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Biden Puts Nation at Risk of COVID With Border Wide Open

Political media has buzzed nonstop with stories about the new ‘delta’ variant of COVID. The Biden administration has started backtracking on freedom from face masks.

How are Americans supposed to believe the Biden administration is serious about the risks as thousands of potentially unvaccinated people come across our southern border every week?

The scene in La Joya, Texas, right now is surreal.

Spencer Brown writes at Townhall:

As President Biden, his CDC, and other officials in the administration continue to push for more restrictions in response to the Delta variant of the Wuhan coronavirus, they turn a blind eye to the growing public health threat posed by COVID-positive illegal immigrants.

Thanks to the Biden administration’s inaction to stop illegal border crossings, paired with its action to spread illegal immigrants across the country, there’s more than one surge endangering communities — especially those along the U.S.-Mexico border. In addition to out-of-control increases in illegal immigrants and contraband across the border, southwest states such as Texas are now seeing a surge in the South American Lamda variant of the Wuhan coronavirus in their communities. And it’s a problem those states could see coming as the Biden administration failed to take action…