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The hybrid war against Venezuela is intensifying as the US presidential campaign is heating up. The Trump administration and its Venezuelan and international allies have set the stage for an October surprise, a possible attack by the United States or one of its proxies designed to boost President Trump’s reelection. The attacks on Venezuela are coming from multiple dimensions, including overt military pressure, economic pressure, covert operations, and disinformation campaigns. All of these are elements of a hybrid war that has sought to overthrow the government of President Nicolás Maduro over the past years, and each element has seen new developments over the past few weeks, just as Venezuela is battling a surge in COVID-19 cases.


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George Carlin, made the observation in his stand-up routine; "We kill brown people, because we're good at it!"

But what happens if a besieged Venezuela gets military assistance from another world player, say, perhaps... China, who is growing infinitely more frustrated with a US, attempting to throw its weight around, particularly in what it believes is rightfully, China's sphere of influence?!?

Folks, I don't know how likely this is right now, as we celebrate Labor Day in this country; but even were I betting person, I would not bet against this possibility becoming real; then we would have World War III for real, and very close to our own doorstep.

Sep 07 06:31


A major US PR firm located just a few blocks from the White House has been caught running an industrial grade propaganda operation on social media. The information warfare blitzkreig relied on fake accounts and pages to spread disinformation on behalf of right-wing, US-backed governments in Latin America, while deploying covert propaganda to destabilize the leftist governments targeted by the US in Venezuela and Mexico.

The company behind the campaign, CLS Strategies, signed a contract to represent Bolivia’s far-right junta and provide “strategic communications counsel” in the lead-up to that country’s ostensible election. After coming to power through a US-backed military coup in November 2019, the Bolivian regime has delayed the election numerous times on specious grounds.

CLS Strategies also used its network of fake accounts and pages to push propaganda on behalf of Venezuela’s right-wing opposition and the US-backed parallel coup regime of Juan Guaidó.

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Imagine my (absence of) shock here.

Folks, for those paying attention to the US's destabilization efforts against governments it doesn't like, this kind of work has been going on for decades; only the names of the organisations attempting to create destabilization change, but the work continues.

Aug 31 06:26

US Court Approves Sales of Gasoline From Seized Ship

A legal battle over a shipload of gasoline held in southern Texas had ended with a court approval to sell it to Kolmar Americas for $2.75 million, which is less than half of its current market value. The gasoline at one point was suspected of heading for Venezuela in violation of US sanctions.

The gasoline originated in Panama, and the company that chartered the ship officially was to send it to Aruba. The ship’s owner, however, said they thought the ship was going to transfer the gasoline off-shore to a ship operated by the Venezuelan oil company.

Aug 31 05:30

The Stage Is Set for a Venezuela October Surprise?

The hybrid war against Venezuela is intensifying as the U.S. presidential campaign is heating up. The Trump administration and its Venezuelan and international allies have set the stage for an October surprise, a possible attack by the United States or one of its proxies designed to boost President Trump’s reelection. The attacks on Venezuela are coming from multiple dimensions, including overt military pressure, economic pressure, covert operations, and disinformation campaigns. All of these are elements of a hybrid war that has sought to overthrow the government of President Nicolás Maduro over the past years, and each element has seen new developments over the past few weeks, just as Venezuela is battling a surge in COVID-19 cases.

Overt military pressure

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The question, regarding any kind of coup or regime change against the Maduro government, falls squarely on the soldiers of its military; if Maduro's military remains loyal, I do not think the government can be brought to its knees;that being said, if decides to back the outsiders because they have been promised promotions, percs, or better pay, then all bets are off.

Aug 27 10:36

Venezuela’s Foreign Minister and Canadian Public Call for No Military Operation Against Venezuela

This is how Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jose Arreaza, direct from Caracas during the August 20, 2020 historic Zoom Conference, responded to a question about the threat of a US-led military intervention in Venezuela:

“Maybe they [Canadian government officials] can listen to this [Conference]. I am so sure that, I don’t know if the Minister, but people from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Canada are listening to this conference, to this exchange, and they are taking notes, hopefully they rectify, and they will never support, not now or in the future, a military operation against Venezuela. Thank you, August.”

Aug 27 10:32

US to Tighten Venezuela Sanctions after Gasoline Seizure

US President Donald Trump has allegedly expressed “frustration” that sanctions have not succeeded in ousting the Maduro government. The White House’s hardening stance comes less than 90 days ahead of November presidential elections, which Trump hopes to win with the support of Latin American emigre communities in Florida.

Starting with financial sanctions against PDVSA in August 2017, the US Treasury Department has imposed successive rounds of measures targeting Caracas’ main source of income. A January 2019 oil embargo was later expanded to a blanket ban on all dealings with Venezuelan state entities. The South American nation’s oil production has plummeted, falling from 1.911 million barrels per day (bpd) in 2017 to a decades-low record of 336,000 bpd in June.

Aug 26 07:07

Alliance Between Venezuela and Iran Evolves into the Military Sphere

The alliance between Venezuela and Iran seems to be taking new directions. The ties between the two countries began to strengthen in an economic sphere when, in the first half of 2020, Tehran started sending oil ships to Venezuela, circumventing the international trade rules imposed by Washington with the aim of blocking Caracas economically. Earlier this year, Tehran sent several cargoes of gasoline to Venezuela to help the South American country overcome fuel shortages, as well as equipment to help state oil company PDVSA overcome production and export difficulties during the crisis.

Aug 25 06:54

Venezuela’s Maduro thanks Iran for helping oil industry overcome U.S. sanctions

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Sunday thanked ally Iran for helping the South American country overcome U.S. sanctions on its oil industry and floated the idea of purchasing missiles from the country.

Washington maintains strict sanctions against Iran’s oil industry to try to halt the country’s nuclear program. Earlier this year, Tehran sent several gasoline cargoes to Venezuela to help it overcome fuel shortages, as well as equipment to help state oil company PDVSA repair its dilapidated refineries.

“We are helping each other,” Maduro said in an interview broadcast on state television. “I think the Iranian experience will help us reinforce our management capacity.”

He did not provide further details of how Iran was helping, noting he should maintain “silence since we are in a war.”

Aug 24 06:31

Trump to Use Frozen Venezuela Funds to Try for Regime Change

Over a year after the Trump Administration seized Venezuela’s funding as part of its effort for regime change, officials now say they are going to tap into that money to try to fund the regime change, which so far have failed to make progress.

The US has been trying to enforce a regime change in Venezuela for over year. Initially this amounted just to the US recognizing a change had happened, and pushing the rest of the world to do the same. Between that and a failed coup, there were reports the administration was getting tired of not making progress.

About $300 million in funds are frozen by the US and will be made available to the regime change efforts. This includes $20 million that will be used to send pandemic relief to Venezuela. What the rest will be spent on remains to be seen.

Aug 15 07:14

Latin American Economies Will See "Record-Breaking Contraction" This Year 

With coronavirus cases surging in Latin America, there's another issue emerging: A sharp economic downturn that may not result in recovery until late next year.

Alberto Ramos, head of Latin America economic research at Goldman Sachs, told CNBC Wednesday that the outlook for Latin American countries is "pretty uninspiring."

"We expect to climb (out) of a very deep hole during the second half of the year and throughout 2021," Ramos said, adding that countries such as Argentina, Peru, and Mexico are expected to record double-digit contractions in growth. He said other countries may experience slightly less severe declines but are "still a record-breaking contraction — at least the worst we've seen since the Second World War."

Ramos explained inflation remains low on the continent, which would allow central banks to ease for a much longer timeframe to support faltering economies.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One has to wonder just how many of these economically contracting countries will be ripe for "regime change", American-style, due to these economic hardships.

