Sep 17 14:30

Another COVID ‘Fact’ Turns Out To Be A Wild Exaggeration

Liberal politicians and the mainstream press could change this, if they’d be more measured in their statements and more honest about the real risks COVID poses. But for their own selfish reasons, neither group wants to do so.

Sep 17 13:40

Mike Rowe Gives BRILLIANT Answer To Why Biden And Co. Have FAILED To Persuade People To Get Vaccinated — Explains How HE Would Do It

Yesterday someone named Paul Sussmann wrote a column about Mike Rowe and his recent comments on how public leaders have ruined their own trustworthiness when it comes to the vaccines. Rowe reprinted the column in its entirety and then wrote a response below it. I won’t reprint the column from Sussman (you can read it all here) because I’m only interested in Rowe’s response because it’s brilliant, as always.

Sep 17 12:57

After 33 years, parents of brain-damaged kids get to express disgust with Florida program

The parents of children born with catastrophic brain damage who were stripped of the right to sue were offered a measure of consolation Thursday for the first time in more than three decades: They were given the chance to speak.

About a dozen mothers and fathers addressed the administrators and governing board of Florida’s Birth-Related Neurological Injury Compensation Association, or NICA, at a meeting held via the internet. Many of the parents said they had suffered silently for years as the program fought over benefits that could have relieved the considerable burden on the children and families NICA served.

Sep 17 12:57

World’s largest tree wrapped in fire-resistant blanket as California blaze creeps closer

As flames crept closer to California’s cherished sequoia trees firefighters took an unusual step to protect them, wrapping the giant bases in fire-resistant blankets.

The shiny material that helps quell flames, commonly used to protect structures, is rarely applied to natural features, but crews fighting the KNP Complex fire in the Sequoia national park said they are doing everything possible to protect the iconic trees.

“It is really indicative of what a special priority the iconic monarch sequoias of the Giant Forest are for the parks and for the incident management team,” said fire spokesperson Rebecca Paterson.

Sep 17 12:56

NASA’s interactive Mars experience lets you work with its rover

NASA has launched an interactive 3D experience that lets people explore the martian surface alongside its Perseverance rover.

“It’s the best reconstruction available of what Mars looks like,” said Parker Abercrombie of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), which is overseeing the Perseverance mission.

The video below highlights some of the online tool’s features, and you can try it for yourself by heading to this webpage.

Sep 17 12:51

SpaceX’s All-Civilian Inspiration4 Mission Is Now in Orbit: Here’s What Happens Next

The first fully commercial spaceflight is underway, as an amateur crew of four reached orbit on Wednesday. Here’s what to expect from the groundbreaking mission and how you can follow the events online.

As dusk settled over Florida yesterday (September 15, 2021), a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket blasted off from Kennedy Space Center’s storied Launch Complex 39A. The Inspiration4 launch was hardly routine, however, as the Crew Dragon’s four occupants, Jared Isaacman (the billionaire entrepreneur who paid for all four seats), Sian Proctor, Chris Sembroski, and Hayley Arceneaux are all private citizens, making this the first fully commercial mission to orbit.

Sep 17 12:46

Jeff who?

Sep 17 11:52



Paleontologist Robert Bakker’s exclamation to his colleague, Jim Kirkland, on the phone back in 1991 was quite literally about a big discovery.

Digging in Gaston Quarry in Grand County, Utah, Kirkland had uncovered fossils of giant newly discovered raptor. Snout to tail, the ferocious creature would’ve been about 20 feet long and six feet tall, with long, curved, razor-sharp talons on each foot measuring nearly a foot in length.

At the time, Bakker was consulting with some of the dinosaur artists on Steven Spielberg’s upcoming Jurassic Park, and he had a problem. He knew the now-iconic Velociraptors in the movie were going to be about three times larger than they actually were — or exactly the size of Kirkland’s soon-to-be-named Utahraptor (pronounced “Utah-raptor”).

Sep 17 09:54

How The CIA Hid Their MKULTRA Mind-control Program

By Jon Rappoport

Back in the early 1990s, I spoke with John Marks, author of The Search for the Manchurian Candidate. This was the book (1979) that helped expose the existence and range of the infamous CIA MKULTRA program.

Marks related the following facts to me. He had originally filed many Freedom of Information (FOIA) requests for documents connected to the CIA’s mind-control program. He got nothing back.

Finally, as if to play a joke on him, someone at the CIA sent Marks 10 boxes of financial and accounting records. The attitude was, “Here, see what you can do with this.”...

Here is an MKULTRA sub-project you may not have heard of...

Sep 17 08:54

Nursing Homes Giving Fake Schizophrenia Diagnoses to Drug the Elderly into Submission

By Makia Freeman

THE STORY: While the world continues to go crazy over COVID, plans develop to create more systems of control based on the imaginary idea that limiting carbon output can save the planet.

THE IMPLICATIONS: The manmade climate change scam is a bedrock NWO/2030 Agenda scheme that will continue to be pushed in an attempt to achieve worldwide behavioral modification.

Sep 17 08:31

1.2 million reasons why you should NOT allow your child to get the Covid-19 Vaccine – UK Government releases 33rd update on Adverse Reactions to the Covid-19 Vaccines

The report covers adverse reactions reported from the 9th December 2020; the day after the Pfizer mRNA injection was first administered in the UK, up to the 8th September 2021, and it shows that due to all three emergency approved injections – Pfizer, AstraZeneca, and Moderna – there have been 1,196,813 adverse reactions and 1,645 deaths reported to the MHRA.

Sep 17 08:13

Pfizer recalls Chantix smoking cessation drug over high levels of cancer-causing agents

Pfizer Inc. has announced it is recalling all lots of its anti-smoking treatment drug, Chantix, due to what it says are high levels of carcinogens in the pills.

