Jun 18 17:54

Newark, NJ Takes Down Statue of Christopher Columbus, Erects Statue of George Floyd

Newark, New Jersey took down a statue of Christopher Columbus last year only to put up a 700-pound bronze statue of convicted felon, armed robber, drug-addict and amateur porn star George Floyd.

Jun 18 13:57

Biden’s Buffoonish War on Extremism

The Biden administration is revving up for a war against an enemy which the feds have chosen to never explicitly define. According to a March report by Biden’s Office of the Director of National Intelligence, “domestic violent extremists” include individuals who “take overt steps to violently resist or facilitate the overthrow of the U.S. government in support of their belief that the U.S. government is purposely exceeding its Constitutional authority.” But that was the same belief that many Biden voters had regarding the Trump administration. Does the definition of extremism depend solely on which party captured the White House?

Jun 18 13:16

A Group Of Parents Sent Their Kids’ Face Masks to A Lab for Analysis. Here’s What They Found…

The analysis detected the following 11 alarmingly dangerous pathogens on the masks: Appetizing, eh? Of course, nothing above, or anything else, will deter the extremists in the masking cult, some of whom now want to see masking in schools forever. 

Jun 18 13:09

The FBI’s Mafia-Style Justice: To Fight Crime, the FBI Sponsors 15 Crimes a Day

This is how tyranny rises and freedom falls. -- We can persuade ourselves that life is still good, that America is still beautiful, and that “we the people” are still free. However, as science fiction writer Philip K. Dick warned, “Don’t believe what you see; it’s an enthralling—[and] destructive, evil snare. Under it is a totally different world, even placed differently along the linear axis.”

The powers-that-be are not acting in our best interests. -- We the people”are not free.-- The government is not our friend.

Jun 18 12:56

CDC Delays Emergency Meeting On Post-Vaccine Heart Inflammation to 'Observe Juneteenth'

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is delaying their "emergency meeting" on post-mRNA vaccination heart inflammation that was scheduled for Friday in order to observe the new federal holiday Juneteenth.

Jun 18 12:36

Old and New Official Enemies

There is only one solution to this sordid, deadly, destructive, and corrupt racket: the dismantling, not the reform, of the national-security state apparatus and the restoration of America’s founding governmental system of a limited-government republic. That’s the way to lead America to peace, prosperity, and harmony with the people of the world.

Jun 18 09:35

Canadian Political Leader Arrested for Attending Small Anti-Lockdown Protest—Days After Trudeau Attended Massive Ontario Gathering

By Patrick Carroll

Maxime Bernier, the leader of the People’s Party of Canada (PPC), was arrested last Friday after speaking at an anti-lockdown protest in St-Pierre-Jolys, Manitoba. He was arrested for violating provincial health orders, which prohibit indoor and outdoor gatherings on both public and private property and mandate 14 days of self-isolation for anyone entering the province...

Jun 18 08:47

GOP Senators Vote Unanimously to Make Juneteenth New 'Independence Day,' Despite Just 7% Support From GOP Base

All Republicans in the Senate and the overwhelming majority of Republicans in the House joined with Democrats to make Juneteenth our new "National Independence Day," despite a poll showing only 7 percent of Republicans support the move.

Jun 18 06:39

Sidney Powell Gives AG Garland A Harsh Warning

Attorney Sidney Powell suggested Attorney General Merrick Garland should recuse himself from any Justice Department action against Republican-backed audits of the 2020 election.

The former federal prosecutor agreed with Steve Bannon, who was chief White House strategist early in the Trump administration, when he warned Garland should keep his distance after he was picked by President Joe Biden for the role.

"I think he should be recused, yes. I found his conduct absolutely appalling," she sneered during an interview Wednesday on Bannon's War Room podcast.

Jun 17 15:24

Farmers Blame The Feds: The “Government Stole Our Water!”

Farmers in the United States have reached a breaking point. They now say that what the government has done has been so disastrous that they are willing to stand off with the Feds.