Aug 14 13:47

DOJ confirms ‘largest-ever US seizure of Iranian fuel’ on 4 ships bound for Venezuela

The US has seized some 1.116 mn barrels of Iranian fuel aboard 4 ships headed for Venezuela, the Justice Department has confirmed, hinting at “assistance" from "foreign partners” and declining to reveal where the grab took place.

The agency hailed what it called the largest-ever US seizure of Iranian fuel in a statement on Friday, revealing Washington had nabbed the sanctions-skirting cargo en route to Venezuela with the assistance of unspecified “foreign partners.”

The statement appeared to confirm a Wall Street Journal report, citing anonymous government and shipping sources, that claimed four tankers loaded with Iranian fuel had recently seen their cargo confiscated “without the use of military force.” The vessels were said to be re-routed to Houston, Texas, where they will reportedly be met by senior Trump administration officials.

Aug 06 08:13

‘Coup-Plotters for Hire’: Unearthed USAID Nicaragua Regime Change Doc Puts 2018 Protests in Context

An uncovered US Agency for International Development (USAID) document lays out a blueprint for regime change in Nicaragua. An expert told Sputnik the playbook shines a new light on the 2018 protests in Nicaragua as well as similar operations in other countries targeted by the US, such as Venezuela.

A new report by the Council on Hemispheric Affairs (COHA) has revealed a guide to regime change in Nicaragua by USAID. The document, which dates to March-April of this year, describes in frank terms how the agency, which maintains close ties with the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), could create or exploit a variety of scenarios to remove democratically-elected Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega and his FSLN party from power in or around the upcoming 2021 elections.

Jul 27 07:40

After 23 Years of Media Warfare Against Venezuela, the US Says it Will Start a Media War

After 23 years of unremitting media warfare against Venezuela, the United States announces that it will start a media war against Venezuela. It’s cynical, it’s tragic, it’s even comical. Since 1997, when Commander Hugo Chávez Frías began to emerge in the polls as a presidential option, and until today, the United States has led the most violent media initiatives to influence Venezuelan politics and change the course that through elections the (Venezuelan) people have taken. A brief account of the main episodes of this communications war would clarify how old and stubborn this strategy is.

The serial genocide perpetretor Elliott Abrams (mastermind of massacres and attacks in El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua, let it be known) was in charge of delivering this “news” more than two decades later.

Journalistic reports say that “the United States is preparing a new strategy against Venezuela in which it will use the media as part of its pressure campaign against Maduro.”

Jul 22 07:10

Pan American Silver Suspends Operations Of Its Silver Mines In Peru

Pan American Silver announced today the suspension of two of its silver mines in Peru due to several workers testing positive for the COVID-19 virus. The two silver mines in Peru accounted for 6.3 million ounces of silver output for Pan American Silver in 2019.

Jul 09 08:22

High Court Ignores Justice – Bank of England Theft From Venezuela Upheld

“Bank robbery is an initiative of amateurs. True professionals establish a bank”.

The wise words of socialist poet and playwright Bertold Brecht should be copied, promoted and shouted across the world in the light of yesterday’s shocking decision of Supreme Court Judge Nigel Teare in London to uphold the obscene and deadly decision of the Bank of England to rob the nation of Venezuela of its £820 million of gold assets.

Jul 08 07:20

'Pattern' of Abuse by Colombian Soldiers Raises Questions Over US' Continued Funding for Forces

The rapes of two young, Indigenous girls by soldiers in rural Colombia have shed light on the role that the US plays in expanding and training the Colombian military, two activists told Sputnik.

Nathalie Hrizi, an educator, a political activist and the editor of Breaking the Chains, told Radio Sputnik’s Loud & Clear on Tuesday that the sexual assaults of the two minors highlight a continued pattern of abuse at the hands of Colombian service members.

Jul 05 05:46

US Moves To Seize Iran Petroleum On New Tanker Group Bound For Venezuela


US prosecutors will seek to put an end to Iran’s oil deliveries to Venezuela, as they have filed a new suit to seize the contents on these tankers.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the U.S. prosecutors are targeting the oil from four Iranian tankers, along with the payments between Tehran and Caracas.

Iranian oil tankers off the port of Bandar Abbas, via AFP.

Tehran will help fund the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), who Washington has designated as a terrorist organization.

“[These payments] support the IRGC’s full range of nefarious activities, including the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and their means of delivery, support for terrorism, and a variety of human rights abuses, at home and abroad”, U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia Zia Faruqui claims in the filing.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

President Trump seems to believe, magically, that he can flout international law because he wants a specific outcome to happen here, through a muscular "mis-juxtapositioning" of American law, and this is not the first time Faruqui has tried to pull this this, as you will see about with a similar attempt against Syria:

Unsealed Warrant and Forfeiture Complaint Seek Seizure of Oil Tanker “Grace 1” for Unlawful Use of U.S. Financial System to Support and Finance Sale of Oil Products to Syria

This happened in August of last year.

I have to wonder just how far Putin is going to let this madness play out, until he feels forced to act, and what he will do when he feels he has no other course to play, than to protect Iranian and Venezuelan commerce.

Jul 03 08:58

UK denying Maduro access to Venezuelan gold is not only THEFT, it’s MURDER of London’s reputation as trusted financial center

The standards are poor at the Bank of England these days, I don’t know why anyone would want to do business with them. George Galloway gives British banking, and justice, a triple-fail rating.

It used to be “a thing” when I was growing up. “As safe as the Bank of England” was the acme of trustworthiness and security. But as Venezuela – and any other Global South country foolish enough to entrust the British with their sovereign wealth just found out in the High Court in London – the Bank of England isn’t any longer safe at all.

Almost a billion dollars worth of Venzuelan gold bullion has just been stolen by the British government, theft has just been legalized, and the thieves didn’t even bother to wear a mask.

Jul 03 07:20

British Court Refuses To Release Venezuelan Gold To Maduro

18 months ago, the 'virtue-signaling' Bank of England stuck a knife between the ribs of Venezuela's embattled socialist leader, Nicolas Maduro, a former bus driver and anointed successor of Huge Chavez who managed to cling to power last year despite a Western-backed coup attempt led by opposition leader Juan Guaido, whose government was officially recognized by dozens of foreign governments.

But when the Venezuelan military refused to break with Maduro, choosing instead to back him over Guaido, Guaido gradually faded into irrelevance. He's still there, and still claiming to be the legitimate ruler of Venezuela, but instead of looking like a credible alternative to Maduro, he's sounding more like a deranged street preacher proclaiming that he is the one true messiah.

Jul 03 07:06

US Prosecutors Try to Seize Iranian Fuel Destined for Venezuela via Court - Report

Iran has recently been helping Venezuela, another nation hit by US sanctions, by supplying it with fuel after the country's own refineries lost most of their capacity to work with the ultra-heavy blend of crude extracted from Venezuela’s oilfields, leading to petrol shortages.

The US has made another attempt to stop the oil trade between Venezuela and Iran as federal prosecutors have filed a new suit seeking to seize gasoline that Tehran has purportedly sent to Caracas in four tankers, The Wall Street Journal reported. According to the newspaper, Washington is looking to both stop the delivery of gasoline to Venezuela as well as the payments for the shipped resources, which will allegedly be used to fund the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) – a branch of the Iranian Armed Forces that the US has designated as a "terrorist organisation".

Jul 03 07:03

UK court recognizes Juan Guaido as ‘unequivocally’ Venezuela’s president in legal fight for tons of gold

The UK High Court has ruled that Venezuela’s legitimate president is in fact its self-proclaimed leader Juan Guaido, and not the elected Nicolas Maduro, in a bizarre legal battle for $1 billion of gold bullion.

The Bank of England (BOE) holds close to $2 billion of Venezuela’s gold for safekeeping. With both the Venezuelan government and the opposition laying claim to the fortune, the High Court has been tasked with deciding who deserves the funds, and said on Thursday that the UK “unequivocally recognizes” self-proclaimed leader Guaido as president.