Sep 17 08:05

COVID-19 vaccines have devastating long-term effects, warns Nobel Prize winner

French Nobel Prize winner Luc Montagnier has recently warned that those who get Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines could experience devastating long-term consequences.

Montagnier, an expert virologist, was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2008 with a colleague for their discovery of the human immunodeficiency virus, or HIV.

Now, Montagnier has trained his expertise on the coronavirus and on the experimental and deadly vaccines developed to supposedly counteract it. He has spoken on multiple occasions regarding how the COVID-19 vaccines spur on the development of even deadlier vaccine-borne variants.

“It’s very simple, they [coronavirus variants] arise from vaccination,” said Montagnier in an interview.

Sep 17 07:03

WATCH: Black Family With Religious Exemption Kicked Out Of NYC Restaurant For Refusing To Show Vaccine Passport “Papers”

Segregation is back in New York City, just as we knew it would be when the city announced vaccine passports would be mandatory for eating in restaurants.

Below is video of a black family being refused service for not having a vaccine passport.

Sep 17 06:55

RA Reiner Fuellmich Multimedia, [15.09.21 19:31] [ Video ] Summary of findings of the Corona Investigative Committee. Status 09/15/2021. Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, an experienced trial lawyer licensed in Germany and California (USA) and co-founder of the Berlin Corona Investigative Committee, summarizes the Committee's findings to date and reviews the current status. "If I had been told this a year ago, I would not have considered it to be possible. Now, after questioning hundreds of experts, it is clear beyond doubt and provable: at no time was it about health." RA Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, go to channel here: @ReinerFuellmichEnglish

Sep 17 06:04


Under America’s legal system, a mandate may be official, but it is not law. Laws are legislated, meaning they are voted upon by elected officials and signed into law by an executive such as a Mayor, Governor or President. Mandates are commands to be obeyed in the eyes of the mandator, and failure to do so may be exasperating to the mandator, but it is not a violation of the law to fail to comply. Non-compliance with a mandate is a good way to thumb your nose at a tyrannical mandator. For all intents and purposes, a mandator is equivalent to a dictator, and America is not, although getting close, a dictatorship. Let us hope and pray that it does not become so.

Sep 17 06:04

Megatsunami Scenario - La Palma Landslide

Sep 16 20:02

Internet Brutally Mocks Guardian Newspaper After They Name Anthony Fauci ‘Sexiest Man Alive’

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the authoritarian NIAID director – has been named “The Sexiest Man Alive” by British newspaper the Guardian.

Many are wondering if the title awarded to the 80-year-old Hillary Clinton supporter who has botched America’s response to Coronavirus is some kind of joke.

Unfortunately, it’s not a joke.

Sep 16 15:39

Recent progress of graphene oxide as a potential vaccine carrier and adjuvant

Acta Biomater. 2020 Aug;112:14-28. doi: 10.1016/j.actbio.2020.06.009. Epub 2020 Jun 10.


Sep 16 13:13

Is NASA tracking all the asteroids that could hit Earth? Well, not exactly, it admits

“Extinction level” asteroid crashes and zombie viruses seem to be two things people are most afraid of lately, so NASA is guilty of bad timing this week with an admission it “doesn’t know about all the asteroids.”

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration came clean Wednesday in a video that included good news and bad news — depending on how you feel about the End of Days.

“Does NASA know about all the asteroids? Well, no,” NASA asteroid expert Dr. Amy Mainzer says in the video.

Sep 16 12:53

"My little sister just died from her first dose"

Sep 16 12:35


Sep 16 12:31

“Science and Technology Think Tank” Supports AR/VR for K-12 and Higher Ed Despite Known Health Risks

By B.N. Frank

Virtual Reality (VR) headsets can cause behavioral changes, balance issues, cognitive problems, eye problems (soreness, vision changes), headaches, and other discomforts.

Research has also determined that children absorb 2-5 times more harmful radiation than adults while wearing VR headsets. Despite all of this, tech companies and their supporters continue to promote VR technology for educational purposes including for children...

Sep 16 11:29

Want to go bald? Get a covid “vaccine!”

Nearly 1,700 people so far have reportedly lost their hair after getting “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).

World Health Organization (WHO) data shows that autoimmune alopecia is spreading like wildfire in people who took the jabs believing that doing so would keep them “safe” against a “positive” test result.

One young Japanese woman tracked her vaccine-induced hair loss on social media. The girl, who goes by the handle of “Ayapipipiii,” showed photos of her bald head, which looks like it was taken in a conventional cancer ward.

Sep 16 11:27

VAX ATTACKS: Singapore seeing chronic illness explosion after reaching 81 percent vaccination rate

A massive spike in new “cases” of the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) has struck Singapore, one of the most “fully vaccinated” countries on earth with about an 81 percent compliance rate, according to the latest data.

Surging infections due to mass injection are stymieing efforts to reopen the country as “fully vaccinated” residents flood hospitals in desperate need of oxygen and other treatments.

Over the weekend, the number of patients requiring oxygen in Singapore doubled, showing that the injections they call “vaccines” are failing to provide the promised protection against Chinese Germs.

Sep 16 11:23

Texas father DEPLATFORMED by GoFundMe for raising money for son who died after taking Pfizer vaccine

A Texas father who lost his teenage son to the Pfizer-BioNTech Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine has been kicked off the crowdfunding website GoFundMe.

The father in question is Ernest Ramirez. His son, Ernesto Ramirez Jr. received his first dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine on April 19.

The elder Ramirez said his son was so excited to get vaccinated because he had seen a lot of advertisements saying the COVID-19 vaccines are safe for teenagers. Because of Ramirez Jr.’s urging, his father allowed him to get vaccinated.

The younger Ramirez passed away less than a week later after the vaccine caused his heart to grow to double its normal size.