Jun 17 15:05

DOJ Warns Red States Can't Void Federal Gun Laws - Gives Blue States Grants to Void Federal Immigration Laws

The Department of Justice under Biden-appointed Attorney General Merrick Garland on Wednesday threatened Missouri that they cannot void federal gun laws -- just two months after changing DOJ policies to share $250 million in annual grants with states which void federal immigration laws.

Jun 17 14:23

City of San Jose mandates videotaping of all gun purchases

Gun-rights advocates, like the Sacramento-based Firearms Policy Coalition, criticized the new ordinance, calling it unconstitutional. -- “It is outrageous that Mayor Liccardo wants to use ‘Big Brother’-style omniveillance to record gun owners’ every move, violating the privacy of millions, especially at-risk firearm purchasers,” the coalition wrote in a statement.

Jun 17 14:03

It Has Begun: Want To Work? Get The Jab…

The Houston hospital that required its employees to take the experimental gene therapy shot has “paved the way” for others to do the same. Several employees sued Houston Methodist hospitals for mandating the “vaccine” but a federal judge dismissed the lawsuit which will embolden other employers to require this shot.

Jun 17 13:00

The Only Privacy the Feds Protect is Their Own

Stated differently, under the common law, and long-standing, 200-year-old federal practice, the target could challenge the subpoena. But since 1986, that has not been the case. This so-called Privacy Act, in reality, is a pathway to invade privacy. The only privacy this statute protects is the government’s.

Jun 17 12:40

Florida Republican candidate caught on recording saying he’ll send ‘Russian and Ukrainian hit squad’ after rival

A secret recording of William Braddock, who is running for a congressional seat in Florida, has shocked many with a recording of him seemingly threatening to assassinate his political rival.

Speaking to an activist before he was a candidate, Braddock mentions assassinating his GOP competition, Anna Paulina Luna, multiple times.

“I really don’t want to have to end anybody’s life for the good of the people of the United States of America,” he said in audio obtained by Politico. “That will break my heart. But if it needs to be done, it needs to be done. Luna is a f**king speed bump in the road. She’s a dead squirrel you run over every day when you leave the neighborhood.”

At another point in the recording, Braddock claims he has “access” to a “hit squad” consisting of Russians and Ukrainians.

Jun 17 12:10

Homelessness Is Becoming A Crisis Of Epic Proportions In The United States

During the pandemic, the federal government has borrowed and spent trillions and trillions of dollars, and the Federal Reserve has pumped trillions and trillions of dollars into the financial system, and yet the suffering of those at the bottom of the economic food chain has gotten much, much worse. -- Something is very wrong with that picture. -- No matter what our leaders do, the homelessness crisis in this country just seems to keep escalating.  Vast numbers of our fellow citizens will be sleeping on the streets tonight, and many more will soon be joining them.

Jun 17 11:55

We Should Be Shocked By What Inflation Is Doing To Home Prices, Because We Have Never Seen This Before

If you are shopping for a home right now, I really do feel sorry for you.  Home prices in many areas of the country have officially crossed the line into “absurd” territory, and they just keep going higher.  Thanks to wild spending by the federal government and the economic malpractice that has been happening at the Federal Reserve, we now have way too many dollars chasing way too few goods and services.  Inflation is showing up in every sector of our economy, but it is not showing up equally in all sectors.  One area where inflation threatens to spiral completely out of control is in home prices.  Right now we are seeing the wildest bidding wars in U.S. history, and in many, many cases buyers end up paying way over listing price.

Jun 17 11:48

Vaccine Passports: Are Business Rights More Important Than Personal Freedom?

The only purpose to the requirement of vaccine passports is thus a political one – Leftist businesses will demand passports because they are biased and want to keep conservatives and freedom minded moderates out. Leftists and elitist governments will press for passports because they want leverage to deny services to conservatives and freedom minded moderates as a means of political punishment.