Jul 02 19:42

Nearly eight million Brazilians out of work due to Covid-19

NEARLY eight million people in Brazil have lost work due to the coronavirus pandemic, according to new figures released by the country’s statistics agency Tuesday.

The Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics, IGBE, released its report for the trimester showing that a record 7.8 million people lost work in country. Of them, 5.8 million were workers in the informal sector.

The institute put the figure of people who are still working in Brazil at the end of May at just 49.5%.”For the first time in the historical survey series, the level of occupation was below 50%,” IBGE said in a statement.

Jul 01 15:56


Jul 01 09:13

Battle for the Gold: Venezuelan Rivals President Maduro and Western-Backed Guaido Tussle for Power

Venezuela’s Central Bank filed a claim in a commercial court in London earlier in June to force the Bank of England to transfer some $1.13 billion-worth of its gold, stored there for safekeeping, to enable President Nicolas Maduro to fund Caracas’s COVID-19 pandemic response.

A UK judge is soon anticipated to rule in the case of who has the rightful claim to $1 .8 billion worth of Venezuelan gold stashed in the Bank of England's vault in London, reports AP.

A decision by Justice Nigel Teare is expected in the next few days, as Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro says the bullion is vitally needed to fund the cash-starved nation’s struggle with the coronavirus pandemic.

Jun 30 08:03

Brussels Summons Venezuela's Ambassador to EU After Maduro Expels Bloc's Envoy

On Monday, Caracas ordered European Union Ambassador to Venezuela Isabel Brilhante Pedrosa to leave the country within 72 hours, with the move coming hours after Brussels slapped sanctions on 11 Venezuelan officials.

The European Union will summon Venezuela's ambassador to the bloc in protest at President Nicolas Maduro's decision to expel Brussels' top diplomat to the Latin American nation, EU foreign affairs spokeswoman Virginie Battu has announced.

"We are going to summon Maduro's ambassador to the European institutions today and, from there, we will see what measures will be taken," Battu said, speaking to reporters on Tuesday.

Jun 30 05:04


Since the United States initiated a coup attempt against Venezuela’s elected leftist government in January 2019, an estimated $24 billion worth of Venezuelan public assets have been stolen by Washington and member states of the European Union.

President Donald Trump’s administration has used at least $601 million of that looted Venezuelan money to fund construction of its border wall with Mexico, according to government documents first reviewed by Univision.

During his 2016 presidential campaign, Trump insisted countless times that he would “make Mexico pay” to build a gargantuan wall covering all of the roughly 2,000 miles (3,145 kilometres) of its northern border.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

IF this Univision story is true..... holy crud, President Trump, what in the world were you thinking here?!?

Jun 25 08:42

Be Ready for ‘Forceful Response’, Venezuelan MoD Warns US Navy on Its Caribbean 'Act of Provocation'

On Tuesday, the US Southern Command said that the American Navy missile destroyer USS Nitze had carried out a "freedom of navigation" mission in the vicinity of Venezuela’s coast.

Venezuelan Defence Minister Vladimir Padrino has warned the US Navy against conducting operations close to the South American country’s territorial waters.

“A US Navy destroyer approached within 30 miles [48 kilometres] of the coast, in a clear act of provocation. It cannot be termed otherwise […] it is a clear defiant act”, Padrino told a military gathering in the northern state of Carabobo on Wednesday.

Jun 19 09:34


Mexico’s oligarchs and establishment political parties have united in a secret alliance to try to remove left-wing President López Obrador from power, with help from the media, Washington, and Wall Street. Leaked documents lay out their devious strategy.

Jun 17 06:22

Iran's IRGC Gears Up For 'Routine' Fuel Shipments To Venezuela, Defying Trump

Here we go again — Iran is prepping a round two of major sanctions-busting gas delivery to fuel-starved Venezuela, which is of course rich on heavy crude oil but currently lacks the capacity to refine it based on its derelict and badly in need of repair facilities.

Amid continued White House threats of military intervention to uphold a sanctions blockade on the Latin American country, “Iran may send two or three shipments per month in regular sales of gasoline to Venezuela,” reports Reuters.

It's a clear direct challenge to the Trump administration, after both "rogue" states last month celebrated five Iranian tankers loaded with gasoline successfully making it to Venezuela and offloading fuel, for which Maduro sent a military escort which included jets, helicopters, and naval patrols.

Jun 13 04:52

US Troops in Colombia “Associate with Illegal Groups”, Killing Farmers, Seek to “Spark a War with Venezuela”

Colombian senators on Wednesday said that U.S. troops that arrived in the South American country in early June are allowed to associate with illegal groups and seek an eventual international confrontation.

The Democratic Congressman Ivan Cepeda revealed that the current manuals of the U.S. special forces (SFAB) that arrived in Colombia “mention the function of advising non-governmental militias and illegal partners.”

“We can end up like Libya, a destroyed state that has become a field for the multinational oil companies,” the opposition congressman added.

The arrival of U.S. military personnel in the country without the consent of Congress demonstrates the responsibility of the government of Ivan Duque in that regard.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

(Sigh)... when a failed "cou-cou-ca-CHOO!" goes mammary glands vertical, what's a US government to do, as happened recently with Venezuela?!?

Why, send in special forces to Columbia without Congressional oversight or approval, THAT'S WHAT!!

Jun 08 08:00

White House Tries to Link US Protests to Venezuelan Government: Allegations appear to hinge on Max Blumenthal's t-shirt

The best part of a major, nationwide protest movement is having someone to blame. This weekend, the new narrative embraced by the White House would pin large US protests against police brutality on Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro.

The Trump Administration has had a problem with Maduro for a long time, and in just the past few months had also accused him of being involved in the drug trade, justifying a bounty on his head that culminated in a failed invasion by a private US company.

The White House is refusing to offer any proof on this, saying it was “non-open source.” Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) cited certain news reports from Latin America. The whole thing, incredibly, all falls back on Max Blumenthal’s T-shirt.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

OK, WHO in the White House is off their meds, in order to come up with such an unhinged linkage?!?

Apparently in the operative collective-think of the White House, reasonable people living in our inner cities, who are consistently exposed to a steady diet of police violence, have absolutely no reason to be upset when that violence resulted in the death of an unarmed man.

Was Floyd an angel?!? The short answer is, absolutely not; but in light of the fact that he was already subdued and in custody, why did this cop believe he had the right to asphyxiate him with the hold he used?!?

I cannot believe for one second that he didn't know what he was doing, and what the ultimate outcome would have been.

There is a great deal we urgently need to fix in our own back yard as Americans, before we lecture other countries about their perceived "wrong-doings."

Jun 02 06:45

US gov puts $5 million bounty on Venezuela’s head of crypto

The man responsible for the administration of the petro crypto, Joselit Ramírez, is wanted by the US government over allegations of money laundering and other crimes.

In brief
ICE and US Homeland Security have added Venezuela's crypto chief to its list of most wanted fugitives.
The US government is offering a $5 million reward for information leading to the capture of Joselit Ramírez.
ICE alleges Ramírez has violated money laundering laws and US sanctions.
The head of Venezuela’s cryptocurrency agency is now a wanted man.

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, a division of the Department of Homeland Security, put out a bulletin today adding Joselit Ramírez, chief of the National Superintendency of Cryptoassets (Sunacrip), to its list of most wanted fugitives.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

WOW, if the US government is paying that much of a bounty for info on Ramirez, this guy must really be doing a great job for the Venezuelan government!!!

May 31 11:49

How America Responded To The San Francisco Plague Of 1900 With Corruption And Racism

In the early 1900s, San Francisco became the first U.S. city to be infected with the Black Plague — over half a millennium after it first ravaged Europe in the 1340s. This was the first outbreak of plague to hit the continental U.S.

