ministers: If you refuse to sign up to the Zionist definition of anti-Semitism, you are not fit to serve in government

Stuart Littlewood highlights attempts by a leading Scottish Conservative and Israel stooges to bully the Scottish government into forcing their Green Party coalition partners into subscribing to the flawed Zionist definition of anti-Semitism.>>

Sep 22 04:55


Sep 21 07:56

Saudi Airstrikes Kill 35 Houthis in Maarib

Pro-Saudi officials reported at least 35 Houthis were killed in Yemen’s province of Maarib on Monday in a flurry of Saudi airstrikes. They also said 13 vehicles were destroyed trying to block reinforcements.

The Houthis’ media appeared to confirm the matter, saying there were 23 Saudi strikes in Sirwah District. This tends to be where the reinforcements arrive. The Houthis did not confirm the death toll, which they normally don’t do.

The Houthis have been trying to make a push against Maarib since February, and in recent weeks they’ve been sending growing numbers of reinforcements to the area, even as mounting airstrikes have caused large death tolls.

Sep 21 07:53

Middle East cooperation appears to be breaking out — the untold story

To many in the U.S. foreign policy establishment, the images of chaos at Kabul airport last month appeared to vindicate an article of faith in Washington — when the U.S. leaves, chaos ensues.

But while all eyes were on Afghanistan, an arguably more consequential event occurred in Baghdad as a direct result of Washington’s military shift away from the Middle East: Saudi, Iranian and Emirati foreign ministers were coming together at a regional security summit hosted by the Iraqi government. Rather than chaos, the Baghdad summit provided a different message: As the U.S. steps back militarily, regional states are compelled to step forward diplomatically.

Sep 19 07:47

Israel’s tentacles choke schoolchildren's right to free speech at Scotland's Bannockburn (of all places!)

Stuart Littlewood highlights an instance of cowardice by the National Trust for Scotland whereby it succumbed to Zionist pressure by removing an item about the Palestinians’ struggle for freedom from an exhibition by schoolchildren at the Battle of Bannockburn Visitor Centre in Stirling.>>