Sep 16 10:19

SpaceX’s historic Inspiration4 launch reaches orbit successfully carrying private crew

SpaceX launched its Inspiration4 mission on Wednesday evening from NASA’s facility in Florida, successfully bringing its all-civilian crew into orbit. The mission is the first private crew launched to orbit by Elon Musk’s company and the first time a crew was made up entirely of nonprofessional astronauts.

Inspiration4 includes commander Jared Isaacman, pilot Sian Proctor, medical officer Hayley Arceneaux, and mission specialist Chris Sembroski. The multiday trip was paid for by Isaacman for an undisclosed amount, with the main goal of the spaceflight to raise $200 million for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Sep 16 10:18

SpaceX shows off Inspiration4's amazing view of Earth and new dome window

This window is going to get quite a workout over the next few days.

SpaceX's Inspiration4 became the first-ever all-private mission to reach Earth orbit Wednesday night (Sept. 15), riding a Falcon 9 rocket into the final frontier.

Inspiration4's Crew Dragon capsule, a vehicle called Resilience, soon settled into a circular orbit 364 miles (585 kilometers) above our planet. That's higher than any Crew Dragon has ever gone, and about 115 miles (185 km) above the path taken by the International Space Station.

Sep 16 10:02

Lawmakers Unveil Bipartisan Bill To Freeze Funding For Gain-of-Function Research

Bipartisan lawmakers on Friday unveiled a bill that seeks to freeze taxpayer-funding for gain-of-function research for a period of five years.

The legislation, called the Pausing Enhanced Pandemic Pathogen Research Act, was introduced by Reps. Mike Gallagher (R-Wis.), Buddy Carter (R-Ga.), and Henry Cuellar (D-Texas).

According to a press release from the lawmakers, the bill is in response to a recent report by The Intercept, which indicated that the United States had funded gain-of-function research at China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) that many believe may have led to the ongoing CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus pandemic.

Infectious disease expert and NIAID Director Dr. Anthony Fauci has come under intense scrutiny following the release of the documents by the news outlet, which detailed the use of federal money by the U.S.-based health organization, EcoHealth Alliance, to fund bat coronavirus research at the WIV.

Sep 16 10:01

FDA scientists strike skeptical tone on need for Covid-19 vaccine booster at this time, likely fueling debate

ood and Drug Administration scientists have expressed skepticism about the need for additional doses of Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine for all people who have received it.

The assessment by the agency’s staff, included in documents released Wednesday, sets up a high-stakes debate over who will need an additional booster dose — and when they will need it — at the meeting of experts being convened by the Food and Drug Administration on Friday.

In the documents, the FDA’s own scientists seemed to strike a cautious position about the need for widespread booster shots. Overall, they said, “data indicate that currently US-licensed or authorized COVID-19 vaccines still afford protection against severe COVID-19 disease and death in the United States.”

Sep 16 10:00


Scientists have dashed any possible hope of life in the clouds of Venus. That may seem obvious to an inexperienced observer who may know a few things about the second planet from the sun. Venus, Earth's nearest planetary neighbor, is, for lack of a better word, a hellscape. The planet has no moons. Its surface is hot enough to melt lead, way beyond oven temperatures, according to NASA. It's shrouded in a dense atmosphere that's so thick with carbon dioxide and clouds of sulfuric acid that the sun would hardly be visible from the planet's surface. That surface, by the way, is nothing but volcanic rock lashed by high temperatures, hurricane force winds, and extreme pressure. No chance of life there at all, period. No further discussion needed (via NASA).

Sep 16 10:00

Amateur astronomers capture the moment mysterious object slams into Jupiter and causes bright flash lasting two seconds

A mysterious object slammed into Jupiter this week, causing a bright flash of light that was captured by amateur astronomers 382.76 million miles away on Earth.

German astronomer Harald Paleske was watching the shadow of Jupiter's moon, Io, create a solar eclipse in the planet's atmosphere of Jupiter when he spotted the probable impact.

'A bright flash of light surprised me,' he told Space Weather. 'It could only be an impact.'

If confirmed, this event would be just the eighth recorded impact on the gas giant – the first was identified in 1994.

After seeing the bright flash, Paleske said he looked at each frame with the hopes of determining what caused the light.

He found the flash was in Jupiter's atmosphere and remained visible for two seconds -ruling out any interference on Earth or a random satellite floating across the planet.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

When Shoemaker/Levy 9 slammed into Jupiter, Claire and I held a "comet smack" party for the neighborhood kids. It was also our engagement party (we had T-shirts that said,"A comet impacted Jupiter and all I got was engaged!"). One of the most memorable moments was when this little girl finished looking through the telescope and said in amazement, "You mean you can see it up in the sky!!" :)

Sep 16 09:56

A 6-Year Search of the Outer Solar System Turns up 461 new Objects (but no Planet 9)

In the near future, astronomers will benefit from the presence of next-generation telescopes like the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) and the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope (RST). At the same time, improved data mining and machine learning techniques will also allow astronomers to get more out of existing instruments. In the process, they hope to finally answer some of the most burning questions about the cosmos.

For instance, the Dark Energy Survey (DES ), an international, collaborative effort to map the cosmos, recently released the results of their six-year survey of the outer Solar System. In addition to gathering data on hundreds of known objects, this survey revealed 461 previously undetected objects. The results of this study could have significant implications for our understanding of the Solar System’s formation and evolution.

Sep 16 09:51

EU s biggest corruption scandal unfolds as €4M appear on Commissioner s account

One of the biggest corruption scandals in the history of the EU is unfolding, Miklos Omolnar said in his video blog. The case focuses on Health Commissioner Stella Kyriakides, who signed the EU s flawed and belated vaccine procurement contracts, according to the journalist.

According to Mr Omolnar, 4 million euros appeared in the Health Commissioner s bank account that she holds jointly with her husband. Media outlets in Cyprus have already floated the idea of passive bribery. The money landed on the Commissioner s family bank account through the state-owned Cyprus Cooperative Bank and, in order to fend off any scandals, they tried to portray the amount as some type of loan. However, the politician has no financial coverage whatsoever to take out such a huge loan.