The San Francisco plague by no means killed as many people as it did in Europe — which saw over 60 percent of the continent’s population perish — but it did reveal a series of disturbing patterns in America’s government.

May 28 12:46

China Secures Brazilian Soy As Trade War Restart Appears Imminent

With a new round of trade war increasingly likely between the US and China, Beijing has been buying Brazilian soybeans in a sign the Asian nation may be looking to secure an alternative source of supplies. According to Bloomberg, the world’s top soybean importer purchased more than 10 cargoes in Brazil this week, despite higher prices. In a further sign that China appears to be distancing from the US, Bloomberg adds that while China bid for American soy on Tuesday, state-run buyers were absent from the market Wednesday, the people said.

May 25 06:23


Iran ignored warnings of retaliation from the US as the first of five Iranian tankers entered Venezuela’s exclusive economic zone on Saturday.

The tanker, named Fortune, reached the Venezuela’s territorial waters at around 7:40 pm after passing north of Trinidad and Tobago in the Carribean, according to vessel-tracking data.

Tareck El Aissami, Venezuela’s economy vice president said: “The ships from the fraternal Islamic Republic of Iran are now in our exclusive economic zone.”

Venezuelan state television showed images of a navy ship and aircraft preparing to meet it.

The defense minister had pledged that the military would escort the tankers once they reached Venezuela’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) due to what authorities described as threats from the United States.

The five tankers are carrying a staggering 1.53 million barrels of gasoline and alkylate to Venezuela, according to both governments, and sources.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I am glad that this situation did not devolve into a shooting war yet; President Trump was wise not to carry through with his threats, because considering how badly the Venezuelan economy is going, coupled with a massive spike in Covid 19 cases, such actions would have truly made the US to look like a real bully in the region.

May 25 02:16

Bolsonaro Explodes Over 'Humiliating' Lockdown Orders, Demands Populace be Armed Against Tyranny

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro went off during a recent closed-door cabinet meeting over the fact citizens are being arrested for violating mayors' lockdown orders while real criminals are treated with kid gloves.

May 22 09:16

Donald Trump says that 'I tested positively toward negative...meaning I tested negative' for coronavirus after taking hydroxychloroquine despite FDA warning of its dangers

President Trump gave a head-spinning explanation to reporters Thursday as he tried to say that he's consistently tested negative for COVID-19
'Yeah, I tested positively toward negative, right? So I tested perfectly this morning. Meaning I tested negative,' he said as he departed the White House
Trump also said he had one more day left in his two-week dose of hydroxychloroquine, which he's using off-label
The president revealed Monday that he had started taking the anti-malaria drug, which he's often touted as a potential coronavirus cure

May 22 08:06

Donald Trump says that 'I tested positively toward negative...meaning I tested negative' for coronavirus after taking hydroxychloroquine despite FDA warning of its dangers

President Trump gave a head-spinning explanation to reporters Thursday as he tried to say that he's consistently tested negative for COVID-19
'Yeah, I tested positively toward negative, right? So I tested perfectly this morning. Meaning I tested negative,' he said as he departed the White House
Trump also said he had one more day left in his two-week dose of hydroxychloroquine, which he's using off-label
The president revealed Monday that he had started taking the anti-malaria drug, which he's often touted as a potential coronavirus cure

May 22 07:06

Many US states have seen LOWER infection rates after ending lockdowns that are are now destroying millions of livelihoods worldwide, JP Morgan study claims

A JP Morgan study suggests lockdown measures have not only resulted in economic devastation but could have also resulted in more COVID-19 deaths
Strict stay-at-home orders put in place in most states to stop the spread two months ago has so far seen nearly 39 million American lose their jobs
There are now more than 1.6 million infections in the US and over 95,000 deaths
The JP Morgan report says that restarting the US economy may not lead to a second surge in infections that health experts have feared
Report says infection rates have been falling seen since lockdown measures were lifted in parts of the country
Alabama, Wisconsin and Colorado are among those that saw lower infection rates (R rates) after lockdown measures were lifted, according to the report
The R rate is the average number of people who will become infected by one person with the virus

May 21 10:19

Russian Envoy to UN: Recent Sovereignty Breach in Venezuela Poses Direct Threat to Peace

Dmitry Polyanskiy, Russian envoy to the United Nations, told members of the UN Security Council (UNSC) on Wednesday that the "sovereignty and territorial integrity of Venezuela" should be upheld through Caracas' own domestic dialogue, rather than foreign interference.

"The recent breach of sovereignty poses a direct threat to the country's peace," Polyanskiy said during a UNSC meeting.

"We have prepared a draft Security Council press statement to address the above-mentioned issues," the Russian envoy to the UN announced later in the meeting.

"The members of the Security Council called for the current situation in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to be resolved through adult dialogue by Venezuelans, without interference, through peaceful and political means in line with chapter six of the UN Charter, within the framework of its national Constitution, and in full respect of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Venezuela."

May 21 10:18

Venezuelan Military to Escort Iranian Tankers Delivering Fuel, Defense Minister Says

Venezuela's military will escort Iranian tankers delivering fuel to the country when they enter Venezuela's exclusive economic zone, the country's Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino revealed Wednesday.

In a state television interview, Padrino said the escort would "welcome them in and thank the Iranian people for their solidarity and cooperation," Reuters reported. Padrino also said that the Venezuelan government had been in contact with Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami.

US sanctions on Venezuela have strangled the South American country's economy. In January, the country was forced to shut down its last oil refinery. Despite the fact that the primary export is petroleum, Venezuela is currently experiencing a fuel shortage.

May 21 09:28

Regime Change Back In Focus: Pompeo Targets Iran, Cuba & Venezuela In Epic Tweet Thread

Given the very noticeable rise in threatening rhetoric focused on Iran over the past week, it seems thoughts of regime change in Tehran are once again top of the agenda. Or perhaps simultaneously the administration needs a significant distraction of sorts amid the coronavirus pandemic, and the persistent national reopening question and agenda.

On Wednesday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo went gloves off on Twitter, attacking Iran's 'Supreme Leader' Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, blasting him as “anti-Semitic”, “disgusting” and as someone representing “hate speech,” according to Pompeo's remarks.

May 21 06:27

Pompeo Accuses China Of Helping Iran's 'Gas For Gold' Sanctions-Busting In Venezuela

We predicted earlier that the United States is headed for another 'tanker war' with Iran, but unlike last summer this will take place far away from Persian Gulf and Mediterranean waters, instead in the Caribbean off Venezuela's coast, however unusual that scenario might be. Recall that Trump recently ordered a US naval build-up there to boot.

Currently there are five Iranian-flagged tankers transporting fuel to Venezuela across the Atlantic Ocean, with plans to break the American blockade on the Latin American country. Iran has warned that any US attempt at intercepting its fuel tankers "would have serious repercussions for the Trump administration ahead of the November elections."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

President Trump, a word, please; having this country participating in a full shooting war against Iran, China, and Venezuela, will not assist your chances for re-election, come November; rather, they will destroy them.

Your "grasp" (or lack thereof) regarding true, hard-won ethical negotiations with which to gain what the US government wants to see happen, geopolitically, reminds me of a Gandhi quip, when asked about what he thought about "western civilization"; he said, that it would be a great thing if they, Westerners, would try it (being civilized, that is.)

Right now, you, and your minions (like our "Rapture-Centric" Secretary of State Pompeo) need to be revising and stepping up your playbook, but not from a standpoint of bullying and slapping sanctions on every political system with which you do not agree, but from a standpoint of what you can do, peacefully, to achieve the Federal Government's geopolitical goals.

And Mr. President, for a 71 year old gal as I am, who has seen numerous US election cycles in her lifetime, it appears that you and your team are desperately trying "misdirection" against Iran, China, and Venezuela, because of the way in which you have handled the Covid-19 pandemic, and how this took an already shaky economy (for all those except the truly monied), and threw it under the proverbial bus.