Jun 17 11:29

Taking a (Lemonade) Stand for Free Enterprise

By Anthony Gill

Summer is here and with Covid-based restrictions on fun finally receding (we hope), a return to normalcy promises the ubiquitous picnics, softball games, and sidewalk lemonade stands run by kids on their vacation away from school.

But wait a minute! Not all those Great American activities may be legal.

Indeed, those little entrepreneurs selling refreshing cups of lemony lusciousness may be violating a gaggle of government regulations. Country Time Lemonade, which provides business assistance to kids seeking to dip their toes into the retail beverage marketplace, has counted only 16 states where it is legal to sell lemonade from a makeshift front yard stand...

Jun 17 11:22

Woke Left moving to take over last functional, patriotic institution – the military: Whistleblowers detail hundreds of cases of ‘anti-American indoctrination’

For decades, the left has made inroads into every American institution, taking over the arts and entertainment, academia, science, the federal bureaucracy, and, whenever possible, local, state and national government. -- The U.S. military has managed to resist this infiltration, but in recent years — yes, even during the term of the most patriotic president in two generations, Donald Trump — leftists have made progress in the military.

Jun 17 11:14

Clinton: If You Question 2020 Election, You’re Doing Putin’s Work — But What About 2016, Hillary?

Americans who claim that the 2020 presidential election was not handled properly, according to Hillary Clinton, are supporting Russian President Vladimir Putin in his efforts to weaken and undermine the United States.

No word on if she believes the same about 2016.

President Biden met with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in Geneva on Wednesday, and the failed presidential candidate seemed bent on ensuring that relations between the US and Russia remain strained with her latest comments.

Jun 17 11:13

Mississippi: Ex-lawmaker killed near home of slain relative

Henley was a teacher before she was elected to the state House, and she often took her young son to the state Capitol during legislative sessions. She sought a second term in November 2019 and lost by 14 votes to a Democrat. Henley challenged the outcome, saying she believed she had found voting irregularities.

Jun 17 10:45

Wells Fargo Shuts Down Trump-Supporting Candidate’s Account, Leaving Her Homeless With No Money

Lauren Witzke, a popular Trump supporter, had her bank account shut down by Wells Fargo, leaving her homeless and without any money.

Witzke, who campaigned for the Senate in Delaware in 2020 as a Republican, stated in a Telegram message that Wells Fargo had fully closed down her account, stolen all of her money and left her with a “zero balance.”

Witzke was told by the bank that the move was strictly a “business decision,” and that they reserve the right to shut her account at any time. “I would have been completely stranded if I hadn’t been surrounded by friends in Florida,” she wrote.

Jun 17 10:36

Arrest Warrant Issued for Eric Swalwell Aide For Criminal Trespass And Accosting Wife Of Republican Rep. In Connection To Jan 6

An arrest warrant was issued on Tuesday for one of Eric Swalwell’s aides who accosted and chased the wife of Alaska Republican U.S. Representative Mo Brooks in to their own home in a supposed attempt to “serve” a lawsuit in connection to Jan 6.

Jun 17 09:29

Pandemic Emergency Spending Riddled With Fraud

By Daniel J. Mitchell

Politicians and bureaucrats are (self-interested) conduits for taking money from one group of people and giving it to another group of people...

I’ve repeatedly written about the perverse impact of unemployment benefits that are so excessive that people have big incentives not to work.

But that’s just one problem with that program. Axios has a depressing report on how the turbo-charged benefits that were part of the coronavirus legislation triggered staggering levels of fraud...

Jun 17 06:40

Professor Threatened With Jail For Sharing Footage Of Cops Strip Searching Underage Teen

An East Baton Rouge attorney’s office has petitioned for University of Virginia Associate Professor of Law Thomas Frampton to be arrested for contempt of court after he posted video of Louisiana police strip-searching a minor in the middle of a public street online.

Prosecutors are claiming that Frampton violated a law against sharing information relevant to an juvenile delinquency case, but the child that the police were caught on tape abusing was never charged of a crime.