Sep 16 08:21

Never Again Is Happening Now

The similarities are stunning. Any student of history can see the distressing resemblance between what is now taking place in New York City and what transpired in cities occupied by the Nazis. While we are not yet sending people to gas chambers, we are being reduced to guinea pigs for an untested vaccine that could potentially harm us. Solid medical research supports this claim, as does the evidence of hundreds of thousands of victims, who suffered vaccine-related injuries after submitting to the COVID jab.

Sep 16 08:12


Sep 16 08:11

DeSantis Praised For His COVID Approach

Florida’s Lt. Gov. Jeanette Nunez told Newsmax Monday that Gov. Ron DeSantis and her state “got it right” managing the COVID-19 pandemic by not asking for masks anymore nor mandating vaccines.

Sep 16 08:11

***** 2 MIN - MUST HEAR-Respiratory Therapist Don't Take The Shot

Sep 16 08:10

The Story of Ivermectin

Sep 16 08:00


Sep 16 07:58

Tomb of ancient Egyptian King Djoser who lived more than 4,500 years ago is restored to its original glory of stunning turquoise stones, hieroglyphic carvings and labyrinth of corridors

The elaborate tomb of King Djoser, a pharaoh who lived more than 4,500 years ago in ancient Egypt, has been opened to the public following 15 years of extensive restorations.

The structure - known as the South Tomb - is largely underground and includes a labyrinth of corridors, decorated with hieroglyphic carvings and tiles.

However, the pharaoh was not buried in the South tomb, but was laid to rest in the famed Step Pyramid nearby, which was built by his personal architect Imhotep.

Sep 16 07:58

British Columbia Health Professionals Challenge B.C. Government Regarding Covid-19 Restrictions

We are a group of extremely concerned health professionals in the Okanagan Valley, B.C. We have some critical questions regarding COVID-19, specifically about the current reporting of case numbers, statistics, and testing, and the restrictions imposed by your health orders. While discussion of adjunctive and alternative safe and effective treatments is being stifled, the policies of mandatory experimental vaccines and vaccine passports are being forced upon our province, our country, and many other countries worldwide.

Sep 16 07:57

FLASHBACK - Experimenting with a new Spanish flu is everybody’s business

There may be a fatal tumour in your brain. The only way we’ll know is if I cut it open – but there’s a chance that might kill you. Shall I go ahead?

We’ve just been confronted with a question a bit like this by scientists at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. They insist the only way to guard against the outbreak of a deadly flu epidemic like the Spanish flu of 1918 is to create viruses very similar to those responsible. Not to study them in the wild, mind, but to actively engineer from bird flu genes a strain that can pass in airborne droplets from one animal – or perhaps species – to another. Sure, it is dangerous. But what about the risk of doing nothing?

Sep 16 07:48

NEVER FORGET: Dr. Tony Fauci Killed MILLIONS when He Pushed Bogus Study that Downplayed Hydroxychloriquine Use While His Emails Prove He Knew of its Effectiveness

The blood of millions is on his hands.

The coronavirus pandemic will not end in America until Dr. Fauci — the greatest killer of our generation — is removed from office.

Never Forget–
Dr. Fauci knew that Hydroxychloroquine worked against the China virus back in early 2020.

His own emails prove it.

Sep 16 07:48

Forecasters Warn: Storm In Atlantic Basin "Could Form Into Hurricane Over Weekend"

The 2021 Atlantic hurricane season is heating up and showing no signs of slowing down. A tropical wave in the Eastern Atlantic is likely to develop in the next couple of days and could form into a tropical storm by the weekend.

The National Hurricane Center (NHC) reports Wednesday a disturbance located a few hundred miles south-southwest of the Cabo Verde Islands is becoming more organized.

"Environmental conditions are expected to remain conducive for development, and a tropical depression is likely to form within the next couple of days. NHC said that this system is expected to move westward to west-northwestward across the tropical Atlantic during the next several days," NHC said.

The weather agency gives the collection of showers and thunderstorms an 80% of development over the next 48 hours and a 90% chance over the next five days.

Sep 16 07:43


Sep 16 07:33

La Palma volcano (Canary Islands (Spain)) activity update: Yellow alert for Cumbre Vieja declared

The strong earthquake swarm is continuing beneath Cumbre Vieja, and now PEVOLCA has raised the alert level to Yellow, citing the repeated occurance of earthquake swarms since 2017, with this one being the strongest and also the shallowest, suggesting magma is slowly rising into the edifice. Measurements of Helium-3 gas flux are also indicating this.

Sep 16 07:27

Italy readies law to make COVID health pass mandatory for all workers

Italy is poised to become the first country in Europe to make it obligatory for all workers to have a COVID-19 "Green Pass", with the cabinet due to approve the measure at a meeting later on Thursday, officials said.

Sep 16 07:25

Which Countries Are Using COVID-19 Vaccine Passports?

International travel has been on the back burner for over a year now, and as more people receive the COVID-19 vaccine, nations around the world are itching to reopen their borders.

In a bid to kick-start the tourism industry, one by one, countries are introducing COVID vaccine passports. Although the name can be misleading, this documentation comes in all shapes and sizes – we're already seeing physical certificates, digital forms, and QR codes within national apps.

So, if you’re part of the 25% of the world that has received both doses of the vaccine, let’s find out where your next holiday could be.

Sep 16 07:25

Approximately 70 people die from COVID vaccines every day in America – VAERS data

The Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) is exploding with vaccine injuries, at a rate never seen before. The number of injuries and deaths from these vaccines is so immense, all prior vaccine injury data over the past two decades pales in comparison to the carnage observed in 2021.