The American people are angry, Mr. President, and feel they have no one but you and your administration to blame regarding the medical and fiscal crisis which have left many Americans homeless, and jobless; how, sir, are you going to respond, honestly, and honorably to this?!?

Create more wars?!? Mr. President, you are not an intellectually ungifted individual, and you have to know that the existing wars are bleeding this country to death, fiscally.

So were I you, I would pull US troops out of Yemen; Afghanistan; Iraq; Somalia; and in every other country in which US troops are occupiers right now.

OR, you can continue the current disastrous course of events, and hand the election, on a platter, to the serial sexual predator, and Artiste Extraordinaire of Dirty Deals (like the ousting of the Ukrainian judge investigating his son's tenure at Burisma) Joe Biden.

The choice is yours, sir; I sincerely hope you make the right one, and soon.

May 20 07:17

Venezuela Reportedly Files Legal Claim to Force Bank of England to Transfer its Gold

In April, Venezuela, which has been struggling under a COVID-19 quarantine while crippled by US sanctions, demanded that the Bank of England sell part of the gold reserves it has kept there to help fund the country’s efforts to fight the pandemic.

Venezuela’s central bank has filed a legal claim in a commercial court in an effort to force the Bank of England to transfer £930mln ($1.13bln) of its gold, kept there, to fund the government’s COVID-19 response, reported Reuters citing a document submitted in a London court.

Dated 14 May, the claim reportedly says the Venezuelan central bank “seeks an order requiring the BoE to comply with the proposed instruction”.

May 20 05:29

Washington targets Venezuela as promoter of terrorism

The US government has announced that Venezuela and Cuba along with some other countries have been included in a particular list of nations which Washington believes collaborate with terrorism.

The North American country says these foreign states are “not cooperating fully” with so-called US counterterrorism efforts.

However, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has decried the US announcement, saying that the American government pretends to absurdly categorize independent nations as promoters of terrorism without any legal power or evidence to do so.

Caracas says it will fight legally against the prohibitions derived from the US resolution which bans targeted countries from importing military defense items and services. Venezuelan officials have also warned that the US move is politically motivated.

May 20 05:27

'US Mercenaries' Make Another Appearance on Venezuelan TV, Reveal Codename for Maduro

The two US nationals detained by Venezuelan security forces for their role in a failed coup attempt in the country, stated in earlier interrogation videos that their mission was to kidnap President Nicolas Maduro as part of a contract with a private security company and the Venezuelan opposition.

Two former US Green Berets, Luke Denman and Airan Berry, captured in Venezuela while taking part in an attempted coup, appeared again on the country's television in new interrogation videos recorded on Sunday, according to Venezuelan authorities.

One of the detainees stated that they were "invading a country, taking military and police targets and capturing the sitting president".

The captives, wearing orange prison uniforms, shared new details regarding their mission in Venezuela, revealing that the codeword for "the hostage, or the military target", referring to Maduro, was "jackpot".

May 19 06:24

Major Confrontation Developing: Trump Administration Warns Iranian Regime on Gas Shipments to Maduro Regime

According The Commander, U.S. Southern Command Admiral Craig Faller, Iran is interested in assisting Venezuela because it wants to gain territory in Latin America.

As a result, the United States government is investigating with its allies Iranian support by Iranian President Hasan Rohaní for suspected terrorist groups in the Middle East and working with the Maduro regime in Venezuela.

The Iranian regime recently sent 16 flight with spare parts to restart an Venezuelan oil refinery. It was also reported that the government of Iran arranged five oil tankers to transport gasoline to Venezuela. Socialist Venezuela has the largest oil reserves in the world and now needs gas shipments from Iran to operate.

May 18 14:55

Trump vaccine czar makes $3.4M windfall as firm reports progress on coronavirus shot and stock soars

A controversial biotech firm is claiming early positive progress on its trial of a coranavirus vaccine — giving a massive financial boost to President Trump’s newly minted vaccine czar.
The report sent Moderna stock soaring by up to 34% in pre-market trading Monday. It was trading up a more modest 22% by midmorning.

May 18 11:18

Iran: US bears responsibility for any foolish act against tankers heading to Venezuela

Iran's Foreign Ministry has warned again that the United States will itself bear the responsibility for any foolish act that it could take against Venezuela-headed Iranian fuel tankers, saying Washington cannot come in the way of legitimate trade among independent countries.

May 18 08:37

US Headed For Another 'Tanker War' With Iran - This Time Off Venezuela's Coast

Iranian state TV has announced at least five least five Iranian-flagged tankers are transporting fuel to Venezuela through the Atlantic Ocean and plan to break the American blockade on the Latin American country.

Iran has warned that any US attempt at intercepting its fuel tankers "would have serious repercussions for the Trump administration ahead of the November elections."

State-funded PressTV underscores that "Iran is shipping tons of gasoline to Venezuela in defiance of US sanctions on both countries in a symbolic move guaranteed by Tehran’s missile prowess."

Both countries have been targeted under US sanctions and various levels of covert military action of late. President Trump has taken a personal interest in renewed pressure on Maduro, within the past months reportedly pushing his generals to go forward with a 'naval blockade' of the socialist nation.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One has to wonder just what those "measures" will be, to prevent a breakage of the blockade.

Back in March, China warned the US not to attempt to change the government ov Venezuela by force China warns of repeating history's mistakes with Venezuela

Of course, the US government didn't listen, but signed off on a disastrous attempt by would-be private Rambos, to attempt to "snatch and abduct" Maduro from his Presidential Palace, and bring him to the US (this attempt to abduct a Constitutionally elected President of a country was done through a signed contract, no less!), and these collective congenital idiots wound up getting caught and interrogated by Venezuelan authorities.

How completely stupid these people were, to believe that this was going to be a "walk in the park", and how stupid were the US governmental officials who signed off on this?!?

The short answer, unfortunately, is, VERY.

But what concerns me deeply here, is that President Trump may well feel he needs some kind of " intense distraction" from the current fallout of his handling of Covid-19, both medically and economically, and he may think that the Venezuelan/Iranian connection is "just the ticket"; so Mr. President, another word, please.

And would someone, cursed with having to read this website daily on the President's staff, PLEASE BREAK THIS CONCEPT DOWN IN SMALL WORDS, SO THE PRESIDENT UNDERSTANDS WHAT I AM SAYING HERE?!?

A year ago last Summer, the following article appeared in the Moscow Times, 26 June, 2019, English language edition:Iran ‘Won’t Be Alone’ If U.S. Attacks, Russian Official Says

The article goes on to state: "“Iran will withstand this type of fight and Iran is not alone,” Zamir Kabulov, the Foreign Ministry’s special envoy for Asian countries including Iran, said at a Russian-Iranian policy forum in Moscow."

Mr. President, career Russian politicians like Kabulov do not even pass wind, without Putin's permission; if this statement was made, you can bet your sweet bippy, that this assurance comes straight from Putin, and the one thing for which he is known, both nationally, and internationally, is keeping his word.

Now, this guy is NOT the "poster child" for sainthood; far from it. However, when words come out of the mouths of his spokespeople, you can bet that he has "blessed" the saying of them, as Kabulov did in this summit.

We are NOT in a position, militarily, to pick a fight with Russia right now; and if your military, and those defense contractors who "sit at the table" when you dine, are not telling you this, they are not being honest with you.

You, and your team, need to get this fixed, and pronto.

And Mr. President; please move forward by picking your battles.... carefully.

May 18 06:25

Britain Warned Against ‘Coup-mongering’ in Venezuela After Embassy Discovery

Venezuela has warned Britain against “coup-mongering” after the discovery of a “Venezuelan reconstruction unit” in the Foreign Office.

Demanding an urgent explanation, Foreign Minister Jorge Arreeaza lodged a formal complaint with ambassador Duncan Hill, who the minister said confirmed the existence of the unit and “tried to justify the unjustifiable.”