“The notion that they are in any shape or form concerned about the privacy interest of a 16-year-old is not only laughable, it’s also insulting,” said the professor to VICE. “It’s unquestionably an effort to try and deter victims of police misconduct from speaking up and that’s reprehensible. It reflects their efforts to continue supporting impunity for officers who engage in wrongdoing.”

Jun 17 06:35

Pelosi Is Warming Up To The Squad

Republican Rep. Michael Waltz of Florida Monday maintained his choice to rename the Squad the "Hamas Caucus" after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called the nickname "dangerous."

Waltz stated that Pelosi was "ignoring" that the progressive members of her party were supporting terrorism, after remarks made last week by Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., that seemed to compare the U.S. and Israel to Hamas and the Taliban.

Earlier in the day, Waltz explained that he did not agree with Pelosi that it was time to go on because the Squad’s speech has been consistent.

Jun 17 05:53

Trump Wanted Supreme Court To Order New Election In Key Swing States, Emails Show

Former President Donald Trump through a lawyer and White House officials placed pressure on Department of Justice (DOJ) officials to probe the 2020 election results and wanted the Supreme Court to authorize a new election in key swing states, according to newly released emails.

Kurt Olsen, a Trump lawyer, was shown in one of the emails asking DOJ officials to connect him to then-acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen. He said that he represented Texas in the Supreme Court lawsuit against Pennsylvania and other states and that Trump “directed” him to meet with Rosen “to discuss a similar action to be brought by the United States.”

Jun 17 05:41

Tulsi Gabbard Destroys Joy Behar

Jun 17 05:40

BREAKING: Wells Fargo Cancels Lauren Witzke’s Bank Account, Leaves Her Stranded Out of State With No Money

Wells Fargo has shut down the bank account of America First activist Lauren Witzke, leaving her stranded out of state with completely no money.

In a post on Telegram, Witzke, who ran as the Republican candidate for the Senate in Delaware in the 2020 elections, revealed that Wells Fargo had completely shut down her bank account, removing all of her money from the system, leaving her with a “zero balance” instead. In a call with the bank, Witzke was informed that the action taken was a purely “business decision,” and that they have the right to close her account down at any time. “Had I not been surrounded by friends in Florida, I would be completely stranded,” she wrote, as she would be stuck out of state with absolutely no money at all.

Jun 17 05:22

Tucker obtains 'demented' emails from Lori Lightfoot

Jun 16 20:48

A Trump Supporter Is Being Fined $500 PER DAY for ‘Disrespecting President Biden’

A Trump supporter has been fined $500 per day for having anti-Biden yard signs in her own back yard.

Andrea Dick claims that the signs outside her Roselle Park home are simply an expression of her right to free speech.

“I have a right to have them up there, freedom of speech,” Dick told WABC-TV.

Jun 16 19:10

Why Is The Official Narrative About The Origins Of Covid Suddenly Changing?

By Janet Phelan

Recently, the official narrative concerning the origins of the Covid pandemic underwent an abrupt change. The social media giants stopped automatically censoring stories pointing to the lab in Wuhan as a possible ground zero for the virus, as President Biden ordered an intelligence investigation into the possibility of the virus coming from what is being termed “a lab leak.”

At the same time, revelations appeared in the mainstream press, after months of such stories circulating in independent media, stating that Dr. Anthony Fauci had funded gain of function research in the Wuhan lab, contrary to his public assertions. Fauci’s emails, which ramp up further concern as to the veracity of his public statements about the genesis of the virus and any potential personal involvement with the Wuhan lab, were FOIAed by Buzzfeed and circulated widely.

This article intends to focus in on the reasons for the shift in the narrative and what it may portend...

Jun 16 15:22

Hillary Clinton, Who Called Trump An ‘Illegitimate President,’ Says Casting Doubt On Election Is ‘Doing Putin’s Work’

Hillary Clinton, who frequently cast doubt on the results of the 2016 election, says doing so regarding the 2020 presidential contest is “doing Putin’s work.”

Clinton made the unsurprising remarks in an interview on MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe.’