The government’s passive vaccine injury surveillance system has logged over 675,000 adverse reactions from the vaccines in just eight short months. If these medical issues were divvied up among the roughly 17,000 hospitals in the United States, there have been roughly 40 COVID vaccine injuries for every hospital in the nation.

Over the past forty-seven days of reporting, there have also been 3,296 deaths reported to VAERS. This is equivalent to SEVENTY deaths per day — a sacrificial routine of medical malpractice and wrongful death that must be stopped.

Sep 16 07:08

How Americans can resist coronavirus shot mandates – a comprehensive guide

Americans in many different fields of work are suddenly having to choose between taking an abortion-tainted, poorly tested, and dangerous coronavirus injection or being fired from their jobs. Students are also having their educational opportunities denied without proof of COVID-19 vaccination. As many conservative commentators on Twitter are pointing out, over the course of 18 months, “15 days to slow the spread” turned into “two shots to feed your family.”

Sep 16 06:54

UPDATED 5:26 PM (Wednesday) EDT -- ***** FLASH ***** Small Landslides Have BEGUN -Sudden 6cm Deformation Evacuation Protocols Being Readied. Earthquake Swarm - La Palma - If Blows, Wipes Out US East Coast via Tsunami "Yellow Alert" Declared

A very significant earthquake swarm is taking place on an island off the west coast of Africa. This particular situation has been feared for decades because it could literally wipe out the ENTIRE U.S. East Coast.

The island of La Palma is part of the Canary Islands off the northwest coast of Africa. The scalable Google Map below shows its location:

Sep 16 06:53

Shockingly, CDC Now Lists Vaccinated Deaths as Unvaccinated

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, you’re not counted as fully vaccinated until a full 14 days have passed since your second injection in the case of Pfizer or Moderna, or 14 days after your first dose of Janssen, despite the fact that over 80% of deaths after the vaccines occur in this window. How convenient

Anyone who dies within the first 14 days post-injection is counted as an unvaccinated death. Not only does this inaccurately inflate the unvaccinated death toll, but it also hides the real dangers of the COVID shots, as the vast majority of deaths from these shots occur within the first two weeks

The CDC also has two different sets of testing guidelines — one for vaccinated patients and another for the unvaccinated. If you’re unvaccinated, CDC guidance says to use a cycle threshold (CT) of 40, known to result in false positives. If you’re vaccinated, they recommend using a CT of 28 or less, which minimizes the risk of false positives

Sep 16 06:52

24,526 Deaths 2,317,495 Injuries Following COVID Shots Reported in European Union’s Database of Adverse Drug Reactions

The European Union database of suspected drug reaction reports is EudraVigilance, and they are now reporting 24,526 fatalities, and 2,317,495 injuries, following COVID-19 injections.

A Health Impact News subscriber from Europe reminded us that this database maintained at EudraVigilance is only for countries in Europe who are part of the European Union (EU), which comprises 27 countries.

The total number of countries in Europe is much higher, almost twice as many, numbering around 50. (There are some differences of opinion as to which countries are technically part of Europe.)

So as high as these numbers are, they do NOT reflect all of Europe. The actual number in Europe who are reported dead or injured following COVID-19 shots would be much higher than what we are reporting here.

Sep 16 06:51

Son Testifies About His Mother’s Cancer Alleged Due to Roundup Exposure

A woman suffering from non-Hodgkin lymphoma was a devoted user of Roundup herbicide for decades before she became ill, her son testified Tuesday in a California trial that marks the fourth such trial pitting a cancer victim against Roundup maker Monsanto.

Under questioning by a lawyer representing plaintiff Donetta Stephens, her son David Stephens recalled his mother’s frequent use of Roundup in the yard and her tendency to wear sleeveless shirts and shorts when outside spraying the weed killer. He described recalling her use when he was a child and that use continuing when he was an adult and had his own children.

Stephens also testified about a family gathering in which his mother broke the news of her cancer to the family, the lengthy series of medical treatments that followed, his mother’s memory loss and other treatment-related problems, and a period in which his mother was hospitalized multiple times and nearly died.

Sep 16 06:46

Covid Cases Explode In Heavily Pfizer Vaccinated Israel

Israel has 84% of its population aged 12 and up vaccinated.

Two days ago on Tuesday September 14, 2021, the Times of Israel reported that “the current wave of coronavirus infections is surpassing anything seen in previous outbreaks.” Health Ministry data “showed that 10,000 new covid cases were diagnosed in a single day.” And climbing. Instead of the predicted steady drop in outbreaks of new cases because of vaccination, the cases have exploded. Despite one of the highest rates of vaccination of all countries, Israel has the world’s largest number of Covid cases per capita. It is two times larger than the US per capita rate.

We can conclude from Israel’s experience that either the Pfizer vaccine does not protect against Covid, of which Israel seems to be heavily infected, or the vaccine causes Covid, or causes adverse reactions that are confused with Covid.

Sep 16 06:45

Armyworms Attack Midwest, Entomologists and Farmers Say Fields Wiped Out in Hours

Fields wiped out in a matter of hours. Pests marching from grasses into farm fields and pastures. It's an armyworm infestation so intense, the pest problem is unlike anything farmers and entomologists in Ohio have ever seen.

While the late-season pest showed up early in Arkansas fields, it then moved en masse into the Buckeye State. Ohio farmers battled the pest starting in August, with the pest marching fiercely through fields, causing widespread damage.

Curtis Young, an agricultural Extension educator for Van Wert County, Ohio, and entomologist by trade, says the pest had blanketed the entire state by the end of August and beginning of September.

“(Arkansas) just happened to have a huge emergence of adults when a weather front came through that sucked them up into the jet stream and deposited them here in the northern states. So, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, etc. all got a good dose of them from a weather front,” says Young.