“We demand that [the UK] abandon Washington’s coup-mongering plans and any destabilising initiative. We demand respect for our sovereignty and the purposes and principle of the UN charter,” Mr Arreaza said.

The unit, headed by former UK ambassador to Venezuala John Saville, is believed to be part of plans to “rebuild” Venezuela and promote British interests after the removal of democratically elected President Nicolas Maduro and the Bolivarian government.

May 17 06:55

White House Mulls Returning Cuba To 'State Sponsors Of Terrorism' List "By End Of Year"

Reuters reports based on a Trump administration source that the White House plans to return Cuba to its official list of state sponsors of terrorism, following Obama's 2015 delisting of the country as part of a broader attempt to normalize ties.

Over the past years tensions have soared over Havana's backing socialist Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro as well as the outlawed Colombian group ELN. There's of course also the allegations that Cuban intelligence or some other nefarious entity was using super sonic sound waves to sicken US embassy personnel in the recently reopened building in the capital.

It's not a done deal, but appears to be headed that way, Reuters strongly suggests:

There is a “convincing case” that Cuba should be placed back on the U.S. blacklist, in part because of its continued backing for socialist Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and the refuge it gives to leaders of Colombia’s ELN rebel group, the official said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This would be the worst thing possible to do with Cuba; but of course, with the US government, just because something is the most ham-fistedly, pig-headedly stupid thing it could do, is no guarantee that it will not do it.

May 17 03:35

Fred Willard, Scene Stealer Extraordinaire, Dies At 86

The big screen has lost one of its most prolific scene stealers.
Fred Willard, the comic actor best known for his roles in mockumentaries including This Is Spinal Tap, Waiting for Guffman and Best in Show, has died at the age of 86. His daughter Hope Mulbarger confirmed Willard's death in a statement sent to NPR by his media representative Glenn Schwartz.

May 17 03:29

Read Obama’s inspiring commencement address to 2020’s high school graduates

In his second commencement speech of 2020, former President Barack Obama implored graduating high schoolers to be brave in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, and to reject old ways of doing things while working together to solve pressing problems, from economic inequality to the climate crisis.

May 17 03:22

Comic Fred Willard Dies at 86

Fred Willard, who was recently seen in his recurring role as Frank Dunphy on ABC sitcom Modern Family, died Friday of natural causes.
“My father passed away very peacefully last night at the fantastic age of 86 years old,” said Willard’s daughter Hope Mulbarger in a statement. “He kept moving, working and making us happy until the very end. We loved him so very much! We will miss him forever.”

May 16 11:54

Trump backs ‘great people’ who harassed Long Island TV reporter at reopen rally

President Trump on Saturday tweeted his support of the angry Long Island protesters who harassed a local TV reporter at a reopen rally earlier this week.

May 15 08:27

‘I’ve never seen a contract for toppling a govt’: Venezuelan VP decries Guaido’s hiring of US mercenaries to Rafael Correa

A leaked multimillion-dollar deal between an opposition figurehead and a US mercenary firm to oust a leader is quite a piece of work, as it’s odd to see a contract for a coup, Venezuela’s VP told Rafael Correa on RT.

“This invasion contract, signed by Jordan Goudreau, the head of a US private military company and Juan Guaido, is just a disgrace,” Delcy Rodriguez, the vice president of Venezuela, said while talking to Ecuador’s former president, Rafael Correa, on his show ‘Conversation with Correa’ on RT Spanish.

Rodriguez was referring to an agreement to “capture, detain or remove” the current president, Nicolas Maduro, in exchange for a $212.9-million reward. Leaked by the Washington Post, the contract carefully discusses tactical details, including which gear to use and who to treat as legitimate targets.

May 15 06:10

US Imperialism’s Decomposition Accelerates: Outsourcing ‘Regime Change’. Mercenary Incursions into Venezuela

On May 3rd a bunch of mercenaries, led by Rambo-like US soldiers of fortune attempted to disembark on the coastal town of Macuto in the La Guaira state in Venezuela’s Caribbean coast, in a so-called Operation Gedeon.

Their leader, ‘contractor’ Jordan Goudreau, CEO of US ‘security company’, SilverCorp, in interview with Miami-based extreme right wing Venezuelan opposition journalist, Patricia Poleo, candidly explained that the aim of their military incursion against the South American nation was to attack the presidential palace so as to overthrow the government of President Nicolas Maduro and install a de facto Guaidó-led government. Goudreau claimed to have deployed a mercenary force of 300 to carry out the military ‘mission’.

May 15 06:09

Revealed: Secretive British Unit Planning for ‘Reconstruction’ of Venezuela

Documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act have exposed a secretive Foreign Office unit aimed at the ‘reconstruction’ of Venezuela. The files also reveal private discussions between Venezuelan opposition figures and UK officials, detailing proposals for the promotion of British business after a planned coup.

UK support for coup attempt in Venezuela

Over the past 16 months, the UK government has consistently supported Venezuelan opposition figure Juan Guaidó’s attempts to topple the elected government of president Nicolás Maduro.

In late January 2019, for example, the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) urged the Bank of England to grant Guaidó access to £1.2bn of Venezuelan gold reserves.

The Department for International Development (DFID) has also pledged some £40m of ‘humanitarian assistance’ to Venezuela, but it has refused to reveal where this assistance is going.

May 15 05:07

'We Demand Respect': Caracas Seeks Explanation Over 'Venezuela Reconstruction Unit' in UK Embassy

On Thursday, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza summoned the UK’s top diplomat in the country “to present a formal protest and demand explanations” for the creation of a “Venezuela Reconstruction Unit” in the British Embassy.

“We summon the Charge d'Affaires of the United Kingdom to present a formal protest and demand explanations for the creation in his Chancellery of a Unit for the Reconstruction of Venezuela,” Arreaza said in a Twitter post on Thursday, accusing UK Deputy Ambassador to Venezuela Duncan Hill of trying to “justify the unjustifiable.”

May 14 10:26

There’s plenty of meat in America — for those who can afford it

While many regular American grocers are running out of meat, specialty food producers have plentiful supplies — for those who can afford it.

May 13 07:24

Robert De Niro reignites his feud with Donald Trump saying President 'doesn't care' how many people die from coronavirus and is acting like a 'lunatic' in the White House

Robert De Niro said Trump 'doesn't care' how many people die from coronavirus
De Niro described the situation at the White House as 'Shakespearean,'
Over 82,000 people have died in the US, according to Johns Hopkins University

May 12 07:26


We are concerned that the United States will use the imprisonment of the two former US special forces soldiers as an excuse to invade Venezuela to rescue them.

May 12 03:58


The latest chapter in the ongoing effort to overthrow the Venezuelan government reads like a bad spy thriller: a group of mercenaries piloted speedboats from Colombia to Venezuela; half of them were killed or captured by Venezuelan security forces immediately upon landing, while the other half – apparently delayed by mechanical issues with their boat – surrendered to local police and militia the next day. Thirty-nine attackers have been captured so far, including two Americans, both former special forces soldiers. Their plan was to capture or kill high-value targets, including Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro. Instead, it failed miserably and raised more concerns about the leadership of opposition figure Juan Guaidó.

Guaidó’s Insidious Contract

Webmaster's Commentary: 

As Ron White was fond of saying in his stand-up routine, "You can't fix stupid"; and anyone with more than 2 brain cells circulating in their heads within spitting distance of whoever in this administration signed off on this insanity, HAD to understand that Maduro's security has become increasingly sophisticated in their understanding of how these efforts are supposed to work.

"Plausible deniability"?!? In two short words, HELL, NO!!!!!

And here are a couple of companion pieces, from

Venezuelan TV Exposed Failed Incursion OVER A MONTH before it happened.