“We never thought we had to worry about domestic enemies,” the former First Lady lamented. “We never thought we had to worry about people who didn’t believe in our democracy.”

“Sadly, what we’ve seen over the last four years and particularly since the election is that we have people in our own country who are doing Putin’s work,” she claimed.

Clinton suggested some lawmakers may be doing the Russian President’s bidding either wittingly or unwittingly.

Jun 16 12:51

Funny Numbers : Fed holds rates steady, but raises inflation expectations sharply and sees hikes in 2023

The Federal Reserve on Wednesday considerably raised its expectations for inflation this year and brought forward the time frame on when it will next raise interest rates. -- However, the central bank gave no indication as to when it will begin cutting back on its aggressive bond-buying program.

Jun 16 12:44

Defending Strangers, Neighbors, and Lovers – More Self Defense Gun Stories

You probably didn’t see this news covered by the mainstream media, but again last week, responsible gun owners defended themselves and the people they love.

Jun 16 12:16

Judicial Watch: Documents Show CA State Officials Coordinated with Big Tech to Censor Americans’ Election Posts

“Judicial Watch announced today that it received 540 pages and a supplemental four pages of documents from the office of the Secretary of State of California revealing how state officials pressured social media companies (Twitter, Facebook, Google (YouTube)) to censor posts about the 2020 election. Included in these documents were “misinformation briefings” emails that were compiled by communications firm SKDK, that lists Biden for President as their top client of 2020. The documents show how the state agency successfully pressured YouTube to censor a Judicial Watch video concerning the vote by mail and a Judicial Watch lawsuit settlement about California voter roll clean up.”

Jun 16 11:49

Ethics Committee Dismisses ‘Baseless’ Democrat Claim Against Rep. Gosar over January 6 Riots

The House Committee on Ethics tossed a “patently baseless claim” lodged against Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) by Congressional Progressive Caucus chair Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA), who alleged that the Arizona Republican violated ethics rules on January 6 by objecting to the seating of electors.

“As you know, on March 10, 2021, the Committee on Ethics (Committee) received information offered as a complaint naming you as a respondent,” the committee’s June 11 letter to Gosar read, informing the congressman of its decision to dismiss the complaint:

Jun 16 11:48

Obama Plans First Post-2020 Fundraiser for Democrat Redistricting Effort

Former President Barack Obama is planning his first post-2020 fundraiser for Democrat redistricting efforts June 28.

The invitation says the virtual event features former Attorney General Eric Holder and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to benefit National Democratic Redistricting Committee.

The initiative comes as Democrats face a difficult midterm election to hold the House, as many Democrat-laden states, such as New York and California, are losing at least one House district to red states like Florida and Texas.

For Democrats to maintain their slim majority in the House, they must raise money to mount legal challenges to any redistricting that does not behoove Democrats.

Florida’s Lake County Property Appraiser and former Republican State Senator Carey Baker informed Breitbart News in April he expects a new district to be created in the vicinity of the I4 corridor, a politically important piece of real estate that runs from Orlando in Orange County to Tampa, Florida.

Jun 16 11:47

GOP Looks to Kill Biden Agenda by Splitting Infrastructure Bill

Senate Republicans reportedly want to ax much of President Joe Biden’s legislative agenda by supporting a more moderate infrastructure bill that might stifle Democrat support for a more partisan infrastructure bill.

Politico reported that Republicans want to support a bipartisan proposal led by Sens. Bill Cassidy (R-LA), Susan Collins (R-ME), Joe Manchin (D-WV), Lisa Murkowski (D-AK), Rob Portman (R-OH), Mitt Romney (R-UT), Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH), Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ), Jon Tester (D-MT), and Mark Warner (D-VA). The legislation would serve as a more “realistic” proposal that focuses more on physical infrastructure than Biden’s proposal, which also contains many provisions to combat climate change and offer child care.

Jun 16 11:45

Fed-up business owners in Baltimore threaten to withhold taxes until city increases police presence

It has never made any sense why people who live in big cities continue to vote for the Democrats who have destroyed them while expecting things to change after every election cycle, only to be disappointed, frustrated and angry when they don’t. -- Doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result is the textbook definition of insanity — so our big cities, by clinical definition, seem to be full of crazy people. -- A growing number of business owners are threatening to withhold their taxes if the Democratic city bosses don’t do something to attract, hire and deploy more police officers — and then let them do their jobs keeping the peace, arresting criminals and getting the murderous dirtbags off the streets.

Jun 16 11:44

Wisconsin GOP Lawmakers Visit Arizona Election Audit, Say Similar Review Needed in Their State

Two Wisconsin GOP state lawmakers said that Wisconsin should authorize a Nov. 3 election audit similar to the one that’s being conducted in Maricopa County, Arizona, after they traveled to the county to observe.

State Rep. Janel Brandtjen, a Republican who chairs the Campaigns and Elections Committee, said that a review of the election was needed due to the significant amount of private funding that was used in several major cities in Wisconsin, according to WisPolitics. However, the lawmaker said she wasn’t sure if the Wisconsin Legislative Audit Bureau has that authority.

“Listen, we need to restore integrity as we have huge numbers of individuals that have questions about a process that’s become highly politicized,” Brandtjen said of the election procedures in the state. President Joe Biden was certified as the winner during the 2020 election.

Jun 16 11:08

Marjorie Taylor Greene and House Republicans Discuss Fire Fauci Act

Jun 16 11:08

Fox 26 Reporter Ivory Hecker Releases Tape of Bosses; Sounds Alarm on 'Corruption' & 'Censorship'

Jun 16 11:07

Report: Donald Trump Planning Big Rallies In Ohio And Florida

Following earlier reports, USA Today confirmed on Tuesday that former President Donald Trump is planning to hold major rallies in the states of Ohio and Florida later this month.

USA Today reported, “Following a series of speeches to Republican conservatives over the past five months, former President Donald Trump will head to Ohio and Florida over the next two-and-a-half weeks to hold the kinds of mass rallies with rank-and-file supporters that fueled his White House campaigns.”

Earlier reports from the New York Post indicated that Trump’s rallies are intended to “lay down a marker for 2024.”

Jun 16 10:41

Tucker Carlson Outlines The Primary Threat to Our Nation, The Corrupt Intelligence Apparatus Which Includes The FBI

Tucker Carlson did an extensive monologue and interview last night as a review of the January 6th DC protest contrast against the likelihood of FBI organization and coordination. Many are calling this a brave discussion because Carlson will likely face backlash for the overview. As CTH has noted often, the politicization of the U.S. intelligence apparatus is the biggest threat to our constitutional republic. In this segment Carlson arrives at the same conclusion.

Carlson used a Revolver article (SEE HERE) by Darren Beattie as the framework for the discussion. The additional examples Carlson uses are familiar to CTH readers as we have used them before to highlight how politically corrupt the FBI has become. For those who missed the segment it is in the first 15 minutes of the video below (likely will not last long). UPDATE: Video Switched

Jun 16 10:33

Congress unveils new laws to curb power of Big Tech, but NONE of them address viewpoint discrimination censorship and assaults on free speech

It is important to note that none of the proposed bills in any way address Big Tech’s free speech violations and censorship practices. All of them center around tech industry monopolies while completely sidestepping the First Amendment issue. -- The obvious reason, of course, is that Congress is completely bought off by Big Tech, Big Pharma and other oppressive industries that could not care less about our Constitution and will do anything they can to destroy it.

Jun 16 09:36

AG Merrick Garland Declares 'White Extremists' Greatest Threat As Black Extremist Goes On Shooting Spree 'Targeting White Men'

Attorney General Merrick Garland on Tuesday declared white extremists the greatest "violent extremist threat" right as a black extremist was being charged for going on a weekend shooting spree "targeting white men" in Georgia and Alabama.

Jun 16 09:29

Global Debt From $300 Trillion To $2 Quadrillion In Next 5-10 Years

It is only with this ingenious Hocus Pocus scheme that the politicians have been able to increase the US federal debt every single year for 90 years without a financial collapse. And at the same time the scheme has allowed the politicians to stay in power without the system going bankrupt. -- Obviously the politicians are only given the illusion by the bankers that they are actually in power. The bankers constantly make the politicians insecure by letting the opposing party win regularly. The bankers know that fear and insecurity combined with financial power give them perfect control of the politicians.

Jun 16 09:03

Why Stimulus Does Not Stimulate

Stimulus is now untethered from its roots. At one time it was a cynical response to institutional conditions that prevented wages from keeping up with prices. Today, no longer a particular response to the unique conditions in one place and time, stimulus has become a universal solvent to heal all economic ills. Stimulus has become 1) wish for something, 2) print money, 3) profit.

Jun 16 08:24

Europe officially launches covid “vaccine passports” after clueless media dismissed the idea as a “conspiracy theory”

As of now, Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland and Spain have adopted and deployed the system. The remaining of the 27 total EU member nations will likely join the others on July 1.

Jun 16 08:22

Congress Moves to Censure Both Ilhan Omar and Marjorie Taylor Greene for Accidentally Offending Jews

Members of Congress have put forth resolutions to censure Reps. Ilhan Omar and Marjorie Taylor Greene.

On the surface, the hijab-wearing Muslim progressive from Minnesota and the gun-toting Southern Evangelical Republican could not be more different. But the two women — portrayed in the press as extreme manifestations of their respective party’s ideologies — have accidentally crossed organized Jewry.

The act of censuring a member of the House of Representatives is less grave than a formal expulsion, but it is still considered to be a serious punishment. Only 24 members of Congress have been censured since 1832, the most recent cases were for engaging in brazen corruption or sexual assault.

In Rep. Omar’s case, Florida Republican Mark Waltz is leading the charge to shut her down for making a moral equivalence between the actions of the Israeli military and the Palestinian resistance group Hamas in a question posed to Secretary of State Anthony Blinken.

Jun 16 08:20

“This is the Battle of Our Lives – If the Result Stands… This will be the end of American Democracy” – Dr. Peter Navarro Joins Gateway Pundit’s Jim and Joe Hoft on Latest Updates in Election Investigations (VIDEO)

Dr. Peter Navarro joined The Gateway Pundit’s Jim and Joe Hoft on Tuesday to discuss the latest updates in the 2020 election investigations.

Dr. Navarro served as Assistant to the President and Director of the Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy at the White House during the Trump Administration.

Since November Dr. Navarro has spent a large amount of his time and energy in investigating the fraudulent 2020 presidential election.

Jun 16 08:19

ARIZONA AUDIT UPDATE: Handcount Is COMPLETED – Paper Ballot Examination Continues – 100 THOUSAND Ballots Inspected per Day

On Tuesday, The Arizona Audit Twitter page announced that the hand count was finally completed on Monday, President Donald Trump’s birthday!

The Gateway Pundit accurately reported this on Monday, when Senate President Karen Fann and a Wyoming delegation toured the historic process.

Jun 16 07:50

AUDIT UPDATE: Hundreds Of Thousands Of Missing Ballots, Boxes Full of Blanks

Jun 16 07:48

BREAKING: Hunter Biden text messages reveal eugenic views on abortion: ‘veto the sperm’

As the U.S. bishops debate permitting Holy Communion for abortion-pushing President Joe Biden, the Biden family has been embroiled in a new abortion controversy as text messages from the President’s son have revealed his eugenic views on abortion.

“I think women should be able to veto the sperm a man purposely or accidentally released into a woman’s v----a with her consent and often without her consent,” wrote Hunter Biden in a 2018 text message. The crude language is nothing new for those familiar with the laptop’s contents, which include lewd photos and video, along with the evidence of what many call treasonous behavior on the part both of the Biden family and the FBI which concealed it.