Sep 16 06:44

Biology Starts to Get a Technological Makeover

Two white-coated lab technicians, seated at work stations in a corner, are vastly outnumbered by the machines. Robotic arms calibrate liquids in microdrops. Small trays, with 96 tiny wells each, shuttle around the lab on magnetic tracks. Centrifuges whir. Gene sequencers hum.

The highly mechanized lab — operated by Ginkgo Bioworks, a fast-growing start-up in Boston — is an engine room of synthetic biology, an emerging field that applies the tools of engineering and computing to make entirely new organisms or genetically turbocharge existing ones.

Proponents of synthetic biology say the field could reprogram biology to increase food production, fight disease, generate energy and purify water. The realization of that potential lies decades in the future, if at all. But it is no longer the stuff of pure science fiction because of advances in recent years in biology, computing, automation and artificial intelligence.

Sep 16 06:27

FDA Says Authorized COVID-19 Vaccines Still Effective, Boosters May Not Be Needed

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Wednesday said that agency-authorized COVID-19 vaccines currently provide protection against death and severe disease and may not require additional boosters, coming after vaccine maker Pfizer submitted data saying that its vaccine’s efficacy is eroding over time.

In findings released online, the FDA analyzed data submitted by Pfizer as part of their request to authorize a booster shot, or a third dose, of the vaccine to individuals aged 16 and older in the United States.

Sep 16 06:25

World's Biggest Battery In California Overheats, Shuts Down

An “overheating incident” at the world’s biggest grid battery in California on Sept. 4 forced three quarters of the station to power down until further notice.

South of San Francisco, the largest-of-its-kind Moss Landing energy storage facility recently grew from 300 to 400 megawatts (MW), with the ability to output for four hours.

But after a limited number of modules reached operationally unsafe temperatures on Sept. 4, safety mechanisms triggered sprinklers that targeted the affected modules, resulting in the facility’s primary 300-MW section to shut off entirely.

The overheating came as the state experienced a sweltering 100 degrees Fahrenheit heatwave over the Labor Day weekend.

The North County Fire Protection District of Monterey County was called to the scene as a precaution. No injuries were sustained.

Sep 16 06:19

They Are Creating The Biggest Witch Hunt In American History

Prior to this pandemic, if you wanted to weed out all of the “troublemakers”, “independent thinkers” and “non-conformists” from our society, how would you have done it?

I suppose that sending everyone a questionnaire asking them what they believe would be one way to do it, but of course a lot of people would give false answers and many others would simply ignore the questionnaire. Social media profiles contain a wealth of information, but many “non-conformists” are not even on social media and digging through all of that data would take an extraordinary amount of time, money and energy. Up until just recently, there just hasn’t been an easy and efficient way to identify those that are not eager servants of the system.

Sep 16 06:18

LA County To Mandate Segregation Of Unvaccinated Or Negative Test At Outdoor Events, Bars, And Clubs

Los Angeles County is preparing a revised health order which will require proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test for outdoor events, as well as indoor portions of bars, wineries, breweries, nightclubs and lounges.

The order, reported on Wednesday and expected to be made official later this week, will also require all customers and employees to have at least one dose of the vaccine by Oct. 7, and become fully vaccinated no later than Nov. 4.

Sep 16 06:18

McMaken: Biden's Vaccine Mandates Are All About Power

Last week, the Biden administration announced sweeping new mandates. The new mandates require that all employers with more than one hundred workers require workers to be vaccinated or to test for the virus weekly. The mandates also require covid vaccinations for the 17 million workers at health facilities that receive federal Medicare or Medicaid. Moreover, vaccines are mandated for all employees of the federal government’s executive branch, and for all contractors who do business with the federal government. There is no option to test out in these cases.

The new mandates extend an earlier mandate from this summer which required vaccinations for nursing home staff to other healthcare settings, including hospitals, home health agencies, and dialysis centers.

Clearly, this represents yet another dangerous frontier in using a perceived or real crisis to justify an immense expansion in state power and state control over the population.

Sep 16 06:10

Occupy Democrats Praises Landlord For Ordering Tenants to Get Vaxxed or Get Evicted

Jasmine Irby was leaving her two-bedroom apartment in South Florida last month when she noticed a letter from the management company taped to her door.

It read: "As of August 15th, all new tenants must show proof of vaccination before moving in. ... Existing tenants must show proof of vaccination before leases are renewed." The policy, the notice stated, also applied to building employees.

Irby, a security guard who had lived in the Lauderhill, Fla., building for the past two years, was appalled, she told The Washington Post. Irby, 28, had planned to renew her lease by the end of August, but she did not intend to get the coronavirus vaccine.

After unsuccessful negotiations with the management company and her landlord, Santiago A. Alvarez, Irby filed a complaint with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services demanding that she be allowed to renew her lease "without having to disclose my personal health information."

Sep 16 05:52

Texas Hospital Faces Closure Over COVID-19 Vaccine Orders: CEO

Administrators at rural hospitals say they’re frustrated and concerned after president Joe Biden mandated all hospital staff get the COVID-19 vaccine. Some of that stems from inconsistency from regulatory agencies and conflicting orders. Governor Abbott recently prohibited public hospitals from mandating their staff to get the shot.

“How’s Governor Abbott going to take this? He hasn’t complied with anything federal laws have done so far. So, we’re going have to, here in Texas at least, we’re going to have to wait and see how that plays out,” Jerry Jasper, CEO at Brownfield Regional Medical Center said.

Sep 16 05:49

British health officials say school ‘Covid teams’ can vaccinate 12-15yos WITHOUT parental consent, so long as child agrees

Medical staffers can legally vaccinate school kids aged 12-15 without the consent of their parents, as long as the child agrees to the procedure, the British government has told schools in new coronavirus guidelines.

Unveiled on Wednesday, the new guidance from the UK’s Health Security Agency lays out rules and recommendations for a school-based vaccine drive for children between aged 12 to 15, which will see ‘School Age Immunisation Service’ (SAIS) teams go school-to-school to provide on-site vaccinations. It comes soon after the jabs were approved for the 12-15 age group earlier this week by UK health officials.