US government wants release of two Special Forces Veterans who lead failed Coup/Invasion of Venezuela And THAT, my friends, will be the moment when pigs discover they are aerodynamic!!

One last statement, coming from from China:

China Will Not Accept Any US Invasion in Venezuela: Spokeswoman Hua Chunying The article goes on to state: "China repudiates the United States’ attempt of a naval invasion of Venezuela and all interventionist maneuvers against the sovereignty of any country.

Through a statement, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Hua Chunying, stressed again this Wednesday her rejection of the United States’ aggression against Venezuela and has emphasized that Beijing will not accept any US invasion plan in the South American country.

“We reject the violation of the sovereignty of Venezuela by any means or excuse, in addition, we call to prioritize the welfare of the people, work together to safeguard national stability and promote the peaceful resolution of the situation in the Caribbean country,” stressed the spokeswoman of the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

China, reads the note, has always been in favor of respecting the Charter of the United Nations (UN) and the basic rules that govern international relations against the policies of hostility of the United States towards the Maduro government." No gray area here, President Trump; so what are you going to do to Venezuela now?!?

May 11 09:33

Venezuela: Full Silvercorp Contract Unveiled, Guaido Involved

Some of the highlights in the contract teleSUR found:

Cancellation to the contractor of a non-refundable advance for $ 1,500,000.00, which had to be paid during the first five days from the signing of the contract.

The initial 45-day phase of the operation with a value of at least $ 50,000,000.00, which includes operational costs, both for the Group of Allies and Silvercorp personnel, vehicles, transportation, and fuel.

The total estimated cost of the project: $ 212,900,000.00 for 495 days because the occupation force would remain in the country.

Monthly payment to the contractor after the completion of the project of a minimum of $ 10,860,000.00, an average of $ 14,820,000.00, and a maximum of $ 16,456,000.00.

May 11 09:08

Guaidó’s mercenary hit contract on Venezuela’s Maduro mirrors official US bounty, authorizes death squad killings

The leaked contract between Juan Guaidó and the Silvercorp USA mercenary firm closely resembles a DEA bounty placed on the head of President Nicolas Maduro and members of his inner circle this March. The deal tacitly authorizes the elimination of working class Venezuelans in proposed death squad activities by Silvercorp.

May 11 06:57

Venezuela Opposition Signed $213Mln Contract With Silvercorp USA to Topple Maduro

In October 2019, the Venezuelan opposition signed a $213 million contract with the private military company Silvercorp USA to overthrow incumbent President Nicolas Maduro, a document issued by The Washington Post showed.

The newspaper said that the document had been provided by the Venezuelan opposition itself on the condition that one of the attachments be redacted.

"Service Provider Advisors will advise and assist Partner Group in planning and executing an operation to capture/detain/remove Nicolas Maduro (heretoafter 'Primary Objective'), remove the current Regime, and install the recognised Venezuelan [self-proclaimed] President Juan Guaido", the 42-page document said.

May 10 07:57

Three Colombian Army Boats With Ammunition on Board Found by Venezuela After Failed Invasion

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro claimed that Colombia supported the failed seaborne invasion into Venezuela in a joint act with the US - something that Bogota and Washington have denied, slamming the accusation as an effort to drive attention away from the "internal crisis" in Caracas and the rest of the nation.

Venezuelan military forces announced the discovery of three abandoned light combat boats "identified with emblems of the Colombian Navy" on Saturday, according to a Defence Ministry statement.

The boats were discovered during a patrol of the Orinoco river by the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB) conducted as part of an operation to ensure Venezuela's "freedom and sovereignty". Venezuelan military forces did not find any crew, but discovered ammunition and weapons still on board.

May 10 07:31

Venezuela Charges US Ex-Special Forces Soldiers With "Terrorism & Conspiracy"

The two US ex-special forces turn mercenary soldiers captured by Venezuela Monday as they tried to lead a small anti-Maduro invasion force into the country appeared in a Venezuelan court on Friday, alongside some dozen other alleged conspirators and detained mercenaries.

Luke Alexander Denman, 34, and Airan Berry, 41 have been charged with "terrorism and conspiracy" for the failed raid, which new details say included a total of 17 people coming ashore on fishing boats from a staging ground in neighboring Colombia.

May 10 07:14

Russia to help Venezuela search for members of failed incursion – report

enezuelan President Nicolas Maduro's government says an apparently botched plot was funded by US-backed opposition leader Juan Guaido and that two former US special forces soldiers were among 31 people taken prisoner.

May 10 07:13

Maduro Announces Plan to Bring U.S. to The Hague for Alleged Botched Coup

Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro claimed in a televised address Wednesday that he had proof linking President Donald Trump to a bizarre alleged “invasion” of Venezuela this weekend and that he would bring the United States to the International Criminal Court (ICC) over the matter.

Maduro’s regime announced this week that it had thwarted an alleged invasion out of Colombia, claiming it to have been organized by American citizens in conjunction with the governments of Colombia and the United States, in addition to the legitimate government of Venezuela under President Juan Guaidó. Maduro has also taken two American citizens, identified as Airan Berry and Luke Denman, hostage.

May 10 07:06

Argentina Teeters on Default, Again, as Pandemic Guts Economy

Argentina is hurtling toward default on international loans in two weeks, a prospect that threatens to revive its reputation as a serial deadbeat and global financial pariah that could haunt the Latin American country long after the coronavirus pandemic is over.

If Argentina defaults, which as of Friday appeared likely, it would be the third time in two decades that the country has failed to meet loan payments after having amassed billions of dollars in foreign debt in a deepening spiral of economic dysfunction. Argentina would join Lebanon as the first defaulters in the financial tumult caused by the coronavirus.

Argentina’s 45 million people already were suffering through the third year of a serious downturn when the coronavirus scourge hit, accelerating the economic pain by forcing a lockdown that closed many businesses and left workers jobless.

May 08 05:58

Meet the Army Special Forces vets behind that botched coup attempt in Venezuela

Details have begun to emerge about the trio of U.S. military veterans behind an alleged attempt to overthrow Venezuela's president.

Army veterans Airan Berry and Luke Denman were arrested by Venezuelan authorities alongside 11 armed "mercenaries" on Monday amid a failed armed incursion into the country orchestrated by Jordan Goudreau, another Army vet and the head of security company Silvercorp USA.

All three of the men are former Army Special Forces personnel, according to service records obtained by Military Times.

May 07 12:44

Captured US Mercenary Says In Video 'Confession' Trump Ordered Plot To "Abduct" Maduro

The nutty 'Bay of Pigs invasion Venezuela edition' which appears to have been an utter failure and half-baked scheme nearly from the start just took a few more bizarre turns.

Two days after Venezuelan armed forces captured two US former special forces soldiers turned mercenaries along with others that made up a Venezuela 'defector force' allegedly trying to 'invade' the county to topple Nicolas Maduro, state TV has aired a "confession" video featuring 34-year old captured American Luke Denman.

May 07 12:10

The Hybrid War on Venezuela Moves to a New Stage of Aggression

In the early morning of last May 3 Venezuela has witnessed the first attempt of a raid by speedboats with armed mercenary forces on the central coast of Venezuela, just a few kilometres from the capital city, Caracas. The response by the Venezuelan armed forces and the almost continuous updates about the action including photos and videos were quick.

Just a couple of hours later, while the defensive operation was still underway, Venezuela’s Minister of Interior Nestor Reverol issued an initial statement,

“A group of terrorist mercenaries attempted a maritime invasion, entering Venezuela with speedboats via the coast of La Guaira. Their aim was to assassinate leaders of the Bolivarian Revolution and carry out a coup.”

The suggestion that the raid – already a grave act of aggression – had such menacing consequences was not farfetched, given past attempts to overthrow the Maduro government, including attempted assassinations.

May 07 12:09

Mercenary Confesses Failed Plot Was to Bring President Maduro to US

Former United States ex-green beret Luke Denman, that was captured Monday by Venezuela’s Armed Forces, confessed Wednesday that his group aimed at kidnapping President Nicolas Maduro as part of ‘Operation Gedeon’.

“I was expecting anywhere between US$50,000 to US$100,000,” Denman admitted, confessing he arrived in Colombia on Jan. 16 in Rioacha in order to train Venezuelan deserters.

While Maduro said there is no doubt that Colombia’s President Ivan Duque was involved in the military incursion that U.S. mercenaries attempted to accomplish on Sunday.

He also confirmed that Duque ordered the expulsion from his country of people involved in acts of destabilization in Venezuela

“Juvenal Sequea, Hernan Aleman, and Alexander Russo -the one who armed the drone to kill me- are now in Bogota. Ivan Duque will expel them because he wants nothing to do with those who failed,” the Venezuelan leader said at a press conference from Caracas.

May 07 12:06

US Government KNEW about Venezuela coup training camps: 'DEA source reveals agency told Department of Homeland Security about guns being smuggled to jungle training bases by ex-Green Beret'

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency informed the Department of Homeland Security that the Venezuela coup plot ringleader was smuggling guns to training camps, it has emerged.

A DEA source has admitted that an informant tipped the agency off earlier this year that former Green Beret Jordan Goudreau, 43, was smuggling weapons into Columbia.

The anti-narcotics agency said a formal probe wasn't opened and it did not know who Goudreau was at the time.

The DEA official speaking to the Associated Press said the information was also passed on to the Department of Homeland Security.

May 07 11:44

US Special Forces hostage Luke Denman, 34, is paraded on Venezuelan TV, admits to plot to capture Maduro and holds up coup contract, as Pompeo denies US involvement and says if he'd been 'directly' involved it would have 'gone differently'

A former U.S. special force soldier arrested in Venezuela was paraded on Venezuelan TV Wednesday as he 'admitted to a plot to capture President Nicolas Maduro'.

Luke Denman, 34, was arrested Monday alongside fellow American Airan Berry, 41, and six Venezuelan mercenaries as part of the foiled coup that he said was commanded by President Donald Trump through an ex-Green Beret named Jordan Goudreau, 43.

'The only instructions I received from Jordan were that I should make sure to take control of the airport for safe passage transfer of Maduro and receiving airplanes,' Denman said.

'Take Maduro back to the United States'.

May 07 11:43

US will use ‘every tool’ to get ex-soldiers back from Venezuela: Pompeo

The US will use “every tool” available to secure the release of two former American soldiers believed to be held in Venezuela, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Wednesday.

Venezuelan officials claimed this week that two former US special forces soldiers — Luke Denman and Airan Berry — were among the mercenaries taken into custody after a botched coup attempt to overthrow Venezuelan socialist strongman Nicolas Maduro.

Pompeo stopped short of confirming the two Americans were being held in the South American nation, calling it a “consular matter.”

May 07 11:01

Captured Mercenary Admits Plans to Kidnap Venezuela's Maduro, Take Him to US on Plane

The Venezuelan military thwarted an attempted naval invasion by heavily-armed mercenaries coming from Colombia on Sunday morning, neutralizing multiple fighters and capturing at least two US nationals among them. More mercenaries have surrendered in the days since.

Venezuelan television has broadcast footage of the confession of Silvercorp USA mercenary Luke Alexander Denman, one of the US citizens captured in the aftermath of Sunday's botched raid. According to the mercenary, the plan was to kidnap Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, get him on a plane and take him back to the United States for prosecution.

Speaking to his interrogator, Denman explained that the mission was "to meet Venezuelans in Colombia, train them and come with them to Venezuela to secure Caracas and secure an airport here for follow-on."

"The instructions that I received...was to ensure that we took control of the airport for safe passage of Maduro," he says later in the interview.

May 06 06:18

REVEALED: Green Beret behind failed Venezuela coup provided security for Trump and hatched plot after meeting with President's bodyguard, a billionaire member of the Kraft family and the South American country's opposition leaders in Miami

The leader of the failed Venezuela coup that has seen two former US special forces soldiers taken into custody has apparently provided security for Donald Trump.

Ex-Green Beret Jordan Goudreau, 43, can be seen in footage with an earpiece at one of the president's rallies in Charlotte, North Carolina, in October 2018. He also claims to have provided security at a rally in Houston four days earlier.

The website for his private security firm Silvercorp claims he has planned and led international security teams for the President as well as the Secretary of Defense.

President Donald Trump Tuesday denied any involvement by the U.S. government in Monday's failed attack.

May 05 10:31

Ex-pope Benedict XVI links gay marriage, abortion with the Antichrist in new book

The rare existence of two living men who have served as pope has raised challenges for the Catholic Church over the past several years and, in a new book, former pope Benedict XVI is stirring up new controversy.

May 05 07:14

Israel develops key Covid antibody that ‘attacks and neutralises’ the virus in patient’s body

Israel Institute for Biological Research has isolated a monoclonal antibody that can neutralise Covid-19, but it is unclear if the vaccine has been tested on humans.

May 05 06:38

Israel Claims Breakthrough In Covid Treatment; Says Its Antibody Can Neutralise The Virus

Israel's Defence Minister Naftali Bennett has claimed that his country has made a significant breakthrough towards the treatment for the deadly Coronavirus

May 04 05:27

Venezuela Reports Attempted Naval Invasion by Mercenaries From Colombia

Venezuela and Colombia have had strained relations for years, with Caracas accusing Bogota of financing and otherwise supporting political forces seeking to overthrow the Maduro government.

The Venezuelan armed forces and police have thwarted an attempted naval invasion by mercenaries attempting to enter the country by sea from neighbouring Colombia, Venezuelan Interior Minister Nestor Reverol has announced.

“We would like to inform and denounce to the national and international community that early this morning, May 3, 2020, a group of terrorist mercenaries coming from Colombia attempted a sea invasion, with the objective to commit terrorist attacks in our country, assassinate leaders of the revolutionary government and to increase the spiral of violence, generate chaos and confusion among the population, and with this, to attempt a new coup d’état,” Reverol said, speaking on Venezuelan television Sunday morning.

May 04 01:42


Venezuela's government has said it foiled a marine incursion by "terrorist mercenaries" who attempted to enter the country on speedboats from neighbouring Colombia, adding security forces killed eight of the fighters.

The group landed early on Sunday on a beach in the port city of La Guaira, about 20 miles (32km) from the capital Caracas, Interior Minister Nestor Reverol said in a televised address.

"They tried to carry out an invasion by sea, a group of terrorist mercenaries from Colombia, in order to commit terrorist acts in the country, murdering leaders of the revolutionary government," he said.

Socialist Party leader Diosdado Cabello said eight people were killed and two were detained.

"We have deactivated an attempted incursion of our territory, thanks to intelligence efforts," Cabello told reporters.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I don't think that this didn't happen, but was, perhaps, one of the "death by a thousand cuts" planned for the Venezuelan government, courtesy of the Unhinged, Surveilled State of Amerika.

This attempt may well have not engineered to succeed; it may have been engineered, rather, to simply put more pressure on Maduros' government, already reeling under the boot of American sanctions.

May 01 09:46

Chile To Issue Controversial CV Certificates Despite WHO Saying Immunity Not Likely

By Aaron Kesel

Chile’s government is going ahead with a controversial COVID-19 immunity certificate program despite the World Health Organization and others warning that immunity to the virus might not be possible, the BBC reported.

The immunity documents would be given to Chile citizens to allow them to return to work, Deputy Health Minister Paula Daza said. The World Health Organization (WHO) has stated there is “no evidence” that patients who contract coronavirus are immune from being infected again. Although, Chile insists that the certificates would not yet certify immunity, the country’s top health official Jaime Manalich said...