Sep 16 05:49

Just Say It: The Health Care System Has Collapsed

Recently, a local news station in Houston ran a story about a man who passed away while waiting for a hospital bed. The story went viral.

Daniel Wilkinson, a 46-year-old veteran who served two deployments in Afghanistan, presented to a community hospital a few doors down from his home in Bellville, Texas, a small town on the outskirts of Houston. He was feeling sick and was ultimately diagnosed with gallstone pancreatitis.

Sep 16 05:48

Beware of the Tyrant Variant!

Sep 16 05:47

HUGE: Uttar Pradesh, India Announces State Is COVID-19 Free Proving the Effectiveness of “Deworming Drug” IVERMECTIN

The Gateway Pundit previously reported that COVID cases are plummeting in India thanks to new rules that promote Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine to its massive population. The 33 districts in Uttar Pradesh, India have now become free from COVID-19 government informed on Friday. The recovery rate has increased up to 98.7% proving the effectiveness of IVERMECTIN as part of the “Uttar Pradesh Covid Control Model.” Of course, the media won’t mention that Ivermectin is being used for the treatment of COVID-19.

Sep 16 05:46

Teens 50X More Likely to Have Heart Disease After COVID Shots than All Other FDA Approved Vaccines in 2021 Combined – CDC Admits True but Still Recommends It

Data released by the U.S. Government in their Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) continues to show just how deadly the experimental COVID shots are on teenagers and young people.

I did another analysis looking at deaths and injuries in the 12 to 19-year-old age group following experimental COVID shots, as compared to all other vaccines that this age group receives before they leave high-school.

Here is the data based on the last VAERS update from this past Friday, 9/10/21.

Sep 15 10:32

Antibiotics 'can increase the speed of breast cancer growth': Scientists find possible link between the medication and faster growth of tumours

A possible link between antibiotic use and an increased rate of breast cancer growth has been identified by scientists.

Sep 15 10:28

True Or False: Ivermectin

On this episode we ask people on the street what they think about the controversial, and how much they really know.
Sep 15 10:19


Sep 15 10:17

CDC admits that “fully vaccinated” Americans are super-spreaders carrying deadly variants and high viral loads

It is official: The biggest public health threat right now are “fully vaccinated” people, whom the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) now warns are super-spreaders polluting society with Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “variants.”

Nothing the CDC did this past year helped bring the “case” count down, nor did the agency save any lives. To the contrary, by pushing face masks and Fauci Flu shots, the CDC took people’s lives, all the while depriving the public of information about how to support their immune systems naturally.

We tried to tell everyone and were ridiculed repeatedly. To give him credit, so did former President Donald Trump, who early on revealed that existing off-patent medications like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) would have done the job without the need for medical fascism and injections.

Sep 15 10:16

Fauci tells pro-LGBT press group that ‘many, many more’ vaccine mandates will come

COVID czar Dr. Anthony Fauci told journalists Sunday that “many, many more mandates” for COVID-19 shots can be expected in the drive to push uptake of the jabs.

Fauci, the chief medical adviser to President Joe Biden and director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID), made the remarks as part of an interview with Jen Christensen, a CNN reporter and vice president of print & broadcast at the Association of LGBTQ Journalists.

During Sunday’s interview with the LGBT press group, Fauci suggested that “the vaccines really do work, even against the delta variant,” and strongly encouraged taking the jabs to mitigate the spread of the novel coronavirus. “That’s the key to ending this [crisis],” he claimed.

Sep 15 10:14

India Making COVID Kits with Ivermectin Available to All for Only $2.65 per person

Ziverdo Kit Contains Zinc Acetate 50 mg, Doxycycline 100 mg & Ivermectin 12 mg Dispersible Tablets. Ziverdo Kit should be taken in the dose and duration as advised by your doctor.

Sep 15 10:09

Biden to meet Disney chief, other CEOs in 'rallying cry' for vaccine mandates

U.S. President Joe Biden will meet on Wednesday with business leaders as he pushes companies to require workers to be vaccinated amid a surge in COVID-19 infections among those without a dose.

Participants in the meeting include the chief executives of Walt Disney Co, Microsoft Corp and Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc, the White House said.

Biden last week announced here vaccine mandates for nearly all federal employees, federal contractors, and larger companies as the number of U.S. infections continued to rise, hospital beds in some parts of the country filled up and mask requirements returned.

Some Republican-led states are defying recommendations from health officials, citing economic or freedom-of-choice arguments. Biden, a Democrat, has chosen to dig in on the issue, embracing vaccine requirements despite fierce opposition.

Still, opinion polls have shown a majority Americans support some form of mandates.

Sep 15 10:08

Largest Comet Ever Discovered

A giant comet potentially larger than the island of Hawaii has been spotted by Penn astronomers. The Bernardinelli-Bernstein comet (C/2014 UN271) is named after its discoverers, Pedro Bernardinelli G’21 Gr’21 and Gary Bernstein, the Reese W. Flower Professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics, who found it after sifting through archival images from the Dark Energy Survey (DES) this past June. The pair had identified more than 800 novel icy objects with orbits larger than Neptune’s; but one, designated C/2014 UN271 (in reference to the date the picture was taken, October 2014) was “by far the most interesting one we found,” Bernardinelli told the New York Times. At the time the image was captured, the object showed no features associated with comets, but its dimensions were notable. Within days after it was announced, astronomers from two other observatories recorded new images that showed a fuzzy border, known as a coma—a telltale sign of a comet.

Sep 15 10:06

The era of orbital private spaceflight truly begins with today’s launch

There has been a minor kerfuffle in the space community over the last few weeks about what to call the Inspiration4 mission that is set to launch this evening from Florida on SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket.

Entrepreneur Jared Isaacman, who paid for and will lead the three-day mission, preferred that it be deemed the "world's first all-civilian spaceflight to orbit." But that's not actually accurate. According to Harvard University's Jonathan McDowell, there have previously been 15 all-civilian orbital flights, beginning with the Soyuz TMA-3 mission in 2003. The most recent civilian flight was SpaceX's Crew-2 mission. The definition of "civilian" is "a person not in the armed services."

Technically, then, Inspiration4 is the first orbital spaceflight with an "all private" crew—people who are neither in the military nor professional astronauts for a civil space agency. But regardless of semantics, this mission is different.

Sep 15 10:06

Astronomers solve 900-year-old cosmic mystery surrounding Chinese supernova of 1181AD

A 900-year-old cosmic mystery surrounding the origins of a famous supernova first spotted over China in 1181 AD has finally been solved, according to an international team of astronomers.

New research published today (September 15, 2021) says that a faint, fast expanding cloud (or nebula), called Pa30, surrounding one of the hottest stars in the Milky Way, known as Parker's Star, fits the profile, location and age of the historic supernova.

Sep 15 10:05

Sarah Stewart Johnson, Mars, And The Search For Life As We Don’t Know It

The Red Planet has not always been kind to those who have given their lives to its study. Before the rise of rover-based observation, Mars had a particular genius for revealing itself only in tantalizing snips and glimpses seized upon by our planet’s most fertile minds to form the basis of compelling theories of life beyond Earth, and a greater genius still for tearing those theories apart with each new set of data provided by our evolving observational technology. From Giovanni Schiaparelli’s canals to Carl Sagan’s macroorganisms to David McKay’s analysis of meteorite ALH84001, the history of Martian biological studies is littered with exhilarating moments cruelly cut short, all leading to the question, “What sort of person, seeing all those careers broken against the rocks of Martian obstinacy, would choose to go into the field today?”

Sep 15 10:03


Sep 15 09:18

3 U.S. Teachers Awarded $185 Million from Monsanto for Chemical Exposure

(Herald Net) – Three Monroe public school teachers have been awarded $185 million in damages after a King County Superior Court jury found the chemical company Monsanto was responsible for health issues caused by exposure to toxic chemicals in fluorescent lights.

The teachers, who worked at the Sky Valley Education Center in Monroe, said they suffered brain damage from exposure to polychlorinated biphenyls, or PCBs, in the fluorescent light fixtures at the school, according to The Associated Press.

“This is a big step in holding Monsanto accountable for poisoning every man, woman and child in North America,” Rick Friedman, one of the attorneys representing the women, said in a statement. “If politicians won’t make Monsanto clean up its mess, juries will.”...

Sep 15 08:50

Heart inflammation in teens explodes across US after FDA approves injections

The latest example comes from a U.S. student athlete named Ron Stallings, who took to Instagram on Saturday from the hospital to warn users about the potential risks associated with taking the COVID shot.

“I’m in the hospital right now with heart complications from the COVID-19 vaccine. I want to inform as many people as I can about the risks from taking the vaccine that I wish someone would have told me,” Stallings said.

“I’m a Division 1 student athlete with no prior health issues and I got the second COVID shot Tuesday, and within four days I have been diagnosed with myocarditis and was told that I probably won’t be able to play my senior season now.”

“It isn’t right for people to be forded to take the vaccine because there are actual side effects like this that could happen to you, and the NCAA should not mandate student athletes to get the vaccine because of what could happen to so many fellow student athletes’ health issues which has happened to me,” Stallings continued.

Sep 15 08:46

Idaho doctor reports “20 times increase” in cancer among those “vaccinated” for covid

Dr. Ryan Cole, a board-certified pathologist and diagnostics lab owner and operator based out of Idaho, has released shocking new information about how Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” are causing a massive “uptick” in autoimmune diseases and cancer.

In a video produced by the Idaho state government’s “Capitol Clarity” project, Cole revealed how he is now seeing a 2,000 percent chronic illness increase in folks who took Donald “father of the vaccine” Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” injections.

“Since January 1, in the laboratory, I’m seeing a 20-times increase of endometrial cancers over what I see on an annual basis,” Cole stated in the video.

“I’m not exaggerating at all because I look at my numbers year over year, and I’m like ‘Gosh, I’ve never seen this many endometrial cancers before.'”

Sep 15 08:01

Resistance Band Workouts are Everywhere – But Do They Work?

By Lindsay Bottoms, University of Hertfordshire

Resistance-band exercises have been all over social media during the pandemic. In case you aren’t familiar with them, resistance bands are similar to an elastic band, usually made from a synthetic fibre like latex or rubber. You can loop them around your legs or arms, for example, which helps create more tension while you work out. This tension makes it more difficult to do movements, and engages more muscles, which some claim will help you build strength and muscle.

Many of us know that strength training is important. Not only can it help us build strength, it can slow muscle deterioration as we get older, while increasing muscle mass can also increase metabolism. While you can build some strength through bodyweight-only exercises like squats or lunges, often the key to building a greater amount of strength is by creating resistance...

Sep 15 07:56


AFTER SPENDING more than 200 sols on Mars, NASA’s Perseverance rover finally made a friend.

The car-sized robot collected its first two samples from the Red Planet after drilling through a rock nicknamed Rochette. These chalk-sized samples may hold clues to the universe’s most burning question: Is there life beyond Earth?

That’s one of the overarching goals of the Perseverance mission, which will spend at least one Martian year (around 687 Earth days) roaming Jezero Crater in search of intriguing clues to Mars’ watery past. Around 3 billion years ago, Mars was likely covered in rivers and shallow seas. During that time, it could potentially have had the right conditions for life to arise.

NASA released a series of images showing Rochette the rock before Perseverance drilled into it and after, revealing the two holes where the rover’s drill left a